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You're listening to the noise pop podcast. I'm Adrienne Spinelli coming to you from different. I do does in San Francisco, California. We're back with a good old fashioned noisemakers episode for April following our dispatches from south by southwest Austin, Texas, and our very own noise pop festival here in the bay if you wanna hear about who are stand at acts of those festivals where and listen to some of their music along with it definitely go back episode archives and check them out for now, we've got new tunes share this month with a lot of overseas talent in this mix including conversation with the delightful, Australian artists Donnelly in the middle of the episode caught up with her before San Francisco show and using from Stella in another handful of artists makeup this mix including the tenure hearing underneath right now. It's a track all the orange canyon of keyboardist Kiefer's latest EP on stones throw record called bridges. With that. Let's get into it. This is the noise podcast, April noisemakers episode. Let's get started with new music from Neil for Jagna. She's a British singer. And I just can't put down her. Most reason I'll them Miss Universe out. Now, an ATS records and don's been getting all the buzz including a pitchfork best new album tag. And all that reminds me of the tears album devotion. They came out last year, but newly I music feels much more pop immediate. It's this jazzy soul pack twist on rock and the album packs of Wapping seventeen tracks. But they're also forget an intriguing top to bottom, especially the one. We're about to play. This one's called paralyzed by Neil for Jagna. The phone. Greene's thinking. Only. Man. That was Neil Jagna with paralyzed. Local pick. This comes from a group. We've played a number of times in the show mainly because we fucking love him. Dow's atlas they just dropped their latest EP called the mystic on April nineteenth came out on tender loving empire. Records and singer. Sandra Lawson do did a really sweet you in a with my friend, Nina tob ios at the bay bridge talking about among other things the narrative this record. And how it's framed as a SCI fi fantasy of two first generation jeering American women accepting a mental health diagnosis, and we'll link that piece on her, blog and noise, pop dot com slash podcast. You should really check it out and find out more about this record the track. We're gonna play called the comms. And I love how breathy Sanders vocals are. Here tells Alice have always built these uniquely mystical atmospheres and their music, and this track is no different in that regard. But I will say that it's like nothing I've ever heard from them before and somehow still manages to be very much. Dell's Alice track shot these cats are very good people. Good bay area band. Go. See them Saturday may eleventh at star line social club in Oakland. And for now, here's bells atlas with the combo. Maybe you lack. Not. Jay. Two. Maybe maybe. That was the concert by bells. Atlas? Spe- come Cannock that. I'll be sweet schuch Muffin with crave. This. Next segment. I had the pleasure of sitting down with stone. Don Lee before her sold out show a cafe or last month, and it was a hell of a night. She's just charming on stage. And if you haven't heard of Stella yet, she's an Ozzy singer-songwriter on the secretly Canadian label who makes music that's both piercing and whimsical at the same time. I discovered her two years ago it south by southwest and she's been on a steady upward trajectory ever since her debut album. But where the dogs just came out. And it's one of my favorites of the year. So far, no doubt. Let's take to my short conversation with Stella. And then we'll hear track. Let's do it. I'm here with Stella Donnelly. Hello having me. And so we're we're around the corner from cafe toward where you're playing tonight. And it's it's nice to have having a Cup of tea here, and this outdoor patio, and it's it's a lovely day after noon after the rain in San Francisco, it's been spoonful to be here, we go through the rain. Three days from Portland. And. Yeah, it's. Yeah. Breathing fresh air out here in San Frans really nice, Raymond Portland Hongo figure. Yeah. Right. So the show so that's night. And you're playing with Webster, and you guys are label mates now secretly Canadian and your album where the dogs came out March eighth congrats on your debut LP. Thank you so much. I actually had no idea that the show sold out. So thank you for telling me that as well that just put of a spree by. There's a lovely. I think it's it's a testament to how your music has been spreading. And people are starting to to hear you enjoy you're putting out your from Western Australia. Are you from Perth originally or where these very sprawled out suburb? I guess a city sorry. So I live now in a place called Fremantle, which is I guess less than an hour drive from Perth, but it's port city, and it very much has its own identity separate from Perth in a way, and has a very beautiful culture of music and food, and and all that sorta stuff so that's where I live now. But I grew up in the northern northern suburbs that the real kind of outskirt suburbs of path in