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Cardi presented by tra organic seltzer. It's up and welcome to the after party. Podcast the fifteenth day january. Twenty twenty one brought to you by. Mick are organic michelob. Ultra organic seltzer. Nailed it one more time. Michelob michelob. ultra shelter. Thank you very much for sponsoring are some cool with plans. There's a cool logo and those cans out those cans on your computer if you're looking at the stream here on kfi dot com all social outlets. You may see that. I'm always screen. Because my mic slightly off screen which is fine. I don't really give a rat's ass but you'll also notice that the place that sauce normally standing. He's not yeah. And i can't totally ripping because about a week ago. I needed to be across town by eleven. So i had skipped the podcast but not because i had like four spots on my i if i wait until nine thirty. I'm never going to get this done and get to oakdale. Eleven right But sauce what two three weeks ago. Famously said he had to bail out of the podcast because he had an appointment to give car wash. Yeah and zach is bringing the whitest thing i've ever heard in my car. Wash appointment is later Okay she not. The after party is what it says. Zach say hockey yak hat which is a young man and his dad and their own label and they started creating hockey act dot com. Our output feet is fine. So you're here in pa and you need to figure something that is this. We haven't really isn't it. Great yeah was a buffalo yak. Hockey act is a car washes Is there anything worse than a winter car. Wash because you pay the money you're straight and six hours later. Six yard drive drive up. Drives me nuts. I mean you wash your car in the summer. Sometimes that car wash could last like a good week or so and you're like it's still looking pretty good. Yeah i hate paying for car washes in the winter. And i know there's car wash that are listening but don't tell people that it drives me nuts. It's the organizing your day making an appointment. Sox basically what i did is i bought myself a monthly membership to young stats smart criteria so. I gave myself a job because if because if i don't get my car washed once a week i'm like i just wasted a bunch of money some. I'm sitting in line right. But what like twenty bucks a month three bucks. Mary inexpensive twenty five bucks. Yeah yeah if you just go to a gas station and don't even get a dollar or two off with you. Buy a gas and a car wash. They're like ten bucks a piece to really what you're saying is i'm going to and a half times a month. That's pretty good. Plus a sick deal. I can't tell you the silly little pleasure that i take when there's a line of people waiting to buy car washing. I drive to the automatic in the thing raises serious like then you also have distrust wasting money. Spent ten bucks and then it starts snowing. Yeah right wash the damn thing right. I'm going to have to do that. Oh that was a little bit out of my way. And that's the worst thing. Though about a car wash is the dryer time they never give you enough time to do those little trick. The worst. we're getting. We're getting a phone call. Yeah it's l. newman. Oh may i ask. You actually actually are getting a phone. Oh announced that must have been wrong number eric. Anyway i against halfway my have cars half dry and it's already like ten seconds to go. It's like can we give another like ten fifteen seconds car. Wash people who had to be fair. You drive a hearse i. it's not. I don't know i've never driven or owned and i don't own this barring right now. A white car before holy crap right. I can't believe it looked so good when it's clean but as soon as you drive down the street it's like did i drive through a tar by sweet. It's great treasury yesterday man. I'd never for today. I'd never owned a jeep in my life. And everybody's like wait till you can take the top off but there's so much fun to drive and i look for snow. I'm like let's do this kind of cars you buy. If you live in arizona just look sick year round to worry about it right. White cars and minnesota. Yuck no thanks. let's see vegas and twenty days good for you bill. Matthew would listening from australia matthew. How do with the van right. Yeah iran hussy ban. Yeah him and his cow. The ones who visited before lockdown and they're locked down that the island of australia is locked down. And then you have to spend. I think it's two weeks mandatory isolation you pay thousand dollars to hold yourself up in a hotel before they can let you out so if you look at Almost anybody from australia social media. They're basically back to normal besides because they've done 'cause they put in super strict restrictions but there are also australians. They're not a whole american. That i i'm not doing that right so they just got together and said let's tough this out and do it the way they're already back to normal concerts and shit. I mean so so. We have no one to blame but ourselves for being in this spot. There's somebody we know that talked about having to get a sibling over here from australia. And they literally would have put he say basically live at the airport for two weeks or something. There's an airport the same the same thing. So like a four to five week threat of australians. You still follow. Lynn gilmartin from the world poker tour on on twitter. Yeah he got knocked up. Did