E387 Rythmia Day 2 | Ayahuasca, Mud Baths, and Colon Cleanses


This is fifteen minutes of freedom. I'm your host elite. Life optimization coach Ryan idell and today is day two from rid Mia life advancements entered down in Costa Rica? So on day two is the first time that Linden. I get to experience plant based medicine. I waspa-, and I'm recording this to ten AM, which is really four ten AM. For what Lyndon I are accustomed to two hours behind. And so it's almost been a full twenty four hours that I've been awake. I don't feel tired at all. But I'm gonna walk you through how today his went so far. Woke up really had quite a bit of work to catch up on and get done. So that I was able to be fully present in today's experiences, and even that was a fallacy. And I say that base off the fact of. Knowing that there were additional things I had to get done throughout the day in order to achieve what I was looking to achieve in the business realm. So that some that I'm working on here. But our day starts here with getting up. Lindsey went to yoga seven AM until eight I hit the gym is typically would knocked out what I will call my elite eight and then her, and I proceeded to go have an incredible breakfast of all farm-to-table, admittedly, low protein, but high quality food now this is done with intention -ality based off the fact of those high protein meals are more difficult to digest and typically than end up with a higher possibility for you know, some sort of a gastro and ternal issues if you will during waka ceremony saw this is done with incredible intention -ality. Breakfast, isn't that was truly phenomenal. But in typical Linden, Ryan fashion. We didn't get to breakfast until eight thirty and our day started promptly at nine. And nine o'clock. We got the opportunity spend time not one on one in our group setting. There's for currently sixty or so of us here the resort, but we spent time with Jerry Powell the founder of rig Mia. But he gave us his background and one of the most charismatic and enjoyable can't even call it speeches or presentations, just he's just such a gregarious now going individual and his stories in the way that he delivers them or so impactful that he walked through a sensually his book shit. The moon says if you haven't picked up the book, I would heavily heavily encourage you to do it it give a whole different idea of what I wa- ska plant based medicine really is his initial entry point was Boga on another modality for this type of healing. We goes through an hour and a half presentation about just him. And how this resort is coming to be in some physics S's and shortcomings that eventually spins into us getting deeper understanding of what to expect during ceremony. And ceremony in case. You're curious ends up being what it is referred to as we are taking I wa- SCA group. He goes through the purging that can happen. Yes. The typical response is going to be there vomiting diarrhea, sweating ticks anything. You've come up with which is essentially body processing repressed emotions those things that we've swallowed that were most likely subconscious trigger where we didn't feel empowered enough to voice our Pinon. And so we swallow them, and he had an incredible example where it's essentially like every time we had one of those motions you put in a plastic bag in you swallowed it. And as you go through these plant based medicine ceremonies. It's essentially given those plastic bags melted in your stomach and all that stuff to start bouncing around and has to go somewhere. That's the perjury effect. Now the pertinent effect. It didn't bother me in the slightest. There was no trepidation on my side. There's almost just expected to me rides like a right of passage kind of. Really not dissimilar from the mental state that I had going into care Jay whites warrior week. Right. It's like, I know there's going to be a bunch of tough stuff because on the no there's going to be lack of sleep. I I'm an -ticipant much worse. But it's a right of passage is only so many people that get to go through it. And here this resort has been around for four or maybe five years now. And we are basically some of the were very close to five thousand people that have come through this compound. Drooling credible. Anything about it. Five years five thousand people. All going out and make an impact in the world. And I say that because Jerry stated very clearly that he believes all of us to be either light workers or light warriors. And that is why this resort was created. Was knowing that once he put it out of the right? People would come here at the right time to go out and spread the message as base often. And so we we bounce through the different aspects of what it would be to just go through the ceremony the different types of experiences. We could have there's a specific way that aliens come into play, which is which is very fascinated. There's a certain healing goes on and the best way that could be described as that. It's just a higher being and one of three entities comes. And so. By this point. We're eating up to twelve o'clock give or take maybe twelve fifteen. When I have an additional meeting with their audio video team, scheduling up interviews and just what's going on throughout the week. And then we have a little bit of downtime and to start the downtime. We get have lunch. 