UFC Fight Island 6 Preview Show


You're listening to vox media long has network. While this trip to fight Allen for the UFC has produced a lot of outstanding moments I. Think it's fair to say that a lot of people have these final two cards of this trip highlighted on their schedules. Of course, you have C two, fifty four goes down next weekend but tomorrow night it is UFC fight islands six in Abu Dhabi and it looks on paper to be an absolutely perfect leading. To that pay per view card especially when you look at this fascinating featherweight main events between Brian Ortega and the Korean Zombie as we wish you a happy Friday everybody and welcome to the UFC fight island six preview show for fighting dot Com i? M My CAC in the full tripod is here once again is being joined by Jose. Young's who is in our Dhabi and Alex k Lee the principal. And Jose the fight you've been looking forward to for years the fight that you believed would never happen nearly here, Brian Ortega versus the Korean Zombie and I get it Jose. It's twenty twenty. You've talked about this on many a preview show that the rule of thumb and twenty twenty is until these fighters get inside the octagon nothing is official but can we invoke some sort of positivity here for Pete's sakes either way at least paint us a word picture as to why this fight has been a top of your anticipated fight list for years now. Share Ortega Takeaway in. I don't think I. Saw Brian Takeaway I saw shaved. Bald headed shaved man Wayne. That's Brian. Take I know. To be fair, he did shave his head. So he's no longer the long locked Chicano fighter that we've all come joy watching. Now a bald headed man with insane fighting skills. He did say he was GONNA to donate lots of love so good on him but your question, I feel a little bit of positivity considering they both weighed in they did their job. But. We've seen people fall out that have waited. We've seen people fall out that has stared down. We've seen people fall out that got their hands wrapped. So it's not all this fight isn't happening. So they're inside the acting Johnson, but let's put into perspective why I'm so excited about this fight I don't think either one is ever been in a bad fight even when they lose, it's an unbelievable fight Korean Zombie? I. Think at one point in time was the most exciting fighter in all combat sports I mean he was like the original just engage you just going out there putting on fight of the year against the Garcia getting the first twister ever in in in the UFC second knockout. dislocates his shoulder, pops it back into place fight of the year and into Dr. Show, against. A A comes back after two years gets a first round knockout, and then just again is one of the most sires planner earth than Brian. Ortega's that same way like even as lost to Max, which is one sided it was just his he was too tough for his own good and his body gave out on the doctor. Stopped it. So I don't think he's ever been in a bad fight actually is fighting my on one of. The more underrated fights of the last few years in terms of action, and then of course, he has that amazing knockout against click leader and Frankie Edgar I. Think he might have been one of the first fighters to stop. We'd and I'm and Frankie Edgar mistaken of course, Koreans did the same thing to Franken and then he had that amazing Guillotine Win Over Cup squad, and so both men have basically been circling they're trying to be. Unofficially they just been one up in the next person over and over and over and over, and they are just. High octane fighters with just absurd. ABSURD ABSURDLY HIGH LEVEL MARTIAL ARTS SKILLS And I think these these to ever be champion they might. They might still have the skills to be champion. I don't say Pencil fighting for fight of the fight of the night. Vomiting Pencil. Brian takeovers versus Crane Zombie, and for fight of the night if it happens that is. All right. So a little bit of positivity and speaking positively let's go to AK because we have Brian Ortega a man who's looking bounceback back from his first professional loss to Max Holloway nearly two years ago. If you watch media scrum, he's a man with a different outlook on life. On the sports made a lot of changes in lieu of this fight schorr there's a no contest mixed in with finished all six. You could save finished all of of his UFC wins taken on the Korean Zombie who since he's returned from the mandatory military service three and one three first round finishes the one loss is that crazy one year? Rodriguez. Where he was a second away from winning that fight and as Dana, White said even Alexander Bulkin off ski said, the winner will likely be next for a shot at the featherweight title. So when you combine these kinds of stakes. With a high level matchup like this, the way Jose just described it i. mean this is a recipe for a memorable main event is a not. We're talking about this any fight Could Challenge. Zhang and way Joon Zhang Jaw. For, fight of the year, this is it I. I know the award is pretty much sealed. That's one of the that is one of the greatest place in. This fight has storyline