Shaq and Stephen Jackson talk about Draymond Green, the NBA's status and Jordan's dominance on The Big Podcast with Shaq


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Dj Diesel Show Kilo. Daryl you got it in less time. Checks for bull took payrolls design mobile blood man. I didn't read the contract too. Big podcast was shack episode to fifty seven. By the way how about that? It's incredible they said we wouldn't lash shack looking to address. Oh fifty seven. They said you'd get bored. One One guy in Atlanta told ROB. Jenner's why are you going to do a podcast shack? He's going to get bored and episode? Check out of it. Well we can't tell you his name but you know we can't we're not gonNA throw him under the much like when you want to mention their name about the Buzzer. Just don't see what people would choose to you. Get bored but that's my point. Criticize my work Ethic Fordham. Things I should have had sixteen. Yeah Dange Jonky Cade Rob Jenner's Brennan Harper be dog and of course the King Himself Shaquille O. Now Budak manager while you met all because we've put for a year and a half we've been doing a day would be though next week on his own. We're GONNA do a virtual date if I don't see your virtual data on his own. I'm not doing a show. Virtually date next guest will try so so I think for Homework. Assignment be dog brings date to the to the zoom. And you and I and rob are all responsible to bring a date to zoom for. Vida will first of all you guys a marriage. I don't WanNa do that for now. How about this? How about we all about we all get a get the zoom link. Send it to one person who we think. Okay took your idea. He made it better by saying you said bring a day. The I'm saying to the zoo. This is all virtual so actually know again. A great idea. This was that you should just create zoom league right now and they say if you want to call in and we should let the fans call and yes we get some of this. I like it bring in one person to the table thing about it is with John. I don't trust bringing nobody don't trust. I don't trust you trust John. Further McIntyre plants note. I'm already trolling. Big Girls. Woah Batson. I'm looking at. Hey is forty-six triple eight. Wow this hanging over your belt. Lay Charles Barkley for you brandon. Be Talk I'm bringing my partner to tell us about BDO. John Tell us about beat. I'll talk to all the girls there. Big Girls or US ladies you tax. If you've been trying to squeeze in three and the quarantines got you down we got the men that will lift you. He'll try hardest these brand harper when I say hardest mean he's willing to have you come on over for a great time and wants to bigger. That'd be working on instagram little. Liz Liz We don't want you. We only want you bigger than out. Listen saw Liz. Airey used to date a girl like her and she started working out too much. Like so if you WANNA compete in this competition we've just type in brandon date with Brandon. Did be the tag bigger than Lizard. Here's why is this tag? Doritos Hashtag Hashtag chicken fingers. No plus to just talking look look be Dogs Look Progressive Guy No. I'm not sure rules. You have to not only be a woman you have to have been born a woman woman. That's the big one. Because you look at it it's been it's been the quarantine shack be honest in the quarantine. He's willing to shop in many different items. No no no no no love lake. No tell us a window show swinging their way. Let's Rosie Palms follow him on twitter? Let's see we get Stephen Jackson. Sub Steve McDonald was knicks. Man I appreciate you coming out. First of all was Listen I'm so jealous. I wish I could do a show and do the things job I appreciate you. No no no. No we are we are. Pg Thirteen those dues. They're rated R. Back but I've known both of them for a long time and they definitely keep monroe stuff they say it's always one hundred percents. Also I appreciate you for doing what you do. And I'll tell my man was up big. You already know Stephen. What's with the necessary on zoom you a longtime pirates vantage? Just dig deliver. What's up way? Ted Liked the pirates. Who just go for the ensemble. Because I notice you're wearing that type of colored shirt two it matches but I got I got all has piece Apple Power Rupel neighborhood from. I wear hats. She gave phillies. Did it could have been good safe. Well so Stephen we was out the fight and I had to come down because one thing about Steve. The auto knows. Steve is ready to go at all times. So something happened where it was a little altercation with the president of showtime. Who's a friend of Stephen and some other got somebody to seats and guy talking greasy and they was about to go in the middle of a. Steve. I'm witchy but not not right now and you'd better picked up with your hand on my shoulder. The crowds is. I'm he was ready to go. Steve I'm GONNA feel fighting. Got On his last to question. I I love your debate on on. Who'S THE BEST? But let me hear run cut who you think the best players. I know you ain't GonNa hurt anybody's feelings. Just just give me a cut. Your your take is kind of like mine. Where we're different eras. I could say he's the best he's the best but I don't WanNa hear no different areas. I want to hear. Who's the best player ever? You know. I never cared about nobody. Feelings of Ball One I'm Al- I'm always GONNA. Mj I think you know he was. He didn't choose to be the go. You know what I'm saying. You I mean he will he will. He didn't ask me to go was chosen to be to go. You know what I mean. He's just was born to be in that row. I think the closest thing to 'em day to me was called me he was he was it was it was A. It was a junior abroad and I say Kobe beat at from from a youngster and abroad. I think he's definitely after so. I go Jordan. Kobe Bryant reason why the bronze third is because of the mentality and it killer killer instinct joining Cobra. Had I think that set them apart from me Steven do you believe athletes today especially not only NBA? Sport are sort of getting distracted by their personal brands and less about the brand of the team that they're playing for making it about the basketball. I of the football I and less about their brand. I I mean that. Don't make sense I mean you gotta worry about yourself. First these I mean. These teams are trade. You insane you to Kansas. I don't care how