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Fire TV Roku and streaming twenty, four, seven, and on demand and business bully. To once forgives is David Banner from David Pot. David David Dave Dave Dave Dave. Dave Dave Dave Dave Dave David Banner they. Doing Solly Robinson and welcome the Tommy's corner. So where you from from Youngstown Ohio, a graphic description of how was growing up in town, scrappy fissure going? Pitcher. Moshood movies like your moshood. Gang affiliated type movie. Death or if you like to sing boys in the hood sober. Take the gang stuff out. 'cause gangs ain't heavy like that world. But like you know your typical boys in the Hood Minister Society Week. As, no! You know what I'm saying. Town were from. It's like A. Like a mark sitting. In between. In between? There was a meeting place for the bosses between New York and Chicago so, Bob influencing real heavier. Took over the industrial town had the steal meals and things like that once that closed down and auto steel mills close in drugs, getting there just kind of. Took a turn for the worst. You know what I mean is grabbed family structure. I'm the youngest. Four boys are so get three sisters do my father had with his first wife so for me? I'm the youngest. Kinda grew up quick just because I was running behind them trying to do everything my. Yet grew up kind of quick. You know what I mean just because simple fact I was trying to do what they was doing is vanish Lou. Do you know what I mean, but was real heavy into sports and was good at ball and everything. But Family structure like I had my father was there and I also have my stepfather to played a big role in my life as well so you know. I kind of had the best of both worlds with dead, then also had said three brothers so I was I wasn't lacking far like a male. Life at all. And they me and my mother was super tight, so you're kind of on that since I had it all like very fortunate for that. Music affect your life growing up. Music everything you know what I mean. I started early like my father used to have a budget CDs and records down in the basement, so when I was a key, our just go down there, and just look at the album covers the CDs, and just like face to draw a lot, so whatever album coverage is looked interesting. Our pick it up and play just. Kind of started listening to short early because he had the one one of his early CDs, I think like short dog in a house. Something like that, but he got the had the dogs. Andrew would auto cars and stuff on the cover. And then I looked at that and I guess last I started listening to short so young, but it was I. didn't know what I was listening to is just the cover of it. And then went from there, and I just really got an abuse. It because I. Just that's what I just stayed down in that room in the basement, just listening to stuff into my brothers and they will forget. My mom took my brother's NWEA CD. So I always wonder why. She took it away from him, and I didn't know why, and then they didn't want 'em listening to it, and of course that made me WanNa listen to more and then it just kind of went from there. What's the age gap between you and your next oldest brother? Eight nine years, almost nine years did have an older siblings influence the type of music. You listen to now definitely 'cause you gotta think. Most kids finally got into music. And you figure even you know by the time I was in high school. You Know Ninety nine two thousand type of thing I have been listening to light gangsta rap because that was not rap dominated early so like West Coast Gangsta rap like New York rap right there, hardcore like. That played A. Big Influence. That's the I gotta hold up like like I said too short. Burs Snoop doggy style like that was that was that was another one to cover could be drawing on the cover, and it was like no. That's ninety two. Sandon six. Maybe something like that, and that's the stuff I listen to early. Really shouldn't have been with our on it. You seem like an also some of your music selection with that statement. Be Accurate. All. I listen to like old school several. How plays Curtis Mayfield Isaac? Like I say that was CD. That's my father had in the basement. You know what I mean for. Those are things I listened to being with him. That's where he played, and I listened to his way, or like and I just feel like. That type of music and it made it also because of Gangsta rap. You know like snooping to music. Was There G funk sound? So it had a lot of samples from no stuff and it made me want to go back. And you know want to go listen to that music. You know what I mean. And, so it's like really almost feel like I should have been born back in that town to tell you the truth like I feel like. I was really supposed to be the age I. Ask like I should have been this age seventy with like a big ass. Laugh. You know what I'm saying. Tell us about the violence in Youngstown during those days I'll you too early like I mean auto? We always had like I never went bars one. If not two, but you still you were in the trenches, though like I mean you learn at an early age. You Hear Shooting Leo ass on the ground. You know what I'm saying. It could be random you watching TV and you hear them shots. You knew the lay down from. You know five years old. You know. Get on the floor. Where you heard shots was very violent. You will see stuff going all come home from school like youngstown is really the trenches like it's bad, really bad. Many people that you literally no of on. I am basis. that were affected by violence over those years. Easily, say twenty, five thirty without even like even get a true count like that's just. That's being light on it. You know what I mean. 