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#386 Jim Sturgess; Glenn Leyburn & Lisa Barros D'Sa (live in Belfast); Ruben Fleischer (not live in Belfast)


Here goes swimming bill building big finish are you ready Finnish guys finally buying should on the podcast. This week we're live with Cinemagica Bill L. Fast absolutely easing guests that you haven't seen yet and of course there's an extra special bonus we're going to sort this backstop thing out once and for all okay Bruce Forsyth what a lovely audience so much for the last weeks and the week before maybe not the week before last but because probably a couple of years time there won't be a UK tour so that's enjoy it while we can jolly Corrigan from the beautiful south. Will you please welcome one half of the greatest Northern Irish homecoming since the time Pat Jennings open discount decoration inbound. The I'll tell you what Chris didn't know when he wrote the intro which is that Brennan Corrigan genuinely used to be my babysitter okay no choice and then suddenly Richardson's gets results stuck in my anchin she called me and she gave me her we and mini tour of the UK and that space it probably the last ever mini tour of the UK not not because we have enjoyed it we have not because it hasn't been successful uh politics for their over the next couple of hours of course you're going to get the full NPR podcast experience so apologies and then defense that's free of charge that's just part of the service I don't understand it but I'm going to have a go at it right now it is time to introduce my three colleagues I the last leg not the last leg that's a TV show that'd be so much better than this guy this is the last leg of course of our first ever there is here I will say that sadly due to broadcasting regulations we can't use Helen's voice on this week's podcast Bambridge boy born and bred I'm delighted to bring the Empire podcast to Northern Ireland so I am phone catch yourself how do we stop this is of we're pretty done good I'm Chris Hewitt's and I'm currently experiencing a three inch fluctuation of the oxygen so I am very very strange ask your parents which can mean only one thing of course a flare up a minority orange accident means that we have brought the empire podcast foists everything Helen says will be portrayed by an actor is that right Helen Dots right you're absolutely right about that I want so true story true story my mom's up there she can tell you absolutely which is why we're on our best behavior language wise because islands judge I'm GonNa picture taken with him and it was absolutely amazing please welcome going to get moving news you're going to give movie reviews you're going to get audience questions you're gonNA get a chance to ask these people things which is nice you're gonNA get some such lethal cunning first up is our queen which is kind of weird she's not really into the whole monarchy thing she's poster it's finest if you don't count even more than usual James Whoa lin-manuel Miranda right more like Aranda rights so the things you should read to him for macrame I guess musical theater it's right now at least not yet now do one now got to find a level last but not least is another not so we English Pella who has had to say US opportunity to got a few things off my chest Hamilton shoveled ten more like Barbas but he has a somewhat reductive view of Northern Ireland and the Northern Irish people he thinks that we are obsessed with potatoes they're looking disappears camper podcast team he is a kind soul he is a gentle and good person and I'm delighted report he has recovered from that fatal ketamine cocaine overdose so the Little Potato Chap who greeted me when I came Hello I'm Jeff uh-huh that's amazing wow we talk about data crisps a men's fashion all nights sadly we don't have time it's a big thing to get into title basically they do is the mascot of data crisps who have their own castle in a place called Tandragee which is amazing and so he's the looms other dark pinhead safe them in crank to dead but I got better hope unlike Jason say to you don't have a massive erection he took before the Yorke show a couple of weeks ago will you please welcome our very own we English fellow band driver talks by any time it comes up in Northern Ireland you guys live potatoes you live for potatoes I always said to him that's nonsense we don't we don't live potatoes we're not obsessed with potatoes what's the first thing he sees when he rolls into Belfast City Airport this afternoon Mr motherfucking will you please welcome yeah so he's he's the mascot of the people who might the crisps correct I'm these Chris same name as the so where we can say instead of the other one you you you you specifically told me I wasn't allowed to swear to that and you I'm just saying yeah well you think might read said but me Donald maybe he said who should we and that I've already dropped several bombs and Helen's parents are here and it's all really really terrible so we're we're going to try and do for the rest of the show is go full good place go basically like Gary Lineker Moscow walkers crisps Mister Taylor has smaller ears obviously what we're GONNA do obviously we're GonNa talk about some movie news but we yeah no this yes something old gone riddle me this hey cast with ridler and somebody wants Dino yes equally good or so maybe not quite as good this is interesting news has been caused and it's pulled on misrepresented I don't know if it was pretty small because anyway next up is the best there have been several different stories for example about the Batman one of which you may not even know it you don't even know I don't trustingly I feel for I really couldn't give a shit about while ago into this now pull down Oh here I've got written small shifty eyes crisps which all better than these crisps now is that no right once-tough he's early on in his likes of role as Batman he's fully-fledged detective as a proper detective story with all the villains along with doing this this is not the sort of thing happens we record stuff and then Hollywood released okay tell me okay it just something about that but I can immediately picture as a villain we've not seen in a while I'm one of the things that gets me excited about this is with the Jonah Hill reports commencing energy stop describing James I think he's seems like a really good fit the news as well that Jona Hill was in talks for we already knew that Robert Pattinson will be about one and we have found out this way to be the cat woman so it's it's shaping up really the fact that they hadn't settled on which bill and he might play it seems like we have a sort of young ish Batman film potentially with several villains from the rogues gallery giving us some news understand a shirt ton of it is sorry sorry shirt Ludovic correct yes there has been say that this is part of the cinematic film festival so glad that those guys in front of this over we're very aware that it's a children's film festival and is Aimed largely families another film by six million cussing stories this week is the matrix more so we learned this week that Jessica Fenwick who was colleen wing in our the sequel to the Matrix which are films that we can all definitely still describe the enter the Matrix Video and somebody's bumping people off based on every month there's like a different holiday in the holiday killer is bumping a different person is such a great comic and they've never quite attempt the big four so to speak and be must be excited about that the only concern I would have of course in previous Batman films will lead the Tim Burton wants a Joel Schumacher ones were yeah and Neil Patrick Harris isn't it it's kind of like okay cool the Matt Reeves we want to do something original but massively excited about the idea of being a rogues gallery because as we know Batman has the best rogues gallery in comic books despite a man but he does I mean he's got polka-dot man it's not one of his polka-dot miners and Batman Villain sounds frightfully you can hear the ripple around the room walking out iron-fist which I know it wasn't great but she was great she's apparently going to appear in it also Jada Pinkett Smith is coming back obviously we all remember her from yeah and that kept me thinking of something like the long Halloween comic which which if you haven't read it it's kind of pretty shortly after the Batman no idea what that means he's playing now I'm GonNa say like the architect like he would be I would like to see him do that would be great did that side of Batman in film yeah four so able to live to see them do that yeah I I don't know whether it's going to be a straight adaptation of something we've seen before you get the sense that the the directors more concerned with the bad guys than it used with about men and I hope that wouldn't happen here but otherwise it's pretty spot on casting disappointed in battle couple of bad guys a couple of villains but never a whole ton apart of course from the nineteen sixty six out of west movie or he goes up against it guys it paled in comparison to the story that I'm most excited about this week which is the murder mystery two goals is on its way there's really great collection of of bad guys at the top and then it loses luster towards that would be contest because we haven't seen it before in a movie the mystery Oh my God it's Look Evans best role visited immediately yes thank you sir okay I'm sold absolutely yes so that's that's happening with the Matrix for shape because happening shaping up cast they must be about to go soon I you may you may mock and pour scorn on Adam Sandler's movies all you like okay okay there'd be a time now no don't do it the seven that's just go there yeah murder mystery too is happening the the right of the original movie yes there was a writer James Vanderbilt uh-huh but murder mystery is the one of the few because the week of Actually Chris Rock's pretty decent as well is one of the few that actually has a sense that it's not just worlds together in this one why not have the killer be the person that Adam Sandler and Jennifer Aniston they're gonNA try and bring down this this time Adamson Lewis Exciting it's exciting means twenty twenty one I think is this one it's GonNa come out we're going to get the Matrix for John Chapter four and I'm very very fairly Adam Sandler mates make movies to make him laugh which sometimes you could maybe think about certain movies like the grownups movies and pretty much everything he made for and her first post and instagram honestly maybe a little teary because it was all six friends same room just periods over the last few years it's got a real voice and James Vanderbilt is also the guy who wrote back so I'm hoping that maybe he will bring to they haven't specified exactly what it was going to be there are reports that that could have been the ridler the news came out last night that kind of falling apart but pulled down the ridler I did this through her her hat into the cattering last week on the on the podcast even sach go and get a litter trained in Rome sold okay I'm actually excited to this I'm also must be excited anyone see this this week Jennifer Aniston joined instagram allowed to swear you're listening to one side say shirt instead of early mother forced yes all right we're going to get into the now we're going to get some some away in Hollywood which is very difficult for men as you know Ryan Reynolds Ryan Rodney Reynolds and John Lewis the only person who's weirdly in with go away very excited about the cross reboot please only person risky are teaming up to star in a film called imaginary friends and this is exciting because Krinsky is also going to write and direct this one and it's going to start reynolds as a man who has the ability to actually talk to people's imaginary friends then he finds that some people have evil imaginary friends the Joey in an alchemy which he stole him from top gear trying to get out of that and then on the other hand there's almost every other review all right good that but I can see Atlanta but some of us let's get massive excited about two men who have managed to leaning in obviously the nineties back in a bad way it's kind of witchy it's spooky it's from the original is kind of a great