EP 203505: Garage Pass


In. This time it's going to be stressful in the CAR Daytona decides. Of Control out of this. Both the twenty eight into the playoffs. Crazy all the way down to finish and. Keep everybody on the chief Arcaro NPR, INS garage pass. Have you written a book and WanNa get it published. Page publishing a SAP, we're looking for authors of all types of books, and unlike most publishers page publishing will take the time to review each and every book submitted to us, and if we like what we read, we will get your book into bookstores and for sale online at Amazon. Apple Itunes, store Barnes and noble and other outlets. We handle everything editing, cover design, copyright, protection, printing, publicity, and distribution. So if you've written a novel Children's Book Cookbook Inspirational Work Poetry or a biography and want to get it published page publishing. Now for your free author Submission Kit, your road to fame and fortune could very well start with. This simple phone call eight, hundred, two, nine, six, one, two, nine, four, eight, hundred, two, nine, six, one, two, nine, four, eight, hundred, two, nine, six, one, two, nine, four once again that's eight, hundred, two, nine, six, twelve, ninety, four with all the unpredictability. A superspeedway race can bring. Daytona is hosting the final regular season race of the NASCAR Cup series season for the very first time it's the final chance for drivers to make the playoffs on points or scorn upset win to get in, which is what former Daytona winner Ricky stenhouse junior and Chris Butcher are hoping for going into the coke zero, sugar four, hundred. That's Kinda. The thing that is exciting, makes it come down to this last race of the regular season because there's multiple people could win move somebody out of the playoffs a guarantee we get down to those last twenty laps and we're gonNA see a lot of race cars. It's GonNa be a while ending to that race now with Clint Boyer Needing to basically just take the green flag to qualify for the playoffs on points that leaves three drivers fighting for the final two positions. Matt Venedetto has only nine points despair. I let my wife doing all this dressing for me. She's been a ascot case of emotion this week. So I Pretty much hold it together just know whatever's meant to happen will happen. All we can do is do the best we can meanwhile William Byron is only five points ahead of teammate Jimmie Johnson immigrate from fancy perspective it's going to be stressful in the car, but sometimes those are the funnest times in in most rewarding in the race car now that I know there's a path in for both of us maybe I'll stop thinking about thoughts about those guys and maybe we can both get in and now a game of commercial chicken brought to you by progressive care. We see how long can go without talking about insurance ready go I guess we should talk about something. How's the Vermicelli game in your town gotten a good Vietnamese restaurants. Vermicelli. Oh, it's a noodle very good drivers switched to Progressive Save Big Bird. Okay. You Win. We can't help save customers money progressive casualty, insurance company, and affiliates, Jimmy Johnson, and former crew chief Chad canals could wind up fighting against each other for the final playoff position Saturday night, and after his driver William Byron finished right behind. Johnson. At Dover Canal. says. Both saw their current predicament has a little strange like you know what midnight or something like that do my notes and I was like man so weird that I'm GonNa be battling the forty eight car going into Daytona and then the next morning like eighty seven get taxis this isn't it weird they're going to be competing with one another for this. This racing and a petition there demand. Hopefully, we both get in the. Garage Pass, sponsored by progressive drivers who save with Progressive Save over seven hundred, fifty dollars on average.

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