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John and ken show john kobylt. Ken chiampou it's kfi am six forty live everywhere on the iheartradio app. Well coming off of what we saw a couple of weeks ago and echo park lake in the echo park neighborhood of la council member for that district had areas mitchell farrell. They finally cleared out a huge homeless encampment echo park lake it was upwards of two hundred tents. Although we told you suspiciously. Farrell says at any given day they used to be about fifty but suddenly announced plans to clear out the park. It was well over one hundred tents in there but the situation going to talk about now is in another part of la in los angeles which apparently has a very dangerous homeless encampment. That's been taken over by gangs. North berendo street at hollywood boulevard in los palos and the council person here is nitya. It h. y. Eight nitya rahman and she inexplicably was elected last fall. She's democratic socialist. So she's all for opening statements and And and gangs because she moved to anything to stop this and she went crazy on what they did it. Echo park lake thinking that the bringing the cops they're taking up homeless was unbelievable. Stand that they did that. So this is an open air. Drug market They're selling stuff all day night including meth Prostitution is there Weapons have been fired. Fires are frequent propane tanks or numerous that gives you an idea said for twenty. Four hour chaos. Now we're gonna talk to a few residents. They're both anonymous. They emailed us in the center. Say editorial from the los feeless ledger which has a lot of great information on this abomination that we use to talk to these two men right. We'll go with a mystery listener number one. How you doing there good. Thank you for having a mystery listener. Number two hello you there. I'm here thank you. Okay well number one you give us your evaluation of what's going on in the neighborhood. Sure well this all started off about a year ago. Would it's just simple tense. You know a couple of cents Along the vacant lot and all my neighbors including myself became sympathetic. As he's own house individuals walk up and down the street hot days offered the water offer some saks but then all of a sudden the scenario changed a few months later. Well we started seeing tagging Car break ins entering backyards And so forth and and activity and these are like happening until finally Things escalated to the point where we started shooting power tools late at night like christie being stolen. They now we have two by four wood frame structures with a would foundation and pickup trucks. Moving in Unloading furniture And expensive cars dropping by throughout the day people going back and forth with backpacks And just coming in sticking their hand inside destructor taking something and walking away Feel threatened and there's been i contact with sinn gang members throughout coming at night incident. The cameras as well as loitering During the day at the area so it has escalated this past four months into area where everyone is simply a frick and also a debt to him as l. l. gangs. Yeah i yeah. I don't i don't necessarily want say who Who it is. I guess it starts with the letter. L you could look it up. It's one of the top ten deadliest gangs in los angeles. We also don't want to promote them. Because i think it encourages them but anybody who's curious that is that is what it is. Yeah i just wanted to add legitimacy to your claim since you it's not like just a bunch of people hanging out that act like gang members you guys believe. This is a real organized gang. They're more than believe there's there's many official reports that That show that it is and that the individuals running it are part of back and tell us your experience with the police first of all since you're alleging gang activity what's the problem with with not with breaking up breaking it up. Do you want me to go. Go ahead go ahead. So i think one thing i'd like to start off with. Is that you know while we have you know Ah at the democ across all of los angeles. This is a very different situation. And it's unfortunate that the council woman mayor are calling it that this is a bunch individuals from one of the top. Ten deadliest gangs in los angeles basically built wooden structures And have been selling. Matt have found guns on them in the last few weeks. There's been at least three arrests and basically have forty to fifty people coming day by day that they are selling to stolen cars and so on so we have as a neighborhood and community. We've talked to actually on how to use to be on this block. Who said that. They've been pushed out to hollywood. Some of these homeless individuals told us that they've been slaved into prostitution by the gang that they have been made to be drug mules by the gang and Basically when we've talked to lapd or councilwoman rahman or even to congressman shifts office as well as to. The mayor's office is just been a very sad game of hot potato. And that's life or death basically every department says they can't do anything because of the other department and it's gotten to the point where the council woman won't even respond to sometimes anymore. It took us three months to get a meeting with her. Even though we had said that we'd been many of us were personally. Our lives were threatened. Some of the house lives were threatened by this gang. We told her that the police had found guns there. That's just a on record fact and yet when we finally got this meeting after three months with councilwoman rahman last week. She said that she was only supposed to be on a certain amount of time. Not for the whole meeting. She took one question for us. She laughed at one of us. When we were