Mason and Ireland HR 3: Rodent Problem


I here we go. And it's time for fasttrack. Let's see one side of the coin. One side of the coin. The Major League baseball owners and players work something out other side of the coin. Baseball doesn't come back called in the air. Oh It's head. They're working it out heads. Baseball's coming back there. You go all right. Ireland is to check all right. This is for all three you guys. According to the Washington Post because most restaurants have been closed there isn't a lot of food in trash bins. The end result is that rats are becoming more aggressive. Yeah Oh my God I saw this gets the start of the pandemic their vin increased reports of cannibalism in infant side in New York as well as more rat complaints in residential area residential areas including Chicago as humans produce more food waste at home roving rat armies including one caught on camera scavenging New Orleans. Empty streets are concerning to the CDC which says rodents can carry disease. Rats pose an additional threat to those working from home. They can devour cars rats nine at car engines tires of cause fires and costs car owners. Fortunes let's say you discover a roving rat army in your backyard mace. What is your plan? My plan is first to make sure the dog door is closed. That's actually an excellent answer. I do not want the dog door open then I guess you call an old fashioned exterminator right. You put traps you know like don't do rat traps and stuff but this is an army. It's an army of Red Army. Lindsey you discover a roving rat. Army is heading for your apartment. What do you do I would care as much as I could? In my hands I would run away would move out of my apartment and I'm not kidding. Never to return no no I wouldn't I would. I would have somebody get my stuff and move it out of the apartment when I first moved here and I live in Marina del Rey. The first apartment complex that I moved into it was right next to where all of those renovations are in Marina. Del Rey where they just built like a ton of condos so when they dug that area up it was all like swampland and marsh and fields and my old roommate told me that there were hundreds of rats that were yeah they. They came out that came out of wherever they came out when they dig those areas up and they were starting to get into the apartment and one shoot a hole through the screen and their patio door and got into the apartment and one. She came home from work really late. And there was one sitting on the shelf inside the apartment like chewing on cereal or something and I was like I would have run away and never come back and I swear to. Quincy what if these rats were like the rats from Ratatouille? They're friendly rats looking no such thing as friendly. They wouldn't get close enough to me for me to determine how friendly they're punches. What is your plan when you encounter a roving rat army I? I'm probably going to try to give them a little bit cheese and just run away the other way so good. I'll distract them and attractive with some cheese and run the other way. It's an opportunity mates for for a business like ghostbusters. One that can break up the roving. Yeah rat busters. You could have a whole industry right. You know having lived in New York. I mean I remember seeing one night. I think I was in the West village. Cnn rat as big as a frigging dog. I'm telling you they fill up. I was literally thrown up. They are so frigging scary. When you see one of those big ones in New York. Subways would see them all the time. Okay everybody on here answer this question. Were you all like me? Is that the first time you heard that rats pose a danger to cars. I'd never heard that before first time. Did you guys know? Did you know wraps nine at car? Engines tires that Samir. Because it actually came up this weekend I was talking to my cousin who owns a a auto shop in told me about the rats man. I never knew that robot army they can. They can chew your wires and stuff. I had a friend who like a mouse destroyed the inside of his his engineers wiring or whatever and I actually one time I was a mouse Linzie. You have to say it was a rat. A mouse doesn't sound imposing. It was a rat. Okay probably at on. Actually one time had to take my car in for some clutch issues and the mechanics told me that. A squirrel or something had a walnut had started walnuts inside of my clutch. So guess that rodents get in your engines all the time you know. Pretty common problem. We've got what are we got killer? Hornets Murder Hornets. Myrtle rat armies roving rat arming. What is next? It's like falling apart right now fouls check the new show. Space Force is going to premiere on Netflix's on Friday it starts Steve Carell created by Greg Daniels. The creator of the office so they are. Reuniting based on the president's new military branches created. Now I read the drudge report every day and today he linked to her review from the daily Beast says quote. Misfires happen all the time. Projects with big buildups often deliver. Lightning doesn't strike twice yet knowing that doesn't take away the disappointment that space forces completely unfunny John. You love the office. These are the guys that made it. Will you watch space force or is this review enough to get you to skip it? No I would give it a shot but you know Steve. Carell done a lot of drama to. He's done that. He was Gregory running show. But this is a comedy. Yeah I'll give it a shot. I'm not I never let reviews. Turn me completely off like I got to find out for myself. One of these do on the re. Watchable the PODCAST. I listened to all the time with Chris. Ryan and Bill Simmons and Sean Fantasy and Mallory Ruben and those guys is they always go back and pull Roger Ebert to reviews of though. Yeah and a Lotta Times like movies that have gone onto the all time monster hits. Roger didn't like sure so I would not answer your question. The review would not keep me from sampling. The show how about you. I don't pay attention to reviews it all in fact when I'm watching when I when I go see movies member back in the old days. I used to go see movies. I never read a review a single review. I never look at a rotten tomatoes score until after I see the movie and it's unbelievable. How many times? I'll go back and see that. I loved the movie. The critics hated or that. I hated a movie that critics love. I really don't WanNa be swayed one way or the other by reviews and I will try space force. I was not a big office guy but I will try space force just because of the I love corral but I guess because I read the Review. I will judge it harshly. Hopefully my expectations are lowered. And now I will. I will like it more. Thuch fast track all remains last week. I brought up the question of who is the greatest American band of all time. The Eagles Nirvana Aerosmith. The grateful dead or all common answers. Yup but the most common answer was Bruce springsteen and the e street man made a minute. Let me ask you a question. Yeah was I hear when you ask this question I think so I I I was? Maybe they didn't because the greatest band of all time. It becomes a debate between the Beatles and the rolling stones. Yeah Yeah but they're both foreign band so let me ask you what pops into your head. Greatest American band of all time. I would do airland you. Choose from Ireland. I would say probably. The Eagles Eagles are in their Lindsey greatest