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Jets' GM, Joe Douglas


I'm going to have to get on them for his His tardiness here. What time is he do like two minutes ago? It's only nine five right now. He's maybe he's trading somebody maybe signing somebody could be. I guess but really. He needs to put that on. Hold to talk to us if he's been great. Oh Trade Conversations. Could we pick this up and like fifteen minutes? I got a call boomer and Geo and to me. It's a little to me. It's a little disrespect on jobs party. Yeah definitely Eh. I would have to agree. Know we haven't Ataman before on the show. I mean we. We spent some time with them but that was a conversation away from the air. So this is the first time he's joined the show and it's you know him being laid. It's just not a great first impression. Oh here he is jets general manager. Joe Douglas we were just talking Joe with just turned nine six and we expected to have you on ninety five. So it's a terrible first impression that you've given us here. We didn't. We didn't call him soon enough. That the hell fan over there. Are you guys doing this morning? What are you doing doing well doing? Well trying to Get back as I feel like a bear coming out of hibernation seeing. What's going on the rest of the world? I've been buried in In free agency in the draft last month and a half so But the excited excited about the Do players we've added to the team. Well congratulations on your first draft and and controlling your first draft so what you expected from the standpoint of being the man now making the decisions. I think we had such a good process. I feel I feel. It was a unique experience. Obviously with the circumstances going on but I think it also brought brought us all together in a in a strange way With the technology that we're able to use You know were our collaboration with the coaches The it department such a good job. Set this all up at our homes remotely. But I really feel like we had great meetings great conversations. Gaza able get you. We were able to disagree No one you put your feelings and your ego side. We Disagree Hash Things Out. In a productive way they come to to the best The best buy your best solution for the New York jets so I feel like we had a good process and it it. It feels good doing it with this group of guys. One of the things that struck me is how comfortable and happy you seemed after making these picks going through this the first time as being the guy of course and then it being virtual draft. And you're in your house but you seem very comfortable and happy and the kids would come over so I mean it seemed like this went very well from you just for me. Judging getting a look into your home is is that the way you really felt inside. I had say it took a couple of days to get. There was very uncomfortable for me being away from the office Because we we've moved in our houses at number like our office wasn't like the office was set up so it took a few days just to get everything the way you wanted it but once once we got into a flow once everybody got used to using the technology. It it just it was. It was remarkable how everything came together and then You know having having everyone right here on your bed you know. Talking through scenarios in the draft You're able to bow from groups to group to to to get You know have one on ones with guys that you have a question. It really did make comfortable so that he felt like you're actually in the war room even though you're at your desk by yourself and then the family being men the room over that was your thousand added bonus that. I didn't really expect I didn't really feel until after we made the first selection and that was a that was an awesome awesome thing know. I would actually say that. Most general managers probably felt the same way and coaches to that matter because when you watch all their homes and how their families were around him. It was something different that you guys are not used to now. I know you're going to get a lot of questions about MCI back. Then we'll get to him in a second. Is there anybody else in this group? That drafted that. You were surprised that they were there when it was your turn the pick. Yeah I'd say there. There are several guys You know we were. We were obviously sweating When we traded back from forty eight fifty nine I was not. I was not going to be completely surprised if Denzel Men's I wouldn't have been surprised. Us taking the first five fixing second round So we were. We were sweating on that one And there's a little bit of surprised that he was there fifty nine and I don't know if you guys saw the call but you know he's not he's not happy about that and I love that chip that he has so You know that that was a little bit of surprise. I'd say I'd say Bri Saul was another one You know he was. He was a guy that we were a little bit surprised as their fifth round Actually I mean we. We were sweating all these guys to be honest Just where we had them in our rankings and just how our board fell so those? Those are two guys that that stood out though. So why did you guys settle on MCI Becton at number eleven and not worth it was still on the board or one of these wide receivers? That were much ballyhooed that went in the first round. Yeah no those are all the scenarios that we talked about And we we were able to have four three or four strategy meetings where we go through every scenario and everyone has an opportunity to speak their mind. This guy this guy. I think this was a unique opportunity to get off a tackle that everybody was excited about That has a lot of unusual unique physical traits and MCI With his legs to strength his mentality A guy that can really affect the past game