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Wednesday 9/25/19 - Hockey Bus With Scott Darling Part I


All Right Bank today is Wednesday September twenty fifth Chicago Dog Walk. Two guests today I you know the usual chief here. Guest Yeah I WANNA be elevated above are real guest our one real status. He's he's real guest here. Scott Darling Chicago Blackhawks Scott. How are you doing great. Yes for coming over the man cave. This is great. We weren't Scott's basement right now and this is going to be on video. Obviously obviously which we post every night awesome visuals all the masks we got all the Stanley Cup pads. Just bad ass especially like for you. All all the authentic memorabilia here also want to thank you for being a walking billboard for Chicago by and get those not exactly yeah yeah we help you posted that actually so we'll clip that up senate to Utopia Greg because I mean audio like yeah but that'd be no so they were going to talk about bus trips so hockey. That's instantly one thing you think of like obviously obviously when you're the juniors or whatever that's just is bus trip how much part of the experiences on the bus or you spend the bulk of the year on a bus especially in the lower leagues and Juniors to juniors was as bad but like planning southern. Pro and east coast talk and seventeen our bus trips like charter flights definitely not you're not playing like I took a flight once in the east coast city to Orlando the coast yeah when I think when Orlando came in the League okay fly to Florida that was it. I think where I was playing. It was like twenty two hours away or something like that. So can you explain like differentiate all those things you just said for like all the okay so like there's like the NHL. I was say it's like also angels. Aaa East Coast League's AA southern parolees a single a but like nobody's heard southern pro sorry correct independent. It is concert well. They're not really even like another step down because they used to have the Central League that kind of merged with East Coast League but yeah it's like independence awhile the western rare and no one's really awesome awesome prospect singlet. There's no awesome prospects in the forget. I was the only one I I still am the only one who's ever came out of that league so yet recreational fun thing to do after college for two or three years or you real domestic study abroad rough one more times H. L. East Coast to Coast League. Nothing in the southern probably again yeah rookie bone because there's below with below and I think in baseball football like men's league so that's mines. He's like so heavy heavy grinding on the bus and that league I mean those small teams teams change all the time but like I was in Louisiana the Anna for one year and the map. Is Your plan all the way North Carolina like your boss Fade Bill and a trip. I was like sixteen hours or something and like you don't even get a nice bus at that point. You're lucky if it's a sleeper you played ice. Hockey always go gators fro frozen swamp ice skaters yeah ice skaters frozen swab yeah. It was awesome. I mean the league gets more about having a good time then trying to like progress your career so I I hear in that league. I had a great time and then after that year I was like okay I want to try and be better at hockey so start taking more seriously than I played in. MEMPHIS emphasis next season and slowly climbed my way out of that league the blood kind of the swamp saying there's there's not let alone like lower leagues like where people come to those games. Maybe they used to be an east coast team. I heard back in the nineties. They got a big turnout but now you're probably getting three thousand people always shared. We shared a reno with the region. Cajun's basketball teams like eighteen thousand thousand seater arena to three thousand people in there. It's like you could see people waited underlying thanks for calling violent on Wednesdays for dollar and it was more of a party that rollovers of the bus routes where people oriented bus. Oh yeah I mean the bosses kind of like fair game until you're in the American league like even the East Coast the beers on the boss and whatever and yet the occasional guy or coach who likes to get get sloppy drunk on the bus driver. You're good but yeah because you're going usually do trips right so you're like a swing the goal like like a week and go to different cities so you spend in like every night on the boss move around how you pack mall. It's nice now. Sadly you don't have to wear a suit in the coast or the I mean you do. Southern probably tracksuits so it's pretty simple rocket tracksuit bring a couple of different for t shirts and Cuthbert onward. Just make sure your ipads loaded with like good movies and stuff because you never know what's going to be playing on the bus but who was the we usually controls a hockey bus who controls actually while you make. The rookie is bringing movies backing it like get. DVD's back in the day so you you don't tell them what the brain where they better pick the right ones because it you show up and you're the roof but the bad movies like you're going to hear about it. What was your movie. You're looking best buy one of the staff. They had we'd hit hit up at truck stops. The bins rate is like two dollars dollar a DVD deep dive and try and find some gems in there wanting to be thrown around on blue race. One's been don't anything hockey. That's a college student stating yeah gotTa hit the five dollars yeah so yeah so. I mean like a