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This is a head gum podcast. Hello. And welcome to the complete guide to everything podcast about everything. I'm your host, Tim. How're you doing this week? I am so full of caffeine. I am so amped up in honor of the Coca Cola week here on the completed everything. I mean, it's not necessarily Coca Cola. We just. Yeah. For you every week is Coca Cola week. No. I wished him I've dramatically cut down. Like, oh, I you know, what here's the tease for before the end of that beset. I have a can of Coca Cola in my fridge that I will crack open and drink. To us talk to each other for an hour. The you'll hear a Kano. Get to hear Tom. I drink a whole glass of water in it like one swig press the money. Not to impress somebody. But I like doing it in well in you, really thirsty. There's nothing. There's really nothing better. Do you ever intentionally make yourself real thirsty? So you can have a real nice drink. No, that's a pervert way to hydrate. Oh to be clear. I don't get any again, pervert hydration, right? I don't get any kind of sexual satisfaction from it. If anything it transcends that kind of it's like, an even better satisfying feeling do you ever screw up? Do you ever try to take it real far that you just pass f from dehydration could reach the refrigerate? Sometimes I take it too far though. And I get to excited to drink the water. And that goes down the goes on the wrong pipe that one. Yeah. And then coughing fit follows. When something goes down the wrong place that goes right to your lungs. I think so I think that's the other. I mean what other pipe is there? Right. Like like to pipes apple juice from when you were a kid like that wouldn't hear lungs. I guess your body absorbs things even if it's yeah. It's probably good for your lungs. All apple juice is now. Yeah. There's electrolytes in apple juice wrench. Your lights are just is to sugar. I. So the salt. I think you see this about Jag Dorsey, drink salt juice now. Yeah, it's just salt water. Yeah. Right from the ocean check doors e agreement. Soda soda cola. You don't drink a lot of Coca Cola these days. No. I mean, I never drank a lot of regular coke. But I would drink a lot of diet coke, and especially Coca Cola zero. I'd only drink diet coke if they have Coca Cola zero Coca Cola zero coke zero coke zero sugar is technically what it's called nowadays. Nowadays. It's coke zero. Coke zero. Yeah. I mean, and I go back. So I still y'all excuse my vernacular. I'm still calling old school, Tom. Yeah. But I used to buy always have a case of coke zero in my fridge. And that would replenish you weren't like saving. No. That would replenish usually probably like every maybe three days. Yeah. That's that's a lot. Yeah. So like all I would drink would be coffee cocoa azero, and then water sometimes if like my. Oh and alcohol, right? You know, you, and I've I've drink probably a thousand gallons of whiskey with you while I'm saying like at home, I would like if I was thirsty. No. If I was like in the morning, I would drink coffee, but. In some whiskey that wouldn't drink whiskey in the morning. I mean, it's not a bad idea. You know, what you ever think about that? Like. Being a functioning alcoholics wouldn't be that bad. But like. I don't know. I it. It's just so weird. I think there's such a stigma. No, not that. There's a stigma. That's like know. You're there's something you're walking out the door to let's say, you're employed at a an office. Right. And why working out the walking out the door in the morning, and like you have a bottle of whiskey in your home? But if you just took a shot of whiskey people would be mad at you. When you showed up at work. Yeah. Like if I was coming here, and I took a shot of whiskey. I guess what? I've seen is context. Really matters. Well, yeah, you're finally learning. Yeah. I would also I would argue that the handful of times that I've been on like vacation or something and been like, you know, like have a beer in the morning or something never felt great about it. It's not it's not that fun. No. And there I think that's the reason. Why you'd yeah? Have to drink alcohol at night because there has to be an end to it. Yeah. Well, there, of course, SP an end to it. But the end to it is going to sleep like you can't drink and then sober up. You'll feel good right? And I think the whole thing of drinking a beer in the morning on vacation where it's like, I'm throwing the rules. Add Ryan, but like more and more symbolic thing. Yeah. But thrown the rules out the window Friday nights. Now, I'm just like look I've been good all we have