talking about this situation she left. She lagged. she she she she laughed. Why didn't you asteroids on what she laugh at. Well we go on 'cause she said she's not tying the lapd hands which is what we have heard. She said that she does want to prosecute and protect from criminal activity and we said well. Then why are you not helping. And why are we hearing that. You're calling lapd on backdoor phone call saying don't enforce and i said candy on record and commit to us That you will Allow anything that is legal to help protect all residents on house in-house from dangerous violent gang and she thought that she started laughing and we called her out and said it's not funny to us. You know we you know you saw what happened in beverly growth like this. This could be a deadly situation. Other people have already been harmed. And yes she. She seemed funny. Kamala harris like reaction Yeah well there's like emotional please please. There were emotional pleas during their last meeting and she was just like stone cold without any reaction and then quickly said well. You know after week right now without even hearing us fully else and so if if a council person is able to hear out the constituents then that person is unfit for office are you are more people in your neighborhood. Bombarding her to with complaints. Just youtube that a really missing shen last year of at least fifty people That started last year. And now there's you know say over sixty or a hundred who have you have people with the heads of some of the big organizations in the neighborhood you have housed annan house No it's it's it's there. It's in writing the thousands of emails. There's been pictures videos sent of these individuals doing the gang tagging on and they'll do neighbors wall There's pictures that have been sent to them of their narcotics in their hands of the guns on their side in front of it. This is there. there's fact they're and they're not only turning a blind eye but enabling and it's really scary. I can you both hold on. We want to talk a little bit further with you too all right. We have what we call number one and number two. These are two men from a los angeles neighborhood in la. They wanted to remain anonymous. Because you weren't them even refer to homeless people that weren't in a camp nearby as an housed sympathy. But what's happened is it's been taken over by gang members and it's very dangerous and the city councilwoman for this area. La city council member. Nitya doesn't seem to care and she even laughed at someone's concerns john and ken show. Kfi john and ken show john kobylt. Ken chiampou kfi everywhere on the iheartradio app. Not listeners want to remain anonymous. They live in the los angeles of los angeles in a homeless encampment on north berendo street. Hollywood boulevard started out as just that a homeless encampment but now has been taken over by gangs. Who would says in this editorial in the los angeles. Ledger actually taxed some of the homeless members and some have been forced into prostitution. It is a really unsafe ugly situation that includes all the usual stuff guns being fired. There's propane tanks everywhere prostitution drug dealing you can imagine and these two men tell us that Attempts have been made the city councilwoman for this neighborhood. Nitya rahman to do something about it instead. She goes on an online meeting and just goes on and on about general homeless problems and how we need to find housing and refuses to acknowledge. It's a big gang problem. Here is what paragraph in the editorial the entire situation is exasperated for those living on berendo street who detail sleepless nights of surveying the encampment themselves to ensure their own safety. They report feelings of emasculation anxiety depression. Ptsd have truly come to feel. They have no rights as tax paying citizen citizens. Not only do they believe. The homeless had more rights than they do but apparently sorta the criminals who have slightly taken on the disguise of the homelessness to conduct crimes. And let's get number one number two on here. They're staying anonymous because of the gang involvement in the story. Go ahead. well. I just want to answer this i. It does say in this editorial april six rahman staff indicated that the city sanitation department would exchange the current would built encampment with camping tents. And there's talk also apparently in this editorial about using the americans with disability. Act rules to try to do something about the encampment. What are you guys know about this stuff. If i say something that little heads i'm on so i Here's the thing with the ada is. It's there there is so large it's full of wooden structures and go all the way around the block bad. There are many photos that have been out there and elderly and disabled neighbors and children who have been walking the middle of the street and hollywood boulevard. Right there is a very major street Almost getting hit by cars we send you photos. It's really sad and basically ms rahman has not acted on that and you have the elementary school. They'll interest was right across the street and everybody. Muslims neighbor working class blocks right here Or walking their kids to schools to probably starting next week and they will have to walk in the middle of the street Right over this so there is no sidewalk left I know that Misra mom's office said that they will enforce ada that that is untrue. We were on a call last week. Many of us where there's like twenty witnesses And what they said actually was that they want to educate this game encampment about what. Ada's lot mean we asked them. We said doesn't just mean thirty six inches. How long does it take. Educate that and they said we will not put a time frame on the asked. When