Celebrity Big Brother 2 | LFC Roundtable Feb 12


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This is the podcast where we break down everything. From the feeds I'm strong. And with me today is Melissa eighty Melissa and doing well, I am I'm excited for that the Nollie tomorrow, I have no idea. What's going to happen? I really could not have predicted last season's finale. So I feel like we're going to we're in for a surprise, whatever that surprised, maybe. Yes. Very very interesting stuff. Also with me today is Brenton Brent. I am fine. You know, what occurs to me? Why do we have around? There's only three of us. I feel like it should be like a triangle table, you know. Hurry into old navy one day only today get fifty percent off all outerwear, plus get cozy socks for just two bucks. Yet fifty percent off all outerwear and two dollar cozy SOX one day. Only today at old navy and old navy dot com. Ends tonight Valla to seventeen exclusions apply. Can you number four of us before it can be like a square table? Like what we're not freaking nights. What a what are we saying? Here we are nights because he night. So down on on our night potential nights. Okay. That's fine. I'll do it. I'll be a name. Yes. We are. We are live here on YouTube the page does not is not on rob as a podcast at the moment. So so you have to find us on YouTube. I'm going to be tweeting out the link very shortly. So hopefully, you'll be joining us soon. But we are here to argue about everything that's happening on the big brother celebrity to live feeds, and it's what a what a week it's been Melissa. What are we what are we? There were highs. There were lows. There were very lows. I, you know, I'm not gonna lie after the double the double eviction night was really just one blow after another for me at least. And then we find out the new H O H. And I'm just like oh my God. Goodness. Get any worse. I even tweeted that out like I just couldn't help myself. But yeah, so, but there were some highs. You know, there's some good moments but few and far between do you still have hope for the season? Brent or you are you a little spent here. Oh, no. I have lots of hope for the season. I've never been out on the season. I mean, you it's definitely hard to lose, Tom. And then get a Ricky H and think we're going to lose candy. But we may not loose candy. And I'm not even sure like my my I think everyone's fear was a low Ricky final two. I think I think I speak for most people when I say that we were like really because you know, at least we could tame are in the final two, we we've got some entertainment, and she's really been fun, and she's played her frigging Asraf not that Lolo and Ricky heaven, but they've been a little down. They've been the they've been a little mean girls, especially low low and Ricky hasn't been mean girl, but he has sort of like, it's an us versus them mentality, which I know doesn't wear well on some of the fans, but overall, I'm really happy. With the season is and I think there's lots of possibilities. I literally think that anybody could win including all five of them at this point. And that's that's sort of interesting. And I think overall it's been a really great season. It's definitely been different than season one of celebrity big brother, and I feel like we have the cast thank for that. But you know, what came here to play and play hard. And you can't you you can say many things about willow Natalie, and and that will click over there, but they have played their ass off. And I respect them for that. All right. Well, let's talk about what's been happening. Since the last time, we podcast the link is out people are coming in. It's going to be great. It's going to be fine. So we ended the last round table shortly before Tom ended up using the veto on Ricky to save Ricky and put Lolo up in Ricky's place. That was kinda crazy, right? And then we eventually are going to see Natalie evicted by vote of four to zero there. So Natalie goes home instead of Ricky or Lolo, we were we were kind of expecting Ricky to leave. But but Ricky stays he stays alive, and that I think really could be like Tom could have made the decision to who wins the game there. I think they were two of the front runners, especially considering the fact that Lolo is so disliked in the jury it really mattered who stayed there, and and Ricky can cut a lucky break. Oh, yeah. I think that I mean if Tom if anyone else was in Tom's position. I don't see Ricky staying at all I think that to me. I don't know if they would have targeted tricky. Well, Tom, but it, but I mean, I mean, okay, say everything is exactly the same except for. It's not a guy like Tom who just like likes the idea of throwing in a wrench in the plans and surprising, everyone I feel like any other player in Tom's position. Would have just been like, okay, I'm sticking with what I what I wanted to do. I set out this week to get rid of Ricky lead, Stu it. But Tom finds enjoyment and making everyone shocked and that shock factor in that. Wow. Factor in that questioning like what why you know, he like drives off that sort of thing. So if any other player was there, they'd be like, look, I'm sticking to my guns. I'm gonna do I'm gonna take them off. Or if they wanted to go with what Candian Dino were saying and try and get rid of not only they would have just been like look on leaving them both on the block. But you guys can vote the way you want to vote I'm leaving it up to you. I think that because he decided to do this crazy Wild Thing. That's why. We're in this position that we're in right now. And we'd probably wouldn't be there without Tom. Yes. Tom certainly proved to be a wild card this season. And I've said it before I think that really kind of saved the game in the sense that he blew up his own game and opened up the field for everyone else in the process. So low low is going to end up winning the HOA JR. In the double eviction. She is going to nominate Tom and. Candy. Right. I can't pull. No Brent to hold on. Oh darn. Okay. Thank you. I'm plants. Well, you probably should say you're gonna do. You can't you can't do it Melissa you might need to probably should do it. It's show. You know? She didn't. I guess I thought she was going to quote Orissa there. I really thought she was going to be like you can't. And you will all the big brother candidate people were. But like, yeah. But then she literally just was like, maybe it'd be good. If you you probably should, you know, make your nomination it was like so weak. Alright. K candy. I guess I loved in the recap when they show this. It was like, Tom. I'm nominating you and then they cut to in candy. I guess. It was great. So. Yes, Tom and candy going the block as as we all saw Tom is a victim by vote of three two zero. Tom is gone. And we are down to the final five next up. We are going to see Ricky win the next HOA Joe big one big one for Ricky right away. I was I was calling this. I was like, hey, wow. Ricky has this in the bag of this point? He's won the HOA cheese guaranteed. Final four. He's going to be able to take out candy. And if you take so candy than Taimur, we'll take them to the final two where I think he probably wins Lola will take them to the final two where I think he definitely wins. And if he wins he takes either of them and wins, and I was like, whoa. Look at look at Ricky. He's the he's the favourite here. Not always the case, though, things change in this house. He is going to nominate candy and Dino with candy being his target taymor has a different idea. She doesn't want candy gone. I think I think the tame are still wants to take candy to the final two. I think it is hard to decide what K mart. K mart beat Ewing KMart. Nobody's said KMart yet. That's great hat. I don't understand. I just I came up with out on the spot. I'm a genius brilliant. No. But for real though, I mean, like it's impossible to tell what kmarts motivations are. I feel like I never understand what's going on. And even when she's in the diary room saying like I need to take candy. I don't believe it. I don't trust it like anytime. She says something I'm like, I don't know if you're telling the truth or you're just like playing it up for people. I don't know. And so she's so hard to read. Yeah. It's it's tough. I do I do think that she'd like just the way that she's playing the game. She's constantly talking about how much she hates like candy, and how much she like doesn't think she deserves to be there and so on and so forth. But it's very clear that she's trying to keep candy in the game. And that it could be because she feels like candy will take her. And so even though she doesn't plan on taking candy. She at least wants the possibility that candy would take her. But I do kind of feel like she also would take candy. I'm seeing a lot of nodding from your Brent agree. Yeah. I do I have been convinced to this for about a week. Now when I tweeted out something similar, I am convinced at this point. And I'm trying to think of a 'nother reality show or this happened. Maybe you could say like Kaelin, Derek the final six are. Sorry, big where the candidates six or maybe you'd be really can't a one if they have Jillian and Emmett had made it to the end, I really do think this is a case of her wanting to get to the end with candy and declare herself the winner, no matter. What happens? It's just like I want to get to the end with the person that I want to get to bandwith. And after that just look at the jury and say f- y'all I don't care you give no power over me. I win. Because I chose her. We're here at the end. This is this is the ending my story that I wanted to have an through and for her. She didn't really care about the game. I am just to be clear. I'm not saying or doesn't care about the game. I've just thinking that her vision of winning may potentially involve a little bit of delusion where she's like like she wants to win the game. But if she doesn't win the game. She's like I win as long as the two of us are at the end. So I do feel like there's an element of that here. I don't know if you go nat- or not I think there's probably an element of that. I think more than that though, in my opinion is that I do feel like she thinks she can be candy. I think that if I let me let me put it this way. I think that if in her mind, she could definitely be Lolo. But maybe couldn't be candy and she had the choice between taking candy and having the win of that. She got she and candy both got to the end. But maybe she doesn't win versus ashore thing next to Lolo. I think she would take Lolo there. I think the difference is that she thinks she can beat both of them. And so because she can be both of them wants to have her. She wants to she wants to have the cake and eat it too. Right. I think it's like part of this. I think she's thinking in terms of the the overarching storyline of like her and candy. They started out enemies, and then became friends, and it's like this whole redemption thing, I see that. And I mean, the fact that she thinks she can win against candy. And the fact that she could, you know, create this this narrative of her in candy, we're enemies. And now they've come together to come together to the end like it's like, I can see why she. It might be doing it that for that reason. And also it's good for her image to to patch things up with candy and take her to the end because like she's even talked about candy's got her friends, and because they're candies friends. She's kind of outside of that circle because her in candy and get along. And if she ends up taking candidate the end, well, there, you go you've got this new friendship and people can't really be mad at her anymore. Oh, two things. I wanted to be clear that as I said on Twitter, I am not convinced the taymor cannot beat candy. I think the team are can be candy. So we can talk about that. So I'm not convinced that is a boner move for her to make if she's up going to the final two with her. But on the other hand, I want I did want to say that. That's just my read on the situation. I mean taymor has never said that my version of winning is getting to the end with candy. That's just my read on it. So she she may not be thinking that maybe putting words in her mouth. But I wanna I just wanna be clear on that. That team has never voiced anything other. Than I want to win the game. And I want to get to band with these people, and that would be great if we could should be with these people. She's never really said what I'm trying to say. So I just don't want. I just I just don't want people thinking that. I'm saying that she's she said that when she didn't sense, it makes sense. I think I think you will come with me. Anytime we say something on this podcast people come in like branching didn't say what are you? Talking about words mouth. She's the best player ever come on. I hear you on that one friend. I think that people are really really up on the misinterpretations with this season. It really it brings me back to big brother over the top. It really does with the level of vitriol both in the house and in the fan base at this moment, I'm getting I'm getting threats of violence sent to me and private messages. I had happened. Not. What's the what's going on with that? Why is everyone in the chat thing that poor Taryn? Handle that. Oh, I'll handle that. Okay. Let's going on. I just say the breeding mine notifications in my mentions. It looks like that a majority of black. Big brother Twitter is not a fan of Armstrong. They to that of a tweet that I made where I said, hey, I can't believe I made this connection. I hadn't made connection between tame are saying don't get punched in the throat, and then you know, talking about how Tom is threatening her. I thought that was a funny connection because previously in the season. I talked about how tame our was clearly not threatening anybody in that moment. But people thought that what I was saying was that I thought tame our was actually threatening to punch Lolo in the throat, and they got very mad at me because they thought that I thought that. And and so they said, hey, if we ever meet you in Boston, and you're gonna get punched in throats. God what is wrong with people? They definitely took it the wrong way. I will say that in even if you were saying that even if you were like that threatening. It's like, okay. So then you go, and and you're angry about someone calling saying threatening. So then you go and threaten them. It makes sense everyone like chill out. The like I said emotions are running high. You know, things are think things are getting a little uppity. I obviously do not cosign me. If I meet you in Boston, and I'm gonna punch thrown. Although that one of my trolls is sent that to you just can't. It was it was I thought it might be a sock puppet account a sock. Oh, really, what is the puppet of killer? I don't know. Joe lawrence. No, not Joe. Oh my God. Joy rodriguez. Okay. Joy rodriguez. So we barely knew. I yes, I want. What was I going to say, oh, I can't. I hate it. When this happens. Well, it's on point being things have gotten things have gotten. Okay. It's gonna come back in like, five seconds. So I was going to say, obviously co-sign the punch you in the throat Taryn, Dante mar a lot you say this like in what way like I'm very curious to know, why you think that because I'm used you've talked about how you disagree with me on taymor. But I don't know what you disagree with. Well, I disagree with your assessment that she can be candy number one. You don't think she can't be that? I know we disagree about. I think the candy beats are. And I don't I don't think she can be candy. But I'm open to hearing the opinion. I think what's happening is you're on more than me. And so you recount the game more than me. And you then go over tame our faults more than me. And so it sounds like you're harping on it. Whereas I really don't think you really are to defend you. I really don't think you are harping on her as much as people feel like you are it's just sort