an eating like a normal person. I'm gonna eat a ton of shit because the rules are out the window. Oh, I don't have anything to do tomorrow. And like, I immediately regret it because the rules are self imposed for your own benefit bite into that stuffed crust of the pizza, and I'm thinking, this was a mistake. But I ordered I ordered and entire large stuff bad. Otherwise, I don't want to go bad wasting food is a sin. I don't want to go to hell. Well, yeah. Look, I'll be damned to hell kidding. The. Not wasting food isn't going to that's going to be salvation for you, Tim. So. Yeah. Usa have coke zero in my fridge all the time. And then at some point I realize actually he was kind of like a New Year's resolution. I guess it was like this is a this pry can't be great drink coke zero one o'clock in the morning. Just because I'm like, I'm thirsty. I'm gonna have a coke. So I stopped and literally just cutting coke zero out of my diet. I lost thirty pounds within like. But then as your sugar time now, but that's and they say it's bad for you. Because then it makes you hungry for other stuff. So like you that you're getting your metabolism your metabolism's like great sugar. But and then when it doesn't get sugar. The it doesn't go into your reserves. No, it goes you idiot that wasn't sugar. You fooled us now. Go eat real sugar, gogo or carbohydrates or something. Because now we really wanted. We didn't want it. But they need tease us with it. Now, we want it. But I don't think the big tease. I don't think that we ever weighed a really long time. Really tease. You're. Immediately, eat whatever I want. But I don't think that was even it. I don't know what the hell it was but not having soda, and it wasn't that. I even cut it out of my life. It was just I'm not going to have it at my home anymore that alone. Like traumatically changed my drink it like if you and I were going to go to a movie, you would get us. Oh, yeah. Oh, yeah. At a restaurant or something. I'm always getting a soda or beer. What if we were out on the town you and I we're going to walk? I dunno. We're going to be what do people do rob a Bank, rob a Bank on the way to the Bank? If you're thirsty would you pick up coke zero and like drink it walking down the street, usually not usually if I'm buying something from a store like a Bodega or a deli. I am gonna look for something more exotic something. I haven't tried before something with one of those drinks that has the floating gelatinous balls in it. They don't make that anymore orbits. Yeah. They'll make that anymore. They made that for three months. Maybe if they had it. I would try, but yeah, usually I'll get some weird shit as amo if they can't took Zima walking down the street. I don't know that the cops are wives hipped. Knows not so too. You're behind. However, if kids know that this is out, but the cops there, there's like this new, you know, what I saw the other day which made a lot of sense. And I was kinda surprised at myself that I didn't realize this before, you know, in how many cities have this kind of thing be no in the city like I work around union square that there's people like selling water and Gatorade for dollar or whatever the be over the out of a cooler. They have wine cooler in there too. And presumably beer, but maybe not beer, but they do have wine coolers, I saw some I saw a discreet transaction happening where somebody who's buying. It was in the morning. Somebody was buying a wine cooler and that suddenly made that whole business. Change, my my opinion of it of. Oh, oh, that's okay. Now, I get it front. Did you see how much he was charging for that one? No. I mean, they charge very reasonable prices for the sewed for the waters and Gatorade assume they're charging pretty reasonable prices for the wine coolers. Well, let me know exactly where that is on my way to work one day. Maybe. Yeah. I feel like I'm going to go up to one of those guys when they met. Hey, any wine coolers, and they're gonna be like what? No, of course, wine cooler, they're going to be like on the ground. This. Trying to have a more one cooler. So yeah, I will buy soda on the street if it's a new soda haven't seen before or of its soda. I don't see often the vandyke grim of Tom Reynolds interest being piqued soda. Yeah. And some new marketing in the market. Yeah. I'm in and if and if you can get this this will happen in our lifetime buffalo flavoring. Yeah. I definitely you. You'd sweep down a the cool to leader bottle of buffalo flavored Coca Cola coke zero. I would I would try it. Sure. One off low raspberry or something, you know, what kind of goes together. The