2020 All-Star Game


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J. to download your free guide. That's nuts dot com slash wounds to download your Free Guide. Seven key strategies to grow your profits net sweet any T. S. U. I t. e. dot com slash. Everyone welcome into the United Center in Chicago a Special Post Two thousand twenty NBA All Star Game Edition of the woods. Pod got a pretty good run here for you tonight. Starting with Atlanta's trae young sixers star Joel embiid and then the two Raptors Pascal and his coach Nick nurse who coached team jaanus tonight in a really remarkable entertaining one. Nba All star. Game is good as perhaps we've ever seen and we've got to of ESPN's finest here with US Maliki Andrews. Tim Bontemps the talk about Kobe. Bryant's impact on this night. The changes in the All Star game that led to a dramatic finish in the fourth quarter. And what's ahead here in the stretch. Run with the Lakers and clippers in the west with Milwaukee Toronto Philadelphia in the East. Let's get right to it trey. What was that like to be a part of tonight I it was it was special Kind of surreal for me. Being being that I looked up Guys I still still do. It was really surreal. A real for me and it was. It was great to be here and spend some time with. Did you think that the change of the rules played a big part? In how hard how competitive that game was. Played fresh air for sure we. We knew we weren't just playing. I mean through for ourselves for our organization Renewal Plan for a bigger reason for charity. Things like that so we have really wanted to fight in push and win every quarter because of that so I think that that rule was was was great for us. The the half court shot at the end of the quarter. It look you you make those a lot. We elect Ovid. You feel like involved have a moment here especially after my stats that I mean I was super close. Three weren't going in. Usually I throw up a prayer somewhere. That really shouldn't win but it does I'm kind of mad at myself when when those going because I was listening. Easier once but Yeah No I. I was happy when true when you think of this weekend. Back on it. Is there a moment that stays with your major feel like hey I'm I'm an NBA? All Star were hit. You think being introduced I think being introduced all star started really. That's the first time I've really sat in to me. I'm here and I mean for me to be in that moment. Being be introduced. That's really sat in that belong here. Thanks Trish I appreciate that Joel. What was that like to be a part of? I was amazing to me. I think he's was the best all-star game ever it was competitive. It was fun Being part of the best Our school the fourth quarter the competition level. Did you expect this coming in? Did you guys talk about wanting to maybe play his game at a higher level than we've seen in previous years the intensity of course we want to come out and be aggressive If you don't count the first quarter of like after that everybody juice play hard and again to the fore You know it was. It was cool You know everybody's you know and chargers Jaanus blocking shots and that I'm doing my thing in the post it was school. What did you think of it ending and a free throw? Is that a rule change yet. They definitely got to change it. I mean everybody plays basketball or one on one. Or whatever knows that you can you can win on the free throw on the free throw. That's gotta go. You GotTa School Bucket. Joe Thank you John Pascoe. Did you have any sense among the guys who are playing with or the guy? You're with all weekend here that this game was going to be played so hard it would be so competitive No I know identity but I mean there was talks about. We WanNa win win but I think you know watching other also gave him. I didn't know what to expect So but but it was. It's pretty intense. Man Felt like a playoff game out. There wanted to win and it was. It was a fun wizard. What was the emotion like the tribute? Jacoby before the game and thinking about his history in this all-star game. What was that like to be out in the Corby? Part of Man It was amazing thing you know the tribute was was beautiful singing and you'll have common magic like Superman was amazing and and just remembering Kobe in that manner and then having again being so competitive You know I felt like it was another tribute to him. So that was that was super super. That was super finding was emotional but I think you know it was. It was not the right way for for a kid who did not start playing basketball until much later than anybody else was on the court tonight to be to stand there during introductions and being introduced as an all star. Wh what did that feel like for? You verified amazing man just thinking about all the hard work and everything that we put up with until you judge me but my whole team you know Just a lot of work man blood sweat and tears and and being three years in and being an awesome man like everything and I just wanted to continue to get better. It just shows me that I won't stoppable and nothing can stop me up my mind is. We're not going to work the way I am. You know the sky's the limit. How much are you going to have to hear about? Kyle's charges from him for the next. I mean I don't think he's GonNa Brag about it just because he does it every day. Take charges every single day. I think you lose NBA. I think he leaves the word charges. Take nobody takes him in the All Star game. Well if you have like a competitive game you know. He changes everything and and did did he. Did you hear him say anything? After he took the one I colli. I was fun though. 