of the perception of it. Because again, you're on every day and you're on recaps. And so people here from you all the time whereas Melissa once or twice a week. And so if we were saying the same thing, it wouldn't even have the same sort of megaphone aspect as as your voice carries over the din. So go also a situation where you know, if you were saying the exact same things about Ricky, for example, or like, Joey verb. Sample, and they don't really have many like stands on Twitter. No one would care if like you said it about Ricky fewer over and over being like, Ricky sucks Ricky's the worst. And not that you're saying that about tame our good. I'm just saying even if you said that people would be like, oh, okay. Good assessment. Thank you. And now because it's taymor. They're like, whoa. Whoa. You can't say that about my fav-. So I feel like that's part of it is like you. You've literally picked like the worst possible target for any sort of critique at this point. Because like KMart stands are like the most vocal on Twitter by far. Well, I mean, I guess it was unavoidable because I think they've all played poorly. So I Kim. Our kids. It's like I feel like the people miss the boat. When the when when you could assize Tom Green's game and said, I was over you. He screwed himself. He played badly. And like they don't seem to remember that Tom Tom played eight and much worse game than taymor. Let's be real clear about this. But people never remember that like like, the Melissa the most the most caustic view of this on Twitter is that Terron likes the Tom Green's of the world. He doesn't like the tame Braxton's other world and the NBA underlying read on that is ta Taryn likes the straight white cysts male strategist, Barry acid, garbage Bill is ending. The most candy. He won't shut up about it. I was getting. I appreciate the support. But I don't wanna I don't wanna bore people too much. Support. Anyway, I keep a realty. Well, you know, I keep it real. There. We go. Anyway, candy want taymor wants candy to stay this week. And and yes, I'm happy about that. And so she is she is putting in work to make that happen. She's talking with with Ricky about it. She's kind of talking about like, hey, do we really want Dina in the end would do we really want her to win this season and Ricky's kind of like agreeing with this? He's kind of feeling like, oh, yeah. I might be open to the idea of keeping candy over Dina mean in the meanwhile in meantime, Lolo is refusing to promise either of them a final two spots. She will not tell them who she's gonna take to the final two. They're both getting a little worried about that. So they also talk about potentially taking low low out at if the veto plays out in a certain way. But vetoed is not play out in a certain way. It was apparently a competition and involved hurdles. I don't know if we know this about low low, but she's an Olympic track track athlete. Olympic hurdler wish. She heard she heard heard learn, I'm pretty sure she's heard learn bobsled, fun facts. I was a hurdler really. Where are you? Wow. So good one was hurdler. My my into the only. Track. Yeah. Yup. She does she think people actually Melissa's rights is an American hurdler and bobsledder who specializes in the sixty meter and one hundred meter hurdles three NCAA titles. Yeah. I've seen her. I've seen videos of her laying. It is insane as she just like full allies over those hurdles, I don't know how she does it. I'm interested to see this competition. Surely cannot be what we're imagining. I'm sure it's not. Yeah. Like. Hotly table and tamers Cohen hurdle. Yes. You wouldn't lies. I at least I hope so we should specify it was tame are that said, of course, they'd give her a hurdle competition. We don't know exactly. Yeah. So, but I did tweet out like really hurt. Hurdles, we couldn't do like songwriting competition or like how to manage your millions of dollars that you made from his writing competition. That'd be good one. So low low is going to win this veto. And unfortunately, candy does have a bit of a misstep here when she talks to Lolo. She tells her that she feels like Lolo has a good chance to win. I think what she was trying to do was explain that that, you know, hey, you can beat me in the end. But it did not come off that way. And it went very very poorly. Put to Lolo Lola was very angry about this. They got into a little bit of a fight. Then Lola wins the veto, and she feels very strongly that candy needs to go because she knows that candy's not going to take her to the end because she thinks that candy feels like Lolo can beat her. So she wants DNA out tame ours. Like, yeah, I hear what you're saying. But. You know, candy candy would be good to have remember how we don't like Dina. Remember that part now part? Yeah. That'd be bad to have her as the winner of the season. It's so funny with TAY because you know, all yesterday. And then today she's been like do Tae. Do you care who goes? No. But I really can't. I can't I can't let Dina so you she does care who go. Okay. Does care like everytime. It's questioned get asked. She she's like, I don't care. But and then she waited proceeds to tell you what she does care. So. Yeah, she wants candy is stay I think at this point candystand. I think these looney tunes are going to keep her. I hope so I mean as of right now, I think it's still a little bit up in the air. They haven't actually come together to decide quite yet. But it's being talked about Lolo considered using the veto on DNA to force taymor on the block in order to ensure that candy leaves. The thing that she really hated Tom for considering. To that guy. Force them to make the proprio game of that. You want them to make? It's like moving chess piece here to force them to come block, you that's not a threat people. So Lolo is considering doing that tamer was like, no, I don't think that's a good idea. I would like if I would like if you did not do that her ever. Yes. And convinced Lolo not to do it Lola decides against doing it. Then today, we had some more movement. And it was actually I think some significant movement. We I had DNA talking to Lolo about how hey, you don't realize this, but taymor and candy are so tight they are one hundred percent taking each other. They have made a vow like they are. They are going to take each other to the end you need to know this and Lola was like for real. Is that real what I I wish I'd use the Mito? And so low low starting to feel like a, wow, like Indiana's doing good work. She is like completely fulling the wool over Lola's is she's also, and I think this is very significant over the course of the last few days. Like, I said Ricky was in a great spot. However Lola was starting to think Ricky's to likable. I can't take Ricky. I can't beat Ricky. I need to maybe take taymor. Maybe taymor is my better option. However, this conversation with DNA DNA seemed to fairly convincingly tell low low, hey, you're I don't know why Dina's saying, hey, your best shot is against Ricky by far. You can easily beat Ricky tame, mar she could probably beat. You definitely Ricky is the person and Lillo is like really because I was thinking she was like, no, no, no, no, no. Remember, Tom and Cato. They hate rich. Tom hated Ricky. Tom would definitely vote for you. You know, got you've got all these other votes and Lola was like, okay. Yeah. You're right. So lo-lose starting to feel I think like she would probably want to take Ricky over are. Now, it's looking like Ricky went from good position to not great position to maybe good position again and Dina's looking pretty safe at this point. However, the days not done this is this is the day of ever. Like a live feed up day right here right now, it's it's a battle between these two forces Dina and candy and candy's going to get in there. And she starts telling low about how hey Lolo you can beat me. But I'm still gonna take take either you or Ricky because I know that you are my best. I am I gonna take KMart absolutely not taymor such a jury threat. She can beat me she can beat all of us candy, reinforcing the idea that Maher is hard to beat in the end. I think this really solidifies with Lolo that she probably should not take. Mar I think this was not a good day for taymor. And so- candy does some even better work. She's looking at the memory wall. She's pointing to votes and she starting like Lola's like, you know, I hadn't thought about that. I probably can't be you probably do have a good shot against you. And you know, what else candy, you're really rich. And I'm not, and that's a that's in my favorite too and candies. Like, yeah. Yeah. Isn't it in your favor? And so I I I was I was to the point where. Oh my God. It is candy going to convince a Lolo to take her to the final two. Is this real is this possible? I think it's possible. I don't think it's likely I think she probably takes Ricky. But but candy did a very good job here as opposed to the very bad job. She did the previous night, and so low low is I think a bit up in the air. There's a bit more back and forth. Dina talks to our candy talks to deny talks to Ricki candy talks to Ricki candy makes a deal with Ricky about. Hey, if you break the time my favor, I will take you to the final two. She does make a commitment to Ricky that she will take him to the final two. I'm inclined to maybe believe this hard to tell whether candy would take Tamar or Ricky. She makes a promise to Ricky. And she hasn't really lied to anyone in the house. So it's it's weird to me. She did not make a promise to Lolo in her fate lies in lo-lose, hands almost more. So than it is Ricky's at the moment, so hard to tell exactly, but basically the point is they all got together, and they kind of discussed it, and they're still not exactly a concrete decision that is made but taymor is leaning toward keeping candy. I think Ricky's leaning toward keeping candy. And I think Lolo is at worst kind of in the middle not entirely decided, and I think that points toward a let's stay candy and then candies in a good spot. However, candy did have to make promises like to Ricky that if that got to low low that would not make lo happy if that got the taymor. I think it might not make tame are very happy. So it's I think it's a little tiny. Listen, I don't want to say that candies. Definitely staying yet. But that's where we are right now as you're. Many feet up. How do you feel about all this? I mean, I feel really impressed by it. But it's one of those things where you're right. It's like if everything goes according to plan, and no one tells anyone what conversations were just had then everything's great. But you know, you think most of the time people who I mean, those three are in an alliance together tame, our Lolo and Ricky so you would expect them to talk. But it could be a situation like with Paul and big brother nineteen where he we thought. Oh, it's all going to come crashing around him. Because all these people were supposedly working together are going to talk to each other about what they specifically said individually with Paul and they never did. So it's totally possible that literally one day from now, nobody tells anyone anything, but who knows they might just fill ins, and everyone could say everything and this could end really poorly for candy. I hope not. But I think because I think they can't he did some really nice work. But you know, you never know. So we'll just have to see. Yeah. I'm not sure what's going to happen. But I will say that. I'm very impressed with the work done today. I mean, this look just to be clear, folks. This is the bare minimum of what we expect on big, brother. Like, I mean, like we're praising it like, oh, it was a great day of feeds. But like this is what we did not get at the end of big brother nineteen we did not pleading for their for their faith to do anything to say anything to try to what stay in the game. Give yourself a chance to win people just give up, and that's we can stand. So having said that I'm thrilled that they've decided to do it. But I'm not going to sing their praises. I will say that. I don't buy that candies. Fate has been hurt much by having to make a few promises here. And there I I still think she's in a relatively great position to be clear. I do think that she is favored over taymor. But I do think the taymor can be candy in the end. I know doom in the chess brand you have yet to presented me a scenario where tame our and we're. Andy, we're getting. Read my Twitter. It'll be good. Get us clue yet to present me. I'm very I'm very interested to hear cases. Well, but we're going to talk about jury votes. Just a little bit later. So that's that. Brent you have yet to present to me. It's a narrow wrong voice Brandt. You'll yet. Right. So state of the host right now is it's a free for all. It really is. These people have dropped all pretense of alliance at this point. I do it's really just a matter of who takes who to the end. And here are here are my thoughts, and we'll get you guys your thoughts as well on who each person is going to take. I think tame mar we've talked about I think is probably taking candy. I think that's honestly, one of the more the things I'm more confident about at this point. I think candy as we just talked about I think she takes Ricky. But she may also take tame are. I'm not entirely sure. I really can't. I can't tell exactly, but I think it's one of those two for sure Ricky probably takes taymor or Lolo. I'm not exactly sure. Which one I I lean toward taymor. Because taymor was able to give Ricky promise that she would take him and Lolo did not. And I think that matters to Ricky. And so I think he wants to reward that by taking her to the final two. However, he is being told by people that that Lolo is easier to beat so that might get into his head. But he's saying, oh, I don't care about votes in. No sorry. I don't care about votes in everything. Like that. Like that's not what I him here for. I'm a healer not a hustler or a hero. So that's what Rick is about low low. I think is at this point based on what she heard from Dina and candy. I think that Lolo is pretty locked at this point. She's gonna take Ricky. I think that's who she feels. She can beat the easiest but small chance she could take candy based on that conversation. And I think Dina if she stays would take Lolo for shore based on her conversation with Lolo. So that's that's how I feel or any any disagreements from you to know that sounds probably going to be. Yeah. Sounds about. Right. I mean, it's it's tough because especially with celebrity season. Sometimes it's more about your image than it is about winning the entire thing. So it could be a situation where people are like, okay. What makes me look? It's like what does it better for me to just like stick with alliance? Even if I don't know I can win or is it better for me? And I feel like that was in play last year where it was like, oh, I'm gonna take you because I don't care. It's just about us getting to the end together, you know, that sort of thing. So it's possible that they go with that route. And then some of these are kind of moot. Because it's like they're not really thinking about who they can be. And who can't be just about like, oh, I worked with you. I wanna take you. I wanna look good to everybody by doing. So so yes, and just Trenton the chat, I wasn't listening. You're correct. I was listening. But I missed I like Trenton the chat every single day is just like Taryn, his always, right? Makes me to call you out. Taryn whipping taymor taking I watched want to write everything down tamers taking candy candy's going to take taymor or Ricky Ricky's going to take Lolo or TAY, I think Tae Lolo is going to take. That's the one. I'm not sure about Ricky Dicky based on the conversations today. It was pointed out to her multiple times that Ricky is her best, Tom. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. And then Dina, I actually I think I mean, I guess I should consider. But I really don't think she's staying at this point. So I think I think she I think she would take Lolo based on. I think I would also vote for low low in the end, I think she was being somewhat genuine in her conversations with low low about wanting her to win and. Okay. Well, I think that's why she was giving her the advice of you should take Ricky that you can beat Ricky. I think she's wrong about that. But. But I do think that she she genuinely feels that way. She would take a grudge against them ever since the first week, and when they victim Jonathan so I I think that if she goes out to the jury also they're going to have like a five ten minute break to talk to Dina during the commercials. I don't feel like there's any universe where she votes for low low, but I could be wrong about I think she's at the very least inclined to vote for low. What she what she told Lola was because Lola was like Jonathan is gonna be so mad at me. And she was like I'm going to go out there. I'm going to give him a look like Jonathan come on. So what she cares about him. She hasn't seen him in fifteen years bell. Aussi? Also hasn't seen her boyfriend in five years. So there's some of these it's not called catfish. Should I shouldn't make fun of Dina? I feel. Is that where we are now beginning Dina, oh my God save I'll make fun of here in the game. I don't want to make this whole situation. Oh, oh my God. I just feel bad for doing it. I'm telling you folks, I'm going to get fired one of these days if we're if we're at a point where we can't even make fun of my job. It's thing. Denial you on. So yeah, that's sort of how I see it. Somebody asked it's gone now. I'm sorry. Somebody asked him to chat who taymor would take if candies evicted and if candies evicted, I do think taymor would probably take Ricky. I do think. That's remember that. Yeah. I think that's what would happen there. So that's what we've got there. You guys ready for the stock watch. Yes. Doc, I'm go ahead, perc- perceive governor. All right here, we go. Here we hear it is stock watch open air. We all right. So let's start talking about these people. I we have Ricky who. I was I was looking at this and Ricky has received the highest average rating from me over the course of the entire season. And I and I think one of the highest average ratings of. Yeah, I think the highest average rating of anyone this season of a total. Despite his low performance in last week's stock watch just because he was he was in a pretty good spot. The first week a pretty good spot the second week using bad spot last week, but he survived it. And now he's at genn in a pretty good spot. I mentioned when I recapped his game. I do think that Ricky has played the best conventional game of big brother if you take out the celebrity aspect, and that they can watch everything he's positioned himself. The best had the his move in the in the start of the game where he got the women to flip on Jonathan in the way that he did in building trust with them by snitching and saying, oh, I'm protecting. You guys was one of the better moves or across the entire season. So. There you go that I think it says something about Ricky across the season. But now we have to rate him for this week and his position to win the game, which I think is decently strong here. Brent how do you feel about Ricky? I feel moderately better about Ricky obviously, better than I did a week ago actually going to give him a five. I feel good about his chances about getting to the end. I feel good about his chances of potentially winning at the end. I do think I know I can hear you doom in the chat. There's no scenario. I don't want to your voice again, go scenario where Ricky gonna win the game. I don't I don't think you can be as unequivocal as that or equivocal. I forget whatever the warning. I don't think that it's absolute is that I think the Ricky can win the game. I do think that it is a narrower path than other people specifically some of the women in the house. But I do think there is an avenue for him to do. So and he has done good work this week. He has tried to stay out of the drama. He's let other people sort of spin around a little bit. And there is something to be said about his the way he carries himself like a, you know, he he he he thinks himself. I think Ricki thinks highly of himself, and so I feel like in some ways that can work against him. But in some ways, I think in this case it may work for him in that he comes off a little bit as the adult in the room. And it's a presence that people can respect at least. And so I do feel like his chances of winning at the end are. Okay. But having said that it's no great shakes in the grand scheme of things is most the said last week. We're not grading on a curve. So. Yeah. Five it is. Laura and the chat wanted to know if we could get some detailed statistics from Christina about the Ps question from last week's forum, and Christina responded that unfortunately, there was not anything interesting the P percentage came out. Even no matter how you split it. My god. No don't fall people know, you know. Candy fans are not are not inclined towards peace anymore than tame our fans or anything else. That's everyone loves and hates peas equally. Wow. God. Yeah. It's bad for me. Eight. All right, Melissa. How do you feel about Ricky? He I feel the same way. It's one of those things where like if I'm grading solely based on this season and whether or not he can win and whether and how he's playing against everyone else in the season. I would be like, okay, given give them a seven give him an eight whatever. Because like I think he has a better chance of winning. I think that he. I think he's made less enemies and certain people. I think the fact that he won H O H was critical here. But at the same time, if we're now that I know we're comparing it with like general big brother, he's really not doing that hot. So, but I don't think he's doing poorly at that at the same time. Like, I think he's doing pretty well for what he's doing. So I agree with Brent. And I'm going to give him a five which is an increase from before though. So that was. Sorry about that is factory is true. I also decided to give Ricky a five I thought about a six, but it's just, you know, honestly, if I hadn't listened to him talk today, it might have been a six, but just like when he was talking to candy. He was just like, you know, I'm not just I'm not thinking about who has votes. That's just not important to me. And if if that's true, which I think it either is or it's a weird faint. But like, I think that I think that he has a slam dunk win if he takes Lolo, and I think that tomorrow might be slightly harder to beat. And if he takes team, are that just doesn't make sense to me. I think it's because he feels like he wants to reward mar because she promised him and Lola wouldn't. And I feel like that's just those instincts are just not worthy of a six. So I have to give him a five if it's all if it's all just play acting than he he got me. Play-acting? I think I'm with you. I think I think a universe exists where he doesn't actually care about the votes. It's I mean, I think he cared. I think he wants to win. But I think he also like he needs to do it in his way. Even if it's not the most efficient way that makes us so. Something else to note here is that these numbers for me at least are subject to change based on what happens with the finals. There's still a lot of game to be played. And we will of course, do a postseason roundtable where we give some people their final scores. And there are some people. I think in particular who could dramatically have their score change. I think that Ricky if he wins this game in a certain way could definitely go up to a six I probably wouldn't put him at a seven ever. But something to know he might be able to make it to thing. Like, yeah. Okay. Most people are at six is already by the end of the season. But was we we did get from from Christina that last week was yet another record low. It was lower than even the week before in terms of average score. So something that's going on there. The audience gave Ricky a solid five as well. It's a straight fives Franchi who it's an improvement from last week. Like Ricki Ricki is potentially. I think like the front runner to win the game. And he's got a five. That's what we're working with straight. Right. Yeah. Bob. Let's talk about candy. Let's talk about candy candy who. You know, I think most people are rooting for candy at this point from what I've seen. Including the jury members and like every other former player like everybody's just gotten on the candy train. And I'm just kind of like, hey, guys. I was here already this. My you're the conductor. This is what it's like to just be a STAN dislike. Yeah. Yeah. So candy who has done some good work this week? Also had some mistakes this week and still has kind of a difficult path to the end, I think she does have to survive this week, then she needs to be able to win or have taymor win and actually have tame mar fulfill. What we think she will do which is take candy to the end. And then she does need to win the jury vote, which I think she will. But but Brent is going to make a case for why potentially. She might not. So there's that as well. So I'm I'm feeling pretty good about candy. I I think that my confidence in her jury vote capability supersedes, the less likelihood that she will get to the final two and I'm willing to put her at a five. She is somebody for me that if she ends up winning like for instance, if she has convinced Lolo to take her to the end over Ricky and taymor, then I'm going to bumper right up to a seven. That's that's how much she can change here. If she just wins. Because taymor tags or whatever. Then then maybe maybe five or six is still appropriate. But I still in my opinion, the best celebrity big brother player on the season. Brent how do you feel about candy? I was just thinking when you were like if she actually convinces Lolo to take her to be end over Tae and Ricky I'm going to give her a ten ten Lord. Ten is definitely the ceiling on the season. That it's hard to get there. So I gave her a six last week. And I'm asking myself, did she do better or worse work in terms of advancing her cause of winning big, brother? I think she's done a little bit worse. Actually, she had a couple of chances to win a few competitions. She didn't take them. She has no allies in the end except for seemingly tame our? She may be able to survive this week. So I'm going to give her credit for the good work, but she's done. And she's been able to basically what I think is a required skill in big brother, you need to be able to lie straight to people's faces. When the time comes for it. I mean like you don't have to make it an active part of your game. But when you need to save your, but you need to get in there and live with the best of them. And she's shown an ability in ability to do that. And not just an ability a willingness to do that. Because I think most people have this ability, but some people are just unwilling to do it. And she obviously is I think it's great that somebody who is successful. As candy is willing to go in there, and you know, sacrifice her integrity to play some stupid reality game. I really am very pleased with that because she could easily be like I don't have time for this shit and take her spot as. Fifth place finisher, but she doesn't want that. And so I'm here for that. Oh, I love seeing how into it. She was on the episode. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. I think we had to write that. I don't think people in the beginning thought that maybe she didn't care. I don't think that's true at all. I think she did care, but she was very unfamiliar with big brother how it works. And she made a lot of mistakes, and she told people honest truce, which she shouldn't have done early on. And consequently, it was a little bit ostracized for that. Because she wasn't willing to make nice people that she may be needed to make nice too. But by week three which in celebrity big brother time is like eviction number six she was up to speed on the game. And I feel great about her wash. Great. I feel good about her right now. So I think she's done a little little bit less work than she did last week. And so I gave her a six last week. So I'm going to give it a five as well. And I think that's I think that's appropriate praise or candy on celebrity McGruther because she s Taryn points out. She I think she's going to survive I'm gonna put that out there. But at the end she needs to win the final h h. Or have taymor taker and then win so her Pap is probably like twenty five percent at this point. Maybe even less than that. It's not it's probably the hardest before. Yes, melissa. What are your thoughts? I think I agree with you guys to send him in. I think that she's had the most growth Verschueren in terms of game ability since the start of the season, especially considering that she was a last minute addition to the show, and so she didn't really have the opportunity to like really research it and figure out what to do and how to play and she seemed to be the least prepared going in. So I was really impressed with her ability to pick up on the game and do so well. You know since she picked up on it. I I also feel like. I feel like she has the best chance to win. If she gets the, and but getting the end is going to be kind of hard for her. But she's putting in the work and she's doing good work. And the fact that like when she was put on the block like I thought she was dead in the water. I really thought that she was going home unless you won the beat. Oh, so when she didn't win the I was like, oh, she's done. It's over, but she's really putting in good work to stay and to the wait. We're we're all like your. I think she's probably going to stay tomorrow. You know, we're all thinking that. So I'm impressed with her. But they're still the fact that she could be going home tomorrow right away. Like, you know. So I can't give her such a great score. But but I still do feel good about her chances. So I'm going to give her a five as well. All right fives. From us a six from the audience the audience likes. Yeah. All right. Let's talk about Deena Deena dean is an interesting one. Because she I mean, she should be fine. Taking candy out is a no brainer in my opinion for everyone involved. I guess Brent might think Brent might may may think that it's it's better for taymor to keep candy. But personally because I think candy beats tame mar I think it's it's best forte mar that she that she take a candy out here because DNA would be easier to be in the final four. And I think that taymor needs to win in the final four. I I also think she needs to not take candy. So personally, I feel like it's best for everyone to get rid of candy. But at the very least it's best for two out of the three people who are in charge of the votes to take candy out over DNA, but she may be leaving here. And that's that's not great. That said if she does stay if she doesn't just say like, she should she has a very real like one enforced shot at winning this thing. I think that she. Wins against anybody left. If candy leaves and all she needs to do is win that final four H O H. We saw Marissa who had not really won anything up until the final competition. Win the final competition and win the game. We could very very easily see that happen. I know it's hard to think about because she's just not really been a huge part of the show thus far. But it's a very very real possibility. And it's not one that I think should be ignored. So an interesting to rate here. Go ahead. Can I just ask really quickly? What was the final show age last year? Do we remember? I mean, I'm sure we remember. But I don't remember. I think it was questions you, I know his questions, I know, I know it wasn't hurdles for someone with text messaging or the tweeting or something I was twenty maybe the check and tell us. James saying signed a brand pedia here in this competition. Julia read