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MOTW #37: Max Martini


Hey everybody welcome back to my to the warrior dock with you here as always been a really hectic couple of weeks I gotTa tell you so a few weeks ago. I had to take a couple of weeks off from the gym. said to some Michigan you know life life gets in the way I'm not making any excuses But I did have to take a couple weeks off and I'm not as young as I used to be so getting back into it. isn't as easy as it used to be. You know used to shake off the COBWEBS in a couple of workouts and it's really not that way anymore so as is I've been getting back into it especially this week. I've been having some issues with motivation of issues with energy especially early on my workouts and and I really wanted to address that. And I've talked about this on the podcast before that. I'm not normally a fan of pre workouts but as as you know I am a fan of on it and all of their products so I decided to check out the on it. Total strength. 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An actor of both film and Television best known for his military roles. I guarantee if you don't know the name which I'd be shocked as soon as you Google and see what you're going to go. ooh that guy but most of you listen. I guarantee know who I'm talking about. Not only as he's known for his military roles but he's also known for his steadfast support Veterans Veterans and veteran causes so much so that in the year two thousand nineteen he wrote directed and starred in a film called. Sergeant Will Gardner. Which tells is the story of an Iraq war veteran as he struggles to rejoin society in this film? He casted multiple veterans and he's giving thirty eighty percent of the film's proceeds to veteran charities. He talks about all this interview. It was an absolutely phenomenal phone conversation that I had with them. I hope Bugai's enjoy listening to it as much as I enjoyed talking to him. So without further delay here it is my interview with Mr Max. Martini and Max. Martini joins US now. Sir Thank you so much for coming online and the warrior. Thanks for me really a lot of things I WANNA I. I want to get too big fan. I'm kind of Geeking out a little bit here as I'm sure a lot of my listeners are Before we get into you know what you're most known for and what everyone has seen you on both the big and small screen. Let's talk about using individual What tell me a little bit about your upbringing? And what kind of lead you on on the path to get in front of an audience. Well I was born in New York I was born and in upstate. New York I actually. I didn't stay there long My Dad who was an artist had a a foundry in In Woodstock's I was I was born there but then we quickly moved to New York City and I grew up between these and at a certain point my parents separated. My mother went back to her home. State of Texas. So My. It's my youth was spent Pretty much in New York City and Dallas and I went back and forth. My mother. Remarried My stepfather had a property and Canada. So we spend a little time in Canada but But New York taxes are sort of you know what I identify a and you know two completely different Experiences with you know one with my dad who is an Italian was was Italian and And like I said it was an artist and oh my mother who was taxes and was in law enforcement Sola. Yeah so I had they connected in the sixties go figure figure in the but then my mom got back into law enforcement what she went into so so on one hand you kind of had the ECLECTIC New New York artsy living with the smell of clay and and paint and then meanwhile Every so often you had had barbecue and the smell of gunpowder and still accurate by you know we we are place in New York. Was My father. Bought this amazing mazing loft and and the like ninety nine hundred seventy and but it was about four thousand square feet and it was his His studio so you no I. I was living in his art studio. Basically as a child and then And the my mom Yeah was in you know taxes and you you know I'd go on Sheva. She eventually got into into parole worse. She was a parole officer for a while. I go visit her parolees with like like my earliest memories are hanging out in the car while she went inside out to interviewer parolees allow and yeah it was crazy it was crazy. Never a dull moment. What what part of Manhattan Was Your Dad Studio and he? I grew up on Lafayette Street so he was on he was in so it was on all lava between Princeton. Howson and okay were those who were familiar with New York? Real estate will appreciate this that like I said the place was four four thousand square feet which is unheard of and he bought it in nineteen seventy for fifteen grand. Wow Yeah I mean prime I'm prime that's eight nine dollars. Piece of property now proudly sold sold it before the market really took off off unfortunately but but you know but I had the luxury of growing up in this amazing space that you can play football in acute. I am one of the one of my fondest memories as an adult was a in residency which is absolutely miserable? Time for a physician position I got to live for For a month and an apartment on twenty fifth street just a few blocks west of Bellevue though I I worked the toxicology centre and God that was I just absolutely love New York City. I would never wanna live there but I just I. I love going to visit New York City. My son is is applying for colleges. Now he's about to graduate in three of the schools wants to go to her in New York and I'm so excited for because I think it's like you know growing up assist specially during your college years at such a great experience absolutely absolutely. Yeah that's a great great schools there and just a great place to go to college. 