you gloss from there. I mean it it. It happens a lot of big name players. They put situation where they knew. It was going to say I e Melo and And look what happened so no you gotta worry about yourself. You got to build your brand and I think it Shaquille O'Neal got traded with time. You start worrying about yourself. Saw fact yes. Well you know. I said that when patchy you dominic looking trails I may. You could pray pat you. Dominique Wilkins how? Outta here so Bigger basketball this year. We don't know what's going to happen. You think we should try to salvage season so we can crown a champion or you think we should let it go. Make sure everybody's healthy and then come back and make sure I as much as I love the game. I honestly don't know because I don't know what to believe at this point saying so much on. Tv instagram Ramen hurt so much from so many different people scholars kind of stuff. My take is that I got a great relationship with God. I put my faith in God and I'm just protecting myself and being smart as I can't put myself in my family but it's so much gone out. I think life is way more bit is bigger than the game. You know I know guys got a personal goals and things. They wanted to change the organization founded by money but life life is so precious man and worrying about a plan. A game got somebody. Somebody else gets sick China. Finish play out and somebody passed from it. That'd be devastating. So I honestly don't know I have no answer to that Steven. Tell us about how all the smoke came about the backstory as to how it came about because it is grown in an industry with a seem podcasts and shows like that come and go you guys have created a very unique niche as the big man was saying well it started to imagine you know map play together to state statement thinking map for the deeper relationship to some other teammates were met mom died. I was with through the whole process. You know she die real fast. Bonnici ad counseling diarrhea fast. We became cool at our relation states to stay like they're beyond basketball shoes hanging out at his house when they smoking and we both was doing. Espn and Fox a lot. Like maybe we ought to do island show one day Matt had had contacts with a woman named Ellen will create a red tape talk and and we brought it to her. She wanted to showtime and showtime was off for man and We knew what we knew that we had a great relationship with a lot of players and a lot of people but the support we get from those same people. The reason why show is having success so We we credit showtime for forgiveness. The Avenue do it but I think there's support about peers and and people like you guys that's happening because people know being being fake. Anything on our show is going to be honest net. The Strip we don't even prep you know so. We turn the camera on just read questions that the other side so you know we just trying to get raw content. Now the people expect from us. I have the graduate show like this need needed because What was that scraping. Your impact black people black people you like people to know. It doesn't seem to its natural fisker. Scratch student we play a game on the show called Black Chrome Web crowned. It's the funniest game show damaged named the crime. And then you have to identify the criminal as a criminal or back on next week. We'll play around man. We should bring it. We should smoke. They'd love the Board Game Games making money away. That's the game of life. Do you go to high school. Drop out right with the with the incredible NBA CAREER. You had when championships and all that stuff was a hard for you to get involved with the big three. Because sometimes I actually think about it but then I know I'm not shack anymore. I don't want to go there and embarrassments was it. Was it a hard decision for you. I I wasn't Hawk me at all because I feel I still felt like I had some the prove. You know with me. Not me not having making one. All-star gang shut me still to this day. Because I also I never made one because of the Bra just because of the Bra after I had to bro off. Seizes Abbas twenty plus four five seasons straight and never made it but I knew that I knew that that was the reason because the broad but with the big three I wanted to play because I still I still had basketball emmy and I played dairy killed. I enjoy the game. You know a Lotta Guys. Starting to come in and a lot of people did it. 'cause cube you know we all got lubbock coops or whatever had had gone on. We want to support him. Well let's let's go to the one story. We had this week that we were GonNA talk about on this show. Steven actually came from your show when you guys had dream on and we got this. Shaquille I want you to listen to this from all the smoke. My favorite player growing up as a kid. You know what I'm saying so like I had Orlando Magic Night. Lights and can was pajamas and shot in Watson. I've always watch the game as a student again. Like steph curry in destroy in a pick and roll. Destroy the murder me on the block. You know what I'm saying like these are two completely different games we talking about. You know what I'm saying is so we started to compare teams and like are we better now and our basketball. We would have destroyed last time but a second call here where they're in Nevada on the shot. We probably got crushed. So that's big talk man. Listen I I like I like guys. At divorce had opinion. I try not to get personal with guys. I'd like them like the way he plays and he and and so you have listen to his points. He made good good. He points in their era. He didn't say am I era because if you the play my era 'cause I was actually thinking about should I respond all this. Just leave it alone. But then I was thinking in my Era Stephen. The play not any minute now. Not only that. And then and then Stephen and era they would have been six or seven seat. Because you had us you had you gotTa San Antonio Got Them Utah. Jazz have Portland. You have white chocolate and see web so like you said. They wouldn't even been in a game. This era a lot of people. Don't think I could play in this air but what people forget. I was the first big black guy. Take it off the glass and taking coast to coast. The honest wasn't the first I was the I got to do that. So you know when I was doing and coaches like. I don't know they'll do