the carbonation ties it together. I they get recently. Not recently. But like within the last year a. Hot hot cinnamon, Pepsi, it tastes like shit. I hate it. Tastes like battery acid and all I want spicy drinks, try the buffalo stuff. But even like a. Hala pain Margarita. This is not what I want from a drink. Yeah. Gimme spicy food and a cool. Drink drink supposed to cool you down for Christ's sake. Anyway, Coca-Cola Coca Cola thinking man's soft drink. There's an old advertisement that called it an intellectual drink. Yeah. Not the the way played out century. Coca Cola is Coca-Cola one hundred thirty three years old today. Wow. Yeah. That's why we're doing the episode Tim happy birthday. Then you notice all the decorations. I put up you know, what you usually have Coca-Cola decker. I noticed slightly more. Yeah. Well, and all the birthday streamers and the happy hundred and thirty third birthday. Maybe you're the man in the Coca Cola bottle costume who's sitting on in the corner. Is that a real, of course, it's real. Yeah. I'll ruin the illusion. It's not a real ball Coca-Cola. It's a suit. But he is the standing found. Some sort of manic in that, you know, found the oldest man I could the mannered and thirty three's one hundred thirty three that is one hundred four. Wow. Yeah. I don't want to don't make me shake his hand before I go to feel like paper. No what actually that's on us to be. You can't take his hand. Il, Il, just kind of the skin the skin the bones are very brittle. But his grandson saw the ad. I put up on Craigslist, his grandsons fifty three but grandson saw. Validity three-year-old grandson is a sick for he gained here shit and said that Coca Cola I actually accidentally knocked into him before. Which is why I thought it might not be a real person didn't really seem to stir hopefully, still breathing in their these very old, man. You made that bottle yourself yet? It's all glass. Yeah. It's made have a bunch of query that I found on the street. Will you ever have an aquarium? I Spira to this. I hope we never have a fish tank. So my what we get corium. I'm going to divorce court the next day. You know, what I did lay it down like that? The implication was clear I read between the line. Yeah. Why did it come up? I think I saw in a query. TV got a for so where Sadr s to her and she's like, well, what if what if we had a kid one day, and they wanted a fish tank like a small, that's fine a kid's room. Yeah. Goldfish or something? But these people that have the query of gallons and gallons of water dozens of fish in there. What what's the endgame fishy? Fish. Watch a meet each other. I don't wanna watch physique other fish. I would only like an aquarium if I had like a very big house. Yeah. And then you have an aquarium room. Yeah. All aquarium. The ceiling the floor house in all the walls were made out of aquarium. Yeah. I could deal a glass glass house. Also, you have a guy presumably to deal with the right? I don't wanna be like some some chump sprinkling food to the query other. Food stinking my whole house. Then he our about that guy seems like he's chatting up my wife a lot the query. Aquarium walls. Anyway, Coca-Cola also had a head. Turtle hurdle to feed that thin krill stunk up his whole room. Oh, yeah. Anyway, Coca-Cola Tim, Dino. How Coca Cola came to be? Somebody's walking down the street with the water and somebody was walking down the street with carbonated sugar, and they bumped into each other. And somebody said, you got carbonation and sugar. My water you can't carbonate sugar. How? I'm not a soda enthusiast. It was a confederate Colonel that came up with it. Oh, jeez. So maybe we Coca Cola should be cancelled Coca Cola from here on out is cancelled. Thank you good night. Coca-cola Kern confederate Colonel so sorry for the slip of the tongue. I was thinking if the Colo wars. Confederate. Colonel John Pemberton who is wounded in the American civil war became addicted a morphine. Then having a lot boil. Yeah. Because Warfield a very addictive drug. No, no after the civil war. Yeah. Everybody who fought in the civil war wound up essentially addicted to morphine. Well, yeah. 