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You don't need a five hour energy all you need is the sales energizer the team. Damn Jordan your daily dose of Reality Your daily dose of the deed. But I. Think the news I don't watch the news on believe the sales energizer Dan. Chew this. Don't worry how to sell baby. Worry about why people buy, and it's fun. You got one life for crying out. Loud your fight as well. Just give it all you. Just when I think it's not going to be as fun as the one before each one gets successful. Successfully successfully, better success. What's the word I'm looking for? What's IT GONNA take to get you into this today. and. These wealth. The sales energizer Dan Short. Well Welcome Ladies and gentlemen. We are here in studio. A of the newly renovated deeds cast a headquarters here in beautiful Atlanta Georgia and I have a special guest and a special gift for each everyone. This is a special deed cast. It's is really A. There's two for two reasons one. Mr Christone is with us today live, aren't they all? They're all special, but secondly I actually have a plan for this one. Because this usually here at the the deeds cast. What we do is not only help sales people throughout the globe with inspirational motivational ideas for their daily lives in sales to become better. Usually, that's just free wheeling out of my brain. But today I think my listeners. You Christiane for taking the chance of coming out live with me to do this. I think you deserve something special, and what that is is an actual plan incidents and help that I can give you today so if you're driving your car right now, pullover, I'm you might as well absorb it all or save this for later? Take notes you know. This is like a real live seminar that were doing non-life. We're doing that for them right because I would feel guilty and. You Talk to the people. They were absorbing all this great sales wisdom from you Dan and they were. They get in a car wreck because they're just so excited about it. I mean just a mere accident. Is is worth it to get to absorb the amount of wisdom. That's about to come to you right now. That's my listen live and about taking chances. You know you can't sit home in your house and expect things to just come to. You know you gotta go out there and take chances and if that means if that means that you have to. Go Out and get into. Get into a car wreck. You know for me, it's worth. That's how politically correct I I think. Some listeners of the sales energizer podcasts are that dedicated. They would get in a car wreck for you. I think I. Think it's true. You know it's by the way it really is inspiring I wanNA. Thank you all I. Do get emails and I do get letters back from people who have listened to the the casting. They'll actually tell me about things that have helped probably the best actually just today do all heard. Regular listeners have heard about seven magic words. I wonder if you could help me and just today I. had somebody come to the office at a global headquarters there at lager in midtown Atlanta or I guess it's I. Don't know what that is anymore. But on the sixteenth floor, and came to talk to me about some things and the first thing he said was man I. Wonder if you can help me I, changed my life just using those seven words. You know so seven words before a call before you introduce yourself before you ask for you know where the cucumbers hey i. wonder if you can help me. And that works in a supermarket where the cucumbers and a hardware store you go nowhere, but it just brings people towards you. And so if that's all you got that, that's good, but he's Real I. DO appreciate all the unnecessary act I say. They're unnecessary accolades, but I really need them. They really are pretty nice. You've heard of the. We've talked about this about the five love languages. Yes, by the way sales, people. That is your book. You need to get that book. The five love languages I don't know who made it I. Don't know, but it's like the seminal book. It tells personalities it'll work in your in your marriage, but it'll work in your career to and your life in general to it's just it's just find out what makes you tick, and then you could find out what makes your prospects or customers or spouse ticks, but for my wife What I need to do is take out the garbage. Before she asks yes. That's like saying I love you right? That's a big thing for my wife as well do something and don't make me ask you to do. It is a huge thing, yes, because. The way she explained it to me. I know ALMANAC but I don't want you to think I'm a nag you know it's I. Don't want and so if you would just do it without me, telling. Do something with kids, so that's that's sort of mine I need verbal accolades and praise all the I just. You just tell me how great I am I'll give you anything you want. That's now I know it sound conceited, but it's because I because it might be conceited. I don't know what it is, but the point is I'm honest enough to express that right? And, so you know you tell me that something's good. You're already get a discount. You know when people call me. You only get this coty. You think I got to be Mr Producer Guy I showered you with all kinds of compliments and told you how big of a star you were going to be yet. I had to deliver. They couldn't after however many Ma that's how you get in the door. I'm a sucker for that. So if if that's all you got so far from this deeds cast, that would have been worth it but I have something special, because it's very important right now. A lot of people are doing a lot of business over the phone. And so I figured I'm GonNa, give you my top three. Things of what you need to do on the phone to be successful. This is my my Gig were starting a new coal calling podcast. It's not up available yet, but it will be, and you'll get over there, but I've been given a lot of thought. To how to do business over the phone and I came up with top three, so write them down and get ready to rock and