it now. It's accepted lesson. I like Golden State. They earn their respect for me a lot of times. When when certain guys that have that g fourteen classification to talk you? Let them talk like when Stephen Jackson talked about as well keynote. He's talking about because he'd been there and the transit things he won championships be what he got three rings. I let that go but again. It's his opinion. I try to get personal opinion but however Mr Dream like you said Toyo Ass up on that block. I I don't I don't like getting into that either because I can. You know what I mean is obligated to like. I have some numbers better than some people in the the claim all of time. You know what I'm saying so I that stuff doesn't that it'd be what it is because we'll never know at the end of the day. Everything branches let people be great and start really comparison West especially with with. What are you talking about overstated and the Lakers like you can't really do that? You can't really do that because you talk about a team that repeated you don't know what the three p. like that's a whole different level the game. The job probably never get to players of this era. Do Gifts when you're watching like Right now we're watching the the entire Jordan documentary the last dance and we just brings me back to is. The physicality of the game has changed. It's not I mean you guys played in a bloody nose. Era Played in a pick pick. Someone might be picking a tooth up off the ground era and nowadays these guys would be wanted to the officials if someone's giving them a little check on the shoulder man and that's the day you go right there you're talking about. You WanNa put some of these guys back then would say they been I remember I remember and people have people say Lebron play back down. I don't think he could have had fully what I remember. My heart is in the league. I League I find. I slammed them because each other dunk on. I slammed into the ground and I did it. I didn't WANNA get dumped on a but I wanted to see what he was going to do and he got up like he was going to do something. So that shocked me totally shot me. You know what I mean like. Okay okay okay. He's not he's not so that's what some players go the opposite direction they get up to the rest of my career not one gang the rest of my career. Not Only God's will make me I wanNA say coming in again but they touch me a really nice was Mahorn. And they've states. Every every time I came in okay to go in Atlanta. And he's like that always wanted us to this. Who's the best player coming out your city coming out of the Texas? Yes meet by far my idol. Bj Tyler I is about to say that what about a Nebraska Smith Nebraska. Smith is from Baytown. Okay okay. So that's where I got it. Okay so Bama so so between you and Bj Dot. It's no it's not. It's been Jackson between the two of them me finish I surpass. Bj Huddle a bit of a me. Mr You would be boys. I didn't cease deeply in high school. That's all you're talking about high school I'm talking about Highschool because championship. That's how each okay was he and gravy running up and down. The court show was He was he was running like a deal. He was laying out so has been anybody. You interviewed that you didn't like on show off. The record got say less names. It's a yes or no question not on our show. I I'll be honest with you. I I remember one time. I really wasn't a fan of Wolski. Oh Yeah Whoa appleby g wars and ask you got. I went to High School Lebron. No that's what's Windhorst Okay Bryan Bryan School. Okay Iraq with him. I was I was I was spend one day with a with the world. He was about to say something. I heard him saying seven to Rachel by Jimmy Butler Jimmy Butler talk. The guy's guy them the big home until a lot of guys so I hit him on the phone and Accident about to be said he'd like nine inch you'd showed him. I saw Rachel woes. You know and and already been likened because a lot of stuff he's report. I didn't believe and that was my. That was my verification right. This work I worked at one time. I did not like it because I knew what I thought about it before it was really true. Good okay so sir. I'm we'll let you run Stephen. We catch all the smoke on showtime baby for me so I took you back Home Stephen. Anytime ANYTIME. I appreciate. Awesome all right. So what are listening to with all this downtime? 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I'll not go fifteen percent of your first pair way. You can get the latest in grave from condensate fifteen percent of your order at via com dot com slash shack by RECON DOT com slash shack. For fifteen percent of RECON wireless by RECON DOT com slash art so. We talked a little bit about it with with Stephen. But last dance did you. Did you get to watch any of the last episode? Because there's a lot of. There's a lot of Kobe at Man. Oh Lord of what you really haven't washed more. It's fantastic it's green. It's very hard to watch them do an interview with Kobe still to this day. It's very hard 'cause it's obviously. This was all filmed before right and Kobe as a kid. I know you see Kobe's a young Mike. And then you get these interviews with him kind of modern day and it's hard to watch. I mean it's a love them but it's hard. It's hard to as a as a Lakers fan. I'm sure you've probably mean I thought it was. GonNa be tough to Washington where it really was. But once I saw you know his interaction with Mike and the competitiveness on the floor. I was kind of like you know what this is. This is this is more dope than it is. I think it gave context to some of the stories. That shack is told us about young. Koby seeing it. The where you know. Kobe was willing to stand up to shack and then question into afterwards. He told us on the show he was like. What am I doing that that was just is DNA? You've got to see this guy as a youngster was awesome but you can tell that michaels got editorial control of. Yes. We're not getting. We're not getting the real story on the walking away from basketball. We're not we're getting for. We did last week. We'll get into the problems with tambling. Yes yeah another problem yes it was. It was a problem enough that they were doing abe investigation. Today's Commissioner was investigating. That's because people don't mind their business. They think the problem no hollow like even say