stylistic matchup. Listen just listen to the bonus accolades. Okay I know. You'll see bonuses aren't grace gays or anything, but I think they're pretty solid indicated how studying these two guys are brighter Arteta his last four fights fight of the night against Max, Holloway performance tonight for the knockout of Frankie Edgar performance of the night and the night for his fight with Cub Swanson and then fight of the night with Henna Tomohiko Chanson joung has fought eight times. And has eight total bonuses. He also there's one fight he didn't get a bonus for, but then he made up for that by doubling up in the. Fight, which is again, almost forgotten classic at this point only because he and he's just had so many exciting. They say all the time that so and so was never had a boy. Of Diego Sanchez. Never had a boring fighting Klay Guidos never had a fight and even in their primes that wasn't true that you could pick like one or two points. This is not hyperbole I. If you look at their resumes out I, don't overtake or the Korean Zombie have been the might that was either not exciting or had a memorable Finnish. It's it's crazy. So this is as high level matchup between featherweight. We said the same thing when Ortega fought. For the title of policy that was one of the one of the highest level. Championship you've ever seen this is about non championship. This is highs and this might be the most highly talented, highly skilled. Close Non Title Fight of the year I say that is coming up tomorrow I'm sure but I think about correct me but It's up there I mean I I don't know how I don't know how much better you can get without being a title fight. It's it's pretty incredible. Let me follow up with you AK because we can all agree that this division with the town on the roster super super deep but I mean. Just, to kind of build on what you said outside of the title fight rematch. If you invoking Holloway I, mean, we haven't seen a fight featuring anybody in the top five at all in two thousand and twenty. So this huge all around. So I guess my question is keeping the build up the anticipation all these fun intangible things that we like to look at heading into these fights is this the best featherweight fight of the year even with the title fight that happened to you have to fifty one. Yeah it's gotTa be right. It's gotta be an even if one of these guys goes onto fight off ski, I don't think it'll be a highly anticipated as matches and it's also a style thing because I think. I I think is a great champion but I think he's shown his more a little more methodical style that isn't always crowd-pleasing. I think it's great but it definitely isn't always crowd-pleasing these two Ortega. Our chests are just made for each other I mean yeah. You could say Abby has the advantage on the feet. Has. Advantage on the ground. But both guys have shown has shown skills in both areas are taking has a ton of power on the beat. His Dad is still a work in progress. You know for a guy who's a specialist? He has power I mean he took Frankie head off he finished Klay. Guido. Easy, to knock out and young John I mean. Yes knockouts. Amazing. But I mentioned that doesn't worry that when he supported by submission. Ever seen so very comfortable on the ground the twister I totally didn't even mention the twister. One of the one of the time was the only twister submission in UC history. So you couldn't have a better style matchup as far, and even if I'm sure if you want to see an explosive finish this one, if it goes five rounds, you know it's just been insane fi routes is classic classic five around so I've got I don't know how much more free pr we can do for the people go be honest with people are GonNa Watch this one this say. Jose like sort of alluded to Brian Tak- has made some significant changes in his life. He's obviously had his issues in the past with your Sada the incident with Jay Park although it was a huge story that of a head scratcher but it seems like he's in a very good place as focused as mindset. All seem to be on point here and Jose. You've been a part of so many of these Media Day scrums of this point and I could say from. Listening to fighters and doing so many interviews over the Air I've many times come out of conversations having a completely different outlook on a fight than I did heading into it after hearing some of these comments and in conversations. So after the media scrum with Ortega, do you feel like his comments during the Media Day? That sort of deep look he took inside himself being in the moment the way that he was as that change your outlook on this fight at all. A little bit it bates, it basically makes me just wonder what Brian Ortega is going to show up I, mean his his words where like I hope I would as good hospitals because we're both gonna need it. So you know he's expecting just an all all-out bloodbath in there, but he said himself, he just has burn a lot of bridges. It's very reminiscent of Montemayor economies media, scrum like the very week before like one week ago when he he pinpointed the exact moment he knew we had to make. Changes