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Pi Day With Einstein


It helps us out a lot when you become a Patriot supporter. Find the children's hour podcasts. At Patriotair Dot com slash the children's hour? And thank you. How does Stein beginning story? I don't know how once upon a space time long time talk radio now it based down with being understood. Thank you what you WANNA do it. So donate man ever seen what the dude and tell me what will be the fate of mankind That's Bob loveless from a CD called hold on tight Albert Einstein. You're listening to the children's hour. I'm Katie Stone. I'm so happy to be with everyone today in the studio. Let's start over here. Hi I'm Zen. Hello yes hi. Devin high at FANEUIL. You know it's so great to have you guys all here and I say you guys. Because you're all guys today we also have my right hand man from yesteryear but he's here today and then Molson running the board. Hello Katie. Hello Evan so great to have you thanks for being with us today on the show we are going to cover a couple of things march fourteenth. Three one four is sometimes called. Pi Day can you imagine? Why is it the day that we discovered Pie like the number type of Pie. Who Good Guess. Yeah Zillow Day to give an excuse to eat too much pie. Oh do we write mathematical symbols? And then he pie. Is it a day called Pie because three point one four is the definition of Pie? And if you take out the slash and replace it with a point then becomes three point one four. Oh that's the answer that's the answer we're GONNA be talking about how people celebrate Pie. And I think Evan Molson. Our engineer has some tips and advice on that and even better. We have a special guest in the studio. Who's GonNa come on and just a minute? Albert Einstein hung the Albert. Einstein is in the studio with us today and he is going to be talking to us about his life his work. I'm pretty excited. And and what do you think? He's a Nobel laureate looks like Albert Einstein sounds like Albert Einstein it must be Albert Einstein. Anybody KNOW ANYTHING ABOUT EINSTEIN. Really quick. Pi Day is Albert Einstein's birthday. Very Good Evan. And that's why we decided to have Albert Einstein. Join US on the show today because not only do people celebrate Pi Day on March fourteenth. Sometimes people celebrate Albert Einstein on March fourteenth. And we're going to celebrate Albert Einstein today with our Einstein. I we're going to celebrate another birthday. That's coming right. Around now. March fifteenth is Ruth Bader GINSBURG birthday and this year. She turns eighty seven years old. Here's a brand new song by Joanie Leeds about R G B right here on the children's Hour Ruth was born in Brooklyn in nineteen thirty three. No one could thaw. Then she broke up to be there. Firing Clever Justice Donning jumbo fighting for equality. Dissenting take courage to stand disagree in common. Meet my idol my favorites just like Barbie finding shine though on a just like RPG. Loria sued ruffling some feathers while studying the law. Harvard took just nine smart women. Five hundred men in Ginsburg was. I'm fired twice. Nato law review graduating number one whilst another tier kit women so to bring a choosing to flew rb fighting for our rights and just garbage glorious nuts. She never stops away Torah in my lifetime. I expect to see three four. Perhaps even more women on the High Court bench. We MEAN NOT SHAPE. From the same mold of different complexions surely would not be in this room today without the determined efforts of men and women who kept dreams of equal citizenship alive a shining psychiatry. Rgb Is Joanie Leeds from a CD. That is coming out soon. In the next couple of weeks called all the ladies in honor of Women's history month you're listening to the children's hour and in the studio with us. Today is Dr Albert Einstein the Doctor Albert Einstein. He is a Nobel winner Laureates and he is also just a really nice guy. Welcome to the children's hour Dr Einstein. You so much for having me especially on my birthday happy birthday. Thank you Dr Einstein for folks in the listening audience who believe it or not may not know who you are. Can you tell us a little bit about yourself? Well I was born in Ulm Germany in eighteen. Seventy nine my family whenever small moves to Munich APPs Zet and I grew up there for the most part As I got older I became much interested in science and mathematics and that became my life After High School I went to polytechnic in Zurich and from there. I became a teacher. I worked as a patent office inbound Switzerland for a long time and over the years I discovered many things like relativity. Especial theory of relativity is a general theory of relativity and so forth and throughout the rest of my life. I tried to find a unified field series. That would explain everything that happens in so universe. Were you good in school? Well I was pretty good and scroll bats. I was bored with school. Just the ways they were teaching it making us memorize things. I was always thinking about my own Dilemmas and my own science and mathematics and so forth and sometimes I would get in trouble because of that might teach us but that was pretty good student speaking of all that. When did you become interested in science when I was a small boy? I had an uncle He taught me a lot about mathematics and science and I became very interested but I remember one incident when I was about. Oh five or six years old. I was very ill in to spend all day in bit