'nother incredible meal the food here by Maggie is the woman's name. That's a chef on staff is some of the best food that I can remember having. Like, it's really disarm high quality food so clean at tastes. Good. That laughingly like I'm going up for you know, one full plate second full plate because I'm starving. Right. This foods a little bit different than what I'm accustomed to eating and. Know San shouldn't eat that migrant get sick. And the couple of the people at our table are commenting the same nothing. We find them even a little bit worried about it. So. Have some food. There's another open workshop seminar for us to potentially go to lindzen. I opted out of it only based off one into relax. So he came back to the room did a a little bit more work for about an hour, and then headed out to the spa and in the spa wind up going through. A ten or fifteen minutes steam room session, which was followed by a mudbath where you stand outside central at this mud harden. And then wash often purifies into toxic is a skin so her and I both did that. And then fascinating enough. They have a hot and cool pool here. The imagine. Gosh, I guess a hot tub would be the right terminology. But at this. Concrete structure where you know, could certainly set ten twelve people very easily. And so we've been going back and forth doing the hot and cold much. I could do in the shower, so incredibly relaxing incredibly. Common. Just heard is spending time together. And then we look down and realize that it's three forty five. Give or take. That only becomes relevant because at four o'clock. We have what I'll call an enema. I don't know if it's even the right term. I'm being told by my lovely wife who's lying in bed. Waiting for me to get there that it's a colon cleanse. Now, I'm a big fan of coffee animus. I'm I'm in to win it with those Linden. I do those maybe more than we should maybe not enough. Certainly more than occasionally. And so for me, this is going to be no big deal. This another walk in the park. We on the way to our colon cleanse we stopped by the Nova cell treatment center, then novas onto being stem cell therapy that they offer here on campus. That's a they have some different rules regulations in Costa Rica's pretend to stem cell therapy in what what's required to get it done and Linden are both getting treatments of that later in the week. But to be exciting to report back on a believe that's gonna be on Friday. But we go into this wonderful. Building. That has numerical doors all very solid wooden doors, very clean setting. There's ten doors. The nurse walks into one. There's this platform that's elevated with his rubber. Called Half Moon. Receptacle that very obviously is supposed to be where your rear end slides into as you're laying on your backing or feeder up on the wall. Now inside this receptacle, there's a tube. Of course that goes, you can only imagine where. You get to look up with coconut oil the have. You take off your drawers do all that you put a blanket over yourself. And then. Presley yell or you press a button on the wall. But on the wall, tears alight, let's nurse. Not come in as she comes in. She basically releases the valve in its steady Stokes flow water treatment until the colon cleanses consistent water for forty minutes. Now, our coffee Animas might take four minutes ago solution into where the sun doesn't shine. And then from there you're holding for maybe ten minutes. Maybe fifteen pretty relaxing will differ 'cause you're holding it. This is a completely different sensation. We're actually instructed the entire time to push right to push everything out that we feel and so. I can't help myself, but to everything in a fairly, shrimp fashion. I push I push push. I'm twenty five minutes in and as I push. I feel a bunch of things release. So much. So that I also released the tube. I saw fifty more minutes left like here, the water running into the receptacle, and I feel all types of different feelings down in that part of my body ISM on this elevated platform of my rear end slid into this receptacle feet up on the wall, and I'm actually messaging Lindsey, she's new Jason room. And she's talking about how good she feels. It's maybe four or five minutes after I realized that I've lost my tube and share it with her. Of course, she's laughing at me. As I'm laughing at myself. Okay. There's gotta be a way to put this back in like, I'm sure it's gonna be a little thirty shirts can be a little messy, but we can figure this out. Right. I'm supposed to do this for certain amount of time. It's done into quench order for reason. And so I moved the blanket covering my bottom half and slide my rear end back and look down on this receptacle. And I realized there is zero chance in the world. I'm putting my hand anywhere in there. I'm there is stuff everywhere. Like, I had no idea how much stuff I had pushed out there's. I mean, let's go back to the days of our youth. Just from. And you might remember at least in in my youth. I remember it was a big deal to go to the local ice cream shop, right? The one that had the little little cheap cones and little it seemed like the only have three flavors it was vanilla swirl and chocolate. Now, it was always one of those ones. Like twist, right? I like both. But as I slide back, and I see what's not even down in the whole of the receptacle. Like, it's on the it's on the. The brim of it. Right. So it's still there it just this gigantic pile of Brown soft serve ice cream to call his plight as I can. So I can't get my hand down. I can't move around. There's nothing I can do there. And there is literally shit everywhere. So now I have to just lay there for the next fifteen minutes waiting for the forty minutes to be over. There's comes in. She's you know chatting, and she's that's gonna give us chlorophyll. Now core fil dozen things of the body, and she goes on the whole spiel and all I'm trying to sit there, and I hold it together because she's gonna put in this other bucket and sushi puts it in an open that she's going to hear the water like she's not supposed to hear anything the stuff supposed to be on in me. And it's it's gonna go their separate goes. Well. And no big