'cause he's going to get so much exposure to so many things My my son is a freshman at Texas. AM This year. Yeah so so we have in common was really excited for him when he went off on that journey. Because I had a very very untraditional pass to my my Secondary Education I didn't. I didn't go to college basically to my thirties. But so did you. You growing up did you. I mean we know you have Obviously artistic ability because what we see you do on screen do you. Also can you sculpt. Can you paint. Can you do other things as well. Well I ended up getting my degree in fine arts so I went back to New York after high school. I moved around during high school. A little bit went back to New York and enrolled listed in world enrolled in a in a very prestigious art school in New York City. And and got my degree and it ahead of an art studio in Brooklyn and and you know was making artwork. And and. That's actually how I transitioned into acting because my my mother had remarried An actor director and when we were together non said he would throw me into these light light little speaking roles you know aggo say this or does stand over there and do this and so I got a little bit of a taste of Hollywood in and made some connections in in that industry so that when I got out of our school in my my student loan bill before I had left the school premises. You know I was just at a complete loss to pay it off so I got into acting to pay the off my art school and and then I never would back you know square. It's really yeah. My my life took a complete each Did a one eighty so said a waiting tables to play for acting school. You're acting school right. That's that's a really cool story you have you ever crossed paths He doesn't do a lot of fiction stuff anymore but Do you know Terry Shepherd at all Terry I didn't get along quite a bit. He's got really strong connections to New York as well. He's a he's a former special forces guy. He's done a lot of reality he stuff kind of along the same vein of what I've done. He had a show a warriors with Jerry. Schapper not Terry got out after his first tour and Dan went to acting school on the Gi Bill in New York. So he played like hamlet off Broadway and stuff like that he has a the kiosk. Two degrees How one in theater arts and one in anthropology? Oh yeah so. He's kind of a kind of an interesting guy. I think you to it. I'M GONNA HAVE TO ALL INCA two guys up because I am absolutely sure you would hit it off and I actually know a lot of people. There's a ton of You know us. I've so many military bodies in and you know there's there's a big movement of military guys that have former military to govern woman infiltrate Hollywood and you know become tech advisors or actors and I have actually have made some of my best friends are you are guys that were in Captain Phillips with me and They're all former navy seal team guys in and of made a a made it sort of my mission to put them in all my movies so we throwing them into these. Were doing comedy next expletive anyway so yeah he had Jeff Bosley is a former. SF Guy who's out there he's out in Hollywood paying his dues. Try Title IX for that big break but no so. Let's talk about me. Speaking of Captain Phillips You know going down the list. If you look at your wicky page I mean it. Just it. Reads like if you go into Any army vets man cave and you look at what. DVD's are on the shelf. It's basically Gli the Max Martini. IMDB pitch really. I mean saving private Ryan. The great raid All of lease Captain Phillips of course Thirteen hours what. When when was it that you I realized this? Is You know they really want me for these soldier roles. This is this really fits like a glove and that you enjoy doing you know I ah audition for Private Ryan. I you know I. This is sort of like right as I had landed in. La and I had gotten this big movie movie out of New York. You know right. Serve at that moment. That was telling your valid had to figure out a school but the I came to La to a movie This manager venture talked me into staying. They got me a meeting for Private Ryan. I thought you Never GonNa get this. The every in. La is trying to get the sparks. I I just sort of went and blew it off man to tell you the truth and and and and I got a call and they're like Spielberg loves you when he wants to give you this role well and you know and I think that people just that's like you get you get that stamp of approval you know suddenly are validated. It'd unvetted I'm okay to play soldiers now you know and so I so I W- it from I guess the next big military thing was the unit it and I played a lot of cops but the one that you know that that people recognize me for was it was the unit