and it got very bored but my father he brought a small pocket compass into my room for me to play with and I had never seen one before and I was astonished to find that no matter which way it turns a compass Zindi. It'll always pointed. North always pointed direction. I wanted to learn more about these invisible forces and so after I got better. I took compasses school with me and showed it with my classmates and I think that was probably some moment that I realized I was going to be a scientist. What is relatively well? That's a very difficult thing to explain a short amount of time and we should probably say you are well known for discovering the theory of relativity. That is correct in nineteen o five. I published five papers of became very famous in one of them was about special scenery of relativity and so I was known as Mister Relatives Arrest of my life but relativity. I can explain it in a couple of different ways as it might be helpful to you. Think of yourself standing in the middle of a soccer field during a big thunderstorm. And you knows it's era is a goal at either into the field right and so let's pretend lightning struck both of those goals at exactly the same type to use. These flashes would appear to be simultaneous boom. But suppose next Tuesday's field was a railroad track and a train passing by. Its at very moment. A man looking out window of that train would also sees to flashes but he would be moving very fast and he would see one before the other boom boom. That is a simple description of relativity and seek of Earth spins on its axis constantly as the same time is spinning earth is moving about Suzanne. Also at the same time the entire universe is moving. Therefore any measurement taken a phenomenon must be relative to this motion. Measurements vary according to the ordinance and coordinates. Says you select while that is complicated? You are right about that but you know I could imagine what you're saying especially when you talk about the train. It's it's really interesting to think of it that way that depending on really where you are. Time and motion is a little bit different. So does that mean time slows down save time slows down. Yes faster you go At the speed of light time may stop. We don't know we will never go that fast but There are some out who thinks that after it happened. And so that would even let us go travel to other planets maybe someday even though they're so impossibly far away if time slowed down and if we could only figure out how to ride that time. Maybe Zen Amadeus Daniel and Evan here could fly to another planet and it would feel like a blink of an eye. I would love to take that trip with you. What is your favorite flavor of Ice Cream? Oh well I'll give you a hint. It is made from being is a pistachio. Oh Bonilla Danila chocolate vanilla over me to me to Albert Einstein. Dr Einstein The theory of relativity. You described it as E. Equals M. C. squared. What are each of those pieces? You stunts for Energy Equals M. which is mass times C. squared which is square of speed of light so massive massive number. Let's mass. How would you describe masters since I have great? Mass have many many atoms packed into a very small space and it does way more. It does way more things that are so heavy sink of. If you've ever held lead in your hand lead is a very small piece of lead is very heavy compared to a sponge so the massive sponge is is much less. Much lower sends a massive said lead Fascinating when you start playing the violin. Oh whenever it's about six years old and this is a very. I love this subject because music has been a huge part of my life when I was six years old. My mother bought for me. My first violent. I came from a family that their loved music but I hated the constraints of practice and the lessons and it was very difficult for me until until I heard Mozart until I heard some Mozarts and Otto's my life changed then became a very avid musician. I played the rest of my life. I have been playing suggested by life. I also play piano but people didn't know that but I play piano by Moseley's violin. I love to play in small groups like chamber music and I have to say is at Mozart is by far my favorite. Sometimes people say you know you're Einstein or your real Einstein when they're trying to talk about somebody and how smart they are. What's it like to be the guy who is Einstein who is the smart guy that everyone else's compared to was that? Did that feel weird to you? It does feel weird I think of myself not as somebody who is smart but somebody who was endlessly curious. I am curious about the world and how it's is put together and how it works In that I think is probably my biggest strengths. My curiosity and creativity. I think you might have once said that imagination is just as important if not more important than knowledge. Do you still stand by that drew. Di Do why what makes imagination the thing because when we imagine something that could be pretend it could be just fantasy in our head. What makes that so much more important than anything else? Rather imagine nation is endless knowledge. Editor book is not endless. And so that's the way I look at it. It's imagination that just how we've come up with all of my series and When I am in discussions with scientists it does not what comes out of a book but it what what comes out of our imagination so it makes the world a better place to live. We're talking with Albert. Einstein resurrected for our show here on the