No Day But Today


The. Welcome back to an all new episode of Dirk cows. I am your co host Madeline Davies I'm your other co host Megan Reynolds. And today we're going to be talking about no day today. No day. But today, we're talking about rent more specifically rent live, which was on FOX on Sunday. Joining us later to talk about rent is director writer producer and most pertinent to this conversation hardcore rent head back Schwartz. But before we get into that again other than our live show. Yeah. Oh my goodness. Such a long time. I know we've been on the on the cans him so happy to be sitting in this room across from you. As I am every week. I know it is let sort of like, it's like an intimate dinner. We're both not getting food. No one no one here is eating. I'm actually slightly hungry. And yet, but we I'm I'm so happy to be back with you. My love same. Oh, good. I'm I'm just thrilled. How are you? Matty, I'm doing okay. I if I may brag welcome it thing. I got published in the New York Times time this week. You did I saw it. And I like, I know it's not cool the V excited like if you hang out with New York media people. It's like it was I would I was in sil- section a thousand times I have never before. I am frigging stoked. It's really I read it in. That's very good. And I'm very proud of you and happy for you. Thank you so much welcome. How are you a little sleepy fresh off of a weekend with my friends in Vermont? We hustled to get here. There's some hairy driving on the conic. I was deposited at the podcast studio. I have not showered and a little starving. I'm doing good. Yeah. Yeah. You look like a little bear coat came out of hibernation tuna relief. I tried to not fall asleep in the car. So that I could be fresh, and then I fell asleep briefly on the west side highway, and it was just enough time for me to wake up and be like, oh, no. Oh, no. You tasted tasted sleep hosts nap time. So, but I'm doing really well is what I'm trying real tree. I'm wearing a real cammo. See you. I'm camouflaged as it were. I've not showered. I've mentioned that already. I'm good good is where we're both fine. What everyone needs knows that? We're both fine. And maybe even a little dirty just a little dirty ios dirtier than Neak early all of celebrities involved in this week's dirty Sturt. It's let's do it. Let's do it. Maybe you are getting married. Maybe you know, someone who is getting married if you are the first person, congratulations. I talk about a wedding planning website called Zola. It is your one stop shop for literally everything you could ever need for getting married. You can register you can make a guest list. You can tell your guests where to go and what to do. And what you need to do what you need them to do for you. Do you need? Do you have customer choir minutes? You can put it on Zola. Do you not wanna registry? It can also go on Sola. It's everything you could ever need. It's online. It's convenient. It's also free. You can personalize it and the most important part, even though you may think that registries are tools of capitalism, you might. So what one because you're at Margaret might wanna buy you a cuisinart if so you can do it on Zola to start your free wedding website. And also get. Fifty dollars off your registry on Zola. Go to Zola dot com slash start cast that is Z O L A dot com slash dirt cast, you will be able to start your wedding website. You'll get fifty dollars off your registry and your marriage will be blessed. Okay. What going on I up. I suppose this deserves. Maybe two seconds of our time. Pete Davidson is making jokes about his dick in his standup sets since he's returned performing in the wake of his break-up and mental health scare believe stemming from possibly his relationship with Arianna 'Grande or his meteoric rise to fame or his just his or just his shit. His, you know, baggage all his things I really thought we would get to stop talking about Pete Davidson once once they were once he and Arianna or done, but like you just keep bringing them back. He made some stupid joke about his penis. So it was like girls now like she shouldn't have done that. Because now girls will be supported and they sleep with me. And to that I say, of course, they'll be disappointed Pete. I don't think you're dick is as big as she said it is. I wish you the best of luck am Google or or. Anything? It does no such thing. It's just the nature of the job yet. She loves him. I do that's true. But I just want him to relax. I want every celebrity that I find problematic that I also enjoy to relax to slake thirty five percent. He's the only one I can think of right now. But I'm sure there are more now. And I'm sure we'll talk about next week breathe. Oh. Very weakened. Put a Davidson moratorium on I feel comfortable with that. That is that. That's all. I have on that. When you sure. Yeah. Maybe next week owed perhaps next week. I'll prepare one I could probably give you like three high coups. But that's very for now. Yeah. I've said it so I'll do it more art devoted to David world for. Anyway, let's move on from Mr. Davidson Sally shell looks like Bryan singer in the news for being a Grosso being a sexual predator. A sexual predator. There was an something published in the Atlantic last week. I believe the beginning of last week. It had interviews with his alleged victims all of whom said that he was sexually inappropriate with him. When they were young. I mean, and this has been I feel like I've been hearing about these rumors for ten years. Yeah. They've been this is not news. I mean, it is new. Okay. But it's not new new is what I meant to say. Yeah. I mean, I would hate him. Even if he didn't he wasn't a sexual predator because I hated bohemian rhapsody so much. It was such a bad. And I was so offended by it. Yes. Yes. But it's like an added. I mean, I actually I guess the real reason I hate them is because the sexual predator the home bohemian rhapsody is just like the cherry on top of the poop cake. It was. I mean again at Madyan, I reiterate said this in a live show. It was bad movie. I'd like to say it again, it's a bad movie so bad. It doesn't deserve any of the awards that it has one does not deserve. Any of the words that might win the Academy Awards and then