E116: The Ypsilanti Ripper Pt. 2 - John Norman Collins


Have you checked out my new show not guilty yet? If you haven't you should give it a listen, it examines controversial criminal cases and tries to determine why solid evidence doesn't always lead to a conviction. It's the perfect podcast. If you love true crime stories with huge twists and turns search for an subscribe to not guilty on Spotify or wherever you listen to podcasts, and please don't forget to rate and review. Due to the graphic nature of this killer's crimes. Listener discretion is advised. This episode includes discussions of murder and assault that some people may find offensive we advise extreme caution for children under thirteen. The sun beats down on a dense pine forest to young women rest alongside hiking trail, drinking water and laughing together. They're interrupted by a man about their age emerging from the woods, he shakes the leaves out of his hair and introduces himself as John he says, he's camping nearby with a friend. John is confident handsome and friendly. He starts talking to the women and within minutes, the three are carrying on like old friends at the end of the conversation. He asks one of them out on a date the following night. The woman waits for hours in vain. She calls her friend to complain that she's been stood up. But no one answers the phone her friend cancer because she's tied to a tree deep in the woods. John tortures and kills her there by the time. Her body is found two weeks later, John is already skipped town. He's on the hunt for his next victim. Hi, I'm Greg Poulsen. This is serial killers apar- cast original every Monday, we dive into the minds of madness of serial killers today, we're going to peel back the layers behind the terrible killing spree of John Norman Collins, the Michigan murderer I'm here with my co host, Vanessa Richardson. Hi, everyone at par cast grateful for you, our listeners, you allow us to do what we love let us know how we're doing reach out on Facebook and Instagram at par cast and Twitter at par cast network. And if you joy today's episode the best way to help us is to leave a five star review wherever you're listening. It really does help. We also have merchandise had depar- cast dot com slash merch. For more information. Last week. We examined John Norman Collins early life and the series of events that led him to murder. Four people in eastern Michigan between nineteen sixty seven and nineteen sixty nine. John was born in nineteen forty seven in Windsor Canada, his troubled childhood filled with abuse taught him to suppress his emotions, including intense feelings of anger while outwardly. He was a popular all American athlete in private. He was a pressure cooker harboring rage against the outside world at age twenty he boiled over he abducted Mary Fleischer, a fellow student at eastern Michigan university and murdered her at first John tried to fight violent images and went long stretches of time without killing. But as time went on his rage grew harder to ignore and his methods grew more brutal his fourth murder of sixteen year. Old high school student, Maryland skeleton was described by detective as the worst crime he'd seen in thirty years. Police work this week will probe further into John's horrific killing spree and how the small community of ABS Landy began to unravel as the Michigan murderer remained uncaptured. In April of nineteen sixty nine twenty two year old John Norman Collins was busy planning his fifth murder. Just a week before he abducted beat and raped Maryland skeleton before killing her the resulting scene was horrific. John thought letting his pent up anger loose might calm. His violent urges. He wanted to lie low for a while as he had done before his second and third murders. It didn't work. John harbored a deep hatred toward women which only grew as he began murdering them. John student his eastern, Michigan university apartment alone reliving crimes and relishing every detail each day he found it harder to keep his emotions in check. John was addicted to killing and he wasn't unique many killers experience a similar pattern of escalation in their desires to kill even as they indulge in more sadistic fantasies with each new Vic. Vanessa's going to take over on the psychology here and throughout the code. Please note Vanessa is not licensed I collagen or psychiatrist, but she has done a lot of research for this show. Thanks, greg. As neuroscientist. Jack, pennant writes, this esscalation can be a symptom of conduct disorder CD sometimes known as childhood psychopathy, which is given as a diagnosis to children and teenagers who exhibit extreme antisocial traits such as animal, torture and cruelty John admitted to torturing animals as a child and once bragged to his elementary school classmates about strangling a cat, pem. It continues quote, a child's destructive nature and curiosity usually with respect to toys, coupled with CD therefore is a recipe for killing animals, and once the child has felt the exhilaration the antisocial behavior will be reinforced this sets the ground for addiction, particularly. Given the high level of exhilaration John would pace back and forth in his apartment and imagine. The faces of the women he had tortured he felt euphoric. He knew he had to kill again soon. But this time he faced more obstacles than before. After the body of his last victim had been found. Police from departments across eastern Michigan had formed a coordinated taskforce to track down. The Michigan murderer the force was comprised of twenty investigators from departments across eastern, Michigan as John's crimes had been scattered across a couple of counties. Six police departments had jurisdiction