and it was a very emotional press conference and we saw he went three rounds with Edson Barboza, very entertaining fight. So I I know Brian. Oh, taking is going to be a good fight regardless of what's going in going on in his life but you said he found that love again for like remember when we used to fight for free for fifty or one hundred dollars and he loved it but he just loved it and then he just lost his way and now he's he's refound that love of fighting. So I I can't favored careens army going into this fight I. think it's much more and I want to say Bronco tickets words fifty fifty but it's making it just makes me wonder what type of fighter we're going to get from Brian take like is he going to be more methodical come out of the game plan? have. Better. Have better striking and actually look for submissions and knockouts rather than just going out there guns blazing would no game plan? So it just it raised more questions of his of his game plans more than anything but I'd still slightly favor Korean Zombie and what should be still be epic fight I was GonNa ask you if you can even emotionally pick for this fight Jose. While we're under the assumption that this fight is going to happen I. Think obviously I think we're all in agreement that the Korean Zombie will probably have the edge standing up. Brian Take boxing is great but it's not it. This. You got to have everything well round and I just think Korean zombies is much more polished, special Ed China's Corner, his longtime straight and coach. I think it was one of the more underrated coaches and all of them and may especially in the striking department is really turned a lot of fighters around both in the lab minute fight ready in Arizona. So the Koreans I give the edge in the STANDUP Department of course, every fight starts standing Brian. And the Korean Zombie are phenomenal on the ground. It's two of the absolute best. But Crane Zombie like like AK said, gets the twisters, the chokes just these real unorthodox emissions and they're they're mostly attacking style like when he got imported with the Dr Sochi was off a flying knee there was a flying knee into the fence into. Darshan. which honestly like that that's my favorite of all time like if I'm watching if I WANNA watch fights watch that fight just in general it's it's my absolute favorite from beginning to end and Brian, take it is much more reactionary when it comes to his submission cycle snatch up the natural snatch. A The limb or something like he he doesn't always look for the submission but when the open is there, he takes advantage of his opponents mistake because he is so good. So if the grins Ambi- like makes a mistake early especially when they're dry and Brian snatch solar a limb or a neck or something it's GonNa be a rough night in a stripped you jitsu competition obviously favorite Brian Ortega black in Greece Jujitsu, and probably one of the better. Representative. Of the of the grappling department especially in the featherweight division. I just we've seen it a million times you get to fires with a high level grappling usually turns into a standup fight Bronco, ticket dinner really show much grappling or wrestling against. Max Holloway. So I, have to lean towards the Korean Zombie I. Don't know if we get to finish I. Just think he's striking better the hits harder and that's honestly what it comes down to. What is your? What is your pick? You know a lean towards Ortega I I had the opportunity to to speak extensively with Arteta go ahead of this fight. So maybe there's a little bit of a bias there as far as just saying all the right things pushing all the right buttons and and kind of following the narrative that we wanna see when fighters coming off of their first loss because he does. Strike me as someone who who needed that loss to to learn a lot of things put things in perspective whatever you WanNa throw out there and that he'll he'll become stronger at the lawsuit learn more from our losses than our defeats, etc. But it could go either way. It's tough to say so you know one of the things he talked about a lot was how Just fundamentally, he knew how flawed he was. He was saying like man I finally realized I should probably Fight a little bit defensively. You know I can't just march four and be that warrior and just brawl and but. That style is what made him so successful so you have to wonder if making any kind of adjustments once you reach this level once they're this level already making those kind of justice can be scary maybe takes you to the next level. Maybe you Kinda lose that that magic that again by the dance and made you a world title contender, we don't know I'm leaning towards it being a good thing I. I think that if you can make state adjustments this days then good on you but until he's in the cage, we don't know we don't know how effective will be, but he is saying all the right things and so in that sense I I like what I'm hearing. I think we'll see. More focused. More I don't know say more technical maybe just a little more thoughtful, which I think is what you need to be when you're fighting