263: Ana Mara Archila, One Year After Confronting Jeff Flake


Breath where are you these days Burma talking to you from I am in Bushwick Brooklyn Bushwick for popular democracy we talked earlier this weekend it was about a year ago when confronted Senator Jeff Flake has essentially affirmed the value of men's lives above everyone else's after all of that went down I spend a few weeks listen to people who are not exactly like them side about the fact that like patriarch key is so central to her what what you did and whether anything came out of it well so immediately in an elevator in the US capital during the cavenaugh hearings and Yeah just wanted nice so it's been a year since you were in white and when you know you confronted both said watching the Cavanaugh hearings really motivated them watching or participating in protests really motivating them motivated after Taverna was confirmed to Supreme Court as you know despite the thousands of people protesting on the streets in D. C. so much yeah so before we get into what the hell's happening now I want to know how's your how was your year been thinking about the Republican Party so attached to that but then I came across a poll by MTV that asked me sales what was motivating them to go out to vote and this is last year October leading up to the November elections and what he said gave me a lot of hope the rebel radio Latino Radio Julia Daloa this Sunday October six two thousand nineteen and you're listening to us on audio it's just like feeling so demoralized than so sad about the inability of politicians despite the fact that thousands of women and people of Oh genders told stories of sexual assault to allow basically senator flake the other Titians to step into their courage and not repeat the same history that boom apple podcasts spotify or wherever you get your podcast had a chance to catch up with a Cheetah of the center politics in our culture at even in a moment of great opportunity to man basically just rally around their Guy and the had Senator Jeff Flake and I can't believe it it's been a Lotta has been a year a lot is happening can and climate change and I thought okay like we clearly lost the fight and communists in the Supreme Court but these moments V. spite re Lee shaped the political consciousness of a generation that is entering into our our political arena and is beginning connect with her see what's up here's a conversation we had earlier this weekend on Anti Jila are you okay how are you and that is a really important both kind of next step that followed the and in massive numbers young people voted in massive numbers women voted and elected the most female the most diverse class of members of Congress to seize on kind of the reins of our democracy and that gave me a lot of and then we saw what happened in November which is we you know the people went out we could continue to bring into existence a country that is more just a country where we all belong when that welcome crocodiles and like snake and by people shooting crossing the level of cruelty and the leadership and the Brazilians people were not rich white men and who in kind of up and down the ballot in states across the country really put more power than before in the hands of women and people of Color in your opinion I think so I'm because we are living in a moment of insanity avenue fight and one that gave me lots of hope because it meant that the resistance to the trump agenda which is a racist take similar steps but you know I think that even though that story's not being told I do demand so much attention to the moment now the the ways in which he both deploys distraction and engages in so much in a Lotta ways but do you think that's being overlooked now I mean looking the next year do you think that story is being under told city like the trump any day under the trump regime has just a day of craziness oh it's understandable why in some ways it's impossible due to step back and look at the trajectory because life under trump is so torque people so that we could have more protections from these very racist xenophobic sexist regime and and so the Seino phobic he agenda was able to be expressed and the elector in an electoral form and and was able to deliver power are we and can we draw can read like remember the moments when we are powerful so that we can feed off of that energy and continue the and craziness that we are living through is unprecedented and that ended is impossible or it's very very hard to kind of step back and say okay where Samuela rat formula giant fall and other women who are just kicking and also feeling like we have so much at stake and we can inspired by the leadership of women of color like Ilhan Omar Lakeside Country Gordon says and Yana and Rashida and abuse of power whether it is like trying to build a wall that not only just physical woven turns out he wants to put like literal moments like you can see how it is present who some extent in the presidential primary election generalization I think she really is working hard to demonstrate that she understands assaulting communities and bringing those voices into her discourse so when she goes to that LGBTQ forums she APP said and watch we have to make democracy work for us so that's that's great and she kind of is very diligently doing that with you know when it comes to transfer funds connecting with emigrant folks and so Johns and the debates that are happening in that that part of our political world and attack but saying if oh have names people have histories people have communities who loved them communities who are in pain bring us than our dreams aspirations into the fight so I you know I guess the last year has been a year of of both feeling is that have basic principle of good democratic with US Moldy government is the ability to connection and consult and she's doing a very diligent job connecting with communities and naught because I'm in Massachusetts in I've seen her in action for a while but I did not expect her to take the mantle so sort of like I you know of all the people who were women running I would think like there are other candidates but she seems to have struck a chord with what's your take on the Democrats in whether Warren as a woman is kind of taking that mantle of that sort of audacious nece or is that too much of a so exciting questions about trump impeachment but I have to ask you I mean thank that the reckoning around how power flows around alone race and gender lines is very much in the in the tremendous opportunity to model how to be a man in power and not reaffirm patriarchy experiences of women and also saying I am a white woman and I don't understand everything so I need to seek out others who educate me and there are also by her I heard diligence around they inspiring women and speaking from the the thing because there's a lot of like white male power in that but you mentioned this point about the Democrats I'm starting to see that Elizabeth Warren which is I'm surprised is having the humility to know that you don't know everybody's experience and because you don't know everybody's experience you have to seek out now I think that he probably knows very well that he missed that is still present even though the story of how women who basically like where Daesh is and for back against the I understand that we put these person accused of sexual assault in a position of power we are essentially the patriarchy as it was like affirming itself how that's shaped like chrome and I it's we're still living it you know it's funny you say that before we talk about the impeached men of color like an are you feeling that or I mean I know you're in New York you might have seen the the thousands of people that showed up at Washington Square Park but says to people who have been victims of sexual violence that it is a system that continues to women Oh that says like what girls do like we run for president and it's so powerful because ways like history will tell you through trial like puts women on trial to prove them wrong as opposed to to deliver a measure of justice and and then she has these thing that she's doing which is every time she talks to a

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