Romney Malik saying. Oh, yeah. Said something along once. He's like, oh, I didn't. I never even heard that. Right. Like, yeah. Looking right. I mean, all these people have heard it. Everyone knows everyone loves money more than they love anything else. Right. Like every celebrity who like think of all the women who like I think like Kate Winslet and like a bunch of other women who've worked with Woody Allen said the same Shipman. Yes. Yes. Like, lots of people who have worked with people who had stories floating around about them for years stuff that has been sort of just like common knowledge, you don't really talk. About have said, I didn't really know. And the thing is I'm pretty sure they did. I mean, yes, all party. Where Bryan singer allegedly was preying on these very young men or boys. We could say we could we should had a lot of other celebrities at them, also true. There are many I witnesses alleged ax, many accomplices or who were complicit that's the word. I one of my a meme like a celebrity interview that will always stick in my head. It was Kristen Stewart and my main enemy Jesse Eisenberg here number one enemy. Sped talking about Woody Allen. 'cause it was when that movie cafe society was coming. They're both in right. And they're just like like they meant they talked about the abuse allegations. And they're just like I mean, what it comes down to just like, we just don't know where we like only two people really know. And like, we're one of them, and I would never just I would never walk that line. To say out loud. But that's okay. If there was just like the whisper of like, a rape or sexual assault allegation. Run anybody. I'd be like, you know, what I'm Lee hot young celeb-. Yeah. I'll. Mega movie with someone else. Let me take my wares. Elsewhere, we'll pack my bag you won't miss me. I'll be fine lick. So that's cool. But he also Bryan singer said, it was a homophobic. Mir campaign, and I'm like, I think rhapsody was a homophobic spear. Take that brand singer. Yeah. Just. Same different year. Same bullshit this next item. Though, I'd like to move on to because it seems very fun. Andy Cohen is having a baby. Oh, yeah. He is. He announced that he was having a baby couple of weeks ago on watch. What happens live? If all goes, according to plan about six weeks time, I'm going to become a father. The baby is imminent because he had a baby shower that announcement was really funny to announce sounded like he was dying. I certainly at least leaving Bravo or something like huge. Like I thought like his life was threatened, by the way. He didn't choice news. Yeah. Everyone was happy. There are a lot of housewives on that episode all of them. Probably cried seems like everyone was very excited. Right. I loved like seeing like treated as Jude ice her like insanely buff armed kind of reach frame squeeze Andy. Like traces of bodybuilding exploits are like my favorite thing that she has done thus far. Yeah, she's done so much sure for me to enjoy. But this pivot is my favorite and go how much more effectively she could've flipped that table. That she could've flipped at least like three tables like at the same time. I also like Kyle Richards of an original housewife of Beverly Hills through Andy very fun looking baby shower, indeed, which just shows like if you don't have to carry a baby. Yeah. That look great. A wide variety of housewives. Were there Daniels star? Was there Sonja Morgan? Was there Denise Richards? Was there Theresa was there? Niimi leeann lockin just fade into harks. Was there? Weird. Candy was not interesting. She's in the big brother house. I think oh is candy trapped the moral issue literally trap somewhere. Liberty big, bro. That's right. I was some rise that failures their dared show her face. I mean, Favreau loves a party, and I guess Andy loves Faye drug. Yeah. So favor would find a way. Yeah. The way was Andes Andes generous heart letting her in there was amazing video of fleece arena. Like as the party like clearly had gotten lit Schorr screaming into a microphone, all you bitches better dance on this mother fucking table dance for Andy right now he paid for your fucking live. Dance for Andy. In your life. Oh my God. I don't know. I I just was struck with a glee that I haven't felt since childhood. That's amazing. That's beautiful. I love that to watch that video. It was so good and true. I mean, he did. But also, I loved it. He's just like this. I don't know. I don't love it. Actually, it's terrible. But a bright this man who is like gotten so rich off of exploiting. Women credited women who are very willing to be exploited. It was a give and take situation. Right. And then it was like, they know it too. They know yet you got to kiss the ring. Yeah. They know exactly. They know where their bread's buttered. They know what they need to do. So you have to put on the bandaged dress. You have to go to the a star is born themed baby shower for Andy Cohen, you have to dance table of arena asks you to dance table. You must also notably. I feel like more notable. Maybe was the people missing about any Frankel interesting. No countess. And then he reposted a mean that was like the face when you see that Bethany and Luan weren't at the at the thing. Yeah. It was just something about like her missing it interest, and like alluding to something shady, but then her caption was just like sorry to have missed it, Andy, which doesn't tell us anything. No. That's just. That's just confusing messaging. She doesn't said she was like, I'm rehearsing for my cavalry. You are ma'am. Okay. Not. There is not enough rehearsal in the world to I also just don't think it'd be a healthy environment for her. So doesn't sound like it. No. If again, if Lisa arenas screaming at a bunch of middle aged women to dance a table because Andy Cohen paid for their lives. You'll also just wild to see all of them in one place. That sounds that sounds the most fucked up that sounds like some sort of like horrible hall of mirrors like Disneyland. Like, if Bravo had a theme park that called sir sore if sir how to back room that was just a corral, just like whoever they could find at that time to just go there, and you could go there and party with them that seems a fun for about three minutes before