Embiid Night in Philly, D'Angelo Russell's Failed Test and The Weekend's NBA Action


During next haircut now has a shortcut with a sport clips haircuts app. Just download the app check in its sportclips in. Choose your stylist, then had out no appointment needed. Just download the app check in. And don't forget your trip sport clips you choose the cut. We cut the way Bush presented by Hulu. If you didn't know who has lab sports, watch live games and all your favorite teams with Hulu. No cable required. Live TV plan required. Restrictions apply. And now Jalen and Jacoby on CNN. Shop. If we ever do y'all pop the strokes. Make the trumpet. Sweet. Is Friday everybody, and we have the honor the pleasure of having Ryan Hollins back back to back on Jalen and Jacoby. Thank you so much for coming in and doing the show this morning, Mr. Holland's anytime love it. You doing this morning? I feel good man. I feel Good Friday makes me excited. You know, fighting gets me excited and they get the weekend. Spend with the kids. Just recharge watch basketball. It's nice. It was all Philly in game three against the raptors. And Joel Embiid had himself a night the big man had thirty three points, ten rebounds and five blocks. He was rocking the baby he was blocking go I Leonard he was hitting threes. He was celebrating. He was doing everything he finished the night with a big dunk down the middle. He has Jimmy. It was a great night for Embiid member gave one when Marcus all held him to over six doesn't feel like that's happening anymore. What can the raptors due to slow him be moving forward in this series? Well, you got attacked him on the defensive end. And he's allowed to sit in the pay and really doesn't have to show out recover and make a lot of multiple efforts is going to have a lot of energy on the offense of in. And he obviously. You did. Now, the one thing that makes Joel Embiid special that you have to realize he has an elite mix of size and speed and mobility guys that big are not supposed to be able to move the way that Joel Embiid does. So you've got to make him work. You've got to test out that knee. And that's something that they didn't do. Now granted, you know, once he's at home. He turns into a different monster. This a man who loves the lights but Toronto they have to be better on the offense of into heavy shot. One thing about Joel Embiid is you can tell whether he's having a good game or back games from his body language. Like once he starts rolling, especially when he's at home as you mentioned once he starts rolling. There's nothing you can stop these plays off the crowd. He has fun out there. He's smiling. And you remember a couple of games those in the net series when he wasn't playing. Well, he starts to sort of shrink you kind of like slowdown. But when he's hot he is so hot, especially in home. That's why I think Billy will win game four. Now one thing that every says about Phillies, they have we obviously have an extremely talented starting five, but they added two of those five midseason so people have questions about their chemistry and that was a dressed after the game. Let's listen over when you know, great basketball players on the flaw easy. Just not dot com. We all within passes we play. So we source of fish. We understand now. Dissolved by moving the chemistry is overrated. What does that mean? Ryan that is Joel Embiid Philadelphia. Seventy Sixers trying to psych themselves out say, even though we do not have the comfort of knowing where each other is going to be on the floor and having each other's backs in you know, knowing what plays the run, and and when for down to or if we're up three who do we get the ball to in? Where do we had them with the basketball? That's chemistry. That's knowing what is going to happen. The philadelphia. Seventy Sixers are doing a lot of guessing they're figuring things out. You know? Hey, do we put the ball in Ben Simmons hands? No, do we give it to Jimmy Butler. No, do we give it to Joel. We have a lot of good problems which Brown has but chemistry is an issue where you wanna see we're players. Fit. How do you get the most out of them? So it's a good thing and a bad thing because these guys are still figuring each other out. And the question is will they have enough time. Do you think they win the series against the raptors? This is Tom. I know I don't think you just make this a landslide. I do agree that it is a matter of chemistry. What I mean, do you know what you're going to get out of the raptors? And Kawhi Leonard is the guy who can literally fit in any system. So there are no issues. What do I mean by that? Leonard is a lockdown defender, he can space the foreign shoot. And he breaks his any breaks you down one on one. This was a seamless transition now because of Ben Simmons because of Joel Embiid, you had to be very delicate about how you fit guys into that Philadelphia system. So even though they're incredibly talented. Brett Brown has his hands full trying to make it work. Ben Simmons doesn't shoot jumpers. Joel Embiid is best when he finishes in the pain and what he's done in the last game. Was he worked from the top of the key from the most from the three point line playing in space. Why allow? Going the distance between he and Ben Simmons. And you ended up getting the most out of Joel Embiid and the Philadelphia seventy Sixers. Well, cow Lowry has had a reputation in earned reputation of being a poor playoff performer last night did nothing to change that reputation Lowry was to for ten from the floor. He played thirty eight minutes and finished with a minus twenty eight Ryan, why has Lowery had trouble in this series? Especially in game one and game. Three jacoby. Every time that I come on his show. I'm always going to be honest. I'm going to be Frank. I cannot lie to the people. If you're in the Lowery family, you might wanna change the channel listen, Kyle Lowry is my guy, but I want you guys to notice coury is a regular guy. He's six foot two. He doesn't jump out the gym. He's freak athlete. The best attribute that Kyle Lowry has is his toughest guy should not be an NBA all star. He shouldn't be anywhere. But he's so tough. He's so dedicated he works his way in all