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EPISODE #804 "Between The Rock And A Hard Place!" The Radio Adventures of Dr. Floyd


Eh? Once again. Show the radio adventures of Dr Floyd brought to you by the Floyd dot com. The next stop off lash back to discover why Dr Steve shot Dr Lloyd with a mysterious weapon. Takes us to the middle of the San Francisco Bay on June fourth nineteen sixty two it is here, we find evil mastermind Dr Steve and his socks shape assistant figured hiding near the docks on the shores of the infamous Alcatraz island just eight crouch down here until I tell you don't worry about our ship. It's parked on the back side of the island and well hidden, no one will notice it besides I don't plan on being here long. Anyway. We're here to swipe some of the most famous keys and the world the keys to Alcatraz there. Just follow my lead. Fidget when that boat carrying visit isn't supplies pulls up to the dock will blend right in with the people getting off of it that you repugnant rascals wait for just the right moment and then syrup dishes lease lip out of their hiding place and blend right in with the disembarking visitors. They walk right up to a man who's overseeing the arrivals and shake his hand. You must be Dr Steve. Yes. And you must be Mr. Blackwell wouldn't've Alcatraz. You are correct, sir. I say it is a pleasure to have a fellow warden. Visit us here on out. Contrast. Yes. May I introduce my vice warden, Mr. fidget. How do you do? May I say Mr. Blackwell that your prison here has become a role model for prisons all across the country. And it is an honor to talk to the man who holds the keys you do. Hold the keys. Don't you? Yes, sir. Got them right here. Excellent. Well, as I stated in my letter to you, I'm hoping to observe some of your techniques here and then implement them in my own prison. Oh, well, yes. Let us go. See what lessons you can take away from the rock. Right. This way. It's not only lessons will be taking away. Fidget. Keep an eye on those keys. They'll fetch handsome price on EBay after we swipe them this way. Dr Steve ES coming. Dr Steven no that ask they scamper off after warden Blackwell. They are being watched by three very recognizable guards unloading supplies off the boat. Golly. Dr Floyd Dr Steven fidget, just walked right up to the ward. Then shook his hand. I saw that Dr grant it's a good thing. We got. Shortly after they arrived in disguise ourselves as guards. So we can keep an eye on him to Floyd. I couldn't say for sure chips. But I'm sure it involves Dr Steve stealing something he can sell for profit in the present. He's pretty brave trying to steal something for Malika traps. This place is pretty secured. What should we do? Let's just follow behind him. And see what they're up to no doubt. They'll even opening I foil, whatever plot gotten mine, Dr grant and chips, finish unloading supplies, and then still in their guard disguises sneak off after Dr Steven figured we now turn our attention to sell block b where we find warden Blackwell's showing Dr Steven one of our Drazen empty jail cells so small they each cell is about five feet wide nine feet long about seven feet high. They are in built for comfort. This isn't the Ritz. I don't suppose it is. Can we go inside look sure be my guest? Let me open it up here. As Stephen fidget, go inside to inspect the cell. A God comes up behind Wadden Blackwell, excuse me. Excuse me warden. Yes. Sure. There's an important phone code for you and your fish. Oh, okay. Can you stay with our visitors here answer their questions until I return share? I mean, yes, sir. Of course. I'll make sure they're taken care. Good. I'll be back. Well, wouldn't these cells certainly us mall? I'd sure eight to be cooped up in one of them. Oh, that's too bad. Hey, what do you do God open this door? I can't I'm sorry. Dr Fru Lloyd, how dare you open this door at once. I'd love to Dr Steve, but the one here's the keys and he's gone to answer a phone call a phone call conveniently staged by Gips. Will you can't leave us in here? I can't can I I'd say behind bars is where you belong for all your treachery, stealing my time space travel device jumping through time trying to steal historical artifacts on EBay. Yes. I'd say you're perfect candidate for residents here on Alcatraz. Don't be fooled Floyd wants the wooden returns. He'll let us out of here. He probably would accept Dr grant is gonna meet him on the way back and tell him you left the island. So as far as he'll know you're gone with when they check the records. They'll know that fidget in I on inmates. I suppose you're right. But do you really think the guards here going to believe to inmates when they say the aren't really inmate? I don't think so you'll never get away with this Floyd. Oh, I think I already have it looks like you to or officially out of our hair once and for all Dr Steven Fisher U2. or now inmates of Alcatraz. She knew. No, no. You can't do this Lloyd slowly. Come back has void really defeated. Dr Steve for good. Could this finally be the end of all of Dr Steve's treachery? Is there any way that Dr Steven Richard Ken, get off the rock? I guess they could get time off. Oh boy. I'm Jay couldn't say it with a straight face. Find out next time on the radio adventures of Dr. And the so number eight, oh, four of the radio adventures of Dr Floyd starred more quirk chits, WWW dot more quirk dot com and Frank Kana pass warden Blackwell's, WWW dot cinematic, Titanic dot