'cause it was obviously charge to do what he does. Discount Pascal last thing. Do you feel like your team has a window here to chase Milwaukee in the east that you have a group that can get back to the finals again. I think we really confident on our team. Obviously you want to get everyone back healthy. That's the goal but at the same time and we really confident we would have when I team and and we're just GONNA go through to get better and and just cancel all the noise around us focused on us and our team Have Fun playing a game and consumer get better and and I think you know that's what we're doing right now I'll just. Hopefully we keep going down the half the season Can't wait to get back out there. You know I talked to my guy. I think you know is great that you're going to have them back and and go back through the the the the grand season and after where jam version you know we know that this policy the most important and come April May and June just WanNa play on August bastable. Thank you appreciate it nick. Did you have any sense that this game especially that fourth quarter was going to become so competitive among these guys leading into it today. I think I had some sense. I don't know is going to go to that level right. I didn't I think that there was a lot of talk about you. Know there's going to be more competitive There was some good talk in the locker room prior to the game. Even some of the players you know saying. Hey let's go set a tone. Let's don't worry about what they do. You know if they don't WANNA play how we're GONNA play hard. You know so you could sense a lot of that building as the game went on and that was continuing the halftime locker room and timeouts etc But man that was awesome. I mean what a what a competitive ending in a crowd on their feet was a pretty good night or basketball. Does it feel like this was a night? That was good for the game. Maybe bring maybe bring some prestige back to the All Star game because maybe it had been lost with years where everyone's trying to find a formula to make it to make what happened happened tonight for sure. I think that was the if you're going to get the best players in world all under the same roof and have them play like that. That's going to be something to watch Every year and and you're right. That was a big leap forward. Because I think I think the game had become almost unwatchable to be honest and it's gone from unwatchable too must see almost. Had you imagined the possibility that you'd use a coaching challenge Stidham. Yeah I was planning on using it whether it was going to be for real or not not not for real that I saved it all the way through the news on the very last play of the game but it was it was. It was playoff basketball. Man Guys will garden kind of every call was was contested by both teams every player on the floor. it was. It was playoff basketball. I asked Pascal this. To how long are you guys going to hear about? Kyle's to charges all star game. I don't know most most everybody's concern that I had him out there while he's throwing his body around hoping hoping nothing was happening. I kind of had mixed emotions about it. To be honest he was certainly doing. Kyle man always makes. It's the only way he knows how to play really. I'm glad glad he survived them though. Last thing that you've won a championship coach in the NBA Finals. But is there a moment during introductions as a career minor league coach overseas and G. League where you look around at the players around and he looked at in the locker room and said wow like how did I get here? Yeah I guess so a little bit tonight to be honest. It's a little bit. It's a little bit more. 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The greatest is the greatest all-star game in any sport certainly the greatest NBA All Star game. Right at least recently. It was fantastic. I mean being in that being in the arena for that game with the new L. Amending going one hundred fifty seven points. The players on both teams were completely into the game. The crowd is into the game. A playoff game players are screaming at the rafts. There playing hard defense or committing intentional. Fouls was really awesome. And you know. We've talked so much about Kobe. Bryant the last few weeks right his memory hanging over this game hanging over this weekend hangover the league. I think what you saw was two teams fully guys who wanted to go out and play really hard on legacy Kobe. Bryant a guy who basically the thing that everyone remembers about him as he played as hard as he could every single time we went on the court and that was the most fitting tribute those guys could have given to the one thing that I thought of with how competitive. This game wasn't thinking about Kobe. I remember being in the hallway. I guess it was two thousand twelve two thousand twelve or two thousand thirteen when Dwayne Wade crack. Kobe's knows and it was at the height of like the Miami Dade. Put the Miami team together and there was a lot of weight. Had History had good history with Kobe. But the Lebron. Kobe was intense at that point and Wade was taken up for his guy and I remember. Everybody kept talking about was an accident. It was unintentional. I remember seeing Kobe that night after his way out. I don't remember him feeling light but deep down he kind of I do remember this. He kinda liked even though he was the one who got cracked in those. I just remember he liked that. There was something in that game and I kind of thought about that tonight. When this thing was being played at a level that we just we haven't seen in all star game play. We haven't seen it in anything. I can remember when in the moment in the fourth quarter where I looked around the arena. It was a sold out. Crowd and every single fan was on their feet. And that's not usually something you see in the All Star game. You see people kind of trickling out early. You see people not maybe staying around to find out what happens at the very end and then the other thing that happened this weekend is both of you. Guys know the. Mvp Award was change. The name of it was changed to be the Kobe Bryant all-star Mvp Award Kia MVP award. And and and Yeah. Just drive out here from okay. Sorry Yeah but when Kawai was talking who won. That award was talking about that tonight. He was saying how he was someone who was personally inspired by coby and now he's going to be able to as people walk by us. We really are in the bowels. He's going to be able to look at his trophy case and see. Kobe's name and know that he was a guy who in the end was. What Tim is saying was was really playing. Hard playing defense playing on both sides of the floor and now he gets to look up and remember that you know under unfortunate circumstances now. He has this new link with Kobe Bryant. And that's something that he said was really special to him. Yeah I don't think certainly the timing of his passing kind of leading into all star weekend and in Chicago