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The Harbaugh's podcast with Jim Harbaugh. Everybody and welcome to attack each day. The Harbaugh's podcast, I am your guide new title. They met bequeath to me. I'm your guide IRA Weintraub the real host of the show or Jim Harbaugh and Jack Harbaugh. We also do have director recruiting Matt Dudek here as well. MacKenzie is here. Now she is each and every week coming up on the show. Talk a little bit Michigan versus Maryland, Michigan versus Wisconsin coming up. Our guest coming up is Michigan men's basketball coach Giambi line, and later on the show hashtag Jack, talk here on attack each day. The Harbaugh's podcasts a reminder to subscribe to us on apple podcast. You can listen to by the podcast one app or on podcast, one dot com, and please follow us in contact us on Twitter at AD podcast, or you can use the hashtag Jack talk. And we got a tweet for after last week's game from Wayne hilly, and he tweeted it, and he said, tidbits, I gather from listening to add AD podcast. This week one too many damn jacquard boss. We learned that you had that conversation that there were what four or five at one place that Jack Harbaugh they've Kinnock stadium. We had that story on the podcast last week and number three was the Brennan still lives in Ann Arbor and his grandson plays flag football with little Jack. I think he visits in Arbor to watch his grandson play, but that was a tweet from Wayne hill. And you can tweet us at ADD podcast or using hashtag Jack talk. I normally would open up by saying congratulations coach on the win, but I'm asking to say, congratulations coach, your grandfather. Yes, those great moment last week, early Thursday morning about three thirty AM over the u. of m. hospital. My son's wife Britney gave birth to seven, pow, fourteen hours twenty two inch, long baby. Jacob. Alexander horrible delivered by the great Deb Burman and I gotta be honest with you. It was. I was just kind rolled along with the okay babies common seen few of these seven and excited about it being. Grandpa versus today? Yes, yes, it was. I mean, I can't tell you how how need of a feeling just to know like this is now happening there generations kind of look out and go. There's going to be hard balls, you know, for another generation. And you know, we've got another generation would say too damn many Harbaugh. A lot of people suggests good feeling to know that there's there's another one out there. Next generation, selfishly, I was thinking about myself a little bit just sticking the entertainment, the entertainment. I'm gonna have you know watching having another another boy to to watch, you know, hopefully play sports hopefully, but you know, whatever he gets into, they'll be something that will know be able to go to games and maybe gets into something else, but hopefully sports, right. I mean, all the lessons that you're learning now from him as a grandfather, you could implement them as a grandfather that you maybe can't is a dead. I mean, there's some things I bring value. I mean, I I know how to I'll be able to teach them how to ride a bike. I'll be able to teach them how to climate tree. I'll be able to do the things I do. I can teach them how to throw. I could teach him how to hit a baseball and catch your baseball and your dad. There's lots of problems. And so you're dead, who was I'm sure your kids have considered for a long time to be a great grandfather. He's now though a great, he's best friend. He's a best friend. I hate to throw blanket on this, but I'm somewhat disappointed in you. Why is that? Well, what I do, I screwed up well on it hadn't been a week and I've taken on Friday Jackie, and I and Sarah went over to see the baby. You see Jacob. He was bright eyed and bushy tailed. I mean, he was excited Sarah and Jackie. And I were told the story about Britney how you were there for the entire evening. Baby babies born stuck around for a couple more hours to make sure things were going well. And I thought for sure there's no possible way that we would not have a wingspan on this young man. We had a weight. We had a length, and I asked the question to the nurses. She came in what was the wingspan? And she said they had no wingspan. So as you were on call and. Yep. What happened. So I did exactly what you did with my kids. You told me, Jim, as the grandfather you told me the sun to make sure you get a wingspan, not just the the, the weight and the length, but also make sure we spread out the the hands spread out the fingers and make sure that you get the wingspan. Will we spend and as a son? I did that I got. I made sure we got the wingspan when the when the baby's born, just a mom, the sun and the baby that are that are in there for that. So this time around as grandfather, I did what you had trained me to do. I said, Jay, make sure you get a wingspan Jay's going to take the hit, just the height that just the way, but also very well done to wingspan very well done. So I think I did Jay's going to regret maybe I didn't emphasize that enough. I didn't communicate that. He's gonna regret this someday. Some recruiters are gonna come around. When Jacobson and a freshman in high school and they're doing valuation on him and they're going to say j. Jimmy Jacobs wingspan. And he's going to say, I would have liked to have done that, but grandfather, Jim wasn't on. He's going to turn it back to you. I promise, you know, because my first Cup, I didn't get a wingspan either because there's some things that it's a real veteran moved to be the dad and get that done. The first couple of times I didn't get a wingspan either because I mean there's other things on your mind. You're under some stress. You're just trying. You're really trying not to have the knees buckle and be that dad that goes down and faints in the delivery room. I mean, you just try. You're trying to, you're just trying to get through that. You're trying not to screw it up, but the disk quickly down the road. And then when you're when you and John were born at Toledo, I gotta go back to those years. First of all, we had no idea. Boy girl. We didn't know even there where you even at I was at the hospital for all three bursts all three hours there, but I, but about an hour, Jackie was in labor for about an hour. And then it started to get where she was really in pain, and they told me I had to leave. I had to leave the room and I didn't argue. We had this rumor fathers were in their other fathers like two or three other father sitting in an area where, hey, how you doing we, she well, and we're kind of giving each other support where all the other stuff is going on that fathers now are a part of. And then at some point in time, a doctoral committee, a smile, his little hat and all that on there, and he'll go. Don't. They were little hats were a little hats and they go Mr. Harbaugh. Congratulations. You have a son, so I go in and when you go in there, all everybody's there got stuff on them and cleaned up, and they wife's feeling good and you kind of celebrate, then you go out and get a haircut, so you you don't want that kid to see without a haircut. I mean, don't even look that and thinking a little shaggy around yet. So I went out and got a haircut, each time that are three warm. Did you get haircut? No, I need one right now. I haven't had a haircut since porn. Training. Been a, I would call Jerry. I'm been around eight or nine weeks. Well, the call Jerry. Maybe you can come down here, get make it down the street. Having a time Brown hasn't gotten one either. We were just talking about that this morning. Does he trim his mustache z. let that go to. That's a good question. I don't know. It's to get him on next week checkout. It's a good question for Dr blitz. So you had a great week obviously to become a grandfather, and then that goes into the weekend and after we get the weather delay safety, very important. So there was a beautiful day and you guys had a terrific football game through two quarters. They had three first downs and brand seventeen plays. I think in the first half and then second half a lot more of the same. I really nice performance by your team to get the homecoming victory. I really appreciate the team and all the coaches, everybody it was a. It was a game where players made plays, and that's what it usually comes down to guys making plays. And, and our guys really did that shape and. I thought he was probably the biggest catalyst for the entire team. Chase win. Avenged can continue to play like an animal. The guy's playing great football, Zach, gentry had a had a great game Koran hick they went over two thousand yards in another hundred in the game. Sean mccune is probably the one that would say he may be bought blocking right now better than any player on our entire team. And I put Ben Mason right there in that in that comparison. Sean mccune is allowing us to do so many things he's blocking ends. He's blocking linebackers. He's blocking safeties. He blocks whoever he is assigned for tight end to be able to block an end outweighs and by sometimes forty fifty thirty, he's doing an incredible job and he made some tough