thing in the original is uh-huh maybe standalone Netflix movie friends I mean anymore but they could have invited him at least to take the picture yeah yes maybe they could use the back camera comeback now Lee who'd you get a little bit in Matthew Perry and and it was one of those grainy selfish that she's got a really old iphone yeah I'm sure everyone's seen him in twin peaks before he's got range yeah I assume he's playing a father or a teacher or someone like that oh how reductive the which is closely all of craft way yeah I'm excited slater so we've got the GIG so it's GonNa be great who knows what Zoe Kravitz did cat wise to that role we don't WanNa know another story really fun and it's really enjoyable but it's not an all-out classic who's WHO's David Duchovny playing in this move presumably teenage girls she could afford a new one I'm just saying maybe some of the the Celtics you'd think you would have thought because Gunther wasn't in the photo and always feeling the heat doesn't speak to any of the move back not just comedy but presumably you get rhyme reynolds involved and you get free wheeling Ryan Reynolds Doom every does on the camera Jim from the office has come ready duck so the prospect of him having now Phil finished making a quiet place to which is coming up next year nobody styles might be actually weirdly complimentary in quite nice like thinkers inskeep can be a little bit more warm sometimes in Reynolds on his job title Associate Editor Brackets Review so I don't know what that means nobody knows what that means funny people all in a room together who once they knew the characters were could just bounce off each other and come up with ideas that then they would flow into the show and I feel like they're when they have been promoted so hard so high and there's no were really for them to go so you make up something just to keep them happy and I say this as it you know it's a risky thing off thing was weird so David has joined the craft reboot and now as we have to save the world from them so we think since he's GonNa play imaginary friends and I've said imaginary friends a load but I'll be excited by this these two guys teaming up aw editor at large can tell you that it's great having a job title and nobody understands because no one can tell you you're doing it wrong so you kind of script it but you also just loose and that's kind of what it felt like on the office there was a kind of scripting the office but also they were a bunch of really yeah I mean it'll be exciting see Krinsky as a filmmaking move back towards comedy because I think a lot of out of left field when he did a quiet place and it was like what I was doing but associate editor associate with watt shadowy cabals don't really know I don't understand anyway because he's quite sharp and witty kind of flip flipped at times yeah and so the yeah the thought might be that might be really nice as long as Krinsky keeps the quite first season Jack Ryan it's like a mid mid level season three he should be like full on rabbinic extraordinary we'll see of course reviewing show on the policy might be people tell them all the time but editor Lawrence I get that right it means you're no means you're editor editor larger Lord and Savior Kevin Foggy to position of and I think the title is Lord and Savior Marvel he's now chief creative officer at Mike King King type person father it has both scars guards well two of the scars cards but this one has Alexander Skarsgard Astute I got the brief I'm an editor I will be large but he needs to be we're going to be at large my new large up marvel which means he's got the he's going to oversee a little bit more of the portfolio than he already has but it also basically sounds one bull shirt job titles to give someone Yeah Oh just get the guy to play a man or a teacher winter men GonNa get how can I think he's going to play the book of Magic Okay and Bill Skarsgard I really hope the playing brothers otherwise it's complete waste of everyone's time at Nicole Kidman will be rumor has it their mum Willing to foes aw I will of course be cutting not bit I I'm very excited about this I'm excited a little this week obviously I'm excited about the promotion of our able to really good casper the North Mountains that set in tenth century Norway and has a Viking Prince type person going on to avenge the death of his going to watch wow just two more pieces of casting and he might worship this is amazing it's been causing us this rubber eggers has urge that's he's he's back on TV in a few short weeks in chat runs into appropriate it's not quite quite place historical settings and then you put characters in there and have bad things happen to them and gravy sort of film stock pray therefore that continues because he needs a helping hand Disney Kiana buying for that one But I think win for that so it's yeah it's really they're really good so far so this is this is exciting must confess when I saw the news story it was a picture of Amazon scars stargell settings and putting people into bad situations in them the do little trailer came out anew Taylor Joy of course has four director in the which is also an and I'm interested at the pump yeah because his combined January you've missed the Oscar so that's kind of yeah had ostrich contender horrendous yeah what they were aiming for but it is not horrendous but it is strange choices in it not least of which they said the North One and I thought it was a lot has been really really excited and it wasn't I'm sorry type of reuniting onscreen with Nicole Kidman warning traditionally that doesn't mean great things you shouldn't have huge expectations for swimming it means great things if you're an Oscar contender so maybe it's an it's either of course a big little lies reunion traumatic yeah there's a lot about associate we're speaking of Downey seems to be doing a Welsh accent we think it's well I think he's genuine Tony Hopkins now this Report with me yeah it's it's Bloom House I Trust Him House oh I'm going to shift forward the way it's then he made the lighthouse he did he likes the definite article does not which the Lighthouse really likes so super grid it it looks like a I mean those people really down in this and it looks like alluded push me pull you shit but short shirt I thought this looked not pocketbooks reporting no swearing what's most redundant movie but but we like him regarding and Samara weaving who is really really really good in in the film ready or not in the doctor dolittle standing on a cliff with a seal wearing a bonnet has evidently fallen in love with and you're listening to be shows he's live shows we have local heroes on when we can and today is no exception I'm delighted to welcome to of Northern Ireland's finest directors it would have been gentler ways to release yes yes which would be amazing so basically about a man it was like a remake of edge a push me pull you few gazes longingly into the eyes of the seal gives it a kiss on the mouth now and then I kid you not breath and don't forget the little people help get you where you are and stakeholders snow no no the world but I felt it would have diminished obesity sorry going yeah the how are you both very well thank you for coming in high if you have you traveled for traveled approximately one mile tonight will be memorable film radio not know she was genuine good really good film she's fantastic in it but she's going to be in office wealth very good that's great So I was absolutely not going to watch I am now ah Oh yeah oh aw that was a very famous book that rocked up in the process felons can take a while to come together and this was reasonably quick but it was still a couple of years husband wife team who had been behind the like Jerry palm good vibrations and their upcoming movie their relationship drama ordinary love you please welcome Glen Labor N- at least at Barris he throws it into the water again cuts and I'd be absolutely there but if it's not that and it's just a whimsical Taliban Annika talk to animals then it doesn't look like if you see him in the same with the talk about this one point this live called normal people yes before we get into the film is itself can you explain the title change well of course talk condemned to death but maybe that's what he wants to do anyway we should move on time now for our first guest as you know it was it was an arduous it was tough so worth it well thank you so much for joining us I'm a tremendously excited about ordinary love which was a little frame of mind I do recommend there's there's been a clip guy around the Internet recently except for the films it's real you dislike Carter he doesn't through the top of a car car park lands I talk to one another so we'll see the little trailer where we excited we think discontents if you're in check it off the court so after listen to deal if you put it in grace's story entirely stay that way you lessen wearing seal and then throws is a great book on its continued to become more more famous in the last couple of years so he got to the point where we realized that we couldn't really release a film with the same name particularly and a couple of years Sully Rooney wrote a great book unfortunately for us it Joan paid by Lesley Manville diagnosed with breast cancer so it's a story about the journey dot this couple go on together who is the partner of that person who's doing so so it is about the journey that concert journey but ultimately it's really about the seasons some really tough times but also thousands of really beautiful normal days and this is the story of what happens at the beginning of the year when relationship and it stars Liam Niessen and Lesley Manville as a couple who have been married for many years spent a lifetime together through ordinary love which was also the first one we thought of okay so we drove each other unseen by texting things to each other in the middle of night just all in caps just random words overdue disappointment for they knew anything about it so so we changed the name and it's surprisingly difficult to find a new name once you have off your written by all McCafferty yeah I mean I think one of the things I mean coming off the back of good vibes which was a completely different thing really I mean under cycles of a long term relationship and it really celebrates a I think a connection between two people that keeps them both afloat was at the become very use to the one that you've got it seemed like a simple task but actually it took about ten people three weeks thousand different options before we came up with it's it's crazy because obviously the film is the film and that's the thing that people should watch and take away experience from but some a journey that they go together as much as possible but of course it's a very different journey if you're the one who is suffering from this illness on the one film that's what they're going to see absolutely so what can you say about the film for a few weeks yet the trader is out there of course what can you say about it is well yes it's on the sixth of December slants phone everyone texted for some reason so in capitals with lots it just felt people shouted at me for two weeks but also I would tell people that we're making film say Oh yeah it's normal people and then they go oh exciting and then you'd say well no it's not that normal people and then they go right so it was never every review and everything about it would have to I say it's not about the it's not based on the book by Sally Rooney so that's that's not necessarily what you want what we really felt about it when we came to it that we thought it was really unusual love story and that's great if that's the first thing that an audience is going to understand the Jason and Lesley Manville and I think as Liam's first Northern Irish movie for donkey's years as they say over here you have five minutes of Heaven I think maybe would be the last one imports so important we've changed it we think it's actually a much better title we love the new title because it is a love story and that was there's other material that he will enjoy apart from action films we had been talking to him about another project in the last couple of years one which in the way of many many films just sort of cavs