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She was an eighteen year. Old Girl broke my heart destroyed. What do you do you? Just keep fighting thing called from the start. The can't find Heidi. They noticed somebody wrestling with somebody. In event who grabbed eighteen year old girl are theory then was probably a sexual but was it. Two women were determined to investigate and uncovered something very different. Attached was a photograph of hiding Allen at had a code name. Julia Roberts. I thought what is this. Idee had a secret mission. Had she made a secret enemy. They're going to want to shut her up permanently. But who were they? Decades digging and then a chilling chance encounter is said to us. You really know what happened to her. They said I grab your lake this. Oh my God finally. It was unbelievable. That was jaw dropping. Tanya priests never wanted to be a star witness least all along ago abduction and murder investigation but after that guy blurted out what he did. She felt she had to come four. But you live with it. Catch you live with all of that. And she found herself on the phone talking to a district attorney in upstate. New York Tanya belief. She knew who done it. Who done that terrible thing at the convenience store on an Easter Sunday morning many years ago that store clerk abducted and never seen again they probably only took. Maybe sixty seconds to do what they needed to do. What Tanya reopened was a wound that had never really healed in a Suite County New York? I can't let it go and I won't let it go. I will die. Try and fighting for her. If they think I'm GonNa walk away their mistake and I am not even today. Just say the name Heidi Allen and Swirl of memories come back some of them fuzzy now. It was nine hundred ninety four that missing girl. The van was at blue or was it white and didn't get the guy who did it and send him away. Tanya was a teenager back then did you follow it in the news or to talk about it in school. I knew about that. They were looking for van. That's basically all I knew at that point. Here's what's not in dispute about that. Snowy Easter Sunday morning eighteen year old Heidi Allen. Taking the early shift for a coworker opened a convenience store about five forty five. Am It was a part-time job for her away to defray some of her freshman college bills? Lisa busking is Heidi sister. She was Sassy and energetic. And a risk taker. You like school. She likes school because you have smart. She didn't have to study. She was one of those one of those kids Just one of those. So what was the job of the convenience store as close to home in our friends owned it. So mom and dad felt safe before the early birds started showing up for their newspapers cities. Maybe a few gallons of gas at the pumps Heidi's boyfriend was there with her to help get things up and running for the day. He would take her so that she wasn't alone until people like the traffic was picking up and then he would go and that's what happened that day right. Richard Tocado irregular lived a few miles down the road and saw Heidi that morning. I asked to bag to basic cigarettes. Peter I said have a nice day a few more cars pulled up to the DFW reporter. John O'Brien covered the case for Syracuse Dot Com. Some customers had come in and didn't realize she wasn't there until they've been there for a while they flagged down a deputy and no Heidi Heidi sister. Lisa woke up that morning to very bad news in my aunt was on the machine and she said Lisa Heidi's missing missing. We saw her the night before when she delivered her Easter baskets and in her usual goofiness. It was a shocking that an eighteen year old girl could be just disappear like that on Easter morning. The convenience store was strung with crime scene tape by the time. Heidi sister arrived. I just really felt like I was watching a movie inside. The store not promising. They found Heidi's purse or car keys money undisturbed in the register. No signs of a struggle and her car was parked in the law. I just remember sitting just watching. I didn't know what to do. The community made a fine high volunteer command center at the old firehouse while the authorities ready their first news alert. We have at eighteen year old girl by the name of Heidi Allen Who Lives here in New Haven? Who was the clerk? Someone listening to that bulletin was Richard Timoteo. Who of course recognized Heidi from the convenience store where he chopped early? He turned to his girlfriend. Theresa and said as much and Richard said well Magadan said Irazari bought two packs of cigarettes so he picked up the phone. Call the shirts and set in motion a sequence of life changing events. He could not stop other callers. That morning offered tips about a suspicious van at the store. We'll todd was under sheriff at the time they noticed somebody drive in very radically. Raslan struggling with somebody in a van this venture. Did you get a make model color? Anything use different colored white light blue that type of stuff but in those early hours in the days before smartphones and ubiquitous security cameras. Nothing was coming together. Volunteers searched the national guard was called out but Heidi was gone. And St Gall we follow up and every we had no major people weeks went by without an arrest without answers and then a couple of months past they had brought in a criminal profiler with the FBI behavioral science unit. Someone who would later correctly profile the Oklahoma City bomber but in this