'cause. I can just count the number of encounters, hell I probably got ten on my own, and immediately affected me personally just like immediate family like you talking no further in first cousins from from inside miles with my brother and uncles and span out. I mean I'm talking about immediately. From my dad's two brothers, my brother I two first cousins Neth like is is been right there in my face. If you don't mind talk to us a little bit about your brother hours, your relationship, which are deceased brother and briefly touch up on how it all went down and how it affected. So far breath like he was older, so we all want to be like him. He was a flyway. Had the cause and jewelry Shit had everything not when you look at it like she, that's it. You know what I mean like He. He was doing his. Thank you know I mean. At the time you know, I'm younger. He was twenty seven when he got killed. So about mind always thought he was old until I turned twenty seven realize damn dot youngest sheet. You know what I'm saying like I didn't really think about it because I was younger to realize how young twenty seven was passed and it was just like. But that was the guy we wanted to be. Like man was just man you saw him, and that's when I would walk from school and he can get the car wash with his car, isn't it was like I was like oh? That's my brother right there. You see his car. Everybody like Dan Lee's brother car. Whatever like that? was, happy to tell somebody you know what I mean. He was just that's why I wanted to be like. It was like everything about it like the way dressed away handled itself. And when it happened, it was like man. I still remember. Yesterday to a team. Bro. Our. When I was eleven. So it was like. I was eleven. When at. Everything I'm GONNA entire night next morning? I found out. I remember when my mom left the house at night to go to the hospital. I didn't know Washington House latest sale. Sitting playing video games. I seen a Russian to lead. And I remember saying like I was teasing my little step brother and I said she left the house like somebody got shot or something just being silly. Just be a bad just saying something. She didn't say why she was leaving. She just left. I just remember saying to him next morning back. They didn't wake me up or say anything that night and the next morning I just remember coming downstairs and telling me. Sh-. What did land become to you for me? It was like Atlanta was the spot where I could. While I personally feel like I can live about what the life I wanted to live. Because I ain't GONNA lie. I love Youngstown but anybody. That's from there or is there. They know what type of charities man in Atlanta. Game me that. To see the things I really wanted to see you know what I mean to see. Black people doing it big on on a big homes, driving nice cars, and it wasn't audio illegal way we're on from. You is one or two. Somebody has some Nice Day that work. Did you so don't you just what it is? Like You know what I mean, or both you know what I'm saying. They only do both and there was like. That was your option slide knew that, wasn't it? So like I had to go like always had in my mind I was leaving. You know what I mean much as I love the city, but and then when I started coming to Atlanta when I was know. GonNa, come down like I would always see those stuff. When I came down new I was coming here. When Dow my mind, tell us about what happened prior to a trip from Ohio to Atlanta is when I was about to Gary lead down here so I'm sitting like I was. I had been rocking and forth. You know how like what you say, you bite the mood. It's like I'm a waste. I get x amount of money. Put Away. I got this much money then leaving leaving, so they're finally I would just like I was there Rick Ross? For to Miami came out. It's I'm just sitting there. Listening to that our just listening to that album I was sitting outside me. Fuck this I'm out like I'm leaving this weekend type of things I went. Agitate got another cutlass I got t top cutlass, saying it was a eighty five blue full. Floor Audit. That shit was hard. Bucket seats I. Go get some music. Put in there and I'm like I got my music. Put in here about to go ahead and just ridell got everything up on the slide. And the night before I was about to leave. I got the music maybe a day two days before. I went packed up. My stuff was leave. I come out next morning. All Dale Big Asshole. Quixote knocked out today of. So that went to go. Put the key in see. I knew it was all. Off Music stolen car everything but our so like I was hailed. Ban On like I. Staying even gave me more allows me I'm definitely out now. I still do my stuff in the car and rode out. Bitch, no music, no night just like I'm out like I. Never looked back after that you big on fitness. Talk about your journey and tell us about the old, sadly through him away. You. Know. This is. Not like I play boss, I played D. tackle. I was always a big. Do you know what I mean? Mine? I thought I was. I thought I was. Should you know in that vein of this move big? Do you know? But always enjoyed lifting weights I just didn't know the other the other side of it you know eating died incorrectly and things of that nature, but far is lifted always enjoyed astronaut play ball always wanted to be a strongest dudes out there, so that was something. I just enjoy period. That I remember came down here so. I might have been out. Oh, I'll never forget working body doing security since I moved down here. And then my boy was like damn leads. You put also weight and just had on. That's what big closed is still. MIGHT NOT SHIRT JUST BE? You was like yeah. That's a big shirt which is still put out a few pounds, but he was like. It's cool, though you just a big negative, so it's all good. It was like something about that just did sit right we. Hail, do so I started going to the Joe. And like I was already lifted, but that's started to took out my dad. I didn't really know what I was doing. Eat well. That's Great I. Still Go lift all the time. And then it was afraid of my uncles who used to train at the goes. Jim Is Name Leary Lockhart. And He's to train at the gym. He's like damn you gotTA. Teach you how to eat like you can get in the game. Man I used to black man heart. I seems like you could work out with me. Mas Man I ain't got no way to pay trae like he was like Nah just coming forward in the morning. 