Our Review of Cobra Kai Seasons 1 and 2


Welcome to the topic of Chores podcast. Police. We're listening TV final bike. Nineteen eighty-four. Karate Kid. Can you hear me okay. Point beer here. It was hard to hear your voice over that. Hear you at all. Were in. The. Auditorium. Did Joey just say sweep the leg was that Tommy. I think. The part there were Johnny says you're all right Larusso 'cause 'cause I think that's relevant to the conversation. We're GONNA have very relevant. It's. Am because that's in my notes. Yeah. So tonight's episode lot of Pop culture going back to one, thousand, nine hundred, but then bringing it into the current. Generation of twenty twenty, we are going to be talking about Kirci one season two joining me tonight my good friends, Chris offered at least wins Wien from San Antonio Texas and from Fort Lauderdale Florida. Welcome guys. Thank you joe glad to be here. Right? Absolutely. So obviously it's podcast people listening Chris, and I are are don't, and Lisa's got the epic background for her zoom. Meeting. The New Cobra, Kai background but open I Chris and I have. Got To the Cobra Kai. You're the classical shirt and I'm sporting my Yagi do t shirt as well for tonight. He's even got the headband I mean that's like we're not go Syria. It was it was getting itchy. I took it off. Or is it like? No we already covered that when you were figuring out your tech, it's the it's the waist or the the the belt from Ethan's. Bathrobe. At. Pro. Though Yeah Just. So, what I wanted to do tonight. Hct Kai was released originally to YouTube. Subscribers you had to like pay for the for the free for the version of Youtube in order to get their original show of Cobra Kai and I don't think he'd got much traction at all. Since its release on Net flicks. It. I roll it's like resurrected. Karate Kid. What I WANNA to do is I want. Let's go back to eighty four. Your first impressions of when you remember watching the original I don't want to talk about two three. Other movies. That's just want your your. Why do you love the original karate kid so much brought you. This new series at least we're going to start with you. And Just, give us. Your past with karate kid. Yeah. I'm trying to remember. I don't have a vivid memory of watching it the first time I know I watched it multiple times and of course, the last scene is always the most. Powerful that remembrance the song you're the best all of that the the journey of the the movie I remember watching it many times over with my sisters at home I. Don't I. Don't know that may have been the first time I saw I don't really remember but I just. I of course, Ralph Macho back then heartthrob he was all over the what is it the teen Bop or remember this magazine you know yeah. So I. Remember that of course, we all thought he was the cutest thing around but you know it's it's that that underdog that classic underdog story you're rooting for him the whole time, and of course, ending is just what you hoped it would be and he gets the girl so. Does. He does so that that's that's my recollection at that time and it was it was pretty clean shows a good family family movie. Part. Yeah. Chris. Yet you know I don't think I saw in the theater I would have been ten years old when it came out. But we certainly had it on VCR tape and growing up we didn't have cable. So you had the three main channels and that was it. So it's literally like the the old comedian said when the president was on the president was on all three channels. What do you do is kid that was the worst night of the week there's nothing to watch on. A we were we were one of those families that had to VCR's you'd go to this is I mean this predates buster, but every town had a local video store or two, and you'd go in you'd rent your three or four or five movies for the weekend on a Friday night, and that's what you have but we had the two VCR's so we could play on one and record on the other. You performed illegal copyright you know. s sure because we didn't sell it for a profit. That we asked. If they WANNA come after me for karate kid come on. But you're saying. The only one that was recorded. We won't even talk about Animal House and Porky's and the rest of day anyway? But now so that that became part of the collection. Has. Did. So many those other movies that we would just were basically on on on every weekend every other because you you just couldn't there was nothing on TV 'cause we didn't table. So that's what you grew up with and you knew every single line removed the S. e. every every word to every song because you just watched it over and over again for basically lack of anything better to do, and then of course, with the neighborhood, kids are out there in the front yard kick in each other. So that was fun But that those are those are the memories. But nobody. Nobody back then it was a Cobra Kai guy everybody was I mean everybody was Miaki. Daniel. The underdog is the kid to got picked on and you know if. I guess truthfully speaking if you were into these movies, a lot of the other stuff, you might have been one of those kind of guys. that. None of us were wearing black belts but it resonated with you even at that young age. So I think we're going to go is how how how did they bring that out of they resurrect that? Language and and how does that resonate with us now in our mid forties seen. I remember watching we went to the theater and watch it and and least like you were saying, it was a family. It was a family picture and it's a feel good picture and. And I remember going to see it and then I remember coming home and getting out of a station wagon at the time and I remember getting out the back member kind of station wagon doors