over the murders. The investigators gathered files from each of their respective departments into one location and cross reference. The cases to find some Larry's with the increased collaboration. Detectives notice some new similarities among the victims, so far they were already aware of the basic commonalities all four of the women. Brunette and had been found within a fifteen mile radius of washtenaw county in Michigan upon another look at the evidence. Investigators noted that all the victims were found with an item of clothing around their necks and remains to rating at the time of their deaths except for the third victim Jane mixer, the women were also beaten and stabbed in the neck with this information police were reasonably certain that at least those three murders had been committed by the same perpetrator. But by now, the media had been trumpeting the work of the Michigan murderer and the coed killer for nearly a year with the latest death public agitation spiked the creation of the task force felt like too little too late fails of pepper spray knives and other self-defense tool skyrocketed hitchhiking around Michigan, college campuses, drop, dramatically and female students organized groups of chaperones to ensure no-one went out at night alone. Student activist. Groups in an Arbor and Zeleny also made their anger known. They staged demonstrations outside police in university headquarters demanding more be done to catch the killer. And while John loved the attention the rising caution around campus lessened his options to snare victim. But thanks to Johnson, natural charm. You could always find a way to get women alone. Nevertheless, John decided the best course of action would be to avoid college campuses for the time being he wanted an easier target. So he sought out another high school student on April. Fifteenth nineteen sixty nine three weeks after his fourth murder. John kidnapped thirteen year old dawn Louise basam while she walked home alone. He was coming. From depot town, a small industrial area and arts district where she and her friends hung out after school dawn was less than half a mile from her home when John drove up beside her playing the authoritative adult Don ask, Don. Stop walking by the time. Don realized she didn't know the man in the car he had already gotten out and grabbed her John through the girl in the trunk of his car and sped off to an abandoned farmhouse in a nearby field. Police found her body on April sixteenth on the side of the road. Clad only in a white blouse her bra was pushed up to her neck and a handkerchief had been stuffed in her mouth. She'd been stabbed in the chest and genitals strangled with an electrical cord and cut all over thirty's searched the area around the road where her body was found for the site of the actual murder after the better part of a day. They arrived at the farmhouse. It was a gruesome scene amongst the overgrowth splintered floorboards and crumbling walls. Investigators found pools of fresh blood and signs of a struggle broken glass covered the floor in practically every room dawns. Bright, orange sweater was found in the basement along with scraps ever plows. But other articles of clothing were missing. This was the first time police had come upon the actual murder scene for a victim of the Michigan murderer rather than. Just where the body had been dumped police hope to find new usable evidence as they searched the farmhouse garage and nearby barn. Unfortunately, although they searched the place up and down they were unable to gather any physical evidence. No fingerprints hairs or clothing fibers. There was debate. Among detectives about whether the murderer was a mastermind or just plain lucky while they puzzled over yet another scene. John was having the time of his life. Local news coverage exploded the story ended up going national while he had merely been intrigued by the notoriety before John was now beginning to enjoy it in earnest after so many victims. He no longer feared the press reports would get them caught. He was overflowing with confidence and self satisfaction. He was beginning to feel like a celebrity John watched every news report he could find about his crimes he finally under. Stood the euphoria other killers have felt seeing their exploits publicized on the news. It's natural for killers confidence to grow as their crimes. Go on solved and press coverage increases professor of psychology Zelda g night attributes the craving some killers have for public attention to unmet needs during childhood. She says that parents lacking recognition of their infant's emerging need for grandiosity and idealization would have disconcerted the child's emerging sense of self and reality John didn't receive a lot of recognition growing up and was abused by multiple father figures as Dr Kenneth Barish clinical, professor of psychology rights, children are more likely to become praised junkies. Children who seek and need constant praise. In the absence of our praise and approval sing is crimes reported on TV satisfied Johns need for recognition born from his childhood trauma. The attention also fed his narcissism. Mm-hmm. A paper published by the Elsevier analytics company found a strong link between narcissism and attention seeking behavior. Researchers wrote when attention to the self is not forthcoming narcissists may engage in compensatory actions to direct attention toward the self essentially Johnson Fleetwood sense of self cost him to act out for attention by the time. The news reports were in full swing. John had also gained some personal clarity about the violence. He committed he no longer fooled himself into thinking he could only kill intermittently to stave