Previously on urge to kill from the room tearing Iq a woman so our main concern number one is nobody else gets hurt in my worst nightmares just come true. He goes just switched from a missing person. All we found kills purse. We found a rock that was used to commit the crime. And we found pretty pretty damning evidence linking to Kelly's murder. It's eight forty five pm P. M. Monday July twenty fifth two days after Kaley Sawyer went missing a nineteen year old named Andrea. Maze walks out to her car after her double shift at the Ross Dress for less in Salem Oregon. She takes US snapchat selfie before starting her car. When suddenly suddenly a stranger with a gun reaches in through a cracked window Andrea doesn't know her life is about to change forever and then everything everything just happened so fast? He's got into my car and Just at gunpoint just forcing me to drive him so I just still. He had asked me to do huge telling me like as long as you get to where I need to go like. You'll you'll be alive. I'll make sure I'm your host Ashley Cores Lynn. This is episode three of urge to kill a cagey w original. I I met Andre Amaz- well covering this case for a news story. When I started working on this podcast I knew all I needed to interview her because her experience is a big part of the story? When I I reached out to her I was nervous? I didn't WanNA screw this up. She went through through the unimaginable and live talk about it. Her story is incredible and I wanted to be the one to tell it. I explained the podcast. And she told me she you would think about it and get back to me. I knew what that meant though. She was politely blowing me off so a couple of weeks went by and I sent her a text message to check in. I knew she was apprehensive about talking to me and would probably tell me no this time. But she doesn't she tells me yes and then it should be right there on the right a few weeks later we drive to her home in Salem Oregon about an hour from Portland we are here. We pull up to Andreas home where she lives with her grandma and cousins it surrounded by trees and it sort of hidden away behind a church as we get out of the car. I wonder if Andrea area is religious. What she's gone through could either draw someone to religion or push them away altogether? That's my talker for Eric. Patterson once we get our equipment out of the car we head up to the front door when it just walk up first and then we'll grab I'll set all this down and I can help you. I'm completely nervous. That will scare her off. And she'll backout. Hi Andrea good to see you again. You Eric Eh. Yeah and then I'm destiny in meal. Urban coffee is so they should be on there. Wouldn't we don't want to intimidate or any more than we already have. So so we try to be nonchalant about all the gear that cameras lights. It can be a lot Awesome so eric sets in gear setup. Andre is only done one other interview that I know of that was with dateline. NBC crew when they like with lights people they had way more. That was probably way more than what we're work remotely timid that you too. So let's see where do you what were you feel. Most comfortable uh-huh maybe like in the Lebanon shirt. She is so soft spoken. It's almost hard for me to hear her. At first which makes me wonder under how this interview is going to go. We sit down in the living room and I admire her natural beauty. She is striking. She has long dark wavy hair and and a small nose ring. We do a little small talk and then I asked her about her family. Yes I grew up in a really really small town in Washington Born in Yakima. So it's like a twenty minute drive from there but very small so just everyone kind of knows everybody. Our family was mostly there the time but then everyone kind of spread out when their own ways. Just give me a little glimpse into your life right now. Like what are what do you do for work What do you like to do for fun Well right now. WE'RE GONNA Call Center for T. Mobile. Aw and for the most part I really like it like everyone I work with but when I'm not working I usually have my jeep and doing some exploring or I I I love being outdoors so I like hiking or just going to league or anything to do with outdoors I am there. I asked her to take us back to the summer of twenty sixteen and the night. Everything changed. Whatever you're comfortable sharing but let's just kinda start if if we can just from the beginning of what happened so take us back to the night you were working when this happened I ended up working a double shift that day because they had someone else has called dollar. Something sells like Sherry. I'm nothing else to allstate and take their shift What by the time everything was done? Like nine o'clock already and Andrea leaves her shift at Ross and walks out to her her car. She takes a quick snapchat Selfie and then checks facebook. And then I'll sitting in my car And that's when I had gotten a facebook notification so I had my car on had the doors locked but like the windows were cracked a little bit. Just 'cause like really muggy in the car but I've always had known like my mom would always tell me like you never like leave your car unlocked sitting there and like I always had those things in my hand so I was like okay. Doors are locked. I'm fine she's about to hit send on a facebook message. Winning arm shoots through her window and he was really pressed up against