the success that he's head shot up calories. But we're now you're looking around, and they're all these superhumans around you six eight six nine jump out the gym six six shoot the ball from deep. You know, seven foot one would at three ball a postal gaming footwork are is the regular guy in this equation. So the one thing house going to have to do he's going to have to think. Way through these scenarios, and it may be a situation if I'm Toronto if I'm coaching ignores I get the most out of my team where I believe playing through Marcus all why do I say that one thing I remember about playing with Mark is he's essentially a point forward point center. Whatever you want to say in Marcus all is going to make the right play every time down the floor. So I think you have to take that load off of Kyle Lowry and now's the whole point of bringing in a Leonard. But now in these moments you have to have it from somewhere. And I think Kyle Lowry is better as your fourth or fifth option in these scenarios. He's still a good NBA player, but he's going against superhumans and Philadelphia right now, it's a good point. Not I like how I do slander calorie quite often of this program because I had this one question. What is Kyle Lowry elite at like, what is he one of the top ten players in the league. He's a pretty good shooter. He's a he's a good passer. I think it's biz assist. Have gone up this season because he had other options the essential Siaka in of Gonzales helped him, but he's really a fourth option kind of point guard. And there's something about the place where he just doesn't show up, and it hurts his team now Leonard has solidified himself in these playoffs as a top player in the league on both ends his excellent, and he has been dominant all throughout these playoffs. However, you cannot do it alone. And Carl himself addressed the elephant in the room with the seventy Sixers when he said this, quote, we've got to help him. I was literally saying it during the game. We have to help him him being quiet. He's doing everything he can possibly do offensively and defensively to bleep in win games. And myself, I'm not helping him enough. I'm not putting it on nobody else. But me now, I love you count ability from calorie there, but this is important because only PASCAL Siaka has really performed well in these playoffs and Kyle Lowry. Sorry, quite Leonard is a free agent at the end of this year. And if. He's looking around saying I'm scoring forty five. But I need more help. How do you think the raptors can keep coli Leonard if he's not getting help through this series and in the playoffs? Lynn is going to be a clipper. There's no fans in buts about we're not gonna we're not going to sugarcoat. We're not going to. I guess we're going to break the news in the middle of the. I mean, it just isn't that? It's not gonna work. It's not gonna work and on what you're a former clipper you around the organization. A see you at clipper games. Are you hearing things? Listen, listen. I'm just Ryan highlands amusing. My deductive reasoning and cutting to to gather come home man, come on. And when thing we knew is that the play offs. We're going to be life and death as far as where Kawai Leonard lands, very indicative. If you look at the Los Angeles, Clippers we see we see arguably one of the greatest seasons we've seen out of a franchise in some time. Would you argue that point one of the greatest seasons? And if you look at Toronto. Choas might be better at the crib. Yo. Oh. Listen, I completely agree with you. I would think I would guess the quiet. Leonard would be a clipper. However this series is over. Let's not let's have recency bias. It's only they're only down to one of the series of engines going to go back to Toronto Toronto can win this series. It can even win the east if the Rapids go to the NBA finals, do you still think the Kalinin would leave Toronto four, Los Angeles. That's about enough because when you when you get smashed by the warriors, you're you're going to be looking around wondering going mail, and you know, what am I doing here? You know, you can make it all the way to the championship game. And nobody remembers the second place team. You know, it's it's a very disappointing experience in the words of Ricky, Bobby. If you're not first you're last I love that movie so much so not only has Kyle Lowry been playing poorly in this series, not helping letter. Let's just take a look at some of the bench production from Toronto member. Toronto is so deep that's they they made their hey from their death. But look at this. Now, this is the raptures bench production only ten points. Per game shooting twenty four percent in this in the in the last three games eighteen percent from three what has happened to the strength of this team. That was once the depth. There's something called the NBA playoffs. Would. I mean by that in all eighty two games. You need a bench. You need an entire roster that can come in play quality, solid minutes to get you through. But the nice thing about the play offs. You have rest. There's no reason for you know, somebody to take some load management in the playoffs or take time. All so your stars coming to play. I can play you forty eight minutes. I can play you extended time why we have rest there are no back to back playoff game. So now, you're binch does not have the same value because guess what they're playing against starters all game long. And you talk about a top seven Philadelphia. Arguably has the best seven in basketball best eight as far as eight talent perspective comes into play. I think the Golden State Warriors probably have the most talented eight, but you make a really good point the the Sixers definitely have the best sort of like top eight in the. East? Maybe the Celtics could make a case for it. Now there was one play with the frustrate Kyle Lowry that wanted to show you, and I have a very pointed question for you after we watch this. Let's take a look at what happened between Simmons and Larry under the basket to buy shoots. Now Simmons see students getting boxed out there. Okay. And then see that a little elbow to the groin from Simmons. He was not called for fowl. I believe that the league will