catches grandparent and make make it easy on them on the reverse pass. So many other guys, Devin Bush had a tremendous game again. Also, he did a great job in communication getting our defense lined up. Also jasmine Mattel us back end there was so much shifting and motioning going on, but it was. It was incredible. The falls most kick ass new drama is about to kick off Jack out Wednesday, October tenth to highly anticipated new series. All American premieres on the CW. And of course all American. You know, this is about it's about football and you can't beat TV shows about football, right? I really enjoy these football shows. I really do all the way back and so I'm really looking forward to this. This show suspense and superhero mastermind, Greg Berlanti producer of massive hits like Riverdale and black lightning is about to kill it in the sports. John as well inspired by local football hero, Spencer pacing her all American is about a high school football fee numb from south central who get your to play in Beverly Hills. And he goes to play there for Tate digs because Tae digs crushes it as Beverly Hills, high football coach, Billy Baker, a former star player in his own right, who sees himself and Spencer coming off of two losing seasons. He also sees Spencer as ticket the job security, it's a lot of pressure to put them high school kid. Let me let me. Ask you a question. Is there any chance that I might be able to get a walk on? I think there might be a place for me on this show. I think the assistant coach, special teams coach, maybe a Beverly high secondary coach. That's my specialty. The secondary coach you could do running back coach to. I've heard some some accolades, especially secondary well, Billy promises Spencer the chance of someday go pro and give his family a better life. The relationship between a coach and a player who each have everything to lose is the driving force behind some pretty intense drama, both good and bad. If you could draft a fantasy football team for fall TV all America be illegal, its own, catch the series. Premiere of all American. I know where Jackson ABI or at least we're his DVR will be of Jack's dot available, catch the series premiere of all American Wednesday, October tenth on the CW Harbaugh's will be watching the other thing about babies being born. This is just the thing, the ones that are during the season, you always correlate it back to the game that that was that week. I had some babies being that have been born during season, my son, James. Was born on September. Fourth, and I was playing at that time. We had a huge win against the New York Jets at twenty one point comeback and my son. Jack was also born on September. Fourth, I was coaching in San Francisco, and we beat the Packers on the road a couple of days later. And then Katie was born December seventeenth in Orange Bowl, full preparation for the Orange Bowl. Addy was born on October. Seventh, two thousand eight hours quite that the USC game because that was that was like Tober sick. She was born to six and USC was on a seven, two different years. I still equate that that that was a big win. That was. That was a pretty big win. So yeah, to have Jacob born mid week on a Thursday morning before a win against Maryland leaves a good taste. You'll get get a nice game ball painted up every time. You know, one of the kids born, you know the week the day or two before a game, and then we win that game. Get a nice game at help us out. Now. We had three births here within the last two or three weeks last. Yeah, within the last month. Yeah, last three weeks. Yep. Sean McKay Sean McGhee with lane McGee no-win span to not to my knowledge. Then we had Martin Sanni with his wife, Tara and baby rose, no wingspan to my knowledge. Then lastly, we have a Jacob horrible last this last one. So it's been pretty incredible from that aspect as a great grandfather. Yes, there's time may offer a piece of advice. Yeah, I think everybody listening would love to hear that we need wing spans. Yeah, I was gonna come at time when that's going to be important. I can't tell. Emphasize that enough. We asked for infant wing spans in our recruiting profile for nearly every and very few. I would think so. Yeah, I got. I stick up for j a little bit. I mean, because I asked Jay afterwards, what's the wingspan? He said that he tried to get it, but they said that he couldn't do it. Then the doctor was the same doctor that brought Jeb Berman Debbarma and we have a wingspan on on young. We we do. I think I was more persistent than Jay took the no, no. What you were defending son, and then you just kind of drew. That was, he just took the no didn't quite didn't have the rebuttal back. It'd be persisted and come back with the argument. There you go. You never strong enough count on oil. He welded. Well, he will in the next one. One thing I will say. We've got another one. We've got an, I don't know. I don't know if we can announce it though. You know, sometimes they don't mind the only one knows this. We got another. We've got another got one a couple more coaches at have have them into, are we allowed to think one for sure is is public. Will you be the one because I'm not going to be. I don't wanna get partridges. We're talking about, yes, Borchert where you just let the cat out of that boy. Oh, boy, always, Matt Dudek. Sorry. I'm so sorry. Mersa. Well, she's showing I think people are win. Imagine coach partures there in February, and then Kelly king who is on our front desk. She's also I believe, February from that mistake for number two number two for Kanter and list Tanner, thank you. I didn't know if that one was public. So I was holding out one a little bit. Jacquard ball, I believe they're February-March also. So when we had that Easter party here last year, and that's really the first time, the new staff and everybody all the kids. I mean, there was fifty kids down there and we decided six more for next Easter. So we're, we're rolling. We may have to cut this out, but I know what Bo Shem Becker be saying right now we aren't working near a hard enough. That's where he would go with. Stay right in, but I will take this batch just football here. It's not just academics at the, that's that's the direction, family family coach. And I've talked about the daycare open them in a daycare across the street. We've even had that conversation over dinner. So Overeen you know, you have the bo- class. You have the, you have the gym class. You have the ios class. You have the different classes, each age group, the Bo would be the, maybe the infants. I don't know. I mean, we, we figure. Harbach come in and teach a class a. Luli we did one of those seven thirty staff meetings here. We'd you sitting around the table, says guys, what hell are we. It's been a lot of fun this week. Needless to say in the in the building with the great news that has happened in on the football field as well. And I'm still waiting to find out and maybe I have to reach a call myself to find that I swim coach hasn't gotten a phone call from the track team asking if Ben Mason his time to hurdle for the. I mean that that tells you how good of a game it was that we, we said, how great the guys played. Ben Mason's hurtling over a guy was not referenced. Be watts, pick six was not. So that's how great of a game that we had. I've never seen a guy that big hurdle. Those pretty cool what the moment for me going back to the seventies in John Wang Lurs quarterback at the time that I was here and watching the great throw against Indiana and to watch Jared Wang, learn, lose more that touchdown, not an easy catch. I mean, he had to lay out and he had to extend his arms into in the end zone and then to watch him jump off the turf. I mean, as a father that had gone through here and then he scored that touchdown that had to be one of the great moments. I know for me and I certainly know for the wingless. Oh, it was incredible. So we are a story on this. Forget, do we have time you go ahead so I- couple things to rest of the story there, Texas, Jared, and John later that's this that EBay said, what's it been? Maybe thirty eight years since a wangling scored a touchdown in the big house. If I put the caveat Johnny. I'm sure you scored a touchdown in the big house, right? I know you through a bunch of touchdowns and then he takes it. Bagging said John. John said, he never scored a touchdown in the big house. He he got a few inside the two yard line, but he, he never actually score one. So as a Jared wangling scored the family touchdown in the big house. Then the other part of that story was you saw Jared jump up and he was really excited and and and fist bumping, etc. Well, it was just pure Cass after that because we could not find him as we're trying to go for two. I personnel group sent out there. Jerod wasn't in and. Then they called time out. And then we sent a different play in different personnel group, and it was Wang personnel group to have him and Mason in the backfield at the same time, and there's no Jared Wang Lord to be found. They finally tracked down. He was up, you found found them. You see what's up into a stance. He was