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416 - Emmeline Pankhurst (live)


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She was the oldest of ten her father. Robert ran got a printing business and was very well off okay. He was a member of the Liberal Party. Sure both parents were activists. EMELINA was fourteen when her mother Sylvia took her to suffrage meeting. Okay well early. Something tells me you still have that attitude but the family is still very traditional at fifteen. Emily went to a progressive school in Paris as one does as kids do for shirt after back in Manchester she fell in love with Richard Pankhurst. Okay what about you for those. Who Don't know Bugalo Emily was twenty. Richard was forty four. That is wow. Why wouldn't they talk about? He was very well known in Manchester. He was a barrister. Is You guys call it. which is a weird word? A member of the National Association in a for the Promotion of social science the Royal Statistical Society the Manchester Chamber of Commerce on and on about all right mover Shakar forty four. She's four she's doing. I'm still thinking about the age. Yep he believed in redistribution of wealth. Let's Nash nationalized land abolishing the monarchy. He didn't do it spoiler still none of those happen. Yeah it's it's an exciting actually getting worse and that women should be able to vote and it hasn't happened either so they got got married and she cranked out five. Kids pretty quick cranked hurts but keep going crank. She's not Jack in the box You don't know how dragging the box works to turn the crank. It's pretty hard to not understand how jack in the box works. Let's see so there's Christabel Sylvia Adela Franken Harry. Who are the kids okay band? I'm Elaine took her kids to women's activists meetings Richard ran for parliament. Her name's I'm Alina normally. I took the kids to the activists meetings. Or if you've ever parliament parliament. He lost eight hundred eighty four. They moved to London Okay in eighteen ninety five and ran for parliament again. He didn't have the money to bribe voters with alcohol. It doesn't stand a chance. That's the whole platform. And his Tory opponent. Put Out handbills calling him. Quote an atheistic corrupter of Christian Jin virtue which is probably a fair right. It's the guy I vote for the name of a good party join. Yeah this guy sounds like he realized fuck and hang out. Sure does so Richard Lost K and eighteen eighty nine. The bankers and friends created the women's Franchise League the WFL. Okay wrestling what this quarter. Emily obviously probably it was. This organization was to be more aggressive than other women's organizations. They thought the other organizations trying to women's vote were a little lackluster. Yeah they were pussyfoot. Pena's footing penis footing. Yeah they held meetings things at their home sure on a lien was terrified of public speaking. Emily was that's Dave. Dave terrified light of public speaking on only feeling rage after after a meeting one meeting being Richard yelled at her quote. Why don't you force us to give it a vote? Why don't you scratch our eyes out so it was a good marriage? Yeah so he's yeah. That's that's cool. That's got to feel good especially what he's twenty four years old or you don't feel like as a parent. Well that's what you do. It doesn't take creepy sort of teacher. Bad Student Vibe. Now go to bed ED. I love all my Lord. Sweet God This had an impact. They moved back to Manchester in Nineteen ninety-four Richard left the Liberal Party joined. The Independent Labour party ran as an IOP candidate. Okay was his platform now to get people hammered. Because I'm telling you that's a good one. Yeah I know yeah I know. I'm a lean organize free canteens for the unemployed floyd. Okay but her father was embarrassed when he saw her husband father. No sorry easy mistake. Very Easy Dad's younger so it's easy. It's one of those. Yeah her husband's giving your father career advice. I Keep Your Chin Up. You're GONNA be kept me to come to my office Thursday. Bring your resume resume talk. We'll we'll do some talking. I'm GonNa go bang your daughter. WHO's so young? who was so young but she's so good in bed like if you get to my agent and find someone that young young in ten years? When you're my age you will meet someone? Oh my God my daughter. Oh that'd be fun just doing a little math on your joke here. It's not going rate. So follow is embarrassed when he saw her standing on a cart and public giving out food to the poor and of course. That's mortifying could you imagine. Oh my God you'll catch it. No no proper woman did such thing now. That's right her parents and some of her siblings did not speak to her again. Well it's fucking gross like it is supporters supposed to die. You don't stand on something higher than the street and hand them food. Yeah no fucking animal are you. Yeah yeah it does sound Oracle. Hello Emily and began volunteering at a local workhouse for the poor quote. These little girls were clad summer winter in and thin cotton frocks low in the neck and short sleeved at night. They wore nothing at all. nightdresses were being considered too. Good for poppers. Wow Oh wow so you know you just gotta go birthday Costume Birth Akasha if you're poor or orphaned French wishing I just know close. Yeah it's cool. It's a good vibe for sure. Yeah yeah well. It's nice to telecommute that they're they're they're not good enough for night-clothes anyway. That could potentially have some comes on. No but I'm so coated side of so-called. Maybe I should have been born into another class. You work to be. Are you Tori. You're not a Tory. No my name's Aaron with an E. It's a very oliver vibe but for close yes I have a shirt. Another shoot sickening naked. Yeah it's weird. Emily no saw. I mean that's a different movie emily. Emily no saw the women's vote as a necessity. She's women would handle the situation a little bit better because they're impasse and logical. Though she didn't want poor women to have the vote interesting wine that was for middle class and upper class. Women then they would enact policies policies to help poor women So let me into the party. I'll sneak in the back. Yeah right I don't buy it in eighteen ninety eight Emma. EMELINA was in Geneva when a telegram came from Richard. Okay unbelie quote. Please come home. I am not well. What he's like one hundred is aging very quickly? While you were gone I put on fifty years so on the way home. She's riding the train and she sees another passengers newspaper paper and it says right there that Richard has died. Oh Jesus Christ talk about understanding your telegram which we've all all done. Who hasn't done that? I doubt if a perforated ulcer just right there please come home. I'm dead. That puts the gas on it. Yeah so she got a job and she raised the kids in nineteen. Oh three Christabel was studying law. But with a little bit of a hiccup here so you get a lot agree. But since she was a woman couldn't be a lawyer so the point of is that's what they tell you at the end of school like at graduation and Ou women have. This is where your road ends. This is it. Congratulations you've got a ahead full of knowledge and it's useless you can help your husband lawyers. Maybe but don't that would it be wrong. Little brains are not for that okay. The Sylvia was at the Royal College of Art. Adela was studying to become a teacher and then so our kids are grown up so so emily and decides to focus on getting the vote for women. Okay all three daughters still the same policy as the poor women. Don't vote. That really ended the poor woman get in the boat. All three daughters were onboard. Let's do this. And they came up with a plan for an organization it would not be a democracy. There would be permanent permanent leadership Did it really doesn't sound like a democracy. It's orders others from leaders could not be questioned David. Only women can join membership was one shilling. Women can work exclusively exclusively for this group until suffrage was one if they tried to promote other causes or work further causes. There'd be tossed out of the group if they questioned the group or orders they'd be tossed out of the group is about the royal family and this became the women's social and political I union okay W. P.. You really thought though it hit us hit something you thought your acronym was GonNa get it just a you might go. Oh yeah the W. P. U. H. W. whispers story. ooh Yeah your reference. I don't get wild with acronyms. And Not in that order either I I can acronym that you give me the acronym stands for Mica. I'm just giving you some notes. Chris Bell on Colleen and Jacob where the leaders women began speaking on Streets to people just passing by which was very weird word for them. Share for the people passing by. I think for the for both the women. That's not something that they ever did. They just climb on a stool and start Talkin. Can they mostly get heckled