American band of all time. I'm going to say either. Pink Floyd or crosby stills Nash and young. It isn't Roger Waters the English for. I guess they are fan. Yeah point eight with noise. Aerosmith would be up there. I'd probably the beach boys great answer. Okay but Bruce. Springstreen was the most common answer. Maybe I didn't throw it at goes talking to somebody else. But Anyway springsteen has sold over one hundred and thirty five million records and twenty grammy's his shows are four to five hours long he never breaks but Meena Times weighed in on this debate over the weekend. And here's what she tweeted. Quote an incomplete list of other American bands. That are better. Than springsteen the pixies the velvet underground sonic youth pavement talking heads. Dinosaur Junior guided by voices sleater Kinney Fu Ghazi the stooges green day and quote. Now if you WANNA make an argument that the talking heads or green day is better than springsteen and e-street band. I'll listen you'd be wrong but I listen. Those other bands would be like seeing smush Parker or kwami. Brown is better than Kobe. I like Meena. But how can a person have that big of a blind spot about Bruce Springsteen? But it's it's a subjective matter of taste. I mean I know people who hate spring. See One hates. I can't stay on them. I don't think it's Bruce Springsteen to me it's just like I don't know easy rock music that I listen to when I was driving around in that car with my mom. I'm not a fan really generous Geno. Neither one of you guys ever seen him live. I saw him. I love him. I saw him at the at the meadowlands they summit continental arenas in Newark when he opened his tour in ninety nine. Which was the reunion tour for him in the East Street band? So I I love springsteen but I understand the generational different. I understand for example. Somebody that would say nirvana because that's their generation. I I understand somebody who would say velvet underground because that's velvet. I know this is a legit big toe. They're good but you can't make the argument. That Food Gazi is better than birth springsteen. You just can't I mean unless you're you have some unless you just don't like springsteen. I don't know anybody who who like. Hey Nina Yeah. She's the first person I've ever seen. That doesn't respect him. I mean Jon Stewart said it best. Nobody empties the tank. That's one hundred percent true. Nobody he played for four and a half hours when I saw him in New Jersey. Yeah and really. I was just blown away by how it'd be like there's some people that just have universal respect. I always thought springsteen was one of them until I saw Menas tweet I thought. Wow He somehow made no impression on her whatsoever. I can tell you definitively one heat springsteen hates them like I will never be able to see a springsteen concert with one because house he so maybe I'm the one with the blind spot. I know who hates springs music as a matter of taste right? There's no accounting for it. Fletch fast chack. Hbo Max is Launching Next Week. It is another streaming service includes all the new original H. B. O. Shows every movie ever made by Warner Brothers that stuff like the dark knight all the Batmans all the DC movies the exorcist? All the Harry potters all the Lord of the Rings. Plus friends. Game of Thrones Big Bang Theory South Park. Rick and Morty. Sopranos the wire the monthly prices fourteen ninety nine compared to Netflix which is fifteen. Ninety-nine WILL YOU BUY HBO? Max I'M GONNA get it for free because I subscribe to. Hbo Anyway. You get it for free if you subscribe to ask if you pay for it already you get the APP get. Hbo Go now. But if I I understand what they're doing there's HBO on cable then there's Hbo go now that you pay Max to using me do you pay for. Hbo Yeah then you get it if you don't pay for HBO like Lindsey doesn't Lindsey. You don't have the cable package right. I do actually pay for. Hbo Through Amazon Prime Head. I like what is it like a month or something like that? Then you'll be able to watch it. Online is a good point because I did notice when I was looking through my day. I have in my Roku. Hbo and Hbo something else. They're two completely different APPS but I think they have the same purpose. I don't know what. Hbo Max is like in different. As far as their confusing people have different. Hbo APPs anything. Anytime I wanNA watch anything on. Hbo I can go to HBO. I'm not sure what's HBO. Max then I'm not sure maybe it's a maybe it's a different Couldn't be different service could it? I mean if if all is it is is HBO. I'll just google. What's the difference between you? I just found out see somebody. Other people are asking that they're asking. What's the difference between? Hbo Max HBO GO HBO now. Because they're three completely different APPS. Hbo Go is streaming services offered by HBO. That's included free with your HBO Subscription Through TV Provider Eight now is a standalone streaming. Service offered by. Hbo That Does Not Require Cable or satellite TV and offers content and then HBO. Max is a platform offered by Warner media that features ten thousand hours of premium content bundling. Hbo Together with even more movies shows. And Max originals. But do you do if I already pay Here's here's an article. Hbo Max Will Be Free. For millions of subscribers. Are you one of them? I assume if you already pay for. Hbo then you're going to get HBO. Max this is not evidence that has done a terrible job of explaining what? Hbo maxes. Yeah okay so here's how it will be rolled out millions of HBO now customers will be upgraded to HBO. Max automatically many others to download the new APP manually. Whether you're boy you're right. Macy's a super complicated. What if I get? Hbo From My cable provider. Is it all of the all of the following will let Hbo Subscribers? Get Hbo Dramatic Direct TV. Hulu Youtube charters spectrum. So makes you and I are in all ties. Horizon Cox and NC T C. Lindsey don't know you get it through Amazon yet so I would be. I guess that means that I have. Hbo Now which is separate than HBO Go. So that I won't compare this to Qube. Hbo has done a terrible job of explaining what HBO? This is all happening as of tomorrow. Yeah so the still what? Matthew Berry said earlier is still true Disney Hulu and ESPN plus together at eleven. Ninety nine is a fantastic deal. Yeah fantastic deal all right more fasttrack coming up next for you. Lindsay's thought has got a question. Mason and Ireland seven ten. Espn I rolling on with fasttrack Lindsey. If you fast track all right guys so Kelly Ripa we all know Kelly ripa right. She's a great lady getting a lot of criticism from her sand. And I wanted to know if you guys agree. The live with Kelly and Ryan host has been doing your show from her New York City home. During Quarantine of course New York City has been hardest hit area of the coronavirus pandemic in the US and Ripa has been going through the devastation with millions of others for the past couple of months or so we thought it turns out. Ripa has been lying about where she's been law and she's actually been in the Caribbean so it turns out that her husband and her children were on a family vacation. When the stay at home orders were put in place and instead of flying back and dealing with all the travel restrictions and scariness of what was going on they decided to just stay put in the Caribbean. And that's where