your ears. Your brain starts leak out of yours. And you'd have to say goodbye to my brain liquefied. I would feel very nervous in there. I would drink one drink very quickly. I'm be like, I must go, and I would leave. There was also an incredible picture of Andy with all of the housewives the only other guy in the fixtures. John mayer. Also, it should be. It was. That's nice. So I can't wait for the world to meet Andy Cohen, baby. Boy, I'm sure we'll hear all about it. I hope that Andy does not do a photo shoot. Like pres- Hilton did with his first baby is successful insane. That press Hilton photo shoot has been burned in my brain for since I saw it for the first time. It's if people don't know what he's talking about. It's of press Hilton in the bath nude daughter. Yes. I think he's a little shorts. You might be wearing a small brief actually thing. But you my best. I think the best thing about that picture is that his invis-? Align studs are very of. Someone who suffered three those stunts myself. I also the one thing that always strikes me about presented that he looks like Peter. He looks like Peter had a child with Ron Perlman. No my fuck. Oh guide. Oh, may Peter, which is way more handsome. That's true. But I always got a pita. I just like in passing. It's like how I think that Samantha Markle looks like Kim control. I think that's different interesting. Offering just provided the thick. I'm so sorry. Peter England, two comparison today have in my brain. I'm just presenting them to you now. Sorry Tyrian to true that I've learned that. Okay. So yeah. Good for them. Great for everyone. You know, what it's a party? I would like to go to a party Mike and whatnot that are that nine when you're sending out invitations to not have to size anyone or the next one. This last item on the list is can be briefed. Because I don't want to spend too much time thinking about their relationship. But people magazine would love it. If I thought about Chris Pratt and Catherine Schwarzenegger's relationship like all the time. I don't like those weird Cherchi song people. I'm not into it. But they are been cut. They've been covering it sincere engagement with like a breathless level of attention that I do not understand it as their jobs like I'm not stupid. I just don't like it so quick engagement. It is a very quick engagement believe they're getting married later this year. It will be from what I've read it will be a ceremony that has plenty of room for Jesus. Thank goodness. I don't know what we would do if it didn't. And I hope the Chris Pat doesn't run for public office. I oh he will run as like a weird libertarian. Yeah. He's going to. T-shirts up to say things like land of the free. Always say laugh, it's like vague, patriotic statements like, yeah. Lethally freedom isn't free. It's gonna that's going to be quite colours. Don't run. I'm so excited to see where they go. But I am tired of hearing about it. But unfortunately, I don't think I don't think I'll have a choice. Yeah. I know reprieve I very much curious about like what? Growing up in the Schwarzenegger. Household was like, yeah. I think I get Patrick Schwarzenegger and Conor Kennedy. Or what's the what's the one day to Taylor swift? Oh shit honor. I get like those two like, I don't know. I guess they're all kind of because Maria Shriver. Yes. I kind of confuse them sometimes as like, just blonde yachts. Boy. Right with a job. Yeah. Blonde. Polo lacrosse Mun. Yes. I can't picture Patrick Schwarzenegger. But now, I'm just thinking of Conor Kennedy. And like, he dated Miley. Oh, Taylor too. No, yes. Yes. I don't know. Kid can't confirm. But yeah. So that was like, I just. Like Maria Shriver seems like kinda smart and reasonable are definitely. But then your dad is Arnold Schwarzenegger as the governor of California term. It's like the Terminator is also like a weird Republican, I feel like by today's standards. He's like a century. He's probably like Arnold Schwarzenegger's like all run for president like sheriff. Who who care? I just whatever I'll vote for who has let me just to someone grabbed my hand. Make it go on the voting. Anybody different? No voting is important everybody. Everyone should vote. Everyone should not be formed apathetic as I seem to be Maddie as much more informed than I am follow her lead. Do your research research. You know, maybe volunteer at the polls you could do that. You know, how far does your patriotism and civic duty take you all the way to the White House because it take you as far as Chris Pratt. Putting on a T shirt for the marines, which he never served in. That's right. Or does it just at least get you to vote? I mean, you're that's that's a journey for you. We do not see the future. Thank god. Ooh. Can you imagine that would be really upset imagining both of us like painted like the war boys in Mad Max. Around doing this podcast. Who's to say that we won't do that next week? You know, it's true. It might happen. Yeah. So in conclusion, I don't wanna hear about their relationship anymore. But I know that I'm going to so I'm just bracing myself for the inevitable. But I would just like to go on the record as saying. I don't care. Yes. It's more Davidson news, please. I will actually start preparing Davidson digest that I will share with Mattie biweekly, Pete Davidson bulletin. Yes. It will just be a memo that I spend my valuable time working on. And we'll do it instead of sleeping you're gonna love it. I can't wait go up. Are you like me a malnourished sickly fan fire fight choice? But also, you don't feel great for those of us who maybe don't get our vitamins and nutrients there is an excellent new service called CARA where you can go online, you take a quiz. Our generation loves quizzes. I love quizzes it'll tell you that you're a hustle. And then it'll tell you exactly what vitamins your body means your local drugstore stores can be very overwhelming. And maybe you don't know exactly what your body needs and care of kind of takes care of that for you. And again, I am a very lazy person, and they sent vitamins directly to my door addressing all of needs. They're very easily portioned out. You know, exactly what you're taking. 