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Staying Home With Whit | My Little Sister, Paige Orells New Life With A Newborn


The foaming podcast is a deer media. Production Hey guys. I'm Whitney port and this with wet. A lot of you may know me from reality. Tv and the reality is a lot's happened since the hills with the which is dedicated to having real raw and occasionally ridiculous conversations with the people who have had a profound impact on me. Life changing moments life-changing people because on with webbed very little is off limits. Oh my God we did it. We did it official if I go waiting room and everything. Oh my God. You don't even know you'd be so proud of me hurts relate you into and then I let you in last week I had Ashley on the podcast and it was a really really great episode just because one I think people really WanNa hear from my family and they wanna hear about our relationship and also since I have so many sisters how each of you guys are dealing with this quarantine differently since you guys are in such different situations Ashley on her own you being now a new mom and just going back to work three days ago and back to work. I mean work from home. Obviously but I think will be really interesting for people to hear from you especially new MOMS. Because this isn't the life that they envision having and you probably had all these plans for what this past three months and then moving forward the next couple of months going back to work look like now. Everything has been turned upside down. So how is this different than what you had imagined life looking like for you guys right now? Yeah I mean it's obviously nothing like I imagined I was thinking about it yesterday. It's like there's a silver lining all of this and that I get to actually be home now with more like I think about on Monday. I would have had to like get ready and left him and before this day at home order was put in place. They were contemplating whether we were going to do daycare or an emmy and we never even got to make a decision or really figure it out because of everything that's on so it's crazy to think that two days ago I have off from bending like twenty four hours a day with all the spending like very few. I'd come home from work and like give him a bath and then put him to bed so I do feel a little bit of a silver lining there but no nothing is what I thought it would be attorney. Lee was not what I thought it would be. I feel lucky in the sense that I had four weeks of normalcy and that I was able to deliver Wolfe in the hospital with Ban. My husband with new guys all you know there and visiting and bringing food and support and doing our laundry and then being able to come home and have helping our. House and import from our family. And so it's those four weeks were incredible and I honestly can't even imagine coming home after those first twenty four forty eight hours in the hospital and not having that and then after four weeks it was like the world turned upside down and all the help that we had we could no longer have and it's become everyone now getting to know wolf on face time and like there's another host on the network least the precedent and crew want to like. I need to ask her like is green time and like they time right now at his age. He's three months. But like is this GONNA be. Is this a bad thing? I know don't like it's the only option right now. I mean obviously no developmental expert but I would probably say it's like the next best thing you know you want him to hear your family's voices and also you would have so many family out of town anyways that you'd be facetime ing Ben Families Across the country so it is. It is so sad. I can't even imagine for you. How am I don't WanNa make you cry because obviously house the sensitive we all are but like? I can't even imagine because I know it's it can be really isolating as a mom is just being in your home all day anyways and then on top of it having took quarantine and not having those outlets not being able to have your mother come over and give you a breather or take the baby for a little. Was there part of you? That was like wanting to go back to work yesterday. Like was there any part of you that was like Gosh? I just need a break from this. Yeah I mean I was honestly really excited. I had like a senior leadership meeting yesterday and I told him I was like even in this crazy time I was having Bomo like I was really excited to go back to work. And then you'll excited to go back to work but I'm now figuring out how I balance it Ben. I both work. You know full time and we're both at home and we don't have the largest house and so it on top of wool stuffing everywhere. It's now then. Offices are dining room table and my office is our kitchen table and like those rooms are very other. So but yeah. I was excited to go back to work and I love wall with all my heart and love taking care of him and just you know seeing him grow because these first few weeks and months it's like they become an entirely new human being. Yeah but yeah. I was looking forward to some adults interaction and having a little bit more purpose than justice like three hour schedule of eat play sleep. E- place sleep so that I mean brings. My next question is how are you now structuring your days because with a three month old you can't really be on like a really strict schedule like they're just not adapted to that yet so for you now you have to schedule stuff but like fees. Not on your schedule. So how do you manage this like? I felt bad even asking you to do this this morning. You know I feel like if it were me. I would have to be like canceling things all the time like the