Friends here we are once again. Talk about that the Lucious. Healthy candy. We call cereal. My name is just macro. I am a serial enthusiast. My name is dangle bear. And I am. A serial Pathfinder sorts or sort of a way away, keeping I guess shrinking sugary sherpa. Yeah. A monk of the Monchy path. Look everyone to the empty bowl a relaxing show about. Ariel meditative podcast. We ask that you shut off. You brain have many minutes. Relax closure is it's safe and just think out cereal. Because that's what we're going to talk about. Some some recent news stories news is putting it mildly. This one is this bombshell. This news. It really sounds like sort of the cabin is back cabin crunch. Who you might remember from his most recent new serials where the the chocolate you berry crunch and also the strawberry shortcake crunch, which really sort of underwhelming. They both tried and failed in the L the strawberry. But it really sounds like he sort of. Picking up the pace on sort of the the more tantalizing sweetness with a cotton candy crunch. That's coming believe sometime early this summer. It looks. I mean, it looks absolutely delicious. I can't lie. We're talking about crunch berries in the classic. Cotton candy, pink and blue presumably that would be vanilla being the pink and. Blueberry? Are blue raspberry perhaps that that delicious fake? Flavor. Really know how you sort of define cotton candy flavor. It feels like one of those things that when it's in sort of sweet product, it has a very undeniably like pinpoint -able flavor. But in reality it's much different sort of like the the fake watermelon of the world. Here's a slight in of Kerma. Liz Asian that I think would take place in in a cotton candy creation procedure that gives it some of its its distinctive flavor. I would have to imagine. Wondering if this might be sort of the cabins chance to sort of remedy, the many mouth laceration problems. He's had because if you could make the serial melt in your mouth and sort of just see with your palate, he could really like undo half a decade or so half a century of damage. I am excited by this flavor. I know my my four year old obsessed. I can't wait to try it. I really just need it for sort of the color theory, value alone. It reminds me of of rose courts and serenity if you remember those former pan tone colors of the year. They've always been in my head for for several years. And I can't wait to see them in the breakfast bowl. Do we have coming down the old serial shoot? Suspi of sort of the bluer fruit flavors, general mills new blueberry Cheerios. Have they have been spotted in stores already as recently as a couple of days ago. So you can expect them at most other grocery stores probably in the coming weeks or so I am I am looking forward to it. Yeah. It really sort of fills a void of blueberry that I think is in the serial right now because ever since sort of blueberry toast crunch disappeared. I've kind of been lacking that really potent burst of like those Kellogg's gummy blueberry fruit snacks. That are just so I constantly juicy. I used to be absolutely obsessed with very Muffin tops, which was a serial that I so much that I actually when I was back at joystick videogame blog. I actually got multo meal to sponsor a breakfast of blueberry Muffin tops at. Pax east one year man, many moons ago, but they brought like tons of box of cereal and milk for everybody. And it was it was joyous day. I wonder if you guys just sort of tanked their supply, and that's why it sort of off the market after my part in marketing it, I don't know. What else they needed for me? There's actually if you if you search YouTube, you will find a very stilted interview that I did with multiple at the event talking. I love Lou very Muffin tops. I bet that one has to be a sort of bent on coming back soon just because multiple sort of understanding their value as that underdog cereal brand, it can really latch onto a classic. Now this next story. I don't know if they're if we've had a better fit for our sort of brand next next headline. Yeah. If there ever were sort of a calming Serio podcast translated into a real serial. It might be Bob is the joy of cereal, which is sort of the. The latest in a long line of promotional tie-in cereals, you can find FYE the usually go for like a lot more than a normal cereal box. And they're usually always as is the case here just sort of out rings paired with different shaped marshmallows, but it's really one of those instances where whether you need this. Maybe an art piece for your living room or perhaps. Attallah's man of positive or as the room in which he listened to this podcast. I think it might be a perfect fit. There's some very interesting marshmallows here. I am intrigued by the amount of I'm assuming money and time that went into creating all these trying to read here on the tech charming little cabin marshmallows. For the first time a lug heaven has ever been perhaps made edible in marshmallow form. There's also lovely little bushes, which believe is for the vegans out there. Happy little trees. Obviously. I think. The most impressive to me is the happy little accident, which really just looks like it's sort of looks like yoda's head, but it's entirely red. Saucy pair of wax lips. Maybe a spicy lemon. I won't be eating that because I'm very unimpressed with license cereals was put on at the end of the burning may too many times. Yeah. If there's not even sort of a miniature Bob Ross campus in there or perhaps on the back of the box. They sort of missed the unity paint by numbers on the back of the box. Be amazing. Oh, yes. And you can sort of smear the marshmallows in to your. Amazing. I am so excited to talk about your first as serial review. Yeah. You just sort of texted me out of the blue about this one and said you have to get this serial to try. It's imported all the way from