someone like like Korean Zombie and if it breaks down a dogfight, then Ortega knows how to do that for sure he's he has east he does not shy away from those at all and then it comes a little bit more of a fifty fifty but I I dislike I like our chances I think. He could submit. Dombi, and when I say some zombies not gonna tap I mean he's going to choke him unconscious. I. Think we're like. With Zombie United put this Zombie and the dirt. He's not I. Don't see him tapping out to anything. Man In motion, the the air horns for that for that take care that was fire my manned. Speaking. Of cliches the absence makes the heart grow fonder of course, but it also creates a little bit of mystery to because we haven't seen. In quite some time nearly two years. So what does he done over these last two years? He's been recovering obviously he's. Trying to improve himself and I will say that are taking scrum did change my outlook a little bit. He seems to be integrate focused place. So that definitely weighs on my mind quite a bit that said it hasn't changed my pick overall I'm still going. To get it done, how does it I'm GonNa try and guess, but I think Zombie gets it done in a I'll say very spirited matchup at one, hundred, forty, five pounds going. It's got to be really good I can't wait to see it. It's going to happen tomorrow night co main event big one for the Flyweight Division Jessica Androgen enters one twenty five to face Caitlyn Kagan drage. Of course, the former women's strong way champion she may have found herself path to another title shot if the Dominos Fall into place here that's my opinion k especially with Cynthia Calvia withdrawing from her Lauren Murphy next weekend at UFC two, fifty four if just drudge beats Caitlyn Kagan tomorrow night and does so at least somewhat impressively is she next in line to fight the winner of Shevchenko and Maya Yeah. I mean look method matters. And if she picks up a big first round, second round knockout, just one of the you know some one hitter quitter. Knockout that really only Jessica entourage may be amended Nunez. It's got the the the best fighters in the AFC there's very few that have that one stroke knock up our holly home maybe on a good day. But we know androgen does shown it at one fifteen. I don't think it will have the power will have much issues translating to one, thousand, five and twenty five really feels like the classmate she should have been been all along despite the great success she had at one fifteen. You know we always say like we always encourage fighters if they can avoid that way cut and still of be of reasonable size for certain weight class and that's the way class they should fight and so. I. Don't know if one fifteen ruled out but I think one twenty five is really good for her and I think we'll see how good it is tomorrow against your Kagan again that's really she gets that big win and. Without hesitation I can say the knockout gets her that shot against Chango I. Think it's a fight that when when entourage was the champion you know people thought that'd be cool. Super Fight One day well with no longer be a super fight. We know there's not as many pieces to be moved around now she really just has to get a pilot real win again or convincing win against one opponent and this can happen I mean even before the end of the year I but I imagine checkup would want to fight again at some point. what do you think Jose? I mean she is GonNa Find Maya next month or that's that's up. Laura Murphy is welcoming a newcomer I did speak the Lauren yesterday said that. If all goes well according to plan she wants to compete next Saturday getaway and then fight Calvia before the year is over so she wants to cement her place as one of the top contenders, not the top contender heading into twenty, twenty one but Kenan drudge sort of take all this all this momentum away from the rest of this division if she gets a win tomorrow night. I think it would really depend like on how she went. It's like if we leave Saturday night or Sunday morning for in in in where I am, it would really if everyone is say like man, I would love to see Jessica drudge fight Valentina Shevchenko then of course, that's fight that we should especially with Lauren Murphy not fight. Cynthia. Copy. If if Lauren Murphy gets her wish as she told you and wins on Saturday Sunday morning and then fight Cynthia Calvillo maybe on the card as Valentina if that if that's possible, maybe the December pay per view than it has to be her but stuff has to play first because it's just impossible to plan. In Two thousand, twenty like I've said, I asked a lot of fighters like, is it hard to even come up with a game plan fight camp knowing you might. You might go through two three opponents before you even step into the octagon so. Hey if Lauren Murphy wins. Impressively I think she's done enough to get that to get that title. Shock is actually Ben Competing in this white class dodge goes out there and does what she did to rose what she did to Carolina Carolina cocaine, which I think a lot of people forget that knockout is one of the greatest knockouts I've