Defenders Endgame Sally I think our producers tried to Brevet and say no no we're keeping we're keeping we were I actually above the sort of stories that he might be interested in telling when this one came along and we just read the first draft and we heard his voice in it really was written for you're a man of that age from here and I think that's one of the things that he really liked about it the chance to play a character who is quite similar to himself fact a woman wife went through this journey he's going on and dramatized events so there are certain things that happened in our film it did not yeah into this yeah probably quite rare to send the first draft to an actor but yeah he's he he connected with it and I think he and ordinary love is a love story about the small moments on the big challenges that go into long-term love along the to kill someone with a rolled up newspaper he had a gun done a sock from this just as there encounter handles like a big board full of ideas abs is kind of like trying to harness chaos and in many ways it was in on the shoot and just so it suited the subject matter I think moves really fast and he was instrumental in bringing Lesley Manville is amazing actress onboard. Well I mean to be honest we almost persuade them to put on the gun so hard he did ask occasionally onset if it was time for him Dan this came along at home to partner and our production company is a lifelong friend of Owens Okay and the story is based on together on screen we thought we you know we would love to see them if we if we saw them headlining movie we would think that exciting combination of actors so they never worked before armed with him yeah and I think you know everyone you know let's these between incredible work for years and then I suppose recently with fund didn't quite get to this point being made so but we having to talk to him got to normal little bit we just had a sense the sort of interesting unwanted Lesley Manville you know because we have been huge fans of hers since you know the her earliest films with you know when she mike Leigh's movies not just something about both lemon lasley they both have this quality of naturalism you can you believe them when they're on screen you're convinced by the emotion adb much more intimate was somebody would want to to work with very for years we've had a couple of slightly false starts with that and why philosophical yeah I mean when we were doing vibes we had we thought we had lots of projects on the go but we actually didn't and so good vibes really felt so was he wasn't easy Silverman Liam is a great theater actor a serious actor so you know we always knew that we always the reality of everything that they're doing death but they can also bring a real lightness and humor as well and so we just had a feeling that they might be a great dynamic together Liam Sir did you make it over the starting line yes that's the life of a direct sadly especially I guess working in the British film industry working at a certain legit level as as well I mean how tough is it quite frankly in this market to get a movie like list may yet it's I mean it's really tough I mean I mean I know her well for three hundred threat many of the other things we just we've just been huge fans and we just had a feeling that these things start again and that sort of happens it's not like a we'll start the second a couple of weeks you literally talk that would be another year minimum could be two years adhere his own voice in it so I mean actually then when when Liam Niessen becomes touched your project things move quite quickly and there was a when new to shoot and everybody it was a real privilege to to bring the two together onscreen for the first time so you you hit it out there that you know a couple of projects post good vibrations got close to the starting line and then the never met actually really yeah yeah everybody you know had a whole connection of everybody that they knew and they never met so that's interesting that Leeann all becomes a kind of a crazy cycle and really have to get permits to align I mean so much of it is is seems to be movie gods sadly some invariably will fall away and Yeah you just need to have this stuff that's right was good vibrations at one point you know it was coming up to Christmas and I think something it just you know so it's a tough journey whereas whereas I think we do have many more projects we understand that you need to have more projects 'cause into when Peggy Burke but certainly they experienced this journey and as you mentioned a tremendous chasms principally of course by by up solid cast that you would have assumed would complete finance and then things just drift apart and how do you deal with a do to be quite stoic about the three films that were Philly cost and just waiting for green night and then whatever reason in great costs as well you know thread and she's Liam Liam like us had been a fan of last for a while and this part seemed really right for her so so we were delighted incredible we've built up an amazing team of collaborators and the crews here are extraordinary as everyone has said I mean both Lemon Leslie when they came to where it really doesn't happen in finance collapsed we lost we were at the brink of doing it and then financiers pulled out and their money elsewhere and collapsed and cut it's sort of a five year gap I don't mind the modulation of kind of developing for a little bit and then shooting and then editing and post production and then back into devout them lanes important for you anyway that wasn't particularly intentional I felt the other films that we were we have made three feature films here which has been probably we're had to your three projects and those things can be cast you know you can get it to a point where everybody likes the script and then you need to get past that and cast that will finance it and you've kind of an interesting journey but but if you know if development goes on and on it ceases to be interesting because incredibly like all our eggs in one basket and we're married couple fell acquitted maybe bet the farm on that so that was a challenge and good vibes had many times or from good vibrations which was very much centered around Northern Ireland the other two features we've made were it was an incident stressful gap between projects on C. becomes increasingly Kubrick it's funny because when you meet people who don't do what we do they sort of think that for those five or six ends you know if we can you know a couple of cameras they can show up and this naturally where we were on depressing just yeah yeah and then again the movie goes and we talked on the phone over Christmas with producers and said well you know maybe we can you know get together with some friends and you know just shoot a few scenes on the we here very early on in the shoot work both came up and said how mazing home as they were by the quality of the crews and everything was working but no we didn't I'm somebody will always be Paris but it's fine we're working on it and whatnot but anyway but it's not that we don't want to you mean to keep me here necessarily we a couple of films that we were going to be shooting in between we're not set here one was Paris and other I have kind of been doing nothing just be Mitch about Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah we're writing scripts when we've we've we've got a few obviously we love sitting here because we do have great friends and crew and collaborators and but I mean also you want to tell stories that are kind of think apart but I think it is important that you guys are making films set here and are shooting films here as well I think that's an incredibly important and quite frankly Taylor and it's specific but it's not those films not to do with the subjects that people might associate that's what I mean we do have we actually have another project another northerner there are so many stories still to tell from this place and about this place so it's a very rich source for us and we're very proud to make films here we've also had great team was really keen to have leslie too so we just hope there would be a great chemistry we were excited about bringing those two great actors I don't know if you guys ever been to Bambridge but it's a bridge over road in the middle of a town it's got a sculpture garden curve kicked into gear something happened we go newfound we BBC films came aboard and then quite quickly we got it shot but there was a year or two where we okay we're going to be shooting it in months time what does Paris have the Bambridge doesn't exactly passion Clarisa big needle thing but bambridge has the cut yes which is tailored towards the for this in terms of suggestion or having never met her so pills it was meant to be in it I think she'd obviously worked with Daniel Day. Ah You guys is that you're very focused as well you're based here you're focusing Northern Ireland Intel in northern are stories as well but is that going to change is something that make a possible yeah well I mean actually our trajectory to being filmmakers directors was kind of wasn't really planned at least it was writing and I was working gonNa be and then you put everything on hold and then in two months time there's another delay so yes we you you just have to have a lot of things going on it's Kinda sad in a way lots of people in the audience night here are budding filmmakers and we'll look at you guys as sources of inspiration as well as a how do you become filmmakers I in Northern Ireland and we collaborate a directing that and liked it and people like the short and traveled and stuff and yeah that's backdrop to a degree they were story universal stories that could have been set and where but it was nice in a way to use the background it's take and then we'll sit down and they don't seem to speak to each other but they seem to know what the other one's thinking and then you'll make another note I'm sure that they probably I mean report from northern screen and organizations like that so we'll hope to we'll hope to do both maybe I'll say this as someone who left or their own twenty years ago short started but it was never a grand plan to sort of just fell together but like tastic and how does that dynamic work I mean I've been on sets where I've seen brothers direct things you can be free to make decision and as long as we every year care about that voice and that kind of central vision for onset all the time preparing working beforehand what the voice of the film is GonNa be that's what we try to do wouldn't you say that we all about that or moving image and lease it was writing and we decided we would come together to make a short film just to get these right there up on a screen checks on the boil but you never quite know what's going to happen next what's going to get to that point next absolutely you're talking about how difficult it is get me films in the current climate and with the British film industry is one thing awesome Meta also there are so many stories project in development you know there's very specifically about here okay probably it's time I think it appears that our jobs more separate onset because I deal mostly with camera and some of the more technical aspects of things you know scared of actors Glenn Thank you so much and now it is time to review this week's movies and there is a shirt son once again of trust and that that the other person is going to you trust the great decisions they are going to make as well and then you can have a bit of freedom as well so you don't always have to be running back and checking I worked in graphic design music M. designed three that got us to some very low budget pope videos and that was my inroad into kind of filmmaking thank you England we always joke that every film that's not set here we'll just end up being on the lagging with a smoke machine and some high Cardin's got all sorts of stuff you know Lisa's next film is set and Bambridge you heard it here first exclusive for you guys and then I don't know if mentioned that often called adventures infinity and it's mad watching the Russo brothers to rent because he didn't talk to each other they just and one will get up and make ungiven note at the end of the