461: Questionably Awesome - Your burning questions about JOY answered


Someone's always going to be disappointed or upset but your mental health and your actual health is literally everything so give yourself some grace cancelled party if you need to but if you cancel don't feel guilty. Welcome to earn your happy podcast. I'm hi I'm Laurie. Harder founder of the bliss project three time fitness world champion fitness expert and cover model turned self love. Junkie Lifestyle Entrepreneur and author author. Each week will bring you a guest or a thought that will help you bust through your fears. Connect to your soul and get focused and clear so you can elevate in your life business and relationships. We don't wait until we're ready for someone to tell us we're good enough. We take what we want. And we anoint ourselves yourselves get ready to earn own and on apologetically rock your happiness every single day. Are you with me here. We go welcome back to another questionably awesome episode episode. Where my co host Evans? Yes and I talk about all things that you might have thought were questionable to be awesome and the move that they're not they truly are awesome. They're all they're all awesome. But you guys for real. This is a podcast episode. That is very different from the other. podcasts this is where we pretty much Include anything that could be covered under Shenanigan. Yup and we also like to throw a nugget it of wisdom in there. So if you don't like to laugh this is not yet just not Alario one go to an interview Go to a quickie but this one this one is all about like you should probably drink four beers before you listen to us. I know it's eight. Am For many warriors but but just go straight to the fridge and grab four Schlitz. What's Schlitz I think it's a midwestern beer? Oh it sounds kind of light and refreshing. You want us. Let's yet. Hey let me get you a slit say did you already slipped this morning but I also feel like that's kind of like Oh got Schlitz all over my shirt I dunno no no Schlitz. It's GonNa do you know what what I'm GonNa make it a thing today. It's a thing it's a thing now like if you spill you've Schlitz if you gone to the bathroom you've Schlitz. Let's Yep if you've what could be something positive I mean those are all positive clearly you Schlitz Confetti all over the place I had it. Mary-anne Schlitz again says so many readings. Oh guys I want to know what your your Favorite Schlitz is so if you WanNa send us stories. Yeah sure is a beer. I don't joke joke about beers. That aren't beers no. It's one hundred percent of ear. I recently watched you so you know when you're on an airplane like and it's a long ride I can start with movies that you're like. Yeah I'm interested in this and all of a sudden you find yourself watching. A beer. Documentary watched an entire ninety minute. Beer documentary was so so intrigued. And do you know what I ended up doing. Why ordered two beers during it what I've never ordered beer on a plane in my life and I order like their fancy beer because I how fun is that it was Super Fun and because they were going through I believe it was mostly a documentary around the taste testers at Budweiser and so all vigil? Budweiser brewery. This is actually quite interesting. Yeah has the top taste east tester there who is known for their Palette and what they do is at the end of every single year one of the taste testers gets like crowned like the best taste tester and Budweiser. It's like a super huge honor. Wow so they send in all of their samples of Budweiser at the end of the year. So all of these different breweries from all over the world God all over the world send in their samples and they get rated on you know Ferdinand acidity like all of the things that they rate them on. And then they the Basically go to bat battle. So it's this huge thing about like trying to make the perfect budweiser but when you think about it you just think it all comes from one spot and it's all the same woman. Yeah I just thought that was so cool. I'm like Oh my God. Every single place has a different and these taste testers are like so they're pallets are so they have no idea what they're tasting and it's quite crazy because there was one in there was a brewery in Asia that like every year they kept coming back kind kind of the same flavor notes over and over and I thought these tasters are that good that they have no idea what they're tasting. And they are. They know insistent in Exac- what area has what flavors and I also thought different areas like had different tasting different notes. It's so weird. That's very complicated is so complicated so anyway. I'm going to challenge you to watch a documentary on something totally outside of your norm and just allow yourself to learn something new so that when your dinner with New People you seem interesting I love that and I it honestly makes me want to have an ice cold beer right now today today right now you know what maybe next time. We're GONNA crack something open on a budweiser doesn't mean we have to drink all of it. Yeah I mean if you want to for me. It's kind of tough because if if we cracked open a beer in the morning it be like my third beer that morning. That's do love a beer in the morning. I'M NOT GONNA lie. I had a roommate remain. who had an alcohol problem? She called. Yeah is she called it going to the beach in the morning and she would crack. Open a beer in the shower. Oh man she'd say off to the beach in your anyway if you want to know my background. That's about where we did a thing in college when you'd be getting ready for a party like oh you would be for