tweets from victim houseguests over their time in the house. One of the tweets will be an incorrect statement, the competing houseguests must figure out who tweeted the incri incorrect statement each time the houseguests Gus correctly. They will get a point most, certainly. Yes. Yeah. Yeah. Trivial thing where they read the texting where they were like James, you were this much Ma blonde like saying insults. When was that? What this is this. She was reading we'll say tweets. Sorry. Yeah. But it was them reading it out loud. Like, it was they had videos them being like as they like read the nose trivia. So basically, it was Texas. You're correct, Melissa. It's text messages. But it's like James, you're the third H O H, and you you were also a victim by six to one votes or insults to each other. So I did it. Or or maybe of you know, Senator to question thing. I don't know what I'm saying remembering, oh, no the podcast one was was the one where rack yes. Right now, David Sanchez. Fattening point to point is it is some form of a trivia, which is you know, I basically as long as you can be do like, basic, a basic memory you. It's mostly crapshoot. He you might have a little bit of of an advantage unless you're Kevin Martin in which case, you're always going to win these. But most other people are going to be pretty even going into question competitions studying does matter like if you don't study at all then you're probably not going to win. But if you if you have any level of intelligence than you have a pretty decent shot of taking these home because most of the time if you don't have the question, you can just guess and just guessing is fine. So I say in last year, it was a three way tie with Marissa Ross and someone else I think it was. That's that's the other thing. The questions can be so easy that everybody gets all of the questions. Right. And then it comes down to the tiebreaker. Which is like wow horribly breakers. Are the dumbest thing world. They should not be. Math problems. Like, I'm sorry. That's so stupid. It's not testing any knowledge of the game. Especially because it's like how many seconds does it. Did it take to do this competition? Like, I'm sorry. I can't translates seconds two minutes of minutes. Two seconds to hours. Like, I I couldn't do that in my head. And they don't give them nearly enough time to like write out the mass like started. All right. Let's throw interesting point for me as I think that they're tiebreakers need to be reworked. It's it's all about being a crapshoot, and that's the thing. And that's what we talk the crap shoot. You should be earning. This not guessing we talked about with Kevin Martin how he has less of an advantage the easier the questions are because then Dimitri will be able to get all the questions right to and we'll come down to a tiebreaker. That's exactly what happened last season with three people all getting the same score DNA has also not been bad in the question competitions, thus far. So just don't sleep on Dina if she survives this week. She has a very real shot at winning this thing. I don't want people to be taken off guard. We've been talking about it all season long. I know. But I think people have started to be like no way first of all later say something really quick Evert on the Chad Hussein they're saying that's not hard math. Melissa you try doing it on a live TV show. Okay. You try doing it when you're under pressure? And if you don't get this this exact question, right in these are also think about how long did it take me. How long was this thing? Then you have to write it down the whiteboard. They don't care if I can unlimit. Time. I saw that as well. But online TV in front of everyone in the mid like, I'm trying to figure it out. This is the winning question come on as everybody know, they they're like, oh, Melissa come on. You don't know. What sixty is. It's like, I know what it is. And I go to mostly. You're not gonna sit there on live TV and properly solve a math equation in my head. When I can't even write it down. Most Madge she's gotten all season, right? People are like no list on coming. With. Ernie's you'll have. So listen, how do you feel Dina? I feel I feel good about Dina. Well, I feel less good about Dina than I did before. Because before I felt like it was like guaranteed. Someone was going to take her to the end because they all thought Dina can't win this. I I'm gonna take her. And then I don't really see that this time if anything I see her going home. So I don't feel comfortable giving her the same scores. I did last time. But I don't think she's done that much worse than she did last week. I just think it's circumstances. So I'm going to give her a four. I'm going to cosign that as well. I'm going to give her a four I gave her a five last week. And I think that hurts. I think her circumstances are worse this week. And I. I mean, she has done good work in that. She went to Lolo and said some things and pointed out the obvious alliance between taymor and candy. But on the other hand, she's allowed candy to hoodwink Lolo and anybody else seemingly, and maybe that's a harsh diamond of her because you're like, well, Brent she doesn't know that that's happening. But on the other hand, she should be on them like a hawk this is her life in the balance here, and for her not to be aware that there might be something like that the game is a foot is a bit of a problem for me. So I think she's gone here at five and even been showing has a one in four chance of getting to the end. So I have to give her a four, and that's generous. Yes, I was hovering here between three hovering. It's hard because I do think she put in some decent work today. It's just that she got outworked by candy. And if she succeeded in this worksheet being a not terrible position. But she's also in a spot where she needs to win. Nobody will take her. But she's also in a spot where she definitely wins. If she gets to the end, so it's hard going back and forth. But I did go with a four. As did the audience is the close one they almost they almost gave her a five, but they went with four. All right. Let's move onto low low. We were all pretty low on low low last week. What did I assume? I. Straight twos. And a one from Brent. So how do we feel about Lolo? Now, I've got to say I am higher on lo-lose chances than I was last week. I think that some things have changed one her magic Instagram posts. Yeah. She tweeted out to Joey Lawrence. Hey, sorry about all the things that happened Joey responded with a screen shot on Instagram where he said, this means so much to me. I'm so happy that you send this to me. I'm wishing you look. And then what I can only imagine is if you follow the Twitter saga or from what I talked about this morning on the live speed update. Her social media manager trying to pretend that she's her Lolo and responding to to Joey as though she were Lolo and saying, wow, thanks for the kind words. I know we had some heated moments in the house. But we know what that's like thank you so much. You know, I really I love you Joey. Social media manager is an impostor. Yeah. There was a bad point Melissa wear because I I feel like well, we don't know who's tweeting it, but now we definitely know who's posting it because you wouldn't be able to respond to his message. Right. And she so she also has other tweets she's directed finish on she directed. So Tom disingenuous she thinks. Should I have kicked Tom out? I don't know you're on after him now regretted is it weird that I'm going into my it's like is it weird that I wanted Tom to stay guys. Let me say this that I think the Chad is asking, you know, are they really that dumb that they would believe this. Okay. Here's the thing. I don't think they are that dumb. But if they are that dumb. They will be corrected when they get to the finale say look that wasn't her like dude that was not her come on. So we'll say that. I think I think I think Johnson. The Instagram post, obviously was definitely not her. But the Twitter posts, you can still, you know, they might be her because she can me on it though. Like, if was tweet different house wondering that like do they clarify whether it's tweeted by south how you should do that. Because that. That. Yes. Because otherwise any eating stuff. I mean think about it. If someone is running their account, they say like a family members writing their account. We've had people have family members run their accounts, and like go off on people and get like really into the fray of everyone arguing and like if you were to think like, hey, wait is that so in so tweeting from inside the house, you'd get confused even though you know, probably is not them. So I think that they really should clarify like, hey, this is coming from inside the big brother house rather than just like who knows what tweet comes from them. This is celebrity big brother. This right here is showing why we would need in the night that because. Tweets out there, you could absolutely higher social media person to beat to go on there. And go to each jury member individually and be like, hey, you played a great game. It's so tough for us in here. Like, totally appeal to every emotion. I mean, maybe that's part of the game. Maybe that's maybe that's what this is. Now is just like higher your social people under one hundred percent. If things stay the same. If going into next season, the celebrities should hire a good PR person to run their social media is to run their Twitter account. And then that PR person can read the exit interviews and get a sense of what people are upset about and tweet very specific messages that you could never have thought of because you you don't know what they're thinking to address all of their concerns and make them feel good about you. And then you just need to pretend that you did those things if they're like, hey, I really appreciate it your social media post. Your Twitter posts. Oh, thank you. I I really I felt it really represents how I feel about everything. I'm telling you this. It's a real strategy that people should you'll I absolutely think it's a real strategy. I think that they should be doing that. I mean, clearly, it's it's it's by the book like you're fine doing it. No one seemed to have any issue Lillo doing this. So and it makes logo look really good. I mean, if you sit there and read or tweets, and you're like, wow, this is what she's really thinking in the house. It's so poignant, it's so kind it's like, you know, I would be inclined to vote for someone if they reached out to me while they were still in the house being like, hey, I'm sorry. It had to end this way. You're awesome. I think you're amazing, blah, blah, blah. I'd be like, okay. Yeah. All right. I like this person now. And yeah, I mean, it's a good strategy. It's brilliant. I will I will say I am inclined to believe that the Twitter posts are coming from Lolo. I think that the Instagram thing was probably just a one time thing. So I do think that Lolo is is doing something at the very least. If you can't do the publicist thing. You should be doing what Lolo. She's either doing the publicist thing, which is genius. Or she's doing this, which is still a good idea, which is used social media to advocate for yourself with the jury in a way that the houseguests can't possibly see and that is going to be very effective. And I do think that Joey is probably going to be a vote for Lolo heading into the finale unless maybe she's against Dina or can be. But I do think that Jewish kind of locked Joey in as a vote from what from what it looks like based on what he was saying on his social media. And that makes a big difference when it comes to her chances in the game, not to mention the other post that she's made that might help her a little bit. Go ahead. No good, Melissa, Melissa. I say that like, I honestly if Lewin's this. I would absolutely chock it up to good Jerry management. I mean, I think she's doing a really good job, especially like, okay? Even with the Tom addiction. When Tom is like heading out the door. And she's like, oh, you know, good job, you know, blah, blah, blah. And even when she put him on the block and was saying, you're just a really good competitor have to get you out. If I was Tom I'd be like, I respect I respect her. She's doing a good job. And then you look over at someone like K, mar or or even Natalie who only likes shook his hand wouldn't give him a hug when everyone else was giving him a hug, it's like the those kinds of things are just bad. Those are bad. I mean, you you can't do that sort of thing. But Lolo like shockingly because she's the person you'd least expect to do. Good jury management is doing great jury management right now, and whether that's her or her and a PR person like so be it. This you doing your job? I will say Deborah in a chat. Did posted in the chat that Jonathan Bennett has tweeted a response to someone telling them not to believe, it's Lolo. I'm guessing that's in regard to the Instagram post, but it could be in regards to the Twitter as well. Like, I said Jonathan I said this about five minutes ago rewind the tape. Jonathan is a busy body. He will make sure that people know that that is not Lolo we've talking, and here's the thing if if it has been low on Twitter this whole time, then her social media person really screwed up right doing the instrument thing, which really put some castlemed doubt on the other messages anything they should come out and clarify like if that's the case. It was only the Instagram message. Then they clown. Clarify say, hey, just as an FYI. I that Instagram thing was me. I am running her Instagram. But every tweet is Lolo that would help Taryn and mostly you both have not given a score. Yes. So so I do think that Lola's chances in the jury have gone up since the last week that we talked. She's also behaved a little bit better in the house. Which is also plus there, I think that you know, she won the Speedo. She's a guaranteed spot. A she has a guaranteed spot in the final four. And I do think that it's you know, I don't think many people are taking her to the final two. That's definitely a detriment and of the people that would take her to the final two, I think that she probably can't beat them. So that's not great either. I think that if she wins. She probably takes Ricky, which means you probably loses. So it's actually even though I think her chances have gone up since last time, I think that getting to the end against taymor, which I think is her best shot is looking less and less likely given that she seems to have switched onto Ricky. But she's so fickle sometimes that she may switch back to tomorrow eventually so I just hovering between two and a three here. And I I'm going to go I'm going to go with a three just because I think I do think your chances are better and juries can be unpredictable. So I'm going to go with a three brand twenty. I really want to give her a one again just for shits and giggles, but I'm going to call it as I see him. I'm going to give her a two I think that these tweets actually might be more harmful than good. If people think that everything is fake. So I'm not inclined to believe that it's necessary. Even a good thing. I'm not even including to be sure that she's actually the one doing it might just be some do-gooder friend of hers who's decided to try to help her out and thinks her chances might be in the tank and things. Okay. What can I do here too? Push push you're up a little bit. So overall, I still think that she is the least likely person of the final five to win. I think that she has made. Insurmountable damage to her game to the point where it would be very surprising to me if she actually won the game. She has been nicer of late, which is why I'm going to increase your score to a two. But I still don't think that that's basically it's too little too late for me. And I also don't think it's a good look on her that over the past twenty four hour. She's been talking about who needs the money the most. I don't