Paul Pogba tells Man Utd team mates he won't be at Utd next season, Bobic tells media "i'm a realist if a great club like Madrid came in for Jovic we would have to sell"


Welcome back. Everybody to the radnich podcast of the end of a week with very few dramas either on or off the field, the only ongoing saga that continues to interest. The media is that's all Gareth Bala just how Madrid can rid themselves of a player that simply will not it appears go anywhere. Now. What is future may very well be in Madrid is Luca Yovich, Freddie, Bubby as being quoted today as saying that there is a real possibility that Yovich will sign for Madrid. I want him to stay here. But I am realistic know that have a great club light Madrid comes in for him. Then we will have no option but to sell him. Remember, look at your completed his move to on-track Frankford from then fica in the last week. And now, though the boggling can begin in an SDS part is clear to negotiate with Madrid. Pedrick Ruiz, though, is the man that I'm trapped want as part of the deal, and this may well be. Sticking point is a player with huge potentially the top score with the team's twenty Twenty-one goals of all the games. He's played this season is a Spanish under nineteen international as well Madrid have a big decision to make here. Do they let a play with significance potential Goto secure Yovich or they try to fend off the interest by offering Marianna or Al D Thomas? Instead looks like a bumpy ride ahead before this deal does actually get completed staying in Germany Niko Kovac, the by Munich coach was pressed on the future of Hammas Rodriguez Sube once again is out of favor. There was a curt reply to the question. Why isn't he playing? Well, we change things he said for the Dortmund game and that gave us a five no victory. So why should I change anything? Now looks very very lightly. Indeed that we'll be on his way temporarily bag to. Drid before he shipped out. Elsewhere now, pull Paula has allegedly told his teammates of Manchester United. He won't be around next season. And he wants a fresh Gelin JR. The mood. United is quite relaxed. It said if we secure a good deal, you can go being the view and could that be a cash, plus Tony Cruz deal as the German would almost certainly be relegated Paul arrived in Z. Dan's comments on Palmer, do tend to underline that. He remember said. Well, there are very few players who can contribute so much as pob. Can he's amid field Blair who can defend and attack. He really does. Have it all modern o'dowd's future seemed certain now to be a Netherlands with I axis his next destination, but rid initially wanted twenty million for him. But we'll negotiate a deal zoo. Dan has made it clear that there is no room for Odaguard. Should he return to Madrid in the summer? Later said the Z at has managed to overcome one significant terro for next season that is getting around to agree to stay next season. The is yet to confirm or deny though, any of those media reports now do Madrid have any jobs of siding Mattis delinked from I as well new package deal is being put together for a player that some believe could be the new Sergio Ramos. There will be a fifty million cash plus Mariana, plus as a sweetener Ford's elect a salary almost double walled Barcelona are prepared to offer. It's tempting prospect. Indeed. And who knows it might just work. Now, Jaffe league suture is way from Benfica, according to his agent hoagie Mendez who's currently trying to get Benfica to actually reduce their release fee, which is one hundred twenty million down to about eighty to secure a move away after interest flagged significantly. Where nobody stepped forward to discuss the possibility of move at that price believing one hundred twenty believe for a nineteen year old one season behind him was just asking a little too much for a play. If MO is dubbed, the new Cristiano Ronaldo to stay on the subject of former Benfica players. Greta she went to Barry sash. Remember was then loaned out to Valencia is being linked ram adrit. Again, albeit on what they say is the be list. He's coming to form of light with six goals since March and on the face of it Valencia would be unlikely to sell that anything less double the forty million that they paid for him last season. The one player who this season has found his reputation has been significantly enhanced is that of counting Benza, but despite what could be a record season for him. It hasn't stopped Madrid's pursuit of signing. Another proven strike, oh one who. Becoming though it seems is economy is agent wife was seen in tears on Italian television on Sunday evening when she proclaimed where he will be staying in Italy next season. Rumors though of most Saleh's falling out with Kojiro club odd gathering a bit of momentum of this. Despite his agent denying. There is any significant issue with yoga clocked meters in Spain on France all continue to speculate told him Hans but looking at an eleven VAT intervention to keep Christine Erickson ads the club. They're seeking a meeting with the play and his agents where they will offer him a w money salary in order to remain taking him onto eleven million per season, which would be an excess of what rail Madrid a currently