'cause they got like grisly wounds that were like just shy of killing people except for the wounds that did kill people, but like ally like lost limbs and and stuff like that. And there was nothing. They could really do doctors just kinda went house to house leaving them needles inject this whenever you need it. And then you know, what happened a lot of overdo it. So a lot of the women who did who did not fight but dealt with so much tragedy. You know, husbands brothers brother versus brother dying. They got into the morphine because they were like, well, this numbs, my my emotional pain. Yeah. Big thing. Good all around drug. No, bad blood works for physical and emotional bed. Stay away from all of it. So he was. Looking for a the something that was less problematic than morphine? Oh, confederate general doesn't want to be problematical? So he he came up with this thing, and he registered it. He had a drugstore or a drug house. Pemberton's eagle drug and chemical house drugstore with till you like to go pick up a prescription at the drug and chemical house. It's color. What it is. Right. Yeah. It was in Georgia. It was called Pemberton's, French wine. Coca nerve tonic. May have been inspired by the formidable success VIN Mariani, a French corps chorus can coca wine. But his recipe. The top of your head of China. Remember how it's pronounced. But his recipe included the African colon nut which is where the caffeine came from LA. Yes. And it's worth noting. According to Wikipedia that there's a Spanish drink called Coca Cola or cola. Coca? That was presented at a contest as our world. Coke. Presented at a contest and Philadelphia in eighteen eighty five a year before the official birth of Coca Cola, but the rights for the Spanish drink were bought by Coca Cola in nineteen fifty three servings settled everything's fine. Now, this is the fact after that confederate screwed over the Spanish guy. I'm not sure if there's like. Evidence that he ninety years later. They made it right. I'm not sure if there evidence that he was there to at in Philadelphia. Confederate. Well, yeah. Probably probably would that we probably wouldn't have been able to catch him dead up there. Still drink this milling. Whatever happened nerve tonics feel like we don't get as main nerve tonics used to be. Nerve tonic was the the implication. It did something for the health of the your nerves like Noor like the nerve endings or your disposition your disposition like back then settled your anxiety. Yeah. Back then any mental illnesses were just like nerve problems. Right. And then there were nerve tonics to fix your nerve problems. And I don't know what I think a lot of them were just you know, heroin or morphine derived things, but I man. Yeah. I bet especially nowadays if you came out with if you came out with like a CB infused drink and called it nerve tonic put it in an old timey foot in old timing. Glad Tim and Tom's. Old-timey nerve Tana. We we can. Confederate nerve, Tom. Yes. There you go. We're really seizing on a moment to right. It's in the news. It's really in the site games. A lot of free press. Handlebar moustache is in like mutton chops on the on the bottle be one of those stuff sells itself. I'll tell you. What? If I walked into a bow Dagan, I saw that. I would buy it you try it. And then. Yeah, it just in in parentheses put soda under it. And then everybody like you would be like. Wow, gimmicky and soda even eat the soda thing. And we made it we get like tastes like shit. And then people think it's like actually really good for you men. Okay. I can throw my depression meds because I have this nerve Bodega by Bolland nerve tonic every day. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. So that was he started it he called it nerve tonic. Yeah. And then what happened? And then he that. Eventually he got rid of the during prohibition. They had to use like this. This wine nerve tonic isn't gonna go over so well with the new prohibition. So they got rid of the wine was there cocaine in it. Yeah. There was cocaine and it, of course, well, actually, they say Coca-Cola denies the usage of cocaine but Pemberton called for five ounces of coca leaf per gallon of syrup a significant dose. But then somebody else claimed in eighteen ninety one that it actually only contained a tenth of that amount. But Coca-Cola once estimated that there were nine milligrams of cocaine per glass, and for comparison sake, a typical dose or lying of cocaine was fifty is fifty to seventy five milligrams late. So how much was in it nine nine? So about a fifth of a line of cocaine was in a single serving a single serving of Coca Cola still. Oh, yeah. I mean, that's like not a trace amount. And you drink five today or you did it at your at your one. Yeah. Lowest point. Yeah. So that was the equivalent of. No that mean the Coca Cola during nowadays is not have cocaine. It would I would like to try Coca-Cola with some cocaine. I I've never tried cocaine. I've no interest in trying cocaine don't do drugs kids, but I would be interested in trying Coca-Cola with cocaine. Yeah. Just