stress of it overwhelms me. I don't even know how you're doing. I know it's only the third day of it though. We luckily have been in contact with Alana from good night's sleep because of you saying and so she kind of gave the rule of up for one down for two while he doesn't have a schedule. We're trying to do that. So basically hell up of change him. We'll feed him. We'll do how many time we'll play and then we'll get him down and sometimes we get into our nap. Which is amazing like right now. He went down twenty minutes ago so he could be getting out in fifteen minutes or it could be getting an hour and a half you know and so it right now scheduling for when we think those sleeping will be and then Ben in my every night are checking each other schedule but there's only so much that we can schedule them for yesterday. Felt like a crazy day. I've just like back to back meetings. And that's something that in like a pre covert of world would be fine but right now and with the baby. It's just not possible so I'm figuring out for myself how to schedule my days to really prioritize and know that like every call. Does it have to happen today or this. You know it's like giving myself the time and just prioritizing so on the other side with Wolf is if he has to like wine or crying his bed for a few minutes longer like unfortunately. I'm not a doctor. But I think that bacteria K. And Right now okay for me and band and still getting the love and the attention and he's been fed and all that of course so the schedule a different all over our every are to stick to like a bedtime routine that starts around six thirty. No we'll give him an back then will then read him a book and I'll get his off bottle and then I'll go down for the night so that something that's pretty consistent and I'm we're also getting him at the same. He's still at seven thirty. Were getting him up at seven thirty every single day so that we can try at least like the on. Keep the schedule the same day. Yeah you'll notice that the more you can do that and keep it consistent. He will listen to those cues and now word from our brand partner so I have been using Sikora for my breakfast and it has been life. Changing Sikora is a nutrition company. That believes wellness begins with what you eat? 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You're having to do this a little bit earlier because you have to balance all this different stuff that I didn't have to do but even for sunny like I rely on his schedule. 'cause it's like so ingrained in him now and. I know that I can only schedule. Things really likes stuff like this during his nap because he does listen to cues and babies. Do Listen to cues. And that's why Alana has been so helpful. Says she just knows how their brains work and knows? How will they will respond to certain things and like it's so insane that if you miss that sleep window which is like I mean it gets asleep window or like the awake window gets longer as the baby gets but we now like once or twice. What happens if walk go is awake for longer than like an hour and a half? And there's no coming back from that then they'll hysterical crying and so like this morning he got up at seven thirty and he was down by eight fifty and so it was like the perfect amount of time and he like packed out so fast. Nelson N. So you can really see that when you follow those huge that it that it works. Yeah Yeah Yeah So. There's one thing though that I will. Yes schedule Yes. Some friends had told me about this APP. Called baby tracker again days after he came home from the hospital too. Like why again when I was pumping and the plug into sleeping and the APP at that point was so confusing to me and for some reason with tracking which side I was pumping on remand time and just like completely confused me but I was then writing everything by hand in a notebook and it was like ten o'clock at ten. Pm POOP and ten breastfeed five like whatever it was and then you're not aggregating the data aggregate the data will give you the average is. You're not going to go back average out all of his stats. I was like what is this. The paper even doing united to go back and look through like thirty days. What document that Ben has a friend who's like a data analyst and was sentenced to jail but we started using baby tracker and now is the most incredible thing and like terms of like Green Asleep. Oranges Eating like blue is like what their diaper is. And so now you have this very clear map every single week and you can see the trend and you can see the schedule that even though at three months. They're not really on a strict schedule. You can feel it starting to form an helpful. That sounds really helpful. Do you find that. Your Co workers have been supportive and it's been easy to say no to things and you know 'cause obviously for you and for those of you who don't know page works at deer media and DB A and it's really a women centric business So you know. I'm hoping that they're really supportive. Beyond I so so lucky and the support that I have one of my bosses. The other day was just like take care of yourself. You know do what you need to do. Don't overwork yourself like and giving me a lot of support and encouragement and I feel very lucky that that's the work environment in which I get to go to but just be a part and then both the. Da side and the media side are so incredibly supportive and everyone. Is You know. Try to figure out how they can support me more. Help THEM MARK OFF MY PLATE. And it's made my transition back to work that much easier and I think it's more suggest the pressure that I put on myself that I have to take off of like what my work life was before