stuff like. Don't do that bad. Yeah and like its Gareth Chile that he tried so They would also they also started interrupting government meetings. Okay yelling we deserve the vote sure and the group grew and grew and grew. MP Cure Hardy. Hardy said he'd introduced a woman. Suffrage Bill in parliament. Okay he's like I'll do this. But the parliament's conservative control at this point right so he just kind of wanted to get hurt. Get it out there on the floor right on May Twelfth Nineteen five suffered just waited outside as the bill was the last on the schedule schedule for the day. Okay and then they sat outside And sat outside and it turned out the MP's were staging what I believe in England. It's called the talk out. Okay what we call a filibuster right where they were just chat chat chat and run out the time right and then the session ended it and when he came out to tell the women. The women heard the men in the background celebrating for preventing suffrage from being discussed. Okay okay so they hear men celebrating and they're like it's not good. I don't have a good vibe. Yeah so she goes back. A Arlene goes back to Manchester and cripple said Sir Okay and goes quote. I'm going to prison. Why back a choice like my law degree and we're going to be a convict? She's just let you in if you ask him. She's making a choice. I would like to live in jail at the liberal. Party's Manchester Campaign launch. The general election there was no mention of suffrage. So Chris Paul and Anne any are there and they stood up and shouted quote. Will the Liberal Party give votes to women. Crystal held a banner a few men encourage urge them but most yelled things like throw them out or set down you girls. Yeah this is a man. Talk Time it's weird because I've never thought of parliament is stuffy. Yeah or these people you know what I mean. It just seems a little out of character seem pretty open. They were asked if they're question A was answered at the end. If they would stay quiet a lie they can run the clock they agreed and they wrote down the question and handed to the guy to read read and then turns out he didn't answer it and then Sir. Edward Grey rose to close the meeting and Chris Paul and Anne stood up and shouted quote will the Liberal abro government. Give women the vote and then party. Stewart's grab them and drag them as they kicked and screamed out of the building some delegates slapped and pushed push them as they passed by one one man then punched Christabel in the back of the held and you yelled quote suffrage. I'll give us something to suffer for. Did you hear what I said. Yes yes yes I did really hit her head her her she was a woman talking. I understand I get out of here but you just really. That is the joke joke and what I love about the joke. Yeah is it doesn't need all the bells and whistles thank. You don't need to listen. Hurt hurt because you don't need to punch in the back of the head for that to work. That's a hat on a half. Yes but the bunching is you. Oh you curtis a man when you deliver she was asking for the vote was here I was here. I think you've misunderstood. What punchline punchline means do you say it your words do it? Yeah Um Yeah again. It's not a great look. Yeah all right. You're in your mode again outside. The police restrained their arms and five to get. It's absolutely time to restrain all breaking they meaning and they stood up and said absolutely crystal new to re- to get arrested jet to resist right but you couldn't because they were holding her arms so oh she turned around and spat in the officers face. Nice Nice Nice. But you couldn't get his dry so nothing in came out but the compostela what fuck and he arrested her to work so all right yeah so she mimes bat and he was. That'll do what does she had intent so they spent five days in prison and they wanted to go to jail eh to put some more press coverage have been pretty much ignored by newspapers but this made headline right well. Almost spits pits gotten mouth almost results in no prosecution stowed lady can't do it. Some papers tried to demean the women by calling them suffragettes mazing that some papers tried to demean them because that means that a a couple yet it well. There's some that weren't raising by calling him the suffragettes instead of suffrage ists and the women liked it and they were no I like that better. Yeah and so. They started calling themselves. Janse like yeah. It's got a little more rockets by yeah old friends from the Liberal Party Party chastise Arlene. Emily Oh yeah okay just rolls off the tongue. The job was threatened She got many letters however from women who are being treated you did a second class citizens and more and more women signed up right okay so memberships so bishop accomplish accomplish because membership triple right okay. Their house I became the headquarters and they went and heckled more politicians as much as they could all over women interrupted meetings and were thrown out usually violently the WSB his goal canoe to drink water. They knew hydrate. Before they're hiding. Now this bidders are happening Laghi practice run lougee drills you get ready for the war the WSB goal was to get publicity and with more publicity came more members there were now six suffrage groups with three hundred and fifty thousand members. Okay well so in nineteen zero six the liberal party one and W S P. U Headquarters moved to London. Okay so on. Opening Day parliament. They marched down to the House of Commons to sit in the ladies gallery. Okay Interesting Nice. It is as for ladies sure. Yeah yeah sure. They eventually the women to enter in groups of twenty to speak okay. Hundreds stood in the freezing rain for hours waiting their turn. This ashland so you just have to say people stood up. We know condition but after they all said what they want to say. No one in parliament took them up on there. 'cause okay these very in wealthy weird yeah quick Lawrence Emma Line. Sorry the very the wealthy malign quick Lawrence and her husband joined the WSB you okay and started a newspaper called votes for women in May nineteen. You know six. The House finally debated women's suffrage. Well all right fuck I make a progress right sure but I feel like you saying that means that it's not happening. No yeah well. That's the debate. The debate was more male politicians than was hilarious. That women would get involved. I've been politics. Of course it is always great for the men to debate the right. I don't want to be a lady. I've talked my penis between clean my legs and danced in the mirror. I familiar with the suffering. They've been through. The Guy fucked me in an alley Lord wait. I didn't sorry what was the. I don't know if you need to keep talking. I was thinking what I was a sailor. I was talking. Yes I remember the advice. I gave you fifteen seconds ago. I like stop talking. It feels nights. That's where I'm just saying no don't do that. We're talking about another thing entirely Dan. Where something soft abet once? Did you just smell your fingers. It's not okay. Stop Hitting them taking rips off your hands the most agree that women were wonderful being wives and mothers. Oh yes it's not like they can't do anything point. Can they support what the hell out of your life but it would demean them to give them the vote election to public office. They don't understand how tough it would be. It would be lost. He's able somehow. The resolution was defeated. What just happened happened? Someone didn't understand that the men didn't like it Christabel grabbing. Why isn't it called woman? Chester that's my question Those guys over there with me Christabel graduated from law school and worked for the Wsbiu the US because she could not be a lawyer. They held street meetings handed out leaflets carried banners on the street and hung banners and act in factories. They scrawled votes votes for women. On Shop. Windows was so the goal is to get London talking about suffrage right by banners and so many of the women couldn't comprehend hand making a street speech so emily hosted tea parties and literally would stand up on chairs and demonstrate how to give a speech H. He's got to do a mass. Well they did they did. They did role play now. I am now standing up on a chair making myself taller other than other people and I'm saying something important and I'm gesturing with my hands and I'm letting people know that I have a big point now you try it sally. Now come on get up. I try try try. No you bit my hand again. I ever stole phobia. Well here do it on this chair. I don't like chewing on the soapbox likes name more than being high on things. Burt told me no burchard. Dog Yes sally on Tuesday October. Twenty thousand nine hundred ninety six to three women entered the House of Commons at a time. Time saying there were there to meet their. MP's Okay Western gazette quote at half past four. The suffragettes screamed suddenly to go. Matt seems suddenly to go. One woman jumped