Episode 78 | Covidiots


Snow. That bestowed of new path flow podcast episode seventy eight. I thought it other thing. When we between now and hunting, we can find somebody to do intro force. Sneak laugh life coming in just talking. Yeah bigger I'll be wanting to talk and one went up but I can't ask you questions. What do you mean? I can't actually how you weeks on are you GonNa do is talk about the kids Go ahead. Ask me how. I got an answer for that today. As a week man brotzman, it's been since last Sunday Yemen has been straight. Know Real I. finished my set. So my shake clear up. To try I'M GONNA hit that stage man we going to try it out how long it I mean I don't know. Practicing time didn't see how long now needs to do A. Different approach. told me months ago Nikki wrote a five minute joint? Yeah. Yeah. I finished it. So. You just added to the five minute joint near. Yeah Yeah. Actually that is actually been scrapped. The first one I was working on, but I got another one but you know. So if a bombing, I'm never doing it again. NIGGA because I. Keep going. Smooth Nah I didn't what do you say that? Again. No. Love for like months down, he just never gave up. Imagine mom bombing for months and he was driving from Philly to New York or some shit imagine wasting your gas to bomb for months. I can't. I can't hear like a coach knows like. I can't remember what it was. It was it was. Pretty much saying I think do said the person told him do where he was saying is in light, it can be failed he like people realness and like. That that's what mayhem star going to talk about his fam-. Yeah she's people can relate. Because I think in the beginning like five remember correctly. I think he was just joking. Just get a just. Look at somebody in the crowd and just joking Goddamn. The Bat. Shit. was like negative eighteen nobody released that makes him relatable shit out now that's why he's like real like family families. Yeah Man. I. Don't give up her. For one was talking about family. A little bit relationship types. Other. Things like that. But. Already scared to death. I'm scared to death. So if I, I'm scared to death I. Just, either kill myself just not do it no more. I don't do the part if you kill yourself. How. Do you move then? Going to wear you. All right. Here. t-bone steak chief eggs, and welches great. Kids. As big he come come on. That sounds like a kid. What. Does. Die fucked blink okay. Now as we go all right, let's go come on come episode seventy eight new Pablo plaque associate new power flow. That's the only. Forget what we're. GonNa do for the hunt and they'll be here before you know it. You know I feel like it's fucking seventies is taken forever and they got pool in thinking seventy nine maybe we still on seventy, eight, seventy, eight, we agree exit. Seventies though longest seventy run soon. Do. You mean you WanNa talk about Tiktok I don't used to talk I'm thank you do either use tax while you find. Your thing. It's interesting though. Now. Okay. No I mean we talked about before like they still data should be interesting to is blocking. That that it that that's the problem. My best. That's what's going on. Oh I mean we ain't got to. Sodo Oracle bought it. Swinging band. No I think still some shit that they've got to work out. But. yes. He the judge hearts trump administration order banning we chat apps from APP stores But yeah, it's trump. He approved year. Oracle deal but I think the way they do she so fucked up right like you know trump's getting some of that money right? Why money determine work twenty billion yeah. Whatever it is for yes. I had no idea. See that makes it worth talking about. Stocks like. NIGGERS post article, Shit, and pretty much in order for trump to approve the deal he wanted to cut you can't he can't do that. The White House wanted to cut us on I. Don't know what it was like he wanted to cut it was like some money government come on Dobro businessman this trump got to cut now. Slow passive way handshake agreement like gas shit going on now maybe. Supposed to be able to word is by because he's supposed to be like you know he owned a whole bunch of shit before he became president he had to like get rid of that Shit. Were still owns. He just gave it to his kid and shit like this before eight years whatever you. Say he leaving the White House if you loosen see him I, can see him I mean. Like you know doing a reverse stange ground law negatives, it's Taking up there he grabbed AK. Looking out the window like Malcolm X. Yes. Window. They tried to make me leave I'm not going anywhere. Everybody wants me to leave. Is Comedy doubt. Because I like crazy selection, it's going to be Nice I. By settlers share with a fist fight for. This let them Nigga storrow hands. Mama. Sydney the AFC shit and I ain't GonNa lie this week. I talked to somebody and. You'll see. The AFC Video Samuel Instagram is morning last night. Yeah. Yes it is. I sent it to. The. My stance on. Voting. Has Wavered a little bit my angle live. From My. Vote known for him these. Yeah, I mean I guess you know that still the thing but. We gotta get McConnell. I heard. Yeah. I heard a really good argument that kind of convinced me that it would be important to get dude about of there. For the future of kids that are. Not The future for the key is now. Is just like you know. The. How he empowers like other things socially. By we don't, we really can't afford another four years of it to be honest. Like