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AP One Minute Headlines Jan 22 2019 14:00 (EST)


Stacy's asia. After years of enroll dope within an inch of my life. I'm free receipts of a mind of their own go, paperless and manager travel expenses online with my taxi business, make the smarter choice of my taxi dot com day, thirty two I'm Ed Donahue with an AP news minute. Senate majority leader Mitch McConnell says there will be a vote later this week on a Bill from President Trump that would end the partial government shutdown. All news to happen is for our democratic friends agree that time to put the country head of politics take. Yes. For her and vote to put us found all minority leader Chuck Schumer says the Democrats stand has not changed. It's clear that the president has realized he's put himself in the country in an untenable position. Attentive deal has been reached between Los Angeles school officials and the teacher's union. Three men are charged with plotting an attack on an upstate New York. Muslim community with explosives. Patrick falen is the police chief in Greece. New York recovered Twenty-three firearms. And three improvised explosive device. The three are accused of plotting to attack. Islam Berg a rural Muslim enclave west of the Catskills in upstate New York. I'm Ed Donahue.

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