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China Furlan of places I go. See Hi. I'm Ashley Hoover faker tasty reality, dot com gossip, Guru self-proclaimed fan girl, and pop culture enthusiasts with a sweet spot for nostalgia. You're listening to on this day entertainment a podcast all about the greatest reality TV and pop culture happenings from today yesterday and tomorrow. Welcome to the fanny pack in the words of Bethany. Frankel. It's time dimension at all without further ado for this week in reality TV and celebrity news. We started off the week with some good news. It is absolutely what we needed in these crazy times a little bit of nostalgia the swept into our news feed was from. Whoopi. Goldberg confirming that Sister Act three is in the works. Can I get an amen? Maybe whoopie for what be I don't know but I will take it. Sister Act is one of those like I forget if it was eighties or nineties movies, I think that was in the nineties it was just one of those feel-good movie. So Fun. Sister Act Two was really good as well. It features a young Lauren Hill. You may have forgotten totally worth a rewatch and that was exactly what we needed at the beginning of this hectic crazy week. Oh my gosh, I hope you guys are hanging in. I hope the fanny pack is doing. Well, I've been thinking about you. Thank you for your patience while I have been out dealing with some just personal mental health things that I am working through times are tough and we got to be there for each other. Well, let's distract ourselves from the wild ways of the world and gossip about people. We don't know. Let's continue with Perez Hilton this shocking press. Hilton came out with a story of him making out with John Mayer while he was dating Jessica Simpson I, mean, we all know that John Mayer has gotten around more than any guy basically out there in Hollywood I mean he's like the Leo DiCaprio of musicians. Seriously, John Mayer has recently in the last couple months. It came out that he was having a three way relationship a throttle with vander pump rules is Sheena Marie Shea and the former I guess friend of the hills like the first generation of the hills you remember Stacie the bartender, well, Stacie the bartender Sheena and John Mayer, how to throw for a while, and now it comes out that John and that was right after he dated Jessica now that was right after he dated Jennifer Aniston. Will. This John Mayer. Slash pros. Hilton make out was while he was dating Jessica Simpson. All the John Mayer Stories I'm absolutely here for I. Mean Let's just say John Mayer were a woman he would be so shamed for instance, you remember when John Mayer was dating Taylor swift and people rolling Taylor swift is Ben with everyone in it's like. We're talking about John Mayer here too. Well I digress Lemme move on into a little bit of real housewives news. This episode is going to come out on ten ten twenty, which is the day that Kelly Dodd and well Kelly died, of course from real housewives of Orange County her fiance soon to be husband Fox News is Rick. Leventhal are getting married on ten ten as is Cynthia from the real housewives of Atlanta. The REAL HOUSEWIVES OF ATLANTA CYNTHIA BAILEY IS marrying my kill. He's a sports broadcaster. So best to both couples I did WANNA spill a little t from Kelly's bachelor or Bachelorette. Her bridal shower Kelly was gifted a drunk wives matter baseball cap. It looked very like Paris Hilton two, thousand, two trucker hat von Dutch as. Ugly as set drunk lives matter, which obviously is a play on black lives matter obviously people on the Internet we're having a fit because of how insensitive that is in the black lives matter movement time plus I had read on one of the threads that. Orange. County. Recently there was a young girl who died as a result of a drunk driver. So again, Kelly died just being insensitive. Kelly made a video after people clubbed back about the hat doubling down on why she wore the hat thinking that it's funny saying that drunk wives do matter and that all lives matter. So and of course, after that, she had to make a statement that she said she believes all lives matter but black lives matter she does believe black lives matter she's making excuses but yet again, people not only had an issue with Kelly's drunk wives matter had. But her baby shower was outside and inside it looks like a mix of both in there was not a mask insight. Actually I say that in retrospect they did shoot a they did take a picture a group shot and he did look indoors with everybody wearing masks by yeah. Again, people were having a fit with Kelly not wearing a mask and well as somebody with multiple