bus movies kind of particular you don't want some serious too serious and can't be too. Raunchy because you know you got your catering the twenty three guys and a coaching staff and depending on who it is they might not like the super bad or whatever so it's not easy job to pick the movies from the bus but I figured like a hockey bus like the super badge up. You're out yeah but you never know. Maybe you got the one like religious this guy in the team. You gotTA worry about nudity in it. You know the range of people on the buses crazy you got young rookies or you got thirty thirty five year olds with three kids and they're trying to face time their wife on the from their bunk on the boss. Yes there is a lot of people from different walks of life because I think like you're Iraq. Trip would be like a perfect boss move yeah. We used to do forty year old virgin. I feel like that's like teetering on the but that's safer yeah. That's a good one I coming. There's probably fifty seventy times a phony sort of you know to be honest. I was always a rookie move move up one time and I kind of kept to myself so trust me pick saw like here's my four dollars to put into the DVD's but I don't want that kind of pressure on me. I got enough and I'm a goalie. Don't worry about like I'm allowed to be weird. So what possibly talking here I mean. It's pretty pretty no no no no no no. It's pretty standard like it's the type of bus it's like a tour bus so you walk in and there's three sections where the front couches and that's where the coaches always get that and then the middles all bunk so usually have three high twelve twelve bucks probably three yeah so there's like two sets of three three high bunks on each side than the back is like one big bed and rookies got on the floor they usually they usually at the goalies like a little special treatment because they're like you got yeah play tomorrow. You GotTa play tomorrow so I always had a bunk but juniors either sleep floor a few times. 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Check engine light comes on well. We broke down. We were on the side of the road outside Columbus for like twenty seven hours one time and we were we were only like totally an this is in the east coast. We're only an hour our into our trip. We were driving from wheeling to Kalamazoo. It's actually funny. 'cause we had a game. We weren't gonNA make it to the game so we always go a day early but like so are like union rep because there's a minor league union to is like okay if you guys can make it there do the game at ten. PM. You know like we're we're like. We're not doing it like there's all these rules. We have over twenty four hours like we're stuck here. They had to like get a bus from Indianapolis like drive and pick us up. It was actually funny because it was my old bus driver from when I played for the Indianapolis Ice I saw him. I was like hell are you doing here is already come picking up. We're we're going to Kalamazoo. Let's go that was long one. Do you develop relationships with the bus drivers that you have a one guy year. Usually you really yeah. It's usually like your guy. Team usually owns the Boston gotcha sweet gave. You're a bus driver. NOLA driving the hockey boys around for this. I mean the best you got shit but like like a private pilot but it was just funny. 'cause the the guy pulls up. His name is Alonzo and he's like this super funny. Black Dude had he's like. I said you can talk to John Carlson lately because John Carlson was thirteen or because you need to send some of that money that you made Manley. I drove around for a whole year. He's making all that money to send me text inform him. I'll get right on comed- on the Maresca about Makino's router. You get on like a nice vouchers the overpay. What is that called your the over the overpass you. You're wasting a banner. I love some Merck's buddy was playing in the NHL at were Milwaukee admirals or whatever yeah for sure. May We swamp. Merch said You for merged on doing one guess. What are we doing on his when it breaks up hoping you're near a gas station yeah and that's about it man because usually the power goes with that was very prepared. I think my mom got me an IPAD for Christmas. I was at that thing stocked up and then that was the worst one. Usually it's like a couple of hours of chuckle. Come fix whatever happened but that one was crazy and we're about a mile from a gas station climb off the highway and like walk down onto something we were able to eat at least hurt like part of the day was over. A day. Wasn't Mike Mike Golic to you. Did they take the bus immediately or you could just say later Vonk. You've generally what you do. Is You try and go to sleep in hope. It's moving when you weak- God yes. That's that's that's. Are you like like showers zigging you ever doubled up though 'cause I assume at some point you move to like a regular bussers are always receiver kind of buses so sleeper is in the lower leagues in the year when he gets the American league like there's rules so if it's over X. Amount of miles allows you have to fly over. I played in the conference with I played for Milwaukee and Rockford. All the teams are pretty close. You're planning the wolves play. Iowa like we play them all like fifteen times and then when you go to Toronto you fly that you're using normal charter buses which is almost works like I'd rather be twelve hours on iron lung than four hours hours on a coach bus fitness seats a point where Donald OPS is rookie. Sometimes he's had depending the hire. More