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Welcome to the Bravo clubhouse for the podcast edition of Watch. What happens live with me? Andy Cohen. Let's make like a glass ceiling and get smashed. It's one hill of a show on watch what happens. I was Hillary Rodham Clinton now. Welcome to watch whatever's on your host Andy Cohen on a Thursday night in the Bravo clubhouse where I'm with her literally by guest tonight broke ground as first lady of the United States went on to become a two term senator from New York and US Secretary of State finally is the first female presidential candidate from a major party. She received the most votes twenty sixteen election. Brilliant New Hulu Docu Series Hillary. It's out tomorrow. It's my honor to welcome her first time in the clubhouse Secretary Hillary Rodham Clinton. I'm so happy your hobby to ask you. You slept down to so for us. Love being high. Love the documentary by the way. It's absolutely incredible after going through almost two thousand hours of campaign footage. I thought she could use a drink. Soy put her at my bar say Hi to the director of Hillary than at Bercy in the child at the documentary. And I'm so excited for people. Cheers earned that drink drinking him alert. Hillary Clinton can I call you? Hilary yes okay thank you. She won't know it but anytime anyone says this word. If you're twenty one or over drinking all hell breaks loose later. We wanted to give you a different kind of show. Okay a different kind of interview okay. So later in the show we will be having our first ever Hillary Rodham Clinton drag competition superstar drag Queens from around the country year. A ton of your questions for Hillary or coming in but before we get to those. Here's what three things I'm obsessed with tonight. I in Secretary Clinton's new documentary. Absolutely nothing about her life and career is off limits. That's what I loved. You went there about everything and I hope. That rule still applies today. Because we're about to ask her to share some of her most innermost thoughts. Here's what Hillary time for you to tell us. What were you thinking? So you connick photo of you through your career. Tell us what was going through your mind at that epic moment. What were you thinking while texting and Sunglasses in twenty eleven? What were you thinking right there? I was thinking. Why aren't they responding? Writes What were you thinking here while looking stoic at the inauguration as even worse than I thought your thinking during the second presidential debate when you had like a creeper behind you. This guy really has problems. Okay what were you thinking here? While waving at the crowd at bills inauguration and ninety three I was there such an exciting. I mean I can't believe it. I'm right the way to live in the White House. What an amazing opportunity. What were you thinking here in? One Thousand Nine hundred seventy five on your wedding day. That is my wedding day. I was probably thinking. Wow this permanent is really holding up what were you thinking in? Nineteen Ninety five while delivering your groundbreaking speech. There's such a great this was in Beijing. I love this part of the documentary. What were you thinking there because you couldn't tell whether the audience was on your side because they were all listening through translation through the earphones and but I was really thinking I I've gotta do this. Well I mean this is really important. I'm speaking on behalf of our country and on behalf of women in the world. So you did. What were you thinking? Right here During your eleven hours of testimony about Benghazi I cannot believe these idiots. Were you thinking while you were posing with me at the White House in Nineteen Ninety five now I everyone thinks you look like cardboard cutouts? They're no one believes it's real but I appreciate the photo. It's well you know it's real yes? I you know you had trouble getting I. I'm like okay lovebirds Alexa. Thank you very much. We all know loves a long walk in the CHAPPAQUA would but I'm hoping she also likes to take a manager John Down Memory Lane. Because here's what I WANNA walk through the Rumor Hill. There are so many rumors about thirty minutes. You tell me if there's any truth to any of those okay we're GONNA start with an easy one. Did you adopt an alien baby? June of ninety three no comment but he did graduate from a really good school. We're the rumors through twenty seventeen that you were considering a run for New York City Mayor. I was asked to but I did not consider. Okay rumors that you are privately. Ecstatic when trump fire James Komi publicly. Applauding the move now. Are the rumors true that you once lit a cigarette in the White House to torture your smoke allergic husband? No that's not true. How you a lot of trouble though because I made the White House they know smoking's really and so a lot of the leaders had to go outside to smoke. Wow and that was that was controversial. Have you ever thrown a lamp book or Bible at Your Husband? No not that. I haven't thought about it but rumors true that you have a rocky relationship with Barbara streisand. Not at all. We're doing okay. Good are the rumors that Anna Windsor served as an unofficial fashion consultant on your array of pantsuits during the twenty S. Shot is true. Wow are the rumors through that that when the CIA was hesitant to execute The Bin Laden raid on the same night is a correspondent's dinner. You said the White House Correspondents Dinner. That's true off. I love it okay. Let's go to some folks from Kansas. City is on the line for Secretary Clinton. What's Your Question Whitney? Hi Andy I just wanted to say that you and Bravo are everything to me. Question for. Hillary is What's the most romantic thing that bill has