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Partly interruption but I'm Mike Wilbon his national poetry at workday. Tony here at work. I've got some poetry. I'm Tony Kornheiser. There we go. Roses red violets are blue. You picked Clemson good job by youth. I don't mind picking the team on twenty nine and now want to win win it wrong. We're GONNA get to the game now now very satisfying game two very very good thing. Yes no doubt about it. The Dow Arman says in that that game there were great berry all over this like twenty guys on a field. We're going to play on Sunday. Welcome to PTI boys and girls in today's episode. Joe Borough Looks Great. LSU Goes Down in history baseball once. It's teams zipping but we begin today with LSU coming back from seventeen seven down and outscoring Clemson Simpson thirty five to eight the rest of the way Lsu beatdown Clemson this year the way Clemson beatdown Alabama last year. We'll find your choice for the best college quarterback of all time. Trevor Lawrence did not complete fifty percent of his path at night. Meanwhile Joe Borough threw for four sixty three and five touchdowns you definitely had Clemson Hamson. How did the game play out differently than you thought easily? LSU's better that's how played out. That's how it played out. And Joe Borough I I mean he was as great as you could ask a college quarterback any era any time in place to be and he was better than Trevor Lawrence. who had a bad night? I don't know that I want to pronounce it any more than a bad night for Trevor Lawrence. Who already is wearing a college football champion because he got so he burrowed and have any mourn him right now but the Wasn't good last night and Lsu. Tony they were calm and poise when they could have been a little rattled at seventeen. Seventeen seven down and they got themselves together. An adjusted to things and borough lead the way and that it was thoroughly impressed. So I'm going to so I'm watching this game and at the beginning beginning of the game borough is terrible now. They're backed up inside their ten. A couple of time with them down inside funds and stuff like that but he at one point is I think four of nine and I'm waiting for David pollock called the best. Accuracy has ever seen in a quarterback and then you began to see that and after that point from that point on he started complaining about seventy percent. Twenty seven forty and he was and he was all over the field and I thought okay. That's that's what I wanted to see on the other side Trevor Lawrence. Who and you're right? He won a championship last year. He doesn't have anything to prove. He won a championship being chip. But he overthrew third every line. Different Pass sailed them. There's a study visa to jacked up indicates adrenaline rush of adrenaline. Finally Yeah because he's overthrowing that is the worst performance by a power five conference quarterback in any game in the last two years and he's a lot better than that but as I said earlier to media are very satisfying game these wonderful teams and I thought the best team won I thought Lsu had one of the great years of all told you. Oh Yeah and you know what I still get the feeling the clintons going to be back. Oh sure like next year. Sure they got out of course. Of course the zero in last ice hero-town talk next time. We see Joe Borough play we all presume it's going to be in Cincinnati bengals uniform. The bengals need a quarterback and need a franchise changer and borough is from Ohio and apparently anxious to take on that seemingly impossible situation so given everything we know about the club and the player. Are you anxious to see borough play for the Bengal. I'm going to get to this question. I just WANNA give his bona fides for a second. This year he threw sixty touchdown payrolls feels he had six picks. That's plus fifty four. That's unbelievable look at the playoff games. I'm GonNa Count Georgia's a playoff game so you got three Games Games against Georgia Oklahoma and Clemson. Who finished the year number four number seven and number two and he goes sixteen? and Oh in. Oh Sixteen touchdowns no picks picks so. I think he's ready for the two that I want to see him in Cincinnati because the Ohio connection okay. Here's what scares me. And I'm I'm sure scares you. I don't want what happened to David Car in Houston to happen to him. What happened to Tim? couching Cleveland happening and what happened a long time ago to Archie Manning in new. You're happening in which is no offense of lime crash boom on your back three times. I got some experience with this but this is a little more extreme in nineteen eighteen eighty four or five. I covered boomer size. We've been friends for a long long time boomer Maryland drafted by the the Cincinnati bengals and he went on to have a great career. Lead them to the Super Bowl right. That's an almost wasn't that the yes that's right and yet and yet. I know that this was nearly impossible. Task Injury Kenny Anderson and lead them there. I don't know tell you as earlier and so you had you got these as quarterbacks these these great college not as great as Joe Borough they got out and they led the Bengals to the Super Bowl and yet I think it is