surprise. That's exactly what happens. So now that the time is in our instructions were basically just to get up and put your clothes on go by your day that they take care of all the cleanup. Off the bed. I realize that is just not possible with the mess that I've left behind. No self-respecting man would leave this contraption in the state of disarray that I was about to some scouring the room. Like what what are what are the tools that? I have now granted keep in mind. I have a T shirt on nothing from the waist down traipsing around this. What are call eight by twelve room looking for something to clean up the mess? And as luck would have it. There's a box of Kleenex tissue over the corner. This perfect. But as I'm walking, I realize. Something must have happened to me when that tube came out. We know things are. A little more lubricated on my backside than they should be. So I do what any again, self respect man, would do take one of those tissue papers Kleenex, whatever light to call an I wipe where the sun doesn't shine. And I do that, of course cleaning myself up then I realized there's nowhere to put this. Tissue paper. So I have no Jordan a clean rear end and a handful of dirty tissue paper. Don't even we haven't even address the receptacle that still needs adjusted. So, of course, I get more tissue paper more tissue have more tissue paper. And I end up pushing cleaning off that area the best that I possibly can. Of course, there's also tell that I've been laying on that his been soiled as well. So I very. Very. Indiscreetly fold the talent away that when the nurse comes in. She's not going to see this giant track. Mark on the towel. So that's how my colon cleansing went right into that. It's a forty forty minutes session. It really takes about fifty five. And so we have just enough time to come back to our room shower. And then get to the ceremony. Now, mentally, I felt no anxiousness. I felt no angst. I was not nervous. This is been two or three years in the making for me. I've wanted this for very long time. Linden. Other hand is will have a joint episode had a much different level of complexity to. Her mental anguish coming into this. So we both shower to clean up make sure that we're clean P B as pure as we can going into the Maloka. That's it's called. And start time as five thirty. On sixty of standing around outside the Maloka. Everybody has a certain nervous energy to them. I'm standing feet in the grass just smiling. Just waiting. Complete bliss. Everything is good. Lyndale other hand homes are low sweaty little nervous little shaky but I'll be her story. His L. Eventually all enter into this Maloka, all of all sixty of us have our own individual mats with clean linens. New blankets new towels. New pillows a very nice white bucket at the base of our bed. That's so eloquently branded with the red Mia and on the side, and we find our own places. Lindsey ni- with intentionally do not sit next to each other. Based off energy transfer. Right. I'm a very protective individual her. And if she was going through a rough experience, I thought it would take away from our collective experience oddly enough that was backed up by Jerry in the morning. But as I made mentioned yesterday, Jeff the man that did our client intake as far as the physician on staff actual recommend. We do do it together. So we're some conflicting messages there. But when I opted for seats close which other but not right next to each other. We sit there and. Can you can feel the nervous energy building up in the room and these two very soft spoken? German female shamans are leading the ceremony. And they. Call us up and instruct what's going to happen. And what the ideas are and the first part of the journey start with individuals around the room having this tobacco blend that is put into a specific type of pipe and shot in your nose both sides, both naturals. It's very interesting feeling 'cause I've never smoked a cigarette. Uscic are a pipe. And so having that tobacco in my nose. And then clearing my sinuses. And dual types of things like me with this very. Disconnected buzzing almost high feeling. Admittedly from it was really enjoyable. The the burn misinformation wasn't that bad is water for just a moment. The man that administered it set a little prayers. He. Put in my nose and all was well with the world. She said there for four or five minutes left. Let take affect eventually you clean out your nasal passages. Right. You clear throat search spit that's Lucien into bucket. It goes on and on. Eventually the lights become dim and. The shamans invite us op to take the medicine. And this very ritualistic experience. This isn't. If you'll very sacred. It's not a rush thing to lines that are formed because of the two shamans, and they say a prayer over each class of the actually size of shock class. This a prayer over each glass of the handed to you. And you said an intention when you drink it. And this take some time. It's about halfway back in the first first line. Say my intention. Which here they have three intentions. They recommend that you adhere to to maximize your experience until you get your first breakthrough. And that's a centrist show me who I become merge me to my soul at any cost. And heal my heart. So those are those the intentions is up. Drink the drink. Go back to your your station. Right. Your bed and then essentially sit straight up, right? My back's against the wall. They ask you to do that to make sure you don't become sick. Don't induce vomiting early. So ten there thirty thirty five forty minutes has instructed such look around my eyes. He some people are laying down. So I decided to do the same. And. Playing and laying in waiting and is are closed, and repeating these these intentions over and