told that he was in in the stands high, five hundred or he was behind the Lambeau leap or something. He was behind the bench high five and his brother. Yup, absolutely. Yep. And then they got him and his first thing he came without his helmet, then he had to go back, get his helmet, finally got him out there on the on the field, and we can earn the respect for the heck of a block grape block Hecker lack any celebrate that block. But the respected the players on the team have form. When he scored the touchdown, he he started down the sideline the entire team. Many met about the twenty our line. It was like going through a gamut, the God let you know he was high fine to players going over to the bench, and they were hugging him. He was sworn by the players what? What a tr- tremendous tribute to him and his contribution to this program? Yeah, it's a special team that way the, they really like each other and therefore each other, you saw the same thing with Brandon Watson when he but I couldn't get the brand new to congratulate and there. So many guys on the team when Michael one, four and went down. Yeah, we've seen a few times that the whole team to be like that and the the hush of the crowd, a lot of respects. And you can tell the love on the team. So I wanna I gotta ask now maybe that was what was going on the track coach called you yet looking for a hurdler from Ben like are they seen Ben based on time to spend some time on them, it'll team to help out. I, I don't think I've ever seen a two hundred sixty pound guy hurdle a defender. We see him truck over truck through guys, but not actually hurdle over and that really, I mean, our whole batch, you saw guys get off the bench or from the sideline. They were moving. You're not feel a movement and precedent precedent from the from the back, you know, and. That really energized our team a lot. I asked ban yesterday if he'd ever done any all your. Quite a bit in high school quite a bit in highschool. You've done that maybe out of compassion, you probably would really hit some guys in high school that put a put them through the turf. So maybe it was that a compassionate does a great plan having a secondary coach for about twelve or so years. I know exactly what went through that defensive back mind. He saw this guy coming in and he saw the that the beady I looked at that Ben will give you, and he was going to be a arrow in the snow. He was going down to the knees in the ankles. He what he didn't want any part of a mobile Bubba, the waste, and he got just a tad low. It's it's probably smart. He may not have made it to the next game because Ben would have he's toured sixty pounds. A full full head of steam is going to go through just about anybody on the defensive side of the ball. Does it was allowed to jump to see the guys they've already got momentum built up. I mean, he was kind of almost come on. It was, yeah, it was. He didn't have. It wasn't running real fast. He was kinda just caught. It turned around and then almost an in-place vertical jump and then back down it was I was pretty impressive. It was a nice play, and that was early in the game. Of course you're going to get the win forty two twenty one. And then it's onto Wisconsin, Nike him coming up here, just early thoughts leading into the game against the badgers as we know with Wisconsin, always tough physical matchup for you guys. Yeah, they're, they're really, really good. They're really sound, you know, they, they don't beat themselves. They got tremendous players or quarterback tremendous player. They're running back as a tremendous player. They're there. They've got to great safeties on defense. They've got the. Tough guys up front, they're they're big on both lines. That's the physical team and really well coached, and it's going to be a big, big challenge at task for our game for our team. Excited about it. Looking forward to it. I can imagine this week when they changed the game, you know, from early into the seven thirty game at Bo was up in heaven and trying to find Woody working through the bear Bryant's and everybody he ran into Woody Woody. You and me Saturday night seven thirty. This is one of our kind of games, seven thirty. It's going to be knows on nose toes to toes. This Wisconsin and Michigan team are kind of game, and they'll be watching from vote. Football's Valhalla. You have a couple of cigars. Bo have a couple of cigars. He Woody will enjoy this one. Absolutely. 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Another great coach here at the university of Michigan, Michigan men's basketball coach, John line here an attack each day, the Harbaugh's podcast, whether it's our hearts, lungs or other organs. The were diagnosis tends to make us uneasy at Kaiser Permanente, our specialists care for you and about you working together, creating a treatment plan specific to your diagnosis and total health. So from primary to specialty care, find reassurance in a great team of healthcare professionals committed to your healthy recovery, visit KP, dot org, slash specialty care to learn more visit from vision hotel to the mainland states incorporated twenty one to one St.. Rockville Maryland, two, zero, five, two. Make sure to stick around after this podcast to get the latest headlines from the AP news minute. If you like our show you're gonna. Love. Wriggles picks with rob Riggle and Sarah t. on podcast. One, you've seen Robin, the hit movie nights school with Kevin Hart and Tiffany haddish, but you can hear him every week on the funniest funny sports podcast around with host, Sarah Tiana, checkout wriggles pigs, every Thursday on podcast one or wherever you get your favorite podcasts. This is attack each day. The Harbaugh's podcast. Now time to talk to our guest in his twelfth year in Ann Arbor, the head basketball coach for the Michigan men's basketball team, Jon coaches, great to see how are you. Thank you very much. Appreciate the have a couple of weeks ago you your team, the big ten shape your team was on the field, and it was your first public outing since the surgery and as the pan the camera down and I don't know of coaches, busy coaching, but I'm sure Jack heard it Matt probably heard it. I know I heard it was the loudest applause of the day in the stadium, and you guys earned a lot of applause that day on the football field. But a lot of supplies that day I came in seventy three through seven. Long. I don't think I heard louder applause in the time that I've been around machine, what a great tribute to thank thank you. Now it's a, it's it's wonderful for our kids to be out there and being. I mean, they are so thrilled that the university gives us that paternity in that venue to go out and. Recognized their accomplishments and we like going out there. We want to go out there every year if we can, but you gotta win championships to do it. We wanna have you out there two to honor you guys. So first foremost, how are you feeling as we bring the the bypass brothers here. Six. Six bypasses. Do. I feel great. I just yesterday I did the beat Cam clinic for an hour and a half. And then I came in coach for three hours and Kathleen things. I'm pushing a little bit too much and I probably am, but it's what we do. I'm delegating more I rather than I ever have. And that's I think this down the road I can do more of that now that I realized the gym doesn't fall down because I let somebody else do at drill. So that's gonna. That's gonna be the benefit of this one. There's a silver lining and everything. I can't do everything. And so I'm letting other people do it and it's working fine. Have you? You inject had conversations about the recovery while I, my doctor, Dr ego got in touch with the right about with Jack and Jack Jack, and I exchanged voicemails a few times. But I was taking a lot of naps in that first week when Jack was trying to get me and we missed by that time. I got an awful lot of good info and I didn't much trouble coach anymore. We, we had it under control. And when you live in Michigan and you got this hospital in this cardiac center. Around you, you, you know it was okay, but I didn't have to listen to the coach to get good information. Good information. We're getting information from the pet. Doctor Dr Harbaugh I just want to just a quick story. I know I don't get too much here, but I did the surgery over in Wisconsin and that was in April. So then we moved here in July. So I transferred to Dr eagles. So I went to him in the first time we did the cagey and all the things they did blood pressure and all I went through my poems or sweating. This wait for Dr Hewlett community came in his white coat on this thing around his neck. The thing they check your heart with and all that. And he's got this look on his first first time I've ever met him. I'm waiting and he goes well, this, and then he goes, but the dreaded, but word and I thought, oh my God. They found stuff that in the word and he had this look on his face and but what kind of football team we going. I said, doctor, I'll becoming a lot. Don't you ever do that to me? Kim eagle Dr was great because I remember when I heard that you went into the hospital and