she's actually been doing her show from and it turned out that nobody really knew this. It was kind of like a secret among ABC employees but one ABC employees found out in leaked it to a bunch of people when Kelly ripa shared to a group of people during like a town hall meeting employee's so anyway she's actually been the end of the Caribbean pretending as you've been in New York and I guess it's one thing if she just didn't disclose where she was but a lot of fans are giving her a lot of backlash on social media because of the fact that she's literally been lying and pretending that she's been in New York City and now that she's revealed that that's not the case people aren't necessarily mad about the fact that where she is but the fact that she lied and acted like she was so affected by the fact that like the city she lives in where home is has been devastated. So I'm what you guys think about this scene. Look here's the here's the thing about the live with Kelly and Ryan show. It's supposed to be real and it's supposed to be honest and it's supposed to be. We're let we're letting you have a look into our lives that what that I fifteen minutes is all about. I think she does deserve criticism for this. She's been pretending she hasn't been honest with her audience. I mean we sit here every day John and we always say exactly. What's going on you know? I'm in my house here at my house. You're in your house. Let her always though. When did we in the beginning? Your Mantra was. Let's keep our personal lives personal well that that was for a good reason right but I'm just a little different. I think I think it is. I do not just keep it like when Mason talk about vacations when we were working together like the first ten years. His vacation spot was you L. undisclosed location true. It's true so isn't Kelly just saying you know let's say well and that New York if she was completely dislike lying by omission and not telling people where she really was. That'd be one thing but she's been certified lying and like you know getting into the whole emotional evocation of being in New York City right. She's been saying she's in New York and in the middle of all this terrible stuff while she's really been Bahamas this lynch itself to a we were having with sleep a week ago. Mason you said sleet. You should tell people when you're interviews are in the can you slide people and say here so and so it's really on tape always agree with you about that. I think Lee Hamilton. Who USED TO WORK. With would would would perpetuate the like there. There were shows did where he had like five guys on tape and he would never let the audience know yeah. You have a good line about this. Mace the truth is always the easiest thing to remember. Yup It is so I don't know why Kellie thought she was never gonNA get caught if she was actually lying about it. You're nobody would have cared. Maybe she didn't want to seem elitist. I guess that she was in the Caribbean. But but don't have anybody with a New York station if you're in the Bahamas on a beach somewhere. I understand the criticism. Fletch FAST TRACK. All right so last week. Lori Laughlin and her husband fashion designer mosima threw in the towel in college admission case Laurie. Moscow have agreed to plead guilty to one conspiracy to commit wire and mail fraud. Now if you remember Laurean. Her husband are are accused of pain over half a million dollars in bribes to get their daughters into USC photodynamic like they were on a college caliber word rowers. Laurie has agreed to two months in prison. Mosima was served five months in prison. Now Laurie sentences harsher and fellow actor Felicity Huffman who was sense of fourteen days even though her was only for was for a month. Now let's say the over and under is one month for lorries serving her sentence. Where would you bet your mythical money on guys? She'll do a month. I think they know it's a high profile case they sent you said French. They sentenced her to two months. And I just said like the over under one month with I think I think she ends up doing a month because they know it's terrible. Look if she doesn't do it at least a month well because they have now acknowledged their guilt and they took up the time of the legal system by fighting. What essentially was stupid. Felicity Huffman had the good sense to say. Yeah I did it. You got me. I'll go to jail for ten days or whatever some fancy ass jail they put up this big fight when they knew that they had done exactly. What the claim was so? I think she'll do a month because she fought instead of just accepting Yup. I did it. That's what they should have done from the beginning. They just said yeah you got us. It's not it's not any great crime that is gonNA stick to you honestly. People Forget Felicity Huffman. What Laurie Laughlin Moscow did was keep their name in the headlines longer than they needed to be. I think they thought they could win. I don't know why but I think they thought they could win. I think that you know they had. They thought they would just pay more money. Money's obviously not an issue for them mas worth hundreds of millions. He thought. I'll just hire a really good legal team. And they'll get me out of it and the mistake. Was that no matter how good is legal. Team was the case against him was through store. You can't you can't beat the evidence you can't beat the evidence all right. Do we WANNA do show do one more here or should we go to break going to break? Okay I got a good one coming up next. It's about hazing mason and Ireland seventeen. Espn I roll it on with fasttrack and it's to me fast track. Let's talk about hazing. Currently there has been regular hazing by Kentucky wildcats cheerleaders for years. Why incidents described in a new report largely stems from a retreat. At a place called Lake Cumberland Guitar and a cheerleading camp in Tennessee at the lakeside retreat cheerleaders were seen in engaging in excessive use of alcohol. Some of which was provided by former cheerleaders who attended and doing basket tosses while semi nude in Tennessee. Cheerleaders were urged to make lewd chance. Wait what what is basket tosses semi nude. How does that work? I think they throw they throw the girl up in the air and then Saudi catch when people are in a circle and they throw up okay so head coach Jomo Thompson and assistance. Ben Heads Spencer clan Kelsey Lacroix have all been fired but eight hundred former Kentucky. Cheerleaders have issued a joint statement in support of the powerhouse programs. Coaching Staff Kentucky has won four straight national cheerleading championships. And they've won over twenty four. Division One cheerleading national title. Titles under these coaches. Do you agree. Should these coaches have been fired? I think you have to. I think that we live in. We live in a time where you know maybe twenty years ago. I would compare this to college. Football remember. Frank Kush coach at Arizona. Used to make guys running the desert up in the mountains and Woody. Hayes would grab people by the face Masks Yup and Bobby Knight grab somebody by the neck. Those guys all got away with that stuff but if they did it now they would probably be fired. That did you get hazed as a we're both in fraternities. Did you get hazed at your fraternity? They did some things that they probably couldn't get away with now but nothing that I felt. I want to get in trouble for