466 The Four Sacred Gifts; Indigenous Wisdom Shared by Author Anita Sanchez


Mindfulness mode four hundred sixty six. We get a choice every moment of every day to either good medicine or bad medicine and good good medicine is really about welcome to mindfulness mode. I'm Bruce Langford host and creator of the mindfulness mode podcast so glad glad to have you with us today. I have an author that you'll hear. You'll hear that I get really excited about her work. Her book is phenomenal. Manala and I just really felt that it was such a clear way to understand some of the biggest issues we're dealing with today shame team and forgiveness but more about that in a minute I want you to have my waves of content guided meditation mindful tribe. It'll help you be more focused and have a better sense of calm in your life. You'll feel more contented and more peaceful. This meditation is yours mindful tribe tribe free at mindfulness mode dot com forward slash waves of content so I hope you enjoy that so now without further do sit back relax and enjoy today's episode with the Wonderful Anita Sanchez mindful tribe. I've just finished reading a book that impacted me in so so many ways I mean it was such a beautifully written book. It was so much about forgiveness. It was about shame it it was about so many things community and this book is written by a Brilliant Wise Generous Wolman woman who I have with me right here. Today I have the wonderful author Anita Sanchez. PhD Anita are you in mindfulness this mode today I am totally present. It feels so good to be here and to be a conversation with you. Finally that's great and you you know what when you read a book that impacts you and then you know you're going to be spending time with author. I mean that is an absolute gift. It really is and and I'm. I'm just so thrilled. Tell us what mindfulness means to you and Nita Yup mindfulness to me is about being present but let me explain explain it also in an indigenous way so in addition to sway. We get a choice every moment of every day to be there. Good medicine or bad medicine and good medicine is really about the mindfulness is basically saying that it's anyone or anything can help make this happen and it's putting get alignment the spiritual mental emotional and physical and when that is in alignment one is truly present able able to open heart mind body. Everything is present to what is so instead of the the crazy mind going off into pass into the future. We're allies have clarity in here in the living right now now anita. I talked about the book. I don't know if I mentioned the name of it is the four sacred gifts and the subtitle is indigenous wisdom for modern times and yeah such a wonderful book. You can check it out at four four sacred gifts dot com mindful tribe just going to share a little bit more about you Anita Anita Sanchez. PhD As tack and and Mexican American is a transformational leadership consultant. She's a speaker a coach and author of this book that I've been talking about Oh and she bridges indigenous teachings with the latest science to Inspire and equip women and men to enjoy meaningful full empower full lives and careers so one of the things that you do. Is You define indigenous so let's start there. Let's talk because your definition of indigenous indigenous really is everyone. All human beings are indigenous because we all are from the Earth every element innocence of of the Earth Water the stars so we are all indigenous but when I say indigenous in the context of today I'm talking about human beings people bowl who have stayed connection to the traditions to the connection to the earth through ceremonies dance through their oral history so that that that connection has not been lost whereas for many of us who are come from the earth bills cultural knowing that original original knowledge there was a there was a separation from it so that's when we talk about indigenous people were really talking about people nations Sion's and tribes all over the world who have kept that connection to the Earth your book the four sacred gifts outlines these four gifts this and the first one and has such a powerful gift is the power to forgive the unforgivable and at first of course when I started hardy to read the book I thought well what does that really mean the unforgivable and of course it wasn't long before I understood what it meant but maybe you can tell us what what does it mean. Forgive the on forgivable. The unforgivable is something that's fairly large for people so it's hard to define it for a particular person because sometimes it's accumulation of little hurts and mistreatments that become the big unforgivable but when I was talking about the big unforgivable I was thinking about some some of the things that pretty much every human being across all different cultures around the world will say his unforgivable by abuse this sexual abuse incest or the killing the annihilation of whole groups of people which was true for most many indigenous most people around the world it was about a radical us and they forgot that we were seat so they tried to bury us but as the saying goes we're seed so we remain so so that's when you think about those things that the hurt and mistreatment is so big so deep that each feels the allusion is as if it is unforgivable doubt certainly is in