review this and give him a flagrant one at least. But my question for you, very quickly. Ryan holland's. Why are there so many groin shots in the NBA? It seems like this happens way, more than any other sport. Well, it's war. And it's probably the most disrespectful thing you can do to a guy it's an instant drop. And I think back to my little scuffle with Charlie Villanueva, which I am far removed from an he is but Charleville away the first thing he did his try to come and give your boy sat. I gladly I blocked it. But I don't know. I just think it's the ultimate sign of disrespect is Kyle took. Took him and wrote him out of bounds. Because Kyle is listen Towery has top-five toughness, an NBA, he's tough. He's tough. So I learned something about you this morning have to share. I asked you if you watch game of thrones. And what was your answer? I just started. What episode are you on three episode three loonies tell you something? I am so jealous of you right now. I am so jealous. The you get you have it all in front of you right now, you have like eighty hours of just bliss just waiting for you, eighty hours of pure, riveting, shocking, intriguing entangling entertainment in front of you. I'm so jealous of this experience that you're having how do you feel about the first episodes I'm excited, and I met when I started it was very slow. He'll base who is this. What are the what are they doing? And by the second time. I saw on a film. Somebody was getting taken advantage of somebody was being murdered being thrown out of wind. I was out of control. I think the second time you say, oh, whoa. There's more of that to come Mr. Holland's more of that. It comes you want me to tell you what happens for the rest of the series. No, no, no, don't do that do that. So new there was a lot. There's a lot of controversy amongst the staff this morning. The producers are very upset with me because I did not put in the television portion of the show. The fact that they are re-releasing Jordan fours this weekend. So I I wanna take you behind the curtain and ask you do. You think the release of Jordan fours belongs in the television show? I think it does why this is hold on. Hold on. Hold on for one for one. This show is for the culture. Yes. It's not just basketball not football baseball. The Jalen engine. Kobe show is culture, and I can't think of much more culture than Jordan fours. I mean, Joe Jacobi for goodness sake. You're wearing a pink sweater. And you don't think that Jordan force be long? About it. It's not it doesn't lead to a discussion. I've been doing this for a long time. And you want topics that leads to interesting discussions the fact that the join forces are coming out. It's just a fact it's like an announcement. It's like a commercial. There's nothing to discuss about them. Maybe we, however I'm going to work on right now, what are your favorite air Jordans on the plant and leathers. I it's it's a give. And maybe you the eleven maybe you compare Michael Jordan shoes or something else. Maybe you ask. How long are they going to be relevant? I mean, there's I like that question. I mean, come on, man. Do you what what year are you born in where you don't care about Jordan's like if you're born in two thousand do care about George if you're nineteen right now, my understanding is that these new kids would rather wear sneakers, you know, some vans some converse. Just the kind of their kind of over the Jordan phase where I grew up in a phase where you're Jordan's where your outfit, and you wanna white t. Some stone jeans a Figaro chain Jay's zone. Woodside what size was the white t five XL five x tall. Two stories that one summer, whereas whoever had the biggest white g was the coolest kid on the block. And it's just like just white t's down to your knees was just like really really hot New York summer in like ninety two thousand two. And then like, I don't know if you've ever had a time porter to way, and what you would do is. You'd have your time your. Yeah. Of course. Oh, you how can yes. Import your white -til where the time port is. So people could see your tab that you heard one. Yes. Remember, that's a two way pager for some some of our younger listeners. It's a two way pager we had to pay to younger listeners. Don't even know what a pagers. It's really what message right. It's kind of like, it's experts all numbers. Could read like one four three one two three thousand Twitter as you said the three you could. Could girl you get that in its view. I remember going to the store and buying size forty six genes like forty six waist jeans. Just because I wanted the biggest jeans possible, I'm waiting. I'm ready for that to come back. I really am going to happen at some point in time. I mean, it may come back. I mean things go on trends. But you know, I I'm okay with the like, hey, like, my clothes fit me. Fit. I'm not a too skinny. I'm not into big type of guy. Hey, like there for me facts. Yeah. I I think I think if you go the classic for you'll never be wrong. I didn't get with the skinny jeans thing. I saw that happening. And I was like listen. I know this looks cool. I think it looks cool. But I can't do this. 'cause y'all can y'all not going to be happy that you did this five years from now. So you'll I can't believe ahead skinny jeans, so your comfort fit guy. Yes. And also what's happening now is everyone's got their ankles out. Now, it's like you got your shoes and you've got two inches of sock. And then you're and then your pants are there. It's like the high water thing is hot. Now. I'm not jumping on that trend. That's just a trend. That is going to go away. I'm positive that Amy. Well, you're you're tall guy. So I'm sure you've rock some high waters in your day. No, I have closed a bit me. That's what I do. You know? So here's something I wanted to talk to you about that. Also didn't make the television show Joe lake of came out. You know, Joe lake of he's a lawyers. You are the most passive aggressive dude of on time. You know, you keep talking about because it didn't make the television show. You know what you're doing right now? What exactly what you're doing? You're trolling your staff. I'm not sure the staff now now, no love staff. The staff often. Let's be honest. I am passive aggressive fact troll this f- often that those are both back. But however right now, I am not joining the staff we right now. But those are two things that I do daily daily because it didn't make these dudes just want me talk about Jordan force. Guess what? The Jordan fours are out. 