The Big Story Uncut: One Year of This Already?


We're recording. Now. Oh, good. Okay. Welcome to a very special episode of the big story, one that I didn't want to make. Today though is our first birthday. And we asked our listeners how they wanted us to celebrate. And it turns out for whatever reason you wanted us to talk just us. And I so we did. And there's no script, no guests and very few edits. If you ever thought to yourself. I wonder what this podcast would sound like without everything that made me. Listen to it in the first place. And this one's for you. And actually, it really is free because this is probably as sincere as I'm going to be at any point for the next fifteen twenty minutes. But you are the reason we made this show, the fact that you kept listening is the reason we kept making it and the fact that you shared us on social media, or you told your friends, or you went out and raided us and reviewed us that is literally the only reason we made it to your two. So thank you very much from Claire and myself and Ryan, and Stephanie, and Annalisa for listening and subscribing. You my friends are the real big story. It's horrible. Just roll them music, start the show. Birthdays, they happen once a year only once a year, somehow Claire, we are still here. We're still here. I'm a little stunned me to knock an ally when we first launched I was like this. I wouldn't really gonna listen to this, and they do. Listen. Yeah. And they actively listen. How crazy is that people like us, we're like, you know, I think they like you. I think we did this bit already. It's the only bit we have. So here's how it's going to go analysts. Nielsen dug into a ton of data on our show over the past year. Because unlike some other forms of media, we can actually look at who's listened to what where they've listened from where they've downloaded from how many times they've listened all that kind of stuff. We also put a question or two out to our audience and asked them what we should talk about and showed out to our null Quin, teeny, because he actually stole my idea. He wrote you guys should do a TBS uncut where you have an in-depth discussion on the most listened topics of the year just thought, but I had that thought like three or four days earlier. I just didn't tweet it because I didn't want to give it away. We're gonna share some stats. Tell some stories. Yes. It's going to be a fun episode. So if you ever wondered what the big story would be like with no story. This is that. Okay. I want to start with some interesting stats. Okay. So over the past year, we've had listeners from guests, how many countries is it over one hundred. Yes. Over one hundred fifty yes, I'm gonna say one hundred and eighty three we've had listeners from two hundred nine countries and six continents only missing Antarctica. Well, there's no wifi in an article. Sure you have to download on, like a Satphone. So listen. If you're planning your next vacation and. And. We could use that seventh continent. Help us out. So our top country, obviously is Canada. Yeah, eighty six percent of our listeners are from Canada, which is kind of surprising. That's a little low to me to be honest because we I will tell you when we started this podcast. We did lots of stories from all over, we even talked about Donald Trump talked about international relations, we talked about things going on in Mexico, and we quickly realized that there were like a billion podcasts doing that. Yeah. And more every day, nobody was doing a daily news podcast in Canada, that actually focused on Canadian stories and part of that is because new podcast you want. Everybody in the world to listen to you. Really I I don't care about people beyond Canada. Ouch. I want them to listen to our stories. I want them to learn about our country but they're being well served. Especially Americans buy litter. Really a dozen or more daily news podcasts. Well on that note, let me name the other countries that do listen to us sorry. Guys, we our listeners from the US, UK, Australia, Germany Africa, Mexico. We have some in India, France, Brazil, and at the bottom of the list, we have one download from Paraguay, nice one. Download download what about our stories where do they come from because I know Annalisa was looking at where in Canada. We found dollar stories as you mentioned. We do have some international stories, but mostly Canadian stories the stories that we've covered been all across the country, Ontario Quebec Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Manitoba VCPI's has catch went L Berta. None of it and Yukon. So we're missing northwest. Territories and Newfoundland. Yeah. We didn't do a Newfoundland story yet. I don't think we did. Oh, interesting. It honestly, shocks me that there are still places in Canada, that we haven't covered. So if you are in Newfoundland or the Northwest Territories hit us up. Come on. We're at the big story, F P N on Twitter. In case you haven't heard me say at, like every episode we take suggestions. Do you wanna know what I have? Yes. I have a list of our most common guests, you can probably guess most of these names, I'm gonna make you do it anyway. But I, I just I just noticed embarrassingly that these are the top six guests and they are all male. You know what though I think we do a pretty good job at having we do, but like men and women on this show, something that I'm pretty proud of. Yeah, we can talk about that for a minute, because that's something that we talk about a lot. And you know I that's something that I do notice if we have a week where there are a lot of men, I do notice that, and I think we you call us on it the more we need some more ladies. You know what's funny is I mean, it's funny and like a depressing funny way because I send out, and you can tell me because you sometimes send out emails