on a chair and began to speak the London. Obviously is I would never the evening standard heard quote chief inspector scantlebury. I mean come on what an income that guy got the job only off the name Doc. What's his name? Scandal Kerry give you the whole title. Sir Shut up chief inspector chief inspector scantlebury chief inspector from Scooby Doo land chief. Inspector scantlebury lifted the first woman. Just as if she were a bundle of clothes rose what bodily carried her kicking and screaming down the steps of Saint. Stephen's fall very deposit. Her the where he deposited his struggling struggling burden in the street hot and breathless he returned to the scene. I mean there's some slanted commentary to that is. There's a bundle of clothes deposited someone. Someone is women as objects for the language but once the first woman was grabbed another leapt up and started speaking on and on a went like this it turned into total chaos. Women grab furniture banisters. Anything anything they could reach and clung to it as men tried to remove them that is I mean the men were like a lady bomb went off. They are everywhere. Get Out of here. Let go that chair chair. Women eventually my my hardest stop eating buffer Fox. Fuck fuck you know the last thing. You cannot see the woman looking you ted. I Di do me a favor. I have a simple request. Kill every woman take it. He you guys heard him. I'm still alive. A little not feeling great. Great about the actions. You're taking dying. I'm going to open a hotel in Chicago for the world's fair sounds possibly. Eventually all of the women were removed. Ten or arrested Adela was one of them in court. They refused to testify then. One One woman unfurled a banner K.. Quote someone grabbed the banner protests house screams and shouts the same writers the previous flare admissible VOC was hauled right off struggling and shouting Miss Miller had to be dragged away as she held onto the solicitors bench. Ms Billington ten and Miss Thorpe fingers had to be unclasping before they could be removed so hard to unclasping digits the work they were hauled out of court art leaving shreds of clothing hats hairpins and paper strewed along the fourth floor. So it's chaos in court to yeah yeah happens on ads everywhere we know. So what that leads to stabbings so emily asked for a meeting with Chancellor H H asquith. What the Fuck Dave come on are you is these names? Ask Swift with asquith. Sounds like when you short it is. I just looked it up backstage at his one. Hundred Percent Asquith Asquith. She actually said it's ask quite well. I know she'll be yelling at a minute. He he refused a meeting. She said well we're coming anyway anyway. And we're going to your house interesting so they go to his house and he ran out the back and spent often his car lose and two days later a group of thirty women showed up but they were met by police who ripped banners from their hands and some women were hit. One woman yelled quote. We will go forward. You have no right to strike women like that and a cop punched her in the face and choke so weird laugh. You started laughing like Oh wait. I shouldn't be allowed advocate. That Kinda WanNa laugh the devils in the details he punched in the face shelter until she was blue and then she was arrested for assaulting a police officer. Oh by the way which is very American that is just about to say. That's how it works in America represent yeah the Wsbiu you began opposing liberal candidates in by-elections. Okay I'M GONNA BY-ELECTION YUP every two weeks so it's like yes. It's like before their term is supposed to be up and it's like an right. Well we call it. We called off election right so so they were feeling betrayed by the broken promises of the Liberal Party so in February Twelfth Nineteen oh seven. It was opening day parliament. Parliament and Emily held a Women's parliament at caxtons hall where they decided to send a delegation to the House of Commons to deliver resolution. Okay sounds all very professional. I've got a real feeling. There'll be a banner they got there. They were stopped by police and told to leave. Sure they wouldn't leave and then mounted mounted cops arrived then mountain mounted now. Ted Cobb mounted on on on horses mounted now Gotcha. The women's still. Jill fought to get to the door until they were arrested. They were bailed out and they came back the next day again. The cops were there and they kept finding to reach the door. And this time they were beaten over fifty women were arrested in cluding Christabel and Sylvia and they all took fourteen days in jail or a fine okay because they want to be in jail. They don't want to write. This incident turned many newspapers from anti to pro suffrage it because they were beat. Yeah I mean that's how it is for a guy. You don't see some woman's not doing that. You don't like and then someone punches earned the face and you're like okay okay. Men are pretty cool easy to sway. That's what we've always said about punched her or now. I have to like that. They asked why so rare stance by the way they asked why the government was afraid of petitions and was sending mounted troops to fight women totally legitimate fair fair fair ass a month later the women were again prevented from presenting their resolution. Okay this time. Seventy five women arrested again hitting the whole the golf goes on again. Emily travelled to England into influence by-elections. Sorry travelled around England to influence by-elections by early nineteen o eight the WSB helped a liberal candidate in Newton Abbot a liberal liberal stronghold. Okay the that night Emily and our friend were walking back to their lodgings so they just had a big fucking we she killed it Dave. Don't you don't need to listen. That's all fakes. At the scene of the great night taking home walking home about to happen something something. Some young men saw them and through clay and rotten eggs. They were Klay workers so they still don't WanNa to make it sound like it was just a bunch of clay quick melania pots and the rotten eggs. They just had those around. Yeah Yeah Right. Yeah that's called courting The two women tried to who escaped behind a building down a small lane but the boys were waiting for them. A emily's friend was beaten a shopkeeper saved her and then they turned earned on emily quote expected to get into the house too but as I reached threshold a staggering blow fell on the back of my head rough hands grasp the collar collar of my coat and I was flung violently to the ground. Just then the police arrived took months for her to recover from her injuries. Still a few days later she was speaking speaking to one hundred thousand people in Yorkshire for the next by-election. Wow how one hundred thousand people. Wow that's what now there's numbers now. There's there's numbers. The new session party had to do was get beaten a bunch and turned into pots. The new session of parliament opened and it was a repeat as the previous ones. They took the resolution to the door. The cops stop them. Fighting ensued. Fifty women were arrested. The prosecutor prosecutor said if they did this again he would dust off the tumultuous petitioning act of Sixteen Sixty one. And you don't want want that. That is such a parliament threat. Don't make me tumultuous zone you don't you may dust off view. Wouldn't like me when I've dusted off. Okay so that access no group. Larger than twelve people was allowed to petition the monarch on Arc or the House of Commons Bullshit. Rule fucking great role. It has them. Yes yes the elites obviously so emily and then decided to lead a delegation herself of more than twelve women. It's a problem Not Not only their women wanted to do it like she's the one they don't want to get fucking hurt right and she's just been beaten up. So what if you don't do this. But she's like dom doing it. So leaning eight others were arrested under the Tumultuous Petitioning Act but the government then realized that they were trying to get arrested because then they could really a male government fast. Don't they go to feeling. This is what they want. Well they wanted to. They wanted to get titian under the act so they could be consider. Political prisoners. Prisons retreated barter than your common street. Thug doc so the government then switched it and instead charged them as common criminals. Okay so now they can just be regular prisoners right now emily. I'm leaving not been in jail yet. And she was shocked. The smell was terrible quote soon. I found myself sickening for fresh air. My head began to ache. Sleep fled. I think she's been she can't sleep bread. It's actually go anywhere. Yeah run-away sleep. It's the Sandman. Where do you go? He's in these behind that chair. I lay all night suffering with cold gasping for for air aching with fatigue and painfully wide. Awake I was kept in solitary so in April mentioned eight. Mr Asquith became Prime Minister Minister. Asquith yeah I know right. It's not a