more born possible now that it was even for boomer. I think the bengals are the place that only Ohio kid would want to worry. That Zack Taylor and his staff. Don't know what the hell title is and that this kid. I don't how Great College quarterback Hyun need assistance at the professional level on Sunday. GotTa go spend money on offensive loyal. May I hope so. They gotta look. Andrew look got crushed the first four or five years but they wasting time. They knew what they were doing. They won. They were deep in the playoffs. A lot the Indianapolis Colts could bengals. The WELLA gives who was coaching advanced. Because he's got all those times and he never wanNA WANNA give. I hope Joe Burrow because he's from Tigers Tiger's opie changes name to be U. R. E. A. and hope he's great. Do I have fears that. You have swears just fears game last night. Lsu Coach and order on said quote this came to be mentioned aluminum. Greatest College is pretty pretty good to decide unquote sounded like Bernie Sanders. Well I think he's talking to you are they. Yeah I mean a team. They beat the the the top four teams. In the preseason check check check check it would be their final. AP poll top five top five and top ten. So what what is it. There's nothing you could ask of the Lsu Tigers that they didn't give you the coach of the year Heisman Trophy Z.. Winner didn't they have. They have not the Lombardi they had. The BELINDA cough winter. They got it all right. So what do what do you this is interesting. I mean I told you yesterday that are famous and James Carville was saying if they win this game winning convincingly. They're the best of all time convincing. What have what have we seen in our lives? That are the best of all time I mean. I thought what there are teams out there that I always associated with. Ucla and USC when when the California had great football teams they're a great teams in the Mid West. They're a great teams all over the place. I'm going to isolate this individually. And by the way I will say this one thing because you're always saying that the SEC doesn't play anybody he played in Ono Lsu Lsu is. There's a Saturday where they all play. CHUMPS SAMFORD but this is not disputable they do. This team played everybody. They beat everybody so the greatest college football player Claire Ever saw. And I'm going to apologize upfront because I can't be responsible for anything else. That happened in his life. Okay after college but it's Okay Simpson's Gross College football player of us. Okay okay. Greatest quarterback season I ever saw is either going to be cam. Newton win a championship. What Tim Tebow winning a championship promising that he was going to win a chance to see Roger Staubach back? You can discount that I remember. Roger Back wasn't that I was still young at that. Point and Roger Staubach was great choper who had a season with them and Lsu as you had a season with any of these teams Tony Teams. They beat them in a category. Perhaps by them so I don't care about fifteen. The teams play fifteen. Jim Brown played ten. Right it'd be like ten ten games. They averaged forty eight and a half points. They just put forty forty two on the number one D fifty a team. That was the defending national champion. Fifty if they're not by themselves selves isn't one of those Notre Dame team something that we should be thinking. I'm sure I hear all these all these players who are under forty x players under fifty and they all say is the greatest. I'm I'm not trusting you but I'm not sure what you know about football. You have no sense of history most of you and so we got some sense of his own and historically great team. It doesn't mean that Tom Brady is the greatest quarterback of all time. But when you have that discussion he has to be in the discussion. Yes unless you team is at the top of the discussion I do. Please don't go saying they're the only ones on the game has changed as more games as opposed season. There are things that they'll silicate that. LSU answered every Bell Great. We have to follow up on baseball's major news from yesterday baseball. Getting in the way now okay. I'm angry about this baseball. Because they're getting in the way of a great college football football night that Astros. Gm Jeff Liu now and manager Aj. Hinch were suspended by baseball then fired by the Astros for for their roles in this sign stealing scandal that keeps getting in the way today there are various people within the industry. The think the club and the two men were not. I penalized harshly enough. The five mil was assault fine. The draft picks won't be all that. Hi everybody else. In the organization include the players skated. That's true so while we wait for the other foot to come crashing down and Alex Cora how are you feeling about the punishment handed the astro. Okay this is is not about draft picks. It's not about fines. It's about baseball publicly coming out and saying this team. That was a world champion winner and got it was the toast of the town. They cheated and they publicly talk out the general manager and they took out the field manager. And I don't want to hear whining from other people because I don't know how many other teams last she needed as well. This