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We are so excited to be sitting down with writer director and die hard rent. Head back Schwartz to talk about rent rent. Brent brennan. Day, but today at cetera. We are talking about this in because it has always rent is always a fun thing to talk about. But also because on Sunday night, FOX aired rent live five sort of live. Wren kind of why again, I I called it rent lived. Oh is that? Okay. Because the man who played Roger broke his angles the dress rehearsal and something like I dunno shuttle him on and off stage at opportune moments because they didn't have an understudy. This is yet. I mean, I was watching this with a group of friends on Sunday, and everyone seemed very perplexed as to a wide. There is no under study for Roger and be like whether or not this was some sort of conspiracy to have it not be live because they were like why was the why was addressed hersal taped? And why was the dress rehearsal tape like so well until professionally and I was like guys, I cannot entertain this conversation. Sure. There's a reason. But these are some good talking points just to start. I think goodness. And also knowing that Adam has cowed the Oji. Roger was there backstage the entire time. They didn't close out. It would be very funny if they like made him out there shoved him in those tight pants like you got this. I also was at the end of the show they brought the entire almost the entire original cast out and for out fast gal had to sit not a table like. Like, you know, twenty yards away from everybody because he was keeping the new Roger company, which was nice, but also little little apparently the studio audience saw an actual live version in which the actor playing Roger was being wheeled about in a wheelchair. And I don't know why they didn't just broadcast that because that is I know so no day. But today just go forward with it. All of the clips I saw on Twitter of what the studio audience was actually seeing were fucking amazing. Right. Like Roger foot on a like racing. His foot being pushed around by like whoever was available at the time doing, you know, giving it his all everyone was sort of dress down a little which I enjoyed that had that looked more like of good fun dress rehearsal to watch as opposed to what we watched a on Sunday. Yeah. Especially because if final dress rehearsal, that's sort of still intact is like you're marking it you're not going as you might be a little half assing it like saving your voice for the performance. So the facts the version where they they might have been holding back just makes me angry. I agree if they did like just make Roger wheelchair would make it even more impressive that he went out. Yeah. She does. Yeah. You're in a fucking wheel broke your ankle offstage during commercial break, and your I was most upset by his toes, which were visible the every time the foot swaying into into camera. Like, I was just like not they could put some sort of blanket like a drape over it unseemly during ones on Lori when he was sort of like hauling himself around that table. It looks like he was limping and I was like Wah. Like is it did they did they surprise us with this secret live shot? Does the virus? Starting his foot. The virus takes hold in. My foot actually does has diabetes. Yeah. He's got. He's got doubts fine out. He had gotten sit of the virus. I do want to take back a little bit going back in time. It's the early nineties boy Jonathan Larson is approach by Billy Aronson who wants to write an updated version of LA Boheme, a Puccini opera about a struggling artists in Paris. But they want to set it in the late eighties during the aids crisis in the Lower East Side about a new new kind of artist. Then fast forward Aaronson drops out because he doesn't really like where it's going. Jonathan Larson keeps going it. Slowly was shaped into the play. We know today, and then very tragically the night of the friends and family dress rehearsal. Jonathan Larson died of something they think it was caused by undiagnosed Marfan syndrome varies offing. So that kind of brings us to like what the lore of rent is. And I'm sorry. If that was a boring to sue clearly already knew that as. I was at theater major after all. Wonderful wonderful. And so. Then it kind of became the sensation. It became a sensation that, you know, it's been performed in all different countries and languages, and so what I want to ask you is. What was it about it that spoke to you first off? What was it a bath that play? Aspirational? I mean, I was I desperately wanted to be an actress or a performance artist. And then here's a show about performance artist. And you know, I had grown up in boring little suburb in New Jersey, right outside of New York City. And I'd always loved coming into the city and to me the idea of being a starving artist in the east village was just everything wasn't interested in the aides or the heroine part short shorts and like the urban tribe in like these people were sticking it to the fuck, man. I don't even know what that meant yet. Just not just not paying rent. That's it twenty paying fucking rent when it when it first opened on Broadway. There is such an amazing culture that sprung up around it because it was long before Hamilton did it they were doing rush tickets for twenty dollars. So that kids like us could go see it and people would camp out online, and I had several friends several male friends who met their first boyfriends on that line for rent. That as we know. Not a surprise in place for them to me touching. Put still Swede felt a genuine Thrum of emotion briefly. When you mentioned that that's nice. Well, you know, I think rent helps a lot of people young people sort of start to come to terms of maybe their sexual identity, and maybe your first beginning steps out of the closet were to go become a rent head and meet someone else who is very similar place. Definitely I remember first hearing about it at the summer camp. I went to when I was like nine or ten because all of the counselors were teenage girls, I have Sesto or I remember asking one of them what it was about. And she goes you're too young to understand. And then that moment, I was like, I swear the earth. I'm standing on. I'm going to listen to this God damn us. And I'm gonna get it. And I'm