and the run game for us and our our mission. Our mission from the outset was we. We ever WANNA see SAM's full potential. We have to protect him. You Know He. He can't be can't be taking shots he can't he can't Can't be take shots from every angle? He's gotta be up on his feet. You know so We have to. We have to take care of that first and then everything else will fall into place so that that was really our mission from the outset. You know people say that it's a risk reward. Pick that he is so big that people really don't know what to expect from him in all your years being part of drafts with the Ravens. The Eagles the bears and now the jets. Who is the guy that he compares most to in your past twenty having to talk with a friend that's been in the business a long time and you know in the in the conversation came up with MCI? It was like this guy just reminds you an old school old school left. Tackle from days gone by you know just just the giant big men like the you know like I mean Jay. I'm not and I don't want I'm not gonNA comp him to you know hall of fame players but just you just as far as the measurable are concerned you know just big men like Orlando Pace and John Ogden and Willie Roaf and so like the we were just having that conversation and That that's that's those are some of the names that came up. I'm not competent him. Those those guys but You know he presents that unique that unique combination of size length and athleticism. So let's talk a little bit about the quarterback you select by you James Morgan and now we hear that he's a very bright kid. He was coached Who the coach down there at. Fiu'S WHO JOE which. David Wright Butch Davis all right so butch Davis I would think would be a guy that you would trust when you talk to him about his quarterback if in fact you did talk to them which. I would assume that you did. What are the attributes that that major select him before? Say like a guy. I like Jake from yeah. Coach Davis has been around a lot of good players and his career. Miami North Carolina and pro football. So we definitely lean leaned leaned on him for Sir. Great information when it came to to Morgan. I think when I think when we watch the tape we saw the sides. We saw the armed strength Frankly we saw. We saw accuracy I think he was one of the leaders in college. Football and dropped passes so We we saw. We saw those numbers as well But when we when what really got all excited when he got we got room with them and we started just talking with them and start going over his plates his offense kids tape and you know first of all. He's got great energy Second his recalls is unbelievable. He's he's extremely smart. So we just thought this guy that we it's court. It's a quarterback league. You can't have enough and if the opportunity fell Where player like this was available We were going to take a shot. Quick thing for me Joe in regards to the quarterback position. I've been on this radio station now saying for the last two months that I worry about your backup quarterback position and I'm not so sure that this kid's ready to be the back of I don't know you'll you'll see and you'll be able to tell when you see him on the field and then of course you have. David fails I is this. You know the way the quarterback rooms going to be or are you guys going to be searching for a potential veteran? That could actually come in and help you win. Some Games as opposed to going through what you went through last year. Yeah I think those are all things we're GONNA set over the next days and weeks and months. Hopefully we can get back together soon and really get the physical session the assessments on the field But now that that's going to be something that's going to be fluid with us You know It's I think we have great competition in the room as it stands right now and they have three guys and Morgan fails and white. That can all push each other But at the end of the day we're GONNA. There's a chance to upgrade any position. We're GONNA WE'RE GONNA take a look at it talking to jets general manager Joe Douglas on boomer and Geo on the fan and CBS sports network. Third Round Pick Ashton David. I of the two third round picks Ashton Davis out of cow. Some jet fans will say looking at the depth chart that you really need a safety in this spot. I mean this seems to be more of luxury than need with a pick that that was that high in the third round. So give us your thinking on selecting Ashton Davis the type of player. He is and why you took them where you took them. Well I guess I guess duties in the beholder view just to safety. I'm sure you could question it. I think for us we. We didn't view ashes just to save the reviewed Ashton as a guy that come in and bring versatility to our back. End Can play multiple roles with his athleticism with his instincts and with his speed and ball skills. We've felt this was a player that could that we could utilize a lot of different roles to help greg defense and not to mention the fact that he could be he he can get a chance to be a dynamic special teamer so He's another guy that wants wants everyone was able to get around him you setting just as impressively young man is as you've been around so You know we we. We see an opportunity to use. He's asking a lot of roles just excited to get it in here. Get Him an ear and start working with them. You're a second round pick was edge. Rusher Jabari is Anita and he's out of Florida and we've been down this road with edge rushers out of Florida as as as late as last year and that didn't work out so well How do you compare this kid too? Polite who wasn't a total bust last year for the jets. Yeah I think I think what Jafari you're getting someone with a lot of passion for football. I