like coronavirus and before baby baby and yeah it's just you know really being kind to myself and taking a break and I've learned like I cannot schedule back back meeting like to give myself even if you know ten minutes in between to get a degree harder and go to the room or to check the Monitor. I was texting with the friend yesterday. Who has a six month old and she was saying that even when she's on work called she feels like she's checking the Monitor and she's checking the schedule the see you know like do they need to eat. Maximum them so it's really just like giving ourselves this space and the time to figure it out and like yeah and get done and our babies are going to be fine. Yeah and now word from our sponsor you guys Tamara. Mellon has the cute. She's right now. Especially if you're trying to like amp up your work from home looks if you haven't heard about Tamara Mellon your crazed no but seriously Tamara. Mellon is the iconic designer who created Jimmy. Chill after leaving Jimmy Choo. She launched her new namesake brand. The shoes are so so. Cute my favorite right now. Is One called the tour? It's like a black snake. Skin looks like a birkenstock but not really has a gladiator sandal situation. Looks Super Comfortable with the cushy? Seoul must check it out you guys. 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Back to our Combo I know you have always been such a hard worker and work has always been your priority like not over family of course but like you have always just been so dedicated to your work and so I can imagine that it would be such a push Paul right now but more than ever like your older sister. I'm telling you like you need to take the pressure off and really just do in the moment. What serves you and not think about what is not getting done or who you are going to disappoint because you really know at the end of the day that the people you work with are going to understand as they know what you're capable of. They know the kind of work ethic you have and they know that you're doing the best that you can do so it's so important that you do that that you really be easy on yourself. Yeah yesterday was like crazy busy day and at the end of it I honestly just like looked at bannon started laughing and I was like no wild like on Maternity. Leave it was. I would have these days. Where if like wolf weapons sleeping or you know if you didn't take a good nap it would like stressed me out like crazy and then I felt like I would break because they had no outlet and it would just like I would you know find myself crying and then not being able to stop crying and then it was like okay page. He had a bad now. You know like he's going to eat and go to the next time but yeah there were times where I felt like I just cut him out of it and yesterday even when he had a bad map. I was like okay. It's like there are other things you know that are going on like the bad maps are going to happen so yeah yeah just trying to laugh it off. Yeah well also when you have a new baby you take everything so seriously and everything a big deal because a lot of it is like the first time ever having to deal with it and you feel like you need to solve the issue but you realize as it goes on how many different phases there are and how many different things you're going to have to like work through and problem solve through that you do eventually become more relaxed like when things don't go your way like when sunny a week ago started waking up every two hours and was crying for us for an hour. It was really hard but at the same time we have already been through almost two and a half years of adjusting to him. That you you just kind of like brush off you realize that this is just parenting and that they are going to be okay. You're not like like they survive here so I'm really curious like I was able to obviously have a nurse. You had one for two weeks but then we were able to have some help. The nanny is really who taught us everything that we needed to know. How are you learning what to do? Like what resources are you turning to so the night nurse so we had a night Baby nurse for two weeks and then we had a nightmare for two weeks and then everything changed and so we stopped. You know with any help in the house both with hired help and then with family so I have an amazing pediatrician who I was referred to by so many people and he wrote a book called eat sleep too and it's become like a Bible like I read it when wall was born and then I read it when he was like a month old and now I'm rereading it again and he kind of it's the perspective of him being a doctor and a dad and kind wearing both hats and so saying like the doctor and he would say this like the data needs says and so it breaks down like eat sleep coupe for the first year of their life and what to be alarmed about and what not to be so that has become something that I referenced and look to all the time and Alana Mcginn who's the sleep specialist has become someone and like speed dial who even though Wolf is not at the jet where he can be sleep change. She keeps telling me like at around. Four months is when we can start doing that. Sound like counting down the days for we hit the twelve. Meek Markham are almost at three months so I'm excited or what that looks like There was or there is a woman here in La. Her name is Linda Ham and she's a lactation consultant and she and her team helped me through the first four weeks with breastfeeding and with latching and I had to wear Nipple Shield at first and then I moved onto this crazy contraction called an SMS with like a drip line of what was so crazy. It was insane. I didn't even know that existed like