'cause you stronger though you could actually work out when I work out, but you gotta come forward in the morning I was like half dead. Going into house kicking it at four in the morning, so it was no way inhale allow is going to do that. And finally he was, he kept be kept asking me and then via ask art. How come meet you at four in the morning, then Shit. That point it was like he got me on the right food and time you the whole game about it, and it was like I never looked back after that fars being that size again. What does fashion mean to you? Got To look good. With Diaz I say. Look good feel good feel good play good or whatever the saying you say you got to. Always a shoe guy license key like I could show. Pigeons went out of the kid. I tell people all the time like you got. These people out is just now because instagram stuff. Get to see some now. They think they up. Shoes, should i. been had their been wearing. The Dope Shit the flashy whatever you saw. If a rapper had I had that shit the next day, Jay Z. drop the rockaway leathers. I went to Cleveland in the ditch like like maybe two weeks later when he had that, she don't have video Soleil. Far as the clothes shoes you know always been in like always wore jays and pippen's pennies on. It always might be. How did you start doing all of the clothing designed in the merchandise for a band vision, or started because a was me Ben Heck, cooler whatever. He saw had told him about an idea. I have during his life just stuff like leisurewear to wear the gym and stuff because I would always be working out and everything so. I told him about and I'm pretty sure people tell him thousand things. It's just you know trying to run. They mouth so when I told him about it, then actually did it have stuff to give him his show him. He was kind of impressed. You kept you really what you said he was going to do, so. He asked me to do a few things for him. And then I did he kind of appreciated the way I handled the business for him the same as if it was mine and I handed it the same way that I handle. My stuff was for him. From that point like you know I did a good job. What did he was like eyes? So what if I let you start doing that? You know all the time for me and then it just slowly belt from there. From me, proven tempted I handle it and get the job done correct and officially. Into everything that is now talk a little about the union deal in how it came in a place and talk about your design concept on the UN collaboration. So, you know. We got these. Pre Show tomorrow now you know what I mean. So allow so. Wait for drop something new for. ME. But needlessly I got. I just was thinking trying to think of something that we could do, and you know you an independent company and we do everything forest like that's what we strive and go for for independence. Fabric Black Man, so we wanted to keep it with that. And I got with Bill. gave me basically the creative control to design a shoe for our company. I went with this color way. I was trying to think of something to do to. Was You know it loud and stood out some and then I kind of wanted to do camouflage shoot. You know what I mean. So being that I wanted to do that. Axel go with the different shades of green and I had to read, and they're just to give something to pop. Got The black this'll there. Who the! On the back. You know what I mean. Always always been a gum sold fan, so I had to do the gum ozone on there. You know I thought that was real. Don't but yeah. She came my real good man. We do real well with them. They sold out and I decided I was like we were back to release them a little bit earlier around Christmas time, and then I defeated I. I was like not of would be better if we drop them in February for black history month, not in originally come out as like, say a black history. Shoot this pretty much what we do it. All the time is no around like you see us. We in this at all times, you know it ain't no like just some time thing. But knowledge to dropping black history month in February. We did that I. mean instantly they were gone like you know. We had a lot of requests to bring them back out, but you know I noticed you gave jaw quote, unquote sneaker ahead, man. You gotta get that when they dropped. What you? Might have to try stock X. or something, did you? GonNa your relationship with David Banner. And how did you move up the ring so fast? Honestly I mean. I never pressed to have no like most people come in. People come in, and you know they always want to. You know they pitch trying to sell some I. Mean I'm just always myself going to see everything I talk about. That's how I live my life like I. don't say stuff it try to put on it. So the more we were around each other. We saying where he's from Jackson is very similar to Youngstown. We just had a lot of stuff in common to begin with. Personal relationship started and then when it came to the work. Ahead of my shit, like all our dropped in the fumbling like I ain't. Nobody got time for that so I handle his stuff. The way I handle my own I. Look at his money is if it was my own, I mean. I'm GONNA make sure. That's our role like there's just me. That's how I was raised. I was brought up like you know I. Understand like the team trying to you know. Either quarterback and I'm GONNA do whatever needs to be done to make sure quarterback shine. You know what I mean so whatever you do I got him I know he gonNA. Take me we wayne. It's pretty simple. I mean we're far moving quick. It would just work ethic. I mean like the accident. Do some made sure I got it done if he needed some done. No matter what the time was sure I gotTA handle. The only way you really can't move weapon anything. If he was on the football team basketball team, you want the first thing you do is go in there and play hard defense. You Work Hard I. Did you get a chance to show with talent? You actually got, but it start with hard work I. You show the talent that you get sick when you come in. And then once I got in I was able to show another things I can bring to the table.

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