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This marketplace podcast is brought to you by torture, parody publishers of moonshot by Richard Weisman. Discover what landing a man on the moon teaches us about collaboration creativity and the mindset for success. Available in bookstores everywhere and at PR, H dot com slash moonshot. And by the Michigan economic Development Corporation, Evan Lyall of row. Shannon prizes is a big fan of Michigan as he put it the future of mobility, is going to be decided right here in the state is a planet dot com to find out why that's P. L. A. N. E T, M dot com. Reports of attacks on tankers in the Middle East. Royal oil markets today from marketplace in New York, I'm David Brancaccio. The price of crude oil spike upward today after so far unconfirmed reports of a series of explosions on or near two oil tankers in the Gulf of Oman. Crude oil traded in Europe is up three point four percent. The prices up three percent in New York trading fifty to sixty seven a barrel at the moment. The US navy is reportedly assisting, this after saboteurs attacked four tankers last month off the coast of the United Arab Emirates the BBC's. Alan Johnston covers the Middle East. The two vessels, reportedly hit sends out SOS signals, and the crews were evacuated who might have carried out these attacks. And how is not yet clear. But this has happened in shipping lanes that carry a significant amount of the world's oil supplies. And at a time of high tension in the region. The US. Recently tightened its sanctions on Iran and reinforced its military in the Gulf after four tankers in the area were damaged in sabotage operations last month. The Americans blamed Iran anelle suspected, the Iranians are also behind these latest attacks Iran denied involvement in those let us do the numbers, the footsie index in London. The key stock index there is up two tenths of a percent. The Dax in Germany of five tenths percent after dropping sharply. The day before Hong Kong's, Hang Seng index fell just slightly overnight amid the protests there. Japan's Nikkei fell five tenths percent here. Dow SNP NASDAQ futures are up in the case of the Dow and the s&p futures up three tenths of one percent. The ten year treasury yield down two point one two percent. Now, more ways for you to live like a Roman emperor with anything in need at your Beck, and call the other day, we reported on WalMart's coming system, where people deliver groceries all the way to the inside of your refrigerator using smart locks on your door and live streaming body cams. Now, there's word target is expanding same day shipping service to better compete with WalMart and Amazon and Uber. Eats is testing meal delivery via airborne drone in San Diego. The US federal deficit has grown thirty nine percent in the first eight months of this budget year. Yes, during an economic boom, the latest monthly report from the treasury department says the US spent almost seven hundred forty billion dollars more money than it took in from October to may. Marketplace's Ben Bradford reports good economic times. Typically mean shrinking deficits benefit payments, like unemployment go down people. Make more money. So the government gets more in taxes. Not this time, it's not just unusual. It's unprecedented. More gold wine at the. Eighty for responsible federal budget, a non-partisan think tank, only really one year in our history in Vietnam, has the United States ever had growing deficits like this at the same time of the economy was also growing at its potential tax cuts in two thousand seventeen mean government revenue hasn't kept pace with economic growth, while so security Medicare and defense. Spending vulgar, on up George Washington University's in winer worked at the treasury department in the ninety s she thinks there's been a philosophical change all the theme was let's not just spend much more than we bring in that concept is now completely gone. There is one policy change that is bringing in more revenue trade tariffs from imports generated forty five billion dollars. I'm Ben Bradford for marketplace. Now when Beebe and tee of Charlotte and SunTrust of Atlanta announced their big merger this spring. They said they would rename the resulting Bank, but at the time they had not come up with a name. So I asked marketplace listeners to suggest something we got some great suggestions from you. But I'd say the winner was check this out b b in the sunshine Bank. Well, they've chosen to ignore this fine suggestion. There's news now that BBN t plus SunTrust this regional heavyweight with four hundred fifty billion dollars in assets will be named truest as in the superlative of true. Now, we just have to work on the new logo yet to be revealed. In our recent series rains in losses we explored aging and vulnerability to financial scam and what you and your loved ones can do about it. This is the kind of important in depth reporting that matters to you and to all of us marketplace. Your donations or what keeps it going. Please give today at marketplace dot org. And thank you. This marketplace podcast is brought to you by indeed. When it comes to hiring, you don't have time to waste you need help. Getting your shortlist qualified candidates fast. That's why you need indeed dot com post a job in minutes. Set up screener questions than zero in on qualified candidates using an intuitive online dashboard. And when you need to hire fast, accelerate your results with sponsored jobs. New users can try for free at indeed dot com slash marketplace. That's indeed dot com slash marketplace. Terms, conditions, and quality standards apply. My grandpa Tony from near Naples, took a lot of things seriously including pizza. He'd mainly make it himself in a rectangular pan. Or there was this one place in New York's Coney Island that was up to his standards still there tones beats and utterly done. Well, my grandfather's high stanzas for pizza were imported John Lawrenson reports from Naples. Genera Luchino making the same kind of pizza that was made right here in the pizzeria in seventeen thirty eight snapping at around. Arent the didn't use tomatoes back then, the first pizzas with, with oil cheese basil and laud now. So Ping's can also include Capers and lemon zest. White lot flipping down. You never name nosed about it. It locked what we use more water and less east. So our pizzas are moist much. We leave the dough to rise for twenty four hours and cook it quickly and a very hot wood fired oven. Regional at peace. It consulting up on a hill above Maples pizza professor, Enzo coach. He's giving the clause on pizza shoveled technique five, gene. La LA, Mikhail. Leoni has come here from the Netherlands, he hopes to open a pizzeria back home and his paying thirty two hundred dollars for a month long coups. We came across this school, and they're, it's like the traditional oven, the real traditional baton, like okay for you. Learn to make beats I we want to learn the traditional way to make pizza. So that's why we came here. There are now full pizza schools in Naples and countless cooking courses that starts at nine hundred dollars for now on Klaus coach if he doesn't think the world has figured out how to make proper pizza by now. It's no Bradley, I meant Vishal funneling past. Heat. So when I travel see mistakes, and I've come across some truly horrible things people who cook pizza with coal or abandon it in the oven for. I don't know how long or cook it on the barbecue. And if you want to try pizza made the old-fashioned Neha, put some way, it lonely, set you back about Tim bucks in Naples, Italy. I'm John Robertson from place. I don't know. I've done the barbecue. I'm David Brancaccio with the marketplace morning report from APM American public media.

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