is an idea how reports although this nothing's seven other other teams are involved. Okay this this is enough for me and I want to say one of the they wanna say about baseball when baseball says to its teams. We're going to speak with one voice and we don't want you to criticize is anything that happened. Let me just say this okay. This country is based on a first amendment. It's not some local neighborhood Home Association. We have a policy like this and the second part is baseball tried to bury this. They released this on the day of the National College Football Champions of Blige to release it. WHOA parallels in the world this is how important is story is it is? It's eight one in the New York Times. It's a one in Washington Post because this is baseball. This is you still. The heartbeat is awards. If baseball nothing says cheating like baseball. Four one hundred forty. Here's that's why nothing said. She Spit Ball and pies over and put a limit on how you can acquire this thing. Artificial initial owning not is is a big deal to me is stealing. You've learned how to steal signs. You were playing little league and I did too I. I didn't have had to have a computer lily. I have two camera setup and little you wish you did you do. All the reads my teleprompter two one out. We'll take a break but coming up. How Shanahan has done a great job as head coach in the niners but his mammoth lube and better and this Derrick Henry by way better at what he does the Providence? Patrick Mahomes at what he fixed. The prompter is next base fault. She a toss up. The world's most advanced has to reasoning. Let's get the first one from the producer over the loudspeaker. Toss up more impressive coaching job at the floor. Or Kyle Shanahan. The guy's voice doing toss up today. Sounds like ezio sick. I let me point out that leflore. An Shanahan were assistance. That the redskins you loved one of them will get to the Super Bowl last year. A former system the redskins. Sean McVeigh got to the Super Bowl. Meanwhile Jay grew on a beach somewhere. Electing Okay I'll make this very simple. LEFLORE has Aaron Rodgers. Aaron Rodgers covers resolved multitude of sins. Call Shanahan don't have anybody like that so I'm going to say that Kyle Shanahan has done a better job. I wanted to build a case for the floor. I I really wanted to go to see. He's got the Guy I'm taking to San Francisco San Francisco right on Sunday so we can't it can't be him because he's got got a first ballot hall of Famer and if you don't call the play correctly the entire season at some point Aaron Rodgers he could do it off the communications all his own. Damn place he probably be better off. You guys got George kiddle. But he doesn't. Have anybody like Erin Rug and and you know what they might be like that. But they're not Aaron Rodgers. Now Nets Tossup veteran in his job. Derrick Henry Patrick Mahomes so when I heard this question earlier I said that I would say you might take the one you want to take the derrick. Derrick Henry is the best runner in football. He runs pasture. And that doesn't work. He runs over you all right. But Derrick Henry don't have the ball in his hands all torturer. Patrick Mahomes has the ball hands all the time. And what he did is like Joe Borough last night got twenty one in the second quarter. Patrick Mahomes got twenty eight in the second quarter. He's the best so I'll take homes. Derrick Henry has equality that we haven't seen you and I grew up with this but then disappeared from pro author ball. People are physically afraid. Oh yeah they don't WanNA tackles strikes fear that's right and opponents. I know the Patrick Mahomes has all the talent in the world. He may be the best out there. But I don't think you walk out there thinking my God. I embarrassed and physically damaged which I can from Derrick Henry running over me and leaving footprints. If I were a corner I would want average size. cornerback five five ten and a half on ninety. You want him next. Toss up more of a lock for the finals. The bucks or the Lakers fight so we bring this up because they have the to the records they have the two best records basketball. The bucks the number one record the Lakers have the number two record number three surprising to a lot of people. `specially Joel Embiid is the Celtics number three. But he came back here right but in terms of this question. I want the Lakers to win. I Want The resurrection of Lebron James. I don't know what yeah. I don't know that they can beat the team. That dresses in the locker room across the hall. They're all into against the clippers right now. The West is still harder. East is still easier. Sure so to answer this question. My answer is the bucks I think the bucks to and it's because Philadelphia's not what we thought they would be not yet. The Celtics are close close to it and I think the Celtics May WanNa make a deal. You know whether it's for cat or somebody else. They need something in the middle innings. Something inside I'm sorry. Kat Karl Anthony Thank you for him okay. So they need something but in the East it looks like Milwaukee. Toronto doesn't have enough. Why yet they don't have? What do we think Philly can be? Resurrected it in one season in need