com music for this episode by Jody white sides, WWW dot Jody white sides dot com. Actual Alcatraz sound effects provided by ranger Craig Glasner, WWW dot N, B, S dot g-o-v, these slash Alcatraz. Yet, your parents permission and give us a call on our voicemail line at area code eight one eight three three two three zero five three episode number eight, oh, four of the radio adventures of Dr Floyd is copyright two thousand ten grand Pachuco and Doug price all rights reserved. And now the radio adventures of Dr Floyd proudly presents learning more after the episode. Well, Hello there. Everyone evil mastermind Dr Steve here. Welcome. Once again to learning more after the episode in today's episode, we visited Alcatraz island now to find out more about the island and its history. I called up ranger Craig glass. No who is an actual park ranger for the national pox of on Alcatraz island. Now is one of my interview with ranger Craig. Well, Hello there ranger Craig. How're you doing today? Just fine. Dr Steve, oh, that's excellent. Now, I wanted to talk to you a little bit because you are a ranger on Alcatraz island. Is that correct? That's correct. I've been national park ranger out there for eighteen years. Oh, excellent. Now in case anybody doesn't know could you tell us. Whether Alcatraz island is located Alcatraz is part of a national park called the Golden Gate national recreation area, and it's located about a mile and a half offshore of San Francisco kind of in the middle of the San Francisco Bay. So it's an island in the middle of the bay. And it has been have many uses over the years. Could you tell us what the first uses or the first people who came to the island what they were doing. Well, there were Indians in the area before the Europeans arrived and might have been this time of year when the birds are starting to lay eggs a source of eggs, but it wasn't very hospitable friendly place there were no plans or water. It was really the US army and the US lighthouse bureau that I made use of Alcatraz back in the eighteen fifties. It was the first permanently permanent US fortress constructed on the west coast. And also the site of the first lighthouse on the west coast that was eighteen fifty four. And so what was the army intending to use the island full well because of the canons before the civil war not being all. That powerful or accurate. They were setting up three forts to protect the entrance to the San Francisco Bay to the gate as it's known. And there was one over a four point which is now underneath the Golden Gate Bridge. There was going to be a second one across on the marine side. And then in a little bit further would have been the triangle, the third point of the triangle. The post says it was originally known now could tries island, of course, is most famous as a prison. So when did it become a prison? Well, it was actually the army that began using it as a prison as early as the civil war inmates were sometimes sympathizers to the south. There was a crew that had a ship had planned to take over the forts and pirate. Gold to help finance the confederacy American Indians were a house there during the Indian Moore's in eighteen ninety five there were nineteen Hopi sent there from Zona for the crime of wanting to raise their children the way they had been raised. And it was actually the prison that built the large cell house at the top of the island. And early nineteen hundreds. It was at that time the largest reinforced concrete structure in the world. And it was housed was meant to house primarily you a soldier's who are being convicted of crimes while in the army, and that's the building that the department of Justice took over in nineteen thirty four and with a fairly significant renovation new mechanical doors that were remote controlled guard towers and catwalks it's reopened that same year. Nineteen thirty four as the United States penitentiary Alcatraz now to me being locked up with an ocean view doesn't sound all that bad or wasn't bad. Well, you know, the funny thing is the movies, which have generally portrayed it as being a horribly harsh prison. I isn't really a good representation in many of the inmates. That were there said they were treated with respect and they felt safer there than smother prisons. It was truly though this wonderful views of the Golden Gate of San Francisco, Berkeley and Oakland angel island state park across the bay. It was those views of freedom that was the real torture of Alcatraz. Now when it was mainly being used for prison. What was a typical daylight for a prisoner on contrast? It was very regimented most inmates had earned the privilege of having a job. Some of them worked in a laundry facility. The military sent over all the close. There's actually a fairly popular children's book called Alcon does my shorts because his first assignment when he arrived on contrast was working in the laundry doing military laundry for the local basis as well. As for the residents on the island, some inmates worked down at the dock loading and unloading supplies, others in the mess. Hall, preparing three meals a day, you were permitted to take much food as you wanted. But you had to eat everything you took otherwise you would skip your next meal. So the lucky inmates were the ones that no six five six days a week had a job and worked on the island in one of the other industries, the unlucky ones the ones that were being punished for locked up in deep lock for. Twenty