think you're getting A guy that has an excellent take off Who's a sudden twitched up mover There's a lot of explosiveness in this in this young man's body You know obviously. He was hindered by the injury. I think there is a couple of guys on our classes. Season was was cut short because of Injury or they. They struggled through injury throughout the year. so I think that hindered its production. This year thinking you went back to the year prior This guy was a disruptive discusses very disruptive player He's a guy that can penetrate gaps. You can get in the Backfield Explosive Guy you've got unbelievable voter. I mean this guy. This guy will track the ball as hard as it can so really really like really like where he is. Not only a physical standpoint but from a mentality toughness Africa standpoint as well. So Joe we keep hearing all these questions about Jamal. Adams people are making something out of nothing personally with. Oh He's going to skip a virtual workouts or they haven't talked contract with him yet like during the draft. Which I think is silly so you tell us what your plans are right now in dealing with Jamal Adams of course picking up the You know making sure that he is a h yet for a long period of time. Where does that stand right now? Yeah I mean picking up. That option was a very easy decision for us I mean obviously you know to Tom. Pro Bowl player so You know he's he's he's not going to be at these virtual meetings and You know That's these are voluntary before The Planet the planet from here is once we tighten up everything As far as our undrafted free agents contracts come in We type A couple other things. you know we're we're GONNA WE'RE GONNA reach out to malls representative in Avid. Sit down. Yeah I would imagine that he has to realize that it's GonNa take time and picking up his fifth year option. That's just an administrative moves that you have to do. Is that right absolutely especially for a player like him that that that was a no brainer for us all right so this kid bryce hall. I saw this tape in two thousand seventeen two thousand eighteen He got hurt last year. Did he run at the combine or no no? He didn't? He was still recovering from the injury that he suffered October So I I think I think with with Ashton action end and bright's you know one of those guys had a chance to run it to combine But he was a guy a lead the he led college football and pass disruptions Two years ago Obviously at the lower body injury in October the cut his his seasons short. But when you talk about him as a player he's he's another guy that adds lake strength At the line of scrimmage when when he's pressing guys he's got really got ball skills think that he has a chance to really fit in to Greg Defense. That'd be a heck of a pick and you know no one fifty eight and I saw a lot of people thought that that was a really good value pick as far as Denzel mims is concerned the wide receiver out of Baylor. You hear a lot about how. He's not a great route runner. But you do hear about. How fast is how big is how athletic is and how long is arms are why? I don't understand. Why a wide receiver out of Baylor. Who had met role as a coach can't be a good route runner. That doesn't make any sense to me. And this was a great discussion that we had in house with with Shawn Jefferson Hines Ward. And I mean we we have. We have to unbelievable water. She were coaches and they couldn't be more excited about about what. Denzel brings to our team. So There there's just a minor things that we're gonNA work with him on technique wise but just just overall skill set Is Tremendous and you know. They're they're so excited to get get him in. Just we're just working on his release working on his hands working on just different different techniques that they feel that they can they can Make him reaches potential but You know a guy that had a great. You mentioned that Burma had a great college coach in that role So we don't win. We're not concerned About hidden taking the next step to the NFL. Were you guys in any sort of serious discussions about trading for Trent Williams. Well we had discussion with a lot of teams a lot of players We we had put out feelers. We had we had had some initial discussions With Washington GonNa get actual specifics But I but I will say nothing. There is nothing serious. There is nothing where it it was close. Now you vowed to fix the offensive line you brought in George Fan Connor McGovern Greg Van. Roten us the number of number eleven overall. Pick on MCI BECTON Where you stand here this morning as we're about to approach may have you fixed the offensive line for the jets. I think there's a lot of optimism about our offense wide right now. We'll see when we get when we get out on the field again Obviously excited about the new additions but there has to be chemistry. That develops Among all these guys and they can't do that unless they can get together you have dinners cookouts Spend time in a meeting room together And be on the field together and just work work their technique and in place so We're we're all excited. We just got to get on the field. Developed that chemistry now it is impossible to get universal praise on social media these days. But you somehow were able to do that. Had when someone posted a picture of you leaving one hundred dollar tip and doing that every time you get takeout and you pick up from a particular place so What did you make of all that fame that you got on social media for that none of that was I mean it was just it was? It was a just a small small gesture just because it's a great place first of all grapefruit but You Walk in and he just E- It's a place that the family loves and if it's just a small thing that could maybe