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Russell had a break out season. He's a free agent this summer. He's about to get paid. Everything is going great for the ngelo Russell until he went to LaGuardia. It's going to take a flight to Kentucky. And you know, the authorities were like, Mr. Mr. Russell commute police are they found marijuana inside a secret compartment in Arizona ice tea. Can you know, the zone is t- cans, those big tall, boys? I've just one simple question for you. What is the Angelo Russell doing? He's showing his youth. One thing. That's really frustrating. Is we were almost over the Nick young. We were almost over the the locker room folly, and he did you know that this Nixon instead just get stitches we were almost over it. And no it was looking great Jacoby. He was looking at mazing in this. And this the frustrating the frustration here is that it's an extremely immature move very immature is he beyond it is. He the only guy doing this stuff is the only one. No, but he was putting himself into mazing place. And you felt like the ngelo Russell had really turned the corner. And I'm not saying that he hadn't. But this is just stupid, man. I mean, what why would you ever ever ever ever go to a store in buying Arizona can put marijuana in one of those secret fake ones? And then put it let's take a look at de ngelo. We have him there. Zona can there? He's just packing up his luggage. He's got the Zona can. So here's a couple of things. I want to say to the Angelo number one. If that is a carry on bag you're not allowed to have beverages in a carry on. So now, you're putting something illegal in something illegal. It's like, oh, I'm hiding my illegal drugs inside of Silvio not allowed to board the flight in any way to if it was checked bag, which I hope it was because if it wasn't check back. This is even more dumb. If it was a checked bag, right? It wasn't a check back breaking news here. Okay. If it was a check bag they're going to x Ray. And they're going to see it. It's not like Arizona, can like fools. The x Ray machine. This is just so silly. Also, I've only been to Kentucky. Wants. So I can't say this as a fact, but I'm pretty sure they have marijuana in the state of Kentucky. I'm sure it's not that hard to find. This is just indicative of just this is just dumb like it's one thing. If you forgot it, and you had it in your pants or something. And you forgot the oh, man. I didn't know that. I had it in those pants pockets put to try to sneak it on in an era, Zona Kane. It's just absolutely ridiculous. I don't think this is gonna hurt us free agency. But as you mentioned earlier like the Nick young thing did kind of follow him in his reputation. This will also follow him everywhere. He goes they're going to buy him Erazo certain people who just shouldn't do bad stuff because they get caught. We'll de ngelo. Russell you get cut. Don't do anything, bro. You're away with anything. Just don't just be cool. If your free agents have summer just missed out would be low key to stay low key de ngelo. We're ruined for you. This is interesting. Whoa, jr. Our colleague is reporting that LeBron's favorite choice for the next head coach of the Lakers is Tyler over Monty Williams. To seem to be the two front runners for the job. If I were the Lakers. I would just ask the Brown. One simple question who do you want to be the head coach? And whoever that person was I would hire them as the head coach. Do you think that's the right approach for the Lakers? It's absolutely the right approach because right now if I look at tight Lou it's clearly LeBron pick. I mean, I didn't need to repeat that shadow woes though. If I look at Monte, this is Anthony Davis pig why he had a lot of success in building. Anthony Davis up in New Orleans. They have a good solid relationship. And he knows how to get the most of Anthony Davis in that could be the potential star for the Lakers moving forward. But right now, you can't look forward. If you're the Lakers, you have to look at the right now, you have arguably the greatest player of all time in LeBron James is he's a little older. Yes, things are exactly the same as we remember LeBron, but it can still play at a very very high level in. And the one thing about coach Tyron Lou a coach in which I played for for two different organizations. Oh, it's right. Is he has a way of getting the most out of you. What do you mean? What I mean? He's always going to be honest to a fault. Whether it was Kevin Garnett. Whether it was Blake Griffin. Chris Paul if they made a mistake or they didn't bring a hundred and ten percent effort tie. Lou is gonna call you out. And he's going to be honest. There was a game where actually playing in the Eastern Conference finals, and we're playing against LeBron. Ironically, I remember Paul was kind of having a tough time. And you know, the one thing we asked there's a lot of Paul Pierce to score the ball, and defend and tie. Lou reminded Paul Pierce that no you can go out and guard. Lebron James, and you can go out and score thirty or score forty points in going get us a big win. Now. Ultimately, we lose the series, but Thai Lou will challenge his stars. He will hold guys accountable and obviously ever. Looked a whole lot easier than it was when the Lakers hadn't abroad Sumi had LeBron this last season. What I mean by that title, put LeBron in places where you got everything out of the Brown because the offense isn't just give the Brown the ball and let them go. She can be very successful that if you want the Brown for eighty two games you wanna play off you have to find ways to manage his minutes yet to find ways to be officiant with his minutes and play at a very high productive pace. The simple fact is the Lakers are going to go as far as LeBron James takes them. So just give him the head coach he wants. It's just that simple moving