you had the signal for the enzymes and we're still getting checked out. We call Dr eagle and he he looked into it and was we were thinking about airlifting you back here in Arbor, but it was it was too far along and you needed to get the the surgery there, but he's been fantastic. I mean, from the from the minute from an hour after it happened, well, he was Bose guy is right out both through that. They wrote a book together. That was one of the first things I got from him here. Here's bows book with. I just read about you gotta learn about the heart and how it goes. It's fascinating because it's got a good, great combination of how did you find out about it? What what were the signals that you got? Just just, you know, in your sixties here and you you get. I said that, you know, I need more than just a regular physical, getting executive physical, and, and but I should get stressed as and he said, you should get. One every two or three years. So I almost missed it. I mean, I, I had to go recruiting Jim and so I was like the the physical and the head like an hour physical. And I said, well, we gotta do stress this. I said, I got plane to catch. So I left and I collect the plane and went recruiting and then came back and Dr eagle reminded me, you never got that stress tests. And we've been watching this and watching because my dad had several heart attacks. So he's he ended up saying to me, we're getting that stress test. And so I said, and I was also getting a colonoscopy at the same time. So I said, which do you want me to get that? And we'll do that the next day and I did it, and then he's calling me the next day and gave me the, but. Everything looks good, but you gotta blockage go, you got you. Got something keeping blood from getting to your heart and we gotta look at it. And the next thing they looked at it and actually knows five thirty in the morning and I'm, I'm on an operating table. It was good. I call coach, I, we something we were talking about. You're talking about the colonoscopy, I think, but why called you? Yeah, we were talking about something with with recruiting or some. I was asking you some questions and give me some good advice, but you were you at just had your colon is. Well, Jim, I just had a coal Ashby. I know what that's like. Yeah, you're in. You're in. You're in a fog, but can you answer this question. Did I was out a phone. We were at a phone for about fifteen twenty minutes. I really because I need you to help train. Lock it. And then maybe a day later I read in the newspaper and every stress test like the next day. And then certainly, you know, bang. They went back. There was like, I don't know if you've got my tax. You probably know. I got four hundred fifty Tex once the announcement phone, my daughter had my phone. It was just blown up and blowing up and blow it up. But I got yours. I, I said. That's a tough day where you go for Colin going asking you get bypass surgery man at four hundred. How many. You couldn't count it. It'd be two hundred. And I, I'd get Kathleen or it would get rid of fifty fifty more. It was just great emails and as great and get. Well, I still have a thing get well, things that I haven't even answered yet, and people are so nice. They were really, really great. John. I got four. From your John. John beeline is our guest here on tacky today the Harbaugh's podcast, and I'm just as you telling us stories in your laughing about it. It's great that you can laugh about things because they're obviously very serious conversations and I did learn. We have one of the things in common. Both of our dads go to Dr eagle and he's the best. So I'm grateful that my dad is in his hands and we're all going to be patients or the healthcare system at some more how lucky I would he be here. I sit at all the time when it comes to Motte, which you're now a grandfather so is obviously a very important part of our families. My goodness. Yeah, absolutely. So the timing of it worked out and you've talked a little bit about it. You ended up missing the trip overseas, but it still worked out better timing wise in if you got that call in all in September or October yet, that's why we do the stress says, when when you know I do my physical sort of when you have some time. But yeah, it was it was they said three years going, you're going to be out three to four months. And here I'm at two months right now, but it three to four months. And I said, well, that should be the start of the season. And let's let's do it right away. And there was a thought about, well, let's go to Spain and Kathleen, she wouldn't listen to any of that stuff. We were going to do anything. Let's just go and get this thing done that. I had no idea though. I know I'm sure saying he had no idea what they said. You feel like you when you wake up, you feel that got hit by a Mack truck and that's exactly feeling in your chest and everything. But every day feels is like a Volkswagen right now a little bit better every day. And as you said, you have three guys and really it's not just the three assistance staffers to, but you have so much faith incompetence in those guys that go. Overseas. That's right. I think Jim does a superior job at that as well as that we can't do everything and you gotta rely other stat staff. I, I read, I read fill nights book shoe dog, and he was amazing at delegating to other people, and I've just trying to do more and more. But when you when you when you began coaching as high school coach, we have no assistance and junior college division three, you rely on yourself and now I'm relying and others, and it's all going to work really well. That's how we get heart attacks, torture. Just trust them. We're over sleeves. We delegate nothing and we'd take everything personal one of the heart attack Absolut absolutely coach when you really need things about coach beeline is that he is never served as an assistant coach. I know that which is unique because most people come through the ranks, but you still picked up along. I know recommend anybody try and follow that because that's, that's all God's will. That's just an incredible amount of luck. So new fan highschool, but but it does. You are a head coach you are. You are. Side he Saudi was was saying to me after the tournament coach, I don't know how you do you have to span how you've done this and it's twelve hundred s at twelve hundred games now, head coach. So that would kill football coach, probably right. Twelve hundred as they go a long time ago. One hundred twenty years old. Oh, man. Yeah, but it it is, but then I look at them and I see the games are three and a half hours long that might kill me. That's a five overtime and overtime game. You guys have more stress in that during the games I was are over and we can't do much about it too much thinking he's gotta be. There's is. They said, there's too many huddles. All these things are going on and people are second guessing you and your second. I don't want to get guess myself just make I can make a call. I think that's an impressive thing to me as a coach, watching you coach now sitting next get something I've had the tickets. Yeah, which almost got pulled from you and other John. Say what you to you got, I don't know who you're gonna be playing. I mean, the little sisters from the exactly that's the only game I will ever come back to sit next to you. Tell the story John, you gotta tell it was it was like maybe your first year or something you came in and it was the year. There was a second. Yeah, it was second or so he was you. I, I maybe early on your well. He would Abell. Medicine now, Minnesota versus Michigan overtime game seventy six seventy three. That's the second time you've been that was the time he never have it. Yeah, because you said the time before they had lost during the game. I mean, the game's not over Minnesota was they were making a run with the game was within four or five? Yeah. Coach beeline looked at me and said, if we lose this game, you're never. You're never you're the last time you came here and sat and he's saying, we lost. We lost coach coach, we lost. We still got time. You check with you. Jack, was with me. Yeah. Yeah. We were just very, very, you know, I got out Glick over there, you know and it's really cool. It's really cool. I'm really, I don't pay as much attention as I should, but I try to say a load to everybody. That's there in those Jack Nicholson seats we call right. But if you're coaching poaching every second on the offense, aside the defensive side up at the time out, I mean, you go and you talk to your. A lot. Talked to other. I don't even know what I'm doing over there. Sometimes all I know is that you know, I'm just so focused on that game. You don't have time and you know, they said, what do you get nervous? I don't get I. I'm nervous before every game. It's just like think about everything go wrong. And they tell me that that's what great leaders do they. They're very anxious before games because they're always thinking, well, is the enemy over here is the enemy over here. They're they're trying to protect their troops. So you're always a kills me. It'd probably happens the gym to like our before the game. Somebody says they might run a fumble risky against you or they might run, you know, a box in one I'd say, don't even tell me that crap, and, but you just go. But it's like survival. It is not. I'm not nervous. I'm trying to. I'm trying to make survive in what's next. What's next? What's next? You don't. You don't get nervous. You're just trying to survive. I think Winston Churchill actually said that. He was quoted as saying that better somehow better to be anxious or better be nervous or worry before the battle than the dirt during the battle. Just butchered it, but it's it's exactly what you're saying. You're on your on point though, McKenzie. Can you go to the? I think Matt's look it up as we speak to find out where the quotas from, did you know that sixty six percent of men lose their hair by age thirty five. And the thing is when you start to notice hair loss, it's too late. Is that a hairline slowly started to move backwards. 