think juries like to hear stuff like that. But who needs the money if she tries to make it about that? I think the jury is just gonna slap back in her and our snapback in her, and they might want to slap her to and say, look, we don't we? We're looking at who who played the best game. We're not looking for who needs it the most. So not a good look on her. And I don't think you can go any higher than a to Taryn. I am shocked. Yeah. It will. And she doesn't like it too. If you bring up her rental properties, or if you bring up her nice car. Hey, the only reason I have a nice car is because Jaguar and the Porsche, they sponsor me. So that's the only reason I have a super nice car and those properties they're not worth much just like a couple of hundred thousand. So it's like all right. Jill. So so how do you before most talks? I can't he was really into knows what no one situation she should not have even walked into that earlier today about trying to talk to low low about what she may. Or may not have if you tell Lolo that she has votes. She's going to be mad at you. Because she thinks she can you're not gonna take it to the end in that you're trying to make her look bad on the other hand if she said to lo-lose face bitch. I don't think you have one vote on the jury Lola would've taken offense to that too. So just devoid the subject altogether. Just all you need to say is look I wanna take you to the end, and you can beat me like just talk about yourself, and what you're going to be the other person. And that's good big brother anyway moving on. Yeah. I I agree with everything you guys were saying, but I do think that she's doing better this week than she was last week last week. I was like there is absolutely no chance she's gonna win. She's doing so poorly in terms of relationship building, and she's just causing problems. But now, I feel I mean, honestly, I thought she was going. I thought she was going to be leaving pretty soon, but she's been winning so much. I'm very impressed. So, yeah, I'm going to give her I'm going to give her wanted to give your last time a two three car rights, and I will say something else that should be pointed out is that I do think the episode last night hurt her chances. I mentioned this this morning that. Shortly after the episode. We saw Kato liking an anti Lillo tweet Jonathan has been liking more anti Lolo tweets since then it really I I think increased the volume of anti Lolo tweets because it was a kind of anti Lolo episode. And so it makes it more likely for them to like, those kinds of tweets and for them to feel that way themselves if they're watching the episode, so could you know, we're reading into a lot in terms of these likes. But from any any zeppelin's, we have understanding of the jurors that was definitely not great for her. But the audience agrees with Melissa and myself the audience gave Lolo a three. So gone up and up from last time. Excellence. Finally, let's talk about tamer. Willing to bet Brent is the highest on Mars chances. So Brent let's start with you. Yeah. I'm going to give her a six, and I know that might be high praise because you're like we'll bring where where you're coming from on this first of all I'm just going to willing to plant life flag in the sand and go I believe in her. I think that she has a great chance to win. I think that there may be more than one person at the end who's willing to take her? I think I still think the Ricky will take taymor to the end. And I also think that candy will take taymor, although that's a harder road for obviously to win. And obviously tamer wind. She's gonna take yourself. And I don't think that it's beyond the possibility that Lola might take taymor. I don't think it's likely, but I think it's within the cards. So she has a relatively great chance of making it and the veto has not was not used today. So she's definitely saved for this round. So given that in the fact that other people at the end, I trust her ability the most to win this kind of a competition. Let's be clear Taylor has won three competitions. And she's not somebody who. Who I think is she's not just going to lay down. She's obviously going to try to win. She has been thinking about big brother for a while. She wants it. I think if she and here's the thing if she gets to the end, which I think she has a great chance of doing. I think that you cannot discount the possibility that she's going to come off as the realist of the people who were there. She's the most authentic Tae mar that there is I think that other people may get tripped up trying to say things that they think the jury must might wanna hear. And I think that maybe through the game. They might have been tripped up by saying things that the jury might or might not want it to hear. But taymor has always been true to herself whether or not you liked her dancing as Tom walked out the door, which I'm sure Thomas heard a lot about. But at the end of the day, he knows that. That's her. It's I I think here's the thing. I'm biased on her. Because I do think there's a big part of taymor that plays as I would if I was in the house because I think. Would let people have it. And at the end, I would hope that they realize you know, what? At least I wasn't bullshitting. You like you knew I was like Sandra in survivor, like at least, you know, what you're getting with me. So I think like Sandra is a good comparison for Sandra, Sandra. Obviously as a better at massaging what what she needs to say to people. But on the other hand, I feel like that's our biggest strength is that she comes off as truly authentic so combined with her ability to win combined with her likelihood of being taken to the final two and combined with the fact that I think she can beat anybody on the board including candy, which I can talk about before he get my score. I think that if she gets the end with candy as I said into on Twitter that she's going to get the votes of the people in the bedroom. She's going to get Ricky she going gonna get Natalie. She's gonna get low who by default would be on the jury if she's at the final two with candy. So that's three votes showing needs five to win. I think she's definitely going to lose. Tom and Kato as votes at the end, and maybe even Dina as well who would vote for candy. So then it comes down to Jonathan and Joey and Ryan, and I think that maybe you think I'm crazy. Maybe you see. Well, Brent he tweeted out this or we responded this or you like this. He said of Tanno Ricky were in the walkaway, he wouldn't even vote. I know, but that's also a little bit of Jonathan like being messy like when I tweeted out earlier today that I like people were coming at you on Twitter, and I'm like my supposed to be feel sorry for that bitch. I don't like I mean, I'm just like he's playing in the moment. I really don't think that that. He would think that if taymor got to the end. So I think that she can get two of those three votes. In fact, I think she can get all three of those votes. I think she can get Jonathan's vote because she can be a look I'm a fan of this game. Jonathan is a fan of this game. I think he will respect her for that. And so, yeah, I think she's the most likely person to win. So I give. Her six. All right, Melissa. What do you think about him on? So I want I'm inclined to give her a worse score than I did last week because of the way she's upset people since then I felt like her her act at the on. The double eviction was not great jury management. But she won a bunch of competitions. And I feel like I'm impressed with the fact that she won. And I could see her winning the final H O H or I could see her winning. I just feel like I see her winning those types of competitions. And I could absolutely see her doing that. However, I don't know if she would get the jury votes. I mean, she could it just depends. How people are feeling. It depends. How her speech speech goes? I feel like it's up in the air. So even though I'm in climbed to give her a worse score. I feel like she has a chance to get to the end. And I feel like that's critical at this point. So. Before you gave her a score. I wanted to ask you this. So if taymor gets to the end and she brings candy. Okay. She wins the final issue age. And she brings candy that'd be four comments for zero wins for candy. I still don't I don't think there's anywhere. We're Jonathan votes for candy over over taymor under the circumstances. I don't think so at all I think Jonathan votes for candy. Okay. I think that I think here's the thing is I also think that this is celebrity big brother, and I feel like they're going to be like we wanna reward the person who accurately represents our season or whatever. And they want the season to not be like marred by the like, you know, weird tension and the meanness, quote, unquote, and I could see them being like candies been so nice and kind the whole time, we should you know, reward that. And clearly she like play. She must have done something right to get there. And I feel like that's what they're all going to think about when they go to go. And I don't know if they're going to be like. Okay. Let's see who won the comms. They also might even be like candy didn't even need to win a single cop. And look at her. She's in the end, it was all social like, I just I don't see Jonathan voting for taymor and under any circumstance. And I mean, unless it's low entail Mars, something maybe, but I I just feel like candy has the votes if it's same in candy. I think candy has the votes. So what is your score here? My score is. A four again. All right. Yeah. I've got to say I Br Brent could be right, right. Juries are. Unpredictable. Anything could happen. You know where Jonathan decides out of nowhere? He wants taymor to win based on what I've seen. It's it's Jonathan is talked about how he doesn't. He does not want to vote for taymor. He's so much doesn't want to vote for Tamera. He'd walk off the stage, which is obviously an exaggeration. But definitely shows an inclination. He's also liked pro candy tweets when Tom said, hey, I don't want to I want. I turns out I'm rooting for candy. Jonathan re tweeted like go, Tom. And so I feel like there's a lot of plus in the alumni there's a lot of like pro candy talk. Jonathan hangs out with the alumni a lot. I think that that's a good representation of the the crowd. He's hanging around. So I do think that there's a lot of things that point toward Jonathan wanting canned. Over taymor. I think that Ryan goes with Jonathan I think the Joey probably also goes along with them in this particular case. And then there's also something else to consider which is that if tame our wins and takes candy. I don't think that Ricky Lolo and Natalie are locked votes either. I think that at least one or more of them are really pissed at mar for lying to them and doing what she said, she she absolutely promised. You never would in taking candy over them. I think that Lola would be pissed. I think that Ricky in particular would be really pissed I think that there's a very good chance that Ricky would vote for candy over taymor. If taymor ends up taking candy to the end. And I think that's something else that we need to consider especially since that's the more likely scenario where they're both in the final two. So. Like, I said, I I'm not willing to completely count it out. But I do think that it's very unlikely based on everything that that I'm seeing with taymor. Yeah. I also think the fact that it's like an unsecured jury has an impact on it. Because I think that if it was the question jury people would be more inclined to vote for taymor. I think I think it's part of like hearing the fans talk afterwards. And hearing like, oh, you know, she said this mean thing about you. And I think that also hurts Lolo and Natalie as well clear, I think KMart needs to earn this vote. I think going in there probably going to be leaning towards voting for candy. But if she gets up there and says, look, I won four competitions. I brought myself to the yeah, I played my ass off this bitch over here didn't do shit till the end barely saved yourself because I decided to bring her to the end she wouldn't be here. If it wasn't for me, if she gets up there, she she needs to give a speech like that. Like, yeah. I earned in give me the damn money. Which is what I wanted people to always do. I mean, someone actually did that on some. -ality show, and then they didn't win. So I feel like a winning strategy. Maybe not that I would vote for that person. I think that if she goes up there and does a speech like that where it's like I brought candy here. Candy wouldn't be here. If it wasn't for me like, Bob, blah, and that she won this, and that XYZ competitions. Like, I think that she has a good chance of winning. I think that I think I I'm getting frustrated because in the chat everyone's like tearing a Melissa. How can you say that can't that t- mar didn't play a good game? And that she shouldn't win. And that it's a negative for the season. If she won like, we never said that we're seeing what the jury might think we're seeing that. We're basing our are not like our ideas are based off of what they're saying on social media what they've said in the house their views on what people have been saying about them what the fans are saying to them like I've seen comments to Tom being like don't ever vote for tame our or Lolo because they were so mean to you like that's kind of kind of. Thing that will influence especially who's trying to make the fans happy by on these types of shows. I think that's part of it. But I also think there's a part of them that might be wanting to be like, you know, what? But by voting for her I can own it like it becomes like they're not in control anymore. I'm I'm showing that I'm the bigger person by willing to reward them. I also like here's the thing. Bill hall in the chat points out like that's not going to be tamer speech. And I'm like what you're probably right. I I don't I don't think that's going to be her speech. I want. Want that to be if she gave it that it would work? Also, I think candy will have a really good speech. I think candy's going to be really good in the final two, especially with a warm. Welcome from the Jerry. They're not going to be very hostile toward candy, which is going to give her an opening. All right. Well, let's just hope that taymor gets to the end with anybody. But candy that way, I don't have to lose this argument. I say just just offend you that I will say like if you look at the past seasons, even like when Josh one on nineteen tyrannous, usually right when it comes to parsing through what the jury has said, but they're happened since of prizes that we're just like what the F word evac come from. So you never know what these people, and it only takes I think it's only gonna take a couple of boats flip flip a result. Here. We all remember big brother Canada four where we thought we were reading material and not reading, Jerry. It sounds. So she kind of made it impossible. Like, I think they would've voted for her. But she kind of made it Kelsey. We're about winning won't go get certainly they changed. They wanted to vote for her. But she she was like laying in up there, and he has so I think I think that team ours. Best shot was low low winning and taking taymor. I think that's potentially off the table. Now. I think now her best shot is probably Ricky winning and taking tame are and then against Ricky. She needs to hope that she has the votes as Jonathan said if it's Ricky versus Tomar, then he doesn't know what he would do. That's where I could see Jonathan easily siding with taymor. If he sides with Tamar than Taimur has shot, even then not exactly sure. Shadow wants us to address the first incurs. Okay. People really trying patients like this is like this is so dumb. This is like everything in the world. That's never happened. And it's a thing until it happens. And then you're like, oh, well that was obviously easy like white N that happened before like, it's just a fluke of circumstances that the person who is I in has never won big, brother. Obviously if I was a contestant on big, brother. I would make an effort not to be the first one in just because I don't wanna hear the shit from the vans. But that doesn't mean I really believe in that bullshit hammering am I remembering wrong that you were kind of all aboard the Tyler can't win because he won the have. I was re tweeting that but that's that was unclear. A different town occurs. That was that was the point in time. Right. Oh, really got off the train. Yeah. But no there, you're right. There's a great ex- K CD comic about this where they go through every single presidency and with every single one, it's you know, this has never happened until this president was elected. This has never happened. And they go all the way through all of the president's. It's pretty fun. So all right anyway. I'm gonna give taymor of four as well. I think that's I think that because she is likely to be there and juries are unpredictable. She's got a little bit of that magic going for her. I think if Ricky takes her she's got a little bit of a shot, I was tempted to give her a three, but I did feel like Lolo deserve to be a level lower than her. So I went with a four and the audience agrees with Melissa and myself once again, and they gave her a four, and that's right. That's that's the stock watch right? All right. So now, you guys are going to send your your picks your final buying and selling decisions to Alexandra. I'm going to go over some of these these bonus questions and before you do just to be clear. The winner of the stock watchers the person who has the most shares of the winning contestant corrects. And if there's a tie for shares between more than one of us, then we actually never addressed this. But I'm thinking that should be broken on the value of your portfolio like yeah. At the end, okay. 