was a series on. CBS This ranch for about four years. It was about Delta well and I can tell you that at four we had a very love hate relationship with with the unit. And it's like guys never wanted to admit it. They didn't even want to admit that they watched it. But then you fight. You found out over time that everybody was watching it right. Where when they talked about it at work and they were going home and watching the unit? Will you know what's interesting is that you know they're so this was Based on a book that Eric Haney Road called inside Delta Force and Alana guys were not happy about that book. Now that said You know I read it. Numerous times in. Don't think that it revealed any top-secret you know anything any tactics or anything that would've I jeopardize the the unit you know so I don't really know what people's B but I think it was like. I think Eric was. Maybe you know one of the first guys asserted cash in on his experience you know and and obviously now everybody's doing it but the but there was a lot. There was a little animosity about that. I think in you know and then look when we started the show you know. He gave everybody a sit-down pep talk. You know but but also sort of you know a directional conversation in that he will he said. Look we're not GonNa make a mockery of my experience reinsert the experience my brothers in our sisters of fog you know in conflict and and so you know you're going to train and you're GONNA you're GonNa get the mindset mindset of these guys down and we're GONNA take this shit series and you know and I think that translated on screen for a lot of a lot of soldiers gers when the network got involved. Some of the storylines got a little cheesy. We rely our you know but but for the most part you know I mean the combat that look good and and you know in the in the drama was great and people still to this day or you know. Ask Me why they canceled. I don't know yeah well I think yeah. I think it was actually in your explanation. I think maybe the networks stayed out of it and not said you know and and just imagining this as an outsider. But I from what I've seen from reality television as networks damp. Russian companies are not unlike military commanders. In the way they choose to reach down and kind of nudge things in a certain direction and Bro and I would imagine imagine a ally just. I saw this on the news or my son came home. He's writing a book report on this. Be Neat if we had an episode that that that was in there no now they start getting all right. There were a couple of storylines just like you know it was ridiculous but but I would say eighty five percent of the show was you know was pretty pretty Good programming and you know when they cancelled it we had a big audience. You know look at my in my opinion also. I think you know at the time that we ended it. was you know the war was really a popular in Hollywood and Without getting into politics you know it's IT'S I. I think that the network didn't want to do anything that was that was that that would support it and You know ironically the minute they cancelled it we got bin Laden and then all the seal shows came out you know. Yeah well there you go so that's a yeah Seals are definitely flavor of the week. Now and that's you even even see when The movie Sahara came out with McConnell. Hey you know. Based based on the customer novels they even changed. I mean historically in the novels that character was not a seal but because seals are what's cool and seals are what everybody wants to see change. Everything's gotta be a seal that when they when they rebooted booted lethal weapon. They turned back character in new. That's like that's like the thing to do now because seals are flavor of the week and I don't think they mind too much. That's a lot of them you know. There's there's a joke about you. Know a seal goes takes three weeks to do the mission in six weeks for him to write his book afterwards but I. I don't begrudge any of that man I I really don't I a lot of people I see a lot of people You know trash talk and guys like like rob and guys have gone onto to write the books. I'm like. Hey you know more power to them if like you said if if you go through the pages ages that book and there's not any tactics techniques procedures being divulged and they're not naming names of people that they're going to get hurt. I don't see a problem with it. I think maybe maybe somewhere. There's a middle school kid who's GonNa read that who otherwise might have chose to be a professional football player or gone to mit and Bene- physicists. What but he's GonNa go? Hey you know what this is. This is something I can do this. You know there's a calling there so I don't have a problem with some people do I don't know I mean there's been a lot of Guy Matt Bissonnette. There's been a lot of guys that came out and dot involved often. What everybody else is doing to this today? You know but it was just bad timing like our painting. They were the first ones either he would burn. So you know as I was talking about going down your page it's It's like a war folder. And there's certain actors out there that you associate with just that guy was born to play a soldier Barringer