the the route chits going in. UC, UC. Do. As far as social shit goes, which really isn't important when it comes to like a president or whatever you shouldn't like. If you if you were president either you're going to speak on it, you know on at the on the right side of things don't speak on Oh you know dues coming out on the wrong side of like you know he's you know how's it been living with your refugees? You know shit like that he's been saying you know defending the do that shooting people in a Milwaukee or whatever, and like you know. Talking. About it being a war on police when police are the ones out here fucking people like that Shit this very dangerous. And Eighty could only get worse. You know what? I'm saying like or just remain the same which is bad. It's bad as far as is. So she scariest what like ninety saying that you get him out of office. Cops going to stop killing people, racism warnings. There's no more nothing like that but. This is enabling some some bad people. It's Kinda for me like you look at it that way it's like fuck man yeah. You come from the highest order that shit going on as okay. You see what I'm saying now I got you but I mean it's still don't mean I'm GONNA go out vote I just I don't know. Both clowns, man I'm. The I'd just really wanted to get Mitch now he sucks. Mrs. Trump socks to they both me they horrib- it's horrible people but and speaking of enabling. Just WanNa go ahead and get into these anti NASCAR's who stormed in what looks to be a target in Florida with no mass and make America. Great again, t shirts and shit. On me let me play the clip huddle. Core. took off your mask look at the kids. So budget. Cove Idiots Cove Idiots. This is at night like attempted murder. Honestly, like that was the first thing I thought what else I know where they go to college the cops on them niggers when should have with none happen? Wouldn't even arrested now there was. Not Going to resist arrest. They'll say fuck you meanwhile, there was a video of somebody in San Francisco. This is this was back in April. Nicotine cops jumped on the bus, beat the shit out of a negative they'd have mask on. Li. Like out I could do just give him a mask. Say. I mean I weren't married like every other month for those but. I'll get well I. I just don't get it. I don't get. Wine and complain about wearing a mask inside a building like you're not going to be in the building day they choose they choose and like if they if they job required enormous, just quit they job more likely. Shrunken. Stupid. They've I'll tell you these people they enabled again like they. Won't that they? They they want that. Power to say, no, you can't make me do anything. This is America, the land of the free you know what I'm saying so that that's the that's the way these well-focused thank. chained. Okay. All right. But you strudel. Gulliver this this shit I was I was thinking about this earlier. This week is watching this video. You know what my fuckers? I can't be too mad at them for you know You know. Not really caring about by people dying by the hands of the police and shit like that because I mean equally they want to die to you know what I'm saying. So it's just it's they. It's a level. Playing, field. EQUALLY THEY WANNA. Yeah. Now, they want to die to are. NIGGA. Storm aspects with no mask. We see Rudy Gobert and they are negative was touch a couple of microphones died and it was down. To Take it to the other side, they can we see close for the black people? And they don't none of them have mascow Knicks. Happy Dazzled mask on. fucking. Workers Do Knicks in the Club don't. Seem videos lately I guess you might be. I. Open like back in April but. Is Seen on lately I don't know it'd be mclovin. Oh, I take it back because. You Vegas Nigger. But. She was definitely. A group negative with zero masks. Of the same color. So what I'm saying. They I don't see I mean it's stupid at him. Just fucking WANNA be seen. Let us know Matt's look at him. The kids that was A. Video of people was like note, them kids being raised to be some fucking racist to and idiots. And idiots like they're just just like they raise them to be dumb lie I. DON'T I feel bad for them because they don't really have no fucking choice. This is. What they grow into day and even they can always switch i. we don't seem videos where. Some of the millennial KIA's. Alight to FROGGER A. White turn on a light turn on yeah. Eli Going in on the parents and grandparents about racism issue. Stupidest fault. Is Damage Fuck The Videos descru- in the fucking Like if I was like, I mean, you got this video going viral i. what if you of your kids Teachers Sita's video assumption you get your kids marching which I guess is a protest protest and wearing a mask and target. Right, and all these focus has got they falls out. Films News. Looking Man Ray. Spin on the. See. Just talking. Just, discuss. I'm on slept in. Big. Miss Coming added. AAA. Crazy people I try. Even. Remember. That don't wash legs. Crazy to. Spitting. All fucking tight. Crazy. To get into confession. Yeah. Man. Should these people get they ask me that was that was that yeah. Has. there. Any. What would you do of grand up on you and Mascow? Look that take your mask off. This is a free country. Don't walk up to you touch. What would you do it for bigger reach for your math? Do on. React. Restore Umass, you could take off you'll need. Nah Don't touch. Riedel. Handler. Say. She? Thought. We saw. So