is the day that they will need to be compliant because we've been telling them about it since november. They said we won't give you dick. Do you realize they have no intention of doing anything about it. Ever we we do in. That's terrifying especially because it's not a political issue you know many of us are or at least thought we were what left in summer right. But it's not they keep turning it into a on housed in political issue in the truth. Is you know my neighbors Both house done on house. Still the gamut a poet politics. Nobody should have their lifestyle. They use that as a distraction. Normal civilization that you'll want back -joyed for For one hundred years you just want normal life back. It's not politics at all. But they use that a fake political argument in order to distract everybody and get the get. The discussions derailed. And you end up being defensive saying no no no. I'm not like that. You're entitled to have a clean safe neighborhood. And and the issue if i may add I've been neighborhood for over forty five years. I just screw up on the squawk and there's a sense of community on the streets throughout the years. It's been never this way and to be honest as you see the house individuals go by. There's a sense of sympathy throughout the neighbors but yeah it tears us apart. We got these guys. These thugs they have a waterboy. Drags for example wagons wagon up era hit bottles for told him up with water and delivers it. There's another unhealthy. Individuals who goes to the encampment picks up something with the back and walk the streets so the thing is that the minute we mentioned these issues. Those say outreach we hear you. We feel you but i had so many times. Where's your directive to have the ada compliant there at all. You know what they're doing. They're using your sympathy against. He was a weapon. They're making you feel guilty for sidelining about ten minutes and coming to you guys is that these individuals have been offered housing. Just a you know many times there was outreach here. Three times a week for a while They turned it down each time. I'm not saying everybody has been offered housing but these members that we know our gang members have been arrested with guns are threatened neighbors have been arrested in stolen cars. They have been offered housing. They are not taking it and the other thing is a lot of the advocates It's actually really disheartening. From miss ramones support group on friday after that article started calling us White supremacist which i'm jewish family. I had a lot of members died in the holocaust. It doesn't feel good to be called that and that's pretty care. What what is it. Tell you about what their real motivation is that they're calling the yet right exactly. You're trying to shut you up with a nuclear words. They'll use any weapon to shut you up no matter how absurd no matter how hurtful this because they don't care about the homeless either with day care about is somehow subverting our our our civilized life. Here we got to go. But i wanna i. I imagine what you guys want to see happen is what happened at echo park lake. You really want this thing cleared out. I don't know that for me. I don't know that i can say that like that. I think the criminal element needs to be removed I can't say that generally there are differences but anybody who has a gun and threatening residents should not be able to be there you see what do you think. The percentage of gang members there versus regular homeless people is majority is gang because the homeless The homeless individuals. Dan the house individuals become and go. They don't stay there. Criminally these guys have like chronic recruitment. Just the other day. We saw monitors and receivers moving in. We saw huge soundbar moving in and yet despite all this the council office still refuses and denies that there. You'll have us more. If you allow the homeless encampment to stay there. The gangs will always come back. They'll want to use because this is a. This is a breach here. Oh it's a great opportunity there and they're going to pour into that breach take control of it wherever there's lawlessness allowed even if it's benign lawlessness the real bad guys will come in and exploit it. It's broken windows theory. It we have to go through. We want you guys to stay in touch with us Tell us there's been any movement either the bad direction or the good direction. Thank you both for coming on. Thank you thank you. That's number one number two. They want to remain anonymous. They residents feel fearless and the homeless encampment. There got taken over by gang members. What do you do if iran never wants to do anything about it. Where do you go you move. I don't know. I mean that's for me. Vagrants bad enough that they were down the street from me. But if it's a gang member they can't holy mackerel. That's at least k violent criminals now setting up shop on. Garcetti does nothing. Of course johnny coming up. Kfi john and ken show john kobylt. Ken chiampou kfi am six. Forty live everywhere on the iheartradio app. But we'll have a different kind of homeless story coming up at five o'clock when a listener. Who email who says he is homeless. Just looking for work. We'll see what we think. Jesse we'll see what the audience thinks to coming up later on the show. Apparently the biden administration has announced when it comes to the border. Look at this. They borrowed a trump idea and they've reached an agreement with several the countries that have migrants coming to the us by the thousands to put the military on their borders. Mexico is made the decision to maintain ten thousand troops at its southern border. Guatemala is saying fifteen hundred. Police military personnel will go to its southern border in honduras