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053: Journey to Feeling My Own Love - Veronica Gutierrez


Welcome back to normal warrior. My Name is C. Ceylan our intention here is to empower you to make the best decisions possible as leaders as entrepreneurs especially during this uncertain time. Our guest today is Veronica invited Veronica to be on the show because Combo's a very intense experience. I want her to share. How shoes using Combo as a way to empower herself and her clients to have a healthier happier and stronger life. In addition for those of you that are looking to corona. Prove YOUR MIND IF YOU'RE ENTREPRENEUR. If you're a leader looking for more certainty doing this answer time go to see halen dot com for slash certainty and have some powerful tools and techniques to empower you to have more certainty doing this time without further. Ado Walkom Veronica. Welcome no Mori really excited today to have my friend Barranca Gutierrez here with US Veronica. Dear friend and she is a Combo practitioner. Welcome to the show Veronica. Thank you grateful for by me. So why don't we start off by sharing with those? What is Combo Combos? Actually secretion from the fellow Medusa by Color Frog Amazon in Peru. Okay so what is it so. In a time when a lot of people are searching for different ways for health and wellness. What about is a unique offering to the wall of Health and wellness? Well I guess I'll speak for myself. has done for me in a Combo specifically is the just the secretion from the the actual frog itself. And for me it's just Actually just changed my life completely to another level of all my practices on training. They helped me to really detox from a deep deep almost like to every Oregon. We carry all our emotions and but just really helping me to deter talks energetically and through pershing and in many ways the through tears through sweating and helping me to shift to another way of being green more clarity to my life. What was alive before Combo Scribner? Before and that way people can have a visceral understanding of what it did for you. Maybe explain that a little bit of the story that I shared earlier with the about my job shirt so it was in the corporate world for sixteen years and I realized that kept attracting or KIP vibrating. Almost like not negative people but people that were sick very very sick oxygen. They're all my bosses. My last boss. He was an alcoholic or very physically. Ill yeah very in kept drinking going to work and even though I try to be as positive as I wanted to ensure what I learned it was. It was almost really hard to deliver anything so energetically. His energy almost like made me energetically sick so I had. I gave my three months notice and and I thought I heard about Kumble. Energetically sick means you. Just don't feel good around. Yeah it's almost like you wanNA share something good but regardless of how good you wanNA share it just. It's just not good for them because maybe what they're dealing with their suffering and and they just don't want to hear anything else or they feel maybe there's nothing that can benefit them for the rat. You encounter resistance. Yeah some resistance. And so then I felt well. I heard about Combo and that it helps to clear energetically purifier body. Mind and spirit. So I went to a combo like a gathering ceremony but I had already resigned three months and my job and I went to the ceremony in my actual intention was since my father is no longer here in. My father wasn't alcoholic. I almost felt like I was attracting my father in my life my father. He was a beautiful human being. But of course when you're under the influence of any negative alcohol or any drug you can become another person and so I asked if I can clear that line through me since I'm his child and have all the cells and DNA. If I can purify that energy through my body and she said sure why not and I am so then after that. That was my intention. I felt I released very deeply everything that I need to through tears through purging and when was done the next day I went to work and my boss after forty four years of working at this place that was his life and he comes up to music. I I need to talk to you and I'm like about what let's go outside. So we're not side and the beautiful thing is like he put his hands together and he just bow down to me and he's just like any American. He doesn't know anything about spirituality but I was like. What are you doing first time ever? He did that. Y- you kind of posture like something. Good like what's going on here and then you just bought and said I just want to thank you for everything you've done and I just want to let you know that appreciate you and I WanNa let you know. The I resigned today and in my heart I was like what but at that moment I really. I can't hear my father say it's done like I heard his voice. Say it's but we're still we're human right. We have that like almost like a little grain of delight. That really. Is this really like what's happening right now and to make it like really valid that this is what what happened is like two hours later. My best friend's boyfriend text me after me and her were best friends for many many years but going through his stuff he didn't want us to be friends and Kinda like separated our friendship. I honored that in I step back and he takes a day after my said that. And he's just like I just want to thank you for everything that you've done in. I also want to apologize for what I've done. Your friendship and and I was big validation that on that level on a spiritual level my father and I hear that these things can can happen purify to events choosing chronicity happen immediately after your ceremony. Exactly okay got it. So it's not just from from your personal experience. Not just if he's the logical thing detox but also there's a psycho spiritual aspect of it as well as in and that's what made you a believer that