thank you so much for taking the time to come in today I can't wait for the film and out in December sixth as well you please give it up once again for barristers and Glenn Labor and everybody just an excuse not to talk to each other for attack no yeah but I'm sure they I don't know what they do but I would imagine that they spend of the entire crew basically so it's kind of my is ten years since the first one film came out that's slightly terrifying terrifying than anything that happens in Zombie says that we we do understand we share we look at the more really collaboration everything is just about I suppose the experience for the actors on that you want them to of them this week so we're going to start with return of everyone's favourite somebody killing foursome in Somaliland double tap a decade after you'd original Sean light on because they're pretty sort of chill Zombie films go but yeah great that ten years on the entire team is back so you've got woody Harrelson as tallahassee like chaos with these really fun performances so I think especially Emma stone who in in the intervening ten years raucous kind of grown up and she's never had the experience especially as a teenager you're a being in the outside world desperate to leave the group starts to fracture trying to see and if you both really understand that tone that voice I think and it's quite easy on set in a way because you know the place you're making decisions from you also have to have a lot are hunger ben you're going to lead in this one what did you think of double tap it's okay you know this is the return time you spend before and doing all the work and working at the vision until you do it's all about knowing the tone of it and and and what it is that you're to to throw herself into but seeing someone Emma stone go back to like don't be land super bad easy Emma stone which is a great great motivator it was very low because it meant that there was nothing weighing it down trying to maneuver things in certain ways it just meant keep it really light and sprightly and just have also give us much time to make these things so actually having to people we can run in opposite directions fast heads is better than one yes I like it is carried so much on these really kind of entertaining performances I'm really likable actors in those roles it gets by on like a steady stream of chuckles so it was really fun and she evidently having a great time with it I think this film like for me to go over and given them all right what he wants that but wonder what Lisa once you know that would be kind of confusing not very that that's really important to me was there is home voice that it just simplifies and makes it a clearer relationship so it's always worked better for us that way anyway fantastic a stone is Wichita Jesse Eisenberg leading Columbus and Abigail Breslin as little rock and this catches up with them ten years on seems to be honest minutes and it isn't that so she's actually a major part in the film that's great I reviewed this get this three stars if you read the review it actually I'm I'm little bit surprised that got her back and I'm really really happy that they did and not give spoilers way I also thought that it would be an Oscar winner now so kill me off the first graphic designer for many many years I thought you're gonNA say as a waitress in a cocktail bar a second bit as well the no I mean are entertaining but the characters the main character nisus Madison who's a sort of Fowley girl air heady cheers not much has happened. They've made their way to the White House where they've been living in relative safety but then the group starts to fracture now the gone on to do such kind of weighty serious Oscar stuff often like fund you think of the favorite juicy role that she got to to kind of it's a very very loose plot just to hang a load of fun zombies to phone I mean the fact that this is a plot as kind of lessons of criticism radio a couple of big laughs in there it's not funny I've ever seen but they're actually an enjoyable bunch to spend a bit of time with been it'd be it'd be delighted you were so likable the quartet together with so likeable and they felt like rounded characters even as they were they were over the top this new car justness indies because no one had ever really made movies bombies before and then somebody came along and since then that was pretty much the only thing here and now they're back again like a really mean spirited joke and it still does at times jokes at her expense keep waiting for them to kind of flip the tables and it doesn't happen that being the upgrade the killer of the week from the first movie by People like the first movie I want to be the year and and again I don't WanNa give stuff sequel in some ways how long after you started thinking about the story and everything did you find a gap in your cast shedules because they're the most in demand people in Hollywood her played by so we don't but she really gives it this performance this before it's really funny a lot of Gusto and without her it would seem is that it's got a nice energy to think there's a few decent stylistic flourishes in the way that it shoots bits of the action or the Zombie kills there're a couple of nice sort of excited to go back to Zombie land so that made it easy but yeah we we shot only just in January of this year so as in in the scheme of things a pretty okay but there's some really inventive entries in that Canon and it's fun under some really interesting fun characters a problem with it as the first movie had so many sequels so early in the show you may remember that I remembered that we had an interview with Rupa Fleischer the director of double tap and I was racking my brain the second part was okay now that they've all agreed trying to work it all out luckily it came together without too much effort and I think that was in large part because the cast was ah three stars three stars then for somebody land mistress of evil sorry soapy land double tap so hard to keep track of the names this week quick turnaround we've finished shooting at the end of March I believe and so we've pretty much put together and put it out and six months or something so stylistic moments in there I I think this is a perfectly straight down the line three style film absolutely I agree with you to board on threes is on a way to introduce it in the shows here this so welcome thanks for joining us on the podcast this is oversee a slightly belated funding so the fact that it has no plot good becomes less important this'll squad stylish knowing the they do some fun things visually it's entertaining of sorts and then from a filmmaking perspective we actually had fewer days on this movie than we did on the original it was it was ahead making it because it was my first film so I just have a real soft spot in my heart fort like just was for me everything tight schedule and we but I do think I've learned a lot in the time since the first film so I was able to solve problems in a Eh unless it works with the actors I mean I think it's it's important to have a singular voice with the actors because I want what if keeping but she's so like bright and has such a good energy I think that's kind of what this film had to me like that's partly what carries it through it allowed us to create a scenario where little rock isn't so little anymore and she wants to leave the nest and be her own person which was the motivation changed my life and so to get work with these people again and to go back to that world it was like a reunion of them drive off in to the sunset together as it were in so in some ways the passage of time benefited us because teams yeah it was it was kind of a two part process the first part was getting the script ready to a place that everyone would agree this to be a part of the film and then see that that Kinda got you into the story and made you feel like this is right well the trick is the first movie ended with the relative happy ending you know all four in life in our own friends and a boyfriend and everything else and so like any rebellious teenagers she splits and then the differences that the world in which she living is filled with zombies and so she could be eaten at a minute so our heroes Phil responsibility to go rescue her from this potential threat which that you come out feeling good good no it's because they're very charming and it is listen for this movie's plot is that she's now no longer a twelve year old she's a young woman who wants to have her it's like a two I was writing the review going Oh quite like this film on what's happened to you in this weird okay bit appraised at the stars I think Lenny Abrahamson is directing a TV series for example of just made Sally Rooney changed the name it was a little bit later is this almost like a a a weird getting back to basics in a strange way that's what I loved about it was for me there's so much nostalgia for the first movie and the experience it's it's been a very fast process is that something that's quite nice in some ways I'm guessing stress in some ways but is it nice for you as a driver in some ways after something that's that's my processed foods that's how I work I it's it's when it's funny it's really funny it's funny enough huge venom which I guess I mean this is a big movie and it has big stars but I feel like that had probably more moving parts and more sort of shutting down streets and things like that so more informed way so that we could be as efficient as possible so tell me about the story of the film the idea that what was that the kind of the key understandably that's a real threat and the zone bees are different yeah that's key that was a fun thing in coming up with Whoa and ten years since the original what's changed are are zombies different types of zombies but ours are of all is the t eight hundred which are a sort of Super Zombie that's an even bigger threat to to our heroes so which has a really cool Tallahassee moment that that I got to give credit to the writers just conceiving of such a terrific idea see she's just a total bad ass and a fellow Elvis lover and she feels like the perfect match for what he's character and against this cast which is not a small task just given how great our original cast is so you know really funny talented worthy of his talents yeah he's he's he's up for the challenge and I'm really proud of the the final Zombie battle on the surrounding world of pop culture zombies but we were we're just saying that you know our heroes have gotten so good at killing them that there wasn't the virus and so it kind of made sense in our pseudoscientific way that the virus would evolve and as such the zombies themselves would evolve and so that the characters give them different names they have a homer they have a Ninja they have a hawking and the most fearful the world's greatest Zombie killer so for him having this new level of threat is almost exciting because he's got a bit complacent with Just your so how did you kind of develop those different kinds was was sort of a response to some of the evolution of zombies pop cultural most in in the meantime because I mean you kind of identity or tone and so we're real lucky I mean Rosario Dawson I can't imagine a better foil for woody or Tallahassee herself have been involved in Santa Clarita Diet example we've had the walking dead all these years you know so is sitting there thinking we want to give people something you we want perch we'd call either bolts or T. eight hundred's was to raise the stakes a little bit especially for Tallahassee who is there are some new characters as well you I think we've seen them in the trailer so I'm hoping it's no spoiler to say that but there's some there's some surviving humans that they made so what were you looking for when you you went out to to try and conceal those people I think the biggest thing was a from a directing perspective casting actors who could hold their own bridge every day Zombie and he absolutely rises to that threat I don't think it's a spoiler to say he's genuinely thrilled on some levels at least that he's got somebody but I think it's a pretty pretty epic Zombie Kill I hadn't seen that done before so that that was quite cool no spoilers but yeah that that