that they would open a mile wide out and. Now, there is no hydraulic on it. So if you were behind that thing when it opened look out. Three hundred pounds under more than that. The glass at the. Down Yeah. Back there I don't have a digressed into station wagon but Remember jumping out and we all ran down to the basement and we practiced karate after it was the it was the best and. and. Then of course you have. ME. I have jacked up the audio of this podcast for the music. Anyway, I'm not going to worry about it. But yeah. Like you were saying, it has more quotable lines it has more. Symbolic. Items throughout the entire film there are more one liners. I would put this against probably in the top five of one liners and and memorable quotes of of the past twenty, thirty years easily a films and. Why we liked it was because it was an underdog film in it it said okay. These are the bullies. And this is the kid who stuck up to the bullies and. How prevailed. Add to that and say I feel like at some point I think every person has been an underdog in one way or another. So it's relatable and not always does does the underdog win you know and so it to you I feel like there was such a connection to Daniel in the story that everyone could because everyone has had? Some experience? In everyone's maybe different and some greater than others, but it's relatable and so everybody related to Daniel that somebody somewhere picked on them in one way or another, and so it's easy to get drawn into that story, and then of course, for him to not everyone ended up winning or you know becoming the hero at the end of the story, and so it's you WanNa root for him and it's just feels so good that at the end. He wins. and. Furthermore Daniel being not only the new kid in town but from across the the other side of the country completely different culture. West Coast kind of Italian background. You know it was kind of white right America where he was. And not. Only that. But the mentor ship that he found in Pat Morita you know Mr Biaggi. And the father figure that kind of void you know they never did Ya ya, they never really gave us an answer of that father figure was they do now bright but we didn't at the time go ahead Chris. No No. Just saying that the void that he's sort of filled in in Daniel. Daniel was just ready to to give up a few hard days couple of hard knocks, and there was a spike in the trash can and Mr me sort of comes in and improvised that that stabilization to his life which turned upside down. so and I think that's I've never really heard anybody talk about, Hey, you know Mr. Mogi was he was a teacher but he was the father figure. He was the mentor. He was the Rock Daniel that allowed him to accomplish what he did by the end of the movie. But the other piece it too is is the The contrast I mean I. Don't have I'm not from an agent background I can't appreciate the the martial arts and the history of that but it certainly is conveyed in this. Of course, it's brought forth again in Cobra Kai the difference of the purity of the practice and what it was meant to be from the agent culture, which is brought forth through Daniel versus what it was kind of turned into an used. In the Cobra Kai and so There's that element that I think also brings people to love. Even more because it was. Yes he's filling a gap of Of all these things that Daniel needed but provided even more than that for him. You know there was it was a fog father, figure it a friend it was a mentor it was So. So yes, a way of life I mean it wasn't. It wasn't just survived this moment it survive life. You know it was huge life lessons which I guess. That father figure piece comes in but they really it's interesting now with and I want to jump ahead too much. But you you start to develop that a lot more in in Cobra Kai along with a lot of other themes which I'm sure Joe is going to get to shortly. So you fast forward now to twenty twenty, and one of the one of I'm just GonNa hit you with the first major question. I was probably five or six episodes in. Was Daniel really the underdog or was he the bowl? And let's let's preface this with this is spoilers if you haven't watched the show. Turn off the PODCAST. Come back from here on out. Major spoilers and you know they're you're you're you're duly warned my question is. Was Daniel the bully. It during the credit kid movie KOCI. Well. Let's look. Let's look at first the karate kid movie eighty four. Okay. Because from Johnny's perspective. He was. But we don't. We didn't know that. Then I mean if you if you're talking about what we know now. What do we? If you're talking about from the perspective of what we know now with Cobra Kai? It is a good. This is. How much of this you're going to get into because now we get the back stories right or getting you kind of have more of a backstory with Daniel. I mean you're getting his back story of what we've missed for the last twenty years. Right? They're filling that in slowly with his family and what happened to Ali and all these things but we didn't have before was the previous backstory of Johnny. And I think he's It's an interesting question because I think you can't think of it in terms. Is it is it about bullying? Is it a protagonist antagonists? I think. It's Good intentions with unintended consequences, I I wouldn't characterize him as a bully. Per Se I think the true antagonise of the story of course is John crease. You know and. The real villain. He's the villain of the story and I think Johnny is an antagonised but I think what they've done with him in the series is phenomenal. You know with with the development of his character and I don't want to jump ahead too far. Because just trying to