you to read the heading and scroll down today comment. I secretly like fat women, but I'm the same. Are you looking at me like? Fetching rocket, we can't do. This week's. Confession An expensive unexpected hand job at a naturist SPA. So put. So maybe a part-time. naturist nudist. Fell fill in the mood to treat myself recently to relaxing day or the SPA massage. I searched online for any naturist in natural spas found the most local one. It will still two hours away. So I look on our site they had great reviews, nothing hands out related insight. After. Looking over their website Agadir, mccarter mom size, the fill the facilities. Like Sauna and hot tub came in the price of massage. Still girl on the phone who took my name s how long of a massage that I want I, sit an hour and this she said a word to me that I didn't quite hear understand but I just agree to it turns out that whereas I said Louis. Turned out there. Let's say tantric tantric and that was an and that was the the booking none. God. He's I hate really how do you think is talk that fuck? So I drove all the way down to the SPA walked their side to be greeted by an absolutely gorgeous girl wearing nothing. Says Nelson. Yes. NUDIST NATURAL SPA. Says this was a natural spa that didn't faze me. She confirmed my details it showed me around. And to the room, we have on the side you. Look. Quite nice to be honest candlelit. Very relaxing. She asked me to get undressed go shower. She'll be with me when I'm done. I happily got my birthday suit. Walk through the building a shower back to my room and she came back about five minutes later. I lay down my stomach on the man on the floor. And the massage begins. All normal massage to begin with. Felt. Really good. Does she started going. She started going up my inner time. And pretty much massage the bit. Between my ass on boss wold with the occasional. Geno ball grip. Just, interrupt. Grey. Goose Real Quick Eight. Hey, if you ever never mind. This also felt good. So I didn't want sport a mood or say anything tim more minutes in s she's rubbing coconut oil. And she's rubbing her coconut oil. Cupboard Be Cup titties on my bag. Oh. My God at least titties with a D. I. CNN team Black Man. I was having a td bag massage. Massage this again also felt quite nice guy. But at this point I knew this wasn't a normal side. So halfway through she asked me to turn over. I, have a hard on at this point obviously with other ball until you play had to turn over. They had no choice. She didn't seem to mind. So neither do that. So the frost. Massage. Again, started normal relaxing stuff for fifteen minutes. Saw Somebody will in this way. Well, back comes the titties, all of my stomach and chest nipple the nipple action show. Yes. She Man rattles me with our ask my face. Off Hose. Staring into. Minus. Cigars coconut oil and I just saw her soak my dig in it. WHOA. What were you can already picture what came next me. Ask. About ten Minnesota Jackie, I would have came earlier but I was super used as to what the fuck actually pay for, and if this was meant to be a part of it. So all in are pretty good massage, but it was a pretty expensive hand job. This was also my first size experience in general by the way. Damn never a this next massage going to be so trashed to him no matter how far it is. He's going so dumb come home. They had a asshole and and and vagina in his face while he was getting the handy. Mexico they'll get a massage and they go elbow and he goes back. He might what the? Yeah, IT'LL BE A. Guy. Said some downplayed handy's the. Confession that we had when do say that his wife had no idea. Remember that one. 'cause we're doing he was getting the handy at the massage probably. Yeah. You say you've been doing it for like forty years. Yeah. was like how say Handy's was trashed but I? Was Walking pseudo. No No. Just the handy. But this right. Here's this. This is next. To he was. slither and do like a snake Robin Hood on his ASS and ship Nashi turns you never fucking trick on news. She was had there was nipple the nipple. Somehow. I. Ask PUSSIES in his face like sixty, nine position all. She was spin his way they slippery from the coconut Earth slidell overdue down like the dance spun around like Michael Jackson again the member time video. Remember S Neko Alice in Wonderland. In the tree never seeing how man she was all overdue. Jesus Christ what's the name of that place? said it was an town two hours away from where he was. Damn. I knew what he was getting himself into. WHO GOES TO HOURS OUT FOR MASSAGE He had a reason yelp reviews or something. That's nuts man. We'll get you a ninety nine. As a wedding gift will get you a new room. I'm good. You know new massage now is stories different stories. said, he wasn't expecting it and then you just winner to get a massage colluded likes being nude he's a nudist so. You think I'm pretty sure. B.'s mice be sound a little big for his own office racist or not. There raises to say. Beast they do sound a little big I've been I've been in Asia. I had the biggest cities not landed in Japan. The big cities. I mean, they say Thailand's Lit. I mean I'm sure be dependent you though you would hate it I'm sure Dr Come. Fuck Williams? Images. They had pitchers. Did Yup seen purchase. Some Cambodian okay. D- I seen I. Don't think it's some. Asian. Japan. Where you went to were China and Japan. Everybody looked the same, but they like the freaky culture to. Like Asian Culture