because I actually saw that episode so sixty so my kids have something to eat. I'm not in debt. Just what shack? If today she star player today in the NBA star player. Okay I'm I'm going to say one thing. He has a betting problem now. The gambling okay. But if you're G- you're supposed problem with that if an NBA star today. Insert any one of the biggest names in the game. If they had a situation where three checks with notorious drug dealers ended up being exposed. You mean to tell me the American public would say oh. Yeah it was a golf debts. You mean to tell me that everybody would just nod their head and go. Oh yeah sure. It's it's golf debts the gum all. It doesn't look good but I was born at night but not last night. There's stuff going on in life Listen I don't like for example with the Tiger King. Same days you meet people. You're nice appeal. You'll know what they do until Gotcha I hypothetically. Would anybody believe the story as it's being presented as not about what people believe? It's about what you know what you're doing like for example fifty seven thousand. There's nothing to me and Jordan and the bet severely nothing. Okay SO BETTING PROBLEM. Yes gambling probably people that have gambling problems watched Adam Sandler movie one with Kevin Garnett. He was so so I think is a different. Will your money who you're exchanging money with does matter. It does the company. You keep does matter John. You don't know who these people should note. John I don't believe I don't believe Nobel on Mojo when you're on these exclusive golf course right. Let's say I'm on a golf course. And you bring somebody from your Philadelphia neighborhood. Because John brought him to me next time out there and I see I'm going to think he's cool but I don't know he's one of the boys. They've all crooked crooked. Nba Referees so my point is and I'm not saying I'm sticking up for me but but I've been in this situation a lot just by being nice to people taking pictures with people a Lotta Times. You don't know who won't one time true story a guy I wanted. My Guy comes to me and says on a championship where this it was hard on. Our they had it was a company so the guy was was using me and saying I was part of the company to get money and and and you know they came down there talking. It's like you notice never knows what you must know me. You're part of companies that I'm not. I'm not part of the company. Oh so you know how the cops are you. Not Part of the company they. Why are you wearing this hat right? Listen I don't I don't know who that guy is so personal checks in his possession. You might know the guy a little bit more for look on his circle of circle. So I'm never believe it because he's not going to change his mind. And here's what it what you can edit for six hours. Only this stuff documentary if we're doing the documentary of the life of Shaquille O'Neal or documentary year in the life of Shaquille O'Neal Shaq has editorial control. We're not going to see the real life of Shaquille O'Neal we're going to see the real life that Shaquille O'Neal agrees to show us thought document or a documentary. Where the subject of? The documentary has editorial control. Isn't a documentary isn't documentary now because you're going to only allow stuff that you want to be saying which on some stuff don't need to be seen and heard well then. That's that's where you're editing. That's editing real life. Which is everything is edited by for example. People don't need to know what the wait files are. We know what the way POWs yes we know but guess what if I ever do a show people? That was the way. I don't know what you're talking about some stuff. Don't donate to be heard it 'cause it just don't bring up you know what I'm saying. Don't call it a documentary on but at the same time there a lot of things that we've been able to be privy to throughout this whole thing that we would have never seen if it wasn't documentary so it still is Judah say yep yeah but look by definition. It's not a documentary if you've if they're trying to do a documentary. It's not if if somebody who is the subject gets to edit out what you see and the message you get. It's not a documentary take entertainment there. Isn't it. This isn't an agreement or disagree. That's documentary would-be unedited? It would be everything is on the table and the truth is on the table. And nobody's getting to say yeah. I don't want anybody know that I don't want anybody to know that they get So I know one thing. We can agree on. Mike said that I have a gallon of problem. I had a competitive problem by the way he is free and Michael Michael. In retrospect to me is actually better than I remember which I didn't expect which is crazy because now I'm I'm comparing him to the stars of today and though they are great in their own right and entertaining in their own right. He just has that. I'M GONNA I'M GONNA I'm GonNa take you down. Oh Yeah we can appreciate about this. Doc is the Scottie Pippen. Yes year but I think a lot more people can appreciate Scotties than what they were. GonNa Scotty made more with until Scotty was making more with the Bulls till Jordan's last two years then Jordan was. That's that's yes. They were both getting screw thing was though again is. Johnny was making more money. I love the nikes crazy. The Nike Stories where that stores mom had to force him to take the meeting and shack. You could probably relate to that story as he showed up late for the meeting. You know he should have a little late seems disrespectful but okay you. WanNa go that road. Speaking of docs that are probably edited. We've been watching shack life It's awesome about ratio man fun. It's fun to see like all the guys we know like Uncle Alex and rock and all that get some time on screen but the thing out to me. That's the reason I brought it up the hell your kids doing getting haircuts at the dinner table. What is that about what the hell is going on to? Your House announced a why do first of all that wasn't a D- no those at the Beverly Hills Hotel Shock Room. You know they give them my own. That's unsanitary dinner was over. Thank dessert. Excellent yeah the next the next people. That room are going. Today's episode of the things. You guys look for over. I got to dinner. Threw me there? Were things that I saw the documented in the middle of