on Cinco de Maya this weekend. So we have a Cannella Alvarez fight canal. Oh, the most popular Mexican fighter will take on Daniel Jacobs. Now, what is interesting about the lead up to this fight is how the two have been very cordial. It's not very typical to see this. Let's take a look at some of the things that they've said about each other as they go into this fight canal Alvarez said this about Daniel Jacobs. He's one of those complicated fighters he has one of the most complete styles, and boxing, and here's Jacobson Alvarez. He is definitely in my opinion. One of the best. If not the best in the division and all of boxing, Ryan, doesn't make you less interested in the fight. If the fighters don't seem to kind of like each other and respect each other. I'm completely uninterested. The one thing about fighting as much as it's technical and all this from a fan's perspective. I want to know that these guys are really fighting even though there's there's everything going on. But I want to. Feel like it's a real fight is boxing biting come on. There's a prime Ol-. I don't wanna see two buddies to to respectful people in the ring that said, I'd probably will still watch the fight. Anyway. I'm very excited to preview all of the action in the NBA this weekend and we start with the premier series in the second round of the playoffs. The rockets and the warriors and we have an update on James Harden's. I James said that his vision has improved although it is still blurry. And we have an updated picture of him ill. Look still looks pretty rough. He played well in the game after he hurt his I look at that. It just looks tough. But my question for you is how much do you think? His I will hinder his performance in game three none. He was still able to play. And I have been swiped in pretty bad. Not to the degree that harden and was hit. But the one thing is this it's incredibly irritating. Even when you close your eyes. Even you you put a Kolpak over it. It's your tasting. It's a frustrating filling that literally does not go away. Even when you try to go to sleep his eyes are still burning. So I mean. Sat out James harden for toughness, man, but I mean, goodness mon- gave him the business. And I do believe Draymond did that on purpose nor what he was doing. Really? I don't really absolutely. But I dream on. I don't think he did. No, no. I don't think it was trying to hurt him like that. I think he was trying to hit them. But I don't think he was trying to hurt him. I don't think he was trying to hit them. But we disagree. Why Ryan a lot of people disagree with me on this one? I think this is still a series. I know that it's to down. But I think the rockets not going to say they're going to win the series. But I think the rockets win game three they might even win game for I think we're looking at six or seven game series. Do you think that's the case? I don't I don't know what I'm saying. Chris Paul the one thing that Chris Paul was really good at last year was breaking down his man individually off the ballot in scoring at a high clip. He doesn't look like he's quite moving. The same now Greenwich still got his intelligence. He's still cannot down shots, but he doesn't have the same dominance to where you can trust them and say, hard and. Hey, man, you go get a shot. Give me some looks. Now. James harden? I do believe that Mike dad Tony is gonna put him in different situations. You're gonna see James harden getting some movement onto the basketball, maybe a little pick and roll action. Maybe he'll set a screen. You know? So I I believe he's going to be moved around the court, and then intriguing enough the tough part. They're really tough part is not just the rockets what they have going on. It's the Golden State Warriors. See what people fail to realize is the Los Angeles Clippers push the warriors. The warriors had to go to another level in the first round against an eight seed that they didn't expect to play at now's a championship type level basketball from the clippers and Utah. Unfortunately, did absolutely zero for the rockets they didn't have to play as hard as they needed to. In fact, there's a complete lack of respect for Utah. They just don't have the personnel. They don't have enough ROY so nails or spider. Mitchell's to go out and compete against the against the rocket. So now, you gotta team firing all cylinders and they've realized hey, Kevin Durant. You trust the system plan it, and you're absolutely unguarded -able because we can't help off of you. And when you help the dice you apart. So the next series is very intriguing the Celtics, and the bucks the Celtics blue mountain game one the bucks blew out the Celtics in game two. However, I believe that this is the Celtics series the bucks just shot. So well from three in game two and carry played so poorly in game two. I don't think that will be replicated. I have the Celtics winning not just this game. But the series. What do you think well for one where were you months ago when I was screaming this from the mountaintops that you know, the bucks were going home in game two neither here nor there Jacoby. But what you have to understand. Chris Middleton was excellent the offense. Everything is going to have to run through his shoulders Jaanus is going to have to be second fiddle. But I love the way he's attacking he. Not that good in the playoffs yet until he gets a jump shot. But Chris Middleton presents the biggest headache, and there's going to be a lot of attention sitting his way from the Celtics. I think so as well. And finally, we have the blazers and the nuggets the blazers bounced back in game two to not up this series. Nikola Yokich said it was a weird game. It was a weird game in game two. Usually these teams score a lot of points. They didn't score that much. What do you think will happen in game? Three in Portland. I'm taking Portland here. Why Dame Lillard in game two actually accepted the defense that the nuggets were throwing at him. What do I mean? They were running him off the three point line forcing him, the Dr Damian Lillard did was getting the paint and make plays in kick and score in play real basketball. So shadow Damian Lillard for just into what was thrown