the shower. Our we were sure cool or like drinking a beer in the shower. How are you gonNA Shampoo your hair properly without a budweiser in their xactly? Now I had a beer earlier in the same. I can't same somebody who's listening to this. Has recently had a beer in the shower. Yeah actually I think probably not at all. Yeah I think that's not my audience actually probably not. They've had a lacroix in the shower. Maybe maybe that sounds Nice. Yeah that does sound awfully refreshing. Might try that. Maybe maybe not in the winter like hot cocoa in the shower Yanai sometimes. That's good alright. So did we ever quote. What are you up to me? Yeah I feel a little. We were talking earlier pulling a little overwhelmed. This holiday season is that is that a a new feeling for the holiday. ACAS I kind of feel like I. Just think of December and start hyperventilating. What I could really use a a decorated paper bag right now to breathe into have yup heavily like sometimes I just start tripping out on the future in like Oh and we got? You gotta be shitting me. I just went to a party. I have another party in another party in another party right. I'm already socially awkward. told me that every day and then don't make me eat sugar and I'm like wasn't gonNA drink cocktails last night. Totally dead of do look good. Lord I went to a party last night so well I'm feeling it and that's great and then then you do the thing that idea which is like the next day. I'm like I shouldn't have done that. Why do I always do this? That's the part that actually kills me the most so I'm trying to bring so much grace around that because because that's it it'll wake me up wake up at like four. Am like after doing something. That I'm like Oh. I promised myself I wasn't going to do that. And I'm like yeah what it's stat. I'm just trying to bring in so much. 'cause I can't do that to myself anymore. It's like it's literally crushing my soul. Yeah your shame it's we're shaming ourselves totally and it's not it doesn't help you make the next day better no it robs you of all your joy all of your energy all of those things. So I'm it's so funny because I've been waking waking up in a bit of a panic I'll be super stressed out and then I'm like what what are you GonNa do. You GonNa look back on your life and be like. I'm so glad I didn't go to any parties or socialize. Enjoy this time of year now. That sounds terrible. Your we're going to get back to our routine GonNa catch up on sleep. We're going to you know. Get back back to our normal feelings and pant sizes exactly. My pants are a little tight right. Now guess what L. Fit sometime. You know what I look like beautiful Christmas cupcakery beautiful Christmas muffin meat. You might those bushy trees. That's really really wide. Do you WanNa be a skinny tree. Nobody he wants that shade. Exactly exa- I want a lot of I wanNA skirt on the bottom of Tree Lafi. So that's what I'm working on. I agree the as my mom said to me the other day. She was like you know what they're they're always be laundry it'd be done. Yeah so it's like go to the Dang party. It's so true there we'll all you will. You will get back into your routine. Don't even worry that's what January is all about. In fact I would like to argue that your next year in your setup for next year would not feel the same and you wouldn't have the desire to want to create something to get back on track to be excited about getting very focused if you didn't have time to just kind of be so out of your normal routine great point like if this was three months ago and I was like yeah. I'm about to like change something. Go hard on my normal routine. I'd be like no. That's what I've been doing. Yeah lowering you gotTA swing the pendulum. You really really do right so you know what we be swinging. We'd be swinging really hard right now. Yeah exactly and I'm sure everybody. Listening is swinging pretty hard to so. There's something in their hands at the station at the station turning turning the knob still don't get I don't know do ya quo. Chris always tells me the best jokes are the ones you have to explain so that was a joke. So we'll just move on. I think I'm going to hope to get it later. This is. I don't know I like that thank you. Here's here's the thing about jokes you guys. I tell this to Chris all the time. I say that funny. People are the most brave people which year one of the most funny people I know because you have to put it out there and it's not going to land lake totally. Someone was just speaking at our mastermind and he was a stand up. Comedian he goes. You know in order to be great you have to you be willing to bomb. And he goes I had to be so willing to bomb and bomb all the time as a comedian he goes because I wouldn't you don't know what lands ever so don't use that one again again. I just you know I'll put it in the back pocket for never it's never come back somebody on here. Many people on here got it and there are just no. They're like God. Thank God that's over. Do you have a quote we review. What do we do for quotes stolen? Some somebody people are listening. bingoing these dumb asses never know what they're doing you know. I hope I hope empowers you to know that you can do anything right. You don't have to stick to a root that's why we're pretending when we don't know exactly my quotas for my Angelil if you're always trying to be normal you will never know how amazing you can be. ooh Doesn't isn't that. Just talk about what we just said. Yes yeah if you're always trying to make sure that things land and you're funny you'll never actually be the funniest version of Evans Right. Just