Sex and they just polite now like I'm talking about sex like open like all this shit they like. Yeah. They. They chained up you need. Over. Put like any in frowned upon in Asia they with that. They would the action. Some enemies crazy to see one little anime a clip. Oh, girl like she jumped in. She was like a mile in there and a lightning bolt shot out of her vagina shocked Nagin killing. It sounds. I don't know why he was watching it but that sounds. Choose no one on that. Shouldn't hey keeping it in Asia should I think Lawson was very bad from the Chinese league? was. The Chinese women have cakes similar to you just say I. Was Free. You just said they was free with it out there listening again banned from the League for San. Antonio had cakes. I don't know that's a league I don't know. The League you can't talk about Chinese when he was over, you would be paying for saying that the bees is kinda big for patties. Needs is Iraq you in your fucking? Your fucking ty Lawson be sitting right next. Play back home. Got Deported. From China for getting sent back. Tie. Ex NBA player this Nigga get. You, a Guy A. Ban from the CBA, which I'm is yeah. The Chinese Basketball Association after making an inappropriate instrument post. On his instagram story. He posted Chinese woman cakes on the low my head to switch on my stand soon L. O. L.. And in the next door, he had a pitch job Chinese girl Ben Dove Only I guess they in Strip clubs some. But he's getting lap dances what it looks like and you know she's now on a she got arms. She got her hands touching the floor as bent over, and he's he's having to ask you know film initiative in Maryland selling. Shit look for. Real. The pink. Why Lighting? The pitches guiding band? Not The comment China on foot cakes are now Chinese. was actually commenting on this news on this new ship out here now dicey it's comedy angle mega since Chinese I say nigger Nigger Nigger Nigger nigger. Nigger. nigger negative. Say. Eat Your fucking watermelon fried chicken. Shit. Cotton Shit make your conscience. Said even means. Damn, racists to. Put a whole bunch of guerrilla emojis on this. New Chinese Dan dot sitting thinking like imagine. Say Hi. Nigger son. Your. Thoughts. Nigger son. Chinese people hate black people on a Lotta. Oil Out from China as be. Son? Bitch. Son Bitch. Bitch Hey I. Get quick. Well, if we find it man sign or something about that shot that nick the chest. The USB TIKTOK Negga China. Antilock. I did not an even trade. I've seen. The airport getting fucked up by some negative no riding up. You tell us. Scalia roundhouse kick. them out. Running into the mob like on Shinmun. Make some suits and swords. Changed the triads and they wanted to get Lupe to come. Kick ahead man. What did you say Chinese girls got. He got mad and it's fucked up? A they should've. Said Life for real. Honestly. I mean the stereotype is as China had a stroke close. That's another thing. I mean I mean no they close because like I said that the assumption is most women in China got boy bodies man I hate to say it is what it is software like if Tyler Larsen signs light on the fact that there's some cakes in China instead abandoned do they really should maximum out? They says, maxed out his contract date shot tourism up. NASA's about to go see what these cases talks. Tourism. From negus. They obviously don't. County thorough country don't they're gonNA need tourist dollars they need you right you right. But at best they definitely don't want more. Money Right. They don't want to see how in the way they treat and Pylos, and they really don't in their man for. Kuby right. And how don't tell about the don't tell by secret. Chinese women getting fat asses off the backs. Evening Bats. Eating bats got that ASS families over McDonald's every day McDonald's tyler. Awesome. Definitely. American yes. I in the Chinese Basketball League plus when I went to like China and Japan I understand they're two totally different countries on by you know. I I'm not that damn ignorant but. When I was out I, they burger king was promoting all black burger. The bond was black everything was black. This weird shit don't even know to McDonald's is edible and in countries career. Apparently. Let's said. Odyssey is just lost in translation. They don mills because of. What? What? Somebody's saying there was like A. Banana commented say in China Black People aren't allowed to be. As racist as they are in the United States what? Black people a allowed to be racist. There's no such thing as racist. The black people has always been. The Butt of Lewis has her saying he wanted to blast. Asian cakes racists. As them joggers. Be a man hoping to get Tyler get his your bag up either get his job back or successfully made it back to United States for I really don't want to do getting fucked up out there man for real. They run into a rush hour group. They're gonNA run into 'em. Bison. Biggest run into cannon. Right? You nigger June town. Readiness. For Russia? Was Ju Yeah June. Yeah. The blind yeah of the hair negga kicking. Kick Chris Stuck in amount you know it's one. The Mount Baker. Kick me. We're GONNA run. On running the country that angels? Though I just pitch a Bob and dig with suits and sores, chase down the street gonNA eleven right now jumping over my fucking. Ovens Shit and they got raw turtles on a Michigan. Man Okay Okay too damn goofy. You Want WanNa get into this. I. Guess. It's kind of like the last thing we got