here in Canada. I know that it's just devastating to think of how we have treated indigent indigent people it's just so shameful and so sad and but it isn't just in Canada of course I mean it's it's it's it's not but it it just it hurts so much nothing you're but we you all are in the process what I see from the outside from us that a whole row that read that pathway to forgiveness because you have as a country acknowledged unlike in the US we haven't done a formal acknowledgement knowledge that you've acknowledged what happened the taking of sacred lands the taking of a water the killing of people putting people in boarding schools and it the let's go on in that list is actually pretty true for us as well only you all have acknowledged it and then you have actually put in place now education of all people in Canada but starting in elementary school about what is the true history rather than washing it over as most nations and countries due to only show the viewpoint of who is so called the winner of whatever the war whatever it was so it's very powerful because as I talked to my brothers and sisters of various tribes from Canada they shared with us you know the great works it. It still needs to happen but also have a different kind of lightness awareness ability to act because they have a whole whole nation that they are part of that has acknowledged what has been and it's not just past tense which in these two touche's that exist today day embedded in there is the favouritism is the bias conscious and unconscious bias towards the mainstream people versus the people who had already been there who had cared for the land and cared for each other yeah so true. Why should you forgive? That's one of the questions did you ask and I absolutely loved the answer because it gives you true freedom to help create positive change and that's not all. Let's talk more about why we should forgive its import. What I've found Bruce though is that it's hard for people to take in end the softest part of the year hearing in their mind and their heart why should do this? I'd like to percents what forgiveness is not because people mistake that and that's why they go oh I can't do this. Forgiveness doesn't mean that you forgot. Forgiveness doesn't mean that you don't seek justice to change systems that structure so that pain pain that hurt that mistreatment doesn't happen again. Forgiveness doesn't mean you're week or beach praying a whole group of people forgiveness as you mentioned it is a path to freedom is what I found is. The pathway not only to freedom is the freedom to find out and discover and live in a way that you truly unconditionally can love yourself. I never knew that hurts. Mistreatments unforgivable would stop me from being able to be a whole human and being enjoy of being who I am. What forgiveness allows you to take off all the way the heaviness the energy that we use? We only have so much energy every day that I was using in holding onto the upset the resentment of what happened and didn't happen happen in my life. Due to the incest that was part of my life from age four to thirteen or the murder of my father based on race is why he was killed taken for a black man back in the mid sixties and what happens is when you carry you that anger that resentment that Energy Nelson Mandela said it doesn't do anything to the person you're directed or the group of people it eats at you and so I hi actually came to a place in my teens and early twenties where I used to tell people or my well pain is so deep it big and my well joy is so small and that's a distortion. That's a lie that is the lie of the illusion of pain in her mistreatment new think that's all there is an worse Bruce Bruce worst of all is that you get so identified with the pain and hurt that you think that it's your identity and that is so untrue and when I could start feeling that out because of using the various skits why could start feeling that way. I began to discover that even though that my story are some things that many people will have never extended oh my gosh. How could you forgive that just unthinkable? It's not at all because what I realize is I put down the arm or when I put down this notion of separation I realize all the good things that were present present that I couldn't be present two because I was storing it in all the anger in the fight and so when I began to let that go more and more more of love for myself of the freedom and ability to be with other people and other beings all the teachers that I got as a child or my grandmother Hi there my mother than digital about us being one in connection began to fill my life and oh my Gosh I you come to a plate wait. Why did any way that you don't want any of these horrible things happening to other people however I also would never change my life because of the strength I think the post traumatic growth that I experienced from having gone through that so it's not at all idolizing the pain and mistreatment mm-hmm we need to stop there and there's movement all of the world to stop the mistreatment of women and girls and stop the racism and all of that but I am saying is that there's always a choice in the choices to get sacked in spiral downward in that also for all of is here is the choice of possibility to move move towards resilience towards growth towards