will send up twelve checkpoints along what is known as the migratory route north honduras also seven thousand police in military. I wondered when they were going to go back to the trump way. I figured they would unless like we've said like this the migrant slowly. Yeah your vote eight. Yeah but it's so bad in the near term. The pr is baking now. They could face an election in two years and get swamped by. People have had enough of this. Now they're gonna they're gonna they're going to lose the house and the senate for sure if they don't do something because i saw a sixty seven percent of the country. disapproves of biden's immigration policies. Now they can't take it out on biden. but they'll take it out on the congressman especially border congressman. Which is why you have. Democratic border congressman in texas leaking. The video of all the chaos. And the mayhem going on because They're the first ones to get executed. Now i but biden's done. And i know i i've been up front all along. I always thought on my life. He's a stupid boob. I have i remember go back to the nineteen s and he stupid boop his but because of all the anti trump anger fervor. He was the last guy that they had left. And everybody's trying to turn them into say he's not he's just now senile stupid boat. All right there's nothing going on there. He ran for president. Twice and bomb badly was bombing a third time until they realized oh crap pretty sanders is gonna win and then people started coming out voting for biden because that was a really horrible group. Democrats that ran. He put up. Because i think he's one because of his ties to obama shot. He is not a bright guy and it's it clearly demonstrated the vast trove of video. That's out there online. You could say he's been wrong on a lot of things in fact. That was one nap. Defense secretary who worked in both republican and democratic administrations. Who said joe biden has been wrong in every major foreign policy issue for the last thirty years. Okay he just and now look what he's done. He took a bunch of programs that were working and cancelled. The ball ended up with a huge disaster and quietly. They're going to go back to a trump was doing. They'll deny it. Call it by a different name. The have some excuses but he's going to go back to what you because what trump was doing works. Yeah the worst. Part of what's happening at the border i think was summed up pretty well by this republican congresswoman. We're gonna play your audio now. Her name is nicole. Meli attack is from staten island. New york she's another one of group of congress members not kamla harris. Who made a trip to the border to see for themselves. He went on friday to the rio grande valley in texas with a group of house republican colleagues. And here's what she said. It's been absolutely heartbreaking. You know this is something that is. A crisis is unfair to everyone involved okay. These migrants are being exploited by the cartels that are making billions of dollars encouraging them to make this perilous journey The unaccompanied children that we saw these facilities was just heartbreaking. See them crying. They don't wanna be there The law enforcement that are trying their jobs and keep our border secure and they're being overrun by these cartels 'cause toll to stand down or they're being diverted to either child care or to other areas where they shouldn't be And then the individuals that live surrounding communities and of course the american taxpayers or being forced to pay for this nonsensical policy. So it doesn't help anyone. The only winners in this right now are the cartels and the smugglers are running. Our borders right now are c. b. being told to stand down the a verdict other areas. They cannot secure our border under these circumstances and the president needs to make sure that he repeals this ridiculous policy put in place restored the policies that president trump had that at least controlled order on the georgia immigrants. My mother was a refugee but when my mother came from cuba there was a process order in right now is complete. Disorder and chaos and the cartels in the smugglers. Are the only winners in this right now. Yeah the customs and border patrol agents briefed legislators and said a molly attack is said this the bottom line. The cartels are making an estimated half billion dollars a month. Huma trout a month human trafficking guns and drugs and one feeds off the other. The criminals are now freely shuttling weapons narcotics gang members and terrorists into the us because the border patrol officers have to deal with one hundred and seventy two thousand people a month coming over and according to me takas the cartels exploit children and use them as scouts. If border patrol comes to close in one case two weeks ago the smugglers yet this through a six month old over the raft into the water because diverted the agents to go. Save the baby and let them get away. That was very humid of the six month. Old baby was thrown out of a raft into the water to distract the agents. And this is what joe biden has brought to. America is a report in the new york times that federal workers are getting an email from the biden administration offering them paid. Leave four months if they take in migrant children. This is how desperate they are now to find somewhere to put these kids as you know. We're already going to have groups at the long beach convention center and out pomona fairplex but this is another one of the great ideas to federal employees. Him and in return they get a four-month paid league their bunch of boobs. They were so smug and so sure themselves that they were going to open the boarder and get away with it. Because everybody is so anti-trump. I thought they were absolutely right. 