off his desires, no killing became his sole reason for existing. He thought about his victims constantly and fantasize about his next one's several days after don's murder these thoughts drove him to return to the scene of the crime. It was the first time John had returned to a crime scene since his first murder. He wanted to see the farmhouse again. So he could relive the girls, torture and death, but he had something else in mind too. Now that efforts to capture him had intensified John wanted to show police that he wasn't afraid he saw himself as a brilliant predator pursued by thirties that could never understand or beat him. He wanted to mock them on April twenty third a week after the fifth Michigan murder a police officer returned to the site of Donbass murder for routine inspection. Investigators had already gone through the scene with a fine toothed comb. So the officer was shocked to find something new in the basement of the house next to a large bloodstain on the floor. The officer found a new scrap of clothing and an earring the clothing was quickly identified as belonging to dawn. But the airing wasn't hers after a few days of legwork detectives confirm the airing belong to Maryland skeleton. The fourth victim the killer had the. Murderer really revisited a crime scene just to leave evidence. Connecting himself to a separate killing of thirties were enraged, they knew they were being played with. And they knew they were losing the media ran with the story once again publicly embarrassing the task force in addition to the embarrassment the incident caused paranoia among some on the force the openly worried about how brazen the killer might become if he roamed free for much longer. It's suddenly seemed to police that the murderer wasn't total control of what would happen next. They were playing catch up in a moment. The investigation takes drastic change. Your dog isn't just a pet. It's family. So shouldn't we feeding our dogs the healthiest and freshest food available? Yes, studies show that even adding a bit of fresh food to your dog's diet can reduce cancer risks by ninety percent, and you can do this with the farmer's dog. 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You have witnesses testifying that they saw the suspect commit the crime. The suspect has a motive it's an open and shut case. Or is it each week my show not guilty examines? Controversial criminal cases and tries to determine why solid evidence doesn't always lead to a conviction. You'll discover the ins and outs of how police I investigate a case by working the scene of the crime, taking witness statements following leads and identifying possible suspects. Then you learn how the evidence collected actually plays out in the courtroom and how the jury reaches their verdict. How should we determine a person's guilt? Do we defer to the evidence discovered by police or the verdict reached by jury and what happens when the evidence and the verdict don't lineup search for and subscribe to not guilty on Spotify or wherever you listen to. Podcasts. Again, search not guilty or visit par cast dot com slash not guilty to listen now. No back to the story. In may of nineteen sixty nine. Detectives were working overtime to make progress on the case of the now notorious Michigan murderer members of the coordinated force tasked with finding the killer felt severe pressure to find new leads and avoid prolonging. What was fast becoming a national embarrassment after the killer returned to the side of Donbass murder and planted new evidence. Detectives set up twenty four hour surveillance at the scene, but the officers involved were already worked to the bone interviewing potential witnesses and suspects many detectives considered the stakeout waste of time. They doubted the culprit would be so brash as to return a second time. Some even reason that a waste of police resources had been what the killer wanted all along in light of disagreements among the officers. The twenty four hour watch was cancelled after several days. It was a costly mistake a month after the murder and two weeks. After revisiting the farmhouse for the first time John came back, again, how many times could he push his luck by provoking, the police like this in John's view as many times as he wanted his confidence was now bordering on delusion. He felt a rush of malicious satisfaction as he drove down the rural back roads in the middle of the night. He had seen the frustration on the faces of police during news reports he knew they've been working around the clock to put him behind bars that had still come up with nothing. He laughed out loud. When sheriff Doug Harvey told media the killer was either damn smart or damn lucky during a press conference with this latest stunt John set out to prove luck had nothing to do with it. He pulled to the side of the road a short distance from the farmhouse and snuck to the driveway carrying the supplies. He had brought a can of gasoline a lighter and five lilacs John soak the basement and the bottom floor of the farmhouse with the gas lit the place at a range the flowers in the driveway five flowers one for each victim. The incident. Once again, drew the ire of investigators who were thoroughly attacked by the media for incompetence as embarrassing as the event was it provided some confirmation of police theories, the five flowers seemed to confirm that a single perpetrator was responsible for all the murders. Eliminating the last vestiges of doubt that had persisted among some officers. The task force began blanketing eastern, Michigan interviewing and checking on every known sex criminal who fit the tentative description of the murderer police had put together by June nineteen