laughing when when they were doing it so again. I don't they get away with it now but I think we're in a different time and you just need to be extremely careful. There are things you can say and you could say in do in one thousand nine hundred eighty one when I started at Ucla that you can't say in twenty twenty right. And there's no way that these coaches didn't know what had been going on for years and it just doesn't fly anymore hazing whether it be fraternities sororities cheerleaders football player. Hazing is just. It's not acceptable behavior. I'll take I'll take it a step further you've often said in the show that once. Gregg Popovich and Bill Belichick retire that the age of the my way or the highway coach is probably gone that those guys have what is in essence tenure so they can do whatever they want. Yeah but if Sean McVeigh tried to do the stuff that Woody Hayes or Boche and Boeckler did back. In the day. The players would probably revolt. Yeah that's why Sean mcvay coaches has almost like a partnership you hear that word all the time like when you hear like Frank Vogel and Rob. Pelinka talk about how they run the Lakers. They say we consider ourselves partners with our stars. We Consult Lebron James and Anthony Davis about moves. We're GONNA make things that we're going to do back then you can you imagine Bobby Knight Consulting or Woody Hayes consulting lawyers. I don't think it would happen. Completely agree but yeah I tie into your original question. Yeah I think you've got to fire him. What do you think? Yup I think they absolutely have to Again it's just it's it's not. It's stuff that used to be okay. Hazing used to be okay and a lot of fraternities and sororities and athletic programs. And No more. It's just it's it's now viewed as abusive behavior in. This sounds like it was abusive behavior. I mean I probably in my fraternity. That Beer Bong probably was out of line. The first one hundred Eaton's okay. No I don't know I don't know if you could even get away with the first one in twenty coins. You're right you may not even be able to get rid of the first one. You're right you're right all right Fast track okay. Mason on Saturday. Rams Safety Taylor rap had an interesting day yeah. He decided to try something. Called the ten thousand Calorie Challenge rap. Didn't eat ten thousand calories. He burned them off. Yup here's what he tweeted quote. Yesterday I attempted to challenge retry to burn ten thousand calories in one day one hundred and twenty five miles biking one hundred and three miles in one ride one point two miles swimming four miles hiking three miles running a short workout a seventy three hundred foot. Climb of elevations later ten thousand calories completed. He started at four thirty. Am and finished at nine zero nine PM. Let's say you and I tried a copy Taylor wraps day. At what point do you hit the wall for me? I don't think I could bike. One hundred twenty five miles. I really step yet. But let's say I get through that. The one point two mile swimming. Maybe because you're so hot and exhausted from riding the bike you maybe get through the four miles hiking at an elevation. I think that's where I'm out the three miles running. No chance no way I make it even one mile into the three miles running the short workout. No chance how about you. How far do you make it in? Taylor wraps ten thousand calorie challenge but fifty miles on the bike for me. I mean I. That's an unbelievably impressive. What's the reason for doing? Just for the hell of it. Just because he could just because he could I say good for him? You know I I you know riding a bike is the easiest of those skills I can do. That depends on. I'll depends on the grade right. Yeah it depends on. Are you going going down? Can I take Lisa's bike? She has one of those electric bikes. Tired I just flip a switch that will that will count. What's the point of an electric bike? I it's supposed to be going out for exercise. Great she rides. She says she always rides the bike to the destination often to go play tennis and then when she's writing at home she gets and flips the switch. Oh that's probably okay. And she says she she can go farther. Like she went to Marina del Rey and back she's gone Palos Verdes and back. You know you can go farther with the electric bike while I'm sure you can't because the bike is doing the work all right thuch fouls tack Stein. People it's time for the birthday game. I have already texted sleep. Okay in and said do not listen to fast track. Today he is Gotten back to me and said he won't okay so we will. We will find out. We've we've struggled lately. I think we got sixteen the last time. Yeah that's not a struggle. That's pretty good. That's all right. That's all right we're not making lackey. We're not on our game so here we go Sixty seconds on the clock all right. He's a wrestler. Can can you smell? What BLANK IS Superstar soccer player from the UK went to play for the galaxy. David Beckham Clippers player. Signed is free agent from Palmdale Paul George King of soul living in America. He sings with the four seasons blank. Valley's Big Star the Indiana Pacers. Great Singer Victoria Depot. A great voice lost a lot of weight. Hello how are you? Are You Kobe's wife Vanessa. Brand great actor married woman named George Clooney. He was a clippers. Point Guard went to Houston. Now he's with okay. See Chris Paul Cheating Second Baseman for the Astros Little Guy won the MVP. And Jose altuve eight host of dancing with the stars Ryan seacrest. No CO COWBOYS TIGHT. End was hunters. Run it yeah terrible on Monday night. Football cowboys tight. End Jason Witten. I like that old time. Rock N Roll Up. Seger quarterback for the redskins broke his leg Monday night football last year. Alex Smith Fourteen fourteen. Who was the fat guy? No great voice just lost a lot of weight. Hello how are you Adele of? Yeah Adele singing. A Guy I'd sleep was going to do very poorly on this. These are tough. Yeah I was over under his five and a half. I agree these. This was a tough one. Yeah I think this was more difficult than usual. I'm setting right now at five and a half Lindsay. What do you think on five and a half for what under find under I also think under mace gotta move also think under okay so we're moving into four and a half four half? I'll tell over at four and a half. I think I also take. Yeah I also take the over Lindsay taking the under French over okay. Four and a half. It is all right. We find out top of the hour for John. It's to you okay. Check as been talking about. Businesses ACROSS. The state are slowly starting to reopen yes. State officials have now cleared forty five counties to resume in restaurant dining in store shopping including orange and riverside to of California's largest population centres. La County. Which has been the epicenter? Epicenter of the coronavirus with more than two thousand deaths has been slower to expand. Reopening officials have set a goal of reopening everything by July fourth. But they might get pressured open sooner. I'm GonNa give you guys a possible thing that will reopen and you tell me if you'd be willing to try it this week so if it was open would you go in there this week. Okay let's say all the starbucks reopen including the one at la live. We all go. There are a lot normally where you go back into a starbucks. I would walk back into starbucks. Lindsey Fudge probably not