yeah exactly and that's why I chose like how can i. How can I deliver? This found the Gumbo two people to do that that particular day it was like a light switch upturn on a one. Yes yes life. Yeah and those are really thinking about it when I heard about com on researched about it and solid the benefits that it does and then after that experience I was like this is good. This is really good so I've experienced humble as well. I've experience from you. Thank you and on the outside when I heard about it. It has the reputation of. There's no way to minster words. Here's quite violent. Combo experience is very intense. So so I I. I was a little intimidated. Even just by verbal description and wanted Kumble's Armani looks like and then then actually having gone through it myself. I was like Oh this is really I like it for its intensity that brings me not so much physiological aspect of it but more so the psychological aspect of it personally like Spartan race. I like cross fit. Boxing like lean into my discomfort to lean into my edge. Combo fits ready to that. Yeah archetypal warrior archetype. So I'm curious no from your point of view from personal again. What does it actually do so describe it for us so that way people can get a little bit of taste of why go through this very intense experience and what's the potential payoff and again speaking on your personal question. I think that intensity of is actually like any any training that people do like martial arts or yoga and kind of cross fit when you go through an intense part of like. Let's say you're going to hold your arms like for five minutes like this like for the first minute. It may be a little bit difficult. You start to feel your your arm. You start to feel your arm your elbow discomfort and pain so at that point. Your brain is registering. Oh I have pain right here. You know but if he didn't go through any discomfort you wouldn't know what the next level of the second minute or the fifth minute are or the tenth minute of holding posture of any sort. It's almost like you're going through a certain pain level or when you're lifting weight so I can only do ten now. I'm doing two hundred. There's this intensity of almost like a a strength that is coming from within like oh now my muscles had grown and can do a little bit more but if it's almost like if you're just comfortable like just in life if you're comfortable there's GonNa be no change. Everything's thinnest stay the same but when you meet a discomfort that's most like how did you say violently intense intensity. I like the description. But it's almost like a very intense and who wants to go through anything intense but I think once we need that impressed that it's almost like a fear or an obstacle in our life. I you know what I can only do this much or I can only go this much but if you go just a little bit more. You didn't know that you can go that much so it's almost like once you go through that intensity they what it feels like to feel. Oh I did it. I feel much lighter. Oh I didn't know it was carrying so much and now you know I feel great. Amazing he do it again. It's tense intense again but in a different a different so pass on that for a moment so my friend. She said she helps women. Pregnant woman to go through to describe their pregnant whether they're childbirth experience so she said that one some woman was that was a lot of pain and say that's a lot of physical sensations easier distinction here the actually describe interpret that is paying just describe it as sensations. Yeah so regarding Combo would you say so number one intense so is it for everyone likes that seeking that intensity Jew for the spiritual benefit. Yeah it's actually not for everybody. Some people may want to as much as there are desires. But there's a contra indications that we have follow guys talk about that and so making sure that they're safe and there's no protocol Bam any heart issues or they've had any structure any kind of like surgeries. So that's really important. That's why the communication with the client is very you know. They need four months what they're going through. And what's there almost like their their background of like there are elements or anything that they've had and once in share that then I can determine you know so is the contract contra indicators early physical or there are some psychological. The psychological toll like schizophrenia. Or things like that or was that because Jimmy's combos in my mind is not a psychedelic. It has nothing to do with the mind. It's purely physical. So why why? The we have a group of people and psychotic actions may come out then you have to make sure how to take care of. The person is the guy just for the safety of others as well. Let me interpret what you're saying here. So even those physical the physicality of it me may trigger some psychological back in for the sake of the container that you hold for the group as well as for the individual you choose not to touch back then an accurate way. It's not touched that part of it but just that's why it's important to if they did tell me. I would say I can and cannot serve that point just for the safety of others because it does open up your nervous system and it may trigger things in the brain activated more aggressively or things may come out and my most important thing safety for others and the person itself so absolutely so a lot of people younger I with the body. The mind heart and the spirit. They're all separate my body. Just my body has nothing to do with. My mind has nothing to do with my emotions. And what is his favorite thing and it doesn't even exist. That was when I was younger. Yeah but at the more the older I get the more I studied. The more practice more embody all of it. Ultimately I gues- superposition on top of each other. There's no separation of the body mind spirit is when you do something triggers everything out. There is a a linear so