sclerosis I get super triggered because I'm one of those people that immune compromised. I had covert in December and it was horrible and that was the safest I've ever been in my life doctors put me on steroids. It was insane anything. I can do to make sure nobody has to go through that. I will do and yeah, that's pretty frustrating for me but we all have our opinions. Moving onto Tuesday's news. Let's stay in the OC with former real housewife of Orange County's Meghan, King Edmonds who I guess just Meghan King again her douchebag of an ex husband. Jim. Edmonds has gone on the record saying that he didn't know of his sons cerebral. I think it's a son I don't know if it's their youngest daughter youngest I'm pretty sure it's on his son correct me if I'm wrong but he was diagnosed with cerebral palsy. And Jim said, he didn't know about the diagnosis until the world did after it was on social media. All I know is I really don't care about Jim Edmonds and how he found out my energy is going towards the baby and everyone trying to help the baby and that's my story and I'm sticking to it. One little assigned that I enjoyed was Jim Edmonds I learned that his PR firm is with Steve. Hoenig, who is the emergency nine, one, one, pr firm that people like Stasi and kristen higher he's actually both are agents. Also and possibly even during the medley I heard from some credible sources and I should've looked this up. But I heard from some credible sources that dirigiste actually hired him to which you can kinda understand why watched the last season of real housewives of New York well, while we're talking real housewives a former husband of Beverly Hills David, foster. He used to be married to Yolanda foster when she was on Beverly Hills he's now married to former American idol contestant Katharine mcphee who is expecting her first child David Foster. Has Several and. Yes David Foster Seventies. So that's twenty twenty four. Yeah. Oh and speaking of Twenty Twenty Holy Shit. This was bad news for lovers of rock. Music Eddie. Van Halen. Sadly passed away at the young age of sixty-five. To throat cancer so best wishes being sent his family's way during this hard time that one really affected a lot of people in the music world including my husband and his dad who were both really big fans of Eddie Van Halen. Moving onto Wednesday's news. There was good news for Starchy Schroeder and Bo Clark. They were married socities posted a really lovely video honor instagram of them kissing after being pronounced man and wife Bo install she looked so happy I cried I couldn't help it. On top of chills bowl. Then as soon as he left Stasi's lips, he went and kissed her big baby belly and it was just beautiful. What was shocking is I posted a video of this to social media and it's just crazy I. Know we're living in such a divisive time and people are so. Emotionally invested in so many things happening right now which I totally understand and even though I struggle with Stasi huge of a fan is I was I can't support her right now she has not and I'm not obviously a white girl I am really not in a place to judge her. Actions with the black community. A her apologies are not mind to accept nor judge with that said, there are a lot of things non-racial that I would like to comment and Stasi. She said some really should should he thinks about the movement that are disgusting and ignorant and really hurtful to anybody who has been sexually assaulted the victim of any kind of sexual crime and she needs to do better Pirie I'm actually really gross out by. A lot of things Dossey his done does that mean I can't be happy for her when she is pregnant and had just gotten married and seem so happy like I'm happy for her. It's really sad that people can't put those things aside that doesn't mean you have to support her does it I'm not supporting her if she comes back on TV, I'm not watching but I can be happy for people when good things happen to them, accent. Oh and I'm really happy for this even though it was maybe bad for Davina but you know that horrible Davina. Lots name she's on. Selling sunset on Netflix's she is that Bi causes all the workplace drama like not even like involve she just starts fires I'm not a fan well. She decided to leave the Oppenheim group and she says she's unsure of selling sunsets future and that just shows what A. narcissist this woman is because she's not going to be on selling sunset. She's unsure of the shows future girl please like this is such a shirt and moment if I've ever heard one. In Thursday's News Roni is back in the news because they have announced their newest housewife attorney and TV host. Ebony