was really interesting so I'll bet yeah I mean the way evolved to be honest was that we originally said that the zombies had become a bit boring not to comment to me people was essential but then with the other aspect I guess is just people who feel like they fit within the world of Zambian because it does have its own really any threat anymore which is what allowed them to last ten years is that that kind of mastered at all and so the idea of these super zombies doesn't six Paris Hilton she she definitely channeled that spirit but she I think audiences will be really excited to meet her character then Zoey Deutch was like a real discovery she plays the character Madison here's a bit of a send up of a millennial kind of circa two thousand oh so funny and really kinda channeled Jesse's neurotic style and he's an incredible improviser as addison hit just makes me laugh every time I watch the movie She's truly funny everything I see her and she's fantastic and it usually takes about five minutes to recognize her because she's so completely different and every single film I actually haven't seen much of if anything of what she's done for me it was like I remember when she came in addition and she had that character like yeah we just thought it was so funny to have this kind of d'appel ganger concept and the the casting was perfect Thomas's characters didn't make as much sense so we struggled because we'd known those characters forever's Flagstaff Albuquerque which then got replaced by very much dialed I I had to look her up and see his she was because I wasn't familiar with her but she just totally blew me away using and and we've also seen in the Hyphen Albuquerque's name actually which may be boring so apologies in advance to anyone listening but for me it's fascinating so Jesse and so the shooting the scenes between them was such a joy 'cause they just brought so much coming to the table on a lot of it ended up in the movie likes tax credits which are what drives where movies are shot in large part in America we ended up shooting in the great state of Georgia and so having to southwestern yeah I was completely improvised in the moment in in so much so in fact that Jesse hasn't seen the movie and I remember seeing him saying how NBA's in Tallahassee so it was a almost a inside nod to ourselves which no one else Melissa's to this podcast that whole concept which has made it into the trailers and and whatnot she she she was improvising but that the exchange with with I'm GonNa Laugh talking about it by Columbus and flagstaff where they're going back and forth about t- to and and then he asked him his favorite movie is in Jazzy Jesse's character says fantasia and honestly I died on like when we shot that some of those exchanges between them are completely improvised and are some of my favorite laughs in the film I had no idea yeah there's so much improvisation the movie sleep like Zoe to give an example that whole thing with the binoculars wasn't in the script like that just evolved on the set that day that as if to acknowledge like it's been a long time since anyone renamed dropped Hussein bolt but like Yeah I mean with everything we all draft of the Zambian script Zombie Land One Columbus and Tallahassee were named flagstaff and Albuquerque and we were going to shoot the well appreciate that they're called flagstaff and Albuquerque which was the original names of Columbus and Tallahassee that's really neat then you go after all be in the South West like New Mexico Arizona or something like that and have that landscape and that's how the movie was conceived but dude wanted to say that time stopped in two thousand nine so whether like there's no songs there's no pop culture references Madison stuck somewhere in two thousand six whatever like her styles like von Dutch juicy couture and but yeah it was really important that we just said time stop like so we meet them at the White House at that time try and Luke Wilson and Thomas who are just to the funnier people around but what was what was the plan of having them as sort of a mirror to Tallahassee mm-hmm Obama would've been in office so that's what the the White House looks exactly as it did during Obama like we researched it in the way the office he can't believe his reaction kills me to we we actually had in Po- soundly originally there was no sound on that and we we dubbed a sound put in favorite sets although it's not very heavily featured in the film is Tallahassee is man cave which was built in the White House Motor Pool and it's got I mean isn't it it's just so funny there's also a twitch in reply to that when he says funtasia there's a twitch and Thomas Miller face like that's my number two and that's become his like Mad Max car but there is all these weapons that he'd Kinda made themselves but yeah I just love the idea that they can go and do or get everything so if that no I mean I live in Los Angeles and every time there's a bad traffic jam I just realized like I'm like when the zombies come we're all money that fantasia joke wasn't he had no recollection of even saying he didn't even remember saying it like it just you know was in the moment for that second that was the take nearly personalized it they've clearly brought in their own stuff and kind of put their own yeah on the place I mean I love the idea that in the post apocalypse you can do anything so one of my the this won't be something I'm missing as somebody WHO's an American but do you think a lot about the geographical locations of people's names like is flagstaff a sort of equivalent to Columbus Ohio Space Museum and and pilfered a bunch of spacemen costumes or he has you know the president's limousine which is called the beast what Circ Obama is there his face kind of just his reaction is so funny it needed like the accompanying sound and he the sound he made it was temperatures are truly funny guy they almost twin cities in a in a if the feel of the city that's a great question there's a real really interesting aspect to flags the the White House because my not like they can do whatever they want he's going to say no exactly what the grownups are away basically have you thought about where you'd go in the same bulletin the fact that they're fast so did you have to think about a we can reference that it happened after the Zombie Apocalypse it's funny because Thomas even says remember him eating ten years later I think they're more of a guideline exactly so I think that's kind of fine so it's been I when you won't get that reference but it makes me happy when I watched that movie with an audience and they laugh at that reference and they get it like it makes me feel like Oh this is dialed in much hand in hand and and there's references within this film to the first one but I think that's a nice a nice thing for fan the production design the set dress decorators did such an amazing job and you can't even really appreciate how much stuff was in there but the idea was that he'd gone to the up where it left off even other is the tenure gap but yeah I mean if people are confused they can go watch the first one but I think they go pretty the first film is is the Cameo the Bill Bill Murray appearance so were you kind of worried about are people going to expect that do we have to do that kind of thing again or right steal a couple of his the one rule that I think well actually what he just an interview that we did was clean underwear that those are pretty good addition the pop shot which is those basketball things they have Way trying to hit as many buckets as you can I was like they might as well have a papa shot in the halls or potentially going to have a kiss and she says what's married don't you think I'm pretty and he says yeah you're pretty like girl apartment for six pretty and you know if you've never seen the looks is the Obama of office 'cause they changed the curtain sometimes different art and so on but they also see they've clearly the White House is their home beginning of this film so they have yeah it's hard to predict but we just worked from assuming that the first one had happened and that this was picking it's not like there's a scene where Columbus Columbus and Madison are all done for because he can you just can't get out of town like it's going to be just gridlock in so I think I'll be a delicious meal for eight so no I think she's the one yeah but but but but they'll they've all been nominated which is pretty incredible Abigail was before we worked with there woody but what he's since been nominated twice and Jesse's been nominated once and then Emma's Benaamane twice in one I'm what about the there's another you mentioned the t eight hundred also being called bolts did you have to look at sort of culture references because reference to you that for me it'd be something to the effect that expiration dates are merely a suggestion because Something we had to think about is how these people are even our decade that's a great reference I was just talking we were just talking about this and I wonder what the passage of time but for those movies genome is it it's it was a joy on all levels I mean it's just crazy to think about Emma and Jesse you know ammos only twenty and for the for the people who are who want to be here this is one for the funds feeling yeah what about one of the things that people absolutely remember actually to I don't know how many times have been nominated but she's the only one who has one I'm just mentally awarding one performance in three billboards he was amazing he's he's worthy so so I guess that's a good ten years gives the other three the chance to catch up by that time they should all have it's been nine years since the since the last one did you have tenure ten years to the to the day almost so did you have to kind of worry about how much people would Azzam is unfortunately what would your rules but what would you focus on in in this on be apocalypse I don't have a ton of Goodwin's Columbus's are pretty useful and so I'm nope it seems absolutely fair so would you would you come back for a third and if so would you sort of before sunset before sunrise and wait another an extra Michelle pfeiffer for good measure I'm always here extra Michelle pfeiffer Helen does it do the trick that is correct you should always be here for Michelle pfeiffer because she's fantastic and I I actually really really enjoyed this one eight But I think Melissa is in theory but when Aurora gets engaged she then has to go to dinner with the inlaws which is extremely difficult for Melissa because she has no idea how to behave in knew she was on her and making them maybe like we could go anywhere and no one had any idea and absolutely I mean two of your cast now have Oscars point so she is now gold mother to L. Findings Aurora she's trying her best bless her and it doesn't come necessarily naturally to her to be godmother right character in the problem of making her work certain the first film you had to explain the whole you know baby-killing thing which isn't ideal they've Kinda just about done this that would be so good awesome well listen thank you so much for joining us and cheers cheers right under the now that nobody has for Hurley gowns that kind of his armor I mean it's amazing that the costumes in this or seriously fantastic and of course Melissa lives on it is bad news for everybody because she's she's determined on that she set on war that's her whole thing so she's she's going around in these fabulous yeah I think I think it'd be fun to come back in another ten years and see what these guys are up to it'd be really cool but yeah apocalypse do you do you have these conversations because we the Empire Office that's one of my colleagues I'm not kidding has his own paperclips go bag by his door yeah I'm impressed member you know was a reserve temptation to over explain things or were you worried about under explaining things or did you kind of feel like we're just going to stick to what we know people kingdoms are headed straight for war unless Melissa Aurora consultant and Melissa is injured I get picked up by what termites be her own people's we've got more people with wings and horns or alternatively we you know we want to move away from that we don't want to kind of go back to the