The Future of The Camaro + Shelby GT500 Carbon Fiber Package


This season when it feels like everyone around you is getting sick I used Samba call it's also or my kids favorite the great tasting Gumy's so this cold and flu season support guys today we really get into the new Ford Mustang yeah the one on the road course multiple runs in the quarter mile so he's all over that car available for versus what's available now and day first off good I'll talk about bet online dot g man. Nfl College football plus World Take Advantage of the best bonuses in the business use the Promo Code podcast one for fifty percent awards to give out each week the five listeners and five thousand go nine and our against Arizona I say thirty four fourteen locking in use doc oh come to pass across matt the motivator the Andrea Sherr the GT five hundred new twenty twenty five hundred and yeah shelby had a they one of the options maybe Russo coming up is it a sixty eight or whatever it is but it's the newer one I glanced at shelby these days with with the forty Ferrari movie coming out and your around the movie and stuff like that because they probably didn't even know about the movie when they started planning this I'm as we speak I'm going to beat the Peterson Museum Interviewing Matt Damon Christian I saw the GT five hundred unveiled on and finally the Interior in the stance in the exterior that's Oh the Kona blue 'cause they had you know what I recall it's a mean looking car and it's fantastic and it has like all the cool things wheels in sixteen and a half inch diameter breaks dusting and a half inch thing ever made it's one of the best sports cars ever made and and San Francisco and drive it through the canyons to Carmel Valley Ranch and have a nice dinner go out to Las Vegas Motor speedway and there's twenty or twenty five blue and I know it's a it's a great fantastic lineup you do like a canyon run them up lap you do three high speed runs and then a cool down lap seven sixty horsepower I drove both the normal version and the carbon pack the Emanuel's anyway and it's good it's really that long ago if you want them to perform well and to handle they have all you know normal mode sport mode track mode they have launched it's a comfortable as anything else out there is what what's the base on that car five hundred with a handling pack and in the eighties and if you want the carbon pack and arts on it and has the carbon fiber wheels right what were you doing point three seconds and runs ten seventies in the quarter mile we went out to las them off but getting out there used the line lock which is fantastic to asked Mustang drag racer guy out there I think he managed a ten eighty yeah so that's a good question because the demon is is a drag race vehicle career seed to lead I don't actually know what it runs in bring him down to twenty five pounds or anything we just ran it right off the showroom stock Yam a look but again that's what the drag the point is this if so good around the road course I did a few laps and then I rode they they they did point out that the carbon pack the carbon fiber wheels they said that the Magna ride is tuned rotors and in carbons rose what does it mean they said all things being the standard wheel just that alone once you dial it in with that lightweight a few pounds but that's in the middle of a car yeah but you do the rams and the rotors the weight savings between the carbon rams just rims three and a half pounds or something I it's probably not that great oh I think is probably about thirty five forty pounds in the carbon fibers are probably twenty Dan is you can take four pounds off with like a two piece of good to peace rotor if you're just talking about the rims will try to figure out the rams anyway air to that but you know people are going to be slapping on superchargers and stuff and arguably it's in the normal car and two point nine with the Z.. fifty-one handling package had that Edmund purchased they have on order I way because they wanted both cars to be roughly around the same price range when you could be the Mustang just the noise I like you know it's it's yeah I a young and going through the gas embargo and fuel line they'd have nineteen ninety will have no more fuel and stuff like that and and also who was horrible for the car it's horrible for Mustang horrible for outright let's say my kids my son hang the Z car that will be available to him yeah we'll be world am shits right so I remember being a car enthusiasts Camaro with the tee tops and all that new like it was it was a but it was on the Ford lightning from ninety four and ninety five and you're flipping through the pages enters the quotes Keller I drive my lightning all the time it's a hunk of shit like it's the roughest muscle car world that's all this cafe fuel mileage Russian on everything and and everything was a slug corvette had horsepower but and it's the tuned so I'm sitting around going Har era is in our rear view over ten years now and all we're going to do ah nothing we'll have no funeral and the things that we even slower because cars slower and all I could see what's the graph was going just going at times man they didn't eighty seven eighty eight just kept getting Satanic nineteen ninety they just and the notion that they're hell cats and SUV's Lincoln navigators got four hundred ninety four horsepower. Whatever twenty-one vehicles that have five hundred horsepower plus yeah that are readily you always like to say once you start to threaten to take away at the popularity of those vehicles to enthusiasts is is still extremely high you want these cars they sell a hundred and something thousand of these year so they just need to sell a we can all have our mustangs and Camaros in sports cars and well I'm GonNa Tease Camaro because Sorta high shoulder trend something that we seem it'll be yeah feel like Mustang Obviously Mustang and and corvette of up their game considerably feel like no matter what no matter what you've done to that two thousand I'll tease it but tell me what you think Camaros next I mean Camaro has got to be sitting around Tommy John Max Pat I need the weight of a forged aluminum Ram in contrast Tommy John Lots underwear brands they claim big impair sold ninety six percent of the customer ratings or four stars plus fumbling time feather light air dry I mean I'll wear mine awareness I run and I don't get the chafing so where the next day the man the stuff is yeah hurry to Tommy John Dot com slash car cast now to get twenty percent off your first order that's yeah from the forged rams to the carbon fibers that true just the rams no not talking about rotor brake package yeah it's so kind of disappointing news is the Camaro is coming to at the Camaro is Camaro sales are down right now and and all these brands have endured for years argosy corvette and I don't know if you there was one year at one drive me nuts but I wanna say eighty three Mustang uninterrupted should've stopped in regathered at some took some time off supra took some

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