answer your question all at. Chris. Give his his perspective. In industry perspective, I do not think Daniel was a bully I think growing up in the eighties. If you got your ask it, you went home and let bygones be bygones. Daniel certainly couldn't leave well enough alone and up the ante. So again, protagonists antagonists I think I think every I. Think those both of those guys wear those hats at different times in the story back and forth It certainly makes for a good dynamic that thirty thirty, five years ago we didn't consider that but. At least stay with the back story now and and with the onion layers being peeled away. You. Get into it a little bit and we can understand the depth of what was going on. With with both of these kids back back then and the driving force behind Johnny and the driving force behind. Daniel. But also say that Johnny's recounting of the events is a little skewed. Well, he you know the heat. When he's recounting to Miguel you know to to to paint Daniel as the bad guy to Miguel. His students believe that Larusso is the bad guy. He's the bully. He's the one who picked on me. I mean. You know he failed to mention. Yeah. He failed to mention a few details of what he Of what happened in the movie you know he he he leaves out the parts where he was. Beating up on him and he doesn't mention at all. You know he he supposedly went over and talk nicely to Allie was trying to have a conversation which was clearly not what was what happened in the movie so Yes, it's his perspective but it definitely skewed from what we know of his actions. So it's it's interesting and that's a good thirty years thirty years we'll do that to you. Want. You Beers along the way. The course banquet. Those words. He's like for those of you don't know I call them Opie. That's his nickname. For the past twenty or so Chris her. What kind of course that and you text me? Banquet. No mountains turning colors on those bottles. No. Koi Now. Flip it to the twenty twenty series. WHO's the bully? In the new show. Yeah. Because I think while there might be in good intentions. They've really postured this where Janis now the underdog and he's trying to have the comeback story and I, think you've got Larusso as as kind of a jerk. Doing everything from raising the rent in that in that. Strip mall area for all s people for vengeance or for spite. And you have. To Go back to the first movie miandi. Movies as well but Miandi Mr Maggie always focuses on finding balanced finding balance in your life and Daniel hats Gosh she's. He's picture-perfect at this point and you have johnny who has anything but The antithesis he's gone down a bad way. And just. Again, the pivotal point that that tournament and the opening scene of. To just you never rebound, he just never rebounds from that right? So as he as he does. Continue to find balance in an opening his Dojo I absolutely think that wants Daniel. saw that billboard and it just it rocked it a little bit and then he's quite malevolent in in going behind Johnny's back and trying to set that set him up for failure. Yeah I definitely think the story was flipped. They're a little bit but I think what? Kind of to what you're talking about with the balance it he lost his balance I. think that's the that there are two journeys happening here there. But I don't I I don't know that I can say. A Daniel. Both of them both Johnny and Daniel are having journey they're having. Yeah. They've become lost in this in as he while he starts out on. Like revenge you know a revenge streak. In in which is sort of exactly mirroring karate kid because he started out for revenge, he was indignant he wanted to fight back and it was de Miaki that helped him find that path of balanced find that path of you know protect yourself and do what's right and He I think because things went well for him for so long in his life he forgot that lesson. Things were good in all the sudden here comes Johnny Lawrence again, and he gets triggered into that because that's his natural instinct. But as he starts on that path for revenge and he gets down and he starts bringing all the stuff was put away he had he had packed it all acted away. He packed it all up in lost it and forgot it, and so it's his journey again but it's now also Janis dirt journey and I think I think what's happening is there and you see it start to happen. They start to find this common ground and then they get pulled away again. But what they're trying to show is that they're really more like. Than different and they never have taken the time to know that about one another because they've gotten caught up in these things and I'm hoping they will develop that more but that's why said at the beginning Joey I was glad that you. Played that piece from the original movie where the ending moment Johnny says to Larusso Oh you're all right because. There's that hope that maybe there could be respect between the two of them and they're trying to develop in Cobra Kai. I think. I. When that movie the original. I think that was the moment where he finally stood up and I think the respect was was earned. Yeah and he he finally got that respect and it was done there was finality to it. They obviously did more movies. Because it was a huge hit and you know the studio wanted, but they could've ended it there. and. It was done. It just caused me to look at when I saw that when I was watching the when I was watching the new series. I thought my Gosh you look at it from Johnny's Perspective it's a complete paradigm shift. uh-huh Chris you use the phrase a Greek tragedy. Right. Yes. Absolutely. His life It's Just set out to sea for thirty years and just adrift. Nothing. Get down the Iliad path or anything. Seriously