a real A senior post on Today it's been a ministers we don't want to be. Can we take a pause for causing right back into this tyrod. Son Bitch. Back but. Bitch. So, seen as post the other day man rebus and keep this knowledge in your back pocket. So I guess women trying to you know inform us. Give us some game. So. Wished to GRANDPA. Peculiar. Underscore people underscore holistic. Say made a post. So. Yes. Man carry bacteria and Avi Stream. Vagina. is a sensitive without looking easily detect bacterial infected man. Here are some reasons why man can cause battle older and bacteria Strict to the point. Wow. What sperm and sat a woman can cause bacteria. So man pull out sometime. You pull out sometime pull in the driveway sometimes yes sometimes. We balls are itching. Nets, yeast. y'All want women to ride that date. Deal, you need to have your hair shaved. Your heard carries bacteria, Ho sweat from your boss. listener. I'm all ears. Not wearing the proper boxer size can cause man's private areas, sweat and Chafe by terrier will form a multiply because of the heat and tightness in the boxes. Draws off taking small astros on wear boxers. Stop Messing with multiple females. Mixing fluid throws off a woman bounce and nobody wants to deal with that. Right Exactly. Most men don't have a primary care provider. Setup with try tricon the fuck. Now, you may set yours up tricalm ACIS. Me Assis whatever the fuck is not make a stieg get you a common isis. Common. Goal. Try Co-. Briggs. Ego Post tomorrow. Connie Oh, meals this bitch ass NIGGA. Idiots. It is. And don't have any siblings women can get. trike. Track. Did, this can get trike without a man. Wash, I'll has before you rub on the pushing. Yeah. Truly dare somebody's Mandalay. Don't bathe every day Amen to the dentist in years bacteria and they mouth, but I wanna eat the kitty come on hold on wait a second halls for the cows as wants to I mean. Yeah. But still, and they always won't I mean you know and as for dental records. I mean. You can tell Santa got now and they. Say. It's pretty obvious you can look at somebody's T. You can see they got some some shit on Asia. He can look us that's. Not Clean Razor. Bumps infected but you WANNA. You WanNa deep sea dive. Wow. They flaming niggles like it. Really attacking me. Per Usual men are just Men are just at fault as the women. Yeah okay. Say. Today tag amend educator. Let's see they shed. Tag Aman educate them but the comments have been limited. Since six mortar story touch me. Angry Bitch. She's bad too. Well. She had it too. Damn somebody really tax by said coming learn. Tag. Shit like I'd be mad. Yeah you fucked me up nearly diseases. Munition you learn anything stay no a new fucking sammy fabrics Senator Shit. About this bird night clean razor bumps. Michigan Bird, ain't clean because he just H. U. L.. Steve. Some of these men obey very day I know I mean I believe yeah. But. You know. What are you? fucking what negative don't take a shower day foolish I'll shit on Ya remember the stay at home thing a few months ago. When they had to stay at home base closing grocery stores, and she like everything closed. She was fucked up. Did. You take a bath every day. Shower every day every day. If I was not in. The House have was the longest streak. Just. Got Caught in a care package for minding they WANNA week care package on the way. I I definitely went forward as. I definitely went for days. Strike ready for launch. I wouldn't notice it sitting around watching TV. So Sundays I ain't get out of bed. Own At fourth day and they got a tear down I I. It's time to go take a shower. I'm sure you got kids you run around with the kids and Shit I'm sitting. ME. Literally run an advocate. Playing what you kids know she yeah. But literally run in Africa. In be running he was I've seen naked and they can be. Doing by you've been running after this. Go and he gets fast as fuck to these fast you. But but don't go for days and. Try To, you know. Before as was trying to get some. No don't. No No. But like I said before. Women Lead Nigga just busting on the first one is just the first one is questionable to me too much firms out of women could like, wow. My sperm is that how much is that is really just let loose in there. You have session became just being there bus back to. I. I? On a Nigga is different, I came bus. Came bus no chick. WHO WITH ANYWAY Okay. Yeah I mean I don't know what to say 'cause they. Oh My. God I gotta I gotta I gotTa woman. I'm letting loose on this will be it'd be busing. Busted Meg every. Day Now. But but. The other thing about like you know. Long term. We're. Bussing. Meg. In late. Night action you wake up the next day start eating the bucks could never. Daven. As a dude I with the as he was younger to meet I do I went to school with like he was younger than me. So like we we weren't we went to the same. We lived in the same area cheviot smart do had A. Lou The worry was dude it tasted his own ship before and has made a vow negative will never be me. I had a never never be. A few were on a bus in their mouth and they WANNA kiss. No Nice stiff arm. That's. What's the problem? Is Yours like? Cool. No Kyushu eat me out There's different. That's different is very different. Now, we gotta understand the double standard is just I mean It is what it is man. It is what it is and plus I mean the equivalent to you know eating a little box and kissing his you know I don. I don't been in there and try to