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We've talked to some amazing people on screen dive, an amazing people inevitably say amazing things, but we just can't fit them all into the episodes. So today, we're going to cheat a little. From Twentieth Century, Fox. This is screamed I've a show that takes a deeper dive into your favorite movies. I'm your host, Anna, then Belan. This episode. It's going to be a little different from our usual fare instead of digging into one film. I'm going to share three interview clips that I love that didn't make it into the show. Am all that is mad. Our first clip comes from j tender Sagar co writer director and star of super troopers one and two are super troopers episode j told us how he and his college buddies found their groove in sketch comedy forming the group that would eventually become broken lizard. But jeez path to sketch was not a straight line here. He is telling us about his early adventures striking out on his own in stand up and improv and what he learned from one of the great. You know, I could try this acting thing. But I'm not going to do it unless I can go mic strangers left because I can make my friends laugh. That's not. That's not the game. That's not show business. Right. So I moved to Chicago for the semester. I got involved with this improv Olympic group, and I got signed do like an acting kind of whatever a group. I mean, you know, they mixed up the advanced improvisers with the beginners in in that original class was Chris Farley and sky, Dave Kettner and all these top Chicago folks who I became friends with. But I was in the worst improv group in Chicago because it was the newest one and we went onstage multiple times to dead. Silence. And you know, part of it is like I'm out there with other strangers. So it Ono who think they're funny. Maybe they are maybe they're not we went up there and these poor audiences had to sit through these awful shows. And what was happening was. I was not making strangers laugh not with me, certainly. Right. And so I decided to go across town and sign up for stand up open mic. I'd never done stand up. I'd seen Eddie Murphy when he came to Chicago when I was fifteen my dad, drove me down Chicago theater. We sat in the back row of the entire place of the balcony. And I thought that's a job. And so I I wrote about twelve minutes jokes signed up. I drank five vodka Gimblett s-. I went to the bathroom, and you know, emptied my liquid insides awful and then went up on stage. And did my twelve minutes in about five minutes and race through it. And but I got laughs, you know, like, not all laughs. But I got some laughs. I got half laughs. Really? It was pretty good arsov Richard Pryor live at Long Beach, which I think is the best standup performance ever. I've ever seen still to this day. But you can't you know, the thing about Richard Pryor is he's so honest, and he got that way by coming to the realization that you know, which is a realization I've come to. I'd say fairly recently. I mean, you need to be funny. Sure. But you also should be dead on. Because even if you're if you're honest, but not funny that will ring a bell with the audience, the audience will say, well that wasn't funny, but it was bold. And it it strikes a chord with me. And so when you're on stage, and even when you're not being funny, if you're telling the truth, it's still all entertaining and Richard Pryor clearly came to that realization along time ago and went up and was just telling the truth about race and sex, and and whatever and I was. Nineteen with the one goal of making strangers laugh, and it was not about. I'm not going to be honest. I mean that was I was I was up there under an assumed I was up under under Jake Chandler. I have headshots Jake Chandler on them. I mean talk about dishonest, but Jake Chandler's getting less, and eventually I said, this is preposterous. I can't walk around being j Chandler. So I changed it to Jay Chandrika's, which was like this name that doesn't exist in the world. And then I said that's preposterous to and I went J tender Saker if Arnold Schwarzenegger can do it like. I tried to get him to give us one of shake Chandler's headshots. But it was a no go. You have no style or some fashion. Well. Think that depends on what you're. Oh. Was new question here on screen dive? We usually talk about things that happened in the past. But in our next clip, the devil wears product screenwriter. Aline brush McKenna gives us a peek into the hypothetical future. We asked a lean where she thought the characters she wrote would be twenty years after the film ends that's twenty twenty six if you're cutting her answer was pretty specific. So I think Andy. Has still is still has leather jacket on those boots that she she got from runway. I think she is a. I still journalist and sort of a like, you know, maybe she then wrote for like the observer, and you know, various slightly left wing publications. She's definitely not with Nate. She's definitely like with somebody else who also does sort of Abeille do-goodery, but pay attention to me kind of journalism. So I don't know maybe she like writes for slate. And she's married to somebody who writes for BuzzFeed, they live in Brooklyn. And I think she spent another couple of weekends with Nate. But that's it. And I