good name. David Lloyd. George became the chancellor. He's here tonight. Don't don't think you're going to enjoy this story. Emily announced a rally in June in Hyde. Park the largest crowd ever gone to Hyde Park. Have Been Seventy two thousand. Okay Rally Sir Sir Round you sir they they are. I'm just going to say once. Shut the fuck up. The the the suffragettes got five hundred thousand so old record by four four hundred and twenty-five thousand nothing like it had ever been seen before. So they're like okay. This is fucking chain right. Actually doing something something is happening happening. That night crystal sent the Prime Minister Resolution and he responded that women's suffrage was somewhere in quote a remote and speculative future pitcher commitment. Finally someone then saying how big of a charity understanding for five hundred thousand slot chairs so always women who have been hopeful that day. We're now really deep fucking angry to women went to number ten Downing Street and threw a rock through a window. Nice good start back women then interrupted more. MP's meetings David Lloyd. George became so angry with all the interruptions. He said the women should be gagged or have sachs thrown over their heads. She's as Christ he told his stewards to quote ruthlessly. Throw the women out the day before demonstration. I'm aline crystal. And and another woman were arrested for publishing handbills that would incite the public to do a certain illegal act. It's what it said. Do we know what the actual uh-huh okay that night. Sixty thousand suffragettes marched in two thousand. Four women were arrested in court. Christopher Said said she'd act as an attorney for the three women. The judge allowed it even though she wasn't too lawyer because she only had a law. Degree was okay. You could play fake lawyer. She's pretty good for someone who doesn't know anything so. Emily was sentenced to three weeks crystal ten weeks in jail. So she's out in the courtyard and she doesn't seem Christabel in like a week and she yells her name and she's like I'm over here and she goes over and holds crystals arm and she is then classified as a dangerous criminal. Yeah well you hold an arm look out. The new began holding daily protests at the Jalen. Alan Oliver Britain whenever the Prime Minister and the cabinet went they were accosted by women. More women were arrested in jail and then they women were arrested in in jail and jailed. And I was like that you can't do that. They go to prisons prison. Oh down view jail inside Zyppah Jam. Jam Jail Miss Pirker's. It's time for double jail. It's like Russian dolls. Put her in jail jail jail inside a prison and then the woman began hunger strikes. This got a lot of publicity and sympathy okay and then jail Senate releasing the women before their sentences were dumb because they didn't want to blame for serious health problem right. The women would break so the women would have a a call it part of organized event. It's not the right word all at once. They synchronize yes so across jails they would all at once. Break the windows of their cells K.. And then start a hunger strike okay. So after after Usually a week they'd be released on February twenty-ninth one thousand nine. I'm lean led another delegation to the House of Commons. This time time. She followed the law and had a group of only ten women K.. She was arrested for drinking trying to give a piece of paper APOR two thousand comments. All right I mean that's literally being arrested. They're not allowed to bring a fucking letter. The next a group of ten arrives same thing. They arrested on and on the law group so the law means nothing right so that day women began began throwing stones at government buildings. They smashed windows at the Admiralty Office. Home Office the Treasury the Privy Council offices one hundred women were arrested. Fourteen went to jail stepping up. Get Hot yeah. The government doesn't know how to deal with these stubborn women. I don't know what about go away. It's stop please stop please. Don't history works in Italy. Not Doc they were sent to solitary confinement. There are handcuffed. twenty-five Street there were put in straitjackets. Absolutely nothing nothing was breaking the women and it only seemed to increase their militancy right so the gum began to force feed the hunger. Strikers can't just that was actually illegal legal illegal yes okay but laws no matter how does one force feed is like how you make pat so you were only allowed to waterboard waterboard with fries. Yes so McDonald's fry up each nose blow it in So you're only allowed to force feed someone if they were insane and would meet crazy law. You're mad eat. Ah You're any quote to doctors and the war. Dresses appeared in her cell and forced mislead down to the bed and health. Are there to the horror the doctors to her horror. The doctors produced a rubber tube to yards in length. It is pat and this he began to stuff up her nostril us why the pain was so dreadful that she shrieked again in and again three of the war dresses burst into tears. What's a war just like a female prison guard? Okay right burst into tears. There's and the junior doctor begged the other doctor to desist. Having his orders from the doctor persisted and the tube was pushed down into to the stomach. One of the doctors had this done before. This is just your Guinea pig. Well they've done it too but I don't think they don't just prisoners. Eat One of the say what you want me love the the gravy gravy gravy. Get the gravy. This we work on this all day. What vegetable do you want to decide? What facts won't you piece? It is really good. That was one of the doctors standing on a chair and holding the tube high. Hi poured liquid food through a funnel almost suffocating. The poor victim. Oh my God so doing that to all the women now on hunger-strike Prime Minister Asquith. It well traveled with bodyguards. Asquith sounds like what happens after you get forced fit. That's he's traveling with bodyguards and official quote chuckers out cool so so they had like thirty seconds to pick a name. whereby talkers out? Yeah that'll do. Let's keep moving. We've got it. Their job was toss woman who interrupted meetings out really good name then obviously and a committee in the House of Commons drew up a bill that gave the vote to women householders and owners owners of businesses pink ten months or more rent or more so in rent year. It's baby steps but they are starting to be like okay. I mean it's classism. Still obviously are starting to look how many women are in that time owners but still. PM Asquith Asquith. Vetoed it pictured. Eighteenth nineteen ten. Parliament convened for the autumn session. The women returned and marched in groups of ten. I'm Alina the first group. Crowds helped hold back the police so the women could climb. Climb the steps okay. She was at the door when she heard a scream. Emily Unquote then. They laid hands on the women and literally threw you them from one man to another. Some of the police use their fists striking the women and their faces shoulders right well. They're they're doing the. There's there's throwing them to each other and then a guy would hit her and throw her back super cool that age as well right one woman. I saw thrown down with violence three or four times in rapid succession until last she lay only half conscious against the curb. fucking Christ every moment. The struggle grew fiercer. As more and more women arrived on the scene. It went on for an hour throwing women around and punching them mounted cops were then brought in women kept trying to the cops also beating the women yes okay so the cops right bracket up eight them run them down with horses as well as beating them a little bit of both. Oh sure options. Women kept trying to climb the steps and cops building them and the crowd became more angry. Quote people began to demand why the women were being knocked talked about. Why if they were breaking the law they were not arrested? Why they were not breaking the law? They were not permitted to go molested and yet it went on and on four five hours shit. They weren't just being hit by cops but also men who were there and of course they were being groped then. They finally started making arrests after five hours. One hundred fifteen women and four men were arrested. They were bruce choked in injured inside. The House of Commons Commons members asked the prime minister to just receive the deputation right and he refused. I like does ask. If he's really cool. The only we had a villain in this story. Yeah who would it be okay. It's hard to pick one. Yeah I think it's the horses. The headquarters orders cats and hall was turned into a makeshift hospital. Volunteer doctors and nurses treated the seriously injured were transferred to the hospital. Emma Lean Sister Mary Clark would would go on to die from the injuries she received that day as with two other women it became known as Black