at him. And they absolutely really pick the nuggets apart. And you gotta understand what is so tough for coach, Mike milona. He keeps Preakness preaching. This is the inconsistencies from. His team. He doesn't know who's going to show up. He's trying to put guys in situations where they can be successful and get the most out of them. But I do not believe it's going to be enough. What Portland has on their side. It's not the death. But it's the experience. Ryan, Hans is always a pleasure to have you on the show. Thank you so much for coming on the forward to having you on shortly. In the studio, Mr. three thousand CC savannah in the building. Welcome back to the program. Man, you thank you. You know, we're going to start with the three thousand three thousand strikeouts in major league baseball. Could you ever imagine member? Man. It's weird. This is such a weird thing. Like, I remember played for stats into like have that one be right there. Three thousand strikeouts is such a rare thing, you know, third lefty third black black man, you know, Jacobson Bob, Bob. Bob gates. And so it's a good list of be on. I'm I'm definitely blessing to gain the love and the fans and teammates hug your family in that moment when it was it was cool to have them down there. Just to have like the the stadium was loud. And to be an Arizona. You're not in know how how but it was. It was great. And you know, those fans, you know, gave me a standing ovation of you know, my family came out team much grade. So it was good. I'm glad it's. With around the, you know, you're thirty five away the wounded you start thinking that it was a possibility you know, what like two and a half years ago. Harold reynolds. Sent me a text and was like, hey, if you get the three thousand strikeouts. You might have a chance at the hall of fame, and I'm like an sent me how many I had and I had like twenty one hundred. I'm like, I don't strike your. Cutter any sex. Like, why did you send me that? So like, it was on my radar for like a couple of years, and yeah, but I I it's hard though, you know, to try to go out and think about strikeouts. Of course, you know, at this as for me, I just wanna go out and try to pitch well and get out. So it's just one of those things where it just worked out, and I was able to get close and last year and it will fourteen but then had the heart scare landing is you like? Fourteen his. Family imagine gotten a flame say the hotel didn't get the three thousand one the whole trip though. Like, they have been on the hotel went to it was kind of fun. Of course, I was kind of like hoping that I would just like we won the recipe. Follow me around. But mommy, my whole family can follow me around the whole time. They were in Anaheim. They came to San Fran and they came to Arizona. So if I wouldn't have got it there. Not it was it was fun. And so in the sportsmen, Greg you mentioned it, and I'm asking do you think you have a hall of fame career? I don't know. I mean, that's kind of everybody else debate kind of out of my control. So I gotta say that say be honest. You want of course. Yeah. To say, you know, who doesn't want that recognition? And you know, I see my friends going in. Now, I know g is going to be in those going to be in. And and I just saw like, you know, last couple years I've been seeing with the hall of fame is it seemed like a big get together. Like a party. I'm get together. There's a say I'm saying what you deserve to be in the hall of fame. And I predict that you will be in the hall of fame, and you will be at that party. And you will have to write a strongly worded Email if you don't get it in for all my man, I'll get you in there. So next I want to talk to you about this performance. Glad you on the show today. Noah Syndergaard, the Mets beat the reds one to nothing, but his performance not only a complete game shutout. Right. He was just dominant on the mouth some days. You know, he's had a little bit of a slow start. He had a home run in the game. He provided the entire offense and defense for the Mets a single handed performance. Here's the home run. What did you think about this? Ooh. Oh, yeah. I'm up way back. Uh-huh. Oh, just do it, man. Like like, nobody's need to show up to the park today. Just me and the catch. Yes, too. So he had that was an opposite field home running. When you've taken a few trips around the basis. Like that say Lou home, you're looking comfortable. Oh, yes. That's how long you've been in the league. Because these are fairly sneaking around the foul. So that's incredible, man. That's that's fun time. You get a chance to hit. You know, you want to try to help the team out but to provide offense and then Brown threw a shutout. I mean, that's that's a great propose the press. And that was a great performance from Senegal. But like this season, I know it's early in the season. But some of the biggest names in pitching some of the Acis have been gotten off to a little slow start this year. Let's just take a look at some of the numbers when you see here you got Chris sale Owen five. Sherzer kluber Snell Carascalao and syndergaards Z right there even with the shutout still has that five year. Oh, what's at the bottom there? Oh, nazis. Nah. He's he's still getting to six. But why this is the case? This is coincidence coincidence. I mean, it's a little guys ER as up a load at high. It's early you know, guys can write the ship. I mean, you know, I think sales just coming off such a long season last year. Remember pitching that deep into the season. It's rough coming off that that World Series year. So I'm not going to be a little tough. What he's like always rough coming up that World Series. But I think you know, these guys are so good that they have so much time to to kind of get the thing. Right. And and it's so early that they'll be fine. So someone else's started very hot is Cody Bellinger, cody's hitting four twenty five fourteen home runs thirty eight RBI just early on the season. What do you think about this young man's performance? So far, he's gonna credible him. And the fact that we talked about opposite Ville home runs. He's been hitting the ball all over the Mark righties lefties, you know. So the fact that