gonna I'm gonna love it because I can do that. Way to get you into musical. It's tell you like you wouldn't understand. I know it's like in a gun is a nine year old looking up to these girls. I was just like. Think of how I I I don't actually remember like the first moment that I heard like that like, I don't remember the moment when I became aware of it. I just remember listening owning the the double CD and listening to it so much all of the time. I was surprised at how many of the words is still new will watching it on Sundays crazy. The answer is almost all of them all all every single one of them except for the lines that they change to make it safe for broadcast television. It made me so mad. I would have been TV, I get it standards practices. But there are some that were super surprising, like poo poo is in is an acceptable. Fox true. Oh, yeah. They also take that one. Not like the F word right now. I think they also didn't say piss during the didn't they send him today on your stoop to be fair while I was watching this my friends who I was watching this with were singing every line. And also performing it behind me every time I would turn around as there's just a lot of them. We're just really getting back to our roots. Got it was better than the actual. I it was the Tango Maureen that I witnessed was electrified. We're being worn. Do you have like what was the first song that grabbed you? Oh, man. The first one that like hooks me was one song Laurie because I thought it was just so epic. And then it wasn't just once on Lori. It was the way that it. Went seamlessly into light my candle, which yeah. On. On. Like didn't do end fake math. Not not exactly as I got is. I had the double CD which I also made a tape of. So we could listen to it in the car, which didn't have good CD player. And I listened to it to death to the point that my father used to just make fun of the lira all the time, and I would get so mad. He would always be like living in America. At the end of the millennium words denied. I particularly love the parts where different songs combined. So that like Rogers singing one theme like Mimi and seeing another one like that's the stuff that makes my heart just flutter with like, Aw, I know. It's like really weird feeling where it's like, you're like something in your chest is swelling or. Exactly, I I have that. I wonder if that's like something that I mean, I guess musical Frisians are thing. People have this is like a Broadway baby special. Yeah. Because I also get it during one day more limousine when it's like. Sure lin-manuel calls it the all thing. He does it in nonstop the last song of act one of Hamilton sort of echoing the lovey Bowen place in like, yes. When all these people come in singing different lines like ice, wear my heart swells to bursting out of my house. Yeah. I know that feeling too. I think I'm trying to think of what my favorite song. I've always liked without you. I also learned how to play that on the Pano believe maybe the one only, and then I've always been parcel, and then, of course, take me or leave me, those are the ones that I that I listened to the most honestly, that's a small a teen. Can I admit that I really have always disliked, Roger and Mimi Yoho. Yeah. I think I've always found their relationship to be very boring because you ship Mimi and many. Yes. You have like a secret love for Benny that we could get into when we talk about. Mario the show. He can sing. But I don't know. I think I like Collins and angel were what always got me and Colin saying. Living cries of our coverage. When he sings it alone that always just say my forgot about his was the best performance by far last night. I was like oh my God. Let me follow you around. I will say that the repris of all cover you at the funeral lacked. Some of that it has when it's not sung when it's sung by baritone. Much more like I was much more moved on the original Broadway cast, recording, correct? Which is honestly the only thing I can think of you asked Annan. Martin also was like his voice was so much lower than. Wraps like Adam rough right? And any mental wraps is that was off. Putting to me also thought this Mark was very sexual. He was too hot. He was a little high. Grant, very nerdy. And now I saw a bunch of stuff on Twitter people were complaining about hot, Mark. And I do just want to say, I always thought Anthony Rapp was super hot. I had a huge Crump on him. And I remember like waiting for him at pride events bisbee. Like, I love you Langone. I also say, and I know I said Adam route before because I've mixed up the the Anthony Adams, but like Anthony revs like a hero to he's leaving one. Who is like the whistle blower on Kevin Spacey. Oh my God. That's right on also stars of adventures in babysitting. True. True. Great point great point. I once went to a a rent sing along. Oh and afterwards. And the rap surprised everybody with a human a, oh, dear. But my second hand embarrassment for the audience because they all acted like maniacs. He clearly was put off by my second embarrassment. Was so bad that I had to leave. Oh, dear. I like left, my friend. I can't be in this. I cannot be in this space was returned. Nice people were asking. It was more like any time. He would try to answer people were like, interrupting him where it would be like, you know, like, you're all too young. Probably remember the Lower East Side as it was. And then just, you know, a bunch of I'm not, you know, it's just like, well, it's not about you. Just like every QNA is kind of awful. That's true. I always really liked all of like, the I think it's because I have such a low voice like the songs that I sing along to. But I always really liked all of the boy songs. You'll see I think is one of my favorites. And then yeah, what you own. Always do. That's a good one. Yeah. So I think like again, I was like kind of the more upbeat, but like. Macho I just love I just love something that will potentially make me cry all without you through pres of all cover, you always usually the trick. Which was nice long ally. Will I is one that always gets me? Oh, yeah. That's a good one. That's a good one. The fact that it went in the broadcast last night from will is straight into a spot for Dumbo. Oh my