to see what it tastes like you can. Like to see what it feels like feel great. Would you colour makes me feel so good when I drink it if it had a little bit of cocaine boy, I'd I'd be the L titan of all street. Yeah. Feel you'd be real arrogant. Oh, absolutely. But it is a weird thing. I was looking up. I don't know why. But I was looking up like how cocaine works the other day, not how it works how they get cocaine out of coca leaves, which I'm gonna talk about in a moment. I guess I'm talking about it now. But. It struck me as because you know, you can like take a coca leaf they're small, and you can just chew that. And that's what they do in like the places where it grows naturally Colombian stuff. It's not in its purest. And when you when you just chew a leave of it is the equivalent of a coffee in how it makes you because it's and then I looked up like how they get cocaine out of it. And it's a very like long process where they introduced like a bunch of like gasoline and stuff to get gasoline. Yeah. Gasoline to get the the yellow. Appear gave me a look. To get the pure cocaine out that then you can stick up your nose and feel great. And it struck me as a very unfortunate thing is. I would I think if people had figured that stuff out. Everybody's always pouring gasoline on something to make it more potent enrolling went too far same thing, you know, you can if you have some pure caffeine kill you. There have been a lot of not a lot, but a decent amount of cases because caffeine can be used as like a like a bodybuilding drug or whatever. So you mixing caffeine with a bunch of other substances and helps you work out or like, which McCaw like a new tropic like brain thing. Same thing with nicotine, you have a pins head of. Yeah. Dropping pure nicotine. Yeah. And there have been cases where people have, you know, screwed up their packaging or whatever. And put you know, a scoop of caffeine into what they're drinking kills them. So just kind of strikes cocaine is a very similar thing where I guess like maybe cocaine's at of like caffeine nicotine. Actually, maybe the safest thing where you can actually do like that same amount of cocaine if you had that in nicotine or caffeine. It would kill you like on the spot. Right. But just chew the leaves everybody. But that's what's so weird that it was almost because you could turn this into something that you can. I guess not safely have. But that you can enjoy ably. Have a lot of it. Like, you can't enjoy ably have a lot of caffeine or a lot of nicotine. I think right. Yeah. I would have been nice if they add cocaine leaves. Hey, tell that to Elise Jarmusch and the cast of coffee and cigarettes. Right. Tell them one that they can enjoy ably have a whole bunch of caffeine nicotine. It's all they have time you ever see that movie. Cigarettes and drinking coffee, though, they are just playing characters. I don't know Tom waits his name was Tom waits. Oh, okay. Yeah. There was just some study about cigarettes and coffee, and that they found something where it is very synergistic. Synergistic. Well, you know who told you that Tom Jim Jarmusch and the cast of coffee and cigarettes. I should've asked them. So here's an interesting thing about the cocaine in coca Cola's, the headline scientists vindicate Jim Jarmusch. Finally, finally, the no longer a laughing stock. It was a press release to give him the Nobel prize for science. I mean that's taken too far. Movie. Yeah. It's like he didn't you know, you should give the Nobel prize. So the guys who actually did the the back the testing and everything. Big of you to to tell them that. Did they I said it to the newspaper. They don't really have much pull the newspaper. No, I said it to the newspaper. I was reading even write a letter to the editor you can do that. He and they don't read is in my in my experience, they return them with with a letter asking you not to write it. Oh, I thought maybe they would take those letters pulp them tournament. Newspapers. How they save money. They're like we'll print some real inflammatory stuff. Then we'll use all the letters printed. Yeah. We're we're we're gonna get all this paper. Let's. Please these tomorrow's paper. This is super this has been a thing. That's fascinating me forever in the United States. The step and company Z only manufacturing plant authorized by the federal government to import and process. The coca plant which had obtains mainly from Peru. And to a lesser extent Bolivia, they're right. New Jersey route since America. Sides producing the coca flavoring agent for Coca-Cola the step on company extracts, cocaine from the coca