Friday. Well which we now celebrate every year saying getting a cheap TV and and it's a similar vibe it seeks you still are allowed to not only beat women but beat anybody if they're reaching for your TV your blender whatever it is if they're getting to the vitamix before you you may meet them. Yeah that's right so it doesn't. Oh my gosh. It's a holiday. We celebrate in in America. It's great that was the word of same being in Sweden. They're like no y'all everywhere everywhere you're like. Why did this happen? Yeah then cyber Monday. The House of Commons now said they would take up the constellation. Bill and a truce was called a truce between the man who keep beating the women and the women who keep getting beaten. Yeah okay sure. So they're not gonNA harass heckle. Do the the women are going to show up anymore. That's right a to not break. The law and the men agree to no longer beat them for not breaking the law. Pretty the meat in the mountain. That's cool when you put it that way. Yeah no that makes sense but prime minister asquith. Bill again women hit the streets with hammers and stones despair. We go yeah yes. They broke hundreds of windows in the Home Office. The war and foreign offices the board of education the perfect counsel and others. I can I just say that's why I think you need a five day waiting period to get a ham. Because what you're doing is you're just acting your emotion and you've got to do a background check to see someone because that's what we have in America. That's why you hear about all these school hammerings. It's just coming people up you're not. Are they mentally are they meant as compass I guess we just need hammer hammer proof backpacks and also that's why we've gotta start giving the teachers hammers. Yeah you give the Teachers Hammer Hammers. It's not it's not a mental health crisis the hammer though. She's Christ Yep thank you are boy. I got to build a bunch of Shit. A two hundred and twenty women were arrested. They finally were allowed out a meeting with the hammer business. Right honey boy. This is amazing or the Rock business. I don't know if that's the thing I don't think it is. I think you're out on the streets. It would just go. Hang out by parliament wheelbarrow full rocks like no. I'm just here. I don't know I'm just hanging out. Oh is it resolution day. I'm just making a new sidewalk so they were finally allowed. A meeting with asquith. And Lloyd George it was Christabel and five other women. Of course we'll ask with. He has quit asquith. Sorry thank you. He had tricked and misled them and he responded with empty promises. So then Chris About told him quote we are not satisfied and he replied quote. I did not expect to satisfy you to be fair. That was policy with all women in any circumstance to blanket system. I've never satisfied a woman before I never will. That was quick anyway. Probably a cigarette. I vanished but some of my stomach through the tube. Don't look so displeased I. I almost made it in come on down the Tube Fridays for Gravy Day to Friday's you don't need to use your mouth. One of the results of black Friday was that the women weren't going to demonstrations unprepared prepared ever again. Some started putting cardboard under their close to protect their ribs. Do in prison. That's the craziest. Isn't there also a better option. Say Dot getting hit. Well no like iron turn. I mean that's right by your chest with blankets irons a little thick. How much they had available? But yeah you're right. Thank if they both put other stuff in there and then I should have looked at this woman's you just yell it whenever you ready just shouted out and then there was is edith garage. GotTa gotta ask the separate set up back so it was nice pause though. Yeah Yeah it was. Yeah there was taught so we have an arbiter of names up there yes. I'll allow it. I want to see where this goes married. And Her and her husband were Ju Jitsu experts. This is a nice twist and go. Oh baby go. Let's hear it and she'd been around for a bit helping women learn how to defend themselves when they were attacked heckling. MP's sure army women Jitsu to beat up MP's yes this is good so now all suffragettes were encouraged to learn the martial art. And that's obviously even more so after black. Friday eight is now headed up. A group of Jiu. jitsu trained rained protectors. Dave called the bodyguard thirty women who undertook quote dangerous duties Since Keno Terrace. Just get a message to be like. You'RE GONNA fall car for fifteen minutes like they would just get like crazy it. Just be ready to do whatever the press nickname them Amazon's that's not surprising. They would carrie because sometimes you would order them and you'd never know where and they'd come. No Oh go ahead. BAKARY clubs hidden under their clothing. The what did you wear it. They're just wearing cloaks they just they. They're trying to look like anybody else right. But that sounds like they've hiding stuff under there while it was hard for them to carry the clubs for sure sure the WSB announced demonstration on March fourth. Nineteen twelve what they didn't announce was the demonstration on March. First Bunch of women. Yes Ah shut up at ten. Downing Street started throwing stones through the windows then they were arrested and then in another area of the city a a group of women began throwing stones and they arrested and then another group in another area of the city started throwing stones and every fifteen minutes. A new group would attack another part of the city and they didn't just hit government buildings. They broke windows of shops banks post offices and more so now. This is where it's like homeland where you've got at the Cork Board on the yarn. Like look there's a pattern of year every ten minutes one of strikes it's making. Oh my God wjr now on March fourth for the actual announced demonstration. Thousands of cops were waiting at Parliament Square but the women were in Knightsbridge where they started throwing rocks and breaking windows. I love how it's an era. Where like you're just totally take your word for what you're gonNA Davidge stuff? Jeff what are you guys doing on the fourth that works for us if we can do it after four if we can do that after four. Great let's do that. We'll do that. We'll meet around here. You'll beat the shit out of US you'll force us to eat. That'll work right when they were lectured about the sanctity of private property and schedules suffragettes responded quote. If the government is deaf to our petitions perhaps they can hear the smashing of glass. Dave is there a better mantra for today is a hell like. It's like saying the feeling you get when you sign an online petition. You should not get. That's not a feeling you should get. You should not be allowed to have that feeling that feeling should be bottled inside of you until you're getting training. Ju Jitsu you have dress bats. And when you're ready to fuck it throw stones every fifteen minutes coordinated. I mean that's like Dushanbe also they. They really good writer. Whoever wrote that Larne yeah right so emily and two hundred women were given two months in jail? She went on a hunger strike and received another another warrant while in jail. Mr and Mrs Pethick Lawrence were also arrested and jailed a warrant was put out for Christabel who fled a to Paris at our trial. Replace the flea that time of year. The fucking gorgeous at our trial link quoted an old statement by David. Lloyd Lloyd George Quote. There comes a time in the life of people suffering and injustice when the only way to maintain one self respect is super revolt against that injustice. The guy that do you remember when you said that. And now you're force-feeding me through tubes fucking this shit. Yes remember that when I was you is a little rock at your head. But my head's no please do so They got nine months and of course when I the hunger strike summer suffer just and other joe jails join them. There were over eighty hunger. Strikers and the government went back to force feeding Jesus Christ anytime a woman was mistreated in jail. The separatists in jails across the city would smash out so windows and go on hunger strikes. Angry members of parliament questioned asquith about the forced feeding Dick. He said they had good handling this. He's like this is really. How do not do something right? What's the worst way to handle? Villa situation ignore it and they'll say yeah so. He said. The women had an option to sign a pledge not to engage in militant suffrage activity. We've given the option to stop the could not do this. What's wrong with them? Uh Brains. They have cake recipes. Emily and went into a semi conscious conscious state and began hallucinating. She it's gotTa be some sort of that in big bear twice a year. I think it's a defensive. It's of mechanism. You bodies poison which is about suicide and I think I started thinking about a bunch of stuff. What's up? She can hear the screaming of women being