seen in women's in a women's fight especially Astrid Straw way like we don't see. A lot of one punch knockouts a below one, thirty five, and that was just a distraction in Dallas. So if she pulls us on that, which I don't think she will because that's not what she's not GonNa pick and win but if she does that to kind of chiquet again, yes sign me up for her versatility Shevchenko because I think we're also all agreement that Valentine will most likely be Jennifer Meyer. Of course, k. like Jose just touched on, this will not be an easy test against Kaelin UK tomorrow night she's six and three in the AFC. She does have the loss of Shevchenko earlier this year the others were very close split decisions too Jessica I want against Liz. In the CAR Moosh. One was at one, hundred, thirty, five pounds, which is weighing above were Caitlin CFC and throughout original days very tough. Customer certainly has the style has a significant height advantage that gets like eight inches. She's got a four hundred, five inch reach advantage. So there's a lot to like here if you're playing the pony. So to speak on Caitlin Keagan what sticks out to you when you look at this, the XS and os of this. first of minor crashes, like I believe she's at seven and three in the AFC. That's Cool. Story, wrote. Georgia's. No. I don't want. Jose's tells I think when we do the picks I think he's going to break down a little bit more but I agree while on trash kind of has the name valley maybe a little bit more name value and as the has the champion pedigree, of course, one fifteen. CAIG IN A. Lot of the characteristics that have foiled on in past. So if people want to look at, you know the people that android has lost to. It's easy to draw parallels. So so for sure this is not by any means I o on charges opportunity to tell shot. It's so far that. Very, much far from guaranteed. But that said. The the one king, she doesn't have the power I think the finishing ability of rose numbers. Or even you on. Jayjay. Is, not, considered as much a fight venture either. But there's a certain snap power to punches that. There's an effectiveness there that I don't know people see the same thing that you. So I won't dive too deeply into the pick but I do think it's a more competitive than people think but I am leaning towards entourage we can. We can elaborate more on that. We'll get to our actual. Making our picks. All Right Jose let's make the picks and by the way AK. was correct seven and three in the AFC. Forgot the Lauren Murphy fight at the beginning of her career about. Thank you they George. Burns. That's. George. Costanza. Who Do you like this? College Kagan. Pretty, she's not spectacular not spectacular fight into comes to highlight reels, which used a solid overall technical fighter and she has John. Her in her corner of course of course. So He's absolutely he's one of the like the best Jujitsu. Ju To coach doesn't get much better than that I changed she changed the Mark Henry's team. So she's obviously you're standing on point. So the work is there like like you said the height advantage there she said in the Media Day. The high differential between her and on drugs would be like if she fought John Jones like that's the equivalent of it like if she's stood next to John Jones, that's what draws. Looks like staying to her when I heard the God damn like. The can't be that ridiculous Canada and then they stared down and you just see how long and and. Slender. Count. UK kagins limbs are and then on garage just like tank with muscles and no neck and everything I'm like Oh. I think this is going to be a rough night for dropped especially because people just say, no, just take take. Down you could mess up there. That's Valentine and did this Napa County Kagan is super tall. You GotTa get through her reach I and she's actually pretty good on the ground. So I think it's GonNa be a long night for on drugs. I think it'll be similar to the Alana fight where. Basically capture arrange for five rounds in Dallas. In route through a decision, she has the lost of Rosie obviously be rose, but I think she was losing. Losing to rose until she dropped her on her head I think that's fair to say, and then all their other it's just been to bigger fighters longer fighters. So I just think everything going into this fight favors college kagan outside of the power. So on drudge gets a hold of her end, just grinds are into the ground. I can just powers through their submission defense or just connects in a loads of the barrage of strikes. Then she could win I just don't see that happening. So I favour Kagan in this just that's GonNa be a three round. Decision. Win. Which is fine because that's what Kagan does. I think she's a slightly. A step ahead of her in one hundred, twenty-five vision a leaning androgen. Why? Man. Is entrenched five, foot one she build a five foot one. Saying this and chiquet against five foot nine. Yes. That's what they're bill. That guys. I'm going to give you my analysis here. That's eight inches of difference. I'm going to be a little pro. They say there's no place for analytics in