they guide never came back. Never I mean Again, we come to find out that his childhood was crap anyway and the only. Found stolice was inside that DOJ. Oh, and then we have John crease who stole that I, mean, he exploited that he twisted an annual you absolutely you see a kid he was. You know he's narcissistic enough to know that hey, here's a kid who's willing drink from the found. You know let's give him all. Let's Give. Him All he'll take. And when you say he, he really never came back from that he literally is still stuck in Nineteen eighty-four in every way. Far, he's got I did too I. Think I think he's the best character out of the whole bit. He's got the best lines. He says the most inappropriate hilarious things at the in these different times but you grow to love them because he is trying you know he's really. Truly trying he's just lost. You know he's really just lost and. In every now, and then you see that little glimpse of, Hey, you know he and Daniel may actually have more in common if they could just get over themselves long enough and they start to do it, and then inevitably because of your drama of writing it blows up in their faces. But whenever and especially initially when they come together, they're both, they're they're both seventeen again. With. The instantly. Instantly, back you did this no, you did that and there's There's I mean it's it's almost it's fisticuffs from the word go and it's been thirty years, right? So. It certainly is is a strange but energetic dynamic. So when I I came to the party. Because of Johnny and Daniel Right so I think why so many come to the party of this show. You stay for the party. For the new characters and where they're now taking this and I love it, I love the dynamic how you have. The son Johnny Son is being trained by Daniel and then you've got the mirroring Daniel. Back in the day who's not going down the path he's down the Cobra Kai path with John and I love how just set this up in postured it. And you can almost see there are times. My wife and I were watching it and there are times I kind of look over and and you and I text each other some of the some of the lines are little, cheesy some of the acting. GotTa get past that but they're quick there. There are a few between they are there. But I love the story deemed too which could have been done intentionally because if you may have been eighty eighty eighties movies as. A. Cheese factor there's there's certainly achieved factor to this It almost would have to be intentional I don't think. There are better writers out there so. I would like to think that this was done intentionally but something that I that I really enjoyed about it is you have as you said, the Johnny and Daniel Dynamic, but you got these high school kids. And and so. I mean, my my son's often school right now. But my daughter was really into it because that resonates with her I I could care less about the high school parties in all that. That's great. I WANNA see I. WanNa see another fistfight. Right, but but that's what Isabella sees that she sees the social aspect in the kind of sophomoric attitude of of of these kids. But that's what she's sticking around for brags that resonates with her she doesn't care about Daniel and Johnny I care about that. So there's for the whole family. There's something there absolutely agree one hundred percent because we are our peers are in it for the old eighty we love it. When they bring up an eighty s song you know and you've got you've got ACDC going or you know all these different eighties. And res- even even the part of him not having a smartphone not understanding technology. I mean I, think most of us are pretty tech savvy but we get that humor and probably the kids do too because they had no in they always roll their eyes at the adults who don't know enough about social media? Thing air most into but but you're absolutely right. There's something for everyone. You know there's there's that resonate. Resonated for us in the original movie put and I'm with you. You know there's Like oh my gosh. Some of this acting this. You know it's a little definitely young adult like and I think to myself was this geared what what audience was geared toward and I really think it was both you know they needed a really nice job incorporating both of those aspects to grab both both audiences and I think it's been highly successful I. See all my peers on facebook all. shoutouts about Cobra Kai in the eighties and loving it and It's it's definitely resonating with with our peers for sure. There was certainly the dynamic of of Janis son who's got a deadbeat dad. Mom this with certain with certainly has major dependency issues in commitment issues, and this kid who's just sort of lost in fines Daniel and. The whole dynamic between Dad. Beat Janis kid it's just. It just makes you better. It does because. Like you said earlier Joe, it's like the it starts out. You think it's going to be the reverse story right? You think this story has been inverted and in Johnny's GonNa be the savior of this kid who just got beat up in his they're like in the same is like Mr Miyagi. Doggie and you're like, how can they do that? That's not that's impossible. You know it's it's and yet in, and then they have that beautiful twist of you. Well, no Daniels going to teach Mr meow gays. Way To to Johnny son and doesn't even know it. You know it is even the beautiful. You just waiting for that moment to blow up. This other good kid. Yeah. Go down the wrong path WHO and. The twist, the anti here. Heroes Yeah. Yeah. But then they they don't. You know. You have yet to see what's really going to happen with that. Of course, because if the major season under