'cause are. Yeah. How about how much cash on hand? Right. Yeah. Your portfolio would technically be the same probably because every everything else would bankrupt except for like tamer wins. Yeah, I'm trying to get you money. Leftover though like I'd have three dollars left over you'd have five dollars. And then you would win because you have more cash on what we'd probably do is who who accumulated the most amount of profit over the course of the season or something along we'll figure something out online money. Melissa would probably not win talk. I saw that. How many people I have right now. And I was like where did they all go? Everybody. Could also do stock and run our we'll we'll discuss a tiebreaker. Like a rob bottle that Tom green stops? Yeah. That was that was not a great move. So really three people at. Most is better. All in on, Tom. I don't even know lost a lot. We lost a lot. I do want to say last night brought up an image that I saw of of the mooch who had signed like, I swear. It was preplanned twist is. All the image was real it came from Collette from the the big brother gossip podcasts onto give them a shout out for that image and story. They was her sister. Who went and got the thing. So this is a point in time where Melissa and I are going to be deciding what we want to do. And we're intentionally not going to be looking at Taryn so chat. Yes. We're not paying attention to him for the most part. Okay. Is there deal? Why do they hate us so much time there like tearing them in a Muslim? Brent look so uninteresting what say like, wow rank game that they're not helping people are very critical of what you're doing when they can see you on the screen all the time. That's the I don't like this. I want to go back to Google hangout. Where I mean my nose when I'm not on screen. Man. So Mandy these results are slow to load here. Let's let's get this going. I will say this was a record low in terms of the season. At least in terms of responses for the form of people. Really sweating. Yes. This week last week we had the highest amount all season. And then this week. We've hit the lowest amount all season. I think that people are really excited about the craziness in Tom's h and people have started to lose interest a little bit. We also once we get to that question. I'll let you know about how low people have raided the season or this week at least when this loads endlessly circling. Taryn tap dance. So every. Take some questions from the chat. People ask Karen. How much muscle? He's gained in the past year. Let me know if you have any questions in the chat, we'll do a quick little question off here. I'm sure there are other other stuff that that we were here we final. Almost never mind. It's not there. I was just kidding. It's not just. Why does the LLC hate the chats? Timothy. We love to chat you guys just think attack usually nice to us. But today they've been. So mean, the child is like stream of consciousness, like whatever you guys think in EPA top of your head that you normally wouldn't necessarily say in real life. You just like put it in the chat because you're like, oh, well, I thought of this. So I might as well put it in the chat and everybody will think is funny, or shady or whatever. Like, that's why it's coming off a stream of consciousness and more. Like, you know, knock it off. Someone said what's your secret Taryn, listen to the Taryn show with Mike the candy the personal trainer, by the way? Can you put the stock watch prices again or just tell me what they are because they disappeared from the screen. You will you. Him up right there. Let's see what else have we here. No. There's a problem looting your results. I can see that one say I'm sorry, guys. I should not have reloaded the page to lift the late answers in. Who is who in the celeb- BB house eats, golden gram cereal? I don't know that answer. I think Matt's not getting there. Q much money. I feel like it was easier. When I could only pick one person or something. Now, I feel like I have too many people that are too much money to get rid of spend. It all spend it all. Polarizing about a Tom green interview. Can we get a Tom green interview? There have been some people reaching out to him on Twitter that I've seen. That's always helpful. If you if you Titian people if you say, hey, look, there's a podcast you can do this. But so far he has not responded to any of those. So obviously, we would love to interview on any of these people. But, but if you want to Tom green interview, don't harass him. But just let them know this podcast exists and see if he's interested. Sorry. I'd like literally just interrupting like thoughts that pop into my head about what I'm doing right now. And I feel like there's no point meet picking any day marble that I have a feeling great now Brent is like writing down like twenty by twenty March dot really feels like oh, I'm not going to buy any taymor. Right. You don't need a Zimba. You don't need to buy any time are so yeah, I see what you're doing. They're all I'm saying is I already how. Oh, think that you're you're going to win on tamer? Some mine games happening right now God, this is hard. I honestly I saved a lot of money last time because I was like I'll know a lot more next time. Now, Billy, I know less. Stopwatch. I'm just so bad at it. Will there be a stock watch for for the candidates seven? Yes. And it will be fun. Often this is turning into I work. How question guest. I train four days a week. Let's see. Yes, we covered with a Canada didn't mean through weekend. All right. I'm really starting to just run out of things here. Opening up the survey on my phone to see if that works, and we're gonna see how that analyze here we go. All right. I've got my phone. Thank you. Okay. So let's talk about some of these bonus questions. I we have the question of how would you rate the episodes of big brother this week? And we got an answer of about four point six down from last week. It's not not looking great for the episodes. But yeah, people people not really enjoying the season this week. At least the episodes last time had a five point six this week a four point six down a full point. They we also asked how would you rate the feeds this week? And this one surprised me actually, very very high drop here. Last week. The feeds were six point three this week the feeds a three three out of ten people did not like the feeds this week. So really really dropped in enjoyment there. How would this week of big brother overall a four point one compared to a six point three eight last time? This is this is a record low in turn. Terms of enjoyment for the season even on big brother twenty when we had like five weeks of like, you know, post climax of the season. It was still up in the eight this season down to a four point one overall. Not great. I asked you to rank your favorite player, your play favorite players from least favorite or most favorite to least favorite. And I was very curious to see what this would look like here. There's only five people left. So who is going to be the favourite has any guesses. No, I realized I just made a map there, actually. Candy candy is the the massive favorite here. Big big big favourite for candy. She got eighty percent of the first rankings eighty percent everyone. Loves candy, followed by taymor, pretty dramatically behind the actually sorry. No, not follow tamer had the second. Most first place finishes Dina actually came in second. Dina was the second most favorite player that surprising me. Really do. You know was the second most popular I think they're taymor gets or you said Deena was second most popular players ever. Yeah. I think it's markets for the number one. She danced on Thomas gray, which I know she wasn't doing that some people because she wasn't doing that. Brent? But that's what it came off as her doing, and she kind of gets lumped into that whole bedroom and some of the meanness that's happened over there. Although to be fair, I feel like that of the three of them Natalie even Marie Lolo taymor taymor has contributed the least to that. But she's also had a few zingers here. And there that people might remember. Yes. Natalie, by the way, in exit interviews is talking about how she's finally found out that Tom is well liked and that he feels like he was she said he feels like he was bullied, and so she she kind of was like, well, let me just say that if a straight white rich man can feel like he was bullied by three women, and I think we're winning and then she was like. Just just just kidding bully. The definition of bullying is feeling if making someone feel unsafe so Tom if I made you feel unsafe. I am sorry felt a little bit. Like a non apology to me a total on an apology. Anything that's just to make you feel bad. When you bring up when you start with the definition of anything, you're saying. So so yes, Dina was second candy had an average had had a number of four point six is candies. Number Dino down at a three points three point two. And then taymor wasn't third. Just barely beating Ricky with a two point seven Ricky with a two point four and then low low in last place with a one point nine low, not exactly a fan favourite. I asked also who is getting your vote for America's favorite very curious about this one. Should is shocking answer. Now, I'm getting. Seventy three percent of people said they're voting for Tom to get America's favorite player. All right. Actually, I will say like that makes a lot of sense because I finally got my mom's finally caught up on the show. So she was able to give me the casual a casual opinion of what's going on. She was like live texting me while she was watching the double eviction. And she was like I before that. She's like, Tom one. Everything's great. He's h h this is so awesome. And then it was like, oh my God jobs on the blog. He's gonna go home. This is so awful. She's like, this is the worst. I don't wanna watch the show anymore. And so basically, she's like, and then she told me to tell everyone to vote for Tom green for her America's favorite momma. Okay. Well, I'll do that to vote for taymor. Seriously. She's given us the most entertainment like, I know Thomas giving us entertainment, but I really feel like taymor has given us like the most entertaining. He is not a fan. I know I'm just gonna say. Apper Makhachkala perspective. It's possible. That by being who knows if people actually follow what my mom is saying. But like just from what I know. I don't I don't think I'm sure he appreciates your mom's help. But I don't think he needs any help. I think he's going to win each. That like the my mom's casual perspective, and like from like only watching the television show is that she really loved Tom and Kato together. She thought they were gray. And then she likes candy. But it was really sad for her. When Tom left all the nice people. Yeah. All the nice people. Yes. If I if I had to put my money on anyone I would definitely put it on Tom green here. I think that he definitely has a big advantage here second place, and before you reveal that I hope they have cameras trained on Lolo, Ricky taymor and Natalie when they revealed at Tom is is the don't screw me over this. He did not give me cameras when Cody one America's favorite player. I am bitter about that still listen to me. Here's the problem. Lolo already expects Tom to win America's favorite. She is talking about how you know, they told us beforehand that you should do things late at night. And and Tom was doing these silly things late at night. So he's probably gonna win. Okay, taymor. I think is a lot more likely to be a bit surprised by Ricky. I feel like Ricky would probably kind of expect it at this point to. So we need to reveal the top three. Did they reveal the top theory when Ross one thing. So I don't think they did. I think they were just like oh. They want people to know on a top three. Yeah. You do not make the top three wondering else anything or if it's just like whoever wins. Yes. Okay. So second place for America's favorite was. In fact. Candy candy. Yes. Candy second place with about eight point seven percent of the vote compared to Tom's seventy three. And then taymor wasn't third place with eight point six percent of the vote reveal the top three bend. I might that might help sued the wounds a little bit there. If I tame are knows that she's in the top three. And I think they might like to announce team from the top three. So we'll see Ryan was in fourth place with three point on. My God, y'all get a life. Get a life. It was not a lot of people. But look. People like Ryan. All right. So there was a little bit confusion about this question. But I was wondering if you were Lolo during her double of addiction HOA train who would you want to put up on the block who would you want to be the final nominees? This was a pretty straightforward one candy, and Tom where the obvious choices. And that's what the audience decided. I also asked about Ricky's HOA. Who'd you want on the block if you were Ricky once again what Ricky decided to do DNA? In candy were the top two vote getters there. I also asked who do you think is going to win? The stock watch. Carrie, I have won the last two, but go ahead. Please proceed. In last place with ten percent of the vote, rob sestina. Yeah. Not in last place. That was the Tom green of it. All. In third place with nineteen percent of the vote. Melissa denny. Yeah. I'll never win. You guys her right? Yes. And with forty percent of the vote between myself and Brent the audience decided Taryn is going to stock. Don't care about history. You don't care. He's stepped in it more times than not. But that's fine. I technically have the most like liquid value here in terms of. Stock value plus cash holdings, but not by much Brent is very close. And you had thirty percent of the vote behind behind myself. It was about right now. Thirty percent like me seventy haters. That's about right. Yeah. I was asked who do you want to be a victim this week pretty dramatic one here. All eighty seven percent said Dina they want to over candy and Dina's totally fine. And we like her but girl by we don't