children's hour and we're going to be right back with Dr Einstein in a moment. I this is left hand. Kabo which is by Einstein's little nucleus from their CD. Balancing Act for here on the children's hour passed in nineteen fifty three if you travel well famous physicist carrying a gift. Iran making it cheese. Do I do maybe would file round Benford says that match for sound People out walking with smile and say a fabric prison take them away and Dame Dinu Dang Dang Dang talk bad about making the bomb out is paying over. The planet is one that who thank you thank you thank you did you. The children's hour is produced by the children's Hour Incorporated a New Mexico nonprofit dedicated to producing high quality kids. Public radio support is provided by listeners. Just like you find out more. At Children's our DOT ORG support provided by electric blouse in all ages playhouse filled with food and family entertainment. Electric playhouse encourages healthy active. Play using technology to bring people together. The first play house is now open in Albuquerque New Mexico more at electric playhouse dot com. You're listening to the children's kiss public radio. We'll be right back head driven You John Relations there. As far as I can see there was energy now Albert ask Face Space Arena. Burst has been as far as an energy saves his space. It stays a phase New Was here as far as I can see energy and now now space space from CD called Tall Tales. That's young Edward With Albert Einstein. You're listening to the children's Hour. We're talking with the Albert Einstein Im- person his birthday on Pi Day March fourteenth hand. We still have lots more questions for you. I've been told that you didn't wear socks is chew and if so why that's true as you can see. I don't have socks on. I just think over time as I've gotten older things that I don't Basel was things I don't care about so I don't iron my clothes. I don't wear socks. I will wear socks in time of course but most of the time. I don't the hair. They don't cut my hair sometimes. Also we'll do that well-made when she gets frustrated with lengthened of my hair it looks like a bird nest sometimes but It doesn't matter to me so I don't think about it Speaking of When your wife's I heard that At least one of them was really Super Smart Were they like or they start. That is correct. Malaysia is We met at school. She was one of the few women in Physics Program. Where I was going to college. She was very very. Sheet is very bright And she and I exchanged ideas Alza time. We wrote letters back and forth when we separated and we talked about science and math. Olza time and she was very very bright. One of the things you're known for is of course your scientific advances but then you're scientific knowledge and advances led to some things that you did not agree with. Can we talk a little bit about that? That your scientific advances led for example to nuclear weapons. I I remember reading you. You were not pleased about this. No are you have been called the father of the atomic bomb but as it turns out I had nothing to do with that program except to start it. My series special theory of relativity and the general theory did lead to the splitting the atom which led to the atomic Weapons but I do regret that to being called that I did send a letter to President Roosevelt saying that perhaps we should think about Creating atomic weapons because we scientists felt that the Germans were already onto it and it would probably be a good idea. That's That we would come up with it first before the Germans As it turns out I was not allowed to be a news a program and so that because the is that because you were German it was because I was considered to be a communist. The Communist where it's It's a political party In Russia at the time in China and so it was what we call a red scare in the United States and people were afraid of the Communist and so the FBI had of large file on me and because of that I was not allowed to even be near Z. Atomic weapon projects for your information Dr Einstein. Your discoveries led to a field called Nuclear Science. Which have actually has actually been used to save the lives of countless people. Just so you know. He all go to weapons. It also went to incredible medical advances. So this is correct and data. I'm proud of so. When did you move to America? And why did you move move to America from Germany in one thousand nine hundred ninety three? I was being persecuted In Germany as many Jews were and so it was not safe for me to be there anymore and I was offered a position at Princeton University at the Institute for Advanced Study and so we moved to Princeton in nineteen thirty three with my second wife Elsa and that's been ever since we're speaking with Dr Albert Einstein here on the children's Hour. He's come back to life for our show today. It is his birthday on Pi Day March fourteenth. And we're just delighted to be talking with you for your birthday. How do you celebrate your birthday? Dr Einstein River Nila Ice Cream. I love and a cup of tea no pie. Nope not turn down Dr Albert Einstein. What would you like to say to the children of today? I would like to say please please pursue any curiosities that you have about the world's as where we make advances in medicine and science and everything that you can see this window here is created by science and so. I hope that you follow your curiosity and become creative curious people Dr Albert Einstein. Thank you very much for being