K Williams. It is about time that new. York gets a woman of color on their show I. Mean of all the franchises I'd have to say it's most ridiculous the lack of diversity in New York being that it's one of the most diverse cities in the world. So this is long overdue I know ebony used to work for Fox News and she works for a really progressive network now if I'm not mistaken so. That's going to be really interesting. So what I know about Ebony so far is she's young. She's on the closer to Leah side than the other ladies she is stunning. I. Mean This woman could not be any more beautiful. She is smart a F- She's super educated she sharp and the last thing I know is that Ramona singer is going to squirm in fact, this might upset her so much that she shuts herself yet again and I can't wait to watch ebony make Ramona squirm because that is going to be so uncomfortable and so delicious. Will there have been rumors circulating from Cynthia Bailey's Bachelorette party I mentioned she's getting married on ten, ten, two, thousand, twenty she had her bachelorette part he apparently two of the women from this show hooked up with one of the male strippers there's been back and forth all week about who was I'm loving it just because I need some non hate in my world right now. So these hookup rumors have been so exciting can I say maybe trumping the peach rumors us so good will finally came out that allegedly the peach chompers in addition to the meal stripper were Social Activists Queen Porsche Williams and tenuous Sam. I don't know who I was expecting I guess candy was one of the people I was expecting but Yeah. I really wasn't sure I definitely didn't think poor shirt Tan. Yeah. That's for sure and can I just say I'm here for it Danis McKinley Aka the hotdog, Hain I. Don't know what his franchise is but he wouldn't cheated on our girl. Porsche. So, I don't know where they are right now but I'm glad porsches getting hers and Tan. Yeah, I remember last season on real housewives of Atlanta there were some rumors about her man wild in on her so I don't know I'm not really up to date with either of those relationships I'm just here for these juicy peach rumors. Love Love. Love it. So. Let's talk about Friday's Neal's, which is the real housewives of orange, county tag lines have been released. Wow what a disappointment I mean, I'm sure you guys have been following I mentioned Kelley Dodd earlier in her controversial hat and her mask Liz bridal shower. The housewives have been seen out and about many times sons masks not socially distancing the real housewives of Orange County have gone through a lot. Of Crap, fans are not happy with them. I'm personally boycotting the series because of their really irresponsible behaviors in the world today and I'm not here for it and I know the only way you can really hurt. These shows is just not to watch. We'll hate watch them and then podcast about them and blog about them and Bravo House access to all of these resources and they still don't listen to their fans. So I think what they do listen to our their ratings and if we don't watch that might get them to hear it. Well, the Orange County housewife tag lines are here and can I just say they are. Terrible. They're terrible. It is shocking how bad these tag lines are, and can I say shame on these women the only one there's a couple that are okay. The new housewife, Elizabeth Vargas like her tagline Emily Simpson's is okay. There's a really weird exclamation in the middle of it that is extremely confusing. Let's go ahead and give them a listen. Don't judge me by what I do. In fact, just don't judge me at all. Tiers two bad choices. Then making better ones. Those who live in small houses should definitely throw stones. Life is full of beautiful curves. No HAP, and so am I. Iron my money, the old fashioned way marrying it then making more. I closed the old the door and opened a new one. Dying to know your thoughts. Please go ahead. If you're on facebook and you're not already in the facebook group for Fanny Pack, go ahead, drop your opinions and they're dying to know what you think of the housewives tag lines. Not here forum. Well that doesn't for this week's on this day entertainment news head on over to on this day entertainment dot com to read the full articles for this piping hot tea and more. I'll be right back with this week's nostalgic look back in entertainment history. Danny Pot it's always been fascinating for me to see how the world of entertainment has evolved over the years. So let's take a walk down memory lane and reminisce on some of the juiciest and most monumental on this day events from this week in pop