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Wasn't that wouldn't ever have a moment of levity before a game or game, Ron, twelve hundred games. I can't remember one moment of women. No, I, you know what? I sit in there and the game, and I got this little Catholic prayer book that I bring out that I just read. I read stuff that has just gives me peace before a game, and that's what I, that's what I'm doing like in before the game or I just look for little quotes what I try to see the team, what does team need right now? And sometimes nothing and let my assistants do it, but it is. There's always something in I, I want to go out there in front of that team with so much confidence every time even though in in the other room, I may not be as confident is I'm going, they're going to see a confident coach go out there now. I hope I exude that, but it is. It is difficult when you were you raised in in a situation where you're when you have a Irish mother or the other shoes. Gonna drop all the time. Watch out something wrong could happen. You raised in the parents raising the depression. They were always waiting for something bad. Happen. So you go through that life and you're just sort of waiting for it, but it always seemed to work. It doesn't always work out, but it's worked out enough that I'm sitting here is go drained out doing this podcast. We we have a term for that in the Harbaugh family. It's called scary. Good, scary. Good. Yeah, very good. You know, you know that the trees will not. They can't. They're going to at some point right fall. They're gonna. They're gonna. They're gonna fall, but and the and the law of averages will eventually catch up to you and you just try to stand guard and and and the limit bay along. Well, as long as it goes, well, you know that something is out there be ready for it. It's interesting. You said that I kind of subscribed to that. No, there's no question. The Irish mother. Always go wrong. I mean, usually out of the Irish game over there and then you in the depression. I mean, you're on the depression, and we talked about my, we talked about my family a little bit and the saving private Ryan. My my mother sat there and watched two cousins not come home and another one get killed on the day on the day, the vide in another nephew or another die in the steel mill. He wasn't even in the service. These people grew up with such tragedy that when they're teaching us about life, they have to think about that. I totally agree. And I, it's a message that I really I mean for whether I'm right or wrong, really try to send to the to the to the youngsters to the players to these college kids as much as possible is like, here's what could happen the I'm talking about outside of, yeah, this is this is the risks you'd better think long and hard about all the things that could go wrong before you go to this party or that game. Getting that car with that person or this or that. I mean, that's a and that's all I really believe that's what we get, and that's all we can do to. We got advise it and hopefully they, they know they'll, but but we see how many times have you seen? Football coach, basketball coach, say that, and then somebody did a knucklehead thing right afterwards and it changes their whole life. But hopefully we've done enough of these things. That's why we love coaching, right? Because somebody's telling them the right thing and most of them are doing it and it changes their life's a really changed their lives. Coach. I know we were here doing podcasts in the spring into the actually late spring practice because coaches I have to go, I go introduce coach of the football team. You came in here to talk about what you were talking about. Saving private, Ryan story. Give a cliff notes version for the podcast listeners that haven't heard your story. Yeah. So my mother grew up with thirteen in her family, and then in the same count of tunnel wanted New York, right her. She had four cousins. There were boys and two that were girls and they all you know. They went into different times, but after Pearl Harbor, there's this mass, you know, everybody enlisting. They were all going to couch or maybe they're working in the steel will where my grandfather worked and they all went in and several went in the airborne second hundred. I someone in the or the or the army air. One was a pilot and sure enough on on. Normandy, tool of my mother's first cousins were killed in action. And then one was found later saving private, Ryan one was shot down in Burma and survived thought they thought he was dead for a year and a half. They thought he was dead for a year and a half. And apparently my mother's aunt still, she said, he's coming back. She feels he's still alive, and then he's walking through the door one day and that with all that set. And then I have two ankles. One was my was my coach at my AD at LeMoyne was injured at best on in the battle of the bulge came played was right hand. It came back and played left-handed. Conceicao got drafted by the Celtics -nother -nother hyung-chol Joe went over and and he went in with Patton at the very end of the war and and but then the one on cool, there's supposed to be the best athletes stainless steel million three or four kids. And then he died the day the day. He died. In a steel mill accident. So these people had through incredible things. Put it made it made them so tough, everybody, so tough and some of the times what we're what we all try and do is protect our children from adversity, and we certainly want to do that. But some adversity is really good for you, and you have to embrace it and makes you better coach when he spoke to the team that I think for the players. And you've talked you and your data talked about it really brought it home to them that much more to, here's coach, Bela, Tana story. Then they go over to Normandy as a part of your trip, and they made it a point to pay respects to be lines family. Yes, they did. And that was very, very moving great up of coach to do and really painted a picture before we went to Normandy, just boys in store for them, and then they were interested in finding if they had a family right Burr that fought in the war. If they had somebody from their town. That's, I mean, that's we were the same way. We had no family member that that that fought. But I mean just to go look at a gravestone and see the state, you know. You know, for him, it was Ohio for me mission given thinking about me on those graves known only to God, wow. In the parents and grandparents and went over there knowing that they lost yet. Right and sun and knowing what we look grave. It was that coach be let also talk to our football team about about football about team, and he thought he thought at that time thought he saw something special in this team. That's here right now and told him how how important it was and what his basketball team had gone through and and how they came together as a team that that really resonated with the fellas as well. We, we have a great. I mean, it's amazing and the, whether the guys that they played for Jim and other coaches in the pros now, or they all many come in as freshmen and many of them come in and they're in those summer programs where a lot of athletes on campus the campus, but there's they have time to really get to know each other and. Argues have really close associations with some of the football guys. You don't think it's really cool about you. Coach is how many of the football players you know? Yeah, and interact with the know by name and they know you by name bet you'll use when when he went into the submarine, nobody knows it. When he went, I was allowed in the summer. I've been in the submarine, they'll Sam, he's not the only separate and I went over and I just I observed things. I just love being part because I did coach football for three years in high school. People might not know that I had like four place at the right for place left. I still got one parent probably mad at me because I called a screen pass on third and ten didn't work or something, but I loved. I loved coaching football, but the colour got the more I want to get in the damn Jim. But