be yourself you feel not to be confused with p you to remember saying peel all the time as a child he you you move so stinky I know about like why is it P. U.. Does that stay. Is it an issue. P U the letter P and U. P.. He p you have school that anyway. You look that up while I okay Mike Welt this is from roomy and who I have a roomy quote on my arm arm actually yeah. Let's give another roommate quote. Okay all right. I'M GONNA get questions about what the Rumi quote on my arm is it is. There is a voice that doesn't use words. Listen this quote though from Roomie is sorrow. Prepares you for joy. It violently sweeps is everything out of your house. So that new joy confined space to enter it shakes the yellow leaves from the bow of your heart so that fresh green leaves can grow grow in their place. It pulls up the rotten routes so that new routes hidden beneath have room to grow whatever sorrow shakes from your heart far better things. We'll take their place. I love that it's so beautiful. Because contrast is what makes things what they are Contrast is what makes you experienced joy so luckily whenever whenever I'm in a place where I'm like wishing it away I'm like Oh this is yes. Is it ideal to be sitting in the space for a long period of time or a year or two. No my God goodyear. The year must be coming. I after I had so many years like that where you know once you have like a really great year and you're like well like things are happening. You feel really good. There's a lot of great things entering. Sometimes you get three or four year period where it's just you're Kinda live in and you're creating joy and you need to those years are teaching you to get really present. Didn't and be happy with what is an exciting. What is because it can't always be highs? nope yeah when you're in the trenches. Sometimes it's hard to see like oh my ever going to get out of this But you're creating how it feels you are. You're totally creating something. You're becoming something exactly like you are becoming that beautiful diamond under pressure. Oh Yeah we love a diamond. I'm Angela diamond. Actually things are changing with diamond. You don't need a diamond you don't and people are getting. What is it called the? It's a new version of a diamond. Oh the ones they make. Yeah I think that's really cool. Yeah totally like why. Why would you spend so much money on a diamond anymore? No people love it. It great if that has meaning for them spend away but if you could get a larger stone if that's what you want like a big beautiful ring of whatever right totally do do that you cannot do anything you want now after you want buyers and you can get engaged to yourself you know. What can I still do that? Yeah absolutely I'm going to ask myself out while you're I might buy myself a fake diamond ring me because you know what we deserve it and you know I have a right. Hand Me Jill. That one's for me this. When was this one's for me? Yeah what do we have a review of the we. Oh we have a review of the week and it is from Carl Bird Carlberg eighteen. It's it's really nice. The earner happy podcast is the fuel for my fire and never fails to bring me a spark of joy into alive a big spark. Everyone's Day Morning Lori and Evans join me for my morning workout. Motivating me to keep working on my dreams. And they're fun and silly ways on more than one occasion Asian people stopped to ask me why. I'm smiling and Giggling so much during my workout and I recommend the podcast to them. My friends and I have inside jokes inspired by Laurie Evans. Witty conversation in Parentheses Juggernaut. I feel like we're all one big DR cheering each other on cheering each other's dreams and celebrating our authenticity D.. Wow whenever I'm feeling anxious data myself I'll revisit lorries quickies for an instant dose of motivation or the questionably awesome episodes to remind me that life isn't is meant to be enjoyed enjoyed. I haven't in my vision board. One day meet Laurean Evans and attend the bliss project own happening. Thank you for shining sharing your irreplaceable awesomeness awesomeness this Chelsea bird. Oh Chelsea Bird Chelsea bird. Let's fricken amazing L. C. Byrd Chelsea Bird. I'm bought to do something crazy. What are you gonNA go? You're coming you're coming to Bliss Evans. I know Chelsea if you write customer service. I'm GONNA give you free bliss ticket Gustavia right now and totally serious. I love that so much and why not. This is like Oprah Chelsea bird. You don't get a car but did you get br bless project ticket. So you'd better write this all if you're working out right now. I want you to just drop it like it's hot for everybody. Drop it down low and be like this that blessed baffled you juggernaut you. I hope we get to meet you. I can't wait to me Chelsea L. C. Byrd Chelsea bird. This ticket is non transferrable. If you can't make sure they're Marina Marina del Ri- Hey what are you excited minded about bliss this year. Oh I really excited about everyone. That comes yeah because you get to meet so many wonderful women And I just can't we just see what you do this year. I can't wait to find out what that is. That's great it's going to we so good. It's crazy once I get into that. I used to like stress so hard like I don't know what the beginning is yet but once I get into the vortex of switching gears because right now there's just so many different things things leading up to. It bent love to focus on. I'm in that Vortex. I have learned so much about what it actually means to trust that you are supported because I know Oh that once I mentally switch gears into planning for it. Everything