sizemore yourself When you hear the I'm GonNA use a a term and I and I don't even know how it's taken in in Hollywood's a term that we know is outside of the business when you hear the term arm typecast it? Do you see that as a as a bad thing as as a good thing as something. You don't even think about well. Here's the thing is that you you know at any point in my career. I could have a you know. Started to avoid plane soldiers and and in in oddly like I've actually done a ton of other stuff that that that's not you know military related but the but the the big ones you know have been These these these comment films and and But there there came a point in my. I live where you know. I sort of looked up and realized that developing a deep appreciation. I'm for the sacrifices that our men and women make our military and in a deep appreciation for what our military how our military serves our country and our and our our freedoms and liberties and and you know in so the more that I became aware of of you know this love for our our troops you know the see the more. I wanted to participate in these films and then the more I wanted to you know. Honor these men and women accurately so it you you know in in that and that sort of appreciation also turned into charitable charity work. You know I do a lot of stuff in the military outside of Hollywood and now now. I'm actually trying to fuse the two together and you know we could talk about my movie. Sergeant Will Garner but yes and not only that you know that movie we Out We allocated thirty percent of our profits to go to three incredible charities that support our soldiers but additionally I'm working with American Airlines Airlines and raising money auctioning off rolls and other movies direct. And you know I'm trying to find ways to kind of parlay what I'm doing doing into you know monetary assistance and and You know The the raising of awareness for issues at our troops are Fayssal. It's certainly the passion and the respect you have. I can say one hundred percent that had totally comes through on screen there are. There are a handful of actors that If I were to pull a hundred vets even thousand house in vets. There are a handful of actors that I know all have that stamp of approval. It's like oh Max Martinez in it. y'All go see it you. Well you know Ev- people that you know are playing there you feel like they're playing the role for the right reasons. They're playing it with the respect that it deserves You know there's not going to be Some some wacky twist where the military is as per hour sudden gets portrayed as the as the villains in the story And you you and a handful of other actors are kind of in that group there are other actors who I won't mention Out of respect for you because you might have to work with them some that you know you hear about him being in a war move in your life and you know you instantly muttered under your breath. That's like I I I not only do I not believe it I I. I'll bet he wouldn't even give us the time of day on the street. I'M NOT GONNA go pay to see. His movie is just not going to happen. Round but You know thank you for being in the in that small group and that small cadre and I kind of looked to To Gary sinise this is Kinda the flagbearer for all of that now. His is my mentor in his really He's an amazing guy and and a friend and you know and somebody is charity. I support my impact. Sergeant Will Garner. That's one of the charities one of the three that were were trying to get money and assistance assistance to let. Let's talk about that. Let's talk about how that came to your attention about the project. So that that briefly That that sort of if the idea to do a movie for charity came to me during the unit and you know at that point in time the the TV is were were were you know starting to to We were seen just large numbers of TV is coming back about me. And the in the homeless veteran population was increasing. And it was just you know I just went out. This is like I. Just don't foresee the end to the you know Middle Eastern conflict at that point in time and and you know the injuries are so bad and and so you look not serving in the military is one of my regrets live. I really Kinda feel like a I just would have fallen in very well. All you know and and I'm sure you would have. I'm one hundred percent. Sure he would. Yeah I think it's something that I would have been enjoyed doing. And so you know I went into the Middle East a couple of times and and in the experience over there was life changing so anyways to get back to to answer your question Lisa I I wrote this movie about a soldier. You know what I wanted to do was was not create two hours of suffering for the people to sit through of watching somebody suffer but but rather to write a story that was an inspiring that inspired healing. It inspired hope that you know Helped maintain a level of awareness that it raised money for you know for my charities parties that really had a lot of great wonderful driving force behind. They could do a lot of good. And and so I wrote will gardner and Got Gary Involved Got Robert Patrick. Involved his a big supporter. Dermot Mulroney was a supporter Amaury Harder Arctic Elizabeth