culture history starting with what we were watching on this day in one, thousand, nine, hundred, thirty, two, the first political telecast ever was aired on CBS it was filmed in New York City, and it was the Democratic National Committee nine, thousand, nine, hundred, eighty, two, started at all I wonder. What they would say if they saw this circus that we have during the twenty twenty election, holy Lord speaking of Monumental TV premieres giving it up to the anniversary of Saturday night lives premier as it debuted in nineteen seventy five. Yes. Forty five years ago. That's crazy George Carlin was the host and the show has been for me personally up and down over the years obviously if different castes bring different things. So it had been through a really really low point for a while had gone up and I haven't watched Saturday night live in A. While, but I heard that Jack White is going to be the musical guest on ten ten because the person who was actually supposed to be the musical guests had been seen out and about without a mask and fans that, hey, we're not comfortable with that. So Jack White had jumped in and I'm going to have to watch so happy anniversary to the premiere Saturday night live. Oh. Can I tell you also an anniversary the thirty fifth anniversary blast from the past the opening of the very first blockbuster nineteen eighty-five, how we watched movies for? You young folks we didn't stream. We actually would go to a store and pick up a actual tangible VHS and take it home. We'd have to rewind them and return them in the designated amount of time. So we wouldn't have late fees and it was a whole era. It was a whole mood and I missed blockbuster I don't miss needing to go get videos. I, missed the social aspect of it. I loved walking up and down the aisles you would always run into people at this at the blockbuster see what they were watching good times. Well the following year one of my favorite Saturday night live characters ever debuted and it is church lady if you don't need. Church leader you're going to need to go on a deep YouTube Binge Church ladies played by Dana Carvey who actually is also garth in the Wayne and garth sketches on Saturday night live. Huge Fan. All right I know it's going to sound crazy but I have never seen this movie nine, hundred, Ninety, eight practical magic it is. Sandra bullock I believe and Nicole, Kidman and their sisters people love it. It's one of those crazy movies. I. Haven't seen and I keep on saying I'm going to watch it and I don't. If it's something I, need to watch please press me on it and I will watch it. A movie I've seen a million times on the other hand is fight club which came out in one thousand, nine, hundred, ninety, nine. Yes. Twenty one years of Fight Club so good. Oh, I thought this was interesting. The same day that Saturday night live premiered in seventy five is the same day that thirty rock which is based on Saturday night live debuted in. Two thousand six and it even featured Tina Fey Alec Baldwin Tracy Morgan All. Of course, we're stars of Saturday night live over the years. Thirty rock is one of those shows again I can't believe I didn't watch but I didn't and I hear a lot of great things about it and maybe one of these days I'll binge but I'm just not quite there yet. Another show I didn't watch surprisingly is keeping up with the KARDASHIANS which premiered. In two thousand, seven on E. I watched it a few times couldn't get into it didn't really care for any of the people on the show. I just didn't find them likable. The fact that they have built this empire truly based on the fact that Kim had a sex tape, it's been thirteen years. Now, they recently announced the fact that keeping up with the Kardashians will have its final season that airs at the beginning. Of Twenty, twenty one I don't think we're going to see any less of this family as there are rumors that Chris is trying to sign something with Amazon streaming or net flicks and. They might not be on me but I have a feeling. We're going to be seeing a lot more of the Kardashian Jenner's in the future and. It is what it is at this point but can you deal we can just not watch like I'm doing with Beverly Hills are like I'm not doing with Orange County housewives. Happy Twentieth Anniversary to Larry David's curb your enthusiasm which I think is just as funny if not funnier than Seinfeld and a ten year anniversary to real housewives of Beverly Hills, it debuted in two thousand ten. So happy anniversary to Beverly Hills the only cast member that they've kept all ten years is Kyle Richards and I'm seriously. So surprised they didn't let her go after this most. Recent