must be something new because I feel like if that existed when I was breastfeeding. I would have done it because I feel like I try to everything. Yeah so we went from the Nipple Shield SMS to then straight on and Linda and her team were so so helpful with getting wall to large properly. He was losing weight when he was first born. And so by his two week appointment He was still not back to birth and so it took a little bit of time and Linda and just like any lactation consultant is so helpful without and making sure that they're feeding properly and then I joined it. There's a group in. La Called Baby Group and led by this woman. Her name is Donna Halloran. And it's really like a mom support group and we would in normal circumstances be meeting in person once a week but because of everything going on right now we meet on Mondays on him. And it's basically led by Donna. But with I think it's like twelve moms in the group and always babies who are born within a few weeks of each other so we're all kind of getting the developmental phases at the same time and it's been amazing so I now have this group text of all of them and we pack every single day of like what happened when your baby did this and anyone may be you know at this point yet And I've obviously gone to Google but it doesn't really help. I'm trying to just fine people that I trust are experts in each of these and honestly like calling my pediatrician. Whenever I can't like Wolff started rolling from his belly to his back at eight and a half weeks which is early. Yeah and he like in one of the Times if he did that he had his head was lifted really high and he came down on the Mat really hard and I like freaked out and call the pediatrician. My on his head. You know like about a concussion or you know so it was really like no you know from that height and there's not much harm that can be done. Yeah but like calling my pediatrician. When I have those kind that moment suggests need like peace of mind yeah. I'm so happy that you're in the baby group. That's really really helpful and that you don't have to get we'll car go to the baby. I was talking to the girl in the group the other day that one. I've never driven him alone. I I haven't even driven a car in at an. I think I've driven once. I haven't driven a car in over three months. I haven't been to grocery stores and before he was born. I've been to two restaurants since you've board like Ben and I had date night at the street one full. The baby nurses tiered. Mom came over and then literally like f you days before this stay at home order complacently tuck walls out to lunch and yeah so like that's know what the Herreid yeah like. The baby group would be Santa Monica. We live in West Hollywood. So yeah you and like I remember the story Getting off the freeway funny was hysterically crying. When you're driving. Brentwood I sit in the back seat with Wolf and Ben Drives. He's fine yeah he's totally fine. Yeah I'm like what am I gonNa sit in the front seat again you can. You can sit in the front seat like every day like we try to go for a walk. We don't have the most shouldn't do area for walking so you've been getting in the car and going. Yeah like fighter area and I'm like okay. Maybe today I'll sit in the friends. Don't it's GONNA be like three years and you're like Oh my God. Maybe it's time have you thought about. I mean Mama's obviously isolating on her own. Have you thought about having her car to help you at all or is that something? That's been a conversation. 'cause I'm sure people at least right now are like Ken? My family at least helped me. You know yeah. We're starting to have that conversation with our pediatrician. I'm just what that will play. We've been very strict and have a limited basically everything we got our groceries delivered and wipe everything down and then anything that's like nonperishable. We live at the front door for a few days before you put it away. Like I became neurotic even before this hit and even defined was pregnant like yeah. I didn't I mean we're not bet my office for a while. I do not have that gene in me. Whatever you and got like. I didn't thought now I know now. Obviously like the the hand drama situation for the first like month of like the first two months of wolfing born so of having a newborn and wanting to be clean and not have anything on your hands and then adding Karenna virus intuit. Ben And I are hands. Were bleeding like knuckles at the end of the day. Were bad so yeah. We're talking to our pediatrician. And about what bringing mom or Ashley you or someone who is Lawrence Gene? Yeah I've been thinking this whole time because now that we're both working if the lot and also just like being a mom twenty four parents twenty four seven is as as like with not like with everything going on. It's people don't you don't do it. It's always been either. You're like a working mom and you have some sort of help whether that's daycare or your mother or a nanny or whatever and then you have time when you are the mom. It's never ever been like this before so it's not even him. We can't even take him to a restaurant or not and like go to a park or you know so it everything is just not normal and so. I think that with me back at work. We're going to figure out what the book like. And then it's you know figuring out after the one when we can go back to our offices what that looks like with getting some help and yeah it. Has the pediatrician said anything yet? Have you talked to him about the idea of mom Ashley or people that have been isolated like quarantines or have you not had that combat? Yeah we had a conversation and he kind of was just like you know you. Don't