or make phone calls trying to guests. And so do I and so does Steph Phillips and sometimes Annalisa and Ryan do it as well. And I find that sometimes women. Way more often than men will say, I'm not sure I'm the right person for you to talk to about this. And learned knows I'm not in a position to diagnose anything. But I think that's a problem. We've heard about in lots of industries, right? Where where men are super eager to be like you're darn. Right. I'm an expert. I will talk to you about this and women kind of feel like, well, you know, do I need to. I think this is was this was something that they talked about on the agenda. I think if you remember that there was a controversy around them, not having as many women on the show. And at least do we have a number? Do we have a number of the gender breakdown? Sixty forty men sixty forty. Okay. I'm a little disappointed in that to be honest with you. I'm not going to say it's more balanced than anybody in particular. But I am going to say that, like I literally did a quick, Google to see if there are studies done on experts quoted in Canadian media, and the number is seventy one twenty nine wow, mail. So we're doing better. We got away to go. Okay. So you're gonna guess it doesn't matter how many times they've been on. But these are our top six guests. Okay. I know you can get I'd be shocked if you didn't get five out of these six oh, I'm naming them. Namely guests. Aaron Aaron Hutcheon. Yup. Kyle edwards. Yup. We've had David moss crop on a couple of times more than a couple. Andre Demisse Andre. I mean, is that you missed one who is a Cormac? Mcsweeney. On parliament hill. The title for most frequent guests on the big story podcast is a tie between Aaron and Cormac that make sense, which I think, is awesome. Because Erin tells amazing feature stories from weird places that nobody else would ever find. And we love him because he tells them, so uniquely and Cormac can explain almost anything even the most complicated. Yeah. The complicated federal policy member, when we had to have them break down the carbon tax and SNC Leveille. They do the exact opposite of each other, and they both do it. So incredibly well, at their own ends of the spectrum, and it's nice to see that reflected in the number of episodes. They've appeared on. Moving, right. Along, I believe is the phrase. Now, you know why we added this podcast, something that I found really interesting was analysts put out a list of the most popular episodes, and two of the most popular episodes were from special weeks that we did okay, one of them's from pot week. Yeah. So we did a pot week and we also did a women's week and during the women's week, we just had women guest hosts. Yes. So two of our most popular episodes ever are from those weeks. So in the pot week, our most popular episode was daddy, are you doing the weed? Yes. And then usually popular. And that actually that's the most popular episode ever. Yeah. And you know why, why guest was Kim Shiffman from today's parent it came out two days before we'd became legal. Today's parent was doing a huge package on what this meant for parenting with big features and personal stories and all that kind of stuff, and they included us in that package and parents, ask questions of parents, ask questions on the internet, and every time anyone in Canada, would Google legal pot parenting up. They popped up, we popped and like to be fair. That's a huge question for parents. It's, it's worth looking at now, how much didn't change because at the time if you remember like two days before a became legal, and we were doing this whole pot week and everything it seemed like everything was going to be a huge mass, and we didn't know what the country would look like and it cetera et cetera. The intro to that episode. Ryan play the intro to that episode you ever met a child. If got questions. The main part is the. Your child. Can we talk for like two seconds before we get back to the, the actual data here about how bad we were for like the first little while about I was born pod by talk so fast unless you're a high roller really care about investments? You might have totally ignored the finance pages and Canada's interest rates for the past decade. I didn't know anything. It's the second most popular episode from one of those weeks was from our women's week, and we had Sarah, bows feld and, and Kingston who talked about Jodi Wilson rebelled, right? And she testified in the most extraordinary way like just very calm, very methodical very meticulous. Never sort of giving away any like sense that she felt, you know, angry or anything like that. It was just very calm. Sean. This is like right in the middle of the essence eleven last stuff. And so everyone was wondering who this woman was. So they talked about her and yell. It's one of the most popular episodes that we've ever done. That's because it was what we do when we do things, well, as like here's a big topic that everybody's gonna talk about, and here is an depth focus on one person at the center of it. So you actually learn something about them as opposed to just like, give me the facts not of that episode, even though I had nothing. Ng whatsoever to do with it. What subjects have we covered the most I have the top five? I think I'm guessing these. Yeah. Okay, number one climate change. Climate change is number two. Number one housing, no. Like tax. No. That's another three. Oh my gosh. Give up. Yeah. Federal, polit? Okay. Well, yeah. That makes sense once you think about it. You're like, Yep. Yeah. That makes sense. Just wait till the end of October and look at the numbers, again, we have covered federal, politics, thirty seven times over the course of this podcast. Now, some of those bleed into other areas, like we've covered federal, politics and climate change, obviously, and