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Partly interruptions, that I'm Mike von most people have the day off for we are here to put in work. I'm Tony Kornheiser, speak yourself a male in this one in. No come on day. Gonna remember you for something mail, and then I should have worn shorts today. I don't know what to do in Chicago. This is the governor. No, it's sixty rain is the first PT memorial. We've ever done. Right. It's the first one I've ever done. Yeah. He too. We used to always get this day off not gonna stay you're wise. It is. They banished us, whether the PTI boys and girls, today's episode the NBA finals, set the Stanley Cup finally begins and Mike and Tony maybe feeling the heat, but we begin today with the surprise team in the NBA finals, the Toronto Raptors they won four straight over the favored, Milwaukee Bucks, and they will play Golden State. The raptors led all series by Leonard who many assumed to be a one and done in Toronto after game six that win that won the series, the president of the raptors Masai Eugene Lowry said to the assembled crowd, quote, he's the best player in the league and we're happy he's in Toronto on quote will bond us making the finals change wise future in Toronto as part of its own is part of it evolving situation and being in Toronto, a lot over the past couple of weeks. And. Talking to messiah, Jerry and others around in Toronto. Man, I mean, I get the feeling that's Ronald got a real chance the Rapids, every real chance, Tony when you stay in there and you hear an entire country, serenade you and they serenade it, and it was sincere. And it was authentic. And who I mentioned you Jiri by name? And there's something that player there's a romance or legitimate one. I'm not saying I know where he's going because nobody knows where he's going. But Tony it's impossible, so be into Rondo on a game night, and watch him play and the reaction between him and them. And not think, really, you want to leave this. What the uncertainty of even the clippers who are on the up-tick. I can see the other thing happening. I can't. So I understand why you Jerry would say this. He wants to keep him of Koran. Oh, made the biggest trade in the NBA last year at the at the end of it when they took. Demar derozen because damore bureaus and then Kyle Lowry had been bad in the playoffs. Toronto was getting swept year after year. And they said to derozen with trading, you, we're going to pick up Leonard even though Leonard is going to be a free agent. We may only have them for one year. The result is they have gone further than they have ever gone before. So if you asked me, the question, does it change his status what I would say to you was when LeBron went back to Cleveland and won. The people in Cleveland said, it's okay to go now Toronto's never been this far. I think the people in Toronto would look at Kuwait, Leonard and say, if you want to go home to California, we understand. And thank you for helping us get over the hump that we could never get over before. That's the second speech. That's the concession speech. Well politicians, nor athletes, look for the concession, I they win I only he's not LeBron at Toronto in Cleveland. And again spending some time near the past. Couple of weeks while this is unfolding. I don't know. But I feel that this must be in Kowa Leonard's head in heart. You cannot be there on any game night, and not sense. The love affair a very touching one don't know what it's going to mean. But by the way messiah Jerry better be executive the year 'cause he took a gamble on Kawai Leonard promise and lynyrd appreciates that because he's told. Tony. I don't know where it's going man, but it's fascinating. All right. So I'm gonna try to elicit a pick out of us different from everybody else's. The Las Vegas oddsmakers want. No part partly Toronto Rapids in the finals just like they wouldn't know part of the raptors against Milwaukee in the Eastern Conference finals, the warriors have been offered nine days which suggests rust, at least in game one Kevin Durant will not be walking through that door. Not immediately anyway. And the raptors led by the wondrous Karai Leonard are easily the field. Good underdog story these playoffs. So let's get to a big fellow you're going to man up. You're gonna pick the only team in basketball with the home country advantage, aren't you number one? No not going to do that. And number two, I thought you didn't believe in that Vegas junk, look, I don't I'm gonna pick Golden State. I'm gonna say that Golden State is gonna take one of the first two games in Toronto and get home field back. I, I thought that they would have more problems with Milwaukee because. To rent? I don't think the Rams play. And again, in the I don't you and I are sort on that. I think that onto the Colombo could not be guarded without Durant. Whereas I think Kawhi Leonard who's been great in the playoffs. He's averaged thirty one game throughout the whole of the play offs. I think Draymond green or Klay Thompson, I think they can get with him a little bit more easily. So I will take Golden State in terms of feel good stories. I think the way Golden State went through Houston and the way they went to Portland without Durant to me. That's not an underdog and overdose. Feel-good story was the certainly the story as well. Tony Golden State with sweat Milwaukee because by now you should have seen that, if Toronto can build a wall, and just say to answer Cuco. That's nice. You're nice guy. Come back with a jump shot. And we'll talk about this again. Sometime later. But Toronto, Tony has more diversity in that lineup. If there's a night where for why Leonard doesn't have a big game and he's only had one of those nights. They played without him. Twenty two times. Fifteen times what we