there are things that doesn't get to come in the south. He's banned from the state bad for submarine. All right. Well, I've been in it, but that's what I see, but I'm just going to tell you I sit there and I'm watching my guys aren't cutting. My guys aren't cutting well. And I said, I just watch it and all of a sudden. I forget what your system was stick your foot in the ground and go there. Just stick your foot in the ground and go there. And I went over there and I said, stick your ground and go and all of a sudden we're cutting their tails. So there's there's all kinds of things he's got. He I'm not going to tell you. He's got plays that are all according to a certain aspect. Like we have the jungle. We have the jungle. We have lions Tigers bears, cobras guerrillas snakes. We have those. He has the same thing that parallels are in what I do want to do, and I haven't done this yet is Xavier Simpson to sit with shea and listen to its shea has to go through and he'll say, playing playing basketball. It's easy. I only got like ten things to remember. This has to no one hundred things with how you do it with twenty two people I have. No, I'm trying to spread the floor and do things twenty two people. It's amazing. There are a lot of dudes there. There are a lot of things, the parallels between the sports and the you can learn things from other coaches, and there's actually, I think maybe a parallel between you guys the way you recruited Dom Brown and the way you recruit, which there are differences. But there are actually a lot of similarities because there was not a pre existing relationship with those guys. You just wanted to go out and get someone to fit what you wanted, which was a great defensive mind. I think we're all copycats and coaching. And when I saw with that happen and beaten member, he didn't go take the national champion, Boston College defensive coordinator. We talk at team that just was good and defense, but they weren't. They didn't win, and he did that. And that next year that's I started looking at defensive field goal percentage, defensive Raitis who's coaching those teams and just asked who they are and it's, it's, it's certainly been incredib-. Well, hell force, but he's Luke glitches in down Brown are making us look like really good coaches at time. So, and that's good. Man, your defense. We me and dad. We watched all the, we were watching all the game. Oh gosh. We made it a point to watch everyone in your NCA tournament games together and. I mean, it seemed like you had six, seven guys out there on the floor playing defense. I mean, they were. They had like four and they had, yeah, it was like a power play every time. It was unbelievable. They were everywhere. They had those guys Xavier and Charles, really they just said that table night set the table and everybody's gonna foul along, but but Luke, I mean, Luke, Luke has done some things with the kids are accountable, and he will know how many shots they contested. You know the whole time or how many shots people got people get shot off on you, you're you may not be a good defender. You say, okay, contested. I mean we Xavier is allowed like his in practices. We chart every practice their way. He's only allowed his man to get like take six yet so far you know, in in post Spain, he's just item Drake, rich avenue, offense assignment. You probably count how many times guy gets a good look at the basket, and then using the guy for what they're really good at. I mean, you can get them open shot on a on a part of the court where he used to. Here's the basketball player coming in because he was about shooting at every time he headed. This man did not know what a pass. He did when it came to him, it was coming up. Why start playing basketball here in the fifth grade, I was on the same Saint Francis team and played my first game. And on the way home, my dad said a piece of advice for you. What's that when you get the ball shoot. So he was. In Dow shoot. Acid stuff that was bad for it. Was I bad dad? No, you're good debt. I would say. Did say, say. And so it's all. I mean, it's good. The parallels here are credible, and we both. And both of both of us have had some success, but nothing stops. We only do it because we grind we just really grind away. And because this life is is really a, you know, you have to be, you have to have a special spouse to get through it. You got a special kids to get through it. It is different. The stress in your, you'll growing up as a coach with them all sitting around me, you know, all of us. Now, Jim y- younger family, the mind. But I mean, there is stress. They know when they come home, whether dad's going to be what dad's going to be like right now question you have with your son coaching. Yeah. Your coach arable your coach at the same night. You got gotta game going on, starts at seven thirty, and you know his game starts at seven thirty and you're walking that line. Never jump into your mind. I wonder how things are going. I do it, and my guys will tell me at halftime. What's going on. We play a lot, but I think back watching his team play. This is the this is on tape video or live. We have been livestream how they did it for twelve hundred games. You know, kiss Kathleen with me virtually all twelve hundred games and there'd be time she, you know, they'd be listening to the games and she describe it to me. She's got these poor kids that are, you know, they're seven, you know, therefore there three to one and they're all holding hands while somebody from Kenichi shooting a free throw. You know what I mean? And we win or lose, we lose, they're all crying. We're all in the game, the game against Houston, where Jordan pool hit that shot. They're trying to zoom in on my poor grandkids, right? Who are now crying because there's two and a half seconds to go or whatever it was. I'm crying I'm about to cry too. And they're trying to zoom in on us like tournament round saying, no, don't let the camera see him crying. She doesn't wanna see him grind. And then the next thing you know he makes the shot and then everybody's crazy. So these, I mean, what the children and grandchildren go through of being. Related to apparent. Yeah, is is much much more stress than any fan ever goes through? Its is a bit. It's it's life. It's it's incredible. I've got a question for you. How do you? How does Kathy keep that lawn looking so good that long, a long drive by there. I look at this. Certainly you cut along. You use it, cut it to about three or four years ago. And then I finally gave in and I used to, I used to fertilize it. I did because I'm a farmer. I love doing that stuff and but finally it would be okay. I'm gonna fertilize that next Wednesday and it would rain and I wouldn't do it and then I'd have crabgrass or something, you know. So I do hire out now. I will admit it. I hire out, but it does look good. I look. I have to tell you they're good, you and I were on so much the same path coaching and children and kids and all that. And then all at once when you talk about cutting lawn and how you cut it up to three years we, we made a dramatic diverge diversion their discussion. You so you still cutting? No, I have never cut it. Kids and a wife and well, you know what you put on the I would put on the earphones, and I listen to baseball, Kaime it around the Saint Louis cardinal baseball game, or I time and around a bills game or Michigan was playing away, and I put the earphones on listening is like peace and quiet somehow with a. Elliot, no twenty to enter. I mean, it was to ride it or push. I'm impressed with that. Yeah, very pressed straight lines to straighten your bad guy or mulcher. I would always let it go out to Sida and beg much now that's all you gotta. You gotta keep feeding. Oh, yeah. You gotta keep being noticed up. I know this stuff way you eight. My hydrangea unbelievable. By the way, you know why we prune them. We prune them back. And so this is this is this is I tell the story all the time that I have to one's name is AM one, same Jordan, right? Right up to my because I proved him because they, they get pruned his freshman, right. And, and then they see that. Yeah, they prove they get pruned. You grow back to be big. If you don't get pruned. If nobody, you don't have any adversity, you don't get stronger. So they've, they seen the pictures of the good drainage is and the other ones I wish mom would have. Got that coaching point that you didn't have to rake the grass bag. The grass. Bag was about two feet wide. I mean, you had to change it every every every couple of strips. And I can't tell you how badly I felt for you in having watched you do that as I looked out the window. Did you ever bring a water you ever bring you water on how how, how. And John who was taking the most bathroom breaks when that was up that there were some arguments. Now there was rolling on the grass. How do you know I was watching. So I want to go back to something you had mentioned you said you guys watch the tournament games together. So who was loud wind Jordan, hit the shot. You or your dad. That's pretty exciting at that moment. When Jordan hit show, we saw that, why