force fed all over the prison and when they came for her she grabbed a state. That's the move it just did it. I ain't I'm stopped thank you. She grabbed a heavy jug a ceramic jug and held it overhead and threaten to hit them with it if they tried to force feed her so the doctors. I laughed pretty two days later. She and Miss Lawrence where released on medical grounds. Miss Lawrence had been force fed twice a day for more more than ten days and was released in a state of complete collapse. Emily and misplayed. She's I mean because like obviously force-feeding it's not the way you're supposed to ingest nutrients but it's having an ill effect like she's fucking them their plan again. Emily Pethick Lawrence were emaciated. Their skin was yellow and dark circles under their eyes. After a few days as in a nursing home. They were well enough to leave. Emily went to Paris to see Christabel back in London. A third constellation. Bill failed failed to pass. Can I just say that this story really makes are crazy right on the train today. Not Seem so the attitude today like it's GonNa take forever ever been worse. Imagine we had to sit on a train for five hours if they forced me a sausage roll up to thank you saw. Aw He's chewing emily. Emily issued a declaration. After the Constellation bill fell to pass it was printed in leaflets newspapers. It said the government had been warned and and now would reap the harvest of their unstatesmanlike. Folly you are right that whoever is the writer is like pretty signing. I don't know if it's her or crystal but in the winter is coming. Winter's coming our are wedding art way I don't know very cryptic. I don't like it. Well all over the UK several understood the message women disfigured historic buildings with tar and acid robes roads were barricaded galleries and monuments were burned and damaged. Women learned when parliament members homes were empty and tried to burn them down and by the way that is so so smart as well. You're not just going out there just like burning down the houses you're like waiting until they're gone and then it's just property windows windows are the MP's homes were smashed at golf courses where wealthy politicians played women burned votes for women into the turf. That is how you get the elites more sand traps my supposed to know. I'm right in the middle of that. Oh a woman. Confronted Prime Minister Asquith on a golf course but the newspapers asked the ws not to interfere with a game. The helped weary politicians think clearly. Clearly Dan I'm going to need a bucket to throw up in. Wow the fucking balls great. Yeah thank God. It's changed but Mr and Mrs Pethick Lawrence were horrified by this sudden quote senseless destruction of property they felt the WSB had public sympathy after the forced feedings. But we're throwing it all away and they left the group others followed them be. WSB published a new paper called suffragette and called a meeting and said quote. There is something that governments care more more for than human life and that is the security of property and it is through property that we shall strike the enemy be militant each in your own way in my last word is to the government in sight this meeting to rebellion and more attacks occurred. Post offices became a favourite target chemicals were poured into letterboxes and set on fire at this time. Too It's like there were many arrests. Tactful Move Oh yeah. Prime Minister Asquith took a trip to Dublin where he was expecting to be cheered and honored heard. I like the setup dave hit us with it Irish suffer just followed him. Everywhere tackled told. y'All I miss English. Ones a the Irish journal quote it transpires that during the process of the procession a hatchet was throw at the carriage in which Mr and Mrs Asquith and Mr Redman were seated later it was noticed that Mr Redmond had a cut on the ear from which blood was flowing. Wow well that's my favorite salvage. It I mean she's doesn't go to Ireland a lot. Redmond's era got hatchet and a carriage. That's why they call them Redmond. The next night the prime minister was to speak in the future royal the journal quote a lighted chair which apparently had been soaked in oil was hurled into the orchestra from one of the boxes there marinating chairs. Now I I just WanNa see a laming chair lambing chair great notes that the curtain of a box was on fire and the audience dance was somewhat alarmed. You also want to hear how it ends but calm was restored when the theatre attendants extinguished the flames. Yeah that's some. I'm to feel comfortable again chairs out. Okay that's fine. Sorry last flaming chair it is. You can't do that again. So Oh i really weird Sylvia and God Adela just cut off but they it left the Wsbiu after Christabel gave them an ultimatum to stop with their side helping of poor active so they were they were helping the poor on the side. Remember the original thing so they were gone from the W. Emily and crucible crispell still thought wealthy educated women would do best with the vote. Christabel quote working women are of no value to us. It's tough off. It's tough weird. There's classism in England right. This is the first time you guys have heard about this. They are the weakest of their sex. What how can it be otherwise when their lives are so hard and their education so meager? Oh God if anything anything that's why we want picked women the very strongest and most intelligent. Anyway that's one of our heroes. I I know yeah it's hard. It's hard in late. Nineteen twelve sir. Edward Grey included women in a bill that was to extend the vote to more men so we like pork barrel in like women more mental. Get to vote and women. Everyone's like they were like what reduce the end. It's mispronounce mitigate the trump. I just love it. They're they were putting forth a bill to give more votes while all this is going on long night ladies as we have heard you wear hair your cries more men can vote chair though is at Gerald fire no fiery autumn. And so. I think they're going to do the den. So when this bill was is a moving forward. Emily called a truce again until the bill was heard on January thirteenth. And at that time the bill was was defeated and the tax began again. Okay Telegraph and telephone. Wires were cut. They sever communication in between London and Glasgow well the case and we know that's a journey. In the case that held the crown jewels was cracked open. The residents of the Archbishop of Canterbury was invaded and palace. Windows were smashed palace. Everyone's painted and that's just the normal sound from the Christabel role quote if menus explosives and bombs for their own purposes. They call it war. Why should should a woman not make use of the same weapons as men? Man That's testicles by you're a home being built for David Lloyd. George was bombed on April. Second Lien was arrested. Under the malicious schist damage to property act for having cancelled and procured someone else to do the bombing if she was found guilty. I'm leaning told the court it quote I tell you quite honestly and frankly I shall not submit to it. I shall the moment I lead this court if I'm sent to prison. I shut quite deliberately refused to eat food. I show joined the women who are already in Holloway. On the hunger strike I shall come out of prison dead or alive at the earliest possible moment and once out again I as soon as I am physically fit I shall enter into this fight again. She's a little bit of about us. She was was given a three year sentence once the sentence got out more violence. A cure occurred unoccupied country. Houses were set on fire that one. I didn't really get well. I mean you know. It's summer home. The grandstand on air course racecourse was burned to the ground. A bomb was set off in oxted station London blowing out walls empty railroad carriages. Were blown up and emily began a hunger strike. The government is afraid to force feed her because it could lead to even more violence so they created a new law just for suffragettes. It was is called the cat and Mouse Act. It said when the prison doctors certified a hunger striker Wrecker was in danger of dying. She would be given a licence slash ticket of leave and released so once healthy. She was expected to return. Turn to the prison at date specified. This is let me guess how many times they tried this one time while out. The woman was under surveillance in couldn't leave her home okay and she's expected to just eat naturally now that she's being surveilled yet they did. I mean they got out there like I'm out I'll eat but they're not going to go back to pursue right okay so after ten days. Emily was released With heart irregularities in pain and having lost two stone or twenty eight pounds for places she ripped out of the way I love how England is dug its heels in on that one sticking. It's a little Joan it's like you guys can make a lot of shit. But that one's around Iraq. Okay so personally stones ended nice just stops