God. Oh, man. One thing that really bothered me about the live show and the funeral scene. And I actually didn't notice it. But then a friend pointed out is that friend of the show, Robert Akron. Is that angels family was at the funeral which is like a really big part of the musicals that they refuse to come. Oh, yeah. That's oh. Is it did we know for sure that that was her family? No, I am. This is what we do. We just say things and. Perpetuate them. Without fact checking. I will have to go back and check, but it was one of those. They also like. Changed the part with the priest where priests telling Collins that it's like. There for the funeral. Yeah. Although in terms of updating I very much liked that angel is now established as a non binary character. Yeah. She is not a drag Queen. She is a gender fluid right person. Who is is finding her identity. How did how did you guys think? Valentina did. Here's the she looks beautiful. You let's beautiful. She looked so good. However, again, maybe this was part of the holding back because it was dress rehearsal. But oh, I had second hand embarrassment may took us on mid to. I mean the cover. You was just not nothing was really reaching where it needed to go. I feel for you tomorrow for me was a bit of a mess. Just a bit. Yeah. Just a little bit. But I love Valentina nothing. But love for Valentina. Oh, of course, not we all live Ellen Tina mega apparently soda audience. I mean, they were hooting so loud, you could barely hear her. That's true. They they loved her. And you know what? That's what counts another thing. I mentioned is the ensemble on this live. Yes. We're just really hamming it up bankers. Oh, yeah. They were pulling some phases and like beard guy feel like there was a guy who decided beard does every single opportunity. He was like. The camera guy. The honest living on his living him. Oh, it was just here's the thing. Musicals are inherently Courtney. I think making I I'm you just staring at you. With disdain, you know that I love the musical. But I also think that they're Courtney fax, this is my personal opinion. Beck's I'd love to hear yours. Well, I mean musicals are inherently about heightened emotion because that's what makes us burst into song in. So if perhaps you find heightened emotion to be Courtney that I understand that point of view fake, you I'll I'll take it or I will go with that argument. Yeah. I just think that okay. Sure, we can we can take the respectful row, which the heightened emotion to burst into song et cetera. I think that something about making it live on TV like made it war. I don't know. But one thing we can kind of talk about is the movie. You know, I think it came out and what two thousand four thousand five at rate. It sounds right. It was bad. I am not Anna them film. I'm sorry. No. I don't think anybody is not any rent. Head worth our salt. Seriously worth worth or t. That's nice good. I mean, it's tough. When you take the presentation that's meant to be done live, and in the moment, where there's that feeling as an audience member where you're, you know, meshing with the performers on stage and all of a sudden put up the breakfast in distance of being on TV or in a movie theater or whatnot. So there's there's there's always that like, how are you going to film this? I think some of the live have done a better job than others. In terms of being like, we understand. This is no longer on stage. We're now sheeting or the medium. But that movie version, it just it just took away everything that was rent. Yeah. Except for the original cast which made it so jarring. I know because they are like years old sorry. Yeah. Up Daphne Rubin. Vega who is the originator of the role of Mimi was replaced by reserve Dawson because Daphne was pregnant at the time of shooting. But also Mimi is supposed to be nineteen and like even Dawson it's kind of too. Imagining a woman or forty blocked the movie out of my head because I watched it with my then roommate, and we are both big redheads. And we both just hated it. It didn't feel offended in any way, shape or form like instead of shooting on avenue B, it was like let's shoot in the back. Lot version of avenue b it's fake, right? It was like the Universal Studios. Like, New York, exactly. Of. Yeah. I how many times have you seen it live. I think four for. That's good mount. That is a good amount. I never had a lot of rent. I for my sixteenth birthday. My dad got me front row tickets to the touring company in Madison, Wisconsin go and I remember like getting split spit on by the singers and being disliked God. What do you just being like give it to me in a Cup? You know, like just slow. I don't know just close to very dressed up. It was some nice. I don't know. Yeah. I thought. I saw as a birthday present. Also. And I remember waiting afterwards outside of the cast door to, you know, meet meet as many cast members as I could. And the woman who does the solo in seasons of love I mistook her for the actress who was playing JoAnne. And I don't know why decided to say this. But I was like as a gay law student. It's very important to me that you're portraying strong, lesbian lawyer. I wasn't a law student. I had no idea what sort of sexually. I was. I just needed an in. I was wrong. That's incredible. Embarrass and I'm I'm so sorry to this day about that. I'm sorry. I'm sorry remote. You were. You were young. You were. And now. I'm looking. Yeah. It made sense at the time. I was so overcome with emotion understand burst into some it happens. It happens to the best of us. Is you get any? Did you get any autographs though? I did. I did I got Anthony Rob's autograph. And I believe Daphne Rubin Vega. Those the woman who was not JoAnne. The woman who was the soloist from Susan's was very offended. And then I was like I lack. I'm sorry. Larger black women. All look the same to me, apparently, which I at my seats were really far away. Let me also say that they're fair. That's okay. Thank you. We things happen. We all make mistakes. So thing that I also notice maybe I was wrong. So please, correct me. I don't think take digs was there. I know he wasn't some of the photos. I think Anthony Rapp posted some photos of the fam-, and I think I saw him in. There was either the end the