same well I don't think you can top it so we didn't try and can would've formal setting and the malls are of course it can queen her played by Robert Lindsay and Michelle pfeiffer and we as the audience immediately said in parentheses is return of Angelina show Lee as the not so evil eponymous queen and double tap millicent mistress of evil and this one throws completely but it's really important message that you know in the film the character who is ostensibly the villain when you look closer Helen you can see that they did yeah we'll get meryl streep to being and she can attack people with their asking God I know that could compete with bill that would be absolutely up there with right to a degree that there's really complex arguments going underneath so I gave it three stars you gave it three stars that's I didn't do agree with yourself let's see like they've got really weird ideas of what fancy world looks like and they're all bit Disney even if they're not strictly Disney and this of course is Mega Disney yeah I mean all of these this is something I was thinking about when I watched the trailer for his own word picks I think Americans in we're told this so it's not a spoiler Michelle pfeiffer is a body e Michelle Pfeiffer is planning a war with the ferries of the Mur which is where Aurora is Queen of the whole of Oscars and they can join woody in the golden circle right are you going to have somebody beating someone to death with let's see you mentioned so it's a dinner party or a dinner with the in laws in a magical kingdom that could spot that's the plot of Shrek two things like that but I mean roar herself bless her l. funding does her best to give you give her some edge but she's the wettest character in history I mean she's so Kinda simpering and same one else for the Cam just because it you know I think that's a lot of people's favourite most beloved part from the first one and I just knew that we couldn't uh-huh goodies you have the bodies the complex morality in this I think elevates it so fall above advocates movies to a point where I think somebody is inaccessible movie on Netflix it is El Camino breaking bad movie to give it a full title it is the movie sequel to breaking bad one of the greatest James would disagree you know I know but like it just feels quite limited so in this case I think they do some interesting things with with some of the FE and they have some interesting ideas about them relate into different plants really no neuro hell if you look closely you can see she's a trump referenced so like everyone's at trump reference right now it's worth mentioning but listen is so stressed out by the whole dinner thing that of course she kind of rise it rises to the bait and everything goes horribly wrong you know what I think I was maybe a little harsh but I stand by oh she was actually three that could have been a form this was the this was a high three three math the final episode of the show so it's on now how many people have seen it even so we're going to have to around spoiler toilet go now simple and that plays out with flashbacks where you see a lot more of Jesse's imprisonment by Uncle Jack and his relationship with todd play by someone epilogue kind of grace note because it is essentially a two hour episode of what happened next it picks up directly after the finale and it shows what happens to Jesse and it feels I'm GonNa say Liberators TV show of all time written and directed this is by Vince. Gilligan the creator of Breaking Bad and the tells the story of Pulse Jesse Pink Men in the something you've already got during the show but it's lovely and it's really really well done in the it's just about one single thing which is that he's escaped from Uncle Jack He's escaped the school too all right so then three stars for malicious mischief evil and the next one we're going to talk about is available right now you guys can leave this place right now please don't do that I'm going because on the one hand it's entirely redundant because the fun upset of breaking bad is one of the greatest finales of all time it's almost perfect do things the three stars the high three or low for an `sometimes how these things happen let's a high to low fives I'm really confused great different because it's not able to white film his presence is missed in the sense that it feels very different because it's not about him and it is solely from Jesse's point of view inflated Jesse Clemens which is confusing which is confusing but go with it you can just assume that he had some fluctuations and then he sent down before the finale but three or someone else and you could release the tension a little bit and here you can't interesting stuff in terms of the fact that you know all the bad guys are dead I was on tenterhooks needless the entire time not knowing what was going to happen to Jesse and I think the the shift in perspective to him and solely him is really interesting because breaking bad miss maybe you'd like them a lot like then that was fun I mean she gets picked up by analogy for which instantly raises the interest level. I mean sensible person instead he's one of America's most wanted because he's like a meth kingpin and the idea is he just needs to get out of Albuquerque alive that's the whole story of the film it's really insight but this is that happens but unfold slowly and deliberately and carefully and it's a it's a very much a character study and so no I was bad itself is not ponderous it's not the right word but it's deliberate and it's steady and it's slow and it's a mood piece Makara piece it's not plot based or there's some of them on demand it feels at the end the wall it is a lovely house Jesse in finale is fine it feels like his arc is never completed and actually this feels like a lovely sort of understanding of who he is when the main story kicks off when he's trying to get out of town so is this essential absolutely no it's a footnote decider it's something I was absolutely gripped with this I was with Jesse every step of the way and I actually loved it we gave this four star search I think we're very well deserved yeah I thought it was great yeah me too I thought it was terrific in the states I think you need to be you need to be released for a weekend in order to qualify for a for an Oscar run and who knows Netflix may well have plans for that I read so fence Gilligan has an away to engineer an obstacle for Jesse to overcome but I loved watching him trying to figure out those obstacles that's winning rig harrowing staff and it really explores the psychology of abuse and captivity and what it does to the sunken showing how damaged he is in there you really get after the first time is six years and he is imbued him with a depth on a sensitivity and a pain that was always there and Jesse but then we have the other thing whereas a five star to film it's a five star it's never show people how long and trying to do so without Walter White's ingenuity and without his brains and there are moments when he's not a superhero in this or moments when he folks up ah we're going to have to run on sports here but Jimbo what did you think of this all really like this I won't see this with him and he liked slightly less than I did it's a really tricky we separate but I thought it was wonderful nick found it found it quite boring and I think it is I cannot and taught by his experiences and it doesn't become that it becomes about a guy who has a very very simple goal to get out and whether he does it and how he does it I used to come back for this final time was was really lovely absolutely great tribute indeed to the Great Robert Forster as well four stars in for back to story and I think if anything Jesse Pacman is a brilliant character he's one of the most tragic characters in TV and I do think Sunday if you reward breaking even at even at the end really really tense you cut away from Walter you can cut away from Jesse and cut away from Heinke to Schuyler or and I really loved that I think our poll I don't think you guys discussed this on a certain podcast Jimbo I think it's been released in one cinema absolutely heartbreaking but at the same time or loved about it was the didn't wallow in it could become a simple psychodrama we're Jesse is really weirdly a very beautiful tribute to him I feel like a lovely kind of sendoff because character has just lovely couple of moments in his last seen everyone else but mostly they're discussing stuff that's very relevant for our profession which is the sort of a divide between digital and physical publishing they'll work in you would never watch it without seeing breaking bad I but it's like here's a little film about PTSD and bouncing with that trauma and having to push yourself through even more which Helen Sweep in four stars again think four stars for that I should be prepared but it's it's a very French drama in that everyone sleeping with anything I really really loved the first one is war on and people are mixed but I just think it's so we've had so many years of Disney films where the morality and is so binder viral zombies they're not the undead per se there they are a result of being contaminated it is basically perfect so we need this we talk like this you don't need anything else but this just trump but there is a whole interesting thing here about fear I'm what it makes you act as a result so jobs upset you we've really really hopefully do because I think that Aren Paul deserves the in the Oscar conversation for this movie because he is a staunch here he is returned to this card Tis they tried to give her something to do your bit like to even need you unless you can we cut back to Angelina because like she's wearing dress is wonderful Washington Vince Gilligan resolve do you think that psychological element of the the kind of helps keep a as its own thing it makes it feel quite distinct from breaking bad because let's get out of the other side it's film obviously that came out last Friday just before we got the news about Robert Forster who appears in the film his final role as really on the service right now there's a moment I want to give it away you guys will see you'll know when you see there's a moment in the desert desert there's a moment where it's just we know full title and breaking bad movie but I would say it's a five star four star so bumping up to five you want so there's a bunch of other films out this week that just felt writes in retrospect and obviously that wasn't planned by anybody in would never been planned by anyone but for great character like that who had been established in this as the peanut butter Falcon starting show the booth we get four stars to Saudi any visit seen it but apparently it's fantastic we also have the new film from Olivia Science Nonfiction they're obsessed with the question of how reading is changing how we absorb information how we process the world so there's some interesting ideas and discussions about that but mostly it's you know the people like you and judy knew you know deciding he just like with next even though the margin each other you know so yeah the friends I would the war but she is then in violation of Official Secrets Act and that is what this film is about obviously if you know how this story played out then some of the tension will be gone luckily Joe's you've got two thousand and one at one point and you've got I think Terminator I wasn't sure if it was terminator Robocop but it was in there the skin references because we had some parody posters that we ran online for this one of them was a show on the sheep parody poster of under the skin things I never thought I'm together getting the van and drugs around Scotland he's entirely negative even picked up on that so wow everyone everyone else sean sheep farm Magadan of course anyway so this is the latest commits an alien in this not to spoil too much and it is an absolute delight adorable as with all the other show on the cheap stuff nobody really speaks a laser printer this year right Oh yeah owns the movie retain so many innocent thank you newspaper headlines all my favorite things is the farmers reading the newspaper it just made me laugh I don't know why there's a competition says when your weight in Muck and I just I saw this movie really early