okay. Movie Theaters Will Reopen Mace. Would you go to an ARC light or a high end movie theater to see a movie and theater? I would not know Lindsey yet for me depends on the movie. The gyms are going to reopen mace. Would you be willing to go to a public gym to work out? The answer is no way in Hell. Lindsey now for me flinch. I think you're a yes I'll be there. Yeah that's weird so you're a yes on that. Yeah that's a evenly divided to into all right. It came out today. That hair salons could reopen mace. You already said you're not willing to get your haircut in June or May Lindsey about you I think in like two weeks s everything was good then. I would consider right now no. I just ascended appointment for Saturday. I'm with you I'm gonNA check my girl that gets my hair later tonight. Okay airports start to pick up. Would you be willing to get on a plane in May or June Mace? I'm going to say no Lindsay. I'm not sure I'm thinking about going home in like two weeks but I guess again like we're going to have to wait and see what happens I think I'm on offense probably not I want to go to Costa Rica like next weekend at Lisa won't go so I'm being grounded by my wife but I think if I can find a great deal. GimMe a N. ninety five mask. I'll I'll take an Ambien and pass out on the plane art mace. What ABOUT CHURCH? Churches are loaded with older people. They're going to open to a twenty five percent occupancy. Would you be willing to risk going to a church? No my church is online. I can watch the service. It's absolutely not Lindsey. Now find also know on that. I've been watching my. I've been watching my minister every week. Be Yeah and you can do it online and again. You don't want to risk because there's so many older people go to church is finally mace. Yup let's say Nobu in Malibu not only opens up but give you a seven. Pm Reservation on the first Saturday night that it opens it could be on July fourth. Which is a Saturday you could watch fireworks over the ocean while you dine at Nobu on the first night back. Are you taking the reservation? I am not doing the restaurant thing. Lindsey I don't think I have that kind of money for Nobu a very expensive Lindsay. Let's say I'm buying. I'm picking up the TAB inviting you as my guest. You just have to decide to show up or pass since. It's not a necessity. I'm going to say now. I WanNa pass what we at the table right next to all the Kardashians including Kendall and Kylie might have to reconsider. Yeah that's what I had last time on the night of Mason's birthday party Leeson I sat right next to the Kardashians. We ended up on a whole bunch of social media posts. I'M IN IF YOU'RE LISTENING. Nobu whenever you're ready to reopen just send me a note. I'll be there. Excellent are more faster and coming up next for you. Mason in Ireland seven ten. Espn I roll out with fasttrack. And it's to me fast track. All right prescriptions for anti anxiety meds and sleep AIDS have risen during the pandemic prescriptions for anti anxiety medication. Such as client opinion. Van Rose ten percent in the US prescriptions for antidepressants including PROZAC and LEX. Appro rose nine percent. Health concerns social isolation and the stress of job losses. Taking a toll on people's well being more than one third of Americans say the pandemic is having a serious impact on their mental health. John Do you take any well? I know you take stuff to sleep. What's your current sleep medication? And have you ever taken an antidepressant or anything for stress? No to the second question what I do for sleep nowadays is I take either to tylenol. Pm or two advil PM trying to take same thing and then I take half of a very small ambient. I snap it in half and take half of it and even doing that like last night. I went to sleep at about eleven thirty. That's insanity and I woke up at three. Yeah that's that's just not. You're not a normal person. Yeah one of the great joys in life when I totally agree. I wish I could see now tonight. Because they don't have to get up in the morning going in the morning show tomorrow but I I'm not going until eight fifteen so I'm going to be up late with the cams and I'll probably get to bed. Get to at midnight so I'll take a full ambien tonight and maybe I'll sleep till like six. Six hours from me would be a lot and never an antidepressant. Never have linzie. What about you? I've never take any taking any sleep medication. I don't think I think think I don't think I have maybe. I'm like a plane before antidepressants. I did a long time ago for like a few months but I think it was like fifteen years ago while you know. I've talked about it on the air but I've I suffer from bipolar disease. So I take both a an antidepressant and a stabiliser med and I do take a little something to sleep too but I sleep very well. I Love Sleep. I enjoy sleep. I love my dreams. I especially love That like eight until nine o'clock in the morning when I'm starting to wake up and I'm sorta half awake and half asleep and I have really good dreams going on And I'm never up in time to go on the morning show ever never. I don't I don't get out of bed so ten o'clock in the morning this morning when you were asleep. I was turning to the back nine. Yeah that's crazy I yeah. I woke up seven. I woke up at nine o'clock this morning and got out of bed at ten. I do the show. And then get out of bed when we had travis on last week and you said. Yeah I catch the morning show sometimes every once in a awhile. Complete total lately made up when we have guests on. We'll say hey we listen to your show all the time bub-bubba and probably haven't heard. I love your podcast. I love your movie. I love your book. Goes with the territory. We're RIPA yes. We are Kelly Ripa in that case. Thank you very much for calling. Us Out Faust track. All right last thing for me. I have a game and I think you guys are going to be proud of me. I completed the movie assignment you gave me and I watched the Oh nice. Okay so in honor of that. Let's see what you guys remember from that movie. I have a quick no funds. You've seen it. Have you not have okay all okay. So all three. You guys have seen it. Yeah I would expect you all to do very well on this quiz then a long time but yeah. Let's see how you do okay? Question One. In the beginning of the movie to baseball teams were written on a scorecard. What were the names of the team? Was it a red sox and Yankees be dodgers and Yankees or see giants and dodgers Lindsey? Abc See Okay. See Mace. I'M GONNA go be dodgers and Yankees. Mesa's gone gone with the crowd. It was giants and dodgers. Okay so Lindsey and take the lead you guys were member that or is that just a guess? I remembered the dodgers I gonNA Guess China. Okay okay all right. What was the name of the big dog that live next to the Sandlot? Was it a Goliath? Be Hercules or see Zeus Goliath Hercules. Zeus think it was be Hercules. Okay Mace I think Goliath Zeus. I think it was Hercules. Also Okay Lindsey definitely Hercules. You guys are all right. There was Hercules. So you guys are doing fine. Alright Mace when does ham? I say his famous line. You're killing me smalls. Was it a when smalls keeps letting the ball go past him in left field. Be when small says. He doesn't know who Babe Ruth is or see when small says he doesn't know what a some more is a B or c Tad more. Okay Lindsey. I think it's a you tickets a letting the ball go past