seasons of him on stage. But at that point like, I was I was weeping. I mean who knows what I was seeing. I was just thinking I was like, ooh, Tina got rent on the divorce. She looked. Could be. I think he was there. No again. I clearly also I mean, I was also half asleep. I was briefly reinvigorated when the most of the original cast returned to sing. Because I was like, oh, this sounds so nice. I love the way. This sounds. Why wasn't like this the whole time, and I thought digs, but also my eyes were slowly closing it was my bedtime. This sounds a little bit like the album. I've been listening to since nineteen ninety six. Recognize this though. I get it. Now. I do I will say that from the live cast. I think fitness a Hudgens was good. I thought so the Maureen role as I've become a not child does fill me with extreme cringing. Yes. Yeah. And I think. Totally fucking sold. It I thought she was really good. I'm surprised I thought that she at least was having fun. Okay. Everybody really drudgery. Just like Marley. Yeah. Armed up corpses. Yeah. And like at least like she clearly was having a blast. And it's funny because she has played both Mimi and marine before. She played Mimi at the Hollywood bowl when they did the God. That's right. That's right. Which was her like introduction to rent? Yes. She didn't know what it was bless her. Oh, I definitely I thought she was actually a very high point. And I was I was I don't know what my expectations were. But I was so very pleasantly surprised own. I think no one had any energy which made it really hard, right? Or at least like something wasn't translating from the performance in the arena to like watching it on television. Right. But her she like came clearly excited. Yeah. No. When she liked pulled up on the motorcycle. I was like, okay. Here we go. I'm ready. I'm ready for this. And then she was like, yes, she was like injected it with like a little a little verve. Because again because it was addressed rehearsal. Everyone was like doing their best. But they were also like marking it, and like, no one was really going as full out as I think they could have and that I agree. I thought during via Boheme Boheme via Boheme she was totally totally selling it more than anyone else. What I believe she was having the time for. Life totally via boa was such a felt the energy was off. Well, who is right? But still. I mean, we're not again, we're not talking about the star of this. Which is Mario right? Oh, my. He was good. It was great. And he was really good. Who knew? Yeah. I mean, and I wanted to talk to both of you about like, how your perception of rent has changed as you've gotten older where I know my thing now is like pay your fucking rent. Yes. You know, like, why do you think you don't have to pay round like if I'm paying rent you should pay rent? And that also I was listening to on my flight. And I realized like what when Benny shows up, and he is like I need the rent you owe me for the last year that I've been letting you live rent free in there. Like fuck you. Right. What does he need that one year's worth of rent for? He's got all these investors. Housands dash maybe has a drug problem longside Mimi. Yeah. Or maybe. Yes. As a as a grownup person, you're like, dude, what the fuck you can't you can't expect not to pay rent. What what kind of titled privileged bullshit? Is that you think you can you get to live rent free because you're in artist. I'm also just like these are two like shitty. White transplants. Yeah. Who and Benny is like a young black entrepreneur who's investing in property, which is like area safe and sound investment. He wanted to make a we work, and he was going to give them. Studio, we were is just like he was trying to maintain the authenticity of the neighborhood by allowing these artists top space. So I again pro yes, I on the top. He's rent keeps open the shop. I mean that makes a lot of sense. I mean what you think about it? When you listen to the lyrics, and you think about it at whatever age you are now when you are no longer like sixteen it tracks. Benny Benny stand with Benny than do you really want? Piss on murder. Which is really not. Okay. Also, a thing that I think I missed for the most part as a kid, I didn't miss it. I knew it was present. But I didn't consider it the way I should have is the the content about HIV aids. IS where I think if we're looking at it critically Jonathan laws and actually did not do a great job of handling it and a lot of ways true. But also it does bring it into the conversation again. And weirdly, I like Ryan Murphy actually has a lot to do with. Why people are like thinking about the aids crisis again. Producing a lot of content about it. Right. But like our generation just has no idea. What how devastating was that is true to real. And I don't I don't know if it gets covered in in schools that if if like if you're thirteen if you know about the epidemic that removed a generation of gay men. Yeah. I mean, another thing our friend Robert Ackerman said he was like think about like an entire generation of artists in New York gone. Yeah. Happened. Didn't right? Yeah. I I'm very curious as to as to like if your thirteen in watching rent for the first time like what your context of HIV aids? And the crisis is like a footnote. Yeah. I mean, it's interesting too that the only character who dies is. Okay, man or now. Now, non binary person, you know, the straight couple kind of get to make it to the end. And I know a lot of people have been very critical of that. I mean, I read something. Last week that said on out dot com written by Herron. Walker sort of said that the a lot of rent was taken from Sarah Schulman novel this Sarah Solman, made her case about rent beings stolen, ripped from one of her books in a book called stage struck theater aids the marketing of gay Merika. Let's see she notes. The similarities between the Maureen JoAnne Marquesa plot on the love triangle at the heart of people in trouble to book that she wrote and the climactic art based protests against slum lords and rising rents found in both. So she argues that rent is sort of a mash up of logo of Puccini and her book. This is what she says is like the smoking gun. The smoking gun rights woman is that of the