don't we didn't watch that one together and we show that tournament. I must have been doing something I'm to Texas game after they want. So the next the next to the next. Wait until we get serious. I think that's the only. That's the only game we didn't watch together. That was the only one. No wonder it was close coach. It was. All right. So of course coach now back to back big ten tournament championships, and those are those are unique experiences, and you've got a chance to DC in New York. Unbeliev-. That's where I was going with. Me twenty went out mess. Square guard. Twenty-one thousand seats. We had eighteen thousand Michigan, fancier. It lands plane. Went off the runway with the team on it. And then. A year before in Washington? Yeah, we, that's. That's that. You know what since since Brian Townsend was on my staff when I first got here played for bo- we talk about sudden change because a boat. So we talk about it all the time and that was it wasn't a joke, but after your plane crashes and you gotta decide where you got to play the next day, my kids said, sudden, change, coach, let's go, let's go. So we embrace that sudden change like crazy today. And that's that's what happens. But I think in football, that's us the fumble. You're going all of a sudden somebody fumbles well, defense got go out, sudden change. You got to do it. We had to move them in the ball game against this past weekend. We had to sudden change interception at the at the forty five yard line. And we had the sudden change with going forward on fourth down and getting stopped and the defense both both of those next how much we renounced greatest sudden change of all his. You kick a field goal. Go head three, nothing. You kick the ball off. They return. Turn it now at seven, three. I mean, that is that is I mean, you've got emotion of, finally, you got the lead after the first quarter. Now you now you're behind rally, but that's life. That's like that. Sudden change son chain. You go through life and all of a sudden everything's great. And then all of a sudden your boss, fires you right? Or something happened in something you get a phone call and your your, your son is sick or your daughter's sake. This is what sports just prepares us for this. So at just it's it's such a different exponentially. It prepares us for life so different right than normal normalized that we go through the eyes and a low sometime in the season. I think some people may not go through in ten years, so it's it's important part of our culture and makes us all better Ciampi Leonard. Tom, be our guest here for a few more minutes on each day, the Harbaugh's podcasts. Another parallel between the two sports coming up their next game against Wisconsin. If there's a team that is similar in football and basketball, it's the most kansin badgers, absolutely. I've been watching these dudes for seven years now. And then I, of course, watched the other team which took us forever to beat them because they don't make was tell me if there's any difference. They don't make mistakes, went Wisconsin basketball, right? They were always salad. There's nothing flashy. They just, you know what they're gonna do and they bring it right at you and say, stop it, and they always got a whole bunch of really good players. And then they got a few standouts that just they just play together and that's that's Wisconsin basketball. Right. Out. I mean it it's an or defense is always just absolutely solid and tuft outsmart them that in basketball. And you just you gotta hope. I mean, you saw some, you know, one time, Jim, we had a beat. I mean, it was a first time we'd ever wanted Wisconsin and we, we hit a Tim Hardaway. It's at three to go up by three with two and a half seconds to go. And we call a time out. We got a foul to give. We're, we're, we're going to win this game and they ran out about they ran out of bounce plays, and we were trying to. I didn't tell we were trying to foul instead of, I'm saying, tested shot and stay behind. They threw and a half court shot, and then they beat us thought it was the end of the world. But then but then again, you grow from adversely that same year we went to, we went to the final four. We had Syracuse and Kansas had the same play later on in the year we defended it better. We, we want so, but they are. They're not. I just watched there's great parallels, and that's why they're both really good programs. He just gave us a flashback to a couple of weeks ago on the podcast that's called failing forward. Right? I use it. I was listening to, I think I was listening to something on the way home Jimmy, and I don't have very far to commute. It's like you got like two minutes, so. That's about it, but I use that I spoke with the Wildman. Kessler scholarship group that is the bunch of young men and women that get scholarships from Fred wilpon and the Kessler family. And that's what I threw right in their bureau. Ford failing forward. And that's what happened. That's what happens in life. We had to do this, but athletics teaches this well coach, it's now it's best of all season. So few more weeks of practice. And then games Abana raising, we get the raise to banners this year. That's definitely better than what it will be great and we got to keep doing that, and it's tired to do that. Now with fourteen teams, you know, we talk about back in the big ten in winning championships with ten teams that was a little bit easier to do. Now. We got fourteen teams in both leagues is hard to do, and so we were fortunate to be able to do that. I don't know if any team has ever won eight tournament games in a row, and I have no clue how we do it, but we did it and our kids just adjusted an adjusted. So we'll be able to dad and the final four banner will be good, and it's thirty years. Since the national championship. So a lot of good things are happening every at every sport here right now, but how how the guys look in the early on as you get them in practice as you have new guys in new roles in veterans in Alexandria that are coming back and locking them there, there's days I think we'll be all right, and then there's other days, but I don't think we'll win one game all year long all, but that's what you know. He has the same thing after practice. You have good practices. You have bad practices and you just some days. You absolutely think you stink afterwards, and then there's other days, you know, maybe we'll be you never say. We're going to be really good. That never happens. You say, you know, I think we got a chance probably is as as positive, we'll be lucky. We'll be look. Win. One hurt that a few times. Well, I've said the same thing. We got more games, that's that's. That's who we are, but you just keep going along. Nobody here is, here's the deal. Nobody knows your weakness is better than the coaches. So we dwell on those weaknesses and don't think about all the good. I'll have a practice gym and I'll watch the video afterwards and it was the worst practice. Damn, he scored. He's doing this. What am I so upset for? But in practice you, those things will stand out in your mind. You're not like yelling at every weakness, but you see it. You see, this kid continues to make the same mistake, but he's doing nine things right? You forget about the nine thing. So that's where we got to settle down and just coach, you know, and just all right, we'll take them. We'll take he. We can do this. We got gotta hang in there and grind away or looking forward to the banners raising ceremony coming up looking forward to down the road, having your team back on the field at the big house to be celebrated many, many, many more times. I hopefully we'll have some great almost doubleheaders that we have. We're playing Friday or we're playing on Saturday and Monsieur football's plans same day we we get some some sweeps over weekend. Those are good weekends. Now those are all in hockey wheel. A women win the same weekend. It's those are great days. A lot of those ahead for us to appreciate it. And most importantly, it you're looking great and we're happy to have you back in in great health and back on the sidelines soon. Thank you. Thanks very much. Thanks for having me on the on the podcast. Hey, there diehards here some football facts. Even you might not know. The first football game was played in eighteen sixty nine in an average game. The ball typically in play for only about eleven minutes. And finally pizza consumption rates go up during the week of a big game. Okay. You probably knew that last one. Well, here's another fact. You might not know that actually really useful, especially if you plan on tailgating. Truecar also helps people get used cars. That's right. Truecar isn't just for buying new cars with their certified dealer network in nationwide. Inventory of nearly one million used cars. You'll enjoy real pricing on actual inventory and a simpler buying experience, whether you buy new or use and with truecar you can see what others pays. So they know if you're getting a good deal before buying. They're also more. Likely to enjoy a faster buying experience by connecting with truecar certified dealers when you're