she really congratulations dude. Wherever the fuck that guy is that guy is lucky as hell we get starting to do The after part of the interview the one time we had her on the show remember. She stayed up to what used to do our live. Show if we do the after party. That's going to be like three. Am australia australia. That'd be cool if we could get her though. Because that's great. She is great next week. This is this is kind of incentive for sure thing. Let me think about this. If it's for sure same we're live. Yeah what right now. I'm just saying we're live so if we we can't go back and cut this out of the pocket. I thought this was a rerun. The point is is is think of all the the people on our talked to in the past sprayed me with tell gross even her erin some o- ag get hit in the face today. You are stops talk whistle. There's no way you didn't poop your pants. I don't think i did. I'm gonna go. Check and see ticks. Wet a lot of times. Slow down there. And i a lot speaking of sweat between your crack sauce on texts. Admitted this is maybe the most starstruck. He's ever going to be as legitimately nervous to talk to this person next week. Because you're a giant fan. Yeah chris is indifferent to hearst. Besides your old people who was here this morning he wanted. He was when he found out. This person wasn't coming in studio. He didn't really care that much but he was going to show. I got some great questions. Sohar jace it lisa. An the porn star biggest porn which also does a ton of stuff with bavaro. Vado levada does sports gambling. Will both levada thank you clearly. Why we're having her on. Yeah yeah. I wanna talk about sports betting. I wanna talk to her about all kinds of so. You reached out to her on twitter. Yeah. i direct message. D'oeuvres super nice. About how quickly did you get back. But twenty minutes. And what did you. Hey do a radio show radio show minneapolis. We'd love to have you on Let me know do a podcast. Did you say we would talk about everything or no. I haven't worked on your. Would you say i haven't broached that yet so she doesn't care i don't care no but yeah so. Yeah so what are your. What are your questions going to be a lot of them. Such as became the going. You gotta listen now cheesy me. And i'm going to be on literally if if like she's bored with sex like if she's still get pleasure out i'm gonna ask it more classes more hot pibor. Classy mention this to corey. I noticed that you didn't cut this part out. Yeah man as funny. I heard the one wednesday yesterday. I didn't hear it. I'm like oh god we've got. We've been central right. And then i heard it again this morning. Did you tell your your girlfriend. We that you're having louisianan. She's gonna fucking no now say she thinks it's cool. Does she. questions i mean. I don't know lots of questions. I don't think yeah what she think. Release donald suddenly. Santa cruz kusak really weird. Sounding guy who can't say on a full sentences sounds attract right. Yeah there's she seen my twitter profile and there's no chance either of us go. You know what i mean. Yeah yeah yeah no. I've been in for five minutes. Hate that question. I'm excited talk to her about stuff days it's supposed to be. Did you guys actually a book a day. No not yet. But it'll be sometime next week. Yeah yeah booby. Very respectful one hundred percent. I like this new push. You're on with the podcast couldn't agree more. It doesn't have to be an everyday thing but like you sprinkle one of those a week. My under great. It was more than the spring. One of the reasons is in general radio. Phone interviews almost always tough because you're limited. We have like eight minutes and there's nine of us on the show. It's just really hard to get a flow and get it going. Plus you can't swear you can't like guinea vibe going so we'll just sort of ourselves the the freedom blank palette for it because you can play some of those clips back on the radio the next day even you get newman yesterday. Our regular part. I love that guy metro because we used to see him at Restaurants buffalo. The bus next thursday next thursday nine. Fifteen bitch I can't wait man. Labor's gonna stick around for that one. Of course yeah. I can't wait. Man i i. I've got so many questions that again. I'll know immediately we will. We will all know immediately at the beginning of the interview. If if there's you know how far we can go can i. Should i ask her that. No well yeah if you want to do i. Also don't want her to freak her out. I mean we're smart enough to take the temperature of the interview right away. You know what. I mean like say that works perfect. It will be fun. I think i started to repeat myself. But i think i said he just ask her. If there's anything in particular. She wants us to make sure we ask her about. That's the best way to different subject. Yeah because then if there's some she doesn't want to talk about she'll drive away. Say i don't wanna save sense. Yeah so good point. I don't know. Man i love doing interviews. People are interesting. It's a really weird question though. I think i know the answer to it already but we could ask her. If we want is i just. I can't believe anybody pays any more for that stuff but clearly there's so much money on it or in it right because i i gotta think if you were a porn star thirty years ago in a studio actually to hire you and filmed you. You got a