opens up and things start flowing to me. It's just that I'm not opening that channel yet because it's too much all at once so so anyway for anybody who was planning something or worried that they're not going to know where they don't know it simply because that's not it's not time yet and it's not your focus yet so once you shift into those gears and focus on it. It's about focusing on what is present now. So if you're thinking is not present now there. That's a big reason why it's not like everything's not flowing but it will and you have to have faith on that one so l. that what's our question. Okay well these are all about joy and this is from at Al Dot lands. What do you do when you feel like nothing is joyful? What do you do when you feel like nothing's joyful? I like this question because everyone has been there. I think And I feel like your best advocate So for me. I kind of have a little checklist of like. Am I doing all the things like my eating. Well my sleeping am I taking care of myself and if it's like Oh. This feels like a heavier thing I can. I'm not a medical professional but for me like seeking professional help has helped me in the passive. It's like wow. I'm really low. Something like that but I would encourage that person to seek the kind of help if they think that would help them or is it like a little teeny tiny twist of things. Where maybe you just need to get more sleep and maybe you need to talk to your boss about your workload or or something like that I don't know those are million good things that I think. That's probably the best place to start is a self assessment. How honestly a question I asked is like how much do I need Is this a Chris thing that I could talk to him about. Is this a friend thing. Do I need to call in like a friends circle. Do I need to get really vulnerable. If I don't feel like I have the right people in my life to ask this question in like either reach out to somebody do their therapists. Do I need to reach out to a coach. What do I need like because we cannot do it alone? I remember there was a point where I this was. This was a while back. I was in my early twenty s but there was a point where I felt so out of control with food that I was like. If I don't call somebody in this serious. It felt like a serious Korea like disorder could not and. I couldn't get out myself so I needed to call in coaches and friends share what I was struggling with just a it was such a massive cycle Michael of binge eating. I didn't know how to get out myself so it doesn't matter what it is. That was one thing that I knew I was literally in the gym and I was just like breaking down because I can't go on my life like this like fearing food not enjoying food not enjoying social settings so I think for that. I knew I needed help. I was like I I need to help. You can just tell I think you you know when when something's not right is in the same cycle again over and oh it was like a Monday. I just hated myself like I couldn't I was like I can't live with this loathing. This is horrendous so See like seeking help. That's just one example. I have a multiple multiple moments like that where I'm very aware that I'm not gonNA DIG Myself Out of this one by myself. So and it's so crazy to me that we think we're supposed to do it alone. The Holy Crap. How can we be on this planet? That's just like bursting at the seams with human beings and we're isolating more and more and more and we are so meant to be tribal like we would not have survived in the past. That's the problem with so much. Just with social media is a huge blessing. But that's the problem with so much technology and social the media is we are able to now live without people but I would argue that we might be physically here but emotionally were dead. I I agree. So don't do that to yourself. Don't cut yourself. It is a journey just to start collecting gathering in meeting people. But hasn't it changed. Changed Your Life yes like. Even these Thursdays have changed my life he do. It's the best. It really like. Just the the connection and the reminder of who I am at the core. You're clearly a very funny person. Amazing same with you exactly funniest person ever funniest person ever you need that reminder once a week importantly portio Celso portio sell through it. cuz Ain't nobody GONNA come do it for you. Unfortunately no no not even by not even your husband. No especially if you're relying on your partner your mom or your children your super fugard right. You remember that word. What do you do for fugard like? It's it's supposed to be like. Oh yes you are. I don't know where that came from. Mental Library of sorts collaborated mid West. Do you have another cue. Oh yeah this is from at Brit Gal pugh grape gouge. You sorry I really mispronounce that how do you I hope find joy within. How do you help people find joy within themselves and stop relying on you for their joy? Welding whoa Britney Swans hidden hidden close to the homestead. Yeah this is super abandoned. My past but very much also it can still arise sometimes now. So how do you say that say that again so I can clarify. How do you you help? Other people find their joy. When they're relying on you? Yes this is GonNa be one of the hardest things that you will hear and that is is sometimes you have to create a massive boundary Remove yourself from the situation not be there for them in the same way that you were. Yeah not let them lean on you because they're leaning because you're allowing it because you're showing up as a constant pillar in something in your life and our G or way of acting is telling them that they can lean on