there's a quote by Gandhi. Watcher thoughts your words. Watch a worst. Just your action. Action ultimately behavior behaviors on habit. How come you're right? But at the same. So that implies a linear progression from thoughts to Destin in my mind it actually is a circular thing. Your destiny also goes upwards to so it's not as linear direction. It's a circle and superposition on unpopular each other. So I think that illustrates the point of what you talked about. You're being considerate of people with psychological conditions in certain. Okay so that's the qualifications that you you take when you look at people who are seeking this so what's the benefit let's benefit. Yes you describe a little bit of again personal one of the benefits that we experience more vivid detail so that people can get a taste of like okay. This may be for me in addition to the experience. Yeah I'm benefits you've seen. Yeah it's good for like inflammation people that have inflammation or like candy in their gut. Sometimes we carry a lot of bacteria got so it helps to purify intestinal track so everything can be released and any joint pains or aches and pains in the body helps to kind of release. Some of those aches and pains so any other in addition to the physiological aspect of it in the other because you talked about detoxification and that's actually something that I haven't quite explore personally pretty healthy person and fortunately that I don't really quite few the benefits of Taxation. The detoxification can be on on many levels so our thoughts creating motion motion create some. It's almost like a vibration that flows to our internal organs. We cannot see energy but we can feel it so when you have a certain certain thought it triggers an emotion. These emotions are connected to almost every internal organ so like let's talk about the loans. The laws carry the emotion of sadness ingred. So if you if you probably experience a lot of like new kids we need cry. There's water a lot of water related things a lot of get a lot of kids because your lungs are connected to sadness and grief because when you cry. It's it's almost like your chest is hurting so energetically. We can hold these kind of vibrations or energy in our in our lungs or it's almost like stagnant energy so when you take onboard helps detoxify these energy like centers in your body or your organs that we can purify in clear an area so it can be toxic also like in in the in our mind for myself as experiencing. It brings more clarity so for me. If I have a foggy by thinking or I am not clear at my creative side cannot come out when they do Combo I feel it almost detoxify all that that stagnant energy net. I was carrying that. I couldn't break through when that is clear. Then it's almost like the channel. Okay now it's more clear for me to paint or to deliver what I need to deliver and also in ourselves just helping to purify the body especially like the gut we carry. A lot of. This is our Second Chock. Grind you carry a lot of emotion here sometimes if you have like IBS or any bowel syndrome and it's because our gut is tidying up. Everything's Teddy NAP. And then the circulation cannot flow but through combat helps to relax everything. So you can purify and talk your way. I see it for me personally and genetic spiritual emotional physical as we talked about earlier. They're all on top of each other right so in my mind. This is a the engineering terms forcing function. Essentially a computer is is a hard reset you essentially just get everything out by violently very intensely and then whatever benefits you get because now you have more space. Physically mentally emotionally spiritually energetically. Perhaps right again depends on your personal leap that I won't debate with whoever's listening by just imagine now essentially send you decluttering all of the things. That's there in through a very intense experience. And from that. That internal spacious notice that you have then more things than come in. Physically mentally emotionally spiritually energetic. Is that a good way to kind of like a lot of people like shadows or the shadow worker and all that so when you releases. Its almost like our. It's our native thoughts are negative emotions. And when you let go of that there's opportunity for love to come in joy to come in come in and actually already resides in all of us. We just gotta clear that stuff up. So let's talk about Judge Roy and love and all that moment you are someone back. I know for years who embodies city and compassion for others. So let's talk about where you always this way or was there a journey that you took on. Shula to beat the person you are today. Yeah I wasn't always like this. I think it was until I was sixteen. I was a little Remmel Kit and in Twenty. Some people are like ugly your parents but nothing to do with my like my mom or dad they were really good individuals or very loving and caring. Father wasn't Alchoholic and energetic. Dad Did feel that affect because you learn from your parents but I did become an alcoholic. Very young maybe fourteen go to junior high in Germany in the bathroom just by myself. I didn't nobody to drink. It became a thing that it's not like it's almost you teach someone something that knowingly so you just doing it so someone's doing it so especially as a figure that you love the drinking's good so then it almost became like something that s should do to yeah and so then. I take bottles to nose in my beers like straight liquor like with he and I will be gone and then from there of course when you drink you become another person you become very land and so were you in pain that this was a way to numb the now nowy at this point now knowing of course alcohol is a way to numb everything so not knowing that I did have pain. I think that's why I'm always probably drinking. Also and then also following the steps of what I see I see so you had model doing this