'cause they were going to travel trump's executive orders and they were wrong and they were stupid and other causing an enormous amount of suffering an enormous suffering and by the way what parent either let the six month old migrate or was on the raft with the six month old. And what was that. Baby ripped out of the mother's arms to get thrown into the water. Oh remember the toddler. The toddler the remember the ten year old boy was crying at the border. That do you know the parents showed up on an interview. On cbs or nbc. One of think claimed he was kidnapped really. They claim their son was kidnapped. That didn't have ransom money to get him back. Well they probably biden people told the sector that sounds like a. There's going to be so many cover stories and so many fake news stories to distract from this. All you need to know is the biden. Administration is trying to stop journalists and congressman from taking any photos or video and releasing it publicly because it is such a horrific mess. I think in one of these One of these cages yeah mallya takase the congresswoman. We just played. She said she has photos of children. Sleeping on top of each other it was built for two hundred and fifty people this holding center. It houses four thousand. These kids are in what they call a pod. Pod is the new word for cage. It's meant for thirty three people. But you have a hundred of them in their zero social distancing all right i mean that is so disgusting it's unfathomable but that's what. The boo biden brought boob biden. Coming up john and ken. Kfi johnny scant fi. Eighty forty live everywhere on the iheartradio app. Coming up after four o'clock we'll give you the latest kind of burbank with tin horn flats. They put a fence up. Our has been going on between wrestle with the burbank city of. What's wrong with them. You people crazy hedmark era gazon last week when you were out. And he said it's one city council member. There's just obsessed with this really remember. The name have to look it up. I know what if i see it. But i can't remember off the top of my head but we'll get into this after the jews the staying in the city council people gangs taking over and homeless encampment is okay guy trying to run a business not okay what. Oh and my favorite story today from the times on corona virus. Apparently there's a very war going on here in california. There's a variant war. Explain what that means. You had to figure trying to squeeze out more. Hysteria really is funny. Ohinouye this is good news. Explain why we're not seeing a big uptick in cases but it's bizarre. There's a huge black market or ready for fake facts. And e vaccination cards apparently fraudsters are hawking knockoffs of the three by four inch cards on retail sites including ebay at sea and shop affi- as well as on facebook and tiktok. And apparently they're very convincing looking if you look at the pictures because there's been talk about having vaccine passports which is getting people who don't want the vaccine for whatever reason unnerved to the point where they're looking to buy fake vaccine just paper cards so those are easy to reproduce stay are very easy to reduce suet at home yes. I don't know why they didn't see this common. They should have made them like they've made. Some of the like driver's license has money laminated coating inside like feel. Get your driver's license. And you hold it up to the light. You could see that they have but look at the graphic images that camp easily and they have the same thing in In money too. That's why when you go to a place and they hold money under a looks like an ultraviolet light picks up right away whether it's counterfeit or not they still have as who are posting their vaccine cards to social media it's recommending. You not do that. Oh i'm so proud look at me. I've been back here's proof. Here's my vaccine card. I've never seen. I've seen a lot of stupid things. Why would you post your vaccine card. Did you deborah. I did not. I did not. You didn't even post a vaccine selfie. I was impressed actually i. I didn't do a selfie. But i did write that. I was vaccinated. That little sticker. They give you. But then i felt like a dope. Yeah and so. I deleted it all very yes. I m learning there was an i was vaccinated sticker. Yeah little blue circle. No i missed out. So i felt like a ding dong and i decided forget it and i deleted it was up for about maybe ten minutes. It's too bad you would have given us a material. Kidding would have been great. Probably what you thought they see this deleted but the way they are breaking federal law falsifying vaccine documents and fraudulently reproducing. Cdc logo yeah. That'll be that'll be enforced is his five nation for counterfeit warning if you do not receive the vaccine by the vaccine though they're not enforcing murder laws anymore. I don't think they're gonna go after fake guards. Some people are getting hold of blank ones and filling them in themselves. Yeah that could be an inside job right. Well you know if there's a god they'll all catch it when we come back the tin horn flat saga tatsuhiko for this family. Bar restaurant. saloon. Saloon i feel like speakeasy i feel like ripping the defense dan myself don't you. I mean it's hard to believe. Apparently the week before that it was the sandbags. That damn stupid burbank. Wrong with these yeah. They're all their lead over shimon now. It's a pissing match now. We'll bring you the latest news on that and there is oh and we gotta talk about well as i mentioned before. La times is reporting there. There's a vaccine. There's a very war going on with the corona virus vaccine. All that on it's exciting. Johnny debra mark has the news. kfi am six forty.

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