ability to be president in the world in a way an understanding that gives you even then more ability to move forward free of a lot of fears because you've gone through such a process of letting go and forgiving? I loved how you you went through this step by step. How do you forgive here a ways? This is how I did it. This is how you can do it and you said you know it can take a long longtime or it can take an instant. You can simply decide just like that. I'm going to forgive this person and it can just take an instant. I mean that's incredible edible. It's it's true I am both to an I learn to hold open as I helped create the Grayson space for other people to empower themselves salves to to take to make choices that it could be any of those. I have a story All shorten it but I think is an important one so hard of the healing the forgiveness parts of it happened very quickly but one of them that took longer was the murder of my father. He worked in a steel mill. He get very dark in the summer are in one seven. He was also an alcoholic so one summer after work. He went to get his beer before he came home. He didn't know earlier that day of black men and white men were having an argument so while he sat there drinking his beer the white man returning just saw his profile and shot several bullets who is heading killed on the spot. Will I mean that's terrific. If it comes thirteen I had six brothers and sisters were from age nine to nineteen my mother seventh grade education and she always worked all the time but at that point you know I remember remember her ever not working to put us all through private school and just doing the best she could for all of us in education be Keelan but what happened the week after that was enough for anyone especially thirteen year old too just like what do I do with that but the year week after my father's murder a white woman and a young white boy who somewhere somewhere around my age came to the door and I was by my mother and she identified herself as the wife and the son of the man who murdered my father will you could imagine agent. I could feel my mom. She was a very solid short woman but very solid. I could feel her shaking. I was just and then women that I had to tell you Mrs Sanchez my husband was a good man. He never would have killed your husband. If he knew he was Mexican and native American he thought he was black and she went on to start saying bad things about black people and I remember Merav shaking even more and she's finally shouted at her stop. You don't even know what you're saying. Don't even know what you're teaching your son I want you to I know that I'm going to try really hard to pay for your soul that you get off my porch and that night my mom said something that forever or a wise woman wisdom it doesn't have anything to do with age education through through what we know that for mindfulness right and she sat a six kids down and she said this you need to understand a white man murdered your father not the white race I will say at one more time and I will not say it again. A white man barter her father not the white race and then she opened the Kansas City newspaper where I grew up in Missouri and she showed a picture that was my father laying on bar four with blood around his head and she's now this this you this is racism. This is in the newspaper would ever a person of color whenever a black man you know Asian native American. She didn't say for color was an attorney back then she she made all the debris. If that something violent has gone up in the paper full but if a white person some him they never have that because they treat them with dignity knitting respect like a human being that we have to change and then it took years neatly I went to school college. At Sixteen I started sorry working corporations in my mid twenties and in rooms doing diversity inclusion we're hearing white men and women who talked about their parents teaching them that they were better than people of color but they also said they loved their parents but they were not they do not believe that and they were delivering their life in a different way and what happened to me. Bruce is that dream of that day that happening lived in me for many any many years I started having that dream again of a white woman and her son only everything in here everything word for word but I couldn't see the white voice his face he was gone it was really creepy and then over time with hearing incorporations the circles of white men and women's sharing what what they have been taught in that they were releasing and creating something new allow me to then one day had that night a dream where I could see the young boy space. I mean to this day. If I were to meet this man I would know who he was and what I I hope for him is that he had a good life. 