over again just from a place of being open to whatever I'm about to experience. And nothing happens. I don't feel anything from. At this point the shamans are starting to sing their Akkas. Some shimoni. Poem songs things that are in a language. It's unfamiliar to me. But is very soothing very rhythmic. There's it's just a very incredible place to be so much energy in the room. Really really exciting. But after about an hour. They pause on saying there, it grows and save you let him up for more. Please come up for more. Jerry had told us in the morning session that if you could so basically walk and talk and see and everything was normal. You should definitely get up for the second. Second order. Well, this one I'm completely normal. So of course, pop right up for the second order. Full expect. I'm like one of two people. It's better than half the room. Now mind you the other half of the room is crying laughing vomiting or getting up to us Russia for essentially diarrhea nice. I'm laying on the bed. I'm here. All this happened. Like, well, where's mine end? Like, I'm expecting this to happen. It doesn't. So we're standing in line for the second second amount of Wasco, and they're still people getting sick. And just very surreal moment where it's like this. You know, the duality of just how things work. That's what I'm standing there. And. The covert see, my wife, and she is not coming up for her second second batch. And so I drink it at the same intention. Go back to my bed. I on sits said vertical again for another half hour. Now, the lights are completely turned off its black pitch black outside. I'm assuming we're probably close to eight PM and. I said. And then I venture lay down. And I wait. At this point. It sounds as though every person the room is going through something. And I'm just laying there. And lying there. And then eventually, I fall asleep. Come to find out with the aura ring that I wear didn't wear my whoop because I didn't want the light to be distracting. Actually slept for next five hours. Now. When the lights came back on around one AM. I admittedly was very frustrated the straw. Everybody's sharing these breakthroughs all these things I hadn't healing and being able talked to the mother and figure out all these things. I don't even I'm feeling almost nothing. There's a moment where had to get up mid slumber and use the restroom where things felt. We'll disoriented. A sense depth perception was off. But nothing crazy. So the people are sharing sharing chairman admitted them getting more and more frustrated like why why not me? But then eventually transitions into remembering what Jerry said in the morning session that there were essentially four different types of experiences. Someone could have and the the last experience he says, the one that you don't experience anything and that actually can be the most impactful because if you drink the medicine at working, no matter what no matter if you feel the purging the projections or not still in you. And that in my gosh, I forget, the the culture, but essentially that you're when you're put on this earth. There's this belief that there's two strings come together that merge who you are. Wondering is the Linea Jove of your ancestry? Right. Father his father. His father's father. And the other string is the direct transition. My soul. And that for those of us that fall asleep that there's such deep work being done to heal something that was broken in that chain that it makes it. More beautiful experience. So it gives me a mild amount of solace. As here, I said, whatever time it is in the morning. Two thirty seven. Realizing that my wife is shared all these incredible things that she discovered about herself. And I'm sitting there saying all I did was sleep for five hours. Now, the wonderful part about this is there's four consecutive days of the plant medicine. And each day has its own intention, not intentionally tone, modality, right? The brew comes from a different place different shamans. There's different energies are different things. And the shamans today made very certain to share with us that we shouldn't assume that because they was good or bad that tomorrow would be the same. That every brew has its own energy to it and every person receives their own gift. And that we should just be present. With whatever it's going to be. And that's exactly what I plan on doing tomorrow. For two. We have much the same breakfast in the morning. Then we position ourselves into. Eventually we have a massage that gets will have together an integration class would Jerry on what we learned from today. And then at five thirty pm we start all over again with another. Six or so hours of? I waspa-. And so the second secondhand rid Mia has really. Just reaffirmed in me to have no expectations about what should be and to just be. Oh, they say that are really really took away from the I Wasco self was as I'm laying there drifting off to sleep, and there's two women chanting and then and sharing. Their songs this sought drums playing. There's people crying people vomiting this people yelling. It's like it's all very in my mind organiz in rhythmic disa- reaffirmation that we're all connected like all this is happening. Just as it's supposed to even if I can't understand why in the moment. Then that would be my my hope, and my wish for you is that you realize that whatever you're going through right now whether good or bad is exactly what is supposed to happen. Even if you can't understand why in the moment. And when you can start to really take that in a home that in. Essentially, you find it you then own that message that embodiment you'll find out that every day after you're able to get shit done.

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