futch be Mason has tied the game. It is more. He's making us more and small. Says No idea what it is and he he makes it forty miles the marshmallow and the chocolate. He's just as you're killing miles. Yeah Okay Lindsey bacteria the game. This is close to to to to all right. What does big chief refer to in this movie? Is it a Benny's bat? Be The boys chewing tobacco or see did Nunez's fastball Lindsey. Big Chief what is it? Abc Okay The tune tobacco okay. Mace Tobacco correct in the game remains tied at three. How many more of these one two three more okay? This is good all right when another team comes over to the Sandlot to challenge the boys to a game. What is the name of that other team funches at a tigers be cardinals or see White Sox? Abc Tigers Okay? Mace Tigers cardinals are red. Socks or White Sox I am going to say. It is the Tigers Lindsey. I also think it's Tigers. You guys are doing very well. It is the Tigers. You're all tied at four all right the next one to just two more left which kid fakes drowning at the swimming pool so he can kiss the lifeguard. Is that a ham be. Yeah yeah or cease. Squint Mace Ham. Yeah yeah or squint. S- I'm GonNa say that. Yeah Yeah. Okay Lindsey squinched easy funk you guys were both rated squint and that set okay so marriage. Forget that part. That was like the craziest part of the movie. I thought okay. It's been a good twenty years last question and makes you get to go last. Lindsey and five Mason has four here. We go for all the marbles Karen Allen. The actress who played the mom in the Sandlot was a huge star in the seventies and eighties. What was Karen? Allen's first movie was it a American graffiti be animal house or see Indiana Jones and the raiders of the lost Ark American graffiti. Animal House or Indiana Jones Lindsey. I think it was animal house. Okay Futch Temple do Indiana Jones. Mace it was animal house. Lindsey gets it all. It was animal house in Mesa. I knew at least I thought you would know that. Because didn't you Karen Allen on the Culture Popeye she asked? She was on my podcast. Yes she was very news Lindsay Lindsay. By the way you got six out of seven on the Sandlot quiz very I can't even much else again. I can't remember the one that you missed by the way since we are going to have Catholic Renna. The Guy who plays Hams says the you're killing me. Smalls thing. The person that I was in contact with I think it was his publicist told me that. He's a huge fan of the show and says all time on the one you missed. Was I radically about Patrick? Renna his famous line. You're you thought it was because he kept the ball and by the way the ball did keep going past in left field but you guys remember the name of the famous actor who lived in the House and when the Dog James Jones James Earl Jones very good flames Gerald Jones. Yeah do you remember who played smalls? His Dad in the movie Karen Allen. Played His mom. Do you remember who played? The Dad was a ray. Liotta no sit back from the same era pretty pretty significant famous guy. Dennis leary Dennis. Leary was leery. There's your what did we decide the over under his first four and a half four and a half. Yeah four and a half. I don't know if I'll believe if didn't listen. If he listened he'll get more than that. You Trust Him. I don't I think he's a sneaky. Little WEASEL. We'll see if he admits whether or not it's really very sad that you always was here. John. What kind of setup is that for anybody? That's absolutely true. Hey by the way new culture podcast just went online. It is a really great conversation with Mike. Tolan who is the executive producer of the last dance? One of the things he talks about is how in the room. He sold Michael Jordan on doing this documentary. What was the pitch because there were multiple companies? That were trying to pull it off. He was the one that got it done. So what was the pitch like tomorrow in the show a guy? I really look forward to have an on. He said an incredibly interesting life. Peter Guber is the dodgers part owner of the warriors part owner of La AFC. Used to run Sony the movie studio and so he's now he's basically in the live sports business so we'll have a lot to talk to him about about how we get fans back. What is thoughts or why he decided? By the way he was one of the executive producers of the last stand. Yes he was the warriors Mandalay Bay entertainment or Mandalay. Entertainment his company. The somebody went to the warriors after they've gone to the finals three years in a row and said. Hey let's document this stuff for an and the words decided not to. I wonder if Peter regrets that now after producing the last dance and seeing what a huge hit it was well. We'll talk to him about. He's Lindsey what time is he coming on tomorrow I think he's on four thirty but I'm not sure I think that sounds right. Okay so Peter. Guber tomorrow on the show. He's the acts eight thirty three thirty. Okay good I'm glad you told me. Yeah by the way. Mike and Peter are Chairman of Mandalay. Entertainment the production company. That did the last dance. So he's going to know a lot about it to all right coming up next for you. It's Time People Ladies and Gentlemen Special Time of night son going down in Los Angeles but our ratings going down with them sleep. That's major basins Ireland seven ten. Espn I it's time people sunset for Yourself Bourbon. Or if you're poor yourself a gin just a nice glass of Nice glass of Yeager Meister. Just something to sip a glass of Yeager Meister. Nobody sips on Yegor Meister that that might be by the shop by the way by the way that might be the worst the worst of them all yeah that Eagles saw rhino list. Yeah so sleeper. We've We've once again down the birthday game now. I just said. And you've you've obviously it's been well documented. You've lied about this before. And you're Kinda sneaky weasel when it comes to the birth. Did you listen to any portion of the birthday game today today? I did not listen to the birthday again. Okay so I think this is a very difficult list me too. That's not good. Yeah that's not good. I got TA fourteen. We have we have hemmed and hawed and we have set the over under for you at four and a half. That's how hard I think this is. That's right on what I was thinking. So if you get five you win it. I'm now thinking about changing my bet. Lindsey your bed is what when the number at four and a half under under it. How much you bet. Mythical Mom Thousand K. I will go over and I'll bet it thousand. Okay Mace where you? I'm over and thousand. So we're Lindsey your underrate correct. I now think over and I need to bet more than thousand. 