a place called queens, rox and used to be an old fishing town. But then suburbs just kind of built up around, you know, the soda story. You know that sort of thing. So. Yeah. Pets always been home. We have a bit of a stint in Wales in the UK when I was young my mum's Welsh, but other than that. Yeah. Western astray the place to be. You've been you've been I guess we met this past year two thousand eighteen that's by south west a little bit. And I was kind of where discovery of music, and you were just up there on your own. And now, you've got this your touring a five piece now, it's pretty crazy. I mean, it's really nice to to be able to kind of have my friends along board with me, you know, and and just be that experience all the the fun things and the tough things, but mostly just like the great times at the shows and stuff, but you know, I definitely do still split the set in half and I play solo as well. Because I think it's really important to be able to kind of communicate the song the way that it was always meant to be communicated, and with many of my songs, there's there's no compromise for, you know, the the effect you can have just by playing guitar and singing the lyrics. Yeah. Yeah. I think that's to your songwriting a little bit especially on this album talk a little bit about the the the tag stick personalities that kind of inspired a lot of these songs. Yeah. I mean, I've always kind of I've always found inspiration in challeges voice found challenging people quite humorous, and people that have challenged me, you know, in my life. I've always tried to process it in a way that I'm able to kind of not only kind of criticize them, but also criticize myself in the situation, and and find a way to kind of analyze whatever it is. I experienced right on right on. Well, we'll come back to that. In a second. We talk about the song they were gonna play. But I want to ask you a couple of fun questions. The first one the the cover art for your for rush. Metal is one of my favorite things ever. It's you'd stuffing a bunch of spaghetti red sauce and your face. How did that come about? We'll funnily enough that was we've. My my Qatar now, George he's toga for as well. And we would just go around streets near hometown and take some photos full the pay. And we just thought let's get a quick lunch before we do it. And I was sitting aiding the noodles, and George was setting up the film on his camera. And he's like oh quickly with the Beatles. Took and then win about another three hours taking terrible voters around Fremantle. And then got the film back in the first fighter. That was on. The pile was the AP cover pretty funny. Yeah. It's Brian cover. Our we'll we'll link the cover art Russian post. A photo of an are blogging noise. Pop dot com slash podcast. People can go back to and have a laugh. Okay. Another question dining, maybe you could shed some light on this. Why do Australians love the Simpsons so much? That's a good question. There more. I'm a Simpsons nerd, I always gonna myself. He's uses a total door for the Simpsons. But I have better conversations with ozzy's about the Simpsons than with Americans. Totally. I mean, I was one of these kids whose parents. Must like walked poss- me watching the Simpsons. And there was like one inappropriate jokes. I was forever banned from watching Simpsons child, but my whole band and all my friends what a travesty by the terrible. I actually do feel like I've missed out on a bunch of historical knowledge because I feel like this actually does teach. You a lot about everything, you know. And that's how most of my bandmates like talk. They just like Clinton Simpson's quotes. And I'm constantly like, oh, what's that? From hoping that they'll say something that migos finding nemo and no it's the Simpsons. Yeah. Ustralia does obsessed with it. I guess that knowledge of what the USA is which I don't know if it's a good thing or bad thing. Really Australian up soda. It's kind of a funny one too, which is not really quite the knowledge what it's like, an Australia. The more of slapstick look at it. I see you've played Fay's knee before. I already know that from my own band coaching the episode. I haven't even seen it myself. My great people. So it really they should be here right now to be honest. Reunite with them and in a little bit here before you soundcheck. And before you do that. Let's talk about a song wanna play for listeners. And it's from the new album from me where the dogs, and I think it was the last single, right? It's called tricks. Tell us about tricks tricks kind of came as as always it was always meant to be a little playful jab at a certain sort of ustralian caricature. Really I used to play covers in pubs. And I used to just kind of be standing there playing, you know, I don't know kiss me by sixpence on the rich. But I'd have you know, these dudes standing at the by yelling, these kind of old men yelling and be going play. I say as say play some Johnny cash come on. What are you doing women and that just kinda heckle me for three hours and I'd play for three thousand eventually do? Shitty. Covers should we own I long, and then you know, and then go back the way Ken in the whole thing repeat, you know, they