season I am so not here for Kyle anymore used to like her never loved her I'm absolutely just done with her at this point. I am curious. The Kathy Hilton is rumored to be joining the cast as a friend of Love Kyle in Assis- dynamic. So if they brought Kim back, I would love that the fact that Kathy's there makes me more excited for Kyle. So I'm. I don't even know if I'm GonNa Watch Beverly Hills. I'm just AB-. So over the mean girls, I'm over the dynamic of the show but I do love Sutton ID love Garcia. But I don't know how can handle any more Lisa Arena Erica Jane drita is a delight I can't believe it, but I did find myself loving delete this season. Wow Twenty twenty is taking us on a journey. Well, let's go back and revisit what we were listening to on this day in entertainment history in one, thousand, nine, hundred, sixty, six Jimi hendrix formed the Jimi Hendrix experience with Noel, redding and Mitch Mitchell making some of the most classic songs ever. One of my personal favorites is bold as love that song that album. Just perfection a couple years later, the Beatles completed their iconic white album, which is arguably probably one of the ten best albums of all time, and if you're one of those people that it's like I hate the Beatles, I, don't really WanNa hear it like I believe you hate the Beatles I do believe you think you sound interesting when you say that though sorry but again, my opinion. In one thousand, nine, hundred, sixty, nine people were listening to Andrew Lloyd Webber's Soundtrack of Jesus Christ superstar. It was actually recorded on this day. So they had to wait a little bit to listen to it but Andrew Lloyd, Webber, Tim, Rice, they're the ones who composed phantom of the opera. The also did Jesus, Christ superstar conic one of my favorites of their work moving onto some seventies funk disco. The amazing Earth Wind and fire released the single serpentine fire, which eventually ended up winning the billboard song of the year in one, thousand, nine, hundred, seventy, eight. Impeach. Say that Song freaking slaps Oh and can I add also if you're on Youtube, go ahead and Youtube some of the earth wind and fire videos, they're so fun to watch like are like their live concert footage and then the radios to videos are amazing. So much fun. So colorful. Like shot like a kaleidoscope. It's like is seventies is he get and? Earth wind and fire the fucking in Bob's ambassadors. We all need these days they will make you feel the field, they will make you jam. Oh. I'm looking at the next song speaking of feeling the fields and I'm sad because we lost the agree Kenny Rogers this year islands in the stream hit number one on the billboard chart in one, thousand, nine, hundred, eighty, three, of course, the classic duet between Kenny, Rogers and Dolly Parton. Be. Again. which was later sampled in the. Late nineties hip hop track ghetto superstar with coolio and my out. Oh and another nineteen eighty three. Holy crap this when so good ain't nobody Chaka. Khan. So. Good. Oh, those was such a great deal of Pop music and more evidence the next year nineteen, eighty-four, Stevie wonder dropped the song I just called to say I love you. Oh, my gosh. So beautiful the most dad of all dad songs which I Stan I love this song so much nine, thousand, eighty, seven's got my mind set on. You was released by former Beatle George Harrison my favorite beatle my favorite song by a Beatle Post Beatles right here. My mindset. But it's take money. Planning. To do. It's GonNa. Take. Got My mind set on ill again, this is my third time like referencing Youtube I'll mix instagram stories to maybe some social media posts as well. This video is so funny got my mind set on he's in a cabin and all the different items around the cabin from the like deer head to the furniture everyone starts moving in dancing it's so cute. In, one thousand nine, hundred eighty eight red red wine by forty hit number one on billboard's hot one, hundred chart the same year Bobby Brown was on top of the charts with my prerogative which I heard in the car the other day, and of course, I love the Brittany version. But that's a fucking Bob Dude jumping to the next year in eighty nine the popular songs we were listening to were Janet. Jackson's miss you much sowing the seeds of love by tears of fears. and Dr Feelgood by Motley crue recently did a story on instagram asking I heard the song against all odds which is amazing and I couldn't remember if it was Phil Collins as a solo artist Phil. Collins when he was the lead singer of Genesis but what I didn't mention is that mariah covered against all odds it was perfection of course, and Mariah's