on. How much do you and how many twigs taller you? Oh seven horizon seven twitter thirty stone big boy bake so when she was given this return ticket in the jail she just ripped up in front of the governor a quote I have no intention of Bang this infamous law. You release me knowing perfectly. Well that I shall never voluntary Marie return to any of your prisons cops raided the headquarters and arrested the office workers. Even though they'd never done anything on November twelve an episode in November nineteen twelve. Emily Davidson went to Aberdeen station with a riding. Whip to attack. Lloyd George Yes yes but she mistook him for a Baptist minister. Oh boy and by the way by the way what you expect to hear from a guy getting hit with a riding whip as you've got the wrong guy so it's only like yeah right bitch bitch. Yeah you like that. I bear pony. What is that across? She hit him twice in the face. Nice Eh take that. And then she had a station station official who tried to stop her and then a porter. She was given ten days in jail and went on her seventh hunger strike and was force fed for the forty ninth time. Wow isn't it kind of cool. All that just straight up torture was happening in our country votes. They seem proud. That's a little. That's the safety burke. Hold on. Yeah you're you have you ever seen bin Laden's LIMO. Oh driver. Yeah he's really there. It's different because this is about Guantanamo Bay about freedom that's right so you're standing you guys don't get it by the way Obama's GonNa close. It said he would. I said he would. It's in the works. He's never he's never he's never not done anything he said he was going to change. Oh by hey change. Fascism shame trump. So Emily Davison was released. After four days a few months later she went to Epsom to attend the Derby. Or Darby as you call it. As the horses passed the final turn. She went under the. The rail ran in front of a horse and was knocked down. Shit the horse did a somersault over. Its Jockey on purpose. No no no they. They have old footage John need the horse goes now for a round off. He dragged the jockey a few yards when for jockeys further. How many twigs is? Emily died four days later. Wow and many years later. Documentary crew looked at the photos and she appears to be trying going to attach a scarf to the horse's bridle. She's trying to put a message. Just a bad sure. Call tough. Emily tried to go to the funeral but was arrested for leaving her house. The funeral procession was a mile long back in jail. Emily went on a hunger and thirst. I strike Oh dear which is incredibly painful. Yeah I mean. I can't go on for long no after three days. She alluded the cops surveillance and made her way too liberal meeting but was arrested before she gets to the platform. WSB You members fought the cops for half an hour to try to keep it from being arrested. So that's where she's got the bodyguard. Right they're fighting for that. You just choose yes. There's some Jujitsu happening at that. That is just and how popular Jujitsu probably was that well known in this class of a male elite. Right Yeah No. I don't think the men were like where's the Jujitsu could did. You grabbed him by the color of the that press. I'm flying over. It's so great that the women are finally tossing the men around yes so she decided to resist prison. Okay different so she wouldn't get out of the cab the cap she wouldn't undress input on prison clothes. She wouldn't do anything quote. I shall not go to bed once why I'm here. I'm weary this brutal game and I intend to end it. She just lay on the floor and took no food or water. She wouldn't even allow the doctor to feel her pulse by the third day. Mylene could see how bad she looked from the faces of the governor and Dr when they came to her cell but they still didn't so she started walking around the cell staggering up and down until she collapsed quote at four in the afternoon soon. They found me gasping half unconscious and then they released her into the. US and returned turned a month later and as she was returning. They arrested her for a fifth time this time. The boat was anchored two miles out and they went out and got her. They took her to prison in Exeter prison efficient. They're told her they just wanted to keep her from going to a big party. It was being held to celebrate her a return. That's it yeah. Cool when suffrage is heard arrested. A huge fire broke out in the timber. A yards at Richmond walked devonport. What caused them now? Did they not clean the floor of the forest properly. They didn't break the forest tied title railing. Where two messages to the government? One was quote a reply to the torture of missed Pankhurst and her cowardly arrested Plymouth. Fires that destroyed on occupational houses in Bristol and Scotland and partly destroyed Saint Ann's Church in Liverpool. Whatever turns you crank? After a four day hunger thirst everything's strike I'm only was released and then arrested again. December nineteenth thirteen thirteen right. So that's the cat and mouse game. They release you rescue. They released. You're the rest of you just don't know when you're going to be imprisoned or Knob again now. Food drink and now she added a sleep strike. She says Christ. After several days she was released. There was an office a hard thing to take a strike on. Eventually there was an opera at covent garden the King Queen and entire court were there the WS pugh. got a a box directly opposite the royal box stubhub. How do you get back? Surely three women while they're at this point. Even rich people like Kim the vote. Yeah a lot of people helping out so three women were in it dressed in gowns. They locked and barricaded the door at the end of the first act once up with a megaphone and addressed the king. By the way. If you're at the show you're like this guy's a genius. I love the direction. This is crazy. Look at this guerilla theater. She told them women were fighting for liberty being tortured and done to death in the name of the king quote at this very hour. The leader of these fighters in the army of Liberty was was being held in prison and tortured by the King's authority. The audience completely lost their shit and panicked but the the door it was found the broken down and the women were removed. Then forty women who were sitting in an upper gallery through suffrage literature down on the heads of the audience below. Yes I mean they got a real fight club vibe going on now Emily was announced she would lead a deputation to Buckingham Palace. That's right uh who she wrote to the king asking him to give them an audience something that he had had even been done for Irish Catholics. It's like spiking George the third so if you did it for the Irish Catholic surely I mean good Lord. There's no bottom. Emily was next arrested in Glasgow. During a speech she snuck in. There was a big. So this speech. It's a big suffer suffer just meeting rally going on BLASCO. It's a huge one. So she she sneaks out the bodyguards do stuff like have other people dress dress up like her and then the cops run out and tackler and then they realized it wasn't her and she got away well Crown Affair so they might have done here so she went there and then she got to the platform and she stood up and started talking and then the a Scotland Yard detective start approaching. The platform is good. Detective work by the way Really Sniff out early. And then they tried tried to pull on the platform to pull it down but they had placed barbed wire hidden bouquets and the fucking force. You're grabbing that God. God is all the rage we've only cutter. Yeah and then her then. The bodyguards fought the cops rate so then the entire crowd started to fight the cops. So there there's just a fucking massive brawl going on while she speaks. Well it's also easy to push people and fight them when your hands are bleeding like you have the STIGMATA. That's real simple. When you use your feet kicking machine come on gene so very long battle that went on but they were finally finally able to get their hands on mylene? It later would become known as the Battle of Glasgow. I thought you were going to say it would be called the half off sale. I'm sure some day will make that into Glasgow and they'd be like. Oh this sale Glasgow Sale. Nah Yeah half off all these dishes So Emily's back in jail. The Home Secretary's house was attacked. Eighteen windows. Were broken a suffragette name. That's let's fuck you if you have eighteen window less greenhouse a suffrage at named Mary Richardson smuggled a meat chopper. Pardon a deli. slicer hatchet chipped into the National Gallery and slashed the canvas of the Roque Venus. So she went and in fucking messed up a classic painting. Nearly all galleries museums then closed to the public at which really hurt the tourist which really upset people and now people are screaming screaming the government to do something emlyn marched to give a resolution to the king on May