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Hit a home run and get pre-approved for your next refinance or home purchase at the home loan expert Dot Com. Enjoy the PODCAST. Daily visit with Derek. Gould of the Saint Louis Post dispatch. And we do this every Monday. Through Friday during spring training on scoops with Danny Mac dot COM Derek of and the post-dispatch and Derek. Let's jump into the news of the day and I before I go anywhere. You had a root canal. Couple of days ago you fought through it. How are you feeling today? Yeah I'm I'm I didn't miss a podcast did I know you? Didn't you fought through it. You showed a lot of toughness. A Lotta Great Dirt on it and I'm proud of you. Yeah no I'm doing well. I'm doing fine okay for asking I. I think I'll be able to poke through. The pain was intense there early on in spring training requiring some emergency a dental consultation In this is the remedy at working. Actually I'll decide the people here At the dentist office Palm Beach is right. Not Too far from the ballpark right across Donald. Ross have been stupendous not to give them a free plug but holy cow did they. They changed my world view and they were so grand to me. Well that's good news so Teeth problems or you WANNA see some baseball. Come on down. Yeah Yeah. Yeah if you're seeing some baseball and you have some unfortunate MIRKA CDs problems you're set sounds good. We're coming to you from the automotive studios on scoops with Danny MAC DOT COM. Fourteen brands ten locations. Lou Fuse we are saying Louis. Let's jump into what happened yesterday. I'm going to start with the Starter Austin Gambler. Your thoughts and watching the lefty. You know pretty good movement good action good breaking ball slider cutter kind of thing that he had going on then. More of the same in the second inning pitched out trouble actually in both innings but I thought he was really good in the first inning and then sort of more than what we've seen him a starter in the second innings command shoes but you know showed some guy is to get out of it. I I like the way Austin Dahmer pitches. I do too. I just don't ever think that like he beaten by any. Does that make sense? It might be like all right. There's trouble there people on base or anything like that. But he never strikes me as a guy who surrenders to or doesn't have a pitch that he could get out of it and that's unusual because he's not a strikeout pitcher right but he's just got like that the meaner about him good feel for pitches. He's got the right breaking pitches and everything you know. He's kind of going through stuff where it like you know there's just a command You know where he can get quick outs. He can get out of it. Yeah I thought it could have unraveled for him very quickly and he didn't let that happen and for him to have that much time away from major league hitters and to be able to do that. I thought that was a key. Yeah I agree. I think you know. Just he talked about. The mound was kind of foreign right as far as fuel goes so just getting that experience is getting out there. I thought he got good returns on it though too. And that's not always the case right like a guy gets out there for the first time. Many many months feels healthy. Feels confident is our gets jumpy. He gets overwhelmed by you know what adrenaline just has. Anxiety takeover and then. He doesn't get the results that you know Kinda. Give them the confidence that he's healthy. That kind of thing. I think Congress had that kind of outing. Gama had kind of like. Hey you're healthy. Oh Hey you're also pitching all right for this time of year outing yeah. I agree with that now. Alex Rae is the way I looked at what I was seeing with Alex race was there were times. I thought WHOA that that's GONNA play. That's going to be really good and then you know obviously other times it was not good but hey he got through it. I think the big thing is how he how he feels today and tomorrow and making sure that he's alright because it's the rust. That's coming off of Alex raise. You know what I'm starting to think differently Dan. If you'll permit me absolutely. I'm starting to think that he has electric stuff. And it's now becoming a question of will he ever control that electric stuff because if he cannot then he can't be in the majors. He has stuff like you said. That makes your jaw drop. Can't command it even if he's healthy and he can't command it there's not. He can't walk like that he can't be behind and counsel that he can't have the one pitch that everybody goes. Oh my gosh. Nobody throws something like that. And the five pitches that are out of his own in the same bat. I do think that like you know just in talking with people today in wrote about this for the post dispatch this morning. Is You know Alex. Raise flashes such talent such brilliance such magnificence that he keeps having people come back to watchin- I mean he like teammates riveted by him. And the reason why you know he's had bad luck and they group for him. He has great stuff and they are energized by awesome convert. Told ME THAT IF THEY'RE GONNA win a World Championship Alex. Rae has has to be part of it because of his talent and that is why so. Many eyes are just fixed on him but he's got a command that stuff at some point. I I hate to be blunt but that's really the case you know. It's what betrayed him last year. It's what got him sent to the minors. It's what he struggled within the miners. So even if healthy even of strong and even if gifted with movement and the style of pitches a few few few few few people have ability to control that within the zone is essential to anything he wants to be for the cardinals. What did you hear from Mike Shield? After the game he had problem finding his rhythm that there was an issue with his rhythm. Just couldn't couldn't quite get it Fastball command was off. You know I mean Schultz all the same thing we did. He wasn't gonNA hide it. He said it's not something. You'll Iraq you. It's something that you are. You raise race to over analyze. You just say he got through it. Got on the male. Let's move on board the newest restaurant in Saint Louis. The train shed at Union station perfect place. Before and after blue's in Cardinal Games historic SAINT LOUIS. Union station is downtown's newest dining destination with trained sheds create a pub and the Soda Fountain Modern Diner. The train shed at Union station. I hope you know about the Sh- nooks rewards out. If for some reason you don't wear have you been the whole city has been downloading this. If you're a chinooks rewards member you're going to earn points and the next time you're chinooks. You can use those points for money off digital coupons on the items you want most download those chinooks rewards APP. Get the APP it gets. You read see soul another