offering it told him Hotspurs record signing Devon's and Sanchez could be a Veran replacement. If indeed he does decide to go. He's grown. Tide of playing this bit part role in the T me. Remember will only be twenty three this June would relish the move to Madrid. If it were to materialize. But again, it would be hard to bogging with Levi's unto contract into twenty twenty four and Spurs would want double the money that they paid for. It could be about to spring a surprise by rescuing Adron raviol- from this personal nightmare and torment PS g the play remember can leave at the end of the season for nothing. He still with that any concrete offer. And as we say could be snapped up for very little indeed Z, Dan is said to be mulling over the possibility. Now, the latest on the bap a rumors that continue to occupy space across all of the media's around here. But once again, he was quick this weekend to dispute any potential departure over the summer. I'm staying for sure he said, but does seem to be a general level of agreements between most that three players. In particular will not be at Madrid's next season. Mockus Leah Renta should bias and Arregi lawn. Who must be feeling the most frustrated at that having seemingly won the battle for my sellers place under salary he napkins himself once again on the fringes time. No does appear to be on his serum. He is only twenty two years of age. I just returning to PS g one player who's received a definitive. No, we're not interested after making tentative enquiries about a potential move. Is you drag slow the twenty five year old who actually made seventy five appearances for the club scoring eleven goals since his move from Vosper back in two thousand sixteen seventeen. He's desperate to move away this summer to reignite a career which a few years ago. Remember when he was shelter destined to take him to the very top of the game. Let's not forget it just be as significant few days, of course, for Karen Benz. Mass score. Of a hattrick over the weekend. It was his first hat-trick since December of twenty fifteen hundred IGA where he schooled three in that infamous ten to victory of viscount. It's only a second attract in league scored a couple in Europe. Remember, scoring his mom. Oh couple of hattricks there and against Lavanchy in the culpa del Rey, memorable day all round made even more. So the facts that he's actually done something that neither Rinaldo. Distefano push or Sanchez did which is he scored eight goals now in a row the last player actually other than him to score a goal was sa- bios against west back on the thirty. First of March is the damn went ost about the hatchet can general level of performance by Bensimon was all of it matter of factory. I'm happy for him. He said, I know the play that he is. I'm not surprised at what he's done as fa- county Benjamin. He was asked edgy why? He suddenly started to schools so many goals. Now, what he said we play a system where I am. The number nine didn't have to run seven much. He's two goals. Remember off his record of thirty two as well. It's just a record. He said if it happens it happens. I just want to help the team to win an on his future. He said I'm going to continue with Real Madrid. Why would I go anywhere else? I'm with the best club in the world and talking about stay Marcello has again, reiterated his intentions, but read he said is my home. Everybody knows how much I love this club lurking Aldridge had a few words as well off to he played his three hundredth game for the club fifteen titles and a golden bull one in that time. We will not bad return Rudy is it I'm hoping he said that'll be one hundred more was a few interesting grudges from boss Alona picked up over the last few days about the potential of neymar returning. To the club. There is no chance they said of Neemat returning. They have ongoing projects with didn't belly and Coutinho on the parting shot underlying further the strained relations between the former player and his former club belly. They said is a much better player than name overlap may well be that you had still hasn't given up hope of either name or all Imbaba signing this summer who's he tries to dream up scenarios, which would be acceptable to PS g the latest involves offering Iskoe. Andrew Rigas and cash PS midfield. Could certainly do with bolstering with raviol- gung as well Drexler lightly to be offered up for sale demoura thirty one years of age not getting any younger there isn't much behind them ratty impacted as and kacoos well decent enough. But with the Champions League that they said desperately want to win. They may feel that more investment is needed in this particular area. And who knows is go Allred Rigas, well, they could very well fit into Thomas tickles plans at that just about wraps it up then fought today. Don't forget you can catch up on the whole season's worth of news vodka, the website round the trick podcast dot com. You can follow us as well on itunes, Stitcher. Spotify Google to name a few of the platforms, and we will be back on Monday where a review of the week in Madrid until then enjoy football wherever you're watching it Romi, Tim capable Bye-bye.

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