sixty nine one month after the arson. They had investigated and cleared over five hundred suspects. In addition. They had chased down hundreds of tips that were submitted to the dedicated phone hotline. None of it lead anywhere while police continued to put in overtime John was working hard to he was in his last year at EMU majoring educa-. Action working part time at a plant which manufactured motorcycle breaks and racking his brain to find a suitable place to capture. His next victim. Bohe was stressed. He was determined to never let it show in public outwardly. He maintained his easygoing char around campus. He walked female, friends and classmates home at night gleefully stoking their fears while he acted the gentleman. He played the same game at work. He made the ongoing murders common topic of conversation with female coworkers and described the gruesome cases point by point. Some of the details included hadn't been broadcasted by the media. Like the exact locations the victims were found and the precise natures of some of the injuries. He claimed the information had been shared with him by his uncle officer, David lake a veteran sergeant on the force. John described the violence with fo concern and watched with concealed glee. While the women became uncomfortable. Eventually a couple of his coworkers asked him to stop bringing the murders up around them. He dutifully apologized thrilled at the thought that is descriptions had made them imagine what he'd done the obvious joy. He took recounting his own crimes shows how self obsessed John was according to psychiatrist Dr Jon Lieber te in the international journal of Fender therapy, and comparative criminology most cases of serial murderer at the hands of individuals with borderline and narcissistic personality disorders, John displayed many traits consistent with narcissistic personality disorder, including self aggrandizing, a sense of entitlement and a lack of guilt for his actions. John amused himself by playing with the emotions of his friends and colleagues for weeks after burning the farmhouse finally he could distract himself no longer and he yearned to kill yet. Again, he took to driving around campus. Nights, and even after noons stalking women and waiting for the right opportunity to strike on June eighth. He found it. Twenty one year old EMU student Alice Callum was walking home from party when she was -ducted by John and take into a construction site a few miles away. Her body was found in a field the next morning by group of teenagers, like the other victims Alice had been raped cut and stabbed multiple times. Unlike most of the others Alice had been shot by a small caliber pistol John always threatened victims with the pistol. But only fired it when he was sure the noise would not attract witnesses the following day. Police found bloodstains and the buttons to her coat at the bottom of the gravel pit where she had been killed as quickly as police moved following the murder about Callum John moved quicker two weeks after murdering Alice on June twenty first. John Maeda trip out of town. He traveled with his friend Andrew Manuel to Monterey, California, as you may recall, Andrew men, well had been John's partner in crime during his first couple of years at EMU the parrot been caught on more than one occasion stealing from other students, including John's former for turn ity brothers. John Andrew rented, a trailer under false names, and towed it to California with John's car there. John Maeda young woman named Nancy Albrecht Nancy later reported that she and John had a friendly conversation during which they agreed to see each other. Again, she mentioned her encounter with John to her friend seventeen year old Roxie Phillips, according to the book, the Michigan murders by Edward keys. Roxie was as eager to meet John has Nancy was to see him again. But John never came back to see Nancy. Instead he began stalking Roxie the next afternoon June thirtieth nineteen. Eighteen sixty nine John offered Roxie a ride outside the post office. Once Roxy was in his car instead of taking her home. He drove her deep into the California woods Roxy body was discovered two weeks later on July thirteenth intervene. She was found naked with her red belt around her neck John had beaten, strangled and raped her police found some of rock's he's close and personal items along the highway leading from Salinas, California to Monterey by the time. The body was found John was already back in Michigan. He and Andrew Manuel had abandoned the trailer in the woods and parted ways. This was the plan all along Andrew had some outstanding warrants for theft in Michigan and wanted to leave the state permanently. Andrew hitchhike to resign a-. Well, John drove back to Michigan in an Arbor, the community was still reeling from the discovery of Alice Callum in early June after a month. Of no arrests community leaders revolted fed up with what they saw as police incompetence the invited the famous Dutch psychic Peter Herkus to travel to Michigan to help find the killer app. First her goes told the Ann Arbor citizens who contacted him he would charge a five thousand dollar fee in addition to expenses to come from Europe to Michigan a hurried fundraising campaign began Ann Arbor, but only ten dollars was collected. Apparently most Michigan I'ts had about as much confidence in psychic powers as they did in the police department. When her goes was informed. The money was lacking. He changed his terms. He graciously offered to waive his fee if travel was paid for he said he'd been researching the case in claimed to feel strong vibrations related to the crimes still he said, he could only come if the full cooperation of the police was