staff comes with you too so you gotTa Kiara. Pepole trainers like a lot stuff what about giving stopped with the board of Canada like what was that like a thing. I was always saying started racing. Thank depending on who was trying to think because there's only it H. L. Teams in Canada to my knowledge to change now but you're always flying so it's like you go through normal customs in H. L. But then it Jonah GonNa make pretty easy like customer will come to your plan is only. I think Winnipeg's the only place where you really have to go through an airport in this yeah. What about the spinners I other words everywhere his everybody choose like an Myers. It's like gatorade. Ever what about this bottle. There is a there is a bathroom because I don't know shits on the boss. No Halloween you hold at yet yeah. That's the other word skies point. That was an advocate here when someone's should always like one of the funniest parts of the trip and like you. Kinda Kinda need that like if you're big game so much is going to take a big dump off awesome yeah. I don't think anybody other balls like unless you were like a twelve year veteran or something like it's like yeah then you don't care but usually it was pretty good like if you had if it was an emergency you could like go up like tell the coach your dad like. I have to go to the bathroom coached on bus driver. You know next stop and then you get your ten minutes back on the bus but so they were pretty good about that. What's your Carl always likes to say. Wherever talking about hockey always likes to talk about it between the toes most people do that that was like a softball thing. I thought that was like a I haven't heard rumors of that and I in college. We had a couple of guys did as a joke. It was not like a regular thing about what we're gonNA hockey because when you guys do Kanye Day dip in there. I don't know where he got that from. What I do remember it was the three but like it was like a joke practically put on my toast networks. Something will work. It's not true. Other parts of the body may be toast. It's not a Weirdo hot bird. Honestly Avocado Carl's got a lot of weird ideas about hockey. Yeah that's true. That's true so you take the bus driver. Shane controver you stop off to a restaurant. Where it goes stops. I mean you could you see the fear of God in that clerks all of that because we know like ten minutes like you better be back at one guy run for the shooter. The rest of us are trying to get the phone line like snacks and drinks for the bus. You know trying to people up. We gotta go gotta go. Let's go yeah. That's that's. That's pressure time for those. What was the number one. Stop like if you're all man there's checkers. There's a chick-fil-a like what was your favorite fast food bus. Stop along the way unlike the southern Parolee I wouldn't say favorite favorite fast food stop but it was always nice to wake up at a cracker barrel. Okay yeah like you know. Look out the window. You're like home. Let's go and it's like you get your money. You get your like seven fifty like stipends a great great place away. They would give give you the Messiah Animal Cracker Barrel when you stop for food. They'll give you time for a quick stop. If we like a shadow. They'll just be like ten minutes going back on the US. We'd always like especially when team wheelings always wake up at cracker barrel grills. You roll out. Go Get your breakfast so now we got like half an hour forty minutes their pink and every Jia who's those are good ones as far as anything else. was there like a up like a teammate like you guys have one guy teams always like like. USA demanded checkers or something no the best best spicer. Stop was like I played juniors. Iowa and we'd always has the world's biggest trucks up and there's everything strip club and then like the next and there's everything in there you got any kind of you want. I was always a good place it we'd end up never went to the reserve no was was there like a casino or a Strip club guy on the team. Always you know guys okay always casino guys. Take your seven fifty. You hold the the dollar we had. We had an awesome awesome thing and doing wheeling island casinos like a low budget like you could you could play blackjacks quarters okay so you could bring twenty bucks there and like make it lasts for hours and nylon do and wheeling no disrespect playing their go naylor's but there's not a lot to do. Oh so we would like you know quite a bit clean out my ashtray in the car and get all my coins this four hours. I've never seen I'd never seen it. I've said this day. I've never seen it again. That's insane now when you were like so. Did you guys stay overnight them like they reached like Super Eight. Motel tosses. You were okay yeah yeah. They would get better as you go up but in the Myers. It's like you're sharing rooms. You know shitty motels hotels but if you ever refer to stay on the bus be like hey you can have the room roommate or I'm sure it happened. I never did it because usually after twelve hours a augier I feel like can we transition to from from this to the good life about the good life with you. This will be the second part of the Great Lakes. We're GONNA stop right there. Everybody a little long and I want to split this into two parts to the bus talking this one. I want to the private jet talk tomorrow which we did get to Scott so so we're going to pause here. Check out tomorrow on Thursday and you will hear part to Scott Darling.

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