roll, but use them what you want bursting. Is this when you're on the phone talking to somebody else? Giving a presentation, you'll know when the time is right when you get into. Sales Mode or presentation motor demonstration bowed, stand up. And the reason why you stand up is that it's an easy advantage. I want you to think of this. Let's say you were on a actual. Interview. Let's say you're on an interview and you're sitting there in a chair and then the person who's interviewing you. Stands up. Just, think of how you feel right now. It's a little intimidating. Yeah, yeah, that other person has an advantage over you right now. That person feels powerful, but you can see them right now. Yes, but you could see them. But but they automatic just by standing up. They feel powerful. What about you? So here, you are on the phone. and. You're about to give a demonstration you gotTA. Be Presentation. And your equal with them right now because you know, they're sitting down. Hell. Just stand up. Just stand up just that act your physiology that just changed by us. Standing up gives you that extra bit of confidence. Knowing that you have an advantage right now. Your voice sounds different. Your expressions will be different. Your presentation will be better. Sit Down Krista. Otherwise I'm going to have to stand up. But I wanted I wanted to feel better. Yeah! That was great. That's what you need to do. All right, so that's number one. These are easy advantages that you can have just because of this new thing about people working on the phone by the way, if it's on a zoom call, or it's on a call that a video conference or something like that, thank. You could set up your computer. Just put it up on blocks whatever you got there. Put It on your laundry i. don't care but just get into a position that you're standing up. Secondly and actually this may should have been I I should have put an order, but if I had a real producer that would put these things in order for me. I wouldn't have to do. Producer slash. Co host today. That's right. Forever Co host. By the way, Christone is really the world's best podcast producer. If you're thinking about getting a podcast, book may up. Give me some praise and I might be able to get you discount. All right, so make sure when you're on the phone. A lot of people have good equipment. A lot of people love lousy equipment, and a lot of people have good equipment, but maybe a bad network for whatever reason. Are Nothing more frustrating. Than a bad connection. And the worst part is if you don't know it. Until the end. So. It's very important at the beginning when you start talking with them when you start getting into presentation mode. Go ahead and ask them. Can you hear me okay? You can soften it up a little bit by say. Hey, listen with all the thing that's going right now. There's a lot of people on the network and a lot of times it breaks up I just WANNA. Make sure. Can you hear me clearly right now because I know how frustrating that could make. And you go ahead and give them the ability to say yes, things are good. You just got your first. Yes. And you're painfully honest with an I, you know I feel as the luckiest man in the world for two reasons one. I was brought up by mother and father love. And I. Just think it's just a great blessing, but secondly I found. The, perfect woman. I mean I could not I. I really believe there's no other woman that is good for me as this one that I found charge. We have a bad connection over the phone. I'm like to most. I get angry. At the perfect woman I mean. Someone that I would give my life for I'm like I can't talk to you right now. Go to a better place or just. Let's just not too, and we get into fights because with the perfect woman. If you're giving a presentation and there's like a little hiccup. Believe me they hate you. That's all they hear. That's that's all I hear. That's all there talk about your now. You're unprofessional. You've think of the advantage if they keep breaking up and they keep having to apologize to you, so I've got a question. You talked about asking the question, and if they say yes, you have your first. Yes. What if there's two scenarios for? No, they were to say no. You're breaking up because they don't WanNa talk to you. It actually is a good thing because they don't WanNa. Talk to you right and so so you can move on to the next person exactly what if there really is a bad connection where to someone go from there? You would have to fix it. You would have to fix an I. would fix it. You know what Mr Jones I really appreciate. The opportunity given this presentation, but there nothing more frustrating than having to deal with bad connection. Let me see if I can fix something around here if we can great if we can't will reschedule for another time. How's that sound? That sound at the end. That's my trial close. You're always doing as that sound fair enough that makes sense we on the same page. Will that work whatever it is you WANNA get there. It's just real sales-trading. Got This told you to pull over. All Right I. Mean you deserve at these time? Okay, and then lastly, and this is a big daddy right here and this is a challenge that I've seen mainly with young sales. People yeah, mainly with young sales people, but you know here's the thing. Most salespeople are yeah. Most people out there in the trash in the trenches are young. People like to graduate management personally. I would never graduate management because I need. Don't that's my? That's my Shtick, but most people aren't like that I got the most people are young, and so I see this in in lots of training thing. They learn a lot of the the tactics and plans and verbiage and everything, and they come off as being very professional. Professional. Don't sell any more. Be Personal. Not Professional. Personal and professional by professional. I mean beyond time by professional. I mean stand up by professional I. Mean Know who you're talking to know your craft. But don't be