Mexico. So you'll have to use a sort of an online merchandiser if you wanna get your hands on it, or perhaps you are slender feathered fingers on because it's weird anthropomorphic fingers. It's fruit loops tropical. We'll call it. Tropical fruit. Loops here. I believe that's probably the product of the the corporate name formatting. But it's again, a Mexico exclusive fruit loops flavor that just looking at the box promises banana pineapple mango and orange flavors. So I know you're a big fan of the the wildberry fruit. Loops and yes, I wasn't the biggest fan of those. So I was I was approaching these with some hesitance, but I was also away. But I want to hear your thoughts. I the main thing that I was looking for I hoped for it actually before I even. And opened the box. And a definitely got a big hit of it on the on the nose, and it was pineapple flu that pineapple lifesaving. Yes. Lavour that I wanted that. Like, I don't think cereal has done. I mean, like if you I mean, you I know better than me. But if it is existed anywhere else, I have not been aware of it. But that that Siri that sort of pineapple fruity tropical vibe, and it really comes through nicely having. It's really that that part, especially I am I will say I'm a little less impressed by the banana, especially we you know, there's so many pungent strong fake banana flavors out there. I would've loved a little bit more of that and mango is kind of a muted taste anyway, you know, more of a sweet little more, nuance seconds. That was hard to capture the ring in orange. It's kind of a gimme. But overall the way they came together. I thought was just really really really pleasant. Yeah. I agree. It definitely the tropical. Vibes are strong the pineapple. It reminded me more of like a pineapple gummy bear like the clear ones share. Yeah. That's another thing. Like calm candy. Where's just so specific in its artifices execution? I kind of like how it sort of tempered off to a more mild banana after-taste. But I think all in all this is just what I think more American fruit. Loops varieties should be because it seems like both America in Canada really fixated on birthday cake fruit moves which compared to like, actually including four real fruit flavors seems like just the polar opposite in terms of. Eclectic creative inspiration. I I'm obsessed of the pineapple. Once I I would love ball of just those maybe some dried pineapple in there something like that would be good or more. Neutral marshmallow, maybe. But I think it's. What do you think the odds are? And this is so tough to say. But the odds are that we get these stateside. Oh, man. I mean, if we build up enough height for them sort of like, the if we host maybe a sponsored meal fixture these much in the same vein. Maybe we could bring them into sort of the American Kellogg's fear. But now that you say that I really want that. Because do you think if you combined these with the birthday cake, it would be like a pineapple upside down cake? Oh my God. The end you're speaking to make it happen. I did you get any this is hard to put my and I didn't even find like completely unappealing, but I found especially in the smell like his very slight. I don't know how to describe it other than children's Tylenol like. It made me feel like a wine connoisseur Somalia like I'm getting very faint. And I'm loving it. The children's Tylenol like a very faint medicine. I don't know. I don't I didn't hate it. But I I do I did sort of get that vibe. Yeah. It's like the pharmacy store, candy like pharmacy. Brand candy got that subtle interchange of Stu realty, and you know, sort of sweetness I have I don't know how many people I've told that I import for lose from Mexico, but it makes me feel like they serial hipster in a way few things. Yeah. I mean, so I've I've shipped serial to Canada. I've also gotten it from South Korea as well. So when basically a cereal import or export or sure. I would love to keep talking about this area. But we have to others one quick hits on. Yeah. So I just want to a quick rundown of this. This dude on Twitter who runs like a bakery of his own called baked af he was showing pictures of his cereal bundt cakes and I just commented on how good they looked. And he immediately offered to like send me a dozen of them in the mail. Which I think is just one of those things you have to put on your resume, right, or at least at onto one of the lines of your headstone as your greatest accomplishment of soliciting donuts in the mail successfully. But yeah, these arrives. And I thought they were doing it's by the picture, but it turns out there, many bundt cakes. It's kind of this interesting inner change between sort of like a really moist cupcake and then in actual Donut. But they're they're pretty big no bigger than the diameter of an apple and the four flavors inspired by fruity pebbles, cinnamon, toast, crunch cocoa puffs and then Cap'n crunch. So I think they did a pretty good job on these sort of drizzling on creative new flavors like Strouss oil, and maybe a blue raspberry in the Cap'n crunch. When I noted as well. So I do like win smaller sort of independent startups are trying to make the most of cereal. So try to give them a little props. When I can they do it. Right. Anything job? We're not about serial. Yeah. And they send them by mail anywhere. So if you want to get yourself sort of the gift of doughnuts. Innocence. I feel like there's a bit about that somewhere. Sounds familiar. I am being served by the way on seriously dot net. I have currently being served in next to this review. Two different bump pans that. I was looking at recently on Amazon, but jokes I already bought one on Nordic ware platinum collection anniversary pan, folks. It's the way it again three thirteen hundred seven five starve us can't be wrong. This this last one sounds challenging. Yeah. This is more again