with us on. The children's hour is was my pleasure. Thank you for having me Einstein. You're mine where so it's time your math was so combined it showed. How BEAUTIFUL CHURCH. Teach can fast dude. Never be a success. Oh the porter theory to the test when you showed how beautiful ocean energies equal mass time speed star is you show laid band when gravity was president and no matter where you went. Camera splashed review split energies equal. Were you too busy an open book? Peace TV these things would just never be without Albert in. History is so through a beautiful energies. Fooled mass small On master is ran. My own smart cookie would in for a long long bull. How busy place is foul? Being on a theory for help Spanish been left all feel Shaw nor the. Oh bird on wants domain wars go. Iran was out of now way saying or district. Why Steve's mom mouth frames page looks like to? He plays with his microscope sand. I'm Liz after spend all day Squall now how on into third now four handles fears the layer. I D- exposed steel steel. Free News on a cell phone. That'll never her books. Until go home in Maine to or at least as I own bird on Stein and Albert you here I think therefore I is understood in the grasping of opposites in their unity or positive the negative right triangles e. pluribus mom today one and easy way to increase intelligence. Enjoy say Mozart so play at smart play every day. Parents I am right. You will see the light you can make an average little liberal area dight. Most banks get smart so play smart play months every night avenue. Kids IQ skyrocket through the roof. Mozart and they never failed to get into Harvard Yale. Take it from me. Experts all agree. If you want your progeny to be Mozart makes get smart so go plan months. Like what mixed could smog of any attack. Us made it up to. This is tried and true. It'll work for you. Any little kid can be a genius. Bbq SMART and is planning to go and play some Mozart notice town every note that he wrote will brighten up a little mind instead. Kids can pay the baby. Hindsight's meet expect now. Did you know with more Mozart? There'd be no child left. Big Pine never let a child behind. Go back now. Terrible the ways to child's mind so go play Mozart. Here comes the brain. You can get the game with the pain. Okay muck now. You can't tell your parents do saw gets mind children's hour is produced by the Children's Hour Inc a nonprofit dedicated to producing high-quality kids public radio. You can find out more. At Children's our dot. Org meal is a proud supporter of the children's. Our meal wolf creates immersive experiences that transport audiences of all ages into kaleidoscopic realms of story and exploration male Wolf Dot Com. You're listening to the children's hour is public radio. We'll be right back some people say gic number magic this not gonNa that's GonNa Mathematical with Drake Point. One four point one four. Oh shoot the cool appeared to Chicago. One two three four nine three point one. Four comedians chats Greek God serves Aparicio's down pie decimal against quicker than it was in nineteen forty six one two three four one four one five three magic capacity if you think is mathematical live with one preview of Circumference Diana surfing the coolest thing for second satisfaction as cool three point one confidence of all circles like wheels on defined the. How far does wheels roll? Just nine point one point. Two this point one four one five. That's why I say. This constant the cool seven satisfaction to success cool calm fashion three point one four one five nine two area of the circle. How much is there? That's power squared every time you find it more than once if you want you. The constant three point one four five one two three point one four one paget long ladder with three point one q c three point one four. That's what I said Kobe. This concept panel Dave Pom Pom to three point. One four the pie song with Mr and before that during the break you heard the Sonata in C Major. That's Mozart and Mozart makes kids smart. Both of those are from Beethoven's wig sing along piano classics. Albert Einstein's comb way back when mark burrows from go Galileo and Ellis Paul from his the hero in you Albert Einstein. You're listening to the children's hour in the studio with us as our old friend. Evan Molson he was my very first ever kid co host. He's a grown up now. But Evan you are well known for celebrating Pi Day. Can you talk about Pi Day? And why you celebrate it and how you celebrate it. Yeah sure so payday. March fourteenth is a really special celebration and holiday really even For my family because we love science we love You know the natural world around us. We Love Math and fun. Things that that you learn in school and but that are all around us in the world and so we thought that a really fun way of taking kind of an abstract or you know a a concept that you really only see in a in a Greek letter that you write on a piece of paper when you're when you're solving math problems and making that something real and something that you can touch and more importantly something that you can eat would be to have a whole day for it and would be to have a celebration of it and so that is our Pi Day celebration that we have on Pi Day March fourteenth at exactly one fifty nine pm because you know Pi. It's three point one. Four one five nine and then for infinity after that. What is your favorite part Pi Day? Oh absolutely eating the Pie. What is your favorite kind of Pie? Ooh