done for you? During her forty years of marriage he is so romantic and so sensitive that you know I will come home. Sometimes and he'll have flowers for me because he knows I've had a bad day. He's really so thoughtful. How did he care for you under the last election? Oh My Gosh. You know lots of times. I just was so devastated. I would just lie down. He'd lie down next to me. Just hold my hand. I mean He. He's done so great. Sweep number one question for you. This is Bravo. People wanted to know what your housewives tagline would be with one okay. I'm neither as good or as bad as some people say a lot of you including Sue Ritchie on facebook to us about tonight show to say the only thing that would make this better would be if it was shot ski night so at the risk of giving us both one nasty woman of a hangover Secretary Clinton. Will you do me? The honor of doing a shots is this is what you get on the side. You loud midnight. Do all four parts drop tomorrow good. I watched them all in a row bench. People we love to bitch and Diana L. From Cincinnati want to know what percentage of trump's haired you think is his own. Oh my gosh. What do you think is happening there? I don't know I think we all know something's happening right. Chrissy wants to know what Republican would. You have liked to be up against in the twenty sixteen election instead of Donald. Trump will any normal republican right. Did you have a favorite Republican to work with? I worked with them all that. That's the sad commentary about what's going on now and unfortunately there seems to be kind of refusal for bipartisan cooperation. Right now Julie. Be On facebook. Wants to know if the relationship between Chelsea and I've VONK has soured since trump got elected. I I don't know you'd have to ask her. Okay let's go to Jack from Detroit. Hey Jack which question hi. Hello Secretary Clinton to speak with you right now. I love you right. Question is Did Newt Gingrich apologize to you after his mom called you a you know what on the Connie Chung show back in the day? Well you have a great memory. Well actually I invited him to bring his mother to the White House. He came with his mother and his then wife and I gave them a tour of the White House and they were a little embarrassed because I decided to react to what they said about me without being retaliatory but instead trying to be gracious and trying to demonstrate that you know there was a better way to treat people so it was quite an interesting afternoon. Wow so boy. You really went the opposite. Well I really admire my daughter on twitter because she is like never getting drawn into it. Ya beaten up about it yet. Look I mean we are so divided right now and we're so hostile toward people that we think don't agree with us or somehow different from us that somebody has to start trying to you. Know Bridge that Gulf That's great let's go to Jordan from Iowa. Hey Jordan what's your question high Andes. I just wanted to tell you. Thank you For bringing so much happiness and joy the people's lives. Oh that's so sweet. Thank you and Mrs Clinton thank you for opening the doors for women everywhere. Oh Ms Clinton yes. What do you think of all the Backlash Nancy? Pelosi got after ripping up the president's state of the Union. You know I thought she was making a very strong point in demonstrating that so much of what he said was untethered from reality and just playing factually wrong. And you know sometimes. It's the only way to get attention because otherwise his speech which was filled with so many errors would have just been taken On face value. And I think because she visibly did that which then went viral across the Internet. People said wait a minute. You know. Maybe we better take another look so. I thought I thought it was an interesting and effective gesture very good. Let's go to Jacqui from Idaho. Hey Jackie what's your question. Tape Madam Secretary. You always inspired me as a leader mom and wife but I had no over the course of these primary which twenty twenty Democratic candidate have you been in touch with the most and also the league. That's a great question of Ben in touch with a number of them. I've I've not been in touch with a few of them and most notably Bernie Sanders but with everybody else if they've reached out to me. I've immediately responded if he had reached out to you. Would you have been responsive absolutely? Yeah I mean your politics should be the art of addition and multiplication not subtraction and division. Right and so if somebody reaches out to always meet with that Person Hillary Clinton's face more high profile and high pressure situations than any woman in America. And little. Did she know all of that was preparing her for what I'm about to do next? Hillary Rodham Clinton. The time has come for you to plead the fifth bleed. The BET to only one if you choose to. What do you honestly think of First Lady? Melania trump's cyber bullying initiative. I think she should look closer to home. What was the most cringe-worthy I roll? Inducing thing that you had to participate in during your time as first lady you know going to events to try to promote healthcare and having people claim that there was nothing that needed to be changed and a couple of times I couldn't. I couldn't resist rolling. My eyes. Were saying you know what world do you live in right and you probably got crucified. Oh Yeah I guess which politician or state figure that you've encountered has the worst breath haven't gotten that close to most of what you do if you encounter someone with bad breath. Do you offer them a mint back. Yeah you have to be diplomatic. I mean would you like some more water? Thank you very much Let's go back to the phones Charles. C From Kentucky. Hey what's your question. I