whether you know. There's a lot of talk about Jordan. And the greatest ever and coby very much wanted to be in that conversation and I think he certainly battled Lebron for that and in this generation and they it was just an unmistakable his presence and I think it will it certainly is going to linger in this game but you know there are very few players in that game tonight. Who is the one thing you always got? I think Dwayne Wade said this right when Kobe I passed you wanted to wanted Kobe. Validate you you wanted his approval and I think that was part of it tonight the way. These guys competed and you know before the game. The tributes right him it set a tone. There's no question one you couldn't escape it. It was everywhere. You turn this weekend from billboards driving around Chicago but certainly when you got in the arena and tonight there was a music playing. You had Jennifer Hudson singing with photos of him in the background you had a tribute from common and it was just Bam Bam Bam. It kept coming and then Lebron James said after the game that every time he watched team run back up the court he could see the two four on the back of his Jersey so even if they tried to kind of forget for a moment or just have fun or let loose. That was kind of hanging over everything and gave a little bit of a solemn tone. Was I think this game was good for the NBA? Talked to nick nurse after on the podcast here and you know he said like this game had become unwatchable. Yeah in recent years and the idea that he's using coaching challenge and the last few minutes of the game on. What was a pretty epic moment at the Rim? Lebron Janas the two captains the two top vote-getters to maybe the two best players in the world right now going head to head in the game on the line at the end it was pretty dramatic stuff. Well Look and look. Who's out there at the end of the game? Right you've got two way players on both sides you got kyle our out there instead of trae. Trae young knick nurse with this guy he's got Luca Danni pitch on the bench on the other side. Kabul's coaches going with guys are gonNA play defense. We're GONNA play hard right not going to turn the ball over you. You mentioned nurse using a challenge. Frank Volvos Challenge. There were multiple charges stake in two thousand over the place or intentional. Foul stake in. These are not things we talk about the All Star game right and the fact that they all transpired that fourth quarter and the other thing that stood out to the fact that there were no commercial breaks. Those guys were gassed. You could see like when the Brian pulled off from half court. I think part of that was just need a shot to going because I'm exhausted. And that just adds to the drama of it that all these guys are running out of gas running on fumes and they wanted to. They wanted to go out there and win the game for for Colby and come up with a win but the other thing is the first half and even the first three quarters. It didn't take away from the fact there was a little bit of A. You did still see the ads that you're used to it all star the impossible the improbable the things. You would not regularly. Cnn game you still got a flavor of that in the first half but then you really got down to the competition and so you kind of got the best of both worlds but what will be interesting to see is whether or not Adam silver in the NBA. Now take their victory laugh and say we fix this or you have pascal saying after the game. I don't think you should be able to win on free throws or will there be more coming in the future. You know the funny thing is no one's GonNa remember who won the game like the fact that Anthony Davis goes to the free throw line misses. The first makes a second to win it. What what really matters is you saw a fourth quarter where field goal percentage went from. I think maybe the mid fifties down into the mid thirties right players carrying. Yeah that's what you saw. That's what people remember. The players cared in the gas as somebody in two weeks whether it was team. Honest Team Lebron. That one and they're gonNA think tomorrow afternoon. The players will remember a most of them probably will but Yeah I certainly well. Because he hasn't won an all star yet. That's his goal. There's our you know Owen six man but I do think that like embiid same thing come on anybody play pick up basketball knows you can end on a on a free throw but yeah oh the. League we'll take a victory lap. I saw Tim Frank Artie. Pr LOVES TO TAKE. Should we send them flowers leaks? Guru was was taking a victory lap on twitter tonight. That's what the League but they deserve credit because they know in Chris. Paul deserves credit. Who went to Adam Silver and said? I think we should try. This watches the basketball tournament. Where this you lamenting has really become a popular thing and I gotta give everybody credit. It was an awesome experience. It was just fun to watch man. It was fun to be there. You know I was reading about how all star tickets. The pricing had soared as you got closer and closer to the game and I just. 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Management was in the was not gonNa Miss The skills challenge in his hometown. And and Marcus Morris. Trying to fit in figure out you know figure out a chemistry with his group. But what do you do the to? La Teams now is we start kind of rounding third and heading for head for the playoffs. I mean from my perspective. You right now. The clippers are up three nothing even four. Nothing maybe you go back to the summer got Leonard. They've won the first two meetings. And then they got Marcus Morris. Those were the four times when they went head to head this year. Clippers swept him and I think when you look at that match up you know. I think the Lakers probably should feel pretty good about being able to beat the rest of the competition in the West. But if they have to line up against the clippers the evidence we have to. This point makes pretty clear. The clippers are the security. I mean I I would have to agree with that. It seems like the Lakers have put together a really strong roster. They've come out and they were really strong heading into the all star break. They were able to fix a lot of their little issues. It they seem to be having with