'cause what about thirteen year old Anita didn't understand because she was so faint pilled with pain and suffering. Was that that summer day I lost my father but that's summer day. Young white boy lost his father doing grew up knowing his father was a murder and and today if I knew what I knew back then I would open the door and said come in. Let's talk. It can't take a lot of time to heal and it's worth it and it can be a snap where with a practice you you could just release things not pretending not doing a mind thing. We'll I'm going to act as if you truly you can release it. All of it is possible. It requires your your choice you choosing consciously are and are unconsciously you could be making those choices and you will be rewarded with avarice and that's just so wonderful and you are wonderful storyteller. I love the story about how you are fighting this whole thing about writing your doctorate paper and and you're just fighting it fighting fighting it and then you just you just they said you know to what was it grandfather and grandmother how some people would call it God mccown God yeah and you said if you want me to write this send. What did you say? Send me a sign so yeah send me aside. Tell us this man slam the door. All while think of my mother would just be horrified cheered me cursing grandma GRANDPA. They're like that and when I looked out these big windows in my house an eagle flew by so I put my hands on my hips and I said okay all right every morning by get up at five o'clock to go the bathroom all come out here. Look out the windows and if the so you don't flies by that I'll go downstairs and write for three hours okay so we took three a little over three months. Every day. I went out and darn if there wasn't an eagle that fly fly. That's not a usual occurrence fly and worst of all bruce is so I would go down and right for three hours and then some mornings I come up at eight o'clock side right provide eight come up to make my breakfast and I sit down and another Darn Eagle would fly back by the window and I have to go back downstairs and write for another three hours but what magic so many different things one is that you know they're other beings that that we're not necessarily taught indigenous people. I think other people are too that they make the connection you know the trees are there for the water. Is there for for us. The four legged the wing and all were all connected where all our precious relations were all connected but ben is when I realized that there had been and for some time the eagles are part of helpers to me and they wanted this book written because minding my phd they wanted noted that down and it was important for me to be able to move into some of the places CEOS of Fortune one hundred corporations in places to have that was important but I only could have happened because of the eagles the eagles every day and I was true to my word that's really important. They helped me every day to get that and in your early days you wore armor. You described it as your illusion of separateness armor Tillerson vote what because all that I heard that happened to me as a trial with the rapes and stuff and then with the murder of my father and then go on. I'm a Latina Azteca second woman young girl. All that stuff is that I started putting our rouce I was going to say no. One's GonNa hurt me. I'm GonNa go through life on my own. I'm GonNa do anyway you know and I just put up this armor just really tough barely smiling and stuff and what I found when I went away to the University of Colorado at age sixteen the action was seventeen. The first year was in Missouri other all these indigenous people there I start connecting them and then all these white folks and Mexican Americans and I just my community just kept getting bigger and they kept saying me as a leader and so they'd have me speak for them. In the MIC. I've never had trouble speaking in front of people so and Iran ramp pursued by they were seeing all these thing in me that there was this thing in my mind that was saying I'm a fraud imagined other people that are listening to said they have of those most like Oh. This isn't true they. You know I'm just they don't see the real need it will see all of me but what it happened by being seen by others helped me to start lowering this armor and lowering and lowering it to where it allowed and I realized I kept the bad stuff out at least a lot of it but I was keeping out the good stuff that armor that we build in our mind are really literally build. Well it keeps out the good stuff and one can't live like that. We need each other. There's what I say what the elders taught me over the years is that human beings can have the condition of being lonely human beings are never we're never locked and when that finally realization should sunk in I am never alone. I have the water that's going through. That's nourishing me and the food earth the birds the trees providing shade then then I have my mother my father my brothers my sisters my friends there. Virtually we don't do anything alone. We are always connected. It is the mind that state of loneliness and so we can train it being my focus trainer so we don't fall down into that but can come back to the abundance that we're part of so that we can come back to knowing what we need not take too much because we can be sufficient to that seven generations out. We'll have plenty for everyone so that armor came down really from the gift of unity is others wanting to be joining in Dan and it looks like from the outside being their leader their student body president like I was but it over time I actually dropped further and further or giving accepting them giving to them being in flow that debt really then I realized Oh my gosh the power our really connecting collaborating with people when you don't have armor up on my gosh there's