A. Little. Analytics for you keep five foot nine is eight inches taller than five foot one. We can double check that match later Jose's double checking the mouth and his calculator right now. I I knew that can't genius bigger plumbing until I saw them, and then until I just looked at their respects I think that Josh was short. I still. Gosh I, stick my pick now, they don't have to join you. I. Honestly, it's it's the danger element that. On judge had almost no female fighter outside of a noon Yes can bring in any way class I just so has such a level of explosiveness and ability to finish that no one can match. Now again, is that something that you can implement against these long range fighters without them making mistake like a UNICEF might have done in their first fight I don't know. I I agree it is very difficult getting inside an opponent like Kagan is just you know again like Oh take down single leg whatever really hard really hard I think on drives when you really frustrated I think you're going to see. How mature she's become. As the fighter 'cause it because that will be the this is this is a mental game as much as it is a physical and skillset game. This has mental because she's GonNa have a Lotta time fight we're just she will not be able to lay a hand on king literally will not be able to lay hands on her. Can work through those moments and find her find the timing. I think she can find finish. So I do think that this fight will not go the distance and because I. Had to go with on-drives I think drives them off. So I, don't feel great about tell you but I'm going to go stick them address Mick. Calendar Kagan has six inch reach advantage. Sixty. Two to sixty eight, and then that's not even counting legs if they don't do the leg reach thing. More. It's interesting because when you think of power puncher like Jessica androgen usually equated to survive whether the storm early, you can outlast someone like that. But we've seen android short evolve over the years like heading into like A. Fire like all right. If JJ can just like get out of the first rounder to she should be able to pick her apart but we saw on the in the Rose Nabi Yunus fight that eventually she's a little more patient. If you give her an inch, she'll take and she'll do devastating things because she hammered rose Nami Yun is in that third round really turn the tide there. So what I think will end up happening is I think I think UK. Game, we'll be able to use her her her reach, those advantages you has with the height and all that for a couple of rounds. But at some point in this fifteen minutes of action and Roger's GonNa, get her hands on Kaelin's UK and it's going to happen. So cancale cake in would stand that storm at the end of the fight. I think the third round is going to be super interesting and it will determine everything that being said I think you. Can Take it. I. Think she'll be able to I think she will earn a decision but man, as you can have to fight for down the stretch, that's what I think but it's going to be a good fight. Main card fills out with modesto costas versus Jimmy crude. That's a good one zero five big step up for the former cage warriors light heavyweight. Champion Claudio Silva and the James Krause, and then Thomas Olmedo returns for the first time since you have to twenty when he lost a rob font in January two, thousand eighteen, he's GonNa Fight John Martinez really solid main cards really interesting preliminary fights as well a lot of under the radar options Jose so what sticks out to you whether it be fighter or fights Obviously matteis cameras joining the UFC. And Man. I've been waiting for him to be in the AFC for quite a while and the fact that he his signing was overshadowed by Michael Chandler. Was a little disappointing for me not because I, like Michael Channel because I just wanted to see the fanfare that may be hardcore anime fans would would just shower him when it comes to when they announced that signing but then Michael Chandler sides not soon after and game was quickly forgotten in the lightweight division but my God is the Line Way Division. So exciting right now, obviously A. Jillian Robertson's fighting a friend of the as side Trans Tours indeed Thomas yes. I think. She's tied or broken the record for most emissions in women's MMA in the you have ethics each other tighter broke ground rouses record. She just got her black belt from Dean Thomas. So she's been on cloud nine. Now she was very very nurse her Media Day but she got through it Pulling out of Italo is not concerned. Her with her black belt or new blackball or ground skills because in her words, I dream a black every day. So it is what it is. So obviously, the Jimmy Crucify, you said the talents, I made a fight So all around exciting fight all from top to bottom Abbasi the main event is unbelievable I. Still Think last week's was slightly better in terms of talent on the card but. You stigmatised camera on any card and is GonNa Watch so that he would be. A. One fighter to watch it it's going to be him which means he's probably going to have a bad fight because I've cursed him