someone could be a symptomatic so you don't really know. But the fact that they've been quarantine for you know over. Two weeks is good. So I'M GONNA WE'RE GONNA do like a month telemedicine video appointment with our pediatrician and fewer than because I think that having you know Ashley or mom come for a few hours just to give us a break would be so helpful even as an hour would be helpful so you could just have a moment where you're not thinking about a million things at once because even right now even though. Timmy's here like whenever I'm working I'm still always distracted. Like always thinking about what else needs to be done so it would feel good to put the responsibility on someone else here. Are you able to like get a release or anytime for yourself like are you able to work out? Do D want to like. How have you been taking care of yourself? No just recently I started. I would say that like at like nine at like nine week. I started feeling better. Like recovery definitely took awhile and I still don't feel one hundred percent but at like eight and a half weeks. I had one of those just like terrible terrible days of feeling like I didn't have enough time between breastfeeding and pumping and feeding and changing and like just trying to find time to brush my teeth or to shower to do anything you know even like to like. I LOVE COOKING. And so ben had been cooking dinner for us and I was like I would love to cook are now make me feel good and so I kind of had a day where I just like. I really just broke and Ben was really able to help me pull myself out of it. And he was like okay in what in the morning? I'm GonNa Give Wolf that off and like you're gonNA work out. You're going to take that our for yourself that workout and make yourself your coffee and do whatever you want in that our even if you didn't like lay in bed though that was really helpful having him realized what I needed because I yeah make that you didn't even know now it's it really is so important for partners to have that kind of intuition and just like make a plan and just narrow you that it's going to be okay and this is what we're GonNa do. Sometimes you're so deep in it like you said you can't even see out of it or can't even figure out what to do to lighten your load. No because you instinctually are just like what I need. Come Blah now. If I don't work out today doesn't matter. I don't make my coffee. Today doesn't matter if I don't yeah. I don't brush my teeth until I go to sleep tonight. Doesn't matter but like these things matter and so just a few weeks ago I started. You know kind of taking Ben's advice and his kids and so I would. I started working out and whether it was in the morning or like we were I would make us coffees and we would do the New York Times Crossword Puzzles together and so starting to put some sort of structure into my day. And we're trying to go for a walk. Getting Wolf out of the House is also extremely and like wearing our math and not being around people and keeping our descend but also trying to get him a little bit of fresh air because being inside all days also I mean not that he knows any different but yeah it's healthy and important so important. Well that's good. Yeah 'cause like self care doesn't have to be in the form of working out or like taking care of your body but just like you said like you love to cook even having cooking as an outlet or making your coffee really little things friends. The team is little things. Make It for a couple of weeks ago. I had asked for all of her recommendations for like a new skin care routine and now even with Ford bad you know in the morning and the night there like when I get out of the shower of putting on all my serums than not makes me feel really good and so it. Yeah I say at like eight and a half nine weeks is when I started coming back into the world and connecting to myself and my feeling Good Okay that makes me a lot of people who are pregnant right now. Yeah and having babies at the moment obviously want to get in and out of the hospital as soon as possible right and I think the hospitals are also urging new parents to just as soon as the baby is healthy enough to go home and they've done all the tests that they should go home. Are there any tips on what to do or bring to make it as easy as possible having just gone? Yeah then laughed at me for weeks about what? I was packing for the hospital. I know just a on to me. Duffel bag that I would go like to New York for month with and even then there were still more bags under the side of like their breath pillow than the pump and the blankets. And this and that and like. There's so much stuff that you don't you and I have a really helpful. If that may we can post on the blog galley the things that I was told to bring and then the things that I actually news and what I was told to bring was like a crazy long list and I'm GonNa Adnan uses very little like a blanket for labor and then like a different blanket for actor and then like a pillow for me in a pillow for Ben. And then these like blameless candle though were a main cities. I think that like the hospital. Give you a hospital grade back on like there's no need for that you're not using a nursing winner hostile. There's just all this stuff that you're not actually saying. Even I packed. I think it was like nine know. You did not S. nine seven. I'm not exaggerating but then accounted won't got home oh man. I think I thought that I was going to be like changing my clothes off the time because I feel growth right. I think I changed my clothes like when I actually was leaving the hospital to go home right. So people are there for twenty four hours. They really probably don't even need like Pakistan veteran. Call it today. Yeah but I think that like the flame of camels really helpful for just relaxing by long phone. Charger is helpful. 