instance clunk fant was the agent in the unit who got assigned to the Heidi Alan case in upstate. New York. His take look for someone with a history of violence and someone obsessed with the case. The person who committed this is somebody who was really interested. I mean the community was interested in a case but this is more interest. Obsessed could not let it go. This is somebody who'll be saving newspaper articles and there would be many newspaper articles decades of them in fact the case of Heidi Allen was just getting started clues to the mystery who'd grabbing eighteen year old girl are theory then was probably a sexual and then unbelievably the killer seems to out himself he says yeah. I kill this girl. He gives it a he gives it up. Heidi the teenager behind the convenience store counter selling Sunday papers and cigarettes had vanished at Easter morning. Then Sheriff Rule Todd so what was your working theory. Who grabbing eighteen year old girl are theory then was probably a sex crime abducted and after weeks of fruitless searching presume murder. She's the eighteen year old girl that had her life taken from her. She was a good kid with goals. But the sheriff's department was pursuing a promising lead and it concerned the guy who bought cigarettes from Heidi that morning. Richard Thibodeau did the cops on the phone. Start asking questions day. Set someone over to the House and asked me a bunch of questions. Investigators turned out. Were suspicious of him from the get-go They'd even put him under surveillance. The reason tiptoes was the last transaction recorded on the register that morning and Richard Pitino also drove a white van. One that seemed to match vehicle described by a witness at the scene. At first it was blue. It changed to white as time went on but he did say in the end that van the typical van. That was the van. The witness reported seeing more than one man. So investigators also brought in Richard's brother Garrett for questioning. The brother said he was home asleep that morning and his girlfriend vouch brew. But Gary Tiptoe didn't have a spotless record. He had an outstanding warrant on a minor drug charge in neighboring. Massachusetts they extradite them to Massachusetts which was an odd thing on a drug charge in the county jail. Tim Struck up a conversation with a fellow prisoner. Him and Gary. You're sitting in their shooting the breeze and they get talking about something like album do he says yeah. I killed this girl swagger. He gives it up though he gives it up brother. Gary is eventually said to have told prisoners about his involvement in the crime that he and Heidi use drugs together and that she feared Gary was going to screw her over in a drug deal and with that allows confession. Investigators now believe they had their case the two brothers drugs and abduction and murder. I was waiting for my school bus to calm. This is Richard tibidow stepdaughter. A man she was just eleven at the time and police. Cars came hauling into my driveway. I don't know how many But they just can't shoot rate in and stopped quickly. Both brothers were arrested and charged with kidnapping in the first degree off major break in the Heidi Alan case. What's the motive here? What's the theory? That goes with them in their van and being at the convenience store you know what the motive is opportunity nay snapped in there to get the cigarettes and that was the opportunity to but up. Duck this young cute girl appears to me. There would be two separate trials for the brothers to separate juries to decide their face and in the summer of nineteen ninety five. The first of the two Gary went on Trial Joe. Facing now a retired judge was Gary's defense attorney he says the case was forensically and circumstantially like there was no indication at curate ever been near the DFW that morning. Gary testified that he was home asleep that morning and the jailhouse snitch is who got him indicted. Were flat out lying. He figured they must have been angling for favors from the prosecution. The only thing they really had I had to contend with where the two guys from Massachusetts they said that Gary connick boasted about. They're looking for maybe but they'll never find her but they were statements. A jury apparently believed it took just four hours to render a verdict guilty brother richer owner of the van. The one who bought the cigarettes and place himself at the store went on trial. A few weeks later his stepdaughter. Amanda was certain he'd be found guilty as well and didn't make sense for them not to find him guilty because they found uncle Gary guilty. And they're saying that uncle Gary did it with him. Richard was without a doubt. Heidi's last custom and witnesses testified they'd seen a van like his at the scene. Richards van however showed no trace of blood or anything connected to Heidi this time. The jury deliberated eight hours. We find him not guilty to trials to opposite results. So here's the strange thing about the two brothers. It seems sheriff. You've got richer who's acquitted and yet he is the one that says. Yeah I was in the shop and his brother who doesn't put himself in the in. The shop is the one who's who goes down for it but don't they have to be in in cahoots together. For this. To make sense I would say so but it still doesn't matter. And that's what happens with different. Juries do you believe good arrest good conviction. Absolutely Heidi's family wasn't quite sure what to make of the two trials. Heidi'S FIRST