in season two and and the they are putting that other twist there, which is kind of the beauty again of. That paralleled story between Johnny and Daniel and I'm very curious to see where the writers take take it with. You know the villain having reared his head as a Cobra often does very nice and. I believe. So yes. J. J. Abrams would would learn from these writers because what you're saying that they did not do lease was. Make it a parallel and I make fun of that from what he did with the Force Awakens to cope. You know just kind of the same story and characters. All mirroring, each other three lazy. It's lazy writing yes. Anyway we'll save that. For another thing I was going to say we'RE WE'RE GONNA get way on a tangent if you go there. All three of us. Go down that. Easily. Take that. Bait. So. So they've introduced a new bully Goes by Hawk and I think this individual is is There are good visuals and they're good. subliminal is here for For us all to see and how it resonates because you have an individual who was. No physical. No some kind of a birth defect or whatever that was and I don't know how to articulate that. Properly, you politically cleft palette if you. GonNa say Physical Physical Defects, right? Yeah. But but he you know the kid who was teased who has made fun of name called didn't have that confidence and then by goal we all. Right, I mean that was. The cleft palate the scar. That was who he was. That's how you identify him. Yeah and I think it's also because he allowed it but at and and not too well on this character's psyche but. I love how they turned him into the new. bully and that's I think they did a brilliant job with that to make him now. I guess the the new Johnny Yeah maybe. Yeah new Johnny when when he was in the tournament in the first season and he kind of got all fired up and it was really like losing it in he he pulled that I dirty trick. What was it? He kicked the guy in the back that was at him I was but I instantly I said Oh he's a Tommy he's Tommy from the first episode from from the first movie that was that was funny. Yeah. That was that was Tommy. Tommy got disqualified because he did what? John crease told him and he kinda want to at that point. But I remember that that kind of anger in just like hopped up on looks like he's on speed you know at just so much adrenaline and that was hawk I thought originally but you're right they're turning him into that new. New Bully Villain type that just doesn't that's really buying into the John crease. Credo. And you you have. You have a kid also who's unhappy in his own skin. And through through the karate and the hair and the tattoos he's becoming he's going through this metamorphosis. He's becoming something other than the unhappy Shell that he was we we see this in everyday life. You know we see people who who Joey again somebody with a big beard and they do crazy things with it. Well, that's that's their identity. That's they. People who cover themselves in tattoos and for all different reasons but we're seeing people who maybe deep down inside and again, not to get off on a tangent are unhappy inside. So they they kind of recreate they become something other than what they are and I see that in Hawk troubled young man trying to be something he's not and I and I really if it's just we've mentioned. Star Wars here we see him going down the dark path right. I. Go ahead and I'm going to late at here. I think we'll see him return because he's got a friend who still believes in it. You know I I know who you are always calls him. He Li-. And he does that he had to dig man he did absolutely. But that's also telling us that you know. I'm still your friend I know who you are. You'll be back and so I think we seahawk come back to US interesting. Disagree. and. That's okay. I think that we're GONNA see those two individuals square off. I don't know if we're going to see hot comeback though now I tell you. I, do think. So let's let's be a good segue into. I do see Larusso and Johnny teaming up going against John crease. Yeah. I'm hoping that's the case because they've been kind of you know they were trying to get these two in that respect level you know for a while and of course, all these things with the kids keep happening. You know that draw them apart we didn't know. Daniel was coaching his son and he finds out in any finds out his son is at their house and all these all these factors that you know right when they think they're gonNa you know they they finally become friends over dinner and they're talking about the things and let them know that he's kicked John crease out. So now he's running a little respect. Daniels getting some respect for Johnny because Hey, he recognizes that Don creases the problem. Okay. So maybe I can give them a can give him a bone here, and then they're all buddy buddy and what happens the girl comes and stays over at his house and doesn't tell Dan. So now they're fighting again, you know you see it like this this exchange over and over again, which of course is the drama factor, which is why they had in order to if they're going to go that way and let them somehow team up and and become friends and find respect for one another to has to be another. Antagonised. Johnny's not going to be the antagonists there has to be a different villain and they've created that now and so whether or not Chris is accurate in his estimation that. Way You you Chris Hawks GonNA come back right. Whether or not that's true. I don't know I, that will be interesting to see I'm curious about that I was going to say that what you see happening to Hawk as the classic transformation of narcissists he's Because typically, that comes from deepen security right