community wide as E T O arm set to people's watches meant to remind people living with HIV to take their meds. The details found in people in trouble. And it's based on a real things Shulman observed that thanks to. Advances in HIV medications were obsolete by the time Larsen was writing the book for rent. So how did it end up in rent? Simple says Salman Watson stole it from people in trouble a book that a mutual friend of both playwrights definitely remembers Larsen talking about while working on rent the end. Yeah. He knew someone else who told him the same anecdote because they too had witnessed people having easy -til arms. Sheriff also like a detail of life. You know, really? They didn't really I mean, I feel like. The putra. Yeah. I wrote a book where woman has an alarm on her phone to take birth control pill, and then that detail showed up in a movie like I don't think you get a case for that. This is merely just presenting a small controversy discovered in my research. I apparently and so hard core that I'm just going to defend. That's okay. Just wanted to. I love to see all both sides of a thing. Yeah. I wanna read her. But also see like it being it influencing. You know, the work. I just seems like that's a little bit different than just like plagiarize. For sure. Yeah. I mean, especially if he was reading source material about the era also true, valid points everyone again just had to present. This j I see. Well, I'm gonna read that book, and I will tell you. I would welcome it. Thank you so much. You're just gonna rip it up. TB continued. Let's so if that raised your hackles, you're going to love this guy. I think friend is maybe bad. That's fine. I'll take it. I love it. I'll take. Yeah. I love it. But I think it's not good now that I've like watching another thing that I've found as an adult is that it. It's very deconstruct that statement like what part is bad. We've just been talking about the things that we love about it. I it is highly problematic. Yeah. May maybe not good. Major source for okay? See I would like to one very much separate. Thinking something's bad and not loving it. Where my whole world is based around low brow things that I had doors is true. It is true. I do love it. And I think a lot of that is wrapped up in a stall. And a lot of it is wrapped up in kind of the schlock Innis of it in a way. I think again like just sort of the themes that don't age very well. Like, it feels like this vary. It feels kind of cartoony at a certain point where it's just. Again, like it does it's not like a very realistic portrayal of it's not angels in America. And it shouldn't be right. But it just I just feel like it has not aged very, well, I think part of that is because we don't understand the the it's crisis as well as people used to write. But also, I think it is just. Like, it's gonna pay your goddamn rent. That's right. And it's it's very of an era. And also, I believe that in earlier draft Maureen and JoAnne also had aids. Which makes you think more of the team America world police like aids aids aids. Yeah, everyone is like, right. Yeah. Uh-huh. Exactly. Okay. I think it's okay that they didn't. I mean, he said alerts and said he wanted to create a musical for the MTV generation it did. And he did he did. I mean, there's a lot of like rock musicals that came before and after, but you know, Jesus Christ leaper star holds up oddly enough. Like, I said, I love it. And now that like, it's I've had a reason to listen to it again, I will be listening to for the next month. Yeah. And I will be singing it constantly Ali better than a lot of people in the show. Cool. Very interesting point about rent fandom and being rent head is like I certainly reached a point in my life where I was like, oh, oh this thing that I love. Me. We isn't the masterpiece. I thought it was when I was younger I s a beautiful realization painful. I mean, that's yeah. I guess getting older up can sucks. Yeah. I mean, I'm I'm glad that you still like hardcore about it. It's also kind of like what like tumbler has done for like weirdos. My God rent kinda was like an early I'm sort of like created. In that year, and like diverse and varied, you know, kind of this place for like these young not necessarily outcast. But like young freaks two young kids aren't freaking enough to like actually be freaky. But who are like to not feel right? Yeah. Yeah. Or even just if you're if you're not even brave enough to waive your free flag at that point. And you hear or see this? And you're like, I'm not the only weird one someday. I'm going to have a tribe full of weirdos just like me, which like definitely happens my chosen family there. They're waiting for me. Yeah. My urban tribe. I will find them all when I get to college and get out of the small town. I do like one last question, which is that so facts you like wanted to be an actor. And you wanted to do musical theatre did you ever audition for rent song? Or did you ever addition for like with song or did you up on dishing for rent? Role. I never did. I cannot saying much to my chagrin and was no straight theater. Oven guard post modern theatre, please. Oh, yeah. But no, I even when I did for musicals I used to do a lot of songs from hair. I don't think I ever wanted to touch rent because it was like, you know, that that bar was set so high that if you came in under it was just like, oh, you were even worse. Hair? Like kind of set the set the ground for rent. Oh, yes. Absolutely. What was your hair song? I used to do air as an addition because it's like, cute and character and you get to cough at the end. And it's like. Have you Maddie? No, I I once to addition for like the special choir middle school is saying song from Joseph in the mazing. Technical wise, not surprise me. I did like the narrators opening like some folk stream of the wonders will do what? I won't do. I won't suffer you through the whole thing. Now, I'm ready. So we can do we do. I won't I won't make back septa worked full day. Well, we would love to have you back shocked about musicals anytime true. Talk about nonmusical things. I would love to come back. This has been an absolute delight. Thank you so much. This has been great. 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