COUSIN IS MISSY. Searle's was confusing to have basically the same evidence just different jury and then end up with two different voters and there was something that always bothered cousin missy about the trial. The jailhouse informants testified that it was a drug deal gone to make sense and she wasn't a drug user herself. She didn't participate in that CLIP BANDS. At the FBI. Profiler was also left scratching his head. His profile predicted the person responsible would be an obsessive stalker type. Did you think you might be missing something in your evaluation? The typical brothers did not add up to my profile. So I was trying to figure out what I missed you know. Was it something that I didn't know about that? I didn't have a handle on the years. Went fine a feeding sign at the center of town was the lingering reminder that once there'd been a girl named Heidi Allen whose life was taken from her Heidi L. has been huge in. Everyone's mind for years. I mean because she's never been found and there was a lingering feeling in the town among some people that just maybe there was more to the story. I didn't know what to do broke my heart. It destroyed me a chance encounter and the shock of a Lifetime. He sent us. Do you really WanNa know what happened to her? We about to learn Heidi Street. He said I grabbed like this. Hey Guys Willie geist here. Be sure to check out this week's episode of The Sunday. Sit Down podcast where I get together with the legendary Woody Harrelson for a wide ranging conversation. I promise you don't WanNa Miss. It's woody. Get now for free wherever you download your podcasts. Hey everyone it's mainly MSNBC correspondent and host of the podcast into America Stacey. Abrams had a busy few weeks. She did is with. Georgia's governor pearled rival over the reopening of the state in the face of covert nineteen and she's gearing up for the twenty two thousand election. Where the risk voter suppression is even higher because of the outbreak in our latest episode. I sit down with Stacey Abrams to talk about all of this including the job. She says she's ready for the vice presidency. I would match my experience against anyone. It may not look like the normative experience that we are used to seeing. But that doesn't diminish its capacity or what I've actually delivered subscribe for Free. Wherever you get your podcast. It was an odd conclusion to the Heidi. Alan case one brother convicted the other brother the one who admitted to being at the store acquitted and even though Richard Tobacco was found. Not Guilty in some people's minds heat simply had a lucky day in court. Stepdaughter Amanda grown up. We were known as the kidnapper kids. We were known as the murderers kids. We were treated nicely for the Allen family. It was an unsatisfying result. They still didn't know what had happened to. Heidi and your body had never been found. She's out there somewhere in. Somebody knows that's right and Sunday. We're going to now. You can't give up. Hope on your missing loved one. Even after the dust settled the K. Stayed in the news for years to come. Some young people like Tanya priest never really forgot nothing like that ever happened in our area before so yes stood out. A full decade rolled by Tanya was now in her mid twenties and one day while visiting a friend named Vicky the TV was on up pop. The story about the Heidi Alan case anniversary report when the news flashed about Heidi. I said there are what happened to Heidi and she said. Yeah me too. It wasn't really a question just in out loud thought but someone in the room decided to answer. It was the friend's boyfriend. A guy nicknamed thumper he said to us. Do you really want to know what happened to her near Lake? Yeah and this next version of that Easter morning is one that needs close attention because it didn't involve the typical brothers at all but put thumper himself and two young buddies at the epicenter of Heidi's abduction. He said that we pulled in great up other doors with a vehicle run. They left the back doors open. He said I grabbed her like this. He said we dragged her out of the store in and he left he said when we hit that Van. We had that van hard with her. Could HE BE SERIOUS MUSICIAN? Guy just kind of flexing his biceps for the girls out the more. We didn't leave him them angrier he became said okay. Well how did the White van get involved? He said we just got lucky. One showed up before we did. My said thumper there's an innocent man in prison. He said that my problem. So did she run to the police then and there scream out to anyone who'd listen it wasn't that Tanya why didn't you go to the sheriff's Office at that point so I got a story to tell you while he lived a mile down the road from my house Tonya so she was paralyzed by fear of thumper I went home and cried? I didn't know what to do but she never forgot about that. Chilling conversation. She tried to cut off contact with your friend Vicki and the boyfriend and eventually Tanya moved out of state she was an eighteen year. Old Girl it broke my heart. It destroyed me. The turning point came in two thousand ten three years later that's when Tanya lerman sickening news in a domestic dispute thumper had shot and killed her former friend. Did you then think he was capable of? I'm done that thing to Heidi. Of course a domestic and and of course thumper real name. James Steen was convicted and sentenced to life in prison. Tanya says that conviction and a tragedy in her own life. The death of her