envy My question is what do you make of Milania always swatting trump? Hand away when he tries to hold her hand. I am the last person to comment on anybody's relationship to Laura from South Carolina. Hey Laura what's your question. Hi Andy. Hi Madam Secretary How are you? I'm fine thank you? You had an absolutely great interview with Howard Stern and he has said that he believes if you'd come on his show. During your presidential run you would have swayed more voters to vote for you. Do you agree with him? I May I may agree with them. I don't know I've I've heard so much comment about that interview. Literally walking down the street people have stopped. And Talk to me about it. That you know maybe Howard's absolutely right Well that that Percents Co oh seven tweeted. Please ask her. Why is she finally doing cool interviews were you were you were you? Purposefully being more guarded. Because I think I'd probably was Andy I think. And that's part of why this Hulu doc is so interesting and Exciting for me. Because I'm not running for anything. I have a chance to talk about my life and comment on what's going on in our country and around the world and I do feel like I don't have to be quite so worried about how things can be taken out of context or what someone might make out of what I say. Well whenever a powerful icon like Hillary drops by the clubhouse. We liked to honor their living her story. Like only we can so it's time for our watch what happens. Live first annual. Give them ill turn it is trinity. Ask College Hillary. Okay Oh very case. Very nice woman. Place is wherever she damn. Well please. Authorized IS NINETY S. Human rights are dragged rights and drag rights rods. Okay that's we have a last present day. Hillary I got the most votes and I got the most remarks. Thank you so much. Everyone go to the bar now. This Clinton I know that you're not relishing this moment because it is time. Now make another one of your heart can't do it. I can't do it. I mean I mean we've got College Hillary Ninety Hillary and President's Day on it all right that means all winters eats. I want to putting this here. The Documentary Hillary. It's four parts drops tomorrow on Hulu behind the bar. We've got the director and then that Burstein and are fantastic. Tethered even talk to the winner of viewpoints drag race all star season for Alaska the winner of Paul's Drag Race all-stars to and peppermint Nubia debuts in New York City March fifth and sixth these are real like from all over the country like Queen of the crop of the crop. Cleans I from the documentary. Was you're the footage of your life is extraordinary because you've lived an extraordinary life? Was there something that you saw in the DOC. You had either forgotten about or surprised you that you were like. Wow that's cool. Yeah I two things really come to mind one with some of the very early footage that net found some of the old movies that were taken. When I was just a little kid I had not seen those before and the other was when I was fighting for health care reform. I was actually burned effigy. And she has the video from people. Burning me in effigy. Because I wanted to get our country where it should be which is providing healthcare for everybody and so that was a bit of a shock. Your thick skin. Yeah responding to the video of you being burned in. How do you keep yourself together when I mean when Donald Trump is leading thousands of people saying lock her up? That would hurt a normal person. And how what? Where do you find the strength to kind of just keep going forward? Well I've learned over the years Andy Take criticism seriously but not personally and by that I mean if somebody has a legitimate critique I mean you've been in this business you know if somebody says hey you can do that better or why. Why did you do that when you write? You WanNA learn but you don't want criticism to just bring you to your knees. You don't want it to you know tell you to keep your stay in bed with the covers over your head. So That's how I've basically done it but I also I have a great group of friends my family. You know people who support me so I've been really given that gift over the course of my life so even though I've taken some hard things and been knocked down a few times I've always had people around me that You know loved and supported me one thing that really kills me and I was talking about this before. The show is that seems like of people on the left. Can't say anything and some people on the right can say absolutely anything and it doesn't matter how offensive. It's such a crazy. What do you make that? Well I do think that there is a. There's a lot of double standards in our politics and I think when it comes to insulting people it's kind of baked into what currently is the accepted political rhetoric on the right. You know that's really what trump understood. He understood that he could attack an insult and demean hate and and that the people he was trying to Get to vote for him and still is Him being authentic and not quote politically correct. I think it's being rude and I don't think anything to do with authenticity But some people feel that and so he plays to it whereas you know. I think we don't want to hurt people's feelings. You know we we don't want to be a necessarily You know very very nasty toward people. And so yeah. I think we kind of hold ourselves and hold those who agree with US politically to a different standard Let's go to Dana from Philadelphia. Hey Dana what's your question. High Senator Secretary in what's your biggest your number one biggest regret you have from Your Highness First Lady. Do you have any regrets your time if you know I try not to have any regrets? I try if I feel bad about something. I try to figure out