guaranteed. Police were not in the mood to cooperate. But wanting to eat. Tensions in the community. They promised to be courteous, at least Herkus arrived on July twenty first nineteen sixty nine soon after he arrived. He displayed his powers to one of the police officers squirting him, Bob Scofield. Her goes told Scofield that a fuel cylinder on his camper trailer was loose and that propane. Was escaping Scofield. Had no idea how Herkus could have known. He owned a camper skeptical. He called his wife and asked her to check. Sure enough she reported back that there was a fuel leak. Her coast may have saved Scofield's live for the remainder of her coasts. Visit officers treated him with a skeptical indulgence this psychic visited the scenes of each murder and made several predictions to investigators on the spot some of which were accurate later. He expanded on them. During press interviews, he correctly identified the killer as a white male under the age of twenty five who was born outside of the. United states. He also accurately noted that the killer wrote a motorcycle on the other hand his predicted physical description of the killer varied on some occasions. He claimed that the culprit was blonde another's brunette. His last prediction was that the killer would strike one. Final time the details provided by her coz ultimately did little to help the police who by July had investigated one thousand potential suspects and eight hundred phone line tips. Meanwhile, John followed the story via the local news. It was an utter fiasco, he loved it. Authorities were going in circles and John was having a blast watching. He felt the town. And the police must be crazy to employ a psychic. Detective he continued to bring the topic up frequently with friends all the while he mentally steeled himself to resist his growing appetite for violence. He forced himself to wait a couple. More weeks. Let one merger run cold before jumping to the next, but he figured there was no harm in window shopping. He started scoping out new victims and new imaginative places to kill them in late July, nineteen sixty nine John got an opportunity. He couldn't pass up. His uncle sergeant lake was going on vacation with his family for a week John volunteered defeat their German shepherd while they were gone. He practically cackled out loud. When the keys to the house were handed over to him, the lake home was a moderately sized suburban house with close neighbors. But it also had a fairly large private basement almost the instant, his uncle left. John went out to buy supplies. Neighbors would later report that they witness John coming home with some grocery bags filled with cleaning supplies. He was planning to make this murder count in a moment. John. Makes his final kill now. Back to the story. The after noon of July twenty third John Norman Collins set off on his motorcycle from his uncle's house toward town since uncle was out of town for the week. He had the house to himself and saw it as the perfect opportunity to claim. Its next victim. I John visited a former girlfriend to chat hoping to establish a flimsy alibi. Then he sped around downtown Zeleny offering women rides. He was shot down several times, but continued undaunted John's opinion of himself was so high. He was never to disappointed when he was rejected friends later described his picking up women as a game he played after a few rebuffs John spotted fellow EMU student. Karen bynum exiting a wig shop downtown carrying a new blonde wig. He pulled up to her and asked if she needed a ride home, according to the owner of the workshop Karen looked to be having a friend. Conversation with a dark haired boy on a motorcycle, Karen jokingly remarked to the owner that she must be crazy to buy a wig and then accept a ride from a stranger. But after a little persuasive talk from the dark haired man, Karen agreed to the ride and climbed on the back of his bike three days later police found Karen's body alongside the freeway. She had been beaten extensively with a blunt instrument cut, deeply and raped. The autopsy founder panties along with hundreds of small hair clippings insider, vaginal cavity. In. Addition. Her digestive tract showed that she had ingested some kind of corrosive liquid like bleach cloth was shoved in her throat to silence her screams following the autopsy police began interviewing Karen's roommates and friends soon they found the wig shop where she had last been seen and interviewed the owner the owner passed along what she knew she. Minded a strong description of the man on the motorcycle a clerk in the store next door. Also remembered the motorcycle and was even able to identify the make a triumph armed with an approximate time of disappearance for the victim and description of the killer police, instituted a media blackout. Detectives hope the killer would return to the scene of the crime and set a trap to catch him. If he did a mannequin was place where Karen's body was found and police patrol the area day and night. John did return to the spot on the side of the highway around two AM on July twenty seventh. Unfortunately, the area was pouring rain at the time and he accidentally snuck past a policeman in the dark, it didn't take long for John to see the mannequin and realized he had been duped. He sprinted back to his car. This time the officer on patrol noticed him but could not catch him. He radioed for backup. But the rain interfered with radio. After the failed attempt to snag the killer. Police return to their extensive interviewing based on the description of the motorcycle driver from the whig shopkeeper a young officer named Larry Mathewson believed. He knew who the suspect was Matthewson had seen. John Norman