one of those series. You wanna bronze and maybe hang next to a bust rather than eat? But it is a box of lucky charms all marshmallows. This is kind of the third time. Now that lucky terms has held they contest to give away boxes of only marshmallows as sort of these very fancy very holographic, very very rainbow speckled, and of course, entirely sugar by weight pretty much boxes of the conic markets. And this is actually the third box of these that I've actually gotten in my cereal career feel like winning several Oscar's innocence. But the first one was probably the rarest because that was when they only made ten of them. And I think my friend Gabe from Syria time, he quired like three of ten ever made from across the country, and it's not lucky off to show one. But I kind of learned my lesson. I ate them. The first time there that this is something that is more of like, an interpretive art experiment to put in milk because if you know like those Krant sculptures, they have where the drip down into like this. It's basically like that. And and just as appetizing. Yeah. It's challenging it looks. It looks challenging of gave videos. Great, by the way, I've been watching sometimes at night right before I go to bed all Joe bowl serial and serial time video preparing its. The the really like museum Curators voice in a sense comes to see real great. So furry third segment like to loosen. Our collars a little bed relax and unwind with with a wildcard. Whatever sort of strikes is this this we have a segment here. Mascot makeovers you've called it. Who do we think should maybe could use a freshening up perhaps? Yes. This is inspired by sort of by seeing cans and his really articulate fingers and wondering how we might sort of modernize one of these mascots in a way that is maybe less horrifying. I know this isn't popular this won't be a popular take. But I would love a captain crunch that incredibly realistic. Dislike king vitamin are. Sorry, king Veneman as we discussed. Yet king Vida. That was had a real fella in a crown on a box for while. I would love just like a salty haggard sea-captain just shoveling cabin crunch biscuits into my mouth. Like, hold a contest to see who can can be the most barnacled of the real salty fella. Is he going to be sort of welcoming or like a grandfather Leeson's? Are you measuring? Really off putting off putting I mean, I feel like he's like a light. Maybe. Yeah. I like I capture these for you from the C brought these to you from the sea. And and here they are. Oh, you, Dan. Who would you like to see get a get a touch up? You know, I'm thinking, it's gotta be one of the monster cereals, right? With various changes in horror, movie culture. I knew I said it wouldn't be horrifying. But perhaps we can make these more tastefully horrifying like if if maybe boob airy sort of didn't have a body and a hat anymore instead sort of existed, maybe in like an air since where he's sort of haunting bedrooms paranormal activity style, I think by allowing sort of our brains to picture boob area. Would look like it really allows for more creative interpretation. I would love to return to classic mascot of lucky charms WALDO that is now the original lucky still the original. But for a while they're in the seventies. Waldo the wizard replaced. Replace lucky in New England only just a ducked in there. And for some reason was the mascot for awhile. I would love to bring WALDO back, and he's like imprisoned lucky and kids to buy a certain number of boxes of cereal. Two free lucky and return him to his scheming ways. Okay. I see your world the wizard, and I raise you a war of the wizards. And they bring back cookie Jarvis as well. Who was the original cookie, crisp mascot, who is also a powerful wizard who could do battle with WALDO and save the world. Did you know that there is a a retired competitive? Eater named Edward cookie. Jarvis really fans. True. I wonder if he knows the legacy he's inherited after magin, right? You don't you don't get into the professional eating biz. And not know your named after food moored imagine how he does on the chocolate chip challenge. Well, Dan, this has been eight to light as always I'm sorry. My voice is up to snuff. Although maybe it's got a ton. Relaxing tamra. I don't know where can people find more content from you about this sugary vegetable we call cereal, they would be serious -ly that net. I think the next thing on my docket is sticky ahold of the box of blueberry Cheerios. So hopefully by the time next around some thoughts on that. I would like you to know that I offered the owner of seriously dot com. One thousand dollars. L, but I I was turned down flat. So I did make my. But it didn't pan out. And I don't know if I would have closed the attic except. Curious. What is he using it for it just out of spite? It's dan. Only thing I could figure out as just just want you to have. Personal personal attack on you dangle bear because it doesn't do anything. The doesn't even go to like one of those link farm scam sites. Just doesn't work. That man's name. Waldo the wizard who who had a guest anyway, folks. Thanks much for listening. Could if you want to support our show half that money goes to keep seriously run into half. It goes to Bank here in my hometown, Huntington, West Virginia. So if you've got a bold dot rest, we are on anchor, and there you can make a monthly contribution to our program. Sure that and if you don't wanna go that way, or if you do. Subscribe to our program and your favorite app, and we've serve you. That's that's extremely helpful word. We are ten episodes in now. And. Get regret podcast. It's taken seven months eleven upset. Time moves slower in the great cereal on the sky, rush cereal. Let's do it for so just knock ROY. And I'm Daniel bear. Has always don't forget. Drink them enough.

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