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NPR News: 03-18-2020 1PM ET


Live from NPR news in Washington. I'm Lakshmi Singh. President Trump says he considers America to be on a wartime footing and himself a war time president in the latest update to his administration's response to the Corona Virus. Pandemic trump says the. Us Canada border will be closed to non essential. Traffic betrayed will continue. He is that the historically low unemployment rate could end up climbing to as much as twenty percent. Although trump says quote that's an absolute total worse case scenario and quote as he was talking the Dow dropped by more than seven percent. It is down more than sixteen hundred point. Seven point eight percent trading has been halted for the next ten or twelve minutes on top of the economic stimulus packages before Congress. The president is announcing some relief in housing. The Department of Housing and Urban Development is providing immediate relief to renters and homeowners by suspending all foreclosures and addictions until the end of April trump has announced that two. Us Navy hospital ships will be deployed to boost capacity during the cove in nineteen crisis. Vice President Mike Pence says they're more than ten thousand ventilators in the national stockpile. Trump says he's ordering many thousands more to help meet hospital demand which is expected to surge in the coming weeks and months. Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer is among the members of Congress and governors to pressure the federal government to wrap up the distribution of ventilators and other medical supplies. Npr's Windsor Johnston Report Schumer's also warning of an economic recession. As the corona virus continues to spread. Senator Schumer says the virus is slowing the economy to near standstill. He's also been calling on the trump administration to speed up the supply of medical equipment behind the eight ball on tests. And we're soon going to be behind the eight ball on ICU. Beds and ventilators as more and more people get sick. Schumer says the nation's public health system is understaffed and under resource to end without intervention. Could soon become overwhelmed. Windsor Johnston NPR news. Washington primary results from three states on Tuesday widened former vice president. Joe Biden's lead over Senator Bernie Sanders here's NPR's Scott Petro's anders won or tied. Three of the I four president contests but ever since Biden's big win in South Carolina Biden has run the table amassing a large delegate lead and now holding more than half of all. The delegates awarded the morning after a string of three more losses sanders campaign manager fast. Shaquir released a statement saying sanders now. Having conversations with supporters to assess his campaign Shakira indicated. The decision to drop out or stay in May not come right away pointing out the next primary contest at least three weeks away. In the meantime secure says Sanders will be concentrating. His efforts on the corona virus crisis not the campaign on Tuesday sanders called for a wide range of actions including paying every American. Two thousand dollars a month until the pandemic passes this is. Npr News the air traffic control tower. At Chicago's Midway Airport remains closed today after several workers in the facility tested positive for the corona virus. Npr's David Schaper reports. The airport remains open but operations continued at a reduced rate in a statement. The FAA says several technicians who work in Midway's air traffic control tower tested positive for the corona virus so the facility remains closed until further notice as it undergoes a thorough cleaning the FAA says. The air traffic system has multiple. Backups in place so the Federal Agency is able to shift air traffic control operations to other facilities in this case pilots heading into and out of midway are in contact with air traffic controllers at the Chicago Terminal Radar Approach Control Center the western suburbs that means takeoffs and landings continue but at a much slower rate southwest airlines the dominant carrier at Midway and reports dozens of flight delays and cancellations David Schaper. Npr News Chicago. Nasa astronaut award has died at the age of eighty eight. He had been in the hospital recently. Battling an infection. His desk was announced by his family on twitter saying he passed away last night in his sleep. Orden flew on Apollo fifteen the fourth mission to land humans on the Moon in Nineteen seventy-one as command module pilot. He did not walk on the lunar surface but stayed behind and circle the moon. Dave Scott and Jim Irwin explored below NASA hailed Apollo fifteen as one of its most important lunar missions and it was the first time astronauts used a rover to drive on the Moon. This is NPR news.

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