think they're still friends, and I think he owns a. Cultish restaurant in Boston that makes like Iran ick, home style food, and I think that Emily rose up very quickly up the ranks, and is like an editor in chief of an online fashion killer thing, and I think Stanley never ever got. I don't think sailors care. I don't think Nigel Nigel ever got the big job. I think he was always a Lieutenant others. Yeah. I mean, one of the fun things about this movie is like I pick up my computer and write a million maranda priestly to this day. I could write Miranda goes to polka in orders polka and have a great time. But seriously, where do I sign up to be Miranda priestly polka date? Alive. In our young Frankenstein episode. You heard Mel Brooks movies, legendary director and co writer share with us how he reacted when he saw the classic monster movie Frankenstein for the first time in nineteen thirty one. But there is more to that story. And our last clip. Here's Mel telling us how his quick thinking mother talked him down after seeing the movie and saved the whole family from a five year olds best intentions. My brother Bernie takes me to the Arcadia Republic that was we had a lows, and we had an archaic and that Republic our grant extension in Williamsburg in Brooklyn. They were playing a movie goal Frankenstein. And I'm five and my brothers taking me. So I don't know. And then suddenly the monster in this movie is looking at me, I know he's looking at me. I'm sure every kid that was that. He was going to be the victim. So any had you know, you can't see this face on a podcast, but it was like this, and he always stopped. He was turning slowly, you know, stopped at my seat and look down on me. And I said, oh, just this guy. He wants to eat me. He's going to bite me. He's going to bite me and kill me. I know that so. I was I was shaking. Shaken by the movie, and when we went on that night, I slept. My little my little bed was right next to the fire escape with with the big window, the bedroom window and across was a bed with my three brothers. I think Lenny and Bernie at the bottom Irving, the oldest at the top and my mother had her own room. And so anyway, I closed the window. My mother came over and said Melman, she called me. Melvin maybe that was my name. She said we have to open the window. You know, it's it's summer. It's very hot. We need a little little air. I said we can't open the minimum. We can't because because Frankenstein is going to climb up the virus gape is going to see me, and he's going to bite me. And he's going to eat me. And i'm. And then then I won't be alive. And I'm going to be able to play ball, and I won't be able to have chicken soup, and it it's no good. We have to close the window. So my mother said, okay. Let's talk about this. My mother was very smart. She said, well, it is the rankings sny monster. What did you live said? I don't know. She said, well he lives in Transylvania, which is which is wrong Romania. We cannot so far away. I know I know Romania there's no seaport. So he can't get ship in Romania. I said, well what if he goes over the mouth, she says? Yeah. Well, he could go what if he go? She says he could he could he could go to Hamburg, and he could get on a ship. It's true. It's possibility, but he does where does he go? He could go go to Florida. He don't know where to go. All right. Let's say he goes to New York, you know, gets lucky cups to you. And and let's say it gets off. The Brooklyn navy yard. So he's in Brooklyn does he know to take the RTD number three subways. I mean, where may he may not take the right subway. But let's say he finds out where we live. And he takes an any takes to be gets off at he walks up Hooper strait, and he walks up to three sixty five to our address. Let's say he sees the fire escapes now. Melvin. Everybody has their windows open. So on the first floor windows up on the second floor. We're on the fifth floor if he's hungry. He's going to eat everybody on the first floor. He's not gonna waste time. I said, you're right. He'll probably be full by the time. He gets it at fifth floor. So I said, okay, leave the window open. So that was my mother talked me into into saving my family. Leaving the next time you have to Hala week's worth of groceries up to your fifth floor Walk-ups look on the bright side. At least you won't be devoured by jetlagged monster. We hope you enjoyed these clips from our digital cutting room floor. We've got some very exciting episodes coming up. So be sure to subscribe to the show. So you don't miss a thing. Thanks for joining us for this special episode of screen dive. I'm Anna van Valen for more about today's show screen dive, pod dot com. Be sure to follow at screen dive pod on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, and please subscribe rate and review the show we want to hear from you. Thanks again to J under sake. Our a lean brush McKenna and Mel Brooks for chatting with us. The clips you heard today from super troopers, the devil wears product and young Frankenstein, which are available to rent an own wherever you get your movies screen dive is executive produced and hosted by knee. It's produced by Michael Huntsman mineral neon hum with production assistance from Angela Paul Mary next time.

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