because this card is cursed. I don't know if you curse them or the fact that you use your name in talked about yourself and the third person may have cursed him. It is what it is. You're. Yes Ak what stands out to you in the under the radar department. Guys look who is most likely to land a walking Buckley like caught ends Aguirre Kit Ko. I'll tell you who it is. John. Phillips are John Phillips. I know anyone who's seen him find the US's Afar probably not impressed but he came in with as the reputation as it's like insane narcotics. He one he has won the USDA is like a suburb twenty second knockout. So there's that they re planning that on his highly all they want the rest of it is. Taken down and submitted. Which I hope genuine park does not try to do because Jeff Park he can. He can grapple a little bit. So if you want to be smart and he wants to try and win the fight yes he may want mix take downs try and go for Mr John Villes but he wants to be a hero if he wants to be a man. You Stand Bang John Phillips. Bang, and you roll the dice and maybe you pay the price we don't know. But you you you you just that's what I want to say so but top to bottom. On this car that doesn't have potential side of there'd be an exciting fight or or end in an exciting finish. The only one that might drag a little bit of these guys and titular live Grecian. Now that I stay that's all I can end in. Ten Second Flying Oh. To enjoy enjoy the jinx guys verse Jinx But. Otherwise The other matchup really looking for. Jenny Milwaukee Fares I. Am I also going to be really good really really good back and forth right that I think up my decision that it might be the best one possibly the main event or in Andrade and. The other thing I WANNA ask why is Jillian barberie and not a bigger star? I duNNo. Some trouble with the media I mean she's not. She's she has she has a good personality but again, not the smoothest. Media personality but she finishes fights She's she's. She's one of the rising contenders at one, twenty, five she's Canadian which everybody loves for is I know. So I don't know I i. hope that she has standpoint but. To tell you a really tough fight this decides to coin toss by for me though I don't think that's a showcase fight for for Julian Robertson all but I'm surprised surprised hasn't given her more of a push. Well, I mean they matched up with macy barber last year. Yeah I was Kinda. Basic. You've still going into that fight. Yeah I agree and I think that kind of rub people the wrong way because everyone expected that to be a banger and Barbara her running through her but Robertson's obviously doing much better. She's overcome that she's breaking records now and she wants to break some more records along the way. So that's GONNA. Be a fun to watch the cameras debut as Jose talked about in general is under the radar and him taking on Kutat. Salat say is certainly the definition of under the radar. Normally, I would go a little bit deeper in the card with these but. I really liked the. Crucified, man especially in the featured spot I mean it wasn't originally there because the Sierra was still there. But man visit a good one for that. Spot nine crude is a frequent powerhouse in Bukowski is a guy that I've been singing his praises for A. Just, great personalities just twenty, six years of age I finish his fights. That's all he does and clearly he's somebody that you have CDC's something in to give him this kind of a step up competition for just a second. UFC fight I was a little surprised at this booking but I like it nonetheless. So I think this is the under the radar fight of the card and could deliver some some good stuff. Perhaps in bonus money I don't know if we're GONNA get a Buckley Ko out of it, but I think this'll be a fun one. No doubt about it he's a man apparently. If he want real man. After? that. That's that's a great piece of baking. Though as they say, in the business crew crew abadaka status a great little. More more so more. So little pull on hold on hold on as you sit as they say in the business that's a great fight. Say It's a great piece of matchmaking. The borstal matchmaking few than they will on you know what I mean. It's not it's not the whole meal as they as they say in the business that's a fight. When you say That was a punch in a kick. I don't know if we can get much better than that I. Think. We have to Costanza are are took his on. Why? No nine point zero Mike, my gymnastics rating for this Carter since US nine point ceiling. Okay, well, there you go. Now, we can officially put a bow on this preview show here on Ma finding come. Of course, we are your one stop shop for all things fight island and UFC fight island sixth. Thanks to our Guy Jose in Abu he is there he'll have all the post by chats. We'll have results, storylines, post coverage, etc. So we have you covered as always Jose get some sleep my man. You got. For Jose for Alex Gaily the fiery print supposedly i Mike caq Thank you for watching and we'll see you tomorrow night. You're listening to the VOX media log as a network.

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