and then in a century copied the role model. Yeah Yeah it's almost like you have this chain until you know what's right or whatever then you can break it or you can either hold it onto the next next generation but I want to juvenile hall just because I came very violent fight over time and I think that was me releasing my my pain through through anger until eventually when I was in Juvenile Hall. They had to lock me up in like a boys. Unit thirty days cannot like interact with any human being. Because I was very destructive. I was very disruptive to everything and so the kid couldn't even manage this individual. That was actually in pain but they follow this person's dangerous and so at that point when I was in this isolation among brought me a book was by Lester Levingston. I actually forgot the name of the book. It was one of his first books. He owned the SEDONA. He was the starter. Sedona method man. Yeah and and that's the only book that they let my mom pass through because any other virtual book that she tried to pass through the said that I cannot have that book because they thought that I could be calm like someone that can overcome in an escape or something and I was like thinking now like really like their evil genius. Yeah but they let me have it bugs or Stephen King books which can be very destructive but very more negative over sure in the shadow. Imagination of my mind really fascinating. They're very intelligent so they let one book pass by by Lester Evanston. I always the awakening moment in. Yeah that was because I did read the book and at that point I felt like something shifted my attitude shifted something subsided inside my heart that I felt I felt something different and at that point when I got out I started taking a lot. So positives young woman so after that are waking moment did the anger the fighting persists or that. Stop at that point when they left her. It's kind of subside. I didn't like one of the oldest fighter it was more like something's changing. I knew it too because I started to like dress differently and I felt like I guess I want to change or something. I didn't know that and then I think with with acid. That was like the main thing that really really like Kinda Shit into another state of light. You don't always have to be angry and you don't always have to figure out. Why are you angry and things like that to to know that happiness already resided inside of me? Did you do that by yourself? Recreationally you do me with someone else. Who by myself or with my friends not ceremony? Because I was young I was still like sixteen seventeen and just sharing with people and and I felt at that point that that's where I found my my happiness interest down upon you in again right because the start of this part of the conversation is where you are today who you were before. So was there a light more light? Light Switch Moment. Where in your violent loving and compassionate was a more of a gradual process. It was a gradual process. It's like almost a year on step and then can't assist difference feels good. Let me try this. Oh this was even better and I think he was very gradual but like it's almost like a awakening like very slow process like almost like a turtle just walking slowly skills. Good this whole better. That's how for me. The process was so when they are again a little diversion is that I do here. I love transformation work. Alyssa look integration for a lot of people are seeking that silver bullet. My life was Chedda and now a bullet life is also want that. That's what the human mind e- going with my wants in at the same time also just like working out just like good nutrition in my mind. It's about the leader's points afterwards. One good meal and say fifty pounds light noise work even though that go with my set some curious from your point of view. What were you intentional about? Cultivating this loving and compassion and empathy or is it accidentally just like? Oh this feels good. Let me just continue to do that either? Accidentally and accidentally I think everything is is a purpose alignment with every human beings from God like our purpose of where we need to be at a certain point and to learn the lessons that we need to learn so I feel like every step is just a step that I had to take to experience to learn to grow and to a point where I did feel the love that early resided within within myself but it took time to uncover it to train through different things but the more that I got to feel my own love is when as I. This is the most beautiful feeling you knew that I could ever feeling you know. And that there's more than more inside of me that I never got to look at her. Got To see so I feel just like it's just a destiny for I need to go and now I'm being aware like either the steps that need to go to like to grow myself and so as a more self exploration it's rainy thing okay so literally feels good. Let me continue. It feels good continue. It was good. Yeah Yeah didn't explore like. I need to do this to like get this this or like. I need to do this any to vote but I just read it because I had nothing else to do. But it felt good. And it's in the Yoga studios telling you about it wasn't like I need to look for this place. I heard Yoga's amazing and it just like it was just like my friends. I went to place is amazing. I thought this whole thing. I was just like curious. She told me she cried. In your view the next step the next step. Yeah Okay. And then she was like. Oh this mainly Kraus's they were GonNa go and cry and I was like. This is weird but interesting you know so it was like she wanted to make an appointment on Sake. Sure is I made implement. Okay yeah moments you allow yourself to be opens you get curious. Baio so made a judgment. This is weird but you you went to issue would say yeah right right but you went anyway and maybe is relatively listeners or not but I think is a natural way the echo evaluation