'cause like who knows where the quad and making sure that you're just you know whether it's you or your hour battery to just keep people connected and like there's really not a time that you need like your car seat. That's what I was. GonNa say ensure that you have your car seats set up and that you kind of have like a loose understanding of how to get the baby and I mean it was a crazy thing. 'cause no they can't help you help you know it. Tuck Ben and I Twenty Five Min- to get will be in his car seat and we had even handed the company in La called the Rod and we had them come over to Install our car seats and like I took a video of them showing that of output the baby in the whole thing and like twenty five minutes later. We were sweating Ben. Almost throughout like he actually swallowed up because all fast yeah and it was like we watched the video with him like with. Woolsey kind of like screaming and it was just like what are we doing like accident? We can't figure this out. That is probably one of the harder things though to figure out like yeah. Don't feel about yourself the I'll after like a few times of getting him in the carseat. You're like okay. I get this but it. I just like we feel like they're so fragile so precious and it every little thing that you do. Feel just like stressful. Yeah obviously you know since we were able to come there and bring you food and drinks and stuff we were able to feed you or anything like nourishment. Wise that you would advise people bring along with them are i. Don't even know if what you're allowed to bring in the hospitals these days. Actually no I think that you can bring like snacks and food. I think that if a darn every person is different and like dietary you never has their health problems or depending on what happens if your labor and what you can and cannot have so. I really don't know from like a doctor when you but I think that like bars are really helpful. And Yeah. And there's there's bar that I started eating when I got home and was breastfeeding at these elemental superfood bar and then there's a almond butter wine and peanut butter. One that I really liked. I didn't know about them when I was in the hospital but I ordered them when I got home and I was eating like one of those a day when I was breastfeeding. You get so hungry that you yeah like super question on the spot and then for anyone who's in. La and delivering theaters. Like make sure you got the cocktail that they get deal alcohol in it but it's like cranberry juice orange juice and having it is yeah. Cambria Orange Apple. Yeah and then also. I didn't know about this but one of my nurses told me and brought me them is there. Are these like fresh baked chocolate chip could you? That are really good. Her definitely GonNa was telling me about this. Yeah so like whether you're cedars there anywhere. Make friends with your nurse and find out what the local you know. Specialties are in the hospital to make you feel like a little bit. Better more pampered. Yeah you feel comfortable talking about stopping breastfeeding just. Because I feel like it's important for people who especially who are new moms who are now going back to work and have to bounce time like for you. I know it was something that you decided to do because it was just becoming too stressful with this new. So comfortable talking about it. Yeah definitely breastfeeding for me. When I I it was easy and then it wasn't until four weeks then when I really like with actually breastfeeding and I was like. Oh this is what it's supposed to be like like the way that you hold your boob from like coming up from the bottom in the EU and like many watch like how breastfeeding going for the first few things like good. I had no idea that it wasn't good. You know And so when that and her team really helped but I breastfed or eight week and was pumping also and then somewhere between like eight. Nine weeks is when I completely stopped breastfeeding and for me I stopped because I like knowing how much walk was getting and like knowing if he was fuller. You know it's like for me. There was just a loss of control with breastfeeding so he prior to that had been breastfeeding and getting bottled and I was pumping so it was like. Oh what and then at nine. Weeks ash is started pumping exclusively and at first. When I came home from the hospital I was using them. Miguel Medaglia medella medical grade palms. Then I flipped which to the backdraft asked to for one. Whichever one is the blue on portable and then I have this amazing pump called an LV which is completely have reportable. Just fixing your Bra and connects to an APP and you can literally do anything while you're like those are the ones that look like implants. Kinda sticking your. Yeah and so. It's definitely been a journey but deciding to stop. Breastfeeding was hard. Because I like the idea of walk getting the nutrients and you know everything. The immunities from me but Humping then became easy and I thought that that was good but then it was when I hit that breaking point of like. I don't have enough time in the day. And when I not feeding him I'm pumping pumping I'm like putting all the milk way and storing it and then there's like the dishes and obviously been has been like the amazing like helper in the kitchen. Cleaning all parts of the Newseum sanitizer and all like. They're just didn't feel like there was any time out by the feeding him pumping etc and anything else. It becomes the of Your Time. Jar The pumping. Yeah I