husband galvanized her to finally speak up. She picked up the phone and call the county prosecutor. A guy she wants new. This is Tania from high school. This is Tania from high school. Greg folks had risen through the ranks to become a sweet county district attorney now running that same office. That had gotten the Gary tiptoe conviction years earlier and of course he remembered the case of the missing girl. I was home for Easter and remember that being on the news so when Tonya priests called him with the story that implicated three new suspects. Heidi Allen's abduction. He listened carefully now. Absolute the DA flu Tanya Up to New York to hear more details and together. They discussed how verify her story and there was one detail that seem promising in the story told by thumper that day he said they take in hiding in the van to the home of a young woman named Jennifer West. Gun He screamed. If you don't believe me go ask Jennifer. What we wanted to do is try to follow up to see. If there's any truth that Jennifer West God was a girl. Tanya knew from high school the DA encouraged her to get in touch by facebook. They exchanged telephone numbers and then it was time for a phone call. They plugged into my phone tape. The whole conversation. It had been years since they last spoke. Tanya made small talk at first and then eased into the story that she'd her the murder of Heidi all those years ago. He told me that he grabbed her from the store and they brought her to your house in my own. Had probably about ten years ago. Jennifer didn't deny it but she wasn't saying what either. Why did they even involve you or even? Do this even know which one of them killed her them idea. I had to keep throwing stuff at her and finally she would bite. Did you even know that they this was Heidi? They brought there and that this is what they were going to do You had no clue what they just showed up. It sounded as though Jennifer had real information had just delivered the DA. The evidential goods at bothers me to talk about Tanya had just one more question had Jennifer ever considered going to the police. I never been a can of worms like that. I don't mind doing the investigators job. I felt sorry for because the more I talked to her on the phone in the more I realized she had no remorse based the conversation takes place. We had concerns that. Maybe there was some truth to Tanya claim. Twenty Years Twenty easters had come and gone since Heidi's disappearance and now with Tanya story everything old was newly the. Da Starts Looking into the evidence. Tanya help gather and when the investigator talked to Jennifer West. She explained that. Look my statements. Two-tonner priest simply weren't true. What will that mean for the case? Greg Oak said grownup not far from where Heidi Allen disappeared and now as district attorney of the county he was tentatively giving the case of fresh. Look when somebody comes forward with a claim that potentially exonerates convicted man. We have to take it seriously inside. The walls of the Clinton Correctional Facility in data more New York. We met the convict. Who was the subject of all this reconsideration? This is Gary Timoteo then and old sixty one with gimpy legs and a bad law. Did you abduct Heidi Alan? Now I did not and then killer now never abducted killed. Anyone says those jailhouse snitch. Slide and their testimony was the only real evidence against him. Did you tell those two never gonNA find the body? No you're not doing drugs with Heidi there. No no typical had been inside for twenty two years. He's always proclaimed his innocence. But as long since resigned to the way life turned out for him. You say why me why I've gone through all of them failing emotions and thoughts over the years but I kind of believe that You are where you are in life because that's what you're supposed to be whether it has anything to do with the innocent guilty here but yours is more than twenty years now in the New York state correction system for a crime. You didn't commit now. I didn't back in two thousand thirteen. When Tonya Pre step forward Gary had no idea the case was being given another look he had exhausted. His appeals the other brother richer. One acquitted of Heidi's kidnapping says his life has been filled with anxiety. I've been afraid for the past twenty years actually going anywhere by myself. You really been traumatized by this. Whole yeah and he has also regretted coming forward as the good joe who told investigators that he'd been in the convenience store that morning the worst mistake of your life Richard. Picking up that phone calling the cops. They had to convict somebody. Why us because I had a van are the two brothers self. Pitying sang-woo me. They're together as as like one like. Why did they happened to us? Neither brother was aware that a woman unknown to them was banging on the authorities. Doors TO GET TIM DOES CASE. Reopened prosecutor was investigating and he has. Tanya old friend the woman on the phone who seemed to know more than she should sitter to come down to the station talk. I don't know anything about the case. The investigator asked her about that phone call with Tanya omitting the fact that they had it all on tape. How you say no. I never said anything. In fact she had. That's when they told her. The call was recorded. Oh my God I really don't I mean where does she? What is this about? I don't know anything about them taking away. He's just thought. I was back when the investigator talked