that counts for both of them in tech and tech we've definitely done that. So I will give you a quick break down. You tell me what stands out to you? Okay. Canadian federal politics thirty seven episodes. The environment twenty-five episodes, twenty three episodes on crime and Justice technology. And the internet twenty three episodes, health twenty three episodes and sports, twenty episodes, twenty episodes on sports. How did I allow that? They're good episodes. They're good episodes. Claire last one. Annalisa also asked us for our favorite episodes each. So what I really wondered was if there was any overlap, I'm sure there was can you wanna go first? Okay. This is a no particular order. Okay. Me too. And if, if you get one of mine on thin. Yeah. Okay. So what episode that I really liked was with Julie van Rosendahl, who is a cook and a cookbook author, and she talked to us about how our eating habits are changing. And how a lot of people are going vegan vegetarian. The interesting thing about the popularity of the neighborhoods and the cookbooks, and the and the restaurants is that not everybody who consumes ember visits them, or uses them are committed to vegan lifestyle. I just thought it was a really interesting conversation because I'm kind of one of those people, I'm always kind of wondering, like, should I be changing the way eat, I think I'm, yeah, I'm among that crowd. And she had a lot of really interesting things to say about it, and she's not even vegan vegetarian. Right. And since that episode we've seen the rise of beyond meat like crazy levels so which is delicious. I it is pretty good. I got to say, I'm all I always, like, when we're proven to be on trend months later, so to that, okay, keep going. Okay. I also really liked her episode about the campus press. Oh, nice one opener. Yeah. We talked about a scandal that happened with the Ryerson eye opener. Luckily, for us with a lot of prominent journalists have have said in our defense online, especially on Twitter. Is that yes, the Ryerson students union did this and you're Hillary fees go towards them? But you're until fees also go towards the student newspaper who broke the story. We also talked about the province of Ontario making cuts to not essential services, some universities and colleges and whether or not school newspapers fell into that category. And what would happen to the media, if they did? Yeah, I wouldn't be here. I wouldn't be here without the eye opener. You may have this one on your list, our conversation with Kim Campbell. I do have that one on my list thought shoe is amazing. She's the former prime minister she talked to us about women being likable in Canadian politics, sexual politics in general. I think it's the kind of an alchemy chemistry of it's not just about being friendly. I think it's also being able to have that warmth while at the same time having the, the sense of strength because I think just to be friendly, you might not even get to that stage of the conversation can Campbell. She's so smart. So interesting. She went on, like a three minute monologue. At the end of that episode that sounded like she'd written a speech the day before, but she wasn't. She was just talking because, you know, she's eloquent, as all hell because she's prime minister amazing anyway. Yeah, that one's online. So that's one I obviously really liked our episode with now's Bhatia. So cord my name in the halftime he took we. The central gold and SkyDome and gave me a very special jersey with the dinosaur and number one super foundered on, and he announced the whole arena disease, our superfan. Yup. Good one. I don't have that on mine yet. But that would be that'd be a close like six or seven his story of basketball, and being an immigrant in Canada. And it's great. And then my fifth one is the burnout syndrome episode. We did. Really? Yeah. I just I really like a good mental health story, we often saw burn out as a symptom of something deeper. We saw it as symptomatic of stress in the way that a runny noses symptomatic of a fever. Right. But now in describing burnout as something that is tied directly to chronic workplace stress. We now can speak with it with level of specificity and use the right language to validate people who are experiencing actual medical conditions that lead down the path of burnout. I like it when we do mental health thing makes me feel better, too. It's my way of getting free psychological advice, so you got Kim Campbell off my list. I like weird ones. I like the meaning of life. It's the great one. The meme was always social, it always had something to do with a shared understanding, but the technology to bring people together and facilitate sharing exploded in almost internet world. It takes. I really simple, thing and goes like, oh, hey, this is actually way way, more crazy than you ever. Thought about I had inside the secret finances behind the housing crisis. It is the biggest business on the planet, and people would would money are they don't? They're not. So amazingly brainy. They are they just they just run after what where's the best the best business? And this is what they all right? Now. I really like exploring things that like, really frustrate people. And people feel a certain way about them. But the people who are actually doing the work can tell you that there's a whole nother set of forces at play that are just pulling us along. And we don't even understand them and that documentary push. Yeah. Push that they made was phenomenal last two. So a couple of EKO warriors walk into a fort MAC bar. Global warming is emerging as a genuinely perilous threat to forms of existence on the planet, as we're familiar with as you'll read most everybody who reads any kind of contemporary media, you will know that virtually every single climate scientists working today. Is