knew that place ninety my place, and we would just have this war every weekend. And in a way, I just wanted to kind of poke fun at them. And finally kind of you know, they they only really listened to me play when I played what they wanted me to play. I guess that's kind of where the course came from. And and yeah, just kind of making fun of their character in a way. Yeah. It's it's a fun song. And I think that it kind of speaks with the fund that it's like you're having on this album and then probably on tour, and you've kind of been on the road for while. And just sounds like you're having a ball out here. Yeah. It's been psych. Right. I love it so much. I mean, there's a beauty in touring alone. And and you know, discovering things and you kind of put yourself out, they more, and you meet new people and all of that stuff. But there's you know, this something really special about getting to experience this stuff. We do best friends, and these people in my band of people that, you know, have lifted with for very long time and play music with another bands. And yeah, I feel like it's a real beautiful time right now. Yeah. Awesome. Well, we're looking forward to the show go listen to the album, but where the dogs that's out now and secretly Canadian stalled on thank you so much. Thank you so much for having me. Burkle play. Machar you break all the play. The back of the. Gonna quit. Yeah. Cross. Up. Jack. To pull you out of the. Case. Me. Like you with? If. Yeah. Where? Accu wear. That was tricks by Stella Donnelly. Thank you. Generally, speaking, electro, pop and dance pop really tough sell from these days, it's hard to well and not sound cheesy or like trying too hard to appeal the lowest common denominator mainstream crowd. But these cats right here, they got it down proper. They're called Alaska Lasca and they're from south London. Their songs are this riveting confluence a sound you'll hear saxophone and really cool steel drum effects in the mix and their debut albums called the dots. It's out mate. Third on the marathon artists label this one's called moon. And I know when you hear it you're gonna wanna dig deeper on these guys have a ball. This is Alaska Lasca with moon. I see. That was Alaska Lasca with moon. I'm going to answer. Protecting. At the end of twenty seventeen we had Kevin more beyond the show when we named a City Music our album of the year. Now, Kevin's got a new album to out April twenty-sixth, but this segment is about him. It's about the artist he told us about in that conversation as having his favorite albums that year. And now she has a new album coming out on the same day as Kevin okay? I'll cut the mystery crap out here and tell you that it's eldest Harding from New Zealand her third LP designer drops April twenty six on four AD and the first two singles have just been totally stunning. Her voice. Soothes and our music pacifies. The darkest of moods. The latest singles called fixture picture, but we're gonna play the lead single here the barrel. Damned if this track just won't quit will also link the quirky video for at our blog because it's worth watching for sure from the album designer here's Aldus Harding with the barrel. Hi. Due to me. Tiso? Can. Good. Two. Side. Not with me. Everyone. Sure. Has. When you have. Begins surprising. Onto. Canape? Patty. True. Straw. The. That was the barrel by Harding. Last song. Here comes from one of the greatest bans on the planet bar. Aban will absolutely positively never fall off hot chip just announced their seven p called a bath full of ecstasy, and the lead single was total banger it's called hungry child. And it's vintage hot dance for music spun this one five times in a row when I dropped and Fresno bay here hot chip is playing the first anniversary of August hall downtown on may fourth and get this. They're playing a full band set. And also a DJ set later in the evening. There's few bands out there who's DJ sets. I really wanna hear but Alexis Taylor and Joe Goddard sitting credible ear for dance music. And when they're on the decks on sweating baffle XI's June twenty-first on domino records, and he can't come soon enough as far as I'm concerned until then here's hot chip with hungry child. Slowly. Terry. That was hot chip with hungry child. Told you guys this mix is going to be very international. And it was I hope Doug what APRIL's noisemakers had offer. And we'll be back in may with another noisemakers makes Walser be live on Valencia street. As part of beta brands as podcast theater on Thursday, June twenty seven could be more excited about it. Mark your calendars and tune into the main noisemakers episode for ticket giveaway for some of our listeners. You like what you heard these leave us a rating and or review apple podcasts. It helps spread the word about our show big time with really appreciate it. Podcast is written produced by me makes an engineered by Kelly coin are executive producer Kevin Arnold Adrian Lee Lamont harbor. Jackie more noise. Pop. Help us with marketing support final big thanks to different I studios. This episode was recorded and it's next month. I'm your host Adrian Spinelli. Cheers. I see you need before.

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