the desert for haircut right. Well it's desert. Here's your cheesecake and off the side. Sir No because we had the red off late at night and let me get America because when we we going straight to Walmart get some stuff. I notice a Walmart shop. I noticed the To something that we've joked about on the show before the grape soda on on the counters took three two three to notice. Cigarette on the grapes owed we We have a couple of great pizza audio or great great case of. Oughta go before we get four lines. Let's start with Jonky Gate Yeah. I made this one. So we've been doing on the radio station here in Atlanta. On six eight of the fan we've been doing senior shoutouts for all the seniors who compete in sports and didn't get to compete in their senior citizens like baseball so every every day day. David reading names well. We ran low on names. So our producers floated names guys like Kincaid to see if they would catch it. And here you go John. We'll do John. I hear you go and today's senior. Shoutouts buck the southall. High School's golf team got some really good Senior golfers out there at Southall feely Cox and that's not it. I can't believe I just read that. The next the next the minute I said I said that's a fake name. I look at the Max name on the list and it was Hugh Janus J. Genitalia. Well we have. We haven't done another flight. Home team is Haram Team Brandon. Leak is a is a legendary talk show host in our town. We love home team. Well they got. They got home team with the same but different names and he fell for it. From the boys and girls soccer team the Seniors Anita Mailer Craven Moorehead Pat. Hiscock play soccer at Furman brother-in-law played. He was a Paladin Watson. Her Bush Amanda Mount. Those are shout outs. Seniors impacted the Jimmy. Talk about what's in her Bush. Pat Pat was boys and girls soccer team the Naylor pet his cognitive soccer at Furman set. High Craven Taylor. Naylor the difference between the home team macan Cayenne Kincaid. He'll slow down to reading to catch home breezed through for like home team. Who is like one of the most wonderful individuals who's ever walked the face of the earth? I've got the more of the criminal angle to me so so I'm always thinking somebody's out to get me yeah. Of course Oh that's great liaison failure Craven Moorehead. I love in Watson for Bush. The best one One more piece of audio for you chuck. We had Charles Barkley joining the view. And you're going to hear a guy laugh in the middle of this but I had to bring it to you. It was great. It was Charles. Barkley this is Talking about Michael as the leader of the ninety two Dream Team. And he's doing well until he catches the word charismatic Michael's team because he was the best player in the world are he was the most the video images laugh. My Gosh cracks up one more more time much cooling. Michael's team of he of the best player in the world. I don't know what's it. The most charismatic occurs saw. If you're watching it when he was saying it you could clean no. He just gave up on bail. He gave up completely. Do this week's edition of borderline. We got some great ones. This big lots of people think this one Ryan Kashi Tiger at our g. Mail a few others on twitter. This is Stephen a Smith and he was talking about Chris. Paul and my goodness. Oh God have mercy. Oh my God if this brother had a few more inches oh Lotta. Don't give me salivating fantasizing about things. Oh my God if. Cpi Three Taller. That was was against him. A couple of new favorite Lord have mercy. I love it. I don't know time one more time on on Stephen. A Lord have no Mago if this brother had a few more inches. Oh don't give me salivating fantasizing about things. Oh my God EP. Three with tall tall shorts. What does it go so I don't know on excellent comes from West. Virginia Governor Jim Justice. This was a press briefing whose personal mama is him at the Greenbriar right so Jim Justice Doing Dan. Update ON CORONA virus. He misspoke but maybe we got again. I encourage all businesses that are allowed to open to do so only if they can follow guidelines to keep West. Virginia say I love and guess what his people know what the people of his State love it to say follows vickings malls in my life. Really Nice really. Nice man his The people of his State seem to really find that funny. And it's great because usually you get these people with the photo outrage instead. He's been celebrated. Oh that's awesome. Awesome real more in borderline. This is Tristan. Who caught this one? All the corona virus coverage we got a news. Guess trying to shed some light on things that actually have to do. This anchor has to step in and save him in the middle of this because listen to the analogy rogue shortages testing okay and Freedom D. T. F. that's going to bring a lot of certainty to the process but please don't look up data on the Internet. You're not going to find that no no nine Is either you guys. Don't know exactly what I like the I always. Dt F down to down too far. Tomago new our GPO you to all the girls. Etf Shack Lord. Oh okay spelled out for you I. It's absolutely right. Oh by the way can you? Can we hit that quarantine story? Oh yeah sure great. We're getting a little. Did you see this? One Governor Governor Andy Bashir yes. Speaking of governors. I'm Kentucky was talking about his people sort of stealing from the state by filing for unemployment benefits under fake names Dino who filed for unemployment and Kentucky to puncture core Sir. Yeah so he sends up there and he says hey. Can you believe this to puncture cores? Even follow filing for unemployment employment. Yeah well the problem is there's a Ford. There's forty six year old. Kentucky man named Pasha core over walk to apologize to him to call him and apologize. He did he called me and apology was faked by bad. They thought it was face my bad so that was the. But that's nice. Though the governor the governor did causes to Park Mahmad Lincoln took you know how to be. What are the odds that a forty six year old man could have been named to policy changed his name? 