my window so I didn't see a face and at the time I thought it was just a coworker. Worker playing a prank on me or someone I knew like I never in a million years would have thought like what was happening was actually happening. But it's not a CO worker. It's Edwin Laura and he gets into the car with a backpack and a gun. He points it at Andrea. Do you remember the the first words he said to you. I just remember him like getting in and he was just like they just drive drive drive like I need to get out of here and he just kept repeating those things. Do you even remember what you said next. I'd never had really realized like the fight fighter freeze mode when you're like in a situation like that. I completely froze and I remember like everything. Every part hard to me was like on fire like Numb I was hyperventilating. Rages started driving. Like I had no idea where I was going in my head. He was just like take me to where I need to go and I'll let you go and I was like okay like down. The street Scher like could be off wherever you want. That's fine Not really realizing he was trying to go to California so we were starting to drive down the freeway freeland. I'm just like okay. Where am I taking you like? And then that's when he told me he's like I need to get to California and I'm like Oh okay. Things are different now and then Edwin tells Andrea Dot. He's killed someone. I remember just like went into a shock like I had no idea what to do like I always told my mom like if something were to ever happen to me like I would rather die before I would let someone do something to me. But it's crazy when you're in that moment like you don't think the same you don't think I'm just going to jump out of the car. I'm just going to ram this car into another car. You think more logically like what am I going to do to make sure I stay alive life. What can I do to ensure that like when your life is actually on the line everything changes you can think now like oh I would not? I would have done that but not until you're in that position Sean. Then you'll realize it's completely different. All she can do in. That moment is listened to his demands. So she drives. Was it like in the movies you know in time standstill but then everything's spinning at the same time. That's what I would imagine. Yeah and it it was like still kind of daylight so I'm just like how did no one like no like or notice anything like I don't know is so weird it was like completely crazy. As e everything just was like stopped Edwin start spilling to Andrea about what he's done. He says he killed the woman and then fled his home in Redmond. He drove to his parents house to ditches car and took there's instead he drove two and a half hours north th west to Salem and then he admits to waiting almost hunting for the perfect woman to kidnap. I guess the car he was using broke down or something at the mall or I'm not sure where the car was. But he said he was at the mall looking for people there I and that's when he saw the pregnant lady And he went to like ask her something and she like I just brushed them off and kept walking and has comment to me about. It was like little dish you know what I could have done to her. And I'm just like this guy is crazy to even think thought like he was hunting for a woman. Yeah yeah he was for you. Yeah I mean ultimately it ended like your. That's how it felt one hundred percent because he said when he was at Ross. Hugh saw me walk to my car to get my bag to return it. He will watch me. Walk back into the store and then he saw me come back out again and get into my car. So you've watched me the whole time. It is just like gives me chills. The like you never know when you're out and about WHO's watching you growing up here doing with everything that's going on. Now I'm process towns even spanning Bardstown Kentucky's a small all town in the heart of the bluegrass state but Bardstown Kentucky also has secrets five unsolved murders over four years rumors and and theories and still no one is behind bars. You'll Bardstown a new podcast from volt studios. It's been the almost six years. There's still not a lot of answers just a warning. What you're about? Oh to hear maybe triggering or upsetting to survivors of sexual assault or violence. mm-hmm Andrea starts driving south toward northern California. She only makes it about an hour when Edwin tells her to pull off to the side of the road. She's driving driving too fast. He doesn't WanNa get pulled over by police and that's where he can't cuffed me to my gear shifter thing and had me hop to the passenger side and he got on the driver's seat And he kept driving the rest of the way So I I really didn't drive very far. But he drove most of the way to California and then the whole time he was just talking to me trying to like find out who I was my life like siblings and friends friends and boyfriends and just trying to make small talk and I just kept telling him like. I don't want to answer questions and I would just shut them down like I'm like if you're going to do anything to me regardless list like I can't stop it but I'm not going to give you information to other people. The people I care about that you could potentially harm to And so I I don't know He. Just he never really was forcefully trying to get information outta me he was more trying to just like yeah and it was completely the weirdest