pretty big check a big check. Now you have a billion cell phones you got only fans you can stream. Why would like a porn company. Truly have a gal on contract or pay her were were. They're the ones truly cut in the giant Right i would just say look. We'll give you the vehicle. But you're getting paid off clicks basically. I wonder if a youtube channel. I wonder if it's the same as music has become. Were like you put out records and then go make money by playing live yeah. I wonder if she'd like torsion sheet. Wall tired yeah. She retired for a while to do like she did. I think she doesn't. Xm let it rest a little. She doesn't xm radio show. Yeah like she's big sports gambling. Yeah for sure. No that's how. I know what you're talking about yeah A friend of ours has met her at like fantasy baseball stuff. Because that's i'm bonus no monsters no. Pa no nordell. Lord no Mitch's boss dust mitch. Yeah you guys switch yeah. His boss has met him. I met her at a like a fantasy baseball. Expos a fantasy camp right yeah. Was he addresses a grim. she's like five one. Oh come on. But again. I i literally have no interest even if no interest because even if you are the man of my dreams. There's something about short fat white guys in the early. He's that do it for me. I would like i declined. Because i know i'm going to disappoint her that i got nothing for her. It's the equivalent is a really bad sports analogy. This'll be like if you got michael jordan. Vince carter dominique wilkins. In a giant dunk contest. Everybody posted fifty s and then lisa. Like chris duncan question. Yeah actually shitty laying out. I can't wait yes. She just sent him a direct message about some videos. She just shot in istanbul turkey. Yep for sports. Yeah which i stood in your life in your hands. I've heard gone suite to oral sex videos turkey hughes. Yeah wow i'm excited just fucking chicken then i'm put it together. I'm excited dangerous. Sex video intern fucking ticket. Oh genius chicken chicken okay. That makes more josh. Gone all right. That's what's the number later. What's the hotline number. I forgot what's the code. Does exactly what argh alameda khalifa dealt with in reverse in america. She's an american. She was getting shit from muslim groups because she was you know you can't do pornography so she was catching a ton of hell and i think that was one of the bazillion reasons why she ended up quitting. But yeah i. I think overseas and do this stuff in. You're you're hanging You're putting your life in your own hands a little bit. I'm just looking forward to ask her about Call of duty because People can change their name to whatever they want and damn near every call of duty lobby. There's always a lisa an in there because they have like clans and they all do. They're really they all. Do porn star name so lease and nine times out of ten. I'm i'm shooting lisa. An how in the face. It's great pat right. I don't even know if there's a way to quantify this. She in the mount rushmore. Yeah she's the most popular is the most popular she really. Donald central time early hawk and help me out here. Her texts ask. Traci lords probably up there christy canyon sika who seek an old school. I'm sorry yeah. I mean girls dirty that name i know she did. She die or something. I don't think she's dead. She in a scandal or something team. Didn't she date one of the dudes and motley crue. That was that was the one that that died with the blonde hair rosy She had a car crash and administer face. Oh no carrie underwood what was no no to face. Darn i armored. Misuse beautiful riley rude. Oh yeah riley. But yeah is brandy love of course. Of course forget about brand. How did we forget. Well what are we doing by. Nordahl could come down. I can't wait to topa. He'll do something weird she said. Tell them please don't think he can handle it. Texas oh you love the alliteration and not liberation. Love the the rhymes. That's nice alexis texas. I sent you the number. And i dropped my phone and that's going to be done there forever now because i'm not down. Screw it roads. Right geno jameson. That's that is a hundred percent of the. She is definitely a ma rushmore person. She's arguably some of the most mainstream success rate because because a stern oh yeah for shares turn changed forever for sure. Yes somebody remind me who the porn star was Dope weasel dated. Who publish your diane. And a very sad thing because she had a car crash. That's what i'm talking about. I can't remember her name. R i don't think our listeners are into this kind of stuff. I don't think they're gonna know about the list of names. They're sending his right now. No it's not kim. Well a lot of these people are going to have to put their hands away to actually type the anti kim. debbie dallas. Kim knows dallas dallas texas linda. Mormon are you wouldn't now for valley gray. All these shows ex-girlfriend why not sunni madison. A lot of porn stars killed in car accidents. No she wasn't killing the but she had one with had a she dated. Vince neal just for me. I think it was vince. Neal she dated a hell. I don't know vince. Neal and paulie shore. Yeah very very close to Paulie shore maybe no dammit linden mueller. Linda was together from the blink. Win eighty two video right or the cover. Yeah wars rosen. Shoes a big. Wasn't she a big stern guest as well yep.

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