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Espn now launched Korean baseball on TV. Oh my gosh. So we're going to play a game here called real sport or she. You gotTa tell me if this is an actual real sport or images that we made. She's like for instance by the wife carrying is an actual real sports. I know that is the hunger. Games is Disowned me in future. Where teenagers on each other real sport or or she so the first one Can will go to both of guys. The first sport would be worm charming Charlie real sport or she weren't charming is where people try to extract as many worms from the ground is possible in thirty minutes. You WanNa go first jacker me. That's a real sport. That's a real. That's a real. You both say real sport all right. That's going to be a point for both that. Israel's their world belongs to a ten year old girl named Soapy Smith Djerma retreat. No mind set of confidence okay. Well I'll go first in the next one. All right all right so Truth or she. Extreme ironing competitors go too dangerous or remote places with board to do their ironing she. Okay John say she as much as blood. We will have to earn. Almost say real okay. Shacks couldn't plug in an iron and extreme place okay. It's a real sport. Activities include ironing underwater on top of a mountain in moving vehicles while skiing skydiving. Others do think doing it all without l. Now sport number. Three SKYSURFING IS TRUE. Sport or she skysurfing skydivers strap themselves to surf boards and ride the clouds on their way down. Shacks I smell okay. He's going to say it's fake Johnson's fake everybody's saying she on this one. Yes from judge dredd. That's fake. I'd say that's that's not. That's not the board would probably snap in half. I would imagine so. Yeah exactly. Nah toward number four truth there she rollerball played by two teams on a circular PLA- circular track. I should say with twelve players on each team. All false it's not real is she? John says she joins too much confidence known as Roller Derby McGaw of John. And go she. Okay you're GonNa she and rollerball is in one thousand nine hundred seventy five movie real sports haddish. She's alright sport number five ultimate teaser. Ball it involves players carrying a real tasers gun and using it on opponents to gain possession of the ball. Is that a true sport or is as she kilo. Neil new hot peas and butter cheese and butter hoppy and you walk around with a stick and whoever got the ball you say hat peas and butter and you get the hit them with the stick. So I'm Oh Okay John. I'M GONNA say people are stupid like Jackass and everything so I will say yes View it's a real game created by three California natives. They tasers each other. Exactly take the ball so you never never and by the way I would imagine. Those are three white guys that create. I imagine all these sports people. In extreme ironing a white person sport sport number six reeler. She finger jousting finger. Jousting checked it a lot of Nice school finger jousting. Oh that's nice. It's similar to thumb war. Were to people. Hold their hands out with fingers and then just try to push back until one pokes the other finger jousting true or she johnson. She killing him. If people can do they can do. Finger the point for shack jousting is a real smart. That's incredible it's unbelievable. It's incredible Sport number seven true or she toe wrestling toe wrestling. It involves to competitors trying to pit each other's foot to the ground for at least three seconds. We know who not plan not playing. Shanto wrestling with those talents. I'm good all right. What do you think scheckter she? She is saying she she. You're both saying you're both wrong. It's a real my God else. Boy That is the girl I'm bringing for dog next week. Oh my God rights Number eight hundred feet. My Feet Dot com sport number. Eight is called Dom Jot Dom Jot. It's a combination of pool and pinball you have to hit a ball across the table and avoid pinball table true or she jockey gate. True Johnson's true chat true. You're both saying true and once again. You're both wrong. That is that's from Star Trek. That's made up. Your lights shot this now. This border line number nine. I'm not going to get this eight fighting fighting sport which involves two atypically guerrillas engaged in pugilist combat. Is that a real sport or a cakes. I know adduced when she keillor. Neil gotta be pick say she John. He's so scared to make safe. I'M GONNA say true true That's going to be another point or Shaquille O'Neal of course this from the TV show Futurama number ten underwater boxing underwater. Boxing boxers have to hold their breath underwater for one minute for three rounds each and surfaced against the mayor between rounds underwater boxing. True or she were you job. We'll do John I I. The last that is truth. That's true of John. Thinks is real sports shack under boxing. Twas believable aren't well. It's going to be a point for both true absolutely true. It's a real sport underwater boxing. I if you can't hold your breath right now for ten seconds without coughing take take a deep breath. Hold it yeah. That's Kobe thing right now. That's one of the things I swear to you. That is one check. That's one of the things that are actually or go grow all right all right now. We're going to hold their breath. The rest of the podcast is mixed great podcasts. By the way me making fun of Everybody Holding Their Breath Sport Number. Eleven is yeah. I think we all pass sport number. Eleven is called learns ball is a variation of baseball where the ball's tethered to the field uncommon on this show. This is what we do on this show. Whoever can hold their breath the longest? That's good though to be song is third grade playground of old life. Long life being able to do that. Learns Ball version of baseball. Where the ball's tethered to the field. True Sport or she Shaquille O'Neal Scorpio. Eight five mcgann. This loose was real. It's fake it's she. She and John's bag of the game. It's from Futurama's well. Toronto is going to make an Athena what it was to Specific Learns Ball Art. Route three to three to go here. We go elephants soccer where riders ride on the back of elephants in direct elephants. To play. Soccer is that true or is that she's true. John says it's true true. I've already saying true. And that is a real actual work elephants soccer. I had never heard that before. We did this game down by to play so I place here. We go number number. Thirteen is naked rugby. No naked rugby and annual naked rugby game that's played in New Zealand every year. Not that there's anything wrong with that true or she ain't nothing Kilo O.