deep deep insecurity I mean he was. He was really low really really low when when this came to him and he has created this persona, which is typically what a big persona. Big Big percent. Big Hair big. Big Tattoo. Big Big anger big growl all of that stuff so much so that when his friend says. Calls Him Eli He. He doesn't give them a bone. You know when they were of starting to connect at that party for like five seconds over. WAS IT A. TV show or something. I forget what the conversation is about St Start to Seahawk you start to see Eli, just emerged just ever so slightly and then he turns around and slams the kid down and so of course, the kid gets revenge by going up in telling all his secrets on stage to everyone in the room still refusing to call him hawk calling him Eli instead but that classic narcissist loses all ability to empathize and so. If he's really going to be that person you're not going to see a comeback. He has lost empathy. You know when you saw him in that tournament he it was all you know finish it, go to the end no mercy no mercy and and and. And that's what John Preaches you know there is no mercy. Yeah and so if he's going to if he's already chosen that side, like you said, he's going to the dark side. It's possibly come back. DARTH vader came back. So why not? US. So we lose Hawk then maybe we get McGill back. Back. Here's here's coming back because they need the love triangle to continue. So remember. Here's I'm just going to give you my. Two, cents. I think we're GONNA. See Alley come back three. Yeah. Who is a pediatrician and I think she's going to be the one to save Miguel. That's what I think. And trusting theory I. Like it I thought they're setting it up for her to come back to I was I was surprised she wasn't already. A piece of its that they kind of had written her off and But what you said about how I didn't know the history of it being on Youtube I and now the success of it may have brought Elizabeth Shoe back to an interest in. So they'd said Hey, let's writer in at will be curious to see because you know you have already this. Here speaking of paralleling, you have a love triangle happening two boys on opposite sides and girl right that's already happening. Miguel has to come back to keep that love triangle had the whole fight was about that love triangle? Well, of course, you have Tori Tori right is also in there. So I guess it's not necessarily a triangle anymore because there's another fourth party. But. If Alley comes back now you've got that dynamic again between. You know even though Daniel is married. He's the he's clearly kind of had that. Conversation. Muthana. Right so again, a four, four, four people, and how will that, how will that transpires a little bit of parallel ism in the in the story line there. What do you think? I. Don't I don't see there being any conflict with Daniel and. If Alley comes back I I look to maybe alley maybe maybe she reached out to johnny right so maybe things aren't so good where she is maybe she's a rough patch. and Johnny's GonNa, get it back. And I think and I think at the end we see Johnny that how could it not? Go. We're. GonNa see. The home wrecker come in and Daniel Loses all of his car lots you know and his wife walked with half. Too, much reality I don. Johnny has to end up with Allie. I agree I don't I don't see here being a home wrecker type of but. There's already some tension in Daniel's marriage that he's managing around the karate I don't I don't I think you're right. I don't think it would be that it's going to be a home wrecker thing, but it would add an element of tension there. If. She does get back with Johnny because then it's like Ooh that's just one more thing to add to the pile. Conflict between that they're going to have to do is they're going to have to give it back story and. Rough my talking in an interview, you know, why was an alley in the second movie? And All, he could say and you can look it up. He said. When when the second movie came out, they just wanted. Ralph and Pat Morita. Because that's that was they were they were the main stars of the movie I don't think that would. That wouldn't work now that worked back in eighty, four, eighty, five, whenever the second one was released right? They? Didn't have any explanation. So I hope. Where is that GONNA go she wasn't in karate. She was just the love interest. Every movie has to have lunch love interest where do you take that for the Second Chapter There's really no where to take it. Right. Well, you know I. I don't know I think there could have been there could have been opportunities but again, it's the credit card some movie he went to Okinawa and. New Love Interest, the second movie which you know that conveniently right? Really I don't. I don't see Allie filling a role other than the dutiful girlfriend on the sideline again that that's no disrespect alley at all or or how. Do but again, I don't I don't see a role for her in D- the second karate kid at all you're just being mean now. Well, it's high school. You know. I mean it is. It is high school they were graduating weren't they seniors received? The reality of life is people move on, which is exactly what they've said now in Cobra Kai but as adults and life has happened in, they're all on these journeys and who who knows where they could take that story all kinds of places. There's a lot of freedom for writing Hopefully, they give they give some some good stories there for. I. Guess for what's transpired over the past thirty five years and I'm sure that they will. They won't. They won't leave US hanging there. I thought it was great when they're looking at her facebook page. Let's see who this is that she ended up with