Collins, riding, his motorcycle on the twenty third and when mmediately to interview him John had been questioned months previously after the murder of Jones shell the second victim of the killer. This time John could tell something was different officer Matthew sent aggressively question John about his whereabouts on the twenty third. John tried his best to stay cool and barely managed. He admitted to Mathewson that he had been out riding his motorcycle that day and had gone to talk with a former girlfriend Mathewson next spoke to the girlfriend who confirmed she had seen John the early afternoon and gave the officer recent photo of him the wig shop owner and the clerk from the adjacent store. Positively identified the man in the photo as the one they had seen on the motorcycle with Karen bynum in for the first time police were optimistic about the state of the investigation in light of the increasing circumstantial evidence against John police began surveilling him on July twenty sixth on the twenty ninth. His uncle Sergeant David lake returned home from vacation be other officers at the station informed lake that his nephew was a suspect in the Michigan murders case lake felt the evidence was concerning but didn't want to jump to conclusions. He knew about John's rough childhood and had a soft spot for the boy that night when he returned home lakes wife told him she had found some strange spots of paint in the basement, and she couldn't find some of their cleaning supplies lake went down to the basement to take a look at the paint marks. He could immediately. Tell some of the furniture had been moved around trying to refrain from jumping to conclusions. He carefully. Scraped away the paint from a few of the spots on the floor. What he found underneath looked a lot like bloodstains horrified. He reported his findings to his department the following day and forensic examiners came to study the basement further. Meanwhile, two officers returned to John's apartment and asked him further questions about his activities on the day. Karen bynum was abducted this time John dropped his com- amenable exterior. He angrily insisted the employees who had identified by photograph were mistaken. He's swore. He had never met Karen bynum in or had ever come near the wig shop where she vanished when police asked him to come to the station and take a polygraph test. John refused. The officers who confronted John were new and had little experience with homicides. They were hurriedly briefed on the situation and told to stake out the suspect's apartment when after several hours, John finally returned home. The officers jumped at the chance to interrogate him in their eagerness. They revealed the full weight of the circumstantial evidence, they had gathered against John when the officers left John was in a state of full blown panic. He suspected they were watching him and so stayed in his apartment for the rest of the day considering his options, the only thing that kept him. Calm was the fact that he still hadn't been arrested the day after the police questioned him he gathered up all the potential evidence. He had kept in his room, including articles of clothing and weapons used in the murders. Had the officers waited just two more days to talk to John until search warrants could be obtained for John's apartment the evidence could have been salvaged instead John's roommate Arnold Davis saw John leaving the apartment with a large cardboard box in the morning while he didn't see everything inside Arnold did notice a woman's shoe, some cloth and a purse among its contents. John told Arnold. He was cleaning out his room and had decided to throw away the belongings in the box. He returned to the apartment several hours later, although a team of officers was keeping an eye on John's apartment they neglected to follow him when he left and the box was never found back in David lakes basement investigators had found valuable forensic evidence left behind by the killer. Though, the initial substance found under the paint spots was determined to be parnis rather than blood. They did find nine smaller bloodstains throughout the basement upon analysis samples from two of the bloodstains were determined to be type a the same blood type as Karen bynum by examining the washing machine. Investigators found some small fibers of human hair similar to the ones found in the vaginal. Cavity of the victim sergeant lake explained that they often cut their children's hair the basement, the implication of the discovery sickened him and the. Other investigators when the hair fibers were analyzed further they proved to be a match to the clippings found during Karen's. Autopsy it now seemed undeniable that bynum men had been in the lakes basement before she was killed John was arrested on July thirty first nineteen sixty nine. He was interrogated at length and began to weep when officers shared what had been found in the lakes basement. But then almost like magic John calm down at insisted. He was innocent. He didn't break down again, this shop owner and clerk who would identify John by photo came in and again identified him as part of a police lineup his apartment and vehicles were searched as well nothing concretely connecting him to the murders could be found. But it's roommate told police about the cardboard box John thrown out once again, it seemed police were just a little too late though. Some evidence may have been lost some new. Information was revealed the day John was arrested Michigan police received an unexpected call from police department in California John's holiday in Monterey was still being investigated since finding the corpse of Roxie Phillips Monterey. Police had been searching