he's hitting left you so good. Do you stand on the ball? So I think he's you know, he's providing a lot of their offense. He's going to have to do it all year for them. I think in if he can do this. I think they'll be they'll be right back where they want to be at the end of the year. Mr. three thousand is here. You also have a podcast, whatever savings or three thousand. I think Bernie MAC medium. Strikeout. So you have a podcast as well. See to my man, Ryan Ruko or it's a little bit about it. It's a it's great, man. We've been doing it for the last three years me and route men two thousand nine when he wait for the guesswork. And you know, we have a great relationship. He's he's a great duty. You know, he doesn't just different sports. He does box does own. He does ESPN basketball WNBA. So you know, he's knows a lot of sports. We have a lot in common with Star Wars and everything. So you can check that out and you have a celebrity softball game. Coming up on may sixteenth. I saw today. Jamie FOX is coming through. This talent towns about the game the second annual game. You know, I'm so happy that the Yankees in the Steinbrenner family leading this using a Yankee Stadium again, you know, we got Michael Strahan coming out got mall. Teammates, Carlos BELTRAN, Andrew Jones. You know, we got Joe action. Bronson Jamie, Fahd's dashi Polanco should be a lot of fun. That's a lot of fun Manson. So tell me about the game itself is a competitive. Oh, yeah. It's competitive. You know, it was crazy. I did three basketball games at Barklays did a celebrity basketball game against Robin known. I lost every time. So now I have to have a good team. So last year. John Carlos you make the teams by yourself. Teams like you've never. Keep it even to get away. Okay. Lose yourself coming up to about celebrity games. Like keep losing its come on. I can't believe you sat by yourself. No, I don't I don't play. I can't play them. Maybe next year. But I have no play last year. He and I lose go play hard. So put him on my team triple right away. Who to put on my team? That's a lot of fun. I always always loves Badejo. He's one of my favorites. Pitcher to what legendary vary in LeBron's. So wait, wait, wait. Wait, wait, legendary Barry Bronx, softball dairy softball pigeon. And if you got everybody come onto the game where you guys listen to my podcast. He tells stories about him being up up pitcher, you know, being for the bust. I love softball. So he's not he's got a lot of fun. That's excited. He fatty more change. Change. That's right. So you're Yankees have dealt with so many injuries. I can't I can't think of another baseball team has had so many injuries. So early in the season yet, you still managed to be successful. How is that? I just think it's just a testament of the organization is just coming up, you know, the geo or shallow is the mytalk man, you know, guys are coming in and fill out. I mean DJ LeMay who's been you know, the MVP so far force this year plan all around the field. You know, so guys just coming up. And it's just next man. Not nobody's gonna feel sorry for us. Somebody's gonna hang their head. You know, you just gotta go out, and he planned Hari plays so many games throughout the year that that you know, you can't you can't quit. You know? And you know, these guys have no quit. We've been putting great app. Ask you guys been pitching. Well, bullpen plan. Good defensemen, immaculate. So man, I'm really proud of you know, with what we've been accomplished so far this season with so many injuries. So what's it like with someone comes up when you get the new face in the law in the clubhouse because this happened a lot for you guys. You're so how do you how? Your veteran your leader in the clubhouse. How do you incorporate them into the team you just try to come up and just say Hello just be nice and just try to make him feel welcome. I think the the quicker if you guys can get comfortable in the locker room to better perform out on the field. So if you get you know, start ragging on them and get into the locker room just making us a one of the guys big on immediately feel comfortable on and go out and play. Well, I would be shook because it's it's one thing it's Yankee Stadium. And it's that uniform. It's not even Yankees is just the big leagues period because you you play your whole life, and you work so hard you go through the minor leagues. Miley such a grind that you worked so hard to get to this point that you don't want to screw it up. And you all you know, somebody's right behind you waiting to take your spot. Or if you come up some cut somebody injured that guys coming back. So you know, it's a lot of pressure. So you just want to have the guy for the is comfortable as possible, and you know, go out and be able to perform it, and you know, how between so how do you feel you guys are playing right now we played good you. I mean like we just talked about all the injuries. There's nothing you can. Really do about it. But you've got to go out and keep playing hard. You know? I know we play Minnesota tonight. They're tough team playing really good vote. He's gotta go out and leave it out there and see what happens. So I'm lazy. I don't like to work very hard. If I was a starting pitcher Don knew I wasn't pitching that night. Like, what do you do? Do you show all waiting for the uniform mummy workout actually being lazy works right into being? We all. Day week. Maybe four swim for my cardio and just hang up. Timeout pool. We gotta swim ex there. You got one of those little like jails treadmill things. You're swimming. Or you got some swimming shorts and your long exactly how long have you for two minutes. Now, I feel like a twenty minute workout in the pool. Okay. Okay. Donald J keep it off. It means. Okay. Like go crazy with the cardio. Have you have you kept your body shape? 