Rome Lily. Rabe all people that support the military in front of the camera hired veterans to were behind the camera wrong and then and then donated ten percents of our profits to three charities of thirty totally totaling thirty and in that was the makings of something Extremely special a was the best experience my life There's a there's a great. Just tell you this quick story. There's a really amazing little thing that happened. In this movie we were holding auditions for one of the main roles and we were going to cast it out of Los Angeles and the local casting woman in New Mexico. Said Hey you gotta meet this actor Lewis Porter Nada. He's Isa he's perfect. So Lewis comes into the room and he reads for this role of an amputee. Okay homeless Marine reputation he he. He blows US away in he gets up in front of us and he says look you know whether I get this part or not. I just WanNa thank you for trying to do doc this movie. My Dad was a veteran. I'm a veteran off. You know I had a I jumped out of an aircraft. My Canopy Canape didn't deploy I hit the ground. It took me a decade to get benefits from the DA. And and and. I really feel like this is partially my story. And so he left and when we called to give him the role He was living out of his car. So we were able to jumpstart the young veterans Film career get back on his feet financially. You know. Let them participate in this in this incredible experience. And so that to me. was you know right out of the gate without even having started filming we were already wedding and for those that haven't seen it. It's a really wonderful story and I recommended. I note okay. Veteran community is embraced it absolutely absolutely and for for my for those few in my audience that haven't seen it. How how can they see it whereas it available now you can? You can buy the movie on Amazon on I tunes on Voodoo any pretty much any of the streaming platforms Were we're not quite there yet. But we're working to re release it so the The for for us. I think it is available on Netflix. If you can't afford to buy the film but if you if you can't afford to buy this film please go to do that. Because that's one of the ways the will be able to reach profit margin Quinton Gotcha Gotcha. That's an amazing story and I for one You mentioned having their regret that you didn't serve. But I gotta say you're doing so much in the service of veterans that I think it ah more than makes up for it because you can reach an audience you can raise awareness not just funds but you can raise awareness on a level that that somebody like like me and a lot of us. Just can't do and I want to thank for my service. I WanNa thank you for your service veterans. Because you've you've done a tremendous amount. Thank you sir. Thanks man I mean you know when I went to the Middle East I really were you know in in had this idea. It gave a lot more importance to what I'm doing professionally. You Know I. It just suddenly made it You know if I can if I can help. Heal veterans can raise money for veterans if I can if I can you you know. Remind people that even though it's not front page news anymore. They're still staggering. Numbers veterans that are suffering in the streets of America. Then that suddenly elevates the you know the what I do to a different level and you know and on that note how wonderful is the USO. I mean the we did we went through the USO. But we because as we were on this like you know Special Operation Show we got sort of like you know kidnapped by the by the than in here and take a high on our own little adventures but the but but really the you know the USO is doing such a service to the troops and you realize that when you see it I can tell you you know not having been in uniform but having seen the faces of the men and the men and women the kids in combat that that you know when you show up there and suddenly you know they get a little taste of home and a break from the grind. It's really it's really important in those I think it does their hearts a lot of good absolutely it. Does it. My my first Zhihua tour was in Iraq and The the sons of anarchy cast came over Minus Charlie Hudson who you you've of course have worked with A- and He had a family emergency so he couldn't come along But the rest were just all of them so so cool Kim Coates is one of the coolest individuals. I've ever been great. He's about your mind. Give him my best. I know he's not going to remember meeting in Iraq but it just The my buddy and I were just smiling for days after that after after meeting those guys who was just and it does it it it. It reminds you what you're there for. It remind it reminds you of home and what you're going back to and it's it's a bright spot in an otherwise sandy dingy hot wet when it should be dry dry when it should be atmosphere so very very much appreciated. What do you have Upcoming any any projects projects we should know about anything we should be looking to support. Yeah you know I. I took a a little bit of a break from the the dramatic world of Phil Nagging and stepped into comedy. So I'M GONNA SO I. I just finished a movie that I directed called erotic erotic. The MANSON brothers midnight. Zombie massacre and It's absolutely