'cause I bet seven thousand myself to be and then I got you so I'm going to try and get some of that back. I'm going to bet three grand on use leeway to go over and you only need to get five. I got fourteen all right so you literally need to do a third of what I did and you will win me a bunch of money. Do you think you can do it? Lindsey what do you think you think I got shot in this? She bet you bet you under but I always best. I also bet you under so fiso sounds it. Sounds like a tough list. Are you in? I you and I are right. Yeah you how much are you betting thousand? Okay all right. I'm betty same clues. Same Order gotta give you a shot at every one of these names now Allen. Little friendly advice if you don't pass do well on it okay. I passed on one today. Yup Remember do they now coach them remember. No I to pass remember last week by the time you were asking another question. I was going back and answering the one before you were calling three questions back share but not to do that all right all right all right so it is exactly six o'clock in Los Angeles right now. It is the top of the hour. Lindsey is about to take on the birthday game fund. Is the Clock Ready Ready Mason? Are you ready? I am ready. Most importantly sleep. What are you ready absolutely not? Let's do it all right here. We go. He's a wrestler. Can YOU SMELL? What blankets up to the rock superstar soccer player from the UK came to play for the Galaxy? David Beckham Clippers player signed as a free agent. He's from Palmdale. Paul George King Saul living in America. A pass he sang with the four seasons blank in the four seasons. Pass our biggest star the Indiana Pacers. He's a great singer Jesus Nikola Depot yes. Great Voice just lost a lot of weight a lot of weight. Hello how are you Living in America was James Brown. Hello how are you I have no idea okay? Pass Obi's wife Vanessa. Bryant great actor married to a woman named a mall he was an ocean eleven pass Cliffs Point Guard then went to Houston now. He's with okay so Chris Cheating Second Baseman for the Astros. Little Guy won the every. How many how? Easy Mighty. I got. Half of my Travis money-back Wow Suihua you of our done yourself. A little worried. I was a little worried. Not GonNA lie. Sports ones that he always gets mace. I think the one thing that trip both of us up is when you were describing the singer. Okay lost a lot of weight. Yes Alan Email Fund. That's it was. I should've said female singer lost a lot of weight. Yeah and nobody likes my rendition of. Hello how are you how it goes? Yeah to go rhino bitchy Lewis me and by the way he said rolling in the deep or something you know. Hello. How are you say this time where you were trying to describe an animated G. and then even the animated movie was inside out and you kept saying inside me go out out. It was not an animated movie. So how's the weekend? What did you do with yourself man? It was how nice was just have three days off. It was great. It was down in San Diego for a couple of days Came BACK UP Yesterday. Just just paying is your family. Sarah Uncle Ted Mace. I have so much family in San Diego. Do you names so mom. Mom's name Helen. Helen Helios two sisters Helen two sisters Venus and Vanessa Venus great names. Wow vitas and Vanessa. Why have you not told us about Venus? And why isn't your name? Victor no idea or Vinnie. Something like that like Vini. You could be of any okay. So my nieces Eva Anya scarlet and Savannah so great named to every name except I know I know Alec Jet. Yeah your what's your middle name? Allies go with that should go by. That's that's a great one allies. Lihua changing the show. What's weird is nothing works was Leila. What are you talking about? Sleep at sunset is the perfect. That does work. You right so what? What was Helen's head? When she named Denise a Venus and Vanessa what came name sister Venus I I have no idea. Was that have no no no? My sister is forty thirty. Seven forty three forty. Three older woman is and that's how you she wouldn't worry about that. Forty three howls Helen. Helen Seventy two seventy two. God bless doing good. She's doing good. She's all but that's the thing. Every time I go down to San Diego Middle Eastern families so it's a huge family and if I go down there once every few weeks or so which is what I usually do. It's typically to catch up with them and then work my way back up. Sounds like you're surrounded by women. Helen Venus Vanessa. Aga this is always when see Jordan surrounding a Hugh Hefner bathrobes surrounded by women. Yeah that's that's not the case. But four nieces. No no nephew so yeah well link I IRA. I have a question for both sleep and Mace. Yeah have you ever been a guest on the Camden Ski late night? Dance Party hoedown. I have not you have not mace. You have I have yes. I have the highest rating ever in the history of their. I'm going on tonight. I am the guest tonight. What should I expect? Does Ethan make an appearance or is he already asleep? I would say sleep is is sleeper awake or asleep no ethan. Oh to sleep. Ethan is in bed sound. I thought you said sleep is awake or asleep. So he's sort of nods off towards the end of it so I would say asleep by thirty about by thirty. What wait doesn't your Shogo till nine goes still night yeah? I'm not light thirty. Okay so mace. What should I expect tonight gills? Are there hijinks? Yeah there are hijinks especially if you really are doing it from your Jacuzzi then God I'm doing it from the Jacuzzi. Then I think there will be hijinks. I think the WanNa see around your yard. They wanted to see around my house. Okay so I did that. They ask a lot of stupid questions. Random stuff that you expect. Did they tell you? Did they give you like a syllabus for what's going to be honest and I don't know syllabus? I do not want one. I don't want to know what the questions are in advance. I've is inspired by Larry King. Who never did any research whatsoever? None none and he just made a five million dollar. Podcast deal that guy. There is make sure you set up before you went on. Did you have kind of an idea? No idea? Now they ended up talking a lot about better call Saul they ended up talking about my relationship with Ireland and they wanted to tour my house. They wanted to see my Bob Miller awards which I showed them which I keep proudly displayed by the way and they were in the background while I was doing my appearance. The that'll be in the background for mine is Reagan the puggle. She will make an appearance on the show and and speeding shows sleep. What how many guest tonight? Oh Yeah how many guests do you guys? WanNa guests the guests many I say okay. It's a Tuesday after a holiday weekend. I think you have three. You got a lot of time to kill. I think you've got three two guests tonight to get to. Yes again. Tonight is and tonight is just so it is Lakers. Talk so just guessing. So they're both okay. May the over under guests from the athletic one half I will say I'll take the under. No it's over. He's got an athletic guest tonight. Alan how many guests from the athletic no guests from the athletic all right and so I can save myself. How many in the CAN I think yeah. I think he's doing both interviews live because at the beginning of holiday weekend everyone's mailing it in but now everyone's kind of back into the groove. Nobody in the can tonight. I think they're both live. Mace the over under on interviews in the CAN is one. What do you think the over under one? Yeah that's I graduated one. Okay I'll say the over if it's a half John. I'm done ever underestimate how often I mail it in. It's one recorded interview and one lives and one life fire tonight. Yeah you're two for two. Who's recorded interview? This is one of Mason's favorite guys mace. How long have you known James from CBS? Sports Herbert let me tell you something. He could mason called him. Jim Jim and I go back. I mean we go back to the showtime days covering the Lakers. Jim has been I mean. He's he's legendary and obviously he's an. Can YOU DESCRIBE EVERY LAKERS? Yeah he's a big guy. tall tall rally. How Old Jim? Jim is sixty days late. Fifties early sixties right so to lately. Fifty late fifties tall big mason completely