assessment judgment. Abou- something you went anyway. What can you open minded and national took action follow through your career in spite of the initial judgement? This weird yeah and I think was the term weird is more like I never experienced this before like. I never heard this before so this is out of what I normally like. No I was a gang member this and that for someone sandwiched a Yoga Studio. Like what is that you know? What is this so for me? Weird is like something out of my my what I normally no I To to move more clear Yup and so then I can make an appointment because I really feel this person in particular was like almost like an angel God brings angels to us and I feel she was an particular angel because she was telling me should go there. Maybe she felt like I needed to go there so I trust her in as as a friend. This is sure I'll go there and I went and right when I walked in like everybody in the center was Korean and they didn't some of them they didn't know English and I was just. It was so bright in their like. Ill look like of Yoga. This is was called Don Yoga our and so I stepped in and the one of the masters that was there. She she reading me. She bowed and and she hugged me and I was like wait. This is out of the normal. Like I don't know I only heard my family but it felt so hundred back so you trust okay. So yeah I want to underline that you follow your curiosity unit you trust with us. Good actively from yourself. Yeah this is very very like okay you WanNa love. I like stealing and so when she took me to the room for consultation. She asked me to lay down splits her hand on my chest and then she asked me one question. I feel this question like I was like. No one's ever asked questions. Like what do you want out of life and something just like hit my heart like I don't have the answer to that? You know? At that point I felt like I couldn't resist but all these tears come out and say we're this coming from like. Why did this question like rupture me inside? You know and and Yeah I mean I signed up for sure and then through that question. It can't be like be more. I guess you said curious to okay. What is this question? And how can I can? I find the sensor and who that that was like another step that I took so so you talk about. She wasn't angel your friend and at a time where there's a million different voices. A lot of facebook live happening right now. I mean the signs. Yeah what would you say is your criteria of identifying on? That person is a potential angel that person that person. I should pay more troops. Yeah Yeah for more point of view is the way I amy timely. Thank you so much because like out of all people that I had friends are hanging out with this particular person asked me to go to this place that I would probably never though to you. Know if I'm just like what by it or you know or read about it stormy Chicago and I did go and I actually ended up staying there. She loved she did. It was like maybe five months and she loved but I stayed there and threw me sane there till like fifteen sixteen years later. I knew that that person was like someone of like a messenger. You know. We have many messengers. Inner my we have to really listen. No okay this is a message that any to come here and for me. That was one of the biggest person that if she wouldn't have told me anything then at five chicken PA Guy McCain try to write suits with my question was how do you know who the lesson to you. I guess that's probably the easier way too. Artistically shoot you deem her afterwards sanders later and say a while she was a beautiful messenger from God right but you didn't feel that way. The moment told you to go to Yoga and you knew to listen to her and follow through based on her good friend. Yeah right yeah so again. The million voices right now a lot of a lot of noise and very low signal. Yeah you find a signal. It's all SEIC synchronous cities. Okay so this one particular person I was taking a French class is going to be a little little connection to that. I was taking a French. Classic took this French class. And my one of my sister-in-law's my sister-in-law. She's taking taking a French class. And then she thinks Oh. My current sticking a French class and I was like. Oh what's your friends name? She told me her name less. They say oh. That's okay maybe I'll see you out another many classes right. Say Five going on. Why would she be in my class? Saigo in there and everybody has to say their name in French Middle News whatever. And and this girl Gemma Pelvic Liz. This can't be hurt. And so at the end of the class. I went up turn each other and I told her that only and then. She's like a list. Are you Jewish friend? You know my sister-in-law and she said Yeah and she's like are you moronic and I was like She's like Oh my God this weird and then from that point of just say really quick but it was like a synchronicity. How would you be in this class when there's so many classes and you're my friends my sister-in-law's Fred and you just want to take French class? You know it's almost like people choose things almost like at a certain point like I don't know if you've experienced like at a certain point in your life where someone comes into your life for some reason and it's like a bond in like a relationship and a closeness and a a trust that you have at this person and then the and it's almost like they're they're these messengers that that all came here to deliver this message you know. Many people can deliver many messages. And but there's some that really like can add resonating heart and you know what I'm talking about like the feeling that you get certain individuals that they just trusting that whatever they're they're asking you or maybe delivering that okay. I'll try it. You know I can relate I would say but for me. I'm comes slow. I don't always know right away. Is this is the Messenger? She paying attention usually. It's