in the morning I was not happy and this cheered me right up it's really good we gave it four stars I believe sensible to a three or four year old but also if you are cindy literate there are references to everything in this maybe there's Spielberg all over the place you go close encounters you in policy now this of course the governor Phil and this is a true story of Catherine gun in the noughties became across a memo showing what's and British intelligence services were coordinating with the US government to essentially survival members of NATO to in order to blackmail them to get there's another five star four star screw stick star on six stars then for showing the sheep farm again very very quickly because we're GONNA get to the United Section go back and yeah it's great wealth of incidental detail as well as Arben pack into older movies are incredible puns in shop titles and devote for an illegal wall so that's nice she came across a she leaked to the press and a lot of sports and then obviously made no difference baby laugh quite a lot but it was a moment aside Gui- Guinness I won't spoil it there's a psych agnes I think made me laugh as long and hard as anything cinema this year and Official Secrets Oh God yeah official forgot about that one yes this is ridiculously farfetched film about a government that lies to the British people devastating the movie from the sequel to The showmanship movie of course it was a Shaun the sheep movie anyway a combination of words and this is Sean from a nothing about this so I was only edge of my seat this is kind of a bit like a seventy s thriller in that way it's a procedural thriller three Perfect Procedure Because you've got legal procedure intelligence procedure and journalistic procedure so if you really lying retentive stuff has got you covered the most exciting secrets in this involves disorder terrible I mean it's a law like that anyway so so yeah so it's at nobody speaks entirely back close to the enemy hard some one day cloud atlas London fields and and I can't stress this enough geo storm gems burst onto the scene a few years ago has worked some of the best directors in the business both the big and small screens we please welcome the star of across the universe heartless the way can guest who literally just landed here in a plane from lap London we're very glad he did for he's an old friend of the magazine he's an actor he's a musician whose during the podcast about Geo storm but at the time but it was during the promotion of the movie so we couldn't talk about Geo storm now I've got a sneaking suspicion that maybe the best of us do you know what I mean we think to extent we did use to think back then in the northeast to a lesser extent and now they're all just a massive bunch of counts I I really enjoy this I enjoy the story I enjoyed the way it was performance great and it is depressingly topical and I think it's well told it's not on the same level spotlight which really draws you and it doesn't quite do that but it's nowhere near as boring as the post so that's been in this film come out now just in time when I don't think we've ever trusted government less open less under the illusion that they're somehow actually the good oxman origins wolverine continuing the same it's a little bit not what ham fisted a little clumsy and complicated theme and it's over simplified Georges I love Dear Jim how are you come with coach cuffing fail three you can okay or we can just extended jim juice for five minutes the Nelly applauses Where you got your sea does really awkward for now this is not an easy one day I believe terrible it's been I it was one of the first times I've ever kind of really sort of immerse myself in in this film it beats around the head with the facts which already quite simple it's like yes we get it calmed down but it is but it is really interesting coming and sort of immersed ourselves within the community and join a boxing gym and pretended to be from Belfast books he had sort of history in documentary filmmaking and she really kind of pushed us into gang as immersed as we as we could so yeah we came to Belfast probably a month prior before see this is early up to you Jim we talk about store ago but listen that's down the line first of all why not go for it and five star four star An double bill with El Camino del bill all right so that's the review section with time now for serve for but I'd say about two weeks you start to lose that and you start to kind of hear this accident in your own mouth and then it's really really freeing I mean it's something and then slowly you start to hear that voice in your own head when you speak normally you can you hear your voice I and then you hear this other accent come after and at least feel really really makes that thing here's idea we're going there and I'm so relieved the podcast to CBN's on live shows yeah bs weekends this four stars which again I think is all sorts of good people it's so so governor Salak Savannah state heated rendition as well I'm intrigued to know your fascination with me when I walked in today for right I got to talk to you about I never really had the chance I've talked to Jerry and wow what was that first moment like when you open your mouth and is always weird when you're doing an accident the first two weeks you're pretending to do it your mouth feels I welcome to Belfast thank you yeah it's great to be here not your first time now trying to figure out here over ten years ago which is kind of blows my mind about this big and you feel that you just the biggest charlotte and everybody knows the pulling what are you doing why are you pretending to told by somebody else Eriksson making fifty because one of the first ones I personally felt like an actor director that we were working with at that time was really hotel is correct this is true I've spies everywhere yeah it was interesting I just walked past the hotel and had some great oh good happy enough Jim thanks for that but I think one the experiences you had here is you had a very interesting experience shooting the scene in Europe in the most sex bomb hotel unbelievable but but again thank you so much for coming over doing this because it was someone from the crew he'd been up there and had sex with his girlfriend by the big sort of Europa right on signed yes how did this and you're going to take a question here Jim would not play for enough so what was meant to be a really romantic love scene directors now let's just do up there Oh came from music into the acting world I guess so it's always there's of in the background and I'm always feeling around with some sort of musical ideas I just feel so odd and then you get back to London and I had a pint of beer and then I was fine and but I honestly could I couldn't Belfast accent for you now awesome scoring a film with the way out of my pets I think and the stuff that's come from working on films being quite organic in just talking with the Sir and writing a song it came pretty naturally actually rather than us off considered sort of direction so go math missing this refunds in this is really good it's not great character actors in this world jury Northam Hill Mina Loving your oh yeah when you're on your recording Elton at the right yeah yeah what can you say about that I mean I'm always writing music it's something I've always done wait a minute in west Belfast that must be wow that was due to sink or swim it's a solid storytelling is a good week what would you say the case Okay Shaun the Sheep Sean try and do as much as I can to accent because yeah you just you can put it away you can you can leave over there and you're thinking about it stuff and I have a little studio home and just sort of had a bit of time off and I made sure I took a bit of time off to just try and finish yeah with a cross the universe and Julie Taymor which must been incredible experience for you yeah it was still is to this day one of the matters so split up tumultuous time I was ready to leave music behind and I was if I didn't finish something that would be a real thorn in my side the I I would just love to get something over the finish line so so would you consider like building on that day more kind of film music as a thing not film scores I mean I'm not in any of riot songs song ideas the answer it just music music music man these emotions and thoughts and feelings all right what's your favorite cord things ever happened I didn't quite know why was getting myself into at all at the time I was playing in a band in London we've been going for a while thank God yeah man so it was what sort of stuff recorded a moment I'm really hating this question because I've done okay sturgis turned all the way to resolving this fantastic so you mentioned there obviously music with your way into film it was ten years ago the ice show the film here and I haven't been back since so it's lumpy but that fifty dead my mocking fifty two minutes and you did you did the accents stuff I never finish anything I mean years and years ago by tenuousness of shot fifty felt like to you know so yeah I saw a really made a promise to myself that I would just get my head down take time on yeah you've written music for some films I think for a couple of them here take the most bombs hotel in Europe what could be more someone told me that as well it was at that sound horrendous appeals musical I don't know if I don't hear Noseda film because actually England what is this and they said this is Julie Taymor film it's a Sony picture it's shooting in New York I never been America and before I knew Judy and it was a film about the bills which it's not really a film about the sort of sixties sort of youth revolution and the Vietnam War and the politics of that time told the GO-TO now leap rest it was also in the film so we saw that scene came from a story that somebody told the director cents a New York it was a bit like the x factor was a little bit like a bunch of us English actors got sent over there and one by one we sort of got remember can you access the accident is under you know I remember leaving bill I thinking I can't even remember how to speak in my own exit honestly towel it was very it was before they expect Julie Taymor how many people know that Los Stand I wasn't quite sure what they're going to do myself and somebody said to me you should you should audition doing this thing this musical you should go for him and you'd be and doing different rehearsals and do stuff with her and spending time with her and other people in other musicians and and then yeah she made her made her decision like Simon easier you always feel kind of feel as nervous and excited and as you know full of adrenaline and fear as the very first time I mean so you've you've done some like their films I mean I'm thinking about cloud atlas for example that's another one where you just look at that and you're like I'm sorry I'm doing what's how many roles the film and they try to get each actor to play a character in each different story and it was beautiful you know the idea of the film is that it's transcend it was amazing and it was a nine month shoot in New York City so yeah it was it was pretty incredible so there's baptisms of Fargo in time and everybody kind of felt like it was the first experience for them because it was a film not none of us had made a film like that before his age race and gender so men were playing women and men and young guys are playing older men and older member playing young memories of having sex with Natalie put press around you can visit John and Judy really workshops the actors really hard to make sure your role in together we were kind of old at workshop the same with Halle Berry in the film and this is true story like she was dressed as an eighty year old Korean Dr Actors from Korea and China and Japan aspirations lot and some great character actors and it was really exciting or instantly I knew who worked for Frieder us and I was a big film fan so I was you know then I got nervous and then I went to pieces and then we kind of so appeals songs and I didn't really know I was getting into I saw turned up with a slight of naive arrogance I think the the songs that they asked to sing and then I went back and undergo co back to do some acting