so much energy so many solutions that were able to cremate folklore each other's wives for the larger communities lives. Both I'm talking about for the Community of human beings as well as the other beings are right yeah. Oh Yeah I just love how you're able to communicate all of this as we talk but also in the book and one of the things is that you learned from the time you're young child was how to listen with the softest part of your ear and you've already alluded you did that. Tell us what that really needs will first of all it means you have to shut your mouth so we learned very little from my second grandmother about listening so it was like there is nothing come out of your mouth and then it's truly being present with the soft partier the south is part of your heart so what that it means what happens and she didn't use this language as a little girl but that you were present to the actual being nasty aliveness somebody else or something else that they have made or what is part of their being that you don't have to compete with. I don't have to sound off because I am present to what they are. So the lesson one of the lessons she taught me in sharing this because I love is bring my grandmother back who are lost in the sixties physically lost but she's always been around at aged for my little sister who then was prop was only about two over two and my older sister who's a couple of years older than me. We were staying at our home and early one morning morning on a Saturday morning. She got us up. It was still dark. Got Us a win outside with summertime and we were by her garden and it was August so the sunflowers were out big time but she had a stand there and as the sun rose we know talking we just faced with sunfire was and every hour that day she stopped whatever we were doing and we'd go over to the sunflower and we'd move with the sunflower in silence and just be there present to the sunflower so by the end of the day you can imagine we had turned always looking toward the sun and then the sunset and being present to and Oh my gosh here's a woman who had no formal education indigenous woman that to this day I use the lessons of being present to one with even in darkness turning towards the light that I've used in my carpet work in my community work all over the world it. She embedded that in the I felt like a cellular way those lessons which all of us can get we have inches or not having a second grandmother win. We can be present like that listening with the softest art of our ears. We are able to not only share here what is being exchanged but even in the silence in between which is to say you can hear the music between the words and Bruce to this day when people hard illicit will it. Does it takes practice to that you can be quiet to the calm your mind to be present truly in wanting to be there for another being but I'll tell you once you start doing da you hunger for it like I hunger for being silence listening with US office part of my ear because it's another level of intimacy and connection that can happen in a second between a child and a parent between coworkers you know between in the community just going by total stranger and that being present to them if they have words or not worse it's so powerful it helps you not forget that we truly are one who of wife not to world's not a develop world undeveloped world not all these different we are one coupe of life and he hit years like giving to listen to the other beings. We are one hoop of life. I just love that four sacred gifts dot com mindful tribe. You really need to check this out and you can check out the facebook place where you'll find Anita Anita Sanchez. PhD The HD on facebook and twitter Dr Anita Sanchez now Anita another one of the things you talked about in your book is is a well of joy and a well of pain and how are you dealing with this. What is a well of joy? What is a well of pain? Let's talk about well. I think that's the the healing process that we all need to do on a daily basis. It's not a one time event like love the shot like me so I never ever have to suffer now. The healing process is the process and so what happens over time you just realize that okay. I'm suffering right now. Something thing happen in than I have choice about and it's not about denying it or pushing down because it'll come out some other way. It's really looking at it putting in the light seeing it before Ford is and what I call a positive balance so I'm always look so. What's the learning here? What do I have to be grateful for things? The eldest told us you know like be careful. Full of what you think be careful what you say because once you have that you can't take it back what you can put out a new so I'm always when the suffering or pain or a healing these happen acknowledged it because I don't want to just pretend like look at it see it and then what is the learning here in what's to be grateful for and so that well of pain that I used to think the illusion that was all my life and there was this little bitty has really totally opposite is a very small malwal pain that I continue to release that and the well of joy is huge. Let me also say this like the seasons seasons like the day tonight. Things are shifting and changing all the time so it's not about trying to hang onto at specific acidic either God when I