leaves, which it sells the Malan cry at Saint Louis, Missouri. Pharmaceutical manufacturer, there's only company in the United States, licensed appear FAI cocaine for medical for medical use medical, you know. And that was the first I heard that there was a medical use for cocaine. Maybe I don't know somebody's not having fun at a party. Tom. About coal somebody's afraid to dance new you give them that. Is that what happens boy people are free to dance people? Yeah. Well, I mean, I it urkel one time was at a party on the roof in alcohol made him not afraid to dance alcohol works did the urkel was that the first time he did the urkel again, Tom. Well, that just kind of tarnish the legacy that the first time he did the Ergul he was drunk. You know, it's like well now I can't enjoy the article is much of it. It's just a. Results some drunken hidings. But yeah, there's this company in frigging all the best dances are result of drunken, hijinks hustle. Where that cover them drunken hijinks at a wedding. The you know that for a fact. Yeah. -ssume that they can come from the song does shown came from it. They improvised at the wedding. Okay. Interesting. They were all there were wasted. But isn't it crazy that like, there's, you know, a place in New Jersey where they're taking these leaves making cocaine seems a little shady that the government's like you to companies winnow. Oh, yeah. Yeah. You you get the cocaine and Hugh sell to these guys for medical use. You could see your air quotes. That's the cocaine that they're doing at the Pentagon. They're doing cocaine at the Pentagon to get through this more your state conspiracy mill but that cocaine that's probably the no. But you gotta hear what cue said today that cocaine's fry the best cocaine on earth, but what the cocaine that Coca-Cola's Megan or that the company. Because that's like the only like pure cocaine. You know, unless you're it yourself because like otherwise, you don't know where that you. Otherwise, you're going to trust big business at that that that's. I Tim otherwise might be stepped on. You know, that means it spilled at the and somebody step nice out. What what why would? I mean that you would think it's what it. Yeah. I just read a whole drugs. Book him. I know all the terminology. Okay. Stepped on. Like cut with our stuff. Yeah. Doing the urkel. Drugs thing yet is alcohol is a drug gay people. Go drinking doing the Erbil. No, drinking and then. The drinking and doing the article. Okay. That's all this book. Tilde very this. Book was call the book fair. He was family matters. Steve's clothes call. Now, Tom, I don't drink that much Coca Cola. Okay. I don't drink that much soda. You wanna why? Because I'm a great, man. What? Yes, some will say I'm a coward. I never liked soda growing up because the carbonation was too much for me. Yeah. Then that just makes you out now coward not a coward on you. Remember when we said we didn't like spicy drinks before. Like bubbly? Drake's we're not cowards. Agreed that we like, spicy drinks. We had a pack. You're you're you're one of us, man. And. I don't know it always seemed like a chore to drink soda. I never really enjoyed it. But I do enjoy occasionally when I'm out. I don't feel like drinking alcohol and ice cold beer, name-brand soda. Okay. RC cola war, see colas, the name brand, but come on here. Like, this isn't some house soda you have here. Right. This one of the ones I've heard of. I mean, I guess now if a restaurant was like we make our own soda. Yeah. Yeah. Try that. Okay. Back in the day. See commercials for this bright come here to to to drink your frigging, ShopRite banned. Yeah. Anne way. Oftentimes when I'll go out, and Brooklyn, and or queens, the cool borough than the new cool Bir, it's where you actually live now. Yeah. A lot of places will offer the Mexican coat. Yeah. See very popular with a certain contingent of people who turn their nose up at Coca-Cola. Right. We'll be like you have Mexican Kook. I'll try that. I'll definitely have that. I'll have them coca Tom. Is there a difference in taste between Coca Cola in the United manufactured within the United States, and that manufactured in Mexico? There is in that Coca-Cola manufactured in Mexico uses real sugar and sugar cane. Yeah. And Coca Cola manufactured in the United States for the most part uses corn syrup. What do you mean for the most part? I believe there might be some bottlers that use sugar cane. Uh-huh. Talk about bottlers. Yeah. You're not even getting. Consistent product, no matter, depending on where you are. No. I mean, that's kind of the the weird thing about Coca Cola is