now, call whatever that thing load management. Whatever it is. They played without him. They understand. And do they play differently when he's not there, but he was going to be there. And so even tell you this great player, even if Kevin Durant was there. Kevin Durant is not better than Kawhi Leonard. Neither one is better. They're both two of the four maybe three best players in the NBA. And the Wilders out there they got a chance. I think win, I'm gonna say, Golden State and Sykes. Okay, but I'm not gonna you'll wake up every morning at ten o'clock to while the highlights say, oh my God. I'm shot. I'm shocked to Ronald's in this. I can't believe they may be deal. No money in it. They may be in it. The other team is better than the other team is going for history. They're going for three in a row and four to five in their going dynasty, and don't discount that don't discuss soldier, Golden State. I think Houston chronicle is reporting that almost every one of Mike dantonio assistance. On the Houston Rockets, including defensive specialist. Jeff is delic- have been released and will not be back. Rockets owner Tillman for Titas said earlier this month that he intends to keep dance owning who has one year remaining on his contract and Tony publicly expressed the desire to extend that contract, two more years. We'll on a fewer dantonio, and you just saw your assistance can how would you feel about your status in Houston? Well, it depends if they were Chand or you said, we got to make some big changes here and I understand starting with my own staff. We don't know what order this was done. We don't know if Dan, Tony signed off on this or not not yet from the reporting we have today. So to me, this doesn't happen. Let's Mike, Dan. Tony has some say I mean that does the Houston Rockets don't strike me as that kind of organization. They are not dysfunctional. They haven't been able to win a championship lately, but they seem to know what they're doing. So you're saying Tony has a hand in the releasing of these assists. If not a hand in a nod. I mean, I don't think you're Mike dantonio, you've got some. You said I want this job. I want to do that. I wanna keep drying, right? We got a Roth. After I got a GM, who knows how to acquire people and shake things up. You don't you don't just just walk in the office. One day, this is not the Lakers saying, oh, by the way, you gotta bring in malaria, and curly. This is not that so Tony. I think that might didn't Tony has expressed publicly and privately he wants his job. I take him at his word if I'm like, Tony. I stay if I've got James harden, Chris Paul if I just one fifty three games, and the only team I lose to Golden State, which is being incredible dynasty. I stay if you don't want me, fire me, and give me the money but I want to stay there because I've got a good team. And if you don't if you're Houston, and if you're Maury or you're the owner of somebody goes to want their and Tony you. Tell me who's going to be better. Mike Dan, Tony. Here's a number. You might like his last three seasons in Houston. He's one hundred seventy three and seventy three. You think Kurt Rambus would likely plus one hundred Byron Scott Tim Floyd? I would like to be plus one hundred. So fun, Dan, Tony. I stay the mission just real quickly in the in the assessment of that team how they get along. Would you consider trading? Chris Paul to LeBron. And the Lakers because, you know, LeBron. And Chris, Paul love each other admire respect each other on off the court are very, very, very, very, very, very, very close friend. I might do that. Do you make that deal? I might put that, you know, but I want fifty three games and I want that team again. Yeah. I agree with that. Nobody we've discussed in today's show had the impact on a sport for a half century the way, Bart Starr, did he passed away yesterday at the age of eighty five and saddens a lot of us of a certain age that the greatest Packer quarterback ever is largely forgotten. So put away your culture of now and remember this star one five in a field championships, including the first two Super Bowls, twenty you grew up watching the best of Bart star. What are the thoughts that come to mind? Well, I mean Bart star is one of the all-time great. So I don't know if you will agree with this. I think he was the greatest of all the run. I quarterbacks because he had Jim Taylor, and he had Paul Horning. And he didn't have to throw the ball over the place. I would differentiate him from Johnny United. So I think it was the first of the past, I quarterbacks and they were contemporaries. He Tom Brady now has the amount, or maybe one more championship aboard star people have to understand this. That's the NFL didn't start with the Super Bowl. There was a rich history of the NFL before the Super Bowl and Bart star is a pivotal person in the rich history of the NFL. Tony he is. He's talking about quarterbacks. I grew up on the wrong end of a rivalry featuring Bart star. I shouldn't say wrong in the bears in that era have more championships than even the Green Bay Packers. But they those teams dominated things and Bart Starr, you just use to watch them. And it was he to me is a difference between quarterback and. You name some of the great quarterbacks and passer. Right. Guys are now passers because they don't even they don't call their own place. Vince Lombardi, trusted Bart Starr to call his own place. There was no getting in the quarterbacks head until twenty seconds left. Is this Bart Starr, dude, he was so great? And he was on a cast of great players. I've been in Green Bay and sat in the press box and been able to listen to fuzzy Thurston and Jerry Kramer, and the golden boy, Paul warning and just talk about Bart star and their time was within quick. Within question leader. Well