you and you will show up or support them in that way so this is completely an ownership thing of oh I continue due to allow them to throw this burden of me being their purpose and joy and it's going to require either a conversation or energetic cut off and also a physical cut off meaning like if they are texting you if they're saying things like I I don't see you enough. Why when when you're seeing them you have to tell them why that makes you feel a certain way like you know what life is busy? I love you you I want to support you but when you say this sometimes I can feel. This is how it can make me feel whether you are meaning to do that or not. I understand Dan. You may not be meaning to make me feel that way at all but it makes me feel like I'm not enough for you. And I'm focused on X Y and Z right. Now now I love you. What's a way that we could You know have a win win conversation and see each other and see if we can compromise on that you know something something around that how about for you. Have you ever had a loved one. Your Mom your dad a spouse a friend a friend from the past like really really rely on you further joy yes. I think this happened as when I got married. I had to remind or one of my older friends. WHO's like my mom's age Had to remind when you're not responsible for other peoples happiness. Yeah so you can't be like. Oh why isn't this person having a good time. Or why aren't they more joyful or DA DA and it's not up to you you take that. What is that burden? Yeah it's a huge burden and if someone's relying on you like that's on them toiling. I don't know how to stop it. I think it's just kind of mentally checking in with yourself and Giving yourself some space from them. You Know I. I've literally a million percent. I've had to sit at like dinners lunches. Whatever that looks like with a big group of people whether whether it's family or friends or whatever where there is one person who is not having any fun in the whole group is having fun right and here's what I used to do? And here's where what I still fall into the trap of. I'm a huge people pleaser. I WanNa make sure that person is okay. I take it on as my responsibility just like you just said and and what would normally happen is I would take my focus away from having fun and all the joy that I'm having with everyone else and I would focus i. I would just hone in on that one person. I'd start to be like what's wrong. I'd start not even say what's wrong. I'd start to try to make them laugh. I'd put all of my energy into into making them have a better experience and they wouldn't or I'd put all my focus there even though maybe I'm still talking to other people. All of my focus would be like. They're not having fun. Oh my God I feel their energy. Oh my gosh this is awful. Oh this is ruining my time. Why aren't they having fun? This is terrible. And maybe they're sitting there with their arms crossed and I'm just like so bent out of shape over this one one person not having a good time and then I talk about it in the car on the ride home and then I carry it the next day. I'm not like I. It happens quite often often in different situations whether that's just in your business life or whatever that is what you focus on is what you experience and you cannot control or take the responsibility responsibility. No matter what no matter where you are if you are showing up in a way that is positive and you've done your work and maybe maybe the party is your our party. If you know that you've done what you can to create a good environment. It is not your job to be the person who make sure someone is feeling included. It's so so hard it's literally not like if you've done your work on like inviting people like getting people to go like going up and talking to them once or whatever that looks like yeah it is not your job to go around and hold their hand or make sure that they are okay like so I am going to ignore it The best that I can Dan. That's all you can do. You can only do so much. I'm not GonNa let it run me and my joy anymore. Yeah it's a mean person included them. You invited them. You're are surrounded by joyful people. Then it's like hey it's up to you to totally shoes joy or not in this moment totally or that one person who always like needs attention. And if they're not getting the attention they pout. Yes yeah that one. Yup I thought off cutting you off. Sorry I've been there before to bend the person who's a powder me me too so as much as I'm preaching I'm also preaching to myself because I definitely do that with Adam. Meyer paying attention to me. Oh yeah that used to be a huge you saying in the beginning of course is marriage. I was just like needed. Oh it was bad. Oh real bad so silly now. I'm just like oh she he entertained. It cuts me off so I'm like oh I actually know that now when I act that way. I'm like getting cut off quick right so he taught me that he was not going to reward my shitty ass behavior. Yeah so you need to teach that person and look at it now. We now do not do that anymore. On our marriage average like ever so now like that is what you will do for that person in the beginning. It's GonNa feel terrible. You're gonNA feel like massive asshole. Yeah but you're not you're not. You're you're actually teaching them that you're not going to reward that behavior by giving them attention. That's what happens. That's why a toddler or child keeps acting out as if you keep rewarding matt attention now I don't have kids so someone with kids is like you're an idiot. I don't have kids either but I've seen it happen. It's like we're warning my dog for whenever whatever