version was in the top five in the year two thousand. So that was a gift from the eighties and again twenty years later. Oh and I loved this fact thought this was so funny in the year two, thousand, seven sting topped a list of the worst lyricists ever. One of the examples given was the polices don't stand. So close to me other lyricists mentioned in the list of worse. Ever were creeds Stott Scott STAPP and Noel Gallagher from Ari Noel Gallagher From Oasis saying gallagher quote seemed incapable of following a metaphor through a single line. Let alone a whole verse out. And I carnal of it anyway and actually really like Oasis's music why don't know that much of their music but there singles were bomb and? I'm not like a Christian rock kind gal but creed that's a really good songs I'm GonNa say it and I'm sure people will be happy to disagree with me. Let's move onto the celebrity news from on this day in still celebrity history starting with Elizabeth Taylor forty five years ago in nineteen seventy five had her sixth marriage slouch remarriage to the actor Richard Burton, who Taylor swift credits in one of her songs and I absolutely love be the burden to Taylor a so good one, thousand, nine, hundred, Ninety, eight, little true crime story for you. This is when. Sid Vicious was charged with the murder of his girlfriend Nancy Spungen and this is still one of those unsolved cases. Sid Vicious had been taking a ton of drugs as was Nancy, and a lot of the details from what happened in that hotel room never truly got figured out there a bunch of stories out there, and it's really interesting story that I didn't really dig into until actually started this podcast so. If that's something you're more interested in learning about hit me up and maybe we can do it on patriotic I'll talk to you guys about the new Patriots Page and just a bit I wanted to include the news of Nineteen seventy-nine would Mac getting a star on the Hollywood. Walk of fame there isn't I wanted to mention fleetwood MAC is I don't. Know if you're enjoying the viral videos as much as I am of the Fleetwood, Mac Song with somebody skating rollerblading whatnot drinking the cranberry juice it's really stupid and I really love it. My favorite is the Pumpkin head drinking the pumpkin spice slots. Hey, it's a good one. Oh, and there's one of Jason with a knife and that was really cool to. Thirty years ago celebrity couple Jeff Goldblum and his wife, Gena Davis filed divorce after two years of marriage. Well, it's Hollywood another couple. Actually that is still one of my favorite couples Malcolm X. Actress Angela Bassett got married to Courtney. Vance. Who I loved in the Oj Simpson documentary us so good they were married in in one, thousand, nine, hundred, Ninety, seven. This is one of those classically successful Hollywood stories that I can't handle if anything happens to them. Oh Tom Green and drew barrymore. Do you remember when they were together in two thousand and two is actually the year that they divorced after less than a year of marriage due to irreconcilable differences I would say that was like the early two thousands version of. Katy Perry and what was her husband's name? The guy she married the comedian with the accent. I. Don't know I don't remember it'll come to me later. That was like one of those mixed matched pairs early really really Tom Green Berry more kind of the same thing didn't work either. Oh. This is so terrible. I remember this. So well, in two thousand, four Christopher Reeve died after an adverse reaction to an antibiotic he had. Fallen off of a horse and sadly died at age fifty to, of course, Christopher. Reeve was my personal favorite superman. He started in somewhere somewhere in time and just so sad. Oh but I love this in two thousand, thirteen again Greek couple still together I love Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard, the actors got married in the Beverly Hills County Clerk's office in California and can I just say that's what I'm here for they are the cutest couple I love the commercials with their kids they seem like the coolest parents here for it. Also here for the two, thousand, sixteen announcement that while I'm not happy that she was arrested. But I love the fact that the young actress Shailene Woodley. was protesting against the proposed Dakota access pipeline, using her voice, using her celebrity to alert people of what was happening, and sadly she was arrested for trespassing but she is a legend and such an amazing role model of young people making a change by standing up for what they believe in. Love it. Speaking of young women making a change in twenty seventeen