and then they say can you sing songs without a guitar because you know it's pretty much out there right yeah lived up to that since in terms of that that experience I think every time I do film I feel like that really yeah it never feels any in England in the UK and Ireland is not that well known but I mean people people in Cincinnati but anyway I I sort of went along to thinking girls and you know it was in black people white people I play Korean freedom fighter and for that it was it was it was dispossessing in somewhere I did a New Yorker I didn't even know it was connected okay and would come and sort of whisper really interesting deep philosophical ideas into your brain before before take that'd be watching the monitors and both of those guys will come and talk to you without speaking to each other you know you knew they were so so intrinsically she's sitting next to me and oldest is wrinkly skin brown teeth and we're chatting about her kids and how they get in on a school here but it was this is a band to act and sing at the same time the okay so it gave that go and then quickly I kept getting called back and cold listening to the directors before because obviously their siblings and work together in a very similar way and yeah the same thing they would they would just we even saw Tom Hanks was saying that this is crazy like this this is insane so you kind of put us all on a very core play field in on that level you know how many rolls of film reminds us I played six roles in that field yeah yeah so there's six different stories the storm storm so to speak yeah the time it didn't really feel like a storm we're making some big fun crazy launer particularly you know she's a she's a philosopher trying to make sort of digestible or indigestible puppet you know she sort of works the exciting GRANDPA accountable who slipped my throat that was the first time I met you can and he said okay we're GONNA send you to New York to meet with the director Julie Taymor and I was like Oh Shit Oh what is this film yeah those guys are really on another planet they really are in a beautiful way this so so deep in thought and I see ah the read through that film was pre extraordinary it was pretty strong 'cause I mean we had there was some big Hollywood actors some really interesting so of Asian allow kind of blockbuster rump which which is definitely what set on the table and what it was meant to be there are a few days quite I think kind of your lucky to have now I was just didn't know what it was John McCain I throw some small film about the bill is I didn't really know any more than just people off I'm not implying Sara Lee killer by the way that you're saying no I'm not so there were times film where you didn't actually know understood Bush and she said I'll go with it that's amazing almost like a clean reset just I didn't know it was around the makeup race classic goes is I Lick Scooby Doo in a popular coach but gets huge ideas woven into these films that she makes we talked to your store what was the most beautifully absurd moments in movies of recent years I absolutely loved it what was it like filming binges word and then every fifth word and every second world and every tenth Word if you link those together you'll get the message that you want to yes jared Butler and his universe various so you know so he was he was in his comfort zone and I was well out of my comfort zone so I still have hung onto him for assist working or is this not sell out went up for the film it was my own experience a pig and blockbuster film when I was with Tale Life Yeah Ding Devitt again most certainly is his world and director who produced of built an entire space station in Nassar it was it was amazing and we would Dr Nassar every day it was it was it was the old the old NASA building in indicate a message to Jerry's character and you do so in cold yes and the and somehow Jerry crack the code because you know why wouldn't they and in in New Orleans Massa meeting room that NASA just didn't know anything about Uh to the thing childhood memories wasn't it was on childhood memories but they had a sort of code where like every third I look convincing knows about space it's just one of those movies fascinating because it's Matt did you turn up at the sky SOx planned John Lennon or I should have done it saw and I sang a couple of the now the gym has gone into the Belfast night it is time for you to hit us with your questions don't be shy really fantastic moments as well there's a moment that I absolutely love there's a moment where your character has to yeah of course so I was just kind of blown away by the sets more you get to punch or shoot at whether that's true or even just check my door I think I've seen this in a number times I'm still not sure it makes sense but it works it works it works for me is that was that was the thing well yeah that's mainly it bellefonds hotel everybody tell me this thing with you grow he licked my ear. He'll do that I've I've heard it's a signature things your move to get a storm and were you disappointed that you didn't get in fact Jerry doesn't get either it's an interesting movie the way it uses uses him no point did you act a sequel to Geo Storm in which you shake your fist at the weather a fantastic on a great note if they're gonNA wish to end Jim you ask us anything starting to use sir how are you who are you and how are you I'm from Gloria the berry was meddling kids and it's amazing Chelsea's as well yeah that was amazing it was quite interesting uh-huh forty seven questions because he's going to get a couple of what was it like being on the inside of only members of the Empire police custody well Chris doing this horribly polo the reason John Eugene isn't here is because he has been driven to buy Chris's horrible Jimbo caulk and his reckoning special pilots Angela Lansbury question yeah with the Batman Having Batman's rogues gallery I just wanted you guys to maybe cast through scullery with Hush Jimbo you're you're the ought to be poison ivy killer CROC pretty amazing I canoes June put up there with the best but I thought it was an interesting watch all the same four-star saying for nonfiction and speaking of a movie and Joker is there a button that doesn't speak at all because I think that should be Chris the be the ridler solve the countdown conundrum that's what he does this days off never sell the countdown conundrum and if the ASS to pull off my show you'll Robin Dick Grayson feeling damning come on Helen no one went on as Geo storm I'm going to say it's my favorite film his favorite is it's in the top one iconic definitely logic to the using the phone so you guys got loads of exclusive here today so for example we know the Glennon. Lisa's next film is GONNA BE SETTING bambridge Jim sturgess they're going to produce I don't think I could I don't know about red hair but I'll give it a go looking for those true yeah this words and Green Ben who would you be hype be- who's overly rolling both yeah he can't be Rogie has to be it's even better be doing like flicking around doesn't have so you were born and his special move is Bain S- Planning Michelle from Lisburn another by my question related question James Guns Suicide Squad remake or soft reboot or sequel whatever it is or they can't Dan Conundrum but if I if I were the ridler solve the Canton Silopi it okay there you go thank you very much hello Sir read right into my face thank you so much for listening next time goodbye a kind of fresh new team they're kind of dropping a lot of the characters from the original suicide squad I mean I'm okay with it I wasn't attached to the spine yes and that would be fun so let's see sixteen or to those of you who don't know it basically all the marvel characters rise in Lisbon Times which is weird people who saw it and spend money on it don't seem to love it I feel like this is the way to do it just throw everything that didn't work and just go crazy with what might flexing genre in someone will serious comedic I don't WanNa see something got completely gone back show mental sixteen though is the one that I'd probably go for I just thought that was really charming and weird and funny and you could do that just on its own and it would never connect anything club since we've had the joker and it's GonNa Singular origin story I just wondered if you've had any thoughts for example I personally hoovering wouldn't be infected it doesn't make any sense but but like stuff like that you could do in store in and just ignore the rest of the time and what to think but I think it's probably sensible if you're going to make a sequel to film it made lots of money so that's why you're making a sequel but nobody really loves it it feels like even the new I'm Steven from Belfast firstly I'd just like to agree with GM's Molly's game is almost always agree with you lauber fun stupid funds Stupa Villains and then I think they're going to kill off a lot of them the whole don't get thing he said in his in his and also stars in James June thanks James because they have editor Salva playing the Lanta and stuff just wondering what your guys thoughts on that they're doing is Oklahoma so just like one off stories just done dusted no worries about continuation interest so how cool for costumes oh they'd have they'd be listen I'm telling you to be amazing so yeah that doesn't oh we're talking about adaptations the hulk future imperfect which is a great I think we're just two issue run but it was a fairly lengthy issues by David and what do you mean you were attached to Slipknot v without he was the only one and then then they did that thing so you know now I I would worry I feel like what is giving them that I'm quite happy for them to do stuff like that in what if something like Marvel zombies Dominica cast suggests that lots of them are going to die relatively little screen time thank you for always indeed thank you hello sir like a joker Ash Carter still for example yeah finding out we're still broken up that's room ah yes out the winner from Grayson played by David Malki over who is Kurt in Edmond who is the Hulk writer in which the hulk has become a tyrant in the future called the maestro it's really really great really interesting that'd be good one and deserves a shot I don't know he the plate any marvel characters getting treatment so I'd like to see the demand the ball story don thoughts demanded a ball Tony it I'm not so bad I love listening to the podcast illustrating very contested so new terminator film coming up forget it because of the contractual thing but he deserves a solo movie Ruffalo shoe play him an Colombo at the same time going John from letterkenny of movies shall we say spoiling themselves and the trailer would would you like to highlight or to flip on its head what films are you so impressed that the goodness it was amazing I remember being really impressed by the trailer for seven this is really going back I don't know VHS on the cover of empire the trailer for seven very soon the last two the last two Terminator Films Tennessee of blowing their load in the trailers with regards it's the final shot and okay some shots make the trailer and don't make the film so maybe you're not sitting there waiting for it but maybe you are and you have to wait the entire film for the final show took care supply twelve thirteen years so what are your what examples or not comedy drama and I was just like oh I was not prepared for what I saw when I saw that movie so that that's the one that springs to mind in terms of holding back but I mean there was there was made it look like an average buddy cop comedy it does like I like it looked like a good film I wanted to but it looked like any other buddy comedy you know really dark and not definitely wouldn't want to see something unconnected because I think the model the MTA moves what really well because they understand the tone and they understand the characters so well good stuff it's all smoke and mirrors rather than Bayton switch which is why I'm really intrigued by this race stuff in the sky will trailer because that was like a big Shaw colored speeding towards where layer is on the ship and I don't feel like you've been conned but at the same

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