`Neil naked rugby. He's saying it's fake. I'm saying truth because I through and that point is going to go to John. Kincaid real actual thing that has happened next to Wigan Berries and other guys space nasty bro. You'RE GONNA BE YOU'RE GONNA. It's such a physical sport. You can have your nuts crushed. You're nuts crushed am dude. That is nasty here. We go last chance to tie last sport by the way. Don't be a bitch in this. All by knowing how you can win real sport for fake sport bitch slap checkers checkers but players are allowed in open-handed slap to their opponent. Every time they claim a checker bitch slap checkers truth. John Thinks it's a real sport. Shaquille O'Neal bigger. This otherness fake. He thinks it's fake That's going to be a point for Jonky Kate for Shaquille O'Neal no I may feel your bitch. Slap gesture does do white good so nice booty all face on ground some almost one and I beat your ass last week because then we go a curls we bring next week Oh God it's going to be day I'm not taking. None of the series need a big pre season check that DNA very good open the because we got these busy social also twitter chat cast at big podcast email us at podcast at dot. Com PODCAST WITH SHACK DOT COM Surrey. So much for being a part of the show we love you. Thanks for being a part of our family baby. All Right Shaquille states say strong. Anybody will see you next week. Okay so that's great ball of the guys on twitter at Shack at John Kincaid and at Rob Jenner's or get more clips and nonsense on instagram and facebook at the big podcast with shack. This has been an exclusive presentation of podcast. One sports with new episodes every week at podcast. One Dot Com right now. We are joined by Dave Mason from better online dot. Ag Dave we can finally talk about some fights UFC. Two forty nine is going to happen. Let's just start with that. Man is if there's a feel good to get back to some normalcy now absolutely and you know as I told you before you have seeds on my favorite sport so Makes it even better than waiting a long time here for some? Real Sports Act and and it's a great card two and three cards within a week. It's looking like so We're excited Dana was just talking about adding a fourth. I mean if he adds a fourth not only. Is that four cards to look forward to but on an average of ten fights per card. I mean if you're a fight fan you got a busy month ahead. Oh absolutely I can't wait. Finally put my net netflix machine on the back burner and watch some sports again. I can't wait all right. Well let's start. Let's start with the main event. I mean it's going to be for an from world title fight. You're talking about Justin. Gay Chievo Versus Tony Ferguson. Before we get in the odds of it this fight is different. Now that it's May ninth as opposed to April Eighteenth. In this way just engage. You accepted that fight on very short notice even though he was training and kind of keeping his weight down. It's totally different to have a signed contract and really be pushing motivated. The mere fact that they've given him three extra weeks to train. That does change how this fight looks. Do you agree. No one hundred percent short notice fights are always a tough one for you fighters obviously and we recognize the odds results when the Habib fight got cancelled and he had a pull out and they replace him with Justin Gage. I wasn't too disappointed. So are short. I want to see him be versus. Elko e no doubt but I mean from a fan standpoint. Just just the good ole slugfest. It's not GonNa get any better than this one man. I. I can't wait. You know. We had Tony Ferguson. Minus one seventy two favorite. He's one twelve fights in a roy and engage over. Three fight win streak. He's a plus when forty-seven underdog. So I I can't wait for this just as a fan of this sport and a fan of competition that it doesn't get any better than this. There's no way this could be boring. It's impossible Dana. White just did an interview. Here's promoting this fight. And he he said I guarantee you. This will be the most violent fight you've ever seen and that was a very interesting word. I've never heard him use that word. So I was sitting back and pondering. What exactly does that mean? Do I agree and I think he used the right word. This is going to be chaos and violence in a controlled area for up to twenty-five minutes. No absolutely I mean. Look at Ferguson. With those elbows pointy elbows and his nonstop pace moving forward and just engage in that how he hit so hard and he goes in their balls to the wall. I mean it's not gonna be any kind of strategy feeling each other out stuff. These guys are going to be going at it swinging for the fences. Both guys are going to be bleeding. The Matt's going to be spoke to blood. I can't wait right. So give me a line on how what's bet online thinking about this fight. I imagine they're favoring Tony. Yep Tony's minus one seventy to take back on Jayjay is plus one forty seven. That's all year that's close. That's clearly it's not. Yeah I mean it's going down and up a little bit. It was down about minus one fifty the other day. So it's going up and down each gay. He hits so darn hard. And he's on three fight win streak he's hot. It's going to be one of those fights I think it comes down to cardio and Tony. Tony gets hit two awesome. He's one of my favorite fighters he is been known to get. Take take a couple of hits to the face of gave. He can catch him. You don't know you know he's been knocked down plenty Ferguson. So I think Ferguson Takes Deborrah with that relentless cardio and that that's what I'm counting on for know fourth fifth round stoppage. All right so we got. We got another title fight. The current champion triple C. Henry Pseudo is gonNA take on former champion dominant cruise. You go first on this one but then you gotTa let me give you my opinion because I think I have an interesting take. Take it awhile. Good Dominick Cruz. Maybe the best fighter at that way class ever arguably made Henry judo man the way. He's poured it on the last couple years. Eases become you know. He's always had that potential being the former Olympic gold medalist in die. He's really put it together last year and a half two years since he beat the meteors Johnson. Oh boy I have judo's a minus two twenty five favorite