transitioned from breastfeeding Medalla. The Spectra to the LV. And I'm now wolf with twelve weeks yesterday and I'm just at the point where I'm almost done pumping and we fully started adding formula in a couple of weeks ago so we got a baby Brizo basin because it makes the bottle and Eccleston am is in the middle of the night when you have to for me since I was in breastfeeding in the night. And you have to heat up a bottle that takes like fifteen minutes of baby so I did the direction that I got in terms of stopping breastfeeding or stopping pumping because bursting and pumping. It's kind of the same was addressed. Spread out your pump your feeds throughout the day. You're not doing it all the time. And then to limit the minute and I had started taking these amazing up laments. Dry supplies from this company called legendary mill and I was taking. They were too while it's called liquid gold and one was called Hashtag. How and I was taking those three times a day and that really helped my supplies. So I was pumping anywhere between five and nine ounces at any given palm. Why and so when you start to win and I was told to stop taking the supplement and then to but out my feeds and comes and then to also cut down on how many minute. I'm now at a point where I'm down to just one pump a day and it made the world big difference for my mental health and just now I have time to shower and to cook and to work out and said do the things that I want and so that was the right decision for me and Wolf is now getting formula for five out of his six bottles and he's getting breast milk for one and I think that it's also like figuring out what formula works like. We started with one and it it right now on to the next one and so just really making sure that you're looking at how your child is reacting to both breast milk or formula and making sure that you're making those changes if need be eight really. Yeah Yeah I mean it's one of those things where at a certain point you just have to weigh the pros versus the cons. You have to do what feels best for you in order to be the best mom that you can be because if you don't have time if all you're doing is pumping and you don't have time to do with the rest of your life needs like fear it's it just becomes not worth it. I mean that's how high ended up feeling today. Yeah I wasn't it was. It was stressful for me. It was then stressful for my been in. We could feel you know energy and it was funny one of our night nurse. There was a night she came over and Wolf just hysterically crying and I handed him over to her. And within seconds find like babies can feel your energy and I feel like I didn't want that energy to be something that she could feel and it was you know for him for me for Ben for just like being in these four walls of our home with no real relief like it probably and then sooner than I anticipated. But it'd be all hundred percent at peace with the decision. I made good good good. That's so important all right so I want to get into some of your newborn necessities and you can just list them off. But you guys pages obviously covered so much good stuff here and given so many product recommendation. So we'll do a whole blog posts. You don't have to like get out of note pad and pen and write everything down but one of the things that people ask me the most is. What are the newborn necessities? And I think since I had sunny three years ago so much has changed in there so many new products. So what are some of the things that you're using all the time here? Well I think that for mom one is if you're breastfeeding or pumping to continue to take your prenatal. So I'd hang ritual and that has been a necessity and then also I was served sponsored ad on Instagram of this nursing and pumping Bra and it like had been served to me so many times and finally it got to a point where I was wearing. I think there's a brand called simple wishes and it's Disney Bra. It's pumping broad because housing little circle. I think that's the one that I was using Kenya. As I was nursing pumping I felt like I was like taking it on and off and like putting on different bras all day long. And there's this brand. It's called kindred bravely. Yeah and it's a nurse thing and pumping brought in one and I ordered three of them and it's been amazing so you are one bra all and you know. Obviously you can change you whenever exterior but that in turn like for mom to our no bigger breastfeeding or pumping. That is like the biggest win. Okay those their mind necessities for MOMS. Also like the supplements is taking some legendary. No definitely talk to your doctor relaxation specialist. Before you take those but the cash with Goldwyn Great and then for wall I would say some necessities have been the love every play Matt and yeah that is so cute so it's so easy and it has all of these like developmental toys and walks new as a parent through like doing when and it's been so helpful to us live to yeah like have back died. And then the baby bjorn batter for when you want your babies Like kind of be able to be on his own and you can just use your foot to kick it and yeah Vaneman. There's like a bar that you can put across it with toys that they can shake and play with. I think the from paediatrician eat leap to and then a few things for the nursery that have been really helpful. Were the hatch rats down machine and that you can bet all different colors like at night time we have it on this like orangish red. 