robotic. Much better to be person, give you an example. Just today it, Hey! I got a a lead of through some email. Campaigns and elite came in to someone who is. Tell me about your services. It's probably not a good fit type of email response. You know they're all protecting himself. And so. I called the guy on the phone. And we talked, and the first thing I said to him was in regards to this, can you? Can you hear me right here because I'm having trouble with my thing. And then he went on for ten minutes telling me. About his experiences. Working from home now and not getting to see people. And I said I told him a mildly embarrassing story about myself about something that happened when you're not quite dressed. Right and then you thought that the camera wasn't on, and it was on and all that stuff, and just that talk we so we commiserated about little pains that we had. When we got into the sales presentation, it was like he was my body, or just a guy and I I very casually said. Hey Listen! Why don't we do this? I'll tell you a little bit about what we do, and then if it's a good fit, maybe we can move on. We're GONNA. have an appointment or something like that. Is that sound good? And he said yes. I said I just need to ask you a few questions. That could that. Yes, and now we're off to the races and just wasn't a sales call. I was literally finding out whether or not. You know we could work together by the way the budget question did come up, but I didn't ask it very robotically like you, so tell me. Do you have a budget for something like this? In Oh well, it's all part of the like entrust heart of A. New told a story very similar to that in house like four or five podcasts to go where you went out, and the guy had gotten up at like two o'clock in the morning to me to talk about his business, and talking to you about his life, and how he regretted his time, and wished he had spent more time with his with his kids, 'cause he was such a hard worker and Hustler all that personal stuff. He he would only have share that with you. In this person, today would have only share that with with you not until your trusted. Are they going to be able to share that? You're absolutely right, and then you get all the Jews. Then you get all the good stuff the towards the end when I said. You know for for this service. It would be about three grand a month. Probably about six months. Is that something you guys can afford right now. And he said to be honest with you. We have so much in our budget now because we're supposed to be doing conventions, we can't go out to do conventions, and that's what we're budget for, so we you know we have this money in almost like we gotta spend it somewhere boom. And you wouldn't get that. He wouldn't be that comfortable. Enough with the professional. You can't out professional somebody you can't wear. A nicer suit in somebody else anymore, you can't. You can't do all that. Everything's there people see everything. The TV's on everybody is so perfect. But you can't be personal. It's like it's like I say in this world with the world of commodities. And your product is a commodity. The most important part of the sale is the salesperson. Be Personal Not Professional. What did you think of that Christianity? Awesome that how can you give away the stuff for free? That's how it goes all it. Because eventually you're GONNA. Pay In the end believing. They'RE GONNA get. You know that's how it is. I think you can say stuff like that now. Because your listeners trust. Yeah, I heard I heard Rodney Dangerfield by the way brilliant Rodney Dangerfield and you know he was always talks about a was so ugly when he was born who he goes he goes to the doctor came in and you. They slap you. He goes away and then the nurse came in and gave me a few digs also. So eventually. Let's dear listeners I'm going to get you. What you need to do is an email. Tell me what you do. What I need you do is leave a comment. Or a review about the podcast. Give me five stars and then leave a review. Send me an email about your company. I'll talk about you. Talk about the rich heart global over here air. We go out. Rich Richard Goal was unbelievable place. You know you're looking for a place for seminars and things like that and everybody's so worried about social this. They've created the perfect multi environment for you to do that incredible. It's a hybrid deal where you can have people where they're comfortable. Social distancing in an event space, but also virtual and live in addition to that rich global. It really is kind of one stop shop for a lot of business. I mean. It's cool if you want. Want to zoom call. Twenty people want to be in zoom call. Great in twenty people want to come to the event. Great and everybody gets to mix it up. 'cause you gotta get back into the real world and so and you might see the DJ might see walking in the halls. Always an added benefit ballistic I. Really Appreciate Your listening to this entire podcast. You're a special group of people out there. All over the world. Listening to Dj cast just think there's probably seven and a half billion people who didn't listen to the And that makes us special or doing listen. You're the best on the go. Today? Hey, guys, Standard and the deeds people call me the sales energizer. The reason is almost speaker McCullough. Honor. The most of all I do and what I'd love to do is come to your business to do a kickoff sales training meeting your sales. People will love the love your company even more. You'll love it because they'll be more production and the top all you get to meet the deed to go ahead. Dan, an DOT com, and contact us for speaking ideas. We'll rock and roll. And remember to subscribe to my Youtube Channel. Follow me on Facebook, twitter Instagram, and whatever else you can think about. We'll see next time. Go get him to. Suck pseudo don't what to do, call. Nine, one, zero, nine nine. Call. Eight nine one nine.

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