and I'm going to be on him. I mean cruise. It's he's been off. His last win was almost four years ago. I had such a long time. And he you know he came back. He fought three fights. He looked okay but he didn't look at the dominant. Dhammika crews of old so that that four years off. Is this too much for me? I'm going to be on judo. And who's peaking and he looks better than ever all right. Dave I am not ready to part with my money. I'm not even ready to publicly predict and upset here. However this has all the makings of an upset this is a stylistic problems to the highest of levels for Henry. Look you can tell me pay for. The Henry is a better wrestler. And you would be right. He was the Olympic champion. He was the greatest wrestler life. But you can't show me a whole bunch of his fights where he's ever effectively used his rest. I only bring that up. Because with Dominic Work Dominic ability to control range to peck away at you in many ways. I think you could agree with me. That wrestling is not going to be the solidify or in this context. So if wrestling's not that only leaves the striking and dominant cruises only been out struck one time in his life and it was a huge shock so we're to US history us the body of work of these two athletes and agree that there's largely standup. That's dominic world. In my opinion. This is all the makings for potential upset. That's all I'm saying. I love it opposite. Sides is doing so. I don't know if you guys are taking action on this one. But I'm gonNA assume you are. Because it's gone overseas Rosen. Strike that was scheduled to be a main event. So I'm guessing bet online is looking at it and my right. We have all odds on all the fights absolutely gone news currently minus two eighty five favorite. Take back on Rosen. Strike is plus forty and holy. God is is this GonNa. What a match up this is I mean talk about heavy hitters to just giant men. Too Big heavyweights. I can't wait for this one You Know Rosen strike. He's got a great chin. The I don't think anybody hits Oregon you but roses sorry Gazza heavy jen and so Y- There's some live dog action. There are plus two forty. Sometimes it this comes down to who lands at big shop. I thought I sometimes question is cardio. So if if he swings themselves punches himself out early in going into second or third round the favorite roses strike. They're thinking he can keep moving forward like he did last night. See That's interesting. You bring that up because this is another fight because of the change of date. It changes the complexity of the fight. This was originally going to be a main event which means it was originally going to be a potential of twenty five minutes. Now that it's down the car it's got a maximum of fifteen minutes and to your point about Engano who does have a little bit of cardio issues them and that's just a reality. When you're packing that much muscle around in many ways the lower placement favors and Gano absolutely. I mean the five round fight absolutely. I mean you'd think those guys can make it in the fourth fifth round but the three round right absolutely Favors Nagai vibe around fight. Either way he's the he's the he's a legitimate favorite. But I like that live dog money on plus two forty on. Rosen's right all right. Let's talk about the rematch. Anthony Pettus showtime take on the cowboy. Donald CERRONE IS. Is this too much too soon for? Cowboy. I think it is. I mean especially with his comments. That came out the other day where he wasn't mentally into the the. Mcgregor fight a few months ago. He didn't look good and he didn't fight well and he confirmed it that was just him talk and whatever but he he's got so much man. I mean there's no tougher guy on the sport what he's just coming to an end. I think with these guys. Sometimes and the he's just been on the as much lately. Pettus I've never been a big fan it but he. He's impressed me. The last the last fight is one of those guys who I think has always had all the talent but I kind of questioned you know his mindset in heart sometimes in again Hartford fighter. Because I don't have the heart this guy does but he's he's he's looked lab black pepper and and he's been rewards lately so I just think. Pedestals deserve favors minus one thirty six right now. Eight back on Surani's plus one sixteen but I don't know ceremonies just does not look good less. You fights tough as hell sure but Easy going down. I think I went back and ivory watched that first day. It wasn't competitive in the least came out. He hit him with what they call the kick to the body but it it almost looked like a more of the knee. Hit it just a really hard shot. That would stop. A fighting ceremony was too tough to he. Tried to push through it. But it was all downhill from there. Pedestal peppered him with a couple of kicks punches. Rather came back to that exact same shot that exact same kick the exact same body I had a weird takeaway even though I can tell you was the guy that just that was not close. That was not competitive. It was still one of those nights where you look at Pederson. You go good job. Congratulations but I need to see that again. You made that look so easy that I'm not sure that my eyes are telling me that I need to see that fight again. Is that too big of a stretch for me? No I mean let. Let's run it back right. You know it both are definitely passer prime and that was right before. I think pettus won the belt I believe. So that's right when he was at his peak but yeah. Let's let's run a back. Two guys are legends. And and Let let's run it back. I just think pettus has a little bit more in them right now and it's Aronie is just get beat up to you. Know he's he's being taken a beating too and I don't like to see that and these fighters once they start losing that Shin and start going down a lot. No I hear you look as a fighter. You're never done with this sport but you will wake up one day and this sport is done with you and I don't know that either one of these guys is in that spot. I don't wish that for but that is a reality. That might might unfold in front of us on May nine absolutely. We'll find out as a great card. I can't wait Dave. I appreciate talking to you. I'm glad we finally have something to catch up on. Thank you pal. Thank you sir take care.

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