twenty first and they were met by several thousand cops. The violence was the exact same as black Friday. May were beatings just went on for a while and after it was over Emily Liam was back in Holloway on a hunger strike and again released now after the act of doing this horrible thing of trying to get a piece of paper with words on it to the king. The nerve the press turned against the suffragettes Western mail headline quote suffragette. Shit attack on Buckingham Palace Dublin. Daily Express Madness and crime. The Daily Mirror headline quote biting the police lease by the way. Let's get a second draft on that. It did not slow them down from the Manchester and Lancashire General advertiser. Get Your fucking named on a little bit quote an attempt to blow up the a pipe which carries water from a lock. Catrine to go is reported. A watchman doing his rounds it's not too heaps of earth and on these being examined two bombs with half burnt fuses were discovered if an explosion had wrecked the pipe. Half of the water supply of Glasgow. What have been cut off? There was a note quote a protest against the magistrate's decision not to inquire into the arrest of Ms Pankhurst. I'm Elaine is now one of the most powerful women in England right but on the twentieth of July align nineteen fourteen world war. One broke out and emily quit fighting for the women's vote. She just stopped. Okay both emily and crystal declared an end to their suffrage war. No fighting the government government when the government is fighting the Germans or the Hungarian are so fucked up one because out out of respect she's patriotic. Well I'm Molina's patriotic. So as crispell. She switched her message from votes for women. To women have patriotic duty to forget about the vote temporarily and support the war okay. That's not nearly as catchy. And then she worked with her nemesis. David Lloyd George Shit. They had secret meetings and he asked her to organize a demonstration demanding that he allow him into work. Okay and so with government funding now. Emily backed and led a huge demonstration where women demanded to be the action shifts. So my God what kind of goal I mean and December eighteenth December nine hundred eighteen and act was is passed giving the vote to women over thirty who own certain property okay. Great Christopher was now by the way the whole thing with her leading everybody that that worked everybody thought right okay. Of course Krista Bolton now this is when Emma Goldman was running around saying everyone should fuck everybody else and Free Saxon. Excellent stuff Also Policy Kercheval was very against that she was now convinced. People especially men were impure and started giving pro chastity lectures. She then became a second adventist. Preacher that's a shame and wrote religious books simply doing -solutely not were. None of that was a word. He's looking bang. coline moved to Canada and she became a citizen and started speaking out against Communism and called to stop non on white immigration. And then her new 'cause became stopping the spread of Venereal Aziz. This I mean this is some really weird sequels. Yeah this is what J. J.. Start Writing Shit. It feels like we've lost the potter touch. It's no longer okay. After there while she stopped going out and speaking and move back to England in one thousand nine hundred eighty seven at sixty nine. She stood as a candidate for parliament as a a conservative. Oh my God we had such a good run. Sylvia wrote a public letter saying in her mother had turned her back on everything she used to believe it by Christmas. Emily had become too ill to campaign and with drew Adela married. A union man moved Australia and fought for workers wages and living conditions for years. Sylvia became a socialist and warned of fascism when when everyone else was embracing Hitler. Mussolini history proved her wrong. Yeah most of the day was great. Yeah he's Great. He's the best. These got the best. Not of any leader. Ever Crisanto was eventually may dame commander of the British Empire. Wow well you know you you walk away from it. Yeah right right yeah March a one thousand nine hundred eighty the equal suffrage bill act gave full voting rights to all women over twenty one and emily died on June fourteenth nineteen twenty eight so that was not a great ending for her now. Well it's standing we all have but but but it's not like the thing that they said from the beginning that we want rich women to have the vote in parliament. It's not not that distant from that opinion right now no. It's not a huge when you really look at it. That's not a huge leap. I mean either. You're for all all people having rights and equality or you're not well and the truth. Is that like what sucks is when someone is inactive as for a long time and then gets power through activism and then has a higher profile and his then is easier to bribe conservatives fucking loved her and Canada. Because you've got such a great you've got a great track record so it's like what you're saying is trusted. Yeah the main sources were only Pankhurst. my own story and emily and her daughters the Pankhurst suffragettes by Julian Messner. I mean noble noble the novel. Sure sure yeah. He'll get money for doing the research. A yeah. That was a bummer. Got At the end of that as a consumer. Because I'm always I've always wanted to tell this story for two reasons. First of all pitches way beyond what the American women went like we know was known as the night of terror changed less yet. But you guys are like. Let's just do tariff tariff few years but but the battle they put up in the fighting. And how fucking crazy violent God and and also they that's a roadmap for say there was something going on today that no one was addressing imagine there's a roadmap as Turns out she really good point. I Dunno if I took the quota but a high really like their property and well. Well you did this superhero the robbery. It is but they you know no one really pays attention to you if you walk around in the street and don't do anything anything One is that ever actually gotten anything. Well unless they're killing you by the hundreds and then they're like all right there's somebody bodies and especially now because it feels like now the peak of how elite elite class or politicians know that they can just not respond you online they can just send you to voicemail when you call. You can't get into their offices. They have security around so we literally we literally can't go visit our politicians. It's like imagine if Donald Donald Trump is walking around the streets. Like it is what happens with Boris Johnson. It's like it's fucking great because it's like he deserves this shit but we're at the point now where it's just like it's fucking over over. You know truly what they tell you and what your media tells you is always that there are ways to handle this there are routes. You can handle this with that. That's shopper routes bullshit. Because they don't pay attention they don't fucking listen and like in this story you you have to fucking rattle the Goddamn cage before for anyone. You gotTa make them scared. The reason you're at the peak now of them not being scared. I mean if there was. It's not to say anything against the idea of women's right to vote for any any group that has disenfranchised or anything like that. But there's one 'cause right now that without that back 'cause succeeding other causes domain causes. I don't know what I don't know what Sir I don't know what was just like I have no fucking idea got this me. I always going to be different today. Eight hundred four pick let me check. What did you say no? I don't think so. Sir Sir who is without talking too much what the fuck did you just say slowdown down. Stop who so. Yeah we don't have to worry about cardiac okay by the way I've never regretted having someone repeat something more to show. Yeah we'll be along worried about the rock. Yeah the the Rock versus kid rock election in America. Eight twenty four. We like to call him the stone. Yeah I do think I mean as you know what. I'm sure why. That story is so important today because you have to you just are being. We are being ignored stuff. Where seventy five percent and the media is not on your fucking side? The media so slanted Armenia in America so fucked and ruined ruined. And you'RE NOT GONNA get in America at least the actual facts on the news from watching TV or even reading the paper. You know it's just it's fucked you look at what's going on in Hong Kong and France like what's going on yellow vests. They have this whole caused but they're like they've yellow the best because metro news like it's again elites it. No I don't think so. We'll talk after. Okay we'll get you to buy teat force or something like that. Thank you so much for coming out Manchester entirely early if you got V._I._P.. Ticket stick around. Thank you guys appreciate it.

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