actress rose McGowan announced that. Harvey. Weinstein, had raped her in nineteen ninety-seven seven prompting the me too movement. What happened in the next few days was Harvey Weinstein was expelled the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences after revelation after revelation after revelation of sexual harassment and rape were made Alyssa Milano got involved in the Hashtag me too movement. After she tweeted quote if you've been sexually harassed or assaulted right me too and that prompted floods of replies from facebook Instagram, twitter of people using the Hashtag and truly setting a precedent of what workplace behavior should entail, and this isn't something that. Is. GonNa stop anytime soon is about all that we're going to have to keep on fighting and keep on making people aware of, but thanks to rose McGowan and that initial statement about Harvey, Weinstein getting it out there Elissa Milano, starting me too, and thank you to those women for what they've done for all of us. Well, that does it for this week's nostalgic look back in entertainment history for the birthdays. Shout out to the seventy seven year old fly a f Penny Marshall from Laverne and Shirley. The odd couple she was born in the Bronx Happy Birthday. Rocker David Lee Roth from Van halen celebrates his sixty sixth birthday. This one made me really sad Kelly Preston who recently died she was in Jerry Maguire twins mischief. She was married to John Travolta. She had her fifty eighth birthday this week. So sad her death Oh. So tragic. New York housewife while former New York housewife cindy, barshop turns fifty-six this year another one gone way too soon Luke Perry would have had a birthday this week my boyfriend from nine. Oh, two one. Oh, rest in peace luke such a huge fan. Grey's Anatomy Kate. Walsh turns fifty three I was never a great girl but I watched I just watched Kate Walsh on emily in Paris and Istan Emily Perez. So much can't wait to talk more about it. Moving onto Hugh Jackman birthdays a happy birthday to hugh who turns fifty. Body Yada Yada goals can I say? Does anybody else feel super old hearing that Kirk Cameron from growing pains turns fifty this week Sasha Baron. Cohen. Who is coming back with a new BORAT movie turns forty. Nine this. Week. Mario Lopez Aka slater from saved by the Bell Aka a the guy who cheated on his fiancee at his Bachelor Party. Owen is fiance was Ali landry the doritos girl. What a pig while he turns forty seven this week Hollywood hottie Matthew bomber turns forty three Oh. My favorite Osher turns forty two. Oh, and I can't wait usher announced that he is coming to Vegas in the middle of twenty twenty one with a residency wedge. I promise you as long as I can safely make it there. Oh, I will be there Tom Schwartz turns thirty eight. So congratulations to Schwartz. This made me feel so freaking old, do you know Cardi B. was born in one, thousand, nine, hundred, ninety, two That makes her twenty eight years old house courtesy only twenty eight no I it just can't process that. Lastly, let's give a happy birthday to Lord Jesus Marie Coney Leon. Who of course is Madonna's daughter I remember her birth like it was yesterday she turns twenty four. Thank you so much for tuning in to on this day entertainment the podcast for all your TV in pop culture nostalgia and news from today and yesterday. If you WANNA stay in the know subscribe to on this day entertainment wherever you get your podcasts. Remember to follow on this dinner teammate on instagram twitter and facebook. While you're there, make sure you join the facebook group called the fanny pack. You can always deep dive the articles I write for taste of reality at on this day entertainment dot com you'll find on this day entertainment merch. There are new masks in the merch store also, t shirts, tote bags, coffee cups, fanny packs for you fanny pack members, and there will be live events. There is well on this day entertainment is now on Youtube so look for my page on YouTube dot com slash on the Sanur taint and Patriot fan is coming to several listeners have reached out saying that they want extra content maybe deeper dives on some of the news articles, true crime stories, things that we're watching currently on net flicks. The first Patriot episode will feature Queen CC from the INSTAGRAM and Oetzi page. CC loves you. We're going to be breaking down the NETFLIX's show ratchet which I am so excited for, and she actually has a personal connection with Sarah Paulson. That is way too cool. So make sure you tune into that but until next time you're too cool to be forgotten.

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