enough question leader, a little history for the kids out there before there was Joe naming who was an Alabama all American. There was barred star before Brett farve and Aaron Rodgers won championships. Green star born star. Here's Bart Starr played for bear, Bryant, and Vince Lombardi, okay, still keys been there done that. Right. Yes. And so when people wanna start Packer history with, like, Dom, McAliskey move. No Arben Aaron Rodgers forever. The Rogers are great did did their great great, great, great great all time greats parts. But in that state Tony, you've been a Green Bay enough, you know, reverence in which Bart Starr is held and justify we, let's take a break, but coming up the Stanley Cup final begins tonight. We'll Bruins goalie to arrest still be hot after eleven days off late. Joy actually possibly on baseball. That would be a shame because it was a great player. Great rate play. Technology truth brought to you by Geico. Truth. You think you can solve any problem by turning a computer all and on him? And it's something wrong with your laptop now. Just need to turn it off and on. It's no problem. It's smoking. Yeah, that's museum. Eastern reboot truth. It's so easy to switch and save on car insurance at geiko dot com. And Nelson fire Evans all the time. It's all good. Geico. Fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more. Final starts tonight. And we're thrilled to welcome back to the program. Our friend, Barry, Melrose, and Barry. Let me start with this to caress has been sensational in the net for the Bruins. He has been the hot goalie, but the goalie stay hot forever. The layoff is unbelievable. It is eleven days. Can we expect the goalie to still be hot? If that long layoff, just is going to affect the Bruins. I'm not going to sit here and say they're going to come out and they're going to be as good as they were the last game against Carolina. But they gotta get through the first period, get their legs to caress us. A feel some shots, Saint Louis has to come on jump on in this eleven day layoff that will create some Russ that will create a team. That's not quite ready to play, so of Saint Louis comes out jumps on them. Maybe get an early lead take that into the second period, the blue or the Boston Bruins will be trying to come out get their legs and make this first period nothing nothing one nothing. Maybe Saint Louis, something like that. But it will affect them. Eleven days off is unheard. This time of the year in the NHL, we're used to two days off and playing every second day. So this is going to be a very big test for the Boston Bruins to be ready in the first period. Saint Louis has to take advantage of the rest of Boston. Bruins have come out and take the lead early. That means the blue is going to be depending on somebody early named Jordan Bennington. He was the fourth guy on the depth chart and gold. At goaltender ferry. How does he make it this far? What are the combination of circumstances? Well, it's a great story. He was the guy that wasn't a blue chip prospect. He played in the east coast league. The lowest rung of the NHL developmental teams then he went to the American League they wanted to send them back to the east coast league. He said, no, I don't want to go, so they found him a place to play in providence, which is a Bruins farm team. And then when Craig, ruby came in, they try goaltender after goaltender after goaltender, none of them work. So he brought in his bidding been kid from providence and the guy's been unbelievable since he came into the NHL since he came in and played for the Saint Louis blues to give them great goaltending every week every game. And he's taking the number one job, and he hasn't given it back. Other guys dried, they put other guys back in, but Bennington wins wherever he goes, and he came in into the playoffs people wanting well, he won't be able to do this, in the playoffs playoffs hockey's tough the checkings, too good shooters, are too good. He's been just as good in the playoffs as he was during the regular season. So without a doubt, the MVP of the, of the Saint Louis blues has Bennington. No one else, we've got other good stories sports as a good story. Bennington is the reason that this team is in the playoffs playing for the Stanley Cup final no doubt about the kid has been fantastic. Very another big part of the Boston. Bruins is Brad marshawn. I mean some ninety is just a stud. But then there are times when he's a face licking irritant. I cannot decide whether to just like him in wonder what he does or just hate him. What is the deal with him? He's like that. He's an agitated. He's a guy that makes people mad. I'm sure he makes his own team mad. I'm sure he makes his own management mad. We know that they've talked to him on numerous occasions about his antics on the ice. But he's maturing a this year has been a lot better than the previous years. So I think the Boston Bruins are getting to the bottom line, though, is, he's one of the best left-wingers in the world. This guy is a goal scoring machine. He kills penalties him him in Burs, Ron of the top two penalty killers not many teams top two offense of players are also their top two penalty killers the Boston Bruins have that luxury marchant is unbelievable hockey player. So if you're a Boston Bruins fan, love them. And if you're not a Boston Bruins fan, hate him, he doesn't really care and the Boston. Bruins don't care. But the bottom line is, he's one of the best players in the world and the Boston Bruins love having them on their team. I will get you out of here in this. We see ice behind you. We know that the game finally after seems like months is going to start berry which way are you leaning right now? I'm a I'm a believer in the Boston. Bruins, I think they're a little bit better