help out for a little bit. I mean I wasn't intended to I was hoping that you know no one would recognize me but Lucky got those too. It is what it is but We just it's just a small gesture. Joe You're a huge GM. You're the biggest Yemen football. God Dang it everybody's GonNa know who you are and by the way you used to be the biggest guy in the in the building no longer MCI BECTON. Walking in there and dwarf you MCI giant is a giant. I mean everybody's over six seventy three hundred sixty pounds just to be the manual. How big is this? How big are his feet question? I don't know about shoes. He's gotta be Ike. You gotta be a sixteen seventeen. How big a your feet. I'm only thirteen. I'm okay yeah I'm not I'm not I'm just trying to think he's got a size sixteen or seventeen shoe and the way he ran. That forty yard dash was like it. Just blew everybody away. That was amazing to see a man that big run that fast. I think I think what he ran. That time trump. You wouldn't you don't know what to expect when these workouts star If there there's there's some some betting that goes around this guy's GonNa run this okay. I'm taking the unders of. There's there's some some things like that but no one. No one ever expected hinder run close to a five five forty at that size. What kind of. What kind of kid is he? Did you ever chance to spend a lot of time with them we did. We spent a lot of time with them. Virtually At but the combine we were we. We had Twenty twenty five minutes timeframe timeslot with them at the combine And then we had several talks within Through the Microsoft Teams Videoconferencing and so And you know just doing doing the work that we did on his background. And he's he is a jovial fun loving guy You know big heart goodhart gentle giant off the field but the guy that has a has a switch that he flips when he gets on the field. You know he'll tell everybody enjoys enjoys putting people on the ground so You like you like you're that when you're talking to young offensive lineman. Did you see the first video that was shown of Adam Gates in his house because the the first one that was shown where the dog comes in as kids run? Looks like he wants to get the hell out of there. It's so funny it into someone must've got to him because then all the other videos he looked happy and everything. Yeah but but the. The first one was hilarious. I didn't I didn't I didn't have a TV. I didn't have a TV with the with the Broadcast on in my office. So I would I would step out. You know when they're talking about a player so I didn't feel out of those a lot of those in home That they did did. Tell me about the Rubik's with the sun which is which is pretty impressive. Yes that's all right so last one from me so now that the draft is over. We understand that you've got stuff to do. Undrafted free agents deal with Jamal Adams. Being a general manager doesn't stop but it's not as intense as it was before the draft the little free time that you have now in this isolation while we're still in it. What are you doing in that free time? I think? I think we really won't have free time. I mean look back. In the old days they talking last year In in the past you had Your free time really came after the mandatory minicamps in the middle of June. I think now for us You take a little time you decompress. I think we'll get together as a group will really do some self scout on our process. we'll get together with a dance. Baio SKI BILL SAVAGE OUT THERE TO REX. Hogan in our team will sit down okay. What what went well from what? What would what did we do? Well from June. Two to now What can we get better at and And we'll we'll sit down. We'll just kind of hash out our process and and try to improve. It will get ready. We'RE GOING TO GET READY FOR UNRESTRICTED. Free Agency Next year we're getting ready for the next year You know our our scouts will do some spring scouting on next year's prospects We'll we'll get some Some initial pro grade than on unrestricted free agents. So so we're just we're we're we're starting to turn the page eight next year next year. Guys Joe Final question for me and I and I brought this up. Go WITH THE QUESTION. Mark about when the seasons going to start and all that other stuff and there's a potential for college and we're hearing these different collateral collateral plans for college. Just in case do you do you think that these supplemental draft is going to be heavier this year than normal ears is. Are you hearing anything in that regard? Yeah that's a great point Boom I think that's something we've got to be prepared for We haven't heard But with with all the uncertainty that's going on with the season next year. It's something we've got to be prepared for. And we will be in you know in the past. Supplemental Draft It's it's it's never been a huge pool of names. I think the most the most since I've been in the League maybe eight to ten guys. WE'LL SEE. I mean the the eligibility he have to be three years out of high school So most most of the times with the supplemental draft. It's it's forgot who lost eligibility somehow At their school whether it was grades or for for a character This year You know I haven't talked to the League directly about how they're gonNA handle supplemental draft. I'm sure that's going to be that. I'm sure that's something that they're working through right now And I'm sure they're prepared for for listening as they could come through and we will be to Joe. Thanks to the time this morning. We appreciate it. We love talking to you and hopefully we'll get a chance to talk to you. Thank God appreciate it General Manager Joe Douglas on the Fan and CBS sports network with US boomer and Geo.

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