was eighteen or I get joy when I first learned whatever it is is leading that too because that hanging on is preventing Banou from coming to so that's that's what I'm talking about in being taught in having my learning to understanding more deeper that we hold onto all that so as thought leaders as leaders of our own lives talking necessarily organizationally or anything or even in the family we are that that we get to hold onto all of this. We get to decide how we want to live our life and so I leave my life as an the digits for standing -able harmony enjoy either is when we pay attention to our relationship the human beings to Letter Ping's nature and to spirit that is living as a whole human being and that is what can bring harmony because collectively we come together we get to just it's expansive in 'em. Is it really well really amazing so Anita. Do you have a story about bullying that you can share with us where mindfulness maybe would have made a difference. Yes I can at all just a here so many bowling bowling stories working with the clients both in business as well as working with young people in high schools and things but I will share one of mine which is some young girl I love and I still do unlawful to read a going to the museums and libraries with some sort of my escape from some of the traumatic stuff stuff that was happening in my my childhood and I remember going to the library and looking different being Mexican American and native American. I remember having my books. Check out in a few kids came by and I it was not an accident. They literally pushed me down and of course I was upset. I was fairly young. I think I must have been around eight eight and what I remember as I was trying to not cry and pick up in all sorts of messages in me like I should know better why all these messages critical the critical self about what I could have done and all of a sudden there's hands there and it's the librarian who is helping me pick up the books but I remember her taking her hand under my Chin and just lifting up just the slightest and smiling at me never said anything and I felt like this woman was practicing mindfulness being presidency and for a moment I wish it was I wish I could have practiced more but for that moment I could feel in the presence of someone else being really present to another being in carrying that you don't need a lot of words words but I also had who's able to connect to myself that this was not my fault and that I'm not alone own and that she was there so I think that's one of the areas where I felt bad mindfulness. Well it was president and she helped show me that again to go there because that was part of my teaching for my grandmother my mom to be able to do that but when you're in the midst of the something bad happening wing it can be especially as a young person difficult to do but they are taking a breath being present to the good things things that were around me which in this case was the was the librarian in other cases was being around and seeing birds the trees to I'd like rebound the and reconnect me too that this isn't my whole life my whole story. This is a bullying and being mindful can help me be better better about where I am and how I am and how I wish to be in the world that is a beautiful story and speaking of birds. I know the red cardinal is a bird that you mentioned in the book you talked about Nico and story about Nico in the turtle you brought up is a sacred symbol. Can you tell us about the turtle in the Red Cardinal and their significance was in the gift of hope mom both my sons had blessing ways not the same as a baptism at all but it's is basically from a tribe getting really initiated connected a clear ceremony of you belong and so at a box came in a ceremony for my youngest one in my youngest one Nikko was only twenty months old at the time and who's just a beautiful ceremony Emoji and he had me take off Nikko's little shirt because he had the earth and Nikko he was about to start painting his body and Nikko pushed. There's just hanaway and put his little fingers into the earth the powder and begin painting his own body Eve never seen this before and Eddie's face. Is it hard faces of the thirteen of us. A circle were just like mesmerized this little child could do this and then Eddie set. I set him down on the floor at Eddie gave to him Eddie not only being the longest over thirty years of leader on the Sundance for the people he also made flutes and so we had made this flute for Nico and at the top of the was at the end of it was this little turtle and at the place where you would blow hello into the food was this carnal and he explained to Nikko that she was this little turtle and that the cardinal would forever be there for or him watching over and that what nickel needed to understand even as this little turtle that everything mattered every rethought in every step no matter how small it was was important and that he was sacred and so I we still hold that had that flute loot when he finally finished his college moved his own place. I'll take that but it was so very powerful and I want to close. The stories of the cardinal is so important written power power every animal. Every creature is sacred but it's not that we worship the animals are the beings is the characteristics of them that we know we could