for potential suspects. Rocky's friend, Nancy had told police that she had met a mysterious man named John from Michigan the day before Roxie had been murdered the man matched the description provided by a bystander who spotted Roxy before she disappeared. No monterey. Police saw reports that an individual named John had just been arrested in connection with the Michigan murders Nancy's description of John match the newly arrested suspect exactly, including the fact that he studied at EMU and had aspirants to be a teacher two days later. Michigan. Detectives traveled to California to discuss the case the trailer. John and Andrew Manuel had rented. It was finally located in the woods several miles from where Rockies body was found. The trailer had been completely wiped fingerprints unusually clean for a vehicle that had been abandoned. The Michigan officers agreed that there were enough similarities between the murder of Roxy Phillips and the Michigan murders that a definite link could be established for one thing. Roxie Phillips was a young brunette who was menstruating at the time of her death. John had an eerie history of attacking women who are on their periods. She had been beaten sexually assaulted and murdered in a way consistent with the rest of the Michigan murders. In addition. Her body had been found with an item of clothing around her neck, just like the victims of Michigan all of this combined. With the fact that John had been in the area at the time of Roxy death made the circumstantial evidence very convincing. Andrew men. Well, John's friend who traveled to California with him was soon picked up in Phoenix, Arizona, the FBI. Yeah. I questioned him about his involvement, but Andrew agreed to take a polygraph test and thorns determined. He had no knowledge of Roxy murder due to John's pending trial for the murder of his eighth victim. Karen bynum in his indictment for the California murder was sealed and put on hold throughout his interrogation. John had remained. Composed. He never wavered after breaking down when he was first captured since then he stayed relatively quiet and maintained his innocence. Even when confronted with the evidence relating to his Monterey murder without a confession. Police only had circumstantial evidence for most of the murders. They decided that their best chance at a conviction was to focus on the last victim. Karen bynum prosecutors felt they had the best chance with this case because it was the only murder in which they was physical evidence attesting to John's involvement found in his uncle's basement. There were also several witnesses who are certain. They had seen John speaking with the victim initially the decision was met with pushback from the families of the other victims who wanted Justice for their loved ones. But ultimately, everyone agreed that the best chance to put the guilty party behind bars should be seized no matter what the case of Karen bynum in was moved toward trial leading up to his hearing John continued to insist on his innocence. He reluctantly agreed to an independent polygraph test with sealed results the findings were never released by his defense. Attorney whatever the conclusion the attorney suggested afterward to John's mother the Reta that the attempt and insanity defense Loretta who always believed. Her son was innocent fired the attorney and remortgaged her home to find new counsel. John went to trial in August of nineteen seventy and pled not guilty. The proceedings went on for almost a month involving many witnesses and forensic experts. Who? Primarily testified about the evidence found in sergeant lakes basement in the end John was sentenced to life in prison in his final words to the courtroom. He maintained his innocence calling the case a travesty of Justice following the trial. There were attempts by the state of California to have an extradited and tried for the murder of Roxy Phillips in modera-. These attempts were foiled by John's attorney over the course of several years, eventually California announced it was no longer pursuing extradition. The state felt that it was a misuse of resources considering John was already serving a life sentence today. John sits alone in his cell at Marquette branch prison. Still refusing to provide additional information on his other victims just as he sought control over the women. He killed the Michigan murderer guards the last bit of control. He has over his story. His confession. Thanks again for tuning into serial killers. We'll be back Monday with a new episode you can find more episodes of serial killers as well as other parkas shows on apple podcasts. Spotify Stitcher, Google play cast box tune in or your favorite podcast directory. Several of you have asked how to help the show. And if you enjoy the show the best way to help us to leave a five star review and don't forget to follow us on Facebook and Instagram at par cast and Twitter at parkas network. We'll see you next time have a killer week serial killers was created by max Cutler is a production of Cutler media and is part of the park cast network. It is produced by Maxon Ron Cutler sound design by dick Schroeder with production assistance by Ron Shapiro and Paul Liebskind additional production assistance by Carly Madden. And Maggie add Meyer, serial killers is written by Terrel wells and stars. Greg Poulsen and Vanessa Richardson. Don't forget to listen to my new show, not guilty. It explores how controversial criminal cases unfolded through the lens of both detectives and jurors be sure to search for and subscribe to not guilty on Spotify or wherever you listen to podcasts, and please don't forget to rate and review.

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