to Jennifer West got and she explained that look. My statements to Tanya Priest simply weren't true. I was trying to get her off the phone as trying to appease her the DA. Track Down Bumper Aka James Dean and the other two men each said that the Tonya Jennifer story was Baloney. Investigators also contacted the jailhouse snitch from back in the day and they stood by their testimony. More importantly Gregg said they got nothing for testifying. So you as you review them you find him credible dead. Why do you believe some people and not others? We have to look beyond. Just do we believe somebody or not. Is there information that they can provide? That can be backed up by other independent evidence the. Da didn't think he could believe anything. Jennifer West Scott had to say Andy came to question Tania's credibility to I don't believe in Tanya priests and our story. She said that she had heard these emissions back in two thousand six and I asked her. Why didn't you immediately come forward to the police? And her response was. I simply didn't believe him. And after reviewing all the evidence he decided there was no there there. I was convinced that they had had the right person. What would the motive be for these two brothers and Fortunately Dennis? There's been no obvious motive for all these years months had gone by since Tanya I called the DA's office now. She got a phone. I was told that there would be no further investigation or case closed. We've tiptoes for this language. Yep Yep I started crying so was that it had she given it her best shot time to go home. You'd think so if they think I'm going to walk away their mistake and I am not a secret document and a stunning revelation. Heidi Allen was a young woman with an alternate identity. Code-named Julia Roberts why this case might just be blown wide open. How did this Nakamoto? During the trial Tanya priests had gone to authorities with an explosive allegation she set a man nicknamed thumper had confessed to her that he and two buddies had abducted and murdered Heidi Allen back in nineteen ninety four and she was devastated when the prosecutor checked out her story and ultimately chose not to believer was doing it because it was a good person. And that's how I felt but Tanya wouldn't give it up. She was convinced an innocent man. Gary Tobacco was in prison. She made calls and was eventually put in touch with a New York. Federal PUBLIC DEFENDER NAMED LISA. People's someone who had ties to the defense lawyers. Who'd worked on? Tiptoes failed appeals. Tanya felt as though things were amiss by the time she called her office Lisa. The lawyer listened to that secretly recorded phone call between Tanya and her childhood pal and came away with a different take than the. Da Never Open again like that. I don't mind it. That was FG JAW-DROPPING. What do you hear on the tape? A woman confiding. It took her a long time to get the images out of her head. I heard her say they made her sit in the van. She also Said that she would never go to police. Did you believe Tanya Priest when she came forward? I absolutely did I sat. We can't let this go. Lisa called up her friend. General Brian then a reporter with Syracuse Dot Com. She says you know you've always told me to call you when they're having a good case and I got one. Lisa had a morsel that intrigued the reporter and this was the first time in twenty years that anyone said they knew anything about what happened to highdown one of the early doors. The reporter knocked on was Richard. Does the brother who'd been accused back win but acquitted? Oh my God. Finally it was unbelievable. Finally someone come forward to help my brother President. I just said you know if you have anything that might help here you know. Let me know he said well. I do have these seven boxes of documents and Mike Arrive Cow. He's gathering dust. I said absolutely like to see those right away for two decades. Richard had kept every scrap paper related to his trial. Was there something buried in there that the other lawyers had missed something that might help his brother? For Lisa and the reporter eagerly digging through those boxes was like opening presents at Christmas tonight. Thought what is this stuff? The whole thing was so bizarre to me. There was something buried in the box. Something forgotten that almost glowed it turned out to be so important for their quest what they fished out was an internal memo from the Oswego County. Sheriff's Office put Heidi Allen in a whole New Light. She wasn't just the bright face. Smart girl selling Sunday papers. It turned out. She had a secret arrangement with local law enforcement. Heidi Allen was a confidential informant telling us who selling acid on school grounds. Who's dealing dope right? She'd been issued a three by five informant index card. It had her name fingerprints even a secret squirrel informant alias and had a code name. Julia Roberts and had Oliver Personal Information on this card saying this woman code named Julia. Roberts is a drug informant for the cashier's office. Yeah I was thinking. How did this come out during the trial? The discovery of Heidi's informant status offered up whole new theories about her disappearance. That certainly would have opened up. The field to many other possible suspects with motive to harm her turns out thumper headset as much. Tanya. He said that that's why haven't Seurat's She was a rat she was going to turn some big big guys in. And that's why they did it as thumper tells achieve