'cause it's not too bright and then we've been using an echo dot in his shoe one when I was breastfeeding. It helped me because I would set minute. Timers like how many minutes I would pump for keeping track of time when you're nursing is impossible ideal hands-free and your has your phone now. Yeah and then you look at the clock and be like wait. I started seven ten or seven twenty years or like was that last time like it was right and did I start on the left last time to start on the right this time. Yeah so I got an echo dot. I think it's like forty dollars and the clock if the timer and music and so we'll use it. We kind of took your cue of playing meditation music. While he's pleased and yeah sure is like kind of retired friends. The Patricia was amazing Earth. Yeah worked for us and then we also will play like Dick during back time so those are few. I have a lot more that we can put in a blog post. Yeah for sure. That's all so helpful. I am going to put all this stuff and more because it will be easier for you guys to browse through a blog post as opposed to just having US list off items but this was so helpful page. Oh my God I mean. Obviously I obviously knew a lot of it but I just can't believe you are. You are doing this on your own right now. Like especially with you back to work this week like I. I wish I just wish so much that there was something that I could do to help and I think once you talk to your pediatrician and like you start allowing people to help. Hopefully I can come relieve you a points but you're doing such an amazing job and just continue to be really kind to yourself and take care of yourself okay. I'm trying yeah. It's like every day is different and it was funny because when. I got some your question by and I started crying. I was like. Oh my God. This is GonNa be such an emotional episode but I feel like just talking to you makes me feel stronger and I think that for any new moms or parents out there. Who are you know? You're not new. It's just like make sure that you stay connected to people. Is I think that being alone in the house oil or even with your partner and the baby is there you need more interaction and you need checking the people and you need to change your best and I think just like try to stay connected and like you said. Be kind to yourself and something that Instructor of our baby keep saying just like for now like this is what's happening now and it will change and you know there may be something else that happened to like. It's just a phase it's just the for now and everything you know. We'll be okay. We'll get better. Hopefully a hundred percent on the good part about having a baby at least for me is that as they continue to grow it just gets easier and easier. You know like I feel really lucky to have a two and a half year olds right now who I can pretty much like talk to and have some sort of conversation and just know that as wolf he gets older and you get to know him more. It's just going to get easier. I promise like it doesn't get harder than what you just dealt with and especially in these times like it only will get easier so just keep. Yeah even at like. Yeah you know sunny. It's like you have to constantly entertain hammered or teach him all day long so we'll yeah I mean that part yes the hard part for him as opposed to wolf is that he's mobile so we have to be. Someone has to have eyes on him all the time. Like if wolf is strapped in his little baby bjorn. You know he's likely safe in there for a little while but yeah every has their things. But I just know when you're a first time mom to a newborn baby that's already a challenging time on top of a quarantine so so many people are going to really appreciate this and I love you and I wanNA give you four minutes before your next call which is at ten o'clock all right love you and now for an amazing five minute stress relief meditation by my Dear Friend Mariah K. Lyons who is designer of star shoes and is a rocky healer and Crystal Guide and everything. Wonderful so here. Is Your five minute meditation for the week? This is a five minute. Mindfulness Meditation bringing you back to center within and finding a space presence. Find a comfortable position and gently close. Your eyes became to tune into your bath. Not the same where you feel your breath within your body at this moment. Allow your breath to begin to deepen expanding your abdomen. Your chest and lungs and fully acts hailing all the way out. Bring your awareness now to the sounds happening from outside of the space. You are currently in began to tune in to the sounds outside allowing each sound to be new allowing each sound to bring you to the present moment and now bring your awareness to the sounds that may be coming from inside the room. You are currently in Bring your awareness now to the sounds occurring inside your body. See if you can tune in to the sound of your own heartbeat and your chest tuning in now to the sound of your own raft however faint her full. It is in this moment. Notice the sound of the Air Ling end and out allowing each bra to deepen and link then as each wrath brings you and sinks deeper far into you allowing yourself this time to simply be to be with you and your back take a deep wrath and now and accent out. Last depressed are the way in and exhale completely. When you're ready you can gently began to bring yourself back and open up your eyes. Thank you guys so much for listening. I hope you love to this episode. Don't forget to subscribe rate and review. I'd love to hear what you think and anything more or even less you'd want to hear about tune in every Tuesday for a new episode. If you want to know more about what I'm up to you can find me on Instagram at Whitney E. Court my website Whitney Port Dot Com. And my Youtube Channel. Whitney port piece in the streets talk.

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