and he's like this. Gorgeous like athletes. Dr. Like super successful in the breath just like. Little things like that. These writings these little little lines that come out that are really I think the best writing the best lines are definitely Janis by far he owns them on some. Yeah, and if we're and. We're moving on from the whole dynamic but who's to say that Allie doesn't have with herself unfinished business with John. Sure, right though. That I think the last thing that happened between them. Once she punched him in the face of the country club, right? because. He spilled the Spaghetti. Kissed. He kissed her in front of Rome. Daniel and Daniel ran and got the spaghetti, right? Yeah. That's right. But Getty was involved but it wasn't. It wasn't Johnny Spaghetti. It didn't look like particularly good. Spaghetti. We`ve But conveniently, he was wearing all white so. Yeah and it was a lot of spaghetti. He was a lot. What? What did you guys think about bringing back when they brought back the old? Cobra Kai guys and they had the camping trip and they had you know the Barbara Right you liked it. Oh, how do you? How do you not do that? That's what this it's closure it's it's coming full circle and you you've got a little. Downtime there with one of the guys dies in his last Hurrah was he went out with his his boots on I mean it's Just, passed away now tragically like he like he really did just after answer of liver. Cancer Yeah. Yeah, there's there's some. So. What they've filmed there you know and I think they knew at the time that he was sick I actually met him. That guy, no. I'll send you guys the picture. So I've got my picture taken with him. He was he was working in West Virginia one of the restaurants that we that I the franchise and met him I. Don't know how it came up with they're like, Hey, the credit guys who what? Which one? He says put him in a body bag. Got To meet him. So I met him I talked with him and got my. Happen to him I bet a lot. Of Can. Line is one of the most iconic. But sadly in. That house away but anyway Chris, you were saying the whole thing comes full circle right full sort of thought it was a great scene I thought it was great. They went out. Again just a boys trip. It's got kind of getting the band back together I mean it's it's what we all want to Joey is guys. You know we wanna get together back with our friends at we've all we've been raising families were caught up in career who wouldn't relish a weekend just a to go do something to me that resonated with me and he go drinks you drink some beers. Getting. Yeah. Talk a bunch of Crap I. Mean Go camp out. Yeah. You're going to go out that was that was a hell of boy to go out again I said with your boots on. I. I agree with everything that Chris said and I would add to it that it served a bigger purpose in the grander story line of season two with the element of John crease. You know here Johnny who's believing in second chances you know finally find a soft spot for crease because he meant something to him he was significant again, filled a void in this young person's life which we now understand and he wants him to be the person he thought he was you know he's he's realized he wasn't he believed in him. You know it's that that sort of coming of age thing with with any real parents to you know when you you realize your parents a human. And unfortunately for him, what he realized about John Crease was that he was not a good guy. and He's struggling. He's struggling with got. That's okay. He's struggling with that conflict in himself and that moment you know he's just let his guard down and said, okay, you know he felt sorry for him because he saw him, you know basically homeless and realize he'd had a tough life and and he wants to believe in the good and he's he's getting a second chance. He wants to give him a second chance. So come join the club and he gives him authority over it and so here is now with his. Buddies and he tells them, Hey, this is what I'm doing and they all look at him like he's crazy. What are you crazy this guy's in so it's it serves the purpose of reminding him in the middle of that inner conflict that, hey, he's not. He's not a good guy. He's not a good dude. He didn't really do good stuff for us. He kind of messed us all up. Yeah. So it it solidifies that to him while the guy is behind his back screwing up all the kids. So that that little leave of absence adds to the story of of really solidifying him as the villain. It does a good job this this series so far in season one and season two. OF BRIDGING GENERATION GAP? Of what we had a really great experience with back in the eighties. And they've done I just a fantastic job of bridging those two of. Today's generation. And our generation so that we can all share in something fun. Now that being said, I do not think that this is a kid friendly. Series. Right and yeah. But not young adult I'd like the thirteen fourteen, maybe maybe a little. Agree Yeah. Good. I. Was I would've let my thirteen or fourteen year old watch it bearing late I mean I probably would have been a little embarrassed sometimes. But if one thing I've learned by the time they're thirteen fourteen, they know these words. We're using them. Okay. Yeah I know I know. I was just as I was. Watching it I thought we could they have done this to where they could have included a younger generation without it but. You're getting the. You're getting the raw johnny you know you're getting the RAW. End, these are high school kids that. Talk. Like that. You know this is no. School kids and we've had that conversation. Joey you know. And I think it I have I think that Johnny's character would not have the same impact without