snitch. She's a snitch. Lisa People's immediately got on with Gary tip a trial attorney from nineteen ninety-five Joe Faked. He says back when he did hear rumblings that Heidi might have been working with the sheriff's office but was told there was no file. Let it simply wasn't true. I didn't know anything about the card. I didn't know anything about the Julia Roberts so who did know as it turns out. Heidi Allen's card wasn't locked away in a sheriff's filing cabinet somewhere. A deputy actually carried it around with him one day two years before she disappeared. He lost dropped it in the parking lot of the D. N. W. Convenience store. We're Heidi would one day become a cashier. The idea was later found. It sends like outing and undercover officer or a protected witness. Yes yes the idea that. It's out there that they believe she's an informant is a problem. What was important for Lisa? People's about the discovery of the Heidi Identity Card. Was that even though it was in the brothers case file in an apparently never been given to Gary Tomatoes defense team. She argued that was something called a brady violation prosecutors required to turn over any evidence that might help the defense. Lisa filed a motion to have gary's conviction thrown out John. O'brien broke news. Writing the first of many Heidi stories to come it just took off and people are devouring at a rock had been kicked over. The report was now getting hundreds of tips and leads. He even tracked down one of the jailhouse informants from the trial Robert Baldo sorrow and recorded the interview. The man's story had changed somewhat. Your testimony came out that he confessed to it. I never said he confessed anything I said you know. He never come out and told me that he killed anyone and a coworker of Heidi said in sworn statement that shortly before Heidi went missing. She'd been afraid because the sheriff's department want her to nail people for dealing coke but Heidi Sister Lisa was having nothing to do with the new theories. You believe that the conviction of one of those brothers explains everything or do you think there's more to be told this man's that we trust our law enforcement and we trust. Rda confidence in their professionalism. And you do now. I think you're saying we do. The judge looking at the new evidence decided to hold a hearing. You're saying to the court. There's new evidence. Give Him a new trial or come loose gas. I think there's been a huge injustice and it's been a huge mistake. Are you in a better place now? I feel relieved. I finally got somewhere but all of the fervent interest outside the walls over the fate of Gary seem to wash rate over the man himself. Can you imagine life on the outside? I go fishing a can of beer. That would be nice sitting on the bank fishing. Having a can't the question that provoked this response. Are you out of your ever loving mountains? Highway and God's name. Would we ever do something like that why and then another victim steps forward? He was dragging me backwards with his hand over my mouth. Will HER STORY REVEAL? Heidi's true killer in January two thousand fifteen. A judge granted a hearing in the matter of Gary Tiptoe. The man convicted of Kidnapping Heidi Allen in one thousand nine hundred ninety four. His brother Richard. Tocado was also in the court with his family. I want the truth. Took him out. I want to know what happened. I want to be home so even though I went through all this crazy crap if he gets to go home in the end. I've done what's right. Heidi's family was there but not expecting much. There's nothing new today. As just sensationalized. The narrow issue at this hearing was whether or not prosecutors years ago unfairly and illegally failed to turn over a key document to the defense that ID card of sorts indicating that Heidi had been recruited as a teenager. Sheriff's Drug Informant District Attorney. Greg Oaks argued that the state had in fact turned over the confidential informant records before trial. They did perceive this information. They did know about this. But beyond the issue of who saw what discovery evidence when was another layer the prosecutor said it didn't really matter your activities limited to giving some high school information to the deputy there was not a contemporaneous investigation about to go down ground. The time of her disappearance no investigation issues involved with so if Heidi wasn't naming names and turning in drug dealers then the prosecution argued. There was no foundation to this new theory. That bad guys had killed her in revenge for being a SNITCH. Sure we'll talk vehemently denied the defense innuendo. That the deputies were somehow responsible for getting Heidi killed. Did you guys? Carelessly Buster identity. Sheriff are you out of your ever. Loving is Heidi and God's name would we ever do something like that and jeopardize a girl's life or career or anything why accidentally this resulted in the girl being vulnerable? How did she become vulnerable? Sheriff Todd said Yes sir. Id Card was dropped in a parking lot but was returned to the office right away. Only the store owner saw but something else was going on in the hearing. Lisa the defense attorney was also acting a little like a prosecutor. She was about to introduce evidence about those three men identified as the so called abductors and killers. All I have to do is say. Hey there's this new evidence and had it been available it would have created a reasonable doubt for a jury to acquit him. The