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here's max kellerman news end rumor around new hardware apple signs and amac is brave and things in common between memo g and me moji it twins day the third of july twenty nineteen i'm ken ray and this is news from meko west ken brought to you by your is truly an sponsored by squarespace your place online get ten percent off your first purchase of a website or domain with coupon code meko west ken at squarespace dot com slash meko west cat and the show is also supported by people like you patrons through patriotic find out more in that your support that patriotic dot com slash mecca west ken newsom new hardware and the hardware rumor will start with these seemingly sure thing i'm more says the federal communications commission has given apple approval from new macbook pro aj new mac book pro the piece points out the european economic commissioned recently approved seven new models the macbook so this is fewer the piece points out rumors have been circulating of a possible redesigned sixteen inch macbook pro decides not sure that this is that sleuthing by an eagle allied reddit user has i'm more thinking the new computer is eight thirteen inch macbook pro courting the report apple updated most of the macbook pros earlier this year complete with a new butterfly keyboard except the barium area without the touch bar putting it in line for a yearly update this new macbook pro could very well be that model all of this leaves the question what about the other six approved by b e c k i'm more figures will see the one spotted yesterday sometime this fall tenuous is the macbook pro story seems you will miss the shore footing it offered as we make our way through the next story the global times out of china says apple will launch a new i phone tailored for chinese consumers they base their story on media reports they've also got industry insiders tigers saying the move shows apples urgency of the stops sliding i phone sales in the middle kingdom that apple might wanna do something to juice sales in china is not far fetched but they're said to be doing though seems questionable quoting the report the new phone will reportedly remove face idee the facial recognition system for the phone and instead employing under display fingerprint function news site eight caging dot com dot c n reported citing sources on upstream industry supply chain an industry insider revealed that this is likely to save on costs i don't no this is one on which i would bet then again i'm not a betting man once twice three times the subject of investigation venture beat says ireland's data protection detection commissioner or dpc has opened the eighty third privacy investigation in the apple over the last few weeks a spokesman for the dpc indicates the probe is examining whether apple has complied with a relevant provisions visions of the e news new general data protection regulation or gdp are privacy law in relation to and access requests from a customer the peace says this third investigation follows one addressing how apple processes personal data for targeted advertising on its platform and another on whether it's privacy policy on the processing of that data is sufficiently transparent if found in violation it could be a big deal under gdp are the be says regulators could impose fines of up to four percent of the company's global revenue or twenty million euros twenty two million dollars whichever is higher it's almost funny the mentioned the twenty two million dollars since four percent of apples global revenue would be the bigger of the two news of a couple of blocks in apple hardware one temporary one less so on the temporary side apple insider says microsoft has blocked a recent windows ten update from max over a boot camp driver issue it'd be says owners of older max or those with out of date versions of boot camp are being blocked from updating windows ten version nineteen o three after informing people ebay mac how driver issue on their windows ten install the failing update says your pc see has a driver or service it isn't ready for this version of windows ten there's apparently no cause for alarm just need for patients their message goes on to say no action is needed windows update will offer this version of windows ten automatically once issue has been resolved mr softy says it's working to reach that resolution by the end of this month sending a more permanent goodbye is back to my mac i'm more says apple has shut down back to my mac for every version of the mac operating system launched in leopard in two thousand seven the peace says until monday the feature let users access their mac remotely all the features dad apple does suggest three alternatives users can access byles across multiple devices with i cloud dr lincoln access another mock using screen sharing and they manage their mac remotely using apple remote desktop i'm more says that last one is closest to the functionality lost with back to my max demise however the site warns it cost eighty bucks fox an apple doesn't updated that often more news in a moment but first a word from squarespace your place online earlier this week chris road and say how much he loves how great his squarespace site looks automatically across all sorts of devices that is not all he loves he writes about how awesome he thinks the squarespace e commerce system is saying i run the website for a community theater organization in southeast michigan for the last two years i've used squarespace is e commerce allusion to register kids per hour two week summer theater camp parents register and paper camp on our website hosted by squarespace it is super easy to create manage inventory end sales information with squarespace while i am tech savvy i don't have any real training in sales or marketing yet i'm able to manage more than one hundred transactions in my spare time i could not do this so easily without squarespace how cool is that chris was looking for a good site and ended up with sales support it sounds like was better than he expected how will squarespace surprise you go to squarespace dot com slash meko west ken for a free trial and when you're ready to launch your site used they offer code moco west can save ten percent off your first purchase of a website or domain that's offer code moco west ken at squarespace squarespace dot com slash mecca west ken and a big thanks to squarespace for sponsoring this week show while pride month may be officially officially over apples still pressing the case for equality apple insider says the cupertino company has joined over two hundred businesses calling on the supreme court the favor lgbt labor protections amazon comcast nbc universal e bay facebook google i b m microsoft bloomberg and a host of others about suicide and they amick as brief foot simply says the company's arguing doing the lgbt protections benefit both their businesses andy overall usa economy justices will have a decent amount of time they consider the brief scotus is currently out of session according to the report and will resume until october end finally today shower me is back the copying apple though i shouldn't say so because they might sue me if i do macrumors as word of a new show me phone on the way the cc nine that said they have a neat new feature me moji seriously though don't say the show me am i mean boji that's kind of copying apples m m e me moji even death as the piece points out these three d avatars appear and function very similar the apples me boji letting users create and design their own torso lists characters and send them through text the report continues shaami's avatars berry striking resemblance to they avatars customization options offered by apple down the similar hats and art styles on the i phone users concrete and customize their me moto g and then send them and videos or stickers in messages and it appears that shaami's me moji will act in a similar fashion the piece points out the personalized three d avatars have been around for a while seriously though practically the same accessories for practically the same big years what practically the same name these things happen seems to be shaami's response macrumors says in a show me press release lease translated via twitter user the company refutes claims that memo g is a clone of apples me mo g we have conducted in journal audits and found no evidence is that our main boji characters have been plagiarize from any of our competitors editors including apple so you looked at what you did and decided that you didn't do anything wrong thank goodness you were here funny thing though kind of sounds like show me maybe right let me stress the words kind of end may be another piece on de me me mo gms from venture beat lays out a somewhat convoluted timeline line apple introduced an emo g for i phone ten in september of twenty seventeen in may of twenty eighteen show me added me mang to its phones brits weird animated animals those sort of similar the anna moji show me you see am i mean moji term on english packaging in june of twenty eight teen apple announced am emoji the customizable animated did human heads in september of twenty eight teen apple released me moji incompatible i phones and i o s twelve and this week show me is releasing it's customizable animated human heads under thee am i mean boji branding so it may not be precisely as bad as it looks despite precisely how bad it looks we should probably stop talking about it now those and venture beat says the chinese companies getting a bit testy over the whole thing according to the peace show me is apparently threatening legal action against writers who call it a copycat without providing proof so a listen maybe we keep this just between you and me a macro west ken brought to you by me ten sponsored by squarespace get ten percent off your first purchase of a website or domain with coupon code moco west ken at squarespace dot com slash meko west ken this show is also supported by people like you patrons through patriotic find out more in that your support that patriot on dot com slash meko west cab advertising handled by backbeat media gm online at backbeat media dot com you can reach me a couple of ways info at meko west ken dot com or call seven one six seven eight zero four zero eight sarah we will talk again tomorrow until then that is news from moscow west ken i'm ken ray

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