three or twenty four hours a day for punishment for whatever infraction. They may have committed but everything was very regimented down to the minute. Almost literally your ability to go to the bathroom was determined by schedule. So it was a very strict regiment, one of the inmates. I got to know that used to be out on Alcatraz fellow by the name of Whitey. Thompson says it was almost as bad as being in the army now we've talked about the prison on Alcatraz. But as you like everyone to know that the it's the the island is known for a lot of other things and one of those is it's a symbol for Justice for native Americans. Correct, right. The prison closed, and they teen sixty three and it was primarily financial decision. Although the public's view of Alcatraz was not real popular with what they shot thought prison should be in nineteen sixty four a group of Lakota Sioux tried to claim the island based on an all treaty. Now, you have to understand that at this time in the US history. The tribes were being disbanded. There was a program federal program called termination that began in nineteen fifty three and its goal was the elimination of all tribes and of all Indians and a legal sense that program brought many American Indians from many different tribes to the bay area. Oakland was one of the twelve or so relocation centers, and it was American Indians in nineteen sixty nine decided to take over the island and climate as Indian land, they offered the US government twenty four dollars in beads and cloth for the island, which they thought was more than a fair offer since Manhattan had been purchased for about that much of few decades earlier, they they used humor to try to make their point about Alcatraz. They talked about how there were no schools or hospitals. You couldn't eat the fish out of the bay because of pollution. There was no hunting on the island very much like the reservations they've been forced onto now what they wanted to do was building university out there. I'm Byron mental education center. Outlet for Indians to sell Indian made goods crafts pottery pipes things like that. And although they completely failed despite eighteen months on the island what they did succeed in doing was in the end of the federal termination policy in nineteen seventy and the establishing of policy of self determination. So if you ever have the opportunity to visit the Navajo reservation or the Hopi reservation they exist today because of hundreds and then later thousands of Indians who made a stand on Alcatraz island who were willing to break the law for something they believe strongly in now when did attract become part of the national pox of us will eat on what that may not have happened. Had it not been for the Indians because in nineteen sixty nine it looked like a private developer from Texas was going to buy the island and turn it into not quite an amusement park. But there was going to be a Space Museum in shops and things like that first traction if you will that plan was very much. Ended because of the occupation. By the American Indians. They call themselves Indians of all tribes in nineteen seventy one when the occupation ended. There was a move to establish a new urban national park in the bay area, which is now known as the Golden Gate national recreation area and actress would be added into that new national park and opened for the first time to the public the following year in nineteen Seventy-three you've been this Ning to one of my interview with Alcatraz island park ranger Craig last join us next time for two of my interview where I talked to ranger Craig about some of the famous inmates on the island and bit about what being apart ranger is all about you've been listening to learning. More after the episode. Visit Alcatraz at WWW dot N P, S dot gov slash Alcatraz. Say kids. How would you like to get your very own keys to Alcatraz without going back in time to try and steal them? Get your parents to serve with you over to the show notes for this episode at WWW dot Dr void dot com. And there you'll see a link to a special website where you can get your very own replica keys to out Cottrell has once again, all the information. You need is in the show notes. For this episode over at WWW dot D, O C T O R F L O Y D dot com. Head over there today and set your imagination do fun. We have the airwaves glare the waves. It's time now for the radio adventures, Dr Floyd imagination nation, ranger secret message, remember kids, only children with the official radio adventures of Dr imagination. Ranger's secret. Dakota ring coat today. Secret message you can get your own ring right now over at WWW dot Dr Floyd dot com slash store. Okay. Kids. Grab your secrets echo ring in a pencil and paper and prepared set your imagination to fun. Here comes today. Secret message and here is the radio adventures of Dr Floyd secret message for episode number eight four between the rock and art place. Three twenty three twenty three teen one three twenty two. Eight three seventeen fifteen sixteen eight twenty three eighteen twenty three seventeen eighteen seventeen fifteen sixteen three seventeen eighteen fifteen five. And that was a secret message to you from Dr foreign himself. You could decode today. Secret message only with the Abacha nation should ranger's secret. Dakota ring available to everyone at WWW dot dot com slash store. Get yours today and set your nation to fun.

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