need you anymore. And I think it would be pretty Connick to four people of color at the end of big brother celebrity too. I think you're going to be critical. We offer Gabby here. And wondering talking about it. So it's like actually close to potentially happening. It didn't seem like it was going to when candy was endangered but Kendra not being danger anymore and good on her for saving her. But yes, yes, absolutely interesting to know candy has been on the who do you want to be a victim this week poll for three out of the four times? I did it. And the first time she was not the person that they wanted to victory. The second time she was the person that you wanted third time not affected. It's been a roller coaster for candy. I love Pokemon in a chat. Don't people want Brent fired from rob as a podcast, always poking? There's contingent out there. He's always a petition poll question. Think brench should be fired from. That was that was a question how it should be. Oh, it should be. I was like oh was like, oh you predicted the future. Okay. So I am not even close to ready for the buying and selling quite yet. I'll talk to the chat while we do have a jury votes to go over. Okay. So the the audience predict who you thought the jury would vote for. So what we'll do here is we'll quickly go through each person. And then we'll talk about final two pairings because I think that's an easier way to talk about it. So we want to too much commentary on the person selves. We'll just go over the final two pairing. So. Who would Dina vote for in the final two people? Say candy. I followed by Ricky followed by tame taymor, followed by Lolo. I do want to disagree with this one based on Dina's conversation with Lolo today. I think that Lola would actually be number two potentially there after candy. Yeah. I agree with the survey people on this one. I think that I think she was blown smoke up her ass. I really do. I think she was just trying to make sure that she stays. I think like her. I think she's she thinks that Lolo is a mean girl, and she still holds a responsible for the way the season has gone. So I don't buy that. I think she I think she votes for Loa last. Right. Well, we'll we'll see. We'll see. Could candy vote for people say taymor. I followed by DNA followed by Ricky, and then Lolo last I think this is. Pretty accurate. I think pretty accurate given the way things stand right now. She knows she can't stay in. You know, unless Dina goes, actually, I think she would Beaufort Gina over. Yeah. I was on. If there was if there was an avenue for her to do that. But given that that's not on the game board. I think that she's most likely to vote for taymor. I yes, who would Lolo vote for in the final two people said Ricky, I which agree tame our second. I agree unless taymor cuts Ricky and Lolo in which case, I think she might not followed by candy followed by DNA. I think this is probably correct. Who would Ricky vote for? It is Lolo I followed by tame mar. But this is kind of a close vote and then handy. I actually think that he would vote for Tim are over Lolo. I I don't think he's feeling low low as much lately and low has been nicer to him in terms of assuring him that she's going to take into the end. So if if Natalie is able to talk to Ricky in any capacity, I think she's going to be like, don't you dare we're giving it to our girl. And I think that he would probably go along with that. But I do agree that there's so hard to inclination toward taymor. Again. He he does not like that little oh would not promise him a final two. So that's something important to know. Who would Tom vote for people said candy. I obviously he's said as much Dina second. That's another obvious one. Then Lolo followed by Ricky followed by taymor. I I'm inclined to believe it's Ricky lo lo tame mar. Myself. But I don't know if you guys disagree. Are we talking about sorry? I was reading the chat. Tom Tom would be most likely to vote for rigging trail Lolo? Yeah. I don't know. I mean, obviously. Danny on on the fact that Ricky was mean to him. I think that they're focusing more on the girls, and I don't really see Ricky's naming brought up. So it's possible that it will sort of fade from his memory that he and Ricky hardly a little thing. Tom still has this dick measuring contests with Ricky. And I feel like that by voting for him at the end he's able to say like that he's the bigger, man. Now, I don't know if that also, but also I and he even said this to Ricky he was, hey, you're only here because I kept you like, I think that it's like, hey, I decided the winner. Like, I the reason Ricky one is because I took him off the block. So I think that gives him some level of agency, or at least makes them feel that way Natalie said people said Lolo, I buy a mile followed by Ricky followed by Tamar followed by candy. And then Dina I again, I think that if k mart cuts Lolo and Ricky might be a different story. I also think that there's a small chance she goes Ricky over Lolo, depending on how the final speeches play out. She had a very strong connection with Ricky. And she's talked very highly about him outside of the house. She also loves Lola though, and Lolo has been doing some some Twitter Jerry management there. So I am inclined to believe it's more likely to be little over Ricky. But I would also not be super surprised if she went Ricky. Jonathan people say candy. I sorry deana. I followed by candy followed by Ricky followed by taymor. And then a low low last, obviously, I would disagree with that. I think the Tae is at least number three unless I listen to this. I've heard what he said I heard it. But I still think that in the end he would vote for a player if she gets any semblance of a final two speech at the end on right? So we we've gone over some of these other ones already, and I don't think a whole lot has changed quite yet. So let's start to go over the pairings here. We've talked about taymor versus candy we've discussed how we feel about it. The audience would predict that Dina is a vote for candy. They audience would predict that tame Maher is a vote. Sorry. Low low is a vote for taymor. So that's one to one Ricky would be a vote for taymor. That's two to one tame are. Really going to go through all these like that. Do you need to do something? It's because it's it's not opening on my. Harder to scroll through here. Mike. I'm like, we're really not going to get through forty five different ones with either. We Tom is tame is K candy Natalie is tame mar Jonathan is candy. And then Ryan candy. Joey candy Kato candy. So the audience would predict a six to three victory there for candy. I believe. Yeah. Yeah. I mean, I think that's probably the most likely. I like I said I put my flag in the sand. Onta- I think she can win. It's not going to be easy. She's gotta give speech, and she's got owner shit. I don't know if she will. She might the thing about is that she can be a little defensive sometimes if they come out or at all in the jury questioning at all if they come out of her I think she could be a little bit defensive, and that's not going to be a great look on her. But I have. So I have to concede that it's probably more likely than not that candy beats Tae six to three or five four. But I do think it's possible that the team are could win probably like thirty percent chance at this point. All right. So let's say low low wins. She takes Ricky how does that play out? I believe the audience has Ricky winning potentially eight to one. Yeah. Is what it's looking like from the audience that almost everyone except for Natalie voting for Ricky to win. Overload. I don't think it would be that dramatic. I do think that like I said, I think Joe might go four Lolo based on his Instagram post. But I'm not buying that. I think there's I think there'll be a lot of group think when it comes through celebs like they all wanted. Okay. Who we've only for what's the consensus. Okay. We're all voting for that person. I mean, if it's not going to be that had been it's going to be like five to four, but I think five to four is more likely than like, seventy two or something. Yeah. And then Ricky versus tame, mar I'm looking at these votes, and it is I think. Wow. I think it's eight to one predicted. For ricky. I think that we have candy as the tame our vote against Ricky into the audience things all the other votes would go to Ricky lies seats. Yes. Again. I think that's a little more dramatic than than I would personally predict. But, but I do think that Ricky has the advantage there Ricky has Natalie and Lolo I think that he has. Not sure about Dina. But I do think he has Tom and Kato that's four and then he just needs one more from Jonathan Ryan, Joey or Ordina. And then there's I think one other person. But either way I think that he has a pretty significant lead there. So yes, that's. Any other any other jury scenarios that we should go through any likely final twos? I think we've come. I mean to be blunt on board. That's that's everything we had sorry. This segment. Got a little messed up guys. It's I can't look at all the data technology. Have you done your thing? He's yet your by themselves. He doesn't. Why said you want me to talk while like you do some shit. So like to cure stuff. All right, right, right, go. Go ahead. What is it that you wanted to bring up nothing? I wanted. I wanted to talk to the Chad. Because everyone was asking me whether or not the Dina catfish story is going to be covered at the finale, and I have to say that it makes Dino look stupid. And I don't think they're going to do that to her face. The only way that the cap is story comes up is number one. If they absolutely verify that this is the guy, but most importantly, number two, if Dina is onboard for it like the only way this happens if if they talked to Dina separately and say in the event that you're victim or app. A finale we're going to bring this guy up on stage. How would you feel about that? I don't think that Gina wants to meet him. So I think there's no university or where. Dina's catfish guy if that is him on Twitter, and I actually don't believe that Tim on Twitter on stage, yellow yellow crazy. This is where Twitter like now. I don't think that I don't think anything is going to happen about that. I think that was just supposed to be like a funny segment, and then it's over although at the same time I kept saying that there's never going to be a proposal on big brother twenty and well here we are. So. You know, you never know what people are going to do at the finale, right mooch better. Not get a jury vote, by the way when you're done interrupt me. So I I know you're done mooch better. Not get a jury vote big six sec- banana says in the chat, I love that name, by the way. I don't think there's any universe where he gets a jury. But we're not talking about it. They specifically said that he's not a player. He said he was a twist he signed a shirt that said he was a twist so girl by he doesn't get a vote. I don't think that's that's at all ability, by the way. Yes. I am aware that read it is not currently a fan of me. I think that they were a little bit. But hurt over the fact that I defended swaggie a little bit on Twitter because I felt like people were really really coming for him. And I feel like people pick on him. So but right. It's not having with me. But you know, what read it will come back read it stands me at different times. So just depend to posts exactly at one post. That's like everyone saying me and stuff about you or any of us. And then another post literally at the exact same time is going with people saying nice things. Yeah. I get messages, by the way from people I got at least five different messages for people who are like I posted something in defensive you in read it, and I got down voted to bid so be thankful for that. Brent? I am thankful for that. I just want you to know. Working erin. So it's it's difficult because I'm. I'm gonna do it. We're just going to go here. I talk it out. It's a tricky one. Okay. So basically, let's let's open up the buying and the selling here. Let's do it all together. In my holdings that are shown right now. And we also have what's been lost on the right? I do have like I said, I have the most overall value. So it's really about who I put my money into. And then also. The difficult part is trying to calculate everyone else's value. And seeing what I need to do to guarantee of a majority in one person. And then how much I have left over to put into a secondary person. I do have enough to do that. But I I and fortunately don't have enough brain power at the moment to calculate everybody's potential buying. So I'm just going to kind of go all in on one person. And and then see how we go from there. So I the first thing I'm gonna do right away isn't going to sell all of my Dina. I've got five shares of Dina. I'm going to sell all five of them to pick up a twenty dollars there. I am also going to sell my taymor for another five. And I started this round with thirty eight dollars to spend. I know what's coming. Do. You. So wrong. I. I might as I feel like maybe I should just keep Lola. We'll keep Lolo for now. We'll see how this goes, basically. I'm looking at Ricky and candy as my most likely winners. That's that's what I'm thinking right now. I have one of Ricky I have none of candy. Brent and Melissa both have won candy. I am the only person that owns any Ricky. So it's a tricky one. I think if I play my cards, right potentially get a majority in both. But it's it's risky business to attempt. It Alexandra is saying that you have sixty three dollars just stuff. Why? Right. So I could buy I could buy twelve Ricky's to make a total of thirteen if I wanted to. And I'm pretty sure that is untouchable. I could buy twelve candies. I make twelve candies and that is also untouchable. So over it. I'm pretty sure that Brent is going to go in on taymor a little bit. Or at least he's not going to sell his tail. So I will have a decent enough lead on him there. He probably understands that he doesn't need to buy much more tame Mark because he's the only one that actually thinks that he needs taymor. I've seen him cover his mouth there. So maybe he didn't think that. So here's the thing. I think that candy has has a good shot. I think Ricky as a good shot Ricky's in my draft. So if I want to diversify I can buy a lot of candy. And then if either of them win, I'm still a winner. And at least one thing or I could double down on Ricky and try to win both. But but I everyone loves I like I like playing it safe. I like playing the odds here. So I'm gonna go ahead and. Oh, man. Melissa got so upset when I talked about how much Ricky I could have I feel like she went in on Ricky. I know I was just thinking like this exactly why I never win. The stock watch is because like I'm all about don't tell him anything by one information or teen poker player to do that. I would literally. Have any look all in thing is that I would never think by teen of someone. I would just be like oh by one for stock. All right. So Melissa probably didn't buy more than nine of anybody. Laney right now. I knew why she's really she's really playing Alexander's like Melissa purchase. Fifteen ricky's. So I am going to go ahead and. I'm going to buy. I'm going to go with. Oh, it's so hard. Do I go at the rate of Melissa? Or do I go with candy? It's so hard. I'm gonna go. Okay. Let me just quickly calculate. I'm sorry guys. Let me quickly calculate. How much Melissa has here. She started me intentionally because I'm trying to give away. She starts with thirty seven dollars. She she owns to Dina and one candy that means she can sell if she wants a total of thirteen which means a total of forty one dollars. If she wanted to buy all Ricky, she could buy eight Ricky with forty dollars. So if I buy nine Ricky, I guarantee myself more Ricky than her that would only leave me with four additional candies or actually only need to buy eight Ricky's to get nine. So then I can buy five candies, and then