That's a difficult question a couple of years ago. We made a like a chocolate pudding pie that had basically it. Was you know pie crust with chocolate pudding and then whipped cream on top? That was kind of like a minty whipped cream and then chocolate shavings on it. No another year though I know it sounds really really good. It was really another year. We also had a goat cheese pie. You what sorry you know. It was really good. It had me at the chocolate pudding pie but the goat cheese by no no trust me. Katie this is really good. So if I mean think about Like a like a Greek like Spina Copa. Yeah exactly so you're saying So sounds good. That's that's basically what it was at least savory it was he was. We wouldn't need sugar into that one pies. Don't have to be sweet. Oh so when you have your Pi Day celebration. You might have some savory pies so people actually don't eat sugar and then some other pies you make more than one. Oh Yeah and so what we do. Is We invite a bunch of people over to celebrate in math and to celebrate in the science and the of course eating of the Pie with us The only requisite is that you need to bring a pie if you had a circle and you wanted to know how far it was around the edge of the circle what you do is you. Take a point from the center of the circle to the edge. And that's called the radius that little tiny piece from the center to the edge. And that's the represented in math by the number letter are and to know how many inches around the edge of the circle. It is you would times pie by two. Two Pie are so two times. Pi Times. That number that is from the center of the circle to the edge are the radius and that is inexplicable in a way why the number Pi which it goes on forever the numbers never repeat three point one four one five nine etcetera etcetera etcetera. That's why we say three point one four because it goes on so long you have you kind of round it. You know you say okay. Well three point one. Four is close enough and it's as because circles are so special in the world they don't have corners. You can approximate a circle by making a little corner so if you start with a square and then you put another square on top of it and then another square on top of it. Each one rotated very very slightly. Eventually you will get a shape that looks to you like a circle now. If you do that an infinite number of times you get a circle of course doing it. An infinite number of times is not possible and so we use pie to represent an actually to be the the number that helps us kind of round out that square the number that helps us find all of the dimensions of the circle. Which is a shape that is found all over the place? The story of Pie in human history goes way way back doesn't Eban well when the archimedes of Syracuse discovered pie. He wasn't exactly right. You mean he was just slightly off from three point. One four one five nine instead of three point one. Four one five nine. He calculated three point. One six zero five very close but enough to make a difference. I mean if you're trying to send a rocket into space that little tiny bit of difference could send you to the wrong planet but then it got refined over time. So are you saying that the USA pie goes all the way back to ancient Greece in ancient Egypt? Yes so Katie. Actually Evan brings up something. That's really really interesting about Pie. We can never know exactly. What Pie is always going to be a rough approximation? The Egyptians had three point one. Six archimedes had three point one four or thereabouts and recently some researchers at Google came up with thirty one trillion digits of Pi and. That's the most accurate measure that we have. But it's still not Pi. It's just an they. Constant Pie can be celebrated on Friday March fourteenth coming up. Cathy Fink right here. On the children's Hour I love I love I love why I I saw ty. I love Thai massage. A minute blueberry raspberry apricot possible. Oh Donald I now please talk. The children's hour is written and produced by Katie Stone with help from all of us on the kids crew. Many thanks to Tom Shook for being Einstein for us on the show as well as to Evan. Molson for Engineering. Our podcasts links and more can be found at our website children's hour dot org the children's hour can be heard nationwide hello to our listeners in Cobo Skill New York listening on W. C. S. Q. Lpn It's three point. One call one eight hundred five three five eight nine seven nine. Three thousand eight hundred sixty six eight hundred seventy nine nine ten months time ninety seven point five eight hundred nine seven six three point one thousand nine hundred eighty five eight hundred hundred nineteen sixty degrees eighteen percent for one nine nine nine hundred ninety S. The children's hour is produced by the children's Hour Incorporated a New Mexico nonprofit dedicated to producing high quality. Kids public radio. You can find out more about us at children's our dot. Org Support for the program is provided by the county of Bernallio New Mexico. Burn Co Dot Gov support also provided by the city of Albuquerque. We are one albuquerque. We also had support from the Infinite Gesture Fund at the Albuquerque Community Foundation Finer podcasts links to our social media feeds and so much more including how to contact us at children's our dot Org. Our theme music was written by C K Barlow. Thanks for listening to another edition of Autism Children's hour alert.

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