ready to buy a new or used car, check out truecard enjoy a more confident car buying experience. Some features not available in all states. This is Jack talk. I wanna listen. I want to be better. I wanted to be the best. I can be welcome to our team that Jack talk. As you get older, you get to be seventy eight years old. Here's what I find here grows in places that it hadn't been before. Welcome to hashtag Jack talk. It's not time for everybody's favorite segment of the week hashtag Jack talk here and attack each day. The Harbaugh's podcast before we actually get to Jack talk. We want to give a shout out to MacKenzie who's here on the podcasts or brother has played two games with his new team in the NHL. He plays for the Colorado Avalanche, and I made it a point to look at what happened there to know and she was at both games. So I give her full credit for the winds. He's a plus two in the plus minus. So he's on the ice when his team scores, even strength, goals has a couple of shots on goal, and he has a couple of penalties. So you got to have some penalties. Yes, from a hockey player, pretty much and then it tops it all off. You gotta get a couple of penalties. And if I am, I guess it'd be gets hit really hard and gets cut. He'll take three stitches and get back in the same game because hockey players have that really unique mentality. It's a really unique. I call them feisty. That's a good. We're rather Feist. Knock you players are pretty feisty. Pretty feisty eating col- Colorado Avalanche. You'll check them out and even the red wing fans. You can go read for free and coal, even though he's at Notre Dame or MacKenzie on our show. And so therefore you can root for coal. We give you a pass on that one. It is now time for hashtag Jack, talk here on the tacky stay the Harbaugh's podcast, and I want to piggyback on conversation. We were having earlier. It was. One of the great joys is sitting with John beeline for thirty to forty five minutes and having a conversation with them. Put you and coach be line and your son oughta gather and terrific. And we weren't joking. You and coach have six bypasses combined, and there's a lot of similarities in how things played out and you have talked about it off the air about your recovery and how you sort of feeling better pretty quickly. And then how the recovery process when it's great to see him back on the sidelines and you have a little bit more on that and for your your your over fifty, fifty, five sixty years old you. You need to get to a doctor. You need to get a physical time. We physical need to listen to your body. I didn't watching the North Carolina Villanova game here by the year and a half ago, national championship bang. I got it in the chest thought it was in digestion, but my wife insisted go to the hospital didn't real, not real sure where it was. Didn't have a family physician wake up in morning. You're gonna feel fine. When in they thought it was in digest. But stay overnight because of your eight found some signs that weren't right gonna do Catherine. The next morning woke up to find out that that I had had a heart attack and they were going to surgery in two days, wouldn't let me out of the bed, wouldn't take a chance and just walking to the bathroom. So in the morning, it's about three o'clock in the morning to a day and a half later I'm going in for start prep at six thirty. The surgery was going to be about eight eight thirty and watching the clock tick, tick down. And finally, we go in for the surgery. You'll get it done. You wake up something in my mouth, my mouth. It was just stuff and I, that's the first thing I remember and I had this sharp pain under my left angel Boehner and. And pay my back. My. Do which they must have done something because I'm out now. I'm out next thing I wake up, it's dark, so I must have been out all day. It's pitch Derek. I'm looking out the window. It's dark room is dark except at the end of the bed. There's I see a light, and I hear these two guys arguing arguing about something. You're sitting, you're moving, you're moving. No, you can't do that. I saw you and they're back and forth, and I'm thinking, oh my God, I died. I went to hell. Down inhale and God for the rest of eternity. I'm going to be listened to John and Jim argue, and they were just going on and district kept going at. It seemed like minutes and this back and forth this snapping at each other for Turney. This is going to happen. I don't know I. And then Finally, I realized that that I was alive and they were playing chess with a flashlight at the other end, and one had one, three or four games in a row and the other thought that they that he was cheating. And Finally I'd had it and I couldn't take it. You do it then with the bed, heart surgery, could somebody give me a little. And then once I hear John say he's onto a GM ease onto it. We knew you become into pretty soon and we just wanted to let you know that we were let you get away with anything. I have no belief that that happened in my in my mind, but I was so thankful that I would not spend turn ity lifting those two as I had listened to them as they grew up as a great story. And obviously you're recover really well, you're doing great, and I've seen you walk the stairs in the stadium. You can go up ninety steps with no problem and coach beeline talked about at a press conference in the last couple of weeks, get a stress test. Once you get to certain age, when really what you're late, Ford isn't too your fifties get a stressed us. And as you said, trust your body because I mean, I've seen stories. My wife just had a friend in the in his fifth forties that passed away and it's trust your body if something's not quite right and you think it might be something really small, you know what? Maybe just be careful and listened to your body, maybe the best advice you've ever and you'd get a lot of great advice in the podcast that might be the best advice guys have a funny way of. Toughen and everything out and you and I had a little fear going to that. I still have a fear of going to the doctor. You know, you go and you whatever they do. You just think they're gonna come with that. Something that you don't don't wanna hear, but I guarantee you don't take any chances and get a physical and trust in your doctor as both John and I do in Dr Kim eagle yet I'm grateful that told you guys might dad shares the doctor Dr eagle with them as well or the UN with coach beeline and others. He obviously he was both doctor, but Vandeweghe for years and years here in town. He was his doctor and I'm grateful that my dad is in Dr eagles hands. Not that he was at any. The skit had not gone to that scare moment, but it's nice to know that the best people in town are watching over him. And I know that I'm sure Jim feel the same way about you and the family feels about code be line. And so we are Dr eagles. One of the many, many medical gems that we have in this town and we have across the. Medical facility. You guys mentioned Dr Berman earlier today who delivers babies in is a great doctor and we got a ton of them Dr oil. Have you ever seen him? He's a surgeon and he's a pediatric heart surgeon, and he can do things that we can't even verbalize because the words are too big babies still in the womb. Yeah, and he is worthy people are they do an amazing job and we're happy to have an grateful to have all of them here on our campus, and it's kind of a serious note to end. But we've had a great show and really you're talking about not listening to your two sons bicker after hearing it for forty fifty years, bickering with each other. You don't wanna hear it in attorneys, so thankful. You're not going to have that one or go, absolutely, Jack, appreciate it as always another great episode in the books, a reminder, you can contact us on Twitter at AD podcast or by using hashtag Jack doc, follow us on favored us on podcast, one dot com. And the podcast one at don't forget the us on itunes. We wanna thank podcast one grade sponsors hymns truecar, Wells Fargo and all American on the. CW, which by the way it does come out this week. So it makes you check out all American on the CW have a great week and keep attacking each day with an enthusiasm, unknown to man. Thank you for listening to attack each day. The Harbaugh's podcast here on podcast one don't forget to subscribe at podcast one dot com. The podcast, one app or apple podcasts. Whether it's our hearts, lungs or other organs. 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I cannot stress enough how deadly how dangerous storm surge will be supreme court. Justice, Brad Kavanagh was sworn in again tonight at a ceremony at the White House. After taking the oath cavenaugh promised to be impartial. I was not appointed to serve one party or one interests, but to serve one nation. America's constitution and laws protect every person of every belief and every backgrounds. His confirmation is the end of a deeply contentious Senate process. It sparked mass protests and FBI investigation and questions about power, gender and sexual misconduct. I'm Tim Maguire.

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