emulate that they're teaching us and we're teaching them that we're all connected but at the end of that Eddie sat down and began drumming and chanting and my son who's five and a half years older soon within about seven six or seven at the time sitting next to Eddie and Nico Starts Stance and Bruce the way he was dancing. It's not like a twenty month old like a dance. It was powerful in Nikko said I could here him say Eddie. How does he know at is he not do that and Eddie said Alex the ancestors are with your brother? The ancestors are with you. They ancestors are with all of us. We only need to remember Nikko Remembers Remembers. I love that story while and I loved the book for Sacred Gifts at for sacred gifts dot com Anita. This has been amazing as we move forward. I want to ask you five quick answer questions so just thirty second answers would be perfect. Here's the first question I need to tell us who is one person who has influenced mindfulness in your life. Yes well right now. I'm thinking of Eddie Box Fox the story I just told you about ready could be silent. Eddie could be present to where he could turn and see this just the little point to the light on a leaf on Aspen tree and the joy that that brought by being present beautiful. How is mindfulness affected your emotions anita huge because emotions part of the thing about emotions is there again they make it seem like that's all there is in that they could go on and on and all all this whereas I understand that emotions are part of being a human being but just like anything they're meant like the seasons like the time of the day like anything they are met net to to go there meant to be released not held onto so mindfulness being in that practice has helped me to be able to release emotions? It's as they're meant to be released rather than being held on to tell us how breathing is part of your mindfulness always has been yes breathing thing but all different kinds of breathing so the deep breathing to really go down into your whole body that just like roots me like oak tree when I see both cleanses but it's just like rudeness but also the fast quick breath to waken me when I would go hunting as a child by dishes. This is elders taught me like if you're starting to get sleepy than do the short breast and Waken you and it was always awakening Bruce. There's this whole joy in the journey of awakening awakening awaiting that affects our behavior in our actions beautiful. If you could recommend a book related to mindfulness what would that it'd be well of course you're with your right and I'm so proud in honored to have to be on your show but also high spend a lot. It's hard to pick one because I'm a member of the Transformational Leadership Council and so Michael Back with I mean there's so many so many leaders Marianne Williamson and just all their works are being mindful da who is amazing consultant and mindful teacher Michael Teacher and not going to be much help there. I I just think pickup one start with Bruce's pick up a book and kick it into the practice. You probably will realize you've already been doing that because that's part of just your own sacredness but you'll be able to go much further when you get that kind of mentoring through a book or in person from someone yes absolutely true crew. Are there any APPS that you would recommend. Maybe APPs that that you use or any of your clients or anybody you know that can help with mindfulness mind movies. is one of the APPS that I have and Natalie lead well wonderful in having people become more mindful and then also in manifesting using the law of attraction. I think her her her work is powerful. Deep and yet so berry simple made simple even though it's drawing a lot of neuroscience as well as I I believe some of the digital squeezed him that it's usable so I I like that happened my movies that's great yeah no put all of this into our show notes and of course mindful tribe checkout for sacred gifts dot com and Anita's book the four sacred gifts. It's it's really a book that I I haven't loved book so much in quite a while. It's just been such a gift and it's a gift a needed to have you as a guest here on the show. Thanks so much for sharing what you do with mindful tribe. Thank you my pleasure bye now. Thanks so much for joining us today. On mindfulness mode owed for show notes for every episode GIECO Mindfulness Mode Dot Com and type the guest's name or the episode number into the search bar. You can also go mindfulness mode dot com slash whatever episode number you like. If you've enjoyed this podcast you could help us out by subscribing. I being to mindfulness mode wherever you listen whether it's on I tunes or Stitcher Google play spotify so many places as you can hear a mindfulness mode so hit subscribe and share because that truly helps our show and remember what I mentioned at the top of the show the waves of content meditation. It's a guided meditation just for you mindful tribe. It's free and it's very are you very helpful to help you relax and get more focused with more focus. You can get more things done in life that truly matter to you on this meditation I talk about waves and how the ways can bring you the more calm more relaxed life. You've been looking in for download this guided meditation to

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