if there's a way to make it better or to fix it. My biggest regret though for my time as first lady is that we weren't able to get universal healthcare quality affordable healthcare for everybody that was my biggest regret and do you think that the country was not ready for you to be leading that it was two things and. I think it was a bit of a shock to the system that I was asked to lead it but also as we're seeing now I mean people are very wrought up over health care about their own health care about what happens how much it costs and there's a lot of very powerful interests that don't want any change because they make a lot of money from the system and by the way there hasn't been any change since there's been now that's not go. I know since the last election since the last election. That was such a big issue and it was a huge election but a huge election about healthcare. But look at what they've tried to do. They tried to repeal the writable healthcare law. That Barack Obama got past. And they're going to do that if they get to stay in the White House. And if we don't take back the Senate and have a Democratic president they're going to take away the healthcare that we currently have by the way you were so I what I found so interesting looking back on your career in the documentary is that you worked on Nixon's impeachment. So then you had such interesting insight when your husband was when he was Michigan and I wonder what you think of Ryan Murphy. Now doing the mini series about impeachment for American Crime Story. And who would you want to play you? Oh my Gosh I you know I know I have no thoughts on that. Look the impeachment That I was actually lawyer on back. In nineteen seventy four Was merited it had all the constitutional and legal requirements. And I think it's important to really focus on what impeachment should be supposed to how it sometimes used and misused and I thought that The House impeaching Donald Trump was also constitutional and legal. Alright Carey wants to know if you think we'll ever see trump's tax returns and if you had to bet what do you think he's hiding? Well I hope we will. Because they're actually is the law that if the Congress for them they're supposed to be delivered so I think it's tied up in the courts. Look I think he's hiding a bunch of things? I think he's hiding that he's not as wealthy as he claims to be. He has been not only not charitable but he now is prohibited from having a charitable foundation. Because he used it for personal and political reasons. I think that he has probably a lot of funding from suspect Sources that would be shown in his tax returns. So I guess I think it would be just a Cornucopia of information about all of his claims to the contrary. Let's go to Liza from Austin. Hey Liza what's your question. Hi Johnny I I mean say you and your son are just gorgeous and thank you for forgiving the Elchibey. Tq Family's AH voice. And I'm so honored to give to ask a question to madame president. Thank you We've just say. Thank you for forgiving. All US the inspiration to fight and advocate for our communities. So here's my question. Who Do you think that the best job impersonating you on? Snl All my God you had. I mean you had Jan hooks right. I mean from the day from the very incarnation. You know obviously I thought they all did a really good job. But probably Kate McKinnon and Amy Amy. Poehler were the ones who I thought really captured it and when I went on SNL. I was so surprised that they could literally take an outfit. You were wearing twenty four hours before and and make it and so that the person playing you would be wearing it so I did a little bit of a double take. It was like I didn't know was that or was that somebody on. You're in the White House. And they were they were all over you when you were in the White House. Obviously did you watch it on Saturday night? And you're at Camp David With Bill De you. Would you turn on? Snl or not every not every time because there was lots of other stuff but yeah from from time to time absolutely and how did you keep yourself together? Oh I think it's funny and again it goes back to you know when somebody's making fun of you. What can you learn from that so I I like watching it okay? Well you've lived a life like no other and if the rest of us are going have any hope of being half as successful. We're going to need your help. It's time to learn the HR secrets to success. What is the most meaningful praise or compliments you've received from a public figure great job you nailed it? Thank you Best risky decision. You've ever made Personally marrying my husband most surprising lightning part about participating in the Watergate hearings what I learned about our country the law the constitution and how it worked back then because people actually paid attention to the evidence and Republicans voted to impeach then President Nixon as a mother. What lesson are you most proud of teaching Chelsea That you know you've got to be both brave and kind and ever forget that other than your iconic human rights are. Women's rights and women's rights are human rights. You of a line from his speech that you're most proud of human rights are gay rights and gay rights are back in two thousand and four. You were in a vodka shot drinking contests with the late. Great John McCain on a scale of one to ten. How would you rate your ability to hold your liquor? Ten aride tree is called Hilary foreparts drops on Hulu. Tomorrow I WANNA thank you for more. Tv DOT COM. Thanks for listening to the PODCAST. Everybody hope you enjoyed the show. Remember new episodes go live through Friday at four? Pm Eastern time. Make sure you're subscribed to have a great rest of your.

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