than the Saint Louis blues, I think it's going to be a great series, their mere image of each other. They believe in the same things they talk about the same things that coaches talk about the same things. They want good defense. They want good goaltending. They want disciplined don't want teams to take bad penalties. They want to take the other teams passing routes away through the middle of the rink there, just the stress the exact same things. This is the future of the NHL all teams was small forwards and slick forwards are gone. The big bullies now are playing the guys that are six three six four. Those are the guys that are scoring two goals. Those are the guys that are checking. So these two teams believe in the same things they talk about the same things play the exact same style. And it's going to be which team does that style better. I like to goaltending of the Boston. Bruins a little bit better than I like to go tending, the Saint Louis blues, I like to defense of Saint Louis a little bit better than the Boston Bruins, and I like the forwards of the Boston. Bruins in the special teams better than the Saint Louis blues. So with all that being said, I like the Boston Bruins in six game. Thank you so much for being with us, Barry, and thanks you going to those earphones, so you could actually hear us. Thank you. How do I look them on guys? The very very good. Let's take one list, but still to come wilpon breaks down, today's two hundred million dollar match between ask them Jill off and Darby county. Were they playing each other at the French Open, if not Kornheiser details? The innovative strategies Simon Pasi no utilize to win the Indy five hundred has, you know passing the accident. And the other one I think you're not lacking is not funny. He no it's Hachinohe. I got him being Latin. No. Happy time. People have sixty fifth birthday Jackie Slater Slater made the Pro Bowl at offense of tackle for the Los Angeles, where him seven times, and was first team all NFL, three times those credentials got Slater into the hall of fame beyond the numbers, though, where the interesting facts that Slater was a college teammate of Walter Payton, Jackson state, and then Slater son. Matthew was a seven time, Pro Bowl selection, and four time all NFL selection at special teams for the New England Patriots man. That's I mean special teammate special jeans, Slater, just surrounded by greatness, it, helping produce greatness to out to careers, Tony college, and the NFL happy anniversary to Robert ory shot around the state seventeen years ago yesterday after both Kobe, and Shaq misbehave -sential gametime shots in game for the Western Conference finals against the kings, the ball got tapped out to Ori who hit a three. For the win. This was in part, how Ori earned the nickname big shot, Bob. Oh, there were plenty of those Tony, I covered that series, which ended a great controversy later, and in time, Tony, it has come to be one of the great series of all time in the NBA a melancholy trails to Bill Buckner the well-known first baseman died today at age sixty nine from a condition called Lewy body dementia. Buckner played twenty two years in the majors. Mostly with the dodgers cubs and Red Sox, he was the National League batting champion in one thousand nine hundred eighty and retired with twenty seven hundred and fifteen minutes. But everything else he didn't his career was overshadowed by the ground ball. He went through his legs in game six of the nine thousand nine hundred eighty six World Series against the Mets had Buckner caught that ball. The Red Sox would have ended a sixty eight year championship drought. The Red Sox lost game seven and Buckner went into baseball lore is one of the tragic figures, along with Fred Merckel, and Ralph Branka Buckner face this head on and stoically forgotten all of. This is that he was a really good player. Tony Los interesting. I wouldn't argue a word about how it ended up with Boston. But here in Chicago, he went batting championship in nineteen eighty I think he hit three twenty four, but there's nothing that we at all, but walks around here, people sharing his number was even different. You didn't win number six with the cubs and dodgers. He wore twenty two, I think, in both places, and a different figure completely historically from one place to the other showing you there with baseball, still all things are pretty much local. We're running out of show, we go to the big finish Aston Villa beaten Darby counting to win promotion to the Premier League today. Are you happy for them? We know the bucks owner Wes Edens part, owner of Aston Villa sense. It could be a two hundred million dollar game. Tony. That's enormous Simon passionate won the Indy five hundred. You do watch you impress. I watched a lot of it idea. Listen, he's the only the second Frenchman to ever win. The I was guest on Chevrolet in one thousand nine hundred twenty that Chevrolet. Yes, then Watson faces a four game suspension. PD's. How should the patriots feel about that? Well, not betrayed. He told people more than one club but certainly the patriots. Here's what happened to. Why wasn't even planning to come back? So he's told me is going to be out four games. I guess he will be the rest soccer disappear joy on the sixty day injured list thought I hope he comes back, I don't want wouldn't take out by Manny Machado this ways a spark plug in an MVP last one one hundred days until the Packers. The NFL excited, aren't you now know in four days, the cardinals in the cubs, his Saint Louis, I'm excited about baseball baby out of time, trying to better the next time on Sony Kornheiser. I'm Michael Barr back on the mothership tomorrow. Knuckleheads, you can get the podcast on the apple podcast.

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