buy some time. Pull Out Star eight node box. You know SC got a different texture to it when I. Shit is. Must Be. A little drab. Could entertain yourself. Yeah. Yeah. I. Mean You know? That's the equivalence to me island about the Boston. They. Let me see what I tasted I. Know What? You know. Where you know coke's bill nation. That's. No disgusted. But yeah, no. Well, I was getting at the being a long term relationship value do learn. A whole lot. Negative about once China. It is like God damned I. Got My fuck. I'm doing. You know what? I'm saying you really got to. You can you can fuck shit up You, definitely. Can't. Are you speaking from experience? Yes. Speaking from Experience Shit up learn latest, you know it's like Definitely. Don't don't be going. They say they'll be going to plan with. Oh Pussy. You Ain't wash the hands you can. You can fuck some shit up Nigga I. Remember this is funny. But one time I have either. xactly get it out. al-Aziz some spicy food the. Our Lady was eaten up. Everything was vibrating in the room. My Lips got high bigger shit. Shit Barton. Stupid Burn. About Lips as hot dish, it was stupid. I. Was just a dump situation. You'll never wanNA find yourself. You know. So don't even know how piano populist. Box any. Riding on. Alert. Milk on there. Had another situation to tell it off Mike Bill and so. You really. Everything is sensitive now for. You to really fuck yourself. A man can focus over. You can fuck yourself up to yeah. Yeah Yeah. Like you can't be doing was doing stupid shit I I'll tell you after Mike My. Personal but yeah, everything insisted they won't and then like. Like sometimes just be happening women by they should just be fucked up for no reason is bin sometimes where like me and Maggie weaned shish wakeup hushes fucked up nothing I'm like God. Damn. I'm glad I ain't got what do you like like be like we're reactions to laundry detergent and Shit like So, yeah. Before, yes. So you really gotta like. Like You can't is you gotta come correct now you can't becoming. Other like not coming figuratively. But. You can't be you can't just be running up in their. You know not taking a shower and washing your hands. We'll see especially if you want that shit the next day. And fuck some shit smell like baked brandon, the morning Next Panara and here you. Lot better than what occurs. Some shit night, the smell don't be matching. Woman Anatomy expert over you can't for it. But you know you live with a girl been together for years. Yeah. Like you know you know the INS and outs the rights and wrongs shit to do for. Make, sense. Yeah. Me Around it long enough. You know it is. I got. I, got a funny story. I say Larry. Shortly. For. It is we ran through Lsu that quitting. Well Nuggets workweek. Man, we'll just talk about him. We can talk about it on the. Talk about what did I say that? I mean say if I do I mean because I'm not. Teams facing each other right now, filming Wisconsin's finals play tonight at eight o'clock. Seven. Seven, I believe I'll wait on matters young here's to mine anyway when. The results had already happened. Yeah. The game wins and the books. I I'm not hearing chace cake man. GET THEY ASS kicked. Did. He finish the you cut it on A real fan you. Watch my team just to the end wants to get held up by shirts NIGGA and punched in I. CAME BACK FROM A. No No. When I turn that shit off Nigga, we was dead. Trust me now. I think I. Think I gave it to less than half a third quarter I waited to the bottom of the third I was not. He's dead they. What about? What? About the the clippers? I lose yet I mean still getting roasted somebody photoshop shot it was real somebody photoshop the billboard La and they said we were up three one. Is Paul George. Like, facing the other way, but it's photos and they said it was in Inglewood, but it was another story ready is is. Is, is part of Photoshop. Let me. Let me let me speak on. This is just this is just No disrespect to to use Dijk to to anybody who is. A fan of individual players. WHO's loyal to fans of individual players I understand it to an extent I understand that the league especially the NBA changes made. Every season you know what I'm saying. So it's hard to be dedicated to a team by was NATO's was like When the nuggets made it to the to the to the Western Conference Finals Nichols was congratulating me. You know what? I'm saying like Whoa you know it really pays off to be an I'm just like. It's weird to me because. But I understand it but I I just I just think it's weird to me that I'm the eyeball out for being a fan of a team. They became a of the nuggets went back in the mellow days is it wasn't that long ago when I was when I became a fan. But with mellow left I was like fuck it. You know here I am I'm not about to just be out here just switching teams. You know. So with that being said, you know what I'm saying like, Nigga. The Nuggets Douglas is where he had off of. You know just the building of franchise. The nuggets ain't about to get no real deal all stars, and we got Paul Millsap when you know he was. He wasn't who he was when he was making all star teams shit. Like just is what it is. We got him just to be the veteran. You know a around a bunch of young guys so. You know. It's still too for the most part that it's a organically built team. You know what? I'm saying we not we not supposed to be where we are. AM I. In my opinion, the magazine they've exceeded my expectations. So I'm not here to