thing ever because he was like like on his phone showing me pictures of him and his wife and like he's like Cobb and I don't know if you've heard of what happened. The girl just killed and He was. We're trying to show me the article and I had no idea what was going on at the time But I was just like this guy is like on something or like. Something's just not all they're like is I don't know what's going on or what to do but I'm just GonNa try to do what he wants so he can. Maybe just leave me alone and I can just go back home. Did you think he was gonNA kill you. Oh I did like I. Don't I don't think in the moment I felt like he was going to kill me because I had been like cooperating. And unlike doing what he had asked to driver say here do that because you felt like maybe he would if he ever take care of you if you comply so I kind of had that mentality like as long as I do what he asked him. I'm like not you know getting all crazy like you know just keeping my cool things like maybe he'll just you know and I in a way kind of like he did because at one point when we were driving I was like I really need to go to the bathroom and will you need to wait and I'm like no. I really need to go to the bathroom. So he pulled pulled over. And I'm like what can never pulled over to let their person go to the bathroom so I feel like in a way like I always had control over the situation. Even though I didn't have the control control I was still like calling certain shots or I was still like saying notice certain things. You'd probably surprised him You did stand up to him a bit. Yeah I would think I think so. They drive for several hours late into the night there in southern Oregon. Now an edmonds getting. I'm tired he tells Andrea going to stop and stay in a roadside motel. They pull up and park right in front of a check in window. A surveillance camera records them as they talk to the clerk at the front desk. WHO's behind the window Andrea wearing dark dress and her hair is up in a messy bun? She's standing with her arms crossed Edwin. Who still has a gun is wearing a baseball hat in jeans? His back is to the surveillance. That's camera did you walk with him up to the desk came. You remember like looking at the front desk clerk thinking like help me or what was that like. Take your The way it was set up it was like the little office was like outside. So was it like in a building But he had told me the same thing when we had gone into the gas station he was just like you know. Don't make any eye contact. I will shoot them and shoot you. I don't care so if you WanNa make sure that you Greysteel live. Don't make eye contact. Don't make any gestures. Don't do anything. Just look down and he made me pretend to be his girlfriend and Mike hold my hand and it was the most awful feeling ever like being forced to like act like something when you know what's going on and someone doesn't see that like I always wondered how the Motel clerk did not notice any anywhere signs like I'm this young looking girl with the older looking guy like and I looked completely tore up. I had no makeup. I've been crying the clerk. It doesn't notice at all. He handed when the room key and the to get back in their car and drive around the motel to their room when they get inside Edwin handcuffs cops Andrea to the bathroom door for some reason. He wraps a t shirt around her head to cover her eyes while he showers. She can't see anything but she can hear the water. Eventually Stop Stop. Edwin gets out of the shower and then tells her to get in but Andrea refuses I had told him I was like what I didn't even bring clothes like. What do you expect me to change into and I was like I didn't expect to be cannot lake and I just like had made little remarks and he never would like say anything back in just like thinking back? I'm like wow like I was very gutsy to say things like that to have knowing like he had a gun and he had just told me he had had killed somebody. And did he talk a lot about When he talked about what he did in bend and with Kaley did he seem proud or scared or or confused? What did he seem like? He definitely didn't seem confused. He knew exactly what he did Not Proud but just like I thought take a well like you had no remorse for anything. And that's what I knew when he would talk about it. I was just like yeah. This guy is something else and like the whole time when we were driving he cup still trying to make conversation with me just to talk and he started talking about his life and his family and he was saying how his his family comes from like a long line of like vicious murderers and like he was giving me their names. And he's like yeah you can look them up but it was like idolized them. Yeah Yeah Edwin Forces Andrea to the bed and handcuffs her to the frame. He takes out a bottle of sleeping pills and a handful of syringes. His mom is diabetic and kept them in her car which Edwin had taken that's where Edwin found the needles. He tells Andrea that if she doesn't voluntarily swallow the sleeping pills he will inject her. He's willing to do anything to sedate her. He told me he could either. He's like you need to take some sleepy medicine all either injected to or you could take it through this pill and I never really remember seeing like what it was. It was probably like some. I don't know like I don't know what kind of medicine there is other but I