afterwards like my life is taking a was catalyzed after a long time and dawn on me like okay upon my reflection. These people really shifted my life in a particular way in the moments. Thinking back in a moment actually didn't think much of anything so example. Yeah Yeah exactly. So let's use a concrete example. Vergara dear friend of mine when I first met in on like who is this guy much of it again. Some of my best friends are all like that guy. Who's that guy thing much of it by twenty years later we're still friends? Yeah Yeah so same thing with her forty years later friends. It's Kinda like even though you don't talk for a long time and when you do talk almost like you just left off from where you were and there's no like judgment there and you can have many many many many friends. I used to have so many friends like a lot. You know either because I was doing something bad or something good or whatever you know but the more that you grow yourself like spiritually now. I see it. Spiritually is lot of those people fade. And maybe still doing their thing. And that's cool and then you can see who still kinda like. Hey we're still friends you know I can see it so there's effort to save an effort being made I can effort. It's almost like just natural light. Oh someone she we call each other maybe once a year. There's an effort. Yeah requires the long right. Yeah I don't mean an effort like let's stay together importance and that's not what I meant. Is One of you reach. Reach out today how you doing and the other one answer yeah. He's he's an effort to stay connected. Sick that's one element element that I hear. Also is the the non judgement aspect of it? You can be however you are. I can be however I am. We except for who we are. And that's that whatever happens happy for you who you are exactly. And that's A. That's actually something that I noticed in re- reflecting upon myself I can be better proactively reaching out to people. That's just something that I could be better. But we're going away from my initial question of how you cultivated your who you are as love and compassion and empathy. So you made a drastic shift over the year. And that's who you are. Today you provide a space for others Anything else wanted to save for people that really want to go buy a pristine space of compassion empathy and love anything else that they can act tactically practice to be more of that. I think this keep following like what? What makes you happy? What makes you happy and and I think the more that you've followed that happiness and actually do it. Sometimes we can be like. I'm GonNa do this and you don't do it but the more you you're you're taking action to what you need to do. Brings you happiness? You know. And sometimes it doesn't have to be with anybody? It's just doing it for yourself when you do it for yourself. Then you get that just that natural joy and I just feel the more that you follow your passions and continue to do that you can just activate that that that that self love and I think that's a lot that you know will for me that I feel I love to do is is to put in my meditation or anything that can help me to look inward the more that I look inward. It's like look out worded in into like you're doing you're being you're doing you know. And then to see our mind when it comes when little judgments are different or those kind of things but to be clear and just let everything be whatever it needs to be on the outside but to make sure that you're looking inside of yourself your own thoughts are only motion. How are you feeling right now? How can I change my vibration of This sad how can make it. Better how can I make myself better? Nobody can make me better. Nobody can change me but myself. And I think that's real important to constantly focus on on oneself to grow into just develop an open the heart you know also here implicitly in between the lines of said not only. Just see the cultivation. Meditation a really important point. Is the more you cultivate yourself and likely say. Fill Your Cup up first before you in court to another. It's like fill yourself up so much that you feel so good that it just like naturally fours out to others without judgment without having to tell them what to do having to just two naturally just be there for someone and let the love come up right so follow up on that point. What say someone listening to this. You WanNa do that. Yeah what actions can take to be more on that point that what what you just said to fill your cup up. I okay fill yourself up so much that you're overflowing with love and compassion others so what practice really well for me. All this kind of share my practice in the morning. I I do my morning. Meditation Ri- winning. We got meditation. I have a chance for Mama and just chanting going into straight into my like. I need to get a cup of coffee. I need to take a shower. I have this planet Going into very full out like thank. You got being grateful in ingratitude of everything in my body's moving okay. This is starting that flowing in once. I get into meditation stretching the body and giving up to your body like I have my hands in on strategic and breathing. Whatever your you know that you may know the utilize it and do. It doesn't take like an hour. You can do five minutes ten minutes whatever you need to do. And then as Chen team meditating in reading. And after that Cain ready the students you know and then at that point that's where my creativity starts to kind of activity throughout and then right before I go to bed at the same thing giving thanks owes able to do all this and you're breathing to constantly being gratitude. And when I do that then I do my exercise and my breathing meditation chanting and then when I was just like this feeling of this I'm happy. You know I think the more that I give myself A. It's just like it's you smash really split with no effort don't under Being me but other people do