trash talk talk talk bad about you know another team save. Three on the championship list though. Some people? they put a ranking number three on some of them lists as championship winners. Lakers wouldn't even in Safa. Right now. You can go on provider. If you really, you really think this is going win. I don't know how. This is what it is for anybody who's listening right now definitely rap but anybody who's listening right now the nuggets are plus one thousand to win. A championship. So out of the fourteenth that's left the Douglas Plus One thousand in Boston plus one. What does that one dollar bet one dollar thousand now? If you bet one dollar you NTN you bet ten dollars you win hunt you bet one hundred dollars thousand. Okay. Yeah. So if you if you really, if you really truly believe that anything can happen and another half proved anything can happen they have. But I I definitely have. This is not the Clippers Lebron. motherfucker manufactured. Teams. Okay, so I am going to talk with the. Man I thought. Manufacturer built ask fucking teams same thing. Donor Com, Denver Doorbell, and that's fine I'm I'm cooling coil. I didn't want to go to Toronto it worked out for them then they won a championship nobody. I WANNA. Come to Denver Lebron. Glad when he went to Toronto in a trade, that's what I'm saying got plenty of pieces Yucca trae to bring somebody in and try to win the show on. That way I. News is running from the grind like my Nigga Dame said Dame GonNa die in Portland to his dangle dying Portland Ring listening and respect it I mean he said he's I mean he will get his Jersey retired uncertainty. He said he wanted he's what was what? He was focused on as being the greatest blazer ever. That's fine. Something is going to be the greatest player. You won't be the greatest nugget ever. Be My guess. But look at what they ain't nobody gonNA be talking about you in twenty years now man. You don't know that you don't know that I-. Cagey, never left fucking. The timberwolves nobody will talk about Cagey. He was trying to be loyal to would you be lawyer for you can go fuck about you Nigga that I own from a business standpoint on understanding. Don. But what I can't allow can't allow. Is Naggus, whose fans of manufactured teams whose fans a player who's out here just running and teaming up with any fucking body to go to winnow as best they fucking I can't. I can't respect it though Fan Robin. The Bronco Fan I'm a Laker fan now. Get that you just can't talk trash to a team that to a team that grind to get what at the Lakers ain't grand. Don't Piss me off I. Almost got married Smith and we know the last time they went to the playoffs is twenty twelve, right? Alamos. Got Magic Man fucking grind Lebron a healthy a healthy Lebron James is making it to the playoffs on any fucking team. In the League the head a team full of fucking young because last year and he got hurt they wouldn't want to the play. A healthy Lebron, that's a to ops on any fucking put Lebron. Who's the worst seen as grind? WHO's worse? What's the worst team in the League? Is Having been to the playoffs twenty thousand twelve. That's not fucking grind you acquire Lebron James and he does what the Fuck Lebron James does not only that you bring on Clutch Sports Anthony. Davis. And you do this you get the results you get these exact results. Yes. Clippers claim to why they lose the clippers did everybody had to win the title they bought into all Jordan? Couldn't get there because expanded a yoke is nuts too heavy Jamal? Mary's nuts was way too heavy NIGGA. Blasted on the clippers and shot the niggers back to La. I can't hear the drops on what the folks no one so it, but it's a window drops. I thought you hit A. Button to drop my bag. No. That's why the clippers couldn't do it. But with that being said though. The nuggets is that they best when they down when they down Nigga Down Oh one, negative the fifth quarter start tonight makers guy blasted by twelve points. They was worse than that when I went to sleep. So it'd make as made it a little bit of a combat but NBA matchups. You'll have nobody match up against eighty Lebron James Yo couple hang lot yoke is like a punk out there with our. The White House Man. Really bad just the difference between size and like that's the difference with the Lakers they built to play any Stalla basketball. The Clippers was built in eighteen to just grab niggers. Whoever the Lakers had when it came out that the Lakers was interested. Oh. Let's go get them and Lakers. Oh let's get Marcus Morris. Coups. Maleski fucking of. Can't even gave up. They gave up the shooting guard, the defensive nigger and Anna first round pick for Marcus Morris who's probably GONNA be gone. This year is about the he's a free agent. Lakers. It'd be don't. Have Be. Here when the title to heat, you'll make it up the second round for sure. He'll win title for sure as quiet loses he talking about SP basketball IQ in chemistry and Nicotine Smart. SMART, nigger you choose to go there. But he's he's all he wanted to play for the clippers that he. Give a fuck. Planning Without Makia sneakers they said the reports came out and say that the players don't even WanNa talk to do because they don't know how to talk to do because he don't talk. Leader Mark with a negative he's supposed to be the leader of the team in the negative talk choir man come to the nuggets mind boy company. He really might be hey, but look. How getting coming back to