those phrases that he utters. Here. Yeah it's it's colorful, but it adds to that is hilarious to his. It adds to his level of of almost blissful ignorance. We're the world. Yes will full blissful ignorance of the world. Just, still the abrasive screw you man, you know he's not only not correct. You know just I mean. Yeah. But that's what I think. This leads right now zero zero to one hundred miles an hour breath you know what are you looking at that kind of guy? It because I think. He's not afraid to hurt anybody's feelings. Yeah. You know. and. There's not a lot of that outright now. No No, and and it's but it's that's part of I think the lesson. Of that that little softer lesson of Cobra Kai, where there's still an edge of you know not it's an easy. We're not. We're not. We're not. We work hard. We're. We're we're still tough guys or women. Now I like they include women in both sides Oh karate, and in this episode which I failed to mention earlier. You know we we are tough people but being tough doesn't mean you have to be. Bullies for one thing which is what they're trying to draw that line and I think that's a good lesson to for today you know what is the difference you know where? It can be a fine line between being tough being standing up for yourself, but also not not in a way that you are. Hurting you're looking for his bad, ass. His. Kobe. was on the tip of my tongue. Conversation with three searching out. You see how good I was though I. didn't say it. I'm not. Lisa. Underscores the whole point of the conversation. Absolutely. You can be bad ass without being dirty without school that's without maniacal. You know that you can be tough. You don't have to take crap off people stay yourself, and if you gave me just kick in the face and I'm GONNA go on about my day you don't mess with me. So I knew he'd be great for this episode, Chris Thanks, Joey thank Joey Pungent. Before we close what do you want to see in season three? Go ahead least. Ladies First. Well, speaking of ladies let's see. Allie let's see a little bit of I'm curious wail they'll take her what what what kind of role they would put her in you know and what would it be a guest appearance? Would it be a permanent role? You know I'm curious about that I WANNA see Miguel I wanNA see Miguel come back and and fulfill what was kind of left off their how will his return affect both his relationship with salmon? Robbie's relationship with Sam and I want US I do Kinda. WanNa see you Daniel and Johnny get together and you know really really fight the true enemy which is John crease with. Alli back down in southern California. What it froze on me again and I thought Oh my gosh. This crashes again goes. Out of you. Want your three or four. We need to see Allie back in southern California You know maybe there's trouble in paradise maybe she has to come down and care for a sick family member for an extended amount of time, but there needs to be some closure between she and Johnny. Maybe things work out maybe they don't. But again, it'd be a great dynamic like Miguel come back You know I'm sure he'll be okay and you'll have a long road to hoe training and recovering from his injuries. And obviously WANNA see. Johnny be a good dad. I want to see him for a relationship with his son because there's that there's that moment in one episode worried says he was late either he had been drinking massive hangover was late to the to the delivery room and he just never regrets that. Any regrets that. So that's a hold that's been burning in him for these these long years and and I think we need to see closure there. We need to see that relationship come together so that he can be the mentor in the teacher for his in his teenage son in addition to. His karate students but I that that would be important for me to see. Did he grow up a little bit go ahead in that scene when he was sharing that regret wasn't his exact wasn't the last thing he said I gave up on my son even before he was born. Wasn't that something to affect you know and and you stepped away for a minute joy I was saying to Chris. A. Little bit of a sidebar here. But that last seen in season two speaking of Johnny, being a good dad you know he starts off the day dropping his son off at school getting some pencils asking if he needs a trapper keeper and. At, the end of the day everybody's so concerned about Miguel where's Robbie his own father isn't even texting him. He's not nobody's looking for Robbie who is in this pretty big brawl and was hurt too. So you know where they kind of left it as a mystery Robbie kind of disappeared at the end of that that last episode and So I'll be curious to see how that plays out because he was just trying to. You know kind of embraced that role Robbie was leading down the wall to let him and and yet at the end of the day he's had forgotten all about his own son he was more concerned about Miguel So I'll be curious to see where they where that goes. Yeah I, think I would. Pretty much both of what you all have said, i. think the only piece I want to add on is I'd like to see Johnny and Daniel come together. And I'd like to see him go to Okinawa and I I would like to see more of. More, Daniel Learn kind of passing that on. So anyway. I think we're GONNA get to see all a lot. Obviously they're coming out in we'll review that but before Actually Chris taking us out. Let. Me Wrap this show Chris you just keep going guys. Thanks for listening. Thanks for downloading sprouted. Offer, me. Thank you very much for the time and. Wants to if you haven't watched it. Recommended guys we'll be. Back. Next week. The podcast will be talking to. US. Thanks so much.

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