hope that that's enough candy all Brent needs to do is by four candy time either and five to beat me. And that's not too hard for him given how much money he has. But he thinks the candy might not win. So I'm gonna go ahead. And I'm going to do that. I'm going to buy eight Ricky to get to nine Ricky. And then I'm going to buy. An additional five. No sorry. Eight Ricky and then four full four candy. I think. Oh, if I sell my Lolo than I can buy another candy. I'm going to do that. So that's what I'm going to do there. Let's see what that leads me to remember. Please. Again. I apologize. If that's too long. I do. But watching or listening to you work it out because you were like, you're like, I might go this way this way, so bad. There's that possibility. Yeah. Yes. It was it was a tough call. And I honestly I feel like I could probably even sell a Ricky and get another candy. And then they were saying in the chat can we get that math Jeff imposed over? Okay. Last thing I'm going to sell one of those Ricky's, and I'm going to get another candy. I'm gonna go with eight Ricky total and then six candy and hope that that's a majority on both. And we're gonna see how this goes. Okay. So what are you doing? I ate Ricky six candy is what I'm going with is that what you have total. Or is that what you have like today? That's what I have total. Okay. What you mean by I'm waiting for the job? Update. Eight. I'm listening. Okay. So I'm hoping that even if even if Melissa went with eight Ricky's, then we'll tie and my my overall value. We'll we'll beat here on a tiebreaker. All right. Brent? What did you choose? What did I choose hold on one side? Let me go to let's go down the list. Okay. So I obviously I believe she's going to be did. So I sold my Ford Zena shares I had thirty dollars coming into this week so selling four Dina shares Dina's currently priced at four dollars. So that gives me an extra sixteen dollars. So now, I have forty six dollars to spend and I currently own three taymor and one candy based on after I go ahead. And so my Dina so I felt pretty confident that people would leave me alone tame are so I purchased one taymor stock and I bought eight shares of candy, which leaves me with a one dollar at the end. So I went all in on candy buying H-shares of candy, and I bought one share of K KMart thinking that people would leave me alone about one more just in case. Yes. I wanted to protect myself. I do want to do something stupid. So I own at the end of this. I own nine shares of candy overall because I had one coming into tonight. And I also own total of four shares of jamar that is where I stand at this point with one dollar leftover, and I took the lead in candy, and then some by the way. Yes. All right, Melissa. What did you do? Well, I did have somebody like him. I did not by fifteen Ricky or whatever that I did not by fifteen candy. I just bought re- Recci three candy and to Lolo. Ooh. Tricky. I just yeah. I was like could about three Ricky and nine candy. So who's better poker player now? I really didn't. I really didn't expect you to to take the shotgun approach. Just make I got it this. But yeah. By the way, I did keep my DNA because I figured you has it. L it and then the only one with Dina stuff early with any DNA or Lois stocks. So if something crazy happens at the end one of them wins, and you're definitely business except just like we just got the numbers in from rob. Rob bought six Dino, rob is going to end with sixteen and nine Lolo. Well, then I got enough that has a majority in zero players. That's my thing. I think I thought you were good, Melissa. I really didn't. I have told everyone multiple times that I am so bad at the stock watch bad. I don't want wanna I don't want to sell them because I'm like that just shows. I have no faith in them. So I keep them. And then they go out the door, and they lose all my money. So yeah, rob says Lolo or GTS. Oh, I'm all in on Ricky, rob is all in on Lolo. That's what's happening right now. I'm literally Naga win period for this whole season whether the draft or the or the stock watch there either I don't think denies winning and I had a very good chance coming into this double of action, but I lost both players in the double of addiction Melissa getting decimated. Some for those of you listening to audio version Taryn has now taken the lead in Ricky by a whopping eight shares to none for me, and rob and Melissa. So here's the here's the lead Ricky wins. He's going to win. This stock watch. If candy wins the game, I will win the stock. Watch by base stealing nine don't care. I am too Dina. If if Dina wins the game rob wins. If Lolo wins the game, rob wins the stock watch. And finally if Tamar wins the game, I win the stock watch. So I had two chances. Rob chances Taryn has Rick Martin you have. I correctly predicted. It would. Yeah. I predicted no one would try to challenge KMart. And then I was like, oh, no. Spit it up if you had bought taymor with your shock, and then I crossed a mouth, so. Oh, well, that's okay. Fact myself out of it. Yes. Alright. So there you go. That's the stock watch. We'll see how this plays out. And and like I said, we'll we'll also when we do this season wrapup they've been playing along in the patron group, and we'll give a shout out to whoever wins the stock watch in the patriot group there this this this decision is going to haunt me for the rest of my days of candy wins. Have had it could we would you have ever bought nine shares of candy or I almost I almost went nine candy and three Ricky that was going to go by the end. So I that's why I was like I'll put a little bit of Ricky, and but I don't need to put so much. I mean, you'd go all in with candy. I really did. Definitely definitely a risk. But I didn't think you'd I thought you would like try to have your cake and eat it too, which creates credit. It's more. I would rather win by like by check like tech like technical checkmate, or whatever it is. Then then like putting all on black and getting lucky, but that's the way I play. I know. It's worked for you in the past. All right. So this is really a much more visual podcast than than most of the time. Probably. And again, I is if if I took too long, I'm I need to find a better better better method of figuring out. Mike is this person for a sorry for big brother candidate? We can work in a segment where I have something ready to go. We're most definitely and then you can just check out for like three to five minutes Brent's ranting segments. Sometimes I don't have something to rant about. So sometimes I've already done. It stacked is asking are we going to cover the feats next done? I'm thinking that shade stack. That sounds like shade. We covered everything. Like there's so many happening right now. Obviously, I'm not watching the feeds. So if any guys in the chat, let me know if something happened within the past hour that I need to catch up on. But I think I think we've got it covered. Yes. So there you go. I also we should probably say based on the ratings that the audience let me just get back to the ratings the audience thinks that candy is playing the best game followed by Ricky. And then then Dina then tame our than Lolo. So that's that's how the audience ranks the remaining players thus far in the game. I think it'll be very interesting to see what how this plays out after the season ends and everything like that. So we go anything else that you guys want to bring up before we wrap this up. Nothing. I am very excited for the end here, by the way. Big brother candidates seven starts. What is it like March seven I want to say. March seven so obviously, we're going to get some pre pressed before that. So we've got like two weeks year off, and then it's back up to speed for big brother Canada, seven, which I am super psyched about they always outdo themselves. Really Canada last year. They did not listen to me and did not show the feeds as much as I would like. But I'm hoping that I'm always hopeful. I'm always optimistic Taryn. You never know. Yes. I'm not seeing that anything major happened on the feeds that we head. Apparently stacked stacked missed the beginning of the podcast. And I was like well. Yeah. That's that's that's where we talk about it. Yes. We have we've covered it. We have covered it up. We were up to speed on the shenanigans in the big brother house right now. I guess I guess maybe Lolo is still thinking maybe she doesn't want candy. I still think tomorrow would get her way. But I could be wrong. Somebody said something in Chad. Where it was. Oh, I don't know where it went. Anyway, seeing tame Lolo talking to tame mar. And she's talking about how she thinks candy will take Ricky to the end and tamers telling Lolo Ricky will take you before he takes candy Lolo says, I don't think so says don't be dumb says I'm being honest taymor says I don't feel that. So it sounds like low is not quite on board the keep candy. Yup. They don't need her the. I admit that it's a it's an element that they're thinking about. But at the end of the day of taes like Ricky, we should keep candy here because you know. We would rather her be a Representative of our season than Dina. I think that that's probably enough. And I don't I don't think that I think Ricky would care about something like that. And I'm just gonna be like I'm gonna keep it real guys. Like, I don't think it's totally lost on the house guests that by victim Dina. It would ensure that we have the first woman or well, we have an all final four people of color. Have you talked about it in the house that I think it's in the back of their head though, when when they say things like, well, you know, we don't want Gina to be the Representative our season. She hasn't played the game. Like, we also say we don't want candy either. I think maybe you're right. I think they thought of that they're enough that they they don't care really baffler. Really? On it. Like, maybe maybe. But I yeah, I don't I don't like this from Lolo. It sounds like it's maybe not quite as solid as we thought. But I do still think that it seems like Ricky's leaning toward keeping candy especially after she promised him that she would take him to the final two tie. And I don't think Marston Jew than ours. Going to unless Kenny gets into with tomorrow our tonight, I think that there's no universe where a tame our votes. Do the candy which is hilarious when you look back at like one and two. I wanted to with the candy. Here's the thing. At least now if candy does somehow get a victim, there's going to be at least a little part of me. That's like at least Brent loss at least French just wasted nine. Shares some strong little all right? Right. So it's been it's been a season. It's been a bit of a rough season. I think that a lot of people have have checked out at this point. I think a lot of people are not super happy about it. There's still some people that are enjoying the season. I think it was a fun enough ride in terms of just like how crazy it was. I'm very glad that we have candy in the house, and you know. I would hope I would hope we have a better season next season. Personally. It was not my favorite season. If I were to rate this week in big brother, it would probably be down to maybe like four. Yeah. Honestly, this is not been a fun season for me at all. But at least short, it's true. I think that if candy wins, then it's probably depending on how she wins. But I think it's at least five total for me. Maybe a six if if Ricky wins, it's probably a four if Lolo wins is probably like three Ariella. If if Dino wins is probably like a four of taymor wins. Maybe maybe like a five because that would be interesting at least but overall I'm just not super high on the season. The way it should have been easy to predict what I was going to do in a stock watch. Because remember as far as big brother, Canada six goes. And big brother twenty goes, I won the draft. And I won the stock watch on both of those seasons. And if you look at what I have left in the draft anymore and candy left in the draft. And actually, I didn't think about it when I was doing this. But you know, there's a part of me like buys what I want to win. So I purchased taymor and candy stock and I have those dominated right now. So if are or candy wins the other game, I have one the stock watch. And I have one the draft for the third season in a row. I mean like shut it down. But I knew I knew you'd go in on candy. I just hope that I would have enough leftover but do not do not. All right. You can you can let me know if you have a hashtag for this for this podcast. It's been a bit of a long one. I hope you enjoyed it. A little miss a few missteps along the way, but we had fun fun. So let me know if you already hashtag ideas, you can find us on Twitter. I'm at Armstrong Taryn, Melissa at Melissa. The longest one ever. Threes, and you can find Brent one lucky gay or one lucky straight another. I'm seeing hashtag J. P? Math LLC math. L L ac- map is probably unless there's only better. Yeah. Terrence time make it sometime. Yeah. Shock starts Lolo. Stocks. Stocks is in bad. Lo-lose stocks Ello Ello crazy in order to make the pun work. Let's let's Lillo stocks. Probably another raybird loves they were low stocks and actually probably not I think it probably was worse last week last week. We'll this season has been really low. All right, hashtag, low low stocks. That's ELO stocks. Thank you, everyone for joining us over the course of the entire season will of course, be live tomorrow night after the two hour finale all of us will be there. Rob Melissa Brent myself will be hanging out talking about the outcome and listening to Brent brag and not even care because candy one. Of course, tomorrow morning. I'll be live at eleven. Am eastern. I was I was I was going to own. I was trying to only cover the final four. But I still am not entirely. Sure, it's going to be left. So I might have to just like do very I feel like I won't do them Justice. But I need to talk about taymor at the very least and then candy, and or DNA and they're asking a chat. When are we going to do our wrap up later on this week? Maybe whenever we don't know. Play by ear depending like if there's information we need to know about like what the jurors were thinking or hearing exit interview. We try to pick the right spot. When we feel like we have adequate information about the season that we're not just repeating the finale coverage. Right. So we'll do that probably next week. Keep just keep keep updated. We will follow us on Twitter at Armstrong Taryn. So thank you everyone for joining us. I hope you enjoyed the podcast even if you didn't enjoy this season and for Brent and Melissa wait a minute. I forgot one more thing. Check out the block memory. This season's about to end. We recorded the first big brother three block memory over over last summer and into the fall check it out. If you're craving for good big brother when this season, ends checkout big brother three and check out the block memory. It's a lot of fun. I promise you can find that link on rob has website. And I will I will tweet it out again after the season ends. We'll have a nice big gap between now and big brother Canada. So it's a good thing to hold you over get you excited about big brother again. So that's got. Thank you again for joining us for Brent Annalisa. I'm Turnham strong. Hashtag Lolo stocks. We'll see next time. Time. Who you into old navy one day only today get fifty percent off all outerwear, plus cozy socks for just two bucks. Yet fifty percent off all out or where and two dollar cozy SOX. One day. Only today at old navy and old navy dot com. Ends tonight Valla to seventeen exclusions apply. Hurry into old navy one day only today get fifty percent off all outerwear, plus cozy socks for just two bucks. Yet fifty percent off all out or where and two dollar cozy SOX. One day. Only today at old navy and old navy dot com. Ends tonight Valla to seventeen exclusions apply.

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