issuing dire. Warnings, a trio of folks who, who were hippies and BC and decided to do some research out in fort MAC, and ended up talking to people about common ground. I think one of the themes, we've had a lot is like how to talk to people on the opposite side of the political spectrum about things that legit impact both sides and lost one. Let's talk about your name. Yeah. That was a great one with Elamine abdominal mood, don't think names have to be boring. I think names are, partially a story. And so if we stop telling those stories, and we start to invent new ones part of that means digging for some really strange names. Anyway, those are my five favorite episodes. So we sent out a tweet just asking people to send us their comments and their questions. And we've got some really good responses. We got one from Rene, and she said, the grizzly, and the flood stories wreck Solent. So the grizzly one she's referring to the one about the bear, attack, bear attack, and the flood would be the flooding in Toronto. So she says the grizzlies story was very sympathetic and offered a new viewpoint into it. The flood story was horrifying and pointed at the Toronto and the province need to do something to address climate change. Nice, and that's you know, that's exactly what we're going for for both those up. So that's really awesome. Also, can I just give shadow to the sky? And I don't really want to give a show to him. So I'm not actually going to say his name here, but we post our stuff on a lot of outlets. And this guy finds where our stories are posted every single day and response with a simple lake forward crappy. So the other day we did this in depth story on pharma care with Cormac your member. And it went out trying to trying to tell people what was up, what is gonna look like cetera et cetera. This dues comment, Trudeau's corrupt. We also have Tilly on Twitter who said thank you for the deep dives behind the scenes on the biggest stories of the day, keep up the good work and happy anniversary. Thanks nice. Marcy or Mars. I don't know how to say the problem with Twitter MARCY. How did you pronounce that? Anyway, Mars or MARCY, depending on how you want to pronounce it. And I don't know which. Reds iheart, this podcast so much. I devour nearly every episode the moment it's live. It goes live at four AM. So she's getting up early knowing how you do such great stories daily, but never stopped the rat one was super interesting. I don't come across many rats, which makes this important for me because I would have stayed ignorant. I would have liked stay ignorant. The route one by the way, lot of people felt away about the rat one. So if you have rats in your house, and they're in the walls, and whatnot, and you're laying out traps, but they're not going after them. Meanwhile, they're mating and multiplying. You can see how that so I would call an exterminator. And I really feel for people for whom that's not an option. I got some really good texts. A by really good text. I mean horrifying tax. I got another one this morning. Like, hey, I just finally listen to that one I found a rat in my toilet. Once you great. That's disgusting. Need to tell me that teacher says happy birthday? I like that person. They always say nice things about us frequent big story, guest Fatima Siad says, I think the one year anniversary episode should be Jordan's unfiltered rant about the world. Those are called the intro. We did that it would also be our last. Bursary 'cause we wouldn't last very long. We also got one from Sarah Bosvelt, who has been a guest host a few times, Sarah, and she says, I've loved how the big story has elevated the stories and voices of women, whether that's ebony Renee, Baker talking royals and race. Ashani Nath hopping in the host chair on occasion or discussing issues like domestic violence, as they did this week regarding stock aware. Happy birthday, y'all Sarah doesn't give yourself enough credit cushy, actually lead a couple of those discussions, so happy birthday to you, too. Sarah. How about this from Lisa? I'm a new listener, but was quite engaged by the food security discussions, as well as the emotional look back on the Humboldt tragedy. One year later, right food security was an interesting one. We've talked about food a lot on this podcast. Thank you to everybody who reached out even if it was just with a like on Twitter. Listen every little engagement matters when we look at the data at the end of the year as you can see from this episode, but no seriously. If you've listened to us for the past year, whether it was one download or two hundred and fifty we really appreciate it because, like Claire said at the beginning, we had no idea, whether this would work or not. And it really has and now neither of us want to do anything else. So thank you so much. I'm Jordan heath Rawlings. And I'm Claire for sard lead producer of this podcast. We want to thank all of the amazing guests that we've had over the year. And also a big thank you to the team Ryan Clark associate producer, Stephanie Phillips, associate producer analysts and Nielsen digital editor. I'm Jordan heath. Rawlings. Thanks for listening. We'll talk to a real guest tomorrow. Roll the bloopers Ryan, please review wherever you get your podcasts. Apple Google still Spotify. And you've course and of course, we're are by. Or come talk to us on social media at the big story. No at big story. F P N. What is our thing every day this week? We will sit down with one of our favorite people to talk to them about the topics to talk to them about the topics. Issues. Redrew hugs. I shouldn't do that one to celebrate me and Claire. She said Claire, an eye, Sarah. Thank you for being here, Jenny Jennifer. That's. Start. No worries. Sarah from the Toronto Star kid.

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