hilarious. It's it's like a hangover funny and like comedy and just a big a big action and and it was a ton of fun. So we're we're about to start selling bad. Excuse me we already got the money for the sequel. which which is the Mansa Brothers Satanic Vampire Death Match I? Just it's gotTa say ran out of the gate all of my high level marketing buzzwords. You're hitting him really excited to get these out in in the first one you know has a lot of Military and military supporters in it you know DB. Sweeney is a big of good friend of mine. He's a huge military supporter. Radhika Tourism Senate who is was military for who else an actor Dave Meadows? who was in? He's one of my buddies from Captain Phillips He's a former team guy he's entities amaze drink. Think Oh in Louise Board or Nada who I was telling on your own and he's in it Yeah so you know again. We're using veterans and and and this was one of the the movies. SRA actually the sequel to this film is the one that we use to To auction off to raise money for charities. Hey can I plug them real quick. You can clog anything you. I'm and it's your time done. Okay so Gary sinise talked about Gary His Foundation the Gary sinise foundation is is just an incredible organization for those that aren't aware they do everything from entertain the troops to to You know outfit. Homes for veterans with disabilities to build homes for veterans that are displaced or can't afford homes they've Gary constantly doing You know on some adventure with World War. Two veterans are taking gold star wives and their kids to Disneyland his knee land. I mean he's really. He has the biggest heart in Hollywood for veterans and if any one is looking for organization to support his is stellar The other two that were trying to raise money for one is called Higher Round USA which which is based out of Sun Valley Idaho. They use recreational therapy to assist veterans in need They have offices in new. You were city and in Los Angeles which are additionally focusing on homeless veterans And lastly warriors heart was started by a former tier. One operator Buddy of mine that started the foundation to to not only assist veterans but also oh first responders law enforcement officers one of the credit criteria to enter into the program is that you have a drug and or alcohol alcohol dependency once you're in the program they can further address. TV or pts. And it's it's it's the facilities oscilloscopes as on a five hundred Acre ranch in Texas. That is like a five-star vacation. I mean it's it's beautiful and and the veterans coming out of that program are changed for life a solicitor. They're really doing amazing. Things three vetted it'd organizations that that help veterans get money and assistance to veterans. And anyone looking again looking to support the veteran community this year. I recommend this three definitely have links to all of those in the show notes and when it when this gets posted up I'll tag everybody possible on social media so they can get as widest-circulation as possible Max speaking of social media where. What are your handles working people paalea? Yeah I'm I'm pretty much I pretty much stick to instagram and A little bit twitter. I'm not quite On twitter as much but both handles are at Max. Martini L. A. Samak's Martini in La Aw Yeah and please follow me on instagram and twitter. If you if you do that also and You know again I'll be. I'm constantly posting about the worked with veterans and and the movies that are coming up so you can fall out again. We as veteran on behalf of veterans. We really appreciate it. Max We really do. Thanks for your service. I thank you for what you've done for us. Thank you for your time today. I'll have links to to maximize is a social media and all those charities in the show notes. Make sure you check it out. Make sure you go by Sergeant Will Gardner check it out You you will be very happy that you didn't you'll be given to a good cause Max you're welcome back anytime. If you ever have anything you want plug a short notice. Whatever it is you have my contact info do not hesitate to get in touch just me and if I am literally can record an episode and get it out that day if I need to amazing? Thanks Mike Assocation off. All right sir. You have Have a great a day and thank you again. That was Max Martini. Everybody at again. Make sure you check out MAXA social media. Make sure you check out all the charities that we talked about our got links to all those in the show notes just in case. You didn't get a chance to jot those down so make sure you check them out give to these really really worthy the causes. Make sure Dr Mike Simpson Dot com to keep track of everything going on. I do have some new stuff coming up. I've got a couple of potential. TV projects next in the works. Make sure you're following me on social media if you're not already that's on instagram. At Dr Mike Simpson and over on facebook at facebook dot com forward slash. Dr Mike Simpson get a leave. y'All today with a quote from the Duke himself Mr John Wayne who said talk low. Talk Slow and don't talk too much. Remember that everybody until next time live life like a warrior.

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