off everything. How old is he? He's probably under forty eight hundred forty. Yeah he looked. He looks older. You terrible he looks older. Looks like he's in his sixties. Okay Mason you pray to God. James River does not listen to a base that Ireland mates. Here's the here's the one for you to go for the gophers simple. Yes or no Yup will you or I will either. One of us have heard of the other guest. Well we will. We know this person's work. I say yes. I'll call my shot. Okay MIC Trudell. I say it's Michael. Sleep are either one of us right. Listen I'm not going to say that either one of those guys didn't come into my mind today. It's it's Dave. Mcmanamon makes slow but mace. You still get credit for your three for three on answering all the sleepwear related quest. Yeah yeah we do know Dave mcmanamon. Yes we do. Wow it sounds like a blockbuster sleep by the way. Yeah how exciting hasn't been the last couple of days. We're have basketball by what you know what makes basketball back by the WAY IS ASLEEP. Wisdom by the way by the way is our what what. What's the other when my top on hop on? Yeah Yep? Hey it's unbelievably exciting. And in fact coming up next I want to ask you about mark. Cuban's proposed playoff system. And whether or not you like the keeping the integrity the eastern and Western Conference or if you think we should go one to sixteen. You want to answer those questions next. Let's do it okay. Mason Ireland Seventeen. Espn it's a hell of a set up is what it is so happy still running. Thanks to me too. I'm trying to keep that in rotation hot rotation so we are getting close to an NBA to come back and one of the things that Cuban is brought up mark. Cuban product. Is this idea of playing six to seven games? So that everybody gets to their seventy game. Local television regional television deal which means teams can cash on that but also a playoff for the seven and eight spots in both the east and the West. There are really only four teams. That are eliminated from that. Everybody else is in play or within striking distance. What do you think you know? We got a chance these last couple days to see all the different things being thrown out there. I'm not a fan of this. I'm not a fan of really have. I'm not a fan of every team getting a chance to make the playoffs. So that one you've seen in some of those plans may swear it's all thirty teams would have a shot. This one. That Cuban is mentioning. I it sounds like the most not just realistic. But maybe fair. If that's the right word you still get teams that Were in sort of a position to make a playoff run. Were maybe a couple of games behind the Memphis Grizzlies. And now they can prove okay. Are they going to get? Are They not listen? There's no perfect system but I think some kind of a play in tournament for a few teams that final spots and of course that affects the Dallas Mavericks as well so Cuban is not. He doesn't he's not looking at this. This would actually hurt the Dallas Mavericks. But he's looking at it. What's more practical for the NBA? But then the one through sixteen seating. I'm personally offended that I like that. I liked the idea and the concept of just taking everything by record what seed you are and the Lakers yet. Maybe they're not playing a western conference team in the first round. Maybe they are playing the Brooklyn Nets which I think the way it would. It would line up but definitely lineup. Macy's such a unique such a unique position that we're in and because there's no travel now all of a sudden that worry of saying okay. Well Milwaukee's gotta travel all the way across the country for a first round match up or something along those lines. That's the one reason why I think that one through sixteen was never really that popular but in this position why not you're in Orlando. You're trying something different. I still don't think it's going to take away from the integrity of the playoff format but out of out of all the out of all the different scenarios. Play out there. What's wrong with that one? That one seems like it would be something where fans would be entertained with and these teams on the fringe of making the playoffs or already in actually have a shot. Here's what I love about it. It puts Milwaukee and the clippers on the other side of the bracket fantastic which means that the the clippers and Milwaukee would have to play for a chance to go to the finals. Meanwhile the Lakers would have kind of free reign on there so I mean tough tough series. Make no mistake but a much clearer path to the finals. They would get to dodge the clippers before they saw Milwaukee or you could potentially have a Lakers clippers. Nba Finals Game Right. Yes what is it? Cross dock seven said powered by power flow cross-strait services servicing plumbing plus power specials. Right now ninety nine dollar drain cleaning or fifty nine dollars. Ac Tuna which includes a safety inspection and a temporary disinfect. For Your Age facsist. Make an appointment today. Call eight hundred five four four one one six or plumbing dot com. What is it? What is your game? You've got four minutes four minutes plenty of time Lindsay win okay. Funds the Asterik land. Did you hear the not she was? She's right she bringing the energy yes. She's ready to go all right. I'll describe a female athlete. You guess on talking about your guided game. Yeah all right here we go. I'm going to give clues to guess the name names. Your Buzzer Rose Bowl. Nineteen ninety nine. John World John. Brandy chastain one. Nothing John O. Ken Its first three. We'll I two three okay. I got very good to time. Ncwa champion is considered better than her brother. John Mason John Cheryl Mill. I really thought I had that one. That was so completely me second. I think it was me all right just making a point. Okay here we go. I had that one one. The two thousand and eight indeed Japan. Three hundred go daddy dot COM Lindsay Lindsay. Actually that was that it was English. Me I got thrown off by John. Seeing Lindsey though I gotta go back and listen sorry no yep just sit outside. I wish Clinton dilated go. Oh I'm I get screwed over in these games so bad all right here. We go all my Liz Advance Ireland. Who is it was only woman? I'm BRIANNA STEWART. Very close very close slip. Very good okay. I it's Ireland two-to-one right now that headline that pay per view event in both you may mason got their first arousing cantered person face Mason Mason Good Game Mason sitting there sunglasses on. Mason got their. It's very very good at these. This is gonNA decide it right here to time. Wnba champion Mason. Go AHEAD MISS. Sue Bird you sit away. It's like I'm GonNa go John Lisa Leslie. Wow look at wasn't Lisa. Leslie Lisa Leslie. Were you say four time bold medallists I was GONNA say time? Wnba FINALS MVP attended. Usc drafted ninety-seven from Gardena by the way four time. Olympic gold medalist. Lee's good the only one to ever win four gold medals in basketball men or women. Wow I was at that game along with the entire men's Dream Team. I think that two thousand four. I think one of those years. I don't know those Olympics open for me hace leeway. Here's a really hard question. What time is it? S Six twenty four. We hit the door tomorrow. Peter Guber Gooder McFarland. We got. We got a Goober in a burger tomorrow to fifty five sharply was next seventeen ESPN.

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