appearance. It was okay. What what did you think you know? I mean the pitchy needs to have wasn't there You know he's got to have that breaking ball just wasn't really there for him consistently was at times. It wasn't this second time out. So he's the first throat twice that game four hours in length you had to call it. It was a scattered game. I think we've seen some really sloppy games here. Recently on both sides regardless of WHO? The cardinals are playing in that inning. Just had all the markings of that you know just like not not a lot of hitters that he would ever face in a game not a good feel for the breaking ball and it was kind of moment in that Game Derek. How is he gonNA make this team? When you have. Andrew Miller Tyler Web Hennessy's Cabrera is her chance that he can make this team or not. What do you think I mean? I think he out of an opening day. I think it's more likely he starts. At MEMPHIS IN S to get results there I you know I could see a way for him to leapfrog into the bullpen. But it would take probably web being in Memphis meaning that he did not Excel Spring Cabrera being a starter in Memphis meaning. That he is being eyeballed for a larger role You know being developed in that role You know Kim maybe being a starter in the majors and then all of a sudden doorway open her cease to be in the mix. We saw gyro Munoz Papa Homerun. He's in competition with Tommy Edmund Miller Sosa whereas gyro right now in the mix you think with the the bench of the Saint Louis Cardinals. He's the incumbent Which gives them an edge and he's building up on that Right handed hitter Did Okay Fine. You know serviceable. He's not going to be the backup shortstop. That's gotta be Miller Admin or Sosa depending on the direction that they go but gosh you know pulling up curve ball like that on the roof of the marlins complex You know he is A. He's a good fastball hitter. Good for good. Hit or good fastball. Hitter I mean and that plays well in late innings and the cartels are facing some tough relievers but if he can do. More damage against off speed pitches that only adds to him being. I mean you could see him being Jose Martinez rule. A rebel really seems to have made a case that that's his and his declaim But he's just like the way it goes against the bats again especially against like a wheat stuff elite fastballs and to see him do that against breaking pitch to see him comfortable at the plate I think I think he I think that's going to be one of the most compelling contests of spring. Because there's going to be. I think the outfitters are going to separate themselves But the the closest call is going to be those guys playing Edmund Rebelo Muna's Miller that group who who is able to emerge as a major leaguer from there dylan. Carlson made a great play in right field. Where do you think he is most comfortable and fits into the planes right now? I think he's most comfortable in right field. I think he fits in the plans by playing all three positions and I would not rule him out and set a really eager to see him. Play some center this spring. I didn't like Baiters at bad yesterday. Couple of Batson. Yeah Yeah I mean. That's that's more the banner that we saw that hit two. Oh five year ago against the. Nfl Sanchez shocker. Yeah and that's my point. That's a major league pitcher. That's getting them off with off speed. That's a guy that change I level all those things and yet the concern right now with arison better. Yeah I mean you can crash of one game. You don't want to overstate but Annabelle Sanchez. The Guy who tore them up the guy who reminded them to the office. They were the advantage of their weaknesses. Wrote about that on very he was you know the guy who who went outside the zone the guy who said you know what I work off. I'll try to get you over there. And then I'll jam Yan and left all of them going. How many pitches away early. How many strikes does do we really tosh? All those things You Know Mary was again. And what happens in the first inning? Gold Long has a an excellent at bat against the shift. You know nails a pitch. The other way is fast out of the box. Aggressive out of the box goes for two earns a double than what is Dylan. Carlson do what I mean. He just moves the runner over and that inning that ending though to me showed exactly how the cardinals are going to have to play this year. That's exactly right Dan. That is exactly right. That is how they're going to have to play against a guy like Annabel Sanchez. That's how they're going to have to play against some of these pitcher who can work on the outside zones and can strike and I thought Dylan Carlson. While he moved the runner over also had a really good at bat like they had the shift on for him. I mean he hit the ball. Hard was just everything was thoughtful on his part there and then Paul D. Young comes up and Paul. The young had two excellent that where he had a chance to drive and run something. He didn't do well last year. Put together excellent at bats and then you know after him you kind of saw Sanchez. Takeover and groove and get back into somewhat of a of a guy who could use the carnal. This is against the B- Blues Fan joined the Party. All season long at hotshot sports bar and Grill and one of their eleven area locations great food and drink specials available during blues game. It is your home for Blues Hockey. Remember if the Blues scored five game this season you get hotshots legendary tacos for one dollar. Each the next day find hotshots near you at hotshots. Net Dot com proud partner of Saint Louis Blues and finally Derek Split Squads Marlins in Houston. Today What are you looking for this afternoon tonight? A quick route to northport. If you have any suggestions let me know. That's one way to look at it. How about the baseball perspective? What are you looking at a quick game so I can get on that quick route north? Derek it's not about you so the fans that are listening what do you. What do you WANNA see? I will pay attention to genesis. Cabrera's starts okay. I'll do that. I would watch that. I would watch what Kim second appearance but I would watch as starter and getting two innings the manager looking against a Houston Astros team very year to see that Derek. Thanks and pleasure. Dan Enjoy the baseball today. Thank you so much in the quick route to north tonight. Look important. The McLaughlin here to tell you about the hometown automotive family. I trust the most the loop US automotive network and you know they are saint. Louis Lou has been a part of Saint Louis for over seven decades. They're proud to support Saint Louis in the surrounding areas with cars youth. Sports and charitable efforts. Fourteen brands ten locations just visit views dot com to start shopping today.

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