it. Milwaukee is the best team in the Miami too early mill. I'm just asking last one. Toss up more likely to get hired again. Aj hinch or Jeffrey Luna is not even close. Geoffrey Woo now is seen as the villainous when myspace Jeffrey Lou now is the tyrant of analytics. Jeffrey Lou now had to fire the guy who was his sister because that guy embarrassed and was boisterous towards female reporters in that clubhouse. I don't know if Jeffrey Luna was ever getting a job again maybe he will. Aj hinch is getting a job today. They he's eligible and get a job. Aj Hinch is Mike McCarthy. We didn't hear a word from Mike McCarthy all year then boom the cowboys higher Mike McCarthy Eighty. Aj hinch will get a job defer at at a good place today he's else what higher. Aj hinch tonight. As a matter of fact if I had let's say Major League Baseball said you can't hire him because he's suspended. I was slipped him some hush money and just keep him on retainer until he could come back maybe higher miss something else because he's not suspended as is I don't know a third base. He went to two members of the series and one of them. Baseball says they didn't cheat at all. got here way too many strikes against him. That's that's what I'd be hired immediately. That's it let's take one last break still to come Antonio Gates career. He's eighty years old. Brad had Marseille boy. Forgot something out that you see that. Exactly hit the PUCK. No he got something. That's something sort of necessarily thinking Antonio Gates had retired a year ago on the twenty first birthday the Andrea Swift is the Georgia running back was raided by Mel Kiper. Is the number one running back in the draft. Georgia already has niche up Sony. Michelle and Todd Gurley the NFL at high levels so Georgia looks like the school you go to to learn how to be an NFL running them and the greatest Georgia running back. All Force Force was Herschel Walker last night's championship game and he looked rates. You know he was standing on that stage with Jim Brown and Earl Campbell Barry Sanders and Roger and he did look. He's only after Jim Brown right. Jim Brown Husham. Don't ask me to come on at the anniversary case keenum Among the findings on this day two years ago keenum connected with digs on a sixty one yard touchdown as the final seconds ticked off for a shocking Vikings playoff win over the saints that plays known as the Minneapolis miracle leaving aside for the moment that the worst defensive play in history by safety created the so-called Miracle. The Vikings appear to be some distance away from getting back to the NFC championship. They managed seven first downs against the forty niners. Couldn't stop anybody running all the like that. More often than not vikings in contention but not necessarily serious contention happy trails to a shoot out for Brad. Marchand Bruins the Boston forward. Cereal face face sliver needed to score to extend the shootout with the flyers last night but as he was starting attempt we somehow overskated. The puck. Referees ruled because Marshon than ever ever so slightly nudged the plug that counted as a shot and the game was over Bruins lose. Hashtag said. We'll have you ever seen anything like that. Yeah on the Iot not on places in there and you just nudged the ball off the tee and you gotta try to pick it up as if you don't want anybody to notice and put it back on the I. Have you ever played Marian no so when you play Mary. And if you're a righty down the left side about one hundred and fifty people are eating lunch. It's terrifying. I was twelve over at the end of three holes. I was so oh terrified and by the way I've written the number of somebody who should have been in that group of all running out of show go to the big VEGETA- Antonio entirely I will remember his career. Tony is being like killing. Winslow's Gaza Hall of Famers All Time Greats like Fountain rivers but they didn't get to the Super Bowl which NHL H. O.. All Star competition will beat. You're shooting pucks from the stands over fans and it targets on ICE. I don't like this training. This is a little too terrifying to me. I don't think talks should be should have any chance of falling into stands where they can hurt somebody with somebody will have nets the bad idea. Sidney crosby will return to the penguins tonight after missing in two months within the abdominal injury. Big Expectations for other penguins are thirty eastern. You would think he might be able to put them over to talk over. Your Washington capitals. Perhaps know Chad Johnson. OCHO CINCO is trying out the kicker. XFL You likes his chances. We kicked a pat debates with no extra points in asleep so he's got a kick field goals so I don't they might put them on a roster but I don't like his chances to pick those last one Arizona State extended Edwards contract to twenty twenty four deserve. Yeah his fifteen eleven record of the two seasons his impact is greater than that and yes that changed this non. Stop trying to better the next time. I'm Tony Kornheiser. The thirty two in college. I'm Mike well by same time tomorrow. knuckleheads you can get the P._T._i.. On the E._S._p._N.. APP or Apple Sleep.

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