do remember after I had taken the book. So it's like not letting you inject anything into me I remember after I took it. I was starting to get really tired. I just worked a double shift that day. Mind you. It's like past midnight already. It's like past one in the morning. I was extremely tired from working so with the pillow. Just like Felker look. I had taken like five ten Melatonin and I was getting very very groggy very tired and I remember it just trying to fight it and keep myself awake. I just can't can't imagine what you was even going through your mind in that moment. Yeah I just kept thinking like if I fall asleep like he would probably try to knowing how disturbing he is he probably would even still try to like take advantage of me or something. So that was my motivation for trying to make sure I stayed awake. ooh Out of nowhere. An alarm on her phone goes off and it startles Edwin. It all happened like in the perfect moment because we were both laying in the same bed and that's been handling turned over here like licked my ear lobe and I could tell where this was going to start going towards like. Oh no like no. This is not going to happen. And then that's when my phone have gone off It's enough to rattle Edwin by Andrea a few seconds to think so. When you're in the hotel room you came up with a pretty Genius Plan I don't know what else to call it like. Walk us through what happened. And what how you you outsmarted him. Yeah I don't know how idea just like popped into my head like I said I remember my phone. Just had gone off and he had my phone at the time so he looked at it and it was like an alarm and for some reason that like really worried him and he was like. What's this alarm for her and he was just like asking me a million question? Uh It's almost as if Edwin thinks the alarm is a signal for the police to bust into the room at any moment. He badgers her for or an answer about why her phone is going off. At the time I was just like It's my alarm to take my medicine and he was like for what and I was like. I have an S. T. You D and I take medicine every day and I have to control it or else you know it's really harmful for me and he just started asking me like a bunch of questions like trying to figure out like what it was exactly and I was just trying to make it sound as discussing possible to like differ him and ultimately it did work so I mean he didn't know the story about an S. T. D. is ally and it worked Andrea Saves herself from a potential sexual assault. But she knows Edmonds wins dangerous so she tries to stay awake and suddenly Edwin gets a phone call. He likes her talking to someone on the phone own in Spanish and like I do understand Spanish but there's like different dialects so isolated. What kind of Spanish he spoke? Just I didn't understand everything one hundred percent and probably because I was also very tired but I was picking up bits and pieces and he was talking to someone about like he was like no. I'll be leaving now like I gotta go. He's like they're they're they're sending helicopters like he's he. I hear them and he kept talking about hearing helicopter so after that phone call he was like we gotta go. Let's go Andrea pleads with him to take her car and leave her in the motel room but he is not willing into let her get away he was still like no. You need to come with me like basically still returnees meals like a human shield kept saying like if something were to happen like they wouldn't shoot even if I was there and just like that they're back on the road and on the run again but they're not going to get far before Edwin Edwin tries to take the life of yet another innocent person next time on urged to kill. All I remember is like hearing the gun go off and everything just started ringing and everything was blacked out for help you get any mature emergency. There's a gentleman who says he shot stomach Edwin. Laura takes a drastic take steps to escape as police close in my head Dr Been. I've already talked to people already. I don't WanNA kill anymore in straight out of a movie urge to kill is a cagey w and volt studios production. Please subscribe and leave us a rating or review. We've got a lot more information including videos and pictures on Cagey W DOT com slash urge to kill. You can also follow us on Instagram mm-hmm at urge to kill podcast and join the urge to kill facebook group on K.. GW's facebook page. This show is written and hosted by me Ashley Cores. Excellent it's produced by me. Destiny Johnson and me lameda. It's edited by Zachary Carver and Destiny Johnson original artwork by Jeff Patterson person and videography by Eric Patterson special thanks to Ellen Boynton and Keiji W management and staff if you were a loved one or a victim of sexual assault help is available. Twenty four seven call the national sexual assault hotline at one eight hundred six five six x four six seven three or you can find help at. Www Dot online dot rain dot org that's R. A.. I I N N hi- Bardstown listeners. This is Jessica Noll. If you're enjoying the show you might also like true crime chronicles from volt studios. We bring you a new true crime story from across the country each week digging into some lesser known cases. You might not have. I've heard of check out true crime chronicles and of course. Thanks for listening to Bardstown.

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