attorney called other witnesses who like Tanya had heard stories about these three men killing Heidi and disposing of her body. He taught several times that he would hit. And then the men themselves I there was thumper real name James Steen. Doing life former. I have nothing I can tell you about Saint Batman over there. Nothing he claimed not to know about Heidi's abduction nor did potential suspect number. Two his buddy Roger Breckenridge another guy with a record and then there was the third guy from Tanya Story. His name was Michael Bore. He lived a mile from the convenience store and had Heidi make him a sandwich most days she was working. What made bore stand out among the three was his admitted obsession with the Heidi Allen case had told investigators as much months early. And who one day. I'M GONNA pop. In the vector somewhere. He seems so preoccupied with the case out obsessed with it because and just freaked me out turns out. He had a shoebox full of old news. Clippings heat kept for two decades in court or testimony was not videoed but he admitted years back. He'd been a drug dealer and he became very emotional. He started crying when it came to questions concerning his obsession with the case and he kept driving by the sign. That says where's Heidi and he thought about her six times a day. Strange and remember that profile drawn up by the FBI agent. Clint van Zandt today contributor to Msnbc back then he'd predicted Heidi had been killed by someone who would later appear to be obsessed with the case. It's going to be someone who knew the victim. It somebody who will follow this crime very closely who will gather newspaper clippings articles. He and there was something else. Fbi profiler had predicted. What I suggested was. This is so bold. They're going to have other types of offenses in your background. You may see stalking. You may see other types of kidnappings holy cow. He just profiled. Michael Bore the attorney. Track down this woman Catherine Schmidt who says she was attacked by four years before Heidi subduction. She told us he tried to push her into a car. Hannah chokehold and was dragging backwards with his hand over my mouth and I mean I couldn't breathe. She managed to run away with minor. Injuries bore pleaded guilty to unlawful imprisonment. But the judge wouldn't allow Catherine Schmidt to testify at this hearing ruling. Her story about Michael Borer was not relevant. He is absolutely very curious. I think he's mentally unstable or he knows what happened to. Heidi feels remorse all these years later. And don't believe that's the case so the judge took it all under consideration is given me a reason to live now. But in the end he ruled against saying there was no proof that the state did not hand over documents. Related to Heidi's drug informant status. Andy agreed with the DA that it wasn't legally relevant anyway and as for those alternative suspects the judge said it was all too speculative and remote to warrant overturning. The jury's verdict. None of the three men has been charged with anything related to the Heidi Allen case. Long as Gary's alive I'm just GONNA keep on fighting for him and the fight wasn't over. Lisa took the appeal to a higher court and a panel of four judges agreed to give the case. Fresh eyes and ears peppering. Both sides with questions just rushing proudly progressed beyond the defense has an established that in this case your honor. Lisa People's disagree. I'm here today to address a miscarriage of justice that occurred more than twenty one years ago. Weeks went by then months yes. It's hair the decision was posted online with little fanfare. One judge wrote a detailed argument on why he believes Gary should get a new trial but the other three judges voted to uphold Gary's conviction. Oh my God. This is unbelievable like disgusting. Lisa immediately broke the news to Gary. Gary I got some bad news but try to instill some hope but we're going to work on it as quickly as we can and we really do have a solid ground to go to the Court of Appeals. I continued the fight. She convinced New York State's highest court to one more review of the case but Gary's health was deteriorating. Gary lives see the day months later. Gary's appeal was again rejected and in the summer of two thousand nineteen sixty four year old. Gary Tiptoe died in prison but the story that began so long ago isn't really there is no closure for those two families. The Tim does and the allens divided as to guilt or innocence. Both all these years later have the same question. What DID HAPPEN TO HEIDI? And will we ever find a shallow grave? I think eventually it's going to happen. Someone's going to say I might not know on this side of heaven. I might have to wait. I will die trying and fighting for her. She went to work early on Easter Sunday morning and was never seen again. A tie it Jenna. Bush Hager from the today show. And I'd love for you to join my book club. Read with Jenna. I've loved reading since I was a little girl. And my mom. A librarian read to me every night. Now I love getting lost in the world that books open for US meeting characters who feel like friends. Every month I choose a book that I fall in love with usually by divers debut author's books that lead to great conversations read with genetics about sharing our love of reading and connecting with each other. So visit today dot com slash read Jennifer to join the club and get my latest pick.

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