their roster but for whatever reason the clippers seemed to be able to be a really good match for them whether or not. That's because they have these crafty guards that can get around them whether or not it's because they're so deep whether or not it's because they're so well coach but I also think what's interesting with the clippers is they have this chemistry that has seemed carryover even with the two new guys that they've S- three new guys that have been fitting in the they've really been able to keep that team identity or the Lakers of kind of been starting from scratch in that way. And then you can't overlook you know what happened with the death. Kobe Bryant and how that kind of through that organization a little bit so if they will be able to just keep steamrolling ahead and moving forward what? I'm saying that the clippers have that The Lakers around as they have multiple guys guard. Lebron James and the Lakers have no one who can guard Kawhi Leonard. That's why the Marcus Morris thing was so critical because he was a guy that if he came to the Lakers he could guard Kawhi and now they have no one like that. And when you look at the Lakers games this year against the clippers the box the sixers and the Celtics. Lebron struggled and all the things that they have in common or big physical wings. Second Guard Lebron trouble. Yeah I just I. You worry about health though with the clippers because they've not been able to keep that team on the floor. Leonard. It's Ben he's not gonNA play back to backs and it's been more rest with him. But Paul George has had some these nagging. Those nagging Groin Hamstring. That sometimes keep recurring. And that's what you worry about. I think like just got hurt in the last game before the all-star break in Boston exactly and I think the one thing about this Laker team is with the exception of that The fall that Anthony Davis took that lower back which was just a bruise. They've been durable. Lebron Anthony Davis have been available. And I do like I think. Top to bottom the clippers are deeper. They have a stronger bench mark. Marcus Morris was a critical pickup. But like if you're the clippers I think you're still worried about health and That's you know that to me is going to be real telltale for them in post also a team. That relies very heavily on three guys. Pg and Lou Williams score for them they don't have a lot of guys kaput ball make a play we seen. Lou Williams play. Maybe quite the same level has in the past like they are in a perfect team. And I and I think the Marcus Morris deal allows them to maybe not play now. You've got a closing line of two way players. And now Lou Williams I think takes more of more. I don't know that you're going to see him in those closing situations when they're at full strength. No question I mean that that's been one of the things I've wondered about this going all the way back to the off season when they put it together was could Lou Williams. The Guy doesn't Really Guard. Anybody play critical moments like we saw last year with the raptors. They won the guys who can play at both ends. We saw that against the box right. I mean that was a big reason why they got through and really won that series on the final. So you know I just. I really can't underscore that. Marcus Morris pickup. I think was huge for them. Keeping away from the Lakers and for the variety thinks he can do for them. And then last thing Milwaukee. Toronto BOSTON PHILADELPHIA. Raptures finally lost before the all-star break After winning fifteen in a row do do we take the raptors seriously as legitimate a legitimate threat to the box again in the east the No the short answer is no. I mean I combed Leonard made such a huge difference for that raptors team and I know that in the regular season the bucks were able to get a little cocky because they did win. I believe three out of four meetings against the raptors. And then they kind of crumbled in the Eastern Conference finals but coli was a Yana stopper in that series And the thing that Mike Boone holes are told me last year was what they were. Betting on was that the bucks system wouldn't fail for out of Seven Games that system that requires four shooters to be on the floor creating space for honest but Janas got better. He's now able to kind of create space for other people. He's a better shooter. They lost Kawhi LEONARD AND. I just think that I was really impressed by that. Raptors streak just like. I'm really impressed by that drill down but I don't think I I. It will be interesting to see if the rappers can hold onto that to seat. I know they're motivated to continue what they started before this break. But Milwaukee is far ahead of any other team in the East right now the thing about the raptors. It's funny from where they were before is up until last year. There is a team that lost right. There is a team that failed and now that they got over the mountaintop last year without Kawhi they believe they can beat everybody and they have total confidence in Milwaukee for Boston for Philly Miami and a win and they think they can beat anybody now can they. We'll see I mean they do have some flaws. They wanted to get more offensive punches. The deadline they were unable to do that. Look I think is far as beating. Milwaukee goes it's to your point. Can the box actually follow through four out of seven times? All the way through the East in Michael Knowles our system and Ken Philly FA team the most sculptural team in the league. That when they're at home looks all time and on the road as marketers. The Knicks can they show up in the playoffs every single game because they in my opinion still have the highest ceiling of any of these eastern conference teams and if they show up the way they're capable of in the in the Eastern conference playoffs despite all the issues. They've had they can still get out of the ISA finals guys. They are tearing up the press room at the United Center. It's cue to get out of here. Go home so we will. We will head into the rest of our all star break here get out of Chicago in the morning and thanks for hanging out guys. I appreciate it. Thanks there's crispy and then there's crispy try our new and improved Tyson crispy chicken strips crispy just got crispy.

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