she goes to the kitchen I give her a treat now because she's now trained me that she keeps barking at me. And I give in if I wouldn't have given in like my brother in law nick when it comes over and he's like you are. This is ridiculous your so your dog. Has You trained. Because he has such a like. He's a good dog that he's a good dose of mine. The very disciplined the dog is so good waffles on the other hand runs my show. Sodas George he runs my life. Oh for sure she she has now Evans started barking at me at night like around. Oh Yeah so then I go get her one and then I sat down and then she starts growling and barking at me. You serious. It's it's it's gotTa stop. I don't think I should stop though. Because waffles serves all the trees. I totally agree. I yell at her I go. Why are you bullying me? And then she does it bore and I go. We'll get more tree. Yeah because she's just so thank you so if this is a telltale sign of what I'll be like with my children it's going to be a great. Yeah it's going to be real bad. Well what do you think what do you think are we done. What are we doing? You know let's go to some wisdom. Oh you should go I go I feel like I feel like what's your wisdom around joy in the holiday season. It's the holidays Doodoo. Deluded literally meaning Batum Hickory doc I believe they say in the Hickory decorate like who says Hickory Duck. Oh Yeah don't forget to linebacker. Clocks feuded owens like that's not what they say But all right yeah I like it I liked it Joy around the holiday season. Damn give yourself some grace because each you if you have five ten twenty extra pounds on enjoy your life You could die tomorrow Jerry. I'm just being honest like we do not take it serious enough that our lives do not last that long and nobody gives a rip about if your if you've gain a couple pounds or how you show up at the party. Can you and you know what else cancel party if you need to to be on. Nobody actually cares if they're not sorry. Sorry we don't care for your there. It's true like when people cancel on me for parties. I'm a little disappointed for like thirty seconds. And then I'm like great. The the people who are there are going to be great right and if someone is disappointed or upset like it does someone's always going to be disappointed or upset but your mental health and your actual health is literally everything so give yourself some grace cancelled party if you need to but if you cancel don't feel guilty if you know you're going to sit home I'm on the couch feeling more guilty than if you like worse at home than if you went just go yeah just go buck up put your ornament underwear on and you get your ass out there. Those ornament on these will really help. Yeah totally and like we said if it's an awkward situation you tuten rockaway. Yeah you just get diarrhea. That's a great way to get out of a book. I got diarrhea. Yeah to be totally honest and if you really want to actually get diarrhea you could. There's stuff that I take. It's called calm the doses one teaspoon. But you could take like four four teaspoons. Don't do that well if you really want to get out of it and be like no no I really have it like like some people are on here like I can't lie like that. So yeah if you want to create a if you want to create a truth by the way if you're GonNa ask me about calm it. It is the world's best like method to go to the bathroom in the morning and to fall asleep at night. Because I can't remember what's in it starts with an M. magnesium magnesium magnesium so it's like you can get at whole foods. This is not an ad but my got our. If they'd sponsor the podcast win that just be the best. If a Poop inducer her answers questionably awesome. Yes because I think it's very on brand it so on Brando on brand then maybe we could also find a natural poop. Spray goes hand in hand. Could be like we're going to give you treat and we're gonNA cover that treat up. Yes and this time of year. There's a lot of pooping on there is and maybe we could find something poop spray that smells like gingerbread cookies. Warm warm gingerbread cookies. That does not I don't like that. Oh well the heat is provided by. You just wants to stop talking talking about it. But wouldn't that be nice. Fill like wait. That's the bathroom but were you begging baking gingerbread in there as a matter of fact I did you know we could start calling it the bakery. Chris calls it the woodshed. Why did you visit the woodshed? And I'm like absolutely I. Maybe lots of ashamed. That is the most ridiculous thing and I love it so stupid. Awful an amazing so anyway which I'm like. Yep Did we meet our quota for talk today. We just did a good job. We need to meet her all right guys so I'm so oh so grateful for all of the people who've stayed on this long. I know you guys deserve a medal. You really do and until next time make it questionably. Nably awesome yeah goodbye. Everyone by happy holidays holidays. Thank you guys so much for spending this time with me on the earn. Your your happy podcast. I am so glad that you stopped by. If you could take one second to share this episode with someone you think would love it. That would be absolutely absolutely amazing and we would be forever grateful. Also please leave us a review. If you feel so moved by going to I tunes and leaving us an honest thought and honest comment tall us what you think. Tell us what you want to hear. More of. It would really help us out on our journey to helping thousands and thousands of people until then. Don't forget to earn your happy Thanksgiving guys bye bye mm-hmm.

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