'cause you trim down a lot just doing a lot of that lip Toco, swimming boxing. No, I'm just doing things that to try to keep you know, the stress off my neighbors still I do a lot of Roman sheen. Versa. Climber. Does a lot of different things to try to help you get my cardio, but try to keep the stress off my knee. So you talked about the clubhouse and integrating new players. And there's some news about the Red Sox. The Red Sox have been pretty disappointing this year and it's early in the season but coming off a World Series victory. You would expect them to struggle like this and win thing when struggled things start to come out. And one thing that's come out that the players were playing too much fortnight in the club straight up. This thing. This is like a real news story in Boston Mueller. Crazy about the Red Sox. They're saying it's counterproductive to putting their best foot forward. When on the field. Whatever your night a problem whenever you not winning. Everything's approach. You know, what I'm saying if they're winning games? Everybody will more for. Exactly. Us together as a team the fortnight existed. They're not winning games, you know, so everything because the problem and Bessie some that that, you know, it's tough being one of those big media markets where you know, the media do see you do different things. And that becomes a problem if you're not winning, so no, it's not you know, it is what it is. They're not losing because a fortnight there. Yeah. Exactly. Baseball team is winning your warriors. Every knows you on the California you had season tickets to the warriors warrior fan. They're pretty good. So far, do I'm I'm still a little nervous about them going to use your Chevy, right? You should be. I don't think the series is over. Gonna win. What's gonna blow different? When rockets are at home for sure I mean, I don't want to talk about the rest. We talked about the rest of them much after game. One is gonna happen. You think so sure not this is was a one possession game in game at three point game James had a shot to tie the game. And then engage to it was close C P three head that wide open practice three that could've brought it within three like the warriors have won both games. But they haven't been rolling over the rockets like they did some other teams as you know, they haven't. But, but but they haven't been rolling over a lot of people period this year. So I mean, it's like I said we'll I came earlier. This is the team that I can see getting beat. But I mean MBNA to mean, it's exciting. So we'll just have to wait and see what happens them going to Houston and see how everything plays out. So you know, you when you're a kid you're Laker fan. And we have some Laker news Laker related. Monty Williams signed a five-year deal to be the head coach of the sons. What does that have to do with the Lakers that means he's not gonna be the head coach of the Lakers, which I think leads to tie Lou coaching Lakers. Not saying it's going to happen. But if it does happen when you had with that. I think I think I think LeBron be happy with a Laker fans should be happy with that, you know, whatever's going, please, the Brian these last couple of years he's that he's healthy enough to go out and hold to try to take your franchise a championship you need to do it. Here's how he's if I'm in the front of the Lakers. I'm calling the saying who do you want coach who maverick van everybody? But he's next whatever how many hours here. We need this whole thing. Oh, we're going to hire. This other guy that LeBron? I might not like if you're in the Laker business. You're in the LeBron business, right? Where you want and he's got three more years on his deal. I think Tyler will be the head coach Lakers. And I think that makes a lot of sense. I wanna remind everybody may sixteenth Yankee Stadium is open to the public. There's. There's over twenty bucks. Yeah. Pitching dot org. O pigeon dot org to get some big names there. What's what's the benefit pitching foundation men, amber start in two thousand eight you know, we try to help kids in the inner city through sports education. We do backpack giveaways Phil renovations on both coasts. And a lot of these things that we do the money goes directly to to our our foundation. That's real dope. Man. Appreciate it. Appreciate you. You have vet in the game three thousand strikeouts. Man. That's that's crazy. Jeeter text me. He said, you know, what three thousand means you own. Right. He's right. Just really quickly on the sons. You know, they've got a young team young nucleus. They've got you know, when you look at their roster. Like, ooh, like, there's there's some there in Monty Williams to sign up for five years. You think that will help them? I don't know, man. I don't want to go there. You know? Like, I I want him to go somewhere where to fans it. Demand him to get better the organism, you know. What I mean like the city's going hold him accountable to getting better. I think he goes to Phoenix. This is kind of like he's gonna get lost. I mean, they have a great roster. I think money we have to be good for them. But I don't want on there. You know, where it's going, right? I hope so you know, what he's going to hold his here. He's going to be here. It's going to be here. You know, what be mass square guard. They're gonna fix it or something like the envelope Davies coming Katie and Conrail, you're coming back China. Pat, round marriages, a really bang bang. Hope Zion comes here, man. All I need it. I think the city needs it needs it. So we set it like when the Brian went to Cleveland that they had that I pick. You know what I mean? So we had a debate amongst the staff about the Jordan is coming out this weekend. Okay. They're they're like you need to put it in the show you need to put in the show. And I was like, you know, what like it's all it's just like an announcement. Like this under really talk about you have your own podcast. You are now a media member and producer. Would you put the Jordan force in the show? It's a hot debate around the Jalen Jacoby staff. You're Jordan Atletico. Usually it was. On may sixteenth is the celebrity game. She's about the congratulations on the accomplishment. If you don't get into the hall of fame. I I will read it very long Email, a very long Email it making case for you. Thank you for your that. All right. Thanks so much. We'll be back on Monday. Was that care? We're not. I love speaking of hobbies. Let's talk about LeBron James all care about my nipples.

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