so. Let's talk about that for a moment giving the Kobe. Nineteen happening right now. A lot of people are freaking out yet. Panicking fear in. Ill Certain anticipation of whatever to come uncertainty. So you find yourself. Doing more of these be more intentional about these practices or the same doesn't change. It's been such a habit on already doing this. Forever not forever. My point of this is what I need to do for Mesa. Also I've been doing it for sixteen years it's becomes like you need to make a cup of coffee but it's almost like habit but I know it's a bad habit and it feels good and it doesn't take a lot of our twenty four hours a day to do that but intentional about practices. It's just it's just something that's naturally them. Before I gotTa do this I gotTa write it down and I got chicken off that I did it in the more that because at first I was. I have to write down every day. Any to meditate. I need to do my training and then I'd have to go back. Did I do it chicken? I did okay so there is a learning curve. Yeah right in the beginning. You were intentional by now. You've done so much that it becomes second nature to you. Wake up and do it and I want to underline here. I'm that guy on the wing thing. That was a good point. I hear you say this phrase a lot if felt good so listeners. Whatever makes you've you could do more on that but I wanNA make a distinction here because even chocolate feels good. Ice Cream feels good washing method. Experience Good Waking. Up Late feels good doing lazy lane in bed all right. So what's the distinction from your point of view? I have my own vocabulary from your point of view of doing your discipline that makes you feel good. Versus eating ice cream makes you do good. There's a distinction okay. So it's more of a inner feeling good than physical feeling. Good because when you're feeding your body physical and and it comes from your brain your brain is like oh. All these like receptors are awesome ice cream. He decides okay. So there's like this other being talking to you and telling you what to do when at at that point there's a separation of who you are from this body from your premier emotions from your thought were Solans. Shows are temple so we listen to that inside of yourself. There's a difference of feeling better feeling good then versus. I'm going to a pizza making me feel good. It's not making goods. In making a brain coca or you know making those receptors. Happy like Oh this is great. But there's a difference there and that's where the differences separating yourself which is your soul being versus your your body and your desires then make you feel good. So there's two yeah. My friend has a really beautiful wage articulated. He says there's a distinction between deliciousness. Nutritious so things that makes you like the ice cream literally is delicious at the same time not necessarily nutritious. You can have all the ice cream you want at some point. That listeners goes away and you become disgusted exploited ice cream. You write your by just doesn't get the nutrition I want or an or you go equally if a delicious to show off to someone or whatever the keys for the individual at the same time. It's not a spiritually or emotionally very nutritious. Also like to thank your body you know. It's it's very hard to distinguish until you can cultivate that training and knowing that the separation your everything else Russians here. Yeah and by the way guys. We're not seeing too never ice cream. Yeah enjoy the life is too short so enjoy the thing that you enjoy Baltimore. Just be intentional about why they're you're doing it for deliciousness or doing for someone in the middle. Whatever it is that you're doing so in that way your intention about it rather than pushing the remote control you know without even thinking okay. Good anything else you wanted to say. In terms of cultivating this loving presence admits the outside chaos at this point this particular point in time. Yeah this is actually humble tense but peaceful to okay so similar. So it's Kinda like you know this is going on in the thing. Is the most rumba searches. You can't like we cannot predict what's going to happen tomorrow. We cannot promise it will be here tomorrow. And who knows you know? There's car accidents every day. And there are so many different other types of death so just to be present in to enjoy and be grateful in ingratitude for everything that you have at this moment in your life you can you. Can you can plan. You can be creative and so much more that we don't know about ourselves because we're so busy. I gotTa work ten hours a day. Come home to the home that you worked so hard for but you never get to spend time in it you know. Now you had described to spend time in and seeing what is the passion that you have you always wanted to do greater there has to be something you were keeping wanted to learn or something that you wanted to read or things like that. This is the perfect time for that and not to be like in fear like what's going to happen are I understand. There's many difficulties in in in struggles. That people are having to just. I can only send something out like you know. I wish in the bathroom. Can I help everything but just to focus on yourself at this point the more that we focus on yourself at this point in together I think in elective? We can make a change in the vibration of love ingratitude yourself. My interpretation of what you said isn't your sphere of influence accurate. You into yeah so we can see so much information that's going on so many different ways and points of view of what is going to happen. What's really happening to really. Just be in your heart and what you believe in the love or makes you happy you know. Why are you gonNA fall into like negative information or or this is going to happen and then bringing up some fear and I'm so scared and we're making all these thoughts that are being created just