Episode 231: Wohl of Wallstreet feat. Tarpley Hitt [Patreon Preview]


Hey what's up pimps employers Jacob Boll and you're listening to Ya but still while we're on the topic of Wool and sex You should play the clip. Where Tarpley talked to him about dating APPS. Okay I got Bernie. Yes I was asking him. He's giving this speech about dating and relationships and Until I was like well. So what's the connection between that in politics and that's where the Bernie part came in? But this is before that when he's saying you know the problems of dating yeah and he is on bumble so one of our listeners sent me his bumble profile and matched him she was gonna try to talk to him and Report back but I don't think she's able to strike up a conversation but he had a very funny bumble profile. All right here we go. We'll on dating APPs or a lot of men for instance have have a lot of trouble with With online dating. I've been a big. You know proponent of staying away from the online dating sites. I think they're just disaster. They're a waste of time You have a lot of you know unfortunately unattractive women on these sites that deceive you with photoshop pictures you name it. So there's these really actionable You know tips that are easy to implement that. Can really you know up? People's happiness up their effectiveness in life. Those are you know a lot of the things they like to talk about. Did you always feel that way then? Dating or did you have bad experience. Something no no. I just sort of. You know heard through the grapevine that that people have had lots of trouble And you know thankfully I haven't had the same sorts of troubles And so you know I've I've sort of sought to fix equation And and it seems that there are very clear Workable answers that We'll we'll give you know a lot of success. Yes I mean this is really small. It's a small thing to get caught up on but I mean he we know Jacob. All lies he tells huge lies but the ones I'm most fascinated about are the lies. He tells where he's just lying about living a basic life right right like where he's like. Yeah I've heard it through the grapevine. I hadn't heard it through the grapevine because it's like he's lying about the one thing most people have where it's like friends like a couple friends a social life of some sort basic conversations where you're just shooting the ship and something like he does not have that I mean it's it's literally the hipster coffee shop thing all over again. Yeah no I heard in a coffee shop cat fishing happens. Yeah yeah one thing he ever had. It's his big. His biggest lie is having friends. Yeah where it's like. I mean you could imagine like the type of people that he he you know. He has like Jack Burke many as dad And like these weird cranks but they're always up to something you know it's always. They're always up to their weird schemes. Like this person definitely. I'm sure had almost no friends in high school what they're never. I'm sure the conversations are never what most of us experience where you just like bullshitting talking about timing about bumble clear talking to there's no. There's no grapevine. There's NO GRAPEVINE. That's like that's not something people say when they're like repeating friends anecdotes about dating. Apps. Yeah the problem is that people have a lot of trouble with those. And it's it's something unique that I I've heard through the friends. I have you know so I'm here to heard through my many friends. That Women Use Photoshop. Yeah big problem with bumble. Is that You know some of these girls will just take screen shots of your account and send it to podcast. Hosts they listen to and then the podcast host put it on their their discord there. Patriot discord. You know. That's a problem Widespread problem I wanna fix or these APPs you know. Oh so anyway. What else do we got from the wall interview? Oh I think oh go ahead. Oh no I mean this is just the best line is the next the next clip where he's talk at the end of the dating APPs clip. He's talking about how there are some actionable tips that he can give men for dating and depression. This is one of them This is our final clip of him. I think you ask him what he actually tells these men. He gives advice to so here. We go. I like to give quick actionable tips and so a lot of time. So have for instance men reach out and they say they're depressed. I give them very simple instructions. It's called lift weights and Lo and behold look it in the end they lift weights. It changes their body. Chemistry rewires their brain. And they're just a different person a couple months later and so. Those are some of the kind of actionable tips that I like to To to delve out and and get into snow funny it's called lift weights. Why is it even so funny? Brandon just inherently hysterical. It's called it's called lift. Weights is so funny. Yeah this really this technique. Ivette breeding on every day thousands of suicidal men. They flood my. Dm's the they say Jacob. I'm about to kill myself. I've I've I have a gun. I have a gun. It's in my mouth please Jacob. You're my only hope. I don't have any friends I look up to you. Please give me some advice. Any advice jacobs like it's called lift weights. It's something I'm thinking about this for a long time. You know. It's a little outside of the box. Okay but this is the advice you you know. You're really getting your money's worth when you come to me. I'm GonNa tell you this right now. You gotTa lift a weight brother. Go in lift that Shit Bro. It's actually is one more clip where he's describing his workout routine. Oh yeah this one's great. I mean he does. He does lift. You know there's there's no denying like he is shredded. He's been working on it. I can not fault him there. You know there's a he's undeniably shredded. Yeah shredded opening a file called wool shredded.

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