the court at the next year, he's a free. I don't think he's going back to the clippers. The. Nugget uniform. Don't put no fair. Your Heart Nigga should've just fucked and sucked it up and stayed with San Antonio. He should've fucking does what he should be surrounded by smart people. But. If you, I. Know You hate kawais perfect compared to Lebron. I know you do you gotTa keep it a you gotta keep it one hundred percent honest with yourself. The NIGGA left San Antonio for good reason. The interested team doctors they wanted to come out there and. Really really is he really left because Tony Parker came out and said. I mean. Tony Magassa, tore my. Finally. By compared to Lebron Nah I'm saying what he was saying don't Nigga I ruptured my quiet last year and I'm out here playing you turned your ankle. You set out the whole season. With, the folks going on Brooke I mean low management Man Lebron to the now, and then after the game he talked about, he shouldn't have said album games that was the deal. That's what you wanted. That was the reason why you picked the team to go. You can manage all you want them to like us nickel we got Brown ad. I'm sorry to me for somebody who I don't mind. Good ass whooping just. Is Cowardice me were. Teaming up Kawhi PG Lebron AD Kyri Katie Lebron was able to trade teaming up Nigga didn't try try to young players has the as what they wanted to do. That's that was the Ingo. If he didn't at the trade inhabit, he was going to sign that and Gm You could lose her and then losing your job because you. Don't do me I'm listening I'm not a GM out. I'm not looking at it from that standpoint I'm looking at it from the standpoint of competitiveness and they don't care to compete and I get it from a business aspect and he wanted to join be friends. Do you think that's cool? That's cool. You know. For me for me how how it looks right now. Championship body. So pleased him Jordan for me right now have Scottie Pippen I'll come. He did. One of those years he didn't he's never won a title without Scottie Pippen. Nigger. Oh My god you sound fucking nuts. I'm not miss out the politics. fucking nuts star winning until Scotty showed so anyway. I just said, I, didn't fucking know so anyway. For me. First of all. Draft. Scottie Pippen That's the only. That's the only thing I'm saying about my only thing that I'm saying isn't it goes is making moves and they run into how many dame said running from hall of famers are found outside the top timber. How many how famous are found outside the top I'm not I don't know what the first kind of argument you trying to make me all I'm talking about is. A Hall of Famer took draft somebody, the teams that are built teams that are fun it's all said and done and for. The team. As a free agent nugget is quite possibly the second best team in the League quite possibly the fourth, the best team in the League according to how the play offs fail I'm cool with that. and Ain't. Trash. IOS Trust. She'll got a bunch of good young players under was trash. They got a bunch of good young players. The hawks is going to be good in about two or three years. They've been trash and then got some good players birth as how it works. The warriors was trashed and they got a whole bunch of good players and Katie. Are they would they wanted to? Pursue. Works. the point in the Lakers was trash in any Lebron come. Because they don't know what the first. Family. Drafted fucking Lonzo magic. Lonzo ball wouldn't from la he would've never got drafted from the Lakers. Magic. Drafted at Nigga because he was from La. Bro He was scared of his fucking Daddy. Jason Tatum. The sixers should tatum. was looking trash to dominate I ain't ally. He's been trashed. The series won last night. But. Yeah You try us you wanna you see the sexes trust the process tank, get these draft picks. And get you players. You can build it that way. Now, some things rather not take. The teams, it's the playoffs with the players the put the players. These want to play with each other like if eighty and Brian sided that they wanted to go to. fucking. Vancouver and play for the grizzlies they will do that. You know what? I'm saying they will. It's not the play like I. I guarantee you Ole Depot will be in the Heat Jersey soon. I guarantee that. Well. I heard about the heat but he inherited the Lakers that's who I've heard linked to do. He will be a heat Jersey so I don't know how under saving her money for Janas. Has. A saying going. there. He'll be he shouldn't. You still got Lebron open to try to pursue Jaanus if he's I mean he's. The Best Young player in the League. Is Pretty much signed sealed delivered to Golden State which is also bid shit but these just want to pay. Catholics they're going to trade and they would they can they. They've tried to. fucking. The Bucks is GonNa. Take a pig for Jaanus? No if you honest wants to go and. TOLD HIM HE'S COMING BACK Okay, he's not going to know where the team and he's not demanding the trade so. All right he's is all these negative hose. FUCKING Bradley bills on every team, but the nuggets they all hosed in Portland. Swain. Youngest sweat and then what if we don't do? You know what to? Do to be honest. Blast again today. Okay. Sure Bet by ten plus thousand. You Ain't got two thousand a bit who. You. THOUSAND DOTS OUR PODCAST. Pitches. You got a cold the show. Now. Closer. They got seventy eight. Dale. Dancer. Flow.

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