to be in the present moment in love and you know you all to be where you want to do you know great time? Yeah so it's a good segue to this who you were before you ena game in Juvie Hall and now Your full-time Combo Practitioner Dedicating Your Life to heal up people general right. So there's a big shift I would say to do all this process. You met many teachers meaning angels along the way to help you. Cultivate your skills to be accomplished practitioner. It's right who knows what's going to happen but today your competition. So what's the criteria that you use today to select teachers? I think he following the signs. And what what I feel in my heart you know so from Leicester Levin Stan that book. Very resonated lot manager. Ever take this no I. Didn't I see yesterday? That's what she gave me. The book is and and then from that to my teacher. She into knowing that Levinson was buried at this place that my teacher bought the land and sit on Arizona's F- and and I knew that was a teacher because when I looked at in his eyes I don't know this man he's an e can create an English three hundred people. He looked at every single. Human being in there is I know him out and I just started crying and they will sign mccranie like what is this feeling. That have so is at that moment. I knew this man is important my life and then coming forward to now being a competition in and knowing who you know who's my next teacher it's the same thing like when I saw Natasha. For the first time there was feeling in my heart that I knew that this person is very important in my life and and then when she delivered everything she delivered with Combo. I need that. This is the person I love to learn from. You know seen her her sincerety her her kindness and her love for others. All like this really sometimes. When you feeling Boeing you see it in someone else. It's so beautiful you know and I and then that's where I asked her. I was like how can it become co practitioner? And she was like well. I'M GONNA take my training and then I Okay and then so that may take awhile and Sheila but she referred me to another like another Combo training. And now it's like no we for you to be done with your training. 'cause I really I want you to be my teacher Was the the the next point and then I knew exactly when I was doing my training at pulled off a book out of her shelf and I look did look like Oh my God. How did you get this book? She got into retreat center. Was like you know this memory. No that's my previous teacher and crying because I was like why must felt like it was a sign like I'm in the right place. I'm doing the right thing. And now it's just so happy to share that with her to you know and then now. I'm just I'm just trying to do my best. I'm not trying to actually doing my best that I can to give service and to hold space. Because it's not me that that is making people better or or whatever or transforming their lives but it's Kumble so how would you translate everything that you've done to someone who's in the in between space right now during this coronavirus Rana virus? Everyone stay home situation that we all right now. How would you translate that into something? That's tactical that. They can practice right now to do in their life. And what is exactly between space exploring what's next and they don't know in this in this outside uncertanties. They are exploiting what's next. What would you advise them? Yeah I feel the this tien is a time of like looking in like I said in in in to really see what what moves you. Work gives you passion to do something or what have you? We wanted to learn like this is a good time to learn these things into kind of cultivated in all. This is what I'm GonNa do or this is what I'm going to my next to take. Or what have you been wanting to do? But you're stuck on your ear. Stop from going. There is just. Do It do what you always wanted to do. And this is the time to learn. You know whatever it is that you need to learn to to go there but to knock it up like this. Is it but to to have faith that you know that everything is possible in life? You know beautiful. The way I will enroll to reinterpret everything that you said is is union saves but mine mine is trust your body like really get into the body in and really listen to your body and listen to your heart of what actually resonates with you because from your own example you trust your body you trust your heart so whenever he spoke to you you you follow that base on your your. Your words were jetted alignment or resonance felt that you trust it so you choose your teacher you. You chose your teachers. Accurate is pretty much your phone for those people are interesting receiving Komo. Is there any place that you can send them to? Yeah they can go to my main page in my websites on their. We'll put in Shona. Yeah I should not be own. Sorrier changed it to passion for health underscore for how okay. We'll put engine ons for everyone in WanNa say before we complete seek out. I want to thank you for taking the time in. And and you know setting this up appreciate that very much and into an all Beauty that you deliver to to everybody. You know the words that you have wisdom so really truly appreciate it so thank you. Thank you for that. I really acknowledge you for sharing your story and allow me to underline smooth things I would do that and vulnerability you story transformation the way that you are living life before trust and faith in love and compassion and is only the beginning of your journey as a healer. So I'm sure that your practice will continue to blossom and thrive because people can really feel your authenticity heart. And that's something that I admire. You would see your videos. Whenever I see you in person I just feel a very palpable presence of love and compassion for everyone. And that's something I into more so being here and sharing.

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