that they sit there coca Cola's business is very interesting because basically their businesses crew spending a crazy amount of money on marketing and advertising, right and then selling barrels of syrup to distributors, and then those distributor confederates better. It's those distributors are their franchises, basically. And then they take the syrup that they don't know how to make it 'cause they're not, you know, the ingredients a secret ingredients. Is there is it really secret? Yeah. I mean, technically. Yes. I mean, technically. Yes. Because there are a bunch of. Recipes floating around out there that people have found that when people make the recipes. They're like, oh, yeah. This tastes like Okola. This is the recipe. I think at this point the recipe is probably so chemically that you couldn't recreate it doesn't like the FDA have to know. What's in there? Don't I have a right to know when I'm putting in my body. It all falls under natural flavorings. That is how they get away with it. Yeah. So they just put on the ingredients list, natural flavorings. And that's the you know, what what this soul say. Carbonated water sugar cane or corn syrup and then natural flavorings, maybe some exile and gum or is. That have the Colonel away with it to the Colonel Sanders with his put ingredients on thing you buy from a restaurant. They don't have to post it online. But same thing. I mean, those are also natural ingredients. So they can just say natural flavors chemicals. I guess chemicals are in nature anything ingredient. No people come right? M I my crazy. I did read a thing recently about the Colonel Sanders character, no trying to just gloss over it. And keep it moving feel like the world has gone crazy. And I'm the one seen man. I mean, this isn't a new character is character from us seventy. Yeah. New audience fulfill some of the might know this character from the seventies was alive in the seventies. Some of them were in the right now who are alive right now turn against. Turning this off because they're offended. Well, oh, do I end you fended. Anyway. No, I read this thing recently about Colonel same offended, by carriage shed. Shedding a lot is going on here. I feel like going crazy. So now the characters become very meta his talking about himself. Can't that the twenty first century spin on it didn't live you live. You get to the the the real good potato dead pool. Ask he he breaks the fourth wall this character on a podcast. No, I read this thing recently back hurls Sanders KFC in particular, we're some reporter found like a like a long lost relative of the Colonel and found a recipe in a random scrapbook. And they were like this recipe. Looks like this is this is an eleven ingredient recipe, and these are eleven herbs and spices. So they all herbs stays the same. True. True. So they may up she, you know, what the you know, what kind of the secret thing with with Colonel Sanders. Original recipe is. Say something like piss Russell no white pepper. Okay. That's heard that before that's like the uncommon ingredient in there that that people say oh. Easel Mike Gooding use black pepper annoys wipe pepper. Injuring nextgen coke. So the. This reporter took this back to Anna, the newsroom's test kitchen, or whatever and had them put everything together newsrooms test kitchen. Yeah. All right. And they were like. They're like this tastes really really similar, but it's a little bit off. But they they went to KFC with the recipe. And they were like, hey, we found this recipe. And we made those tastes pretty close. Is this a recipe, and they got back a very like cheeky a lot of people over the years of tried to replicate the recipe and all of them have failed bub-bubba and the recipe is a secret and always be secret. And then they went back to the test kitchen people and one of the like chefs or whatever of the newsroom chefs was like, I think I know it's missing and they put a little MSG in it. And they were like after that it was frigging identical. It was exactly the same. And then they contacted KFC again and said, hey. Does this have MSG is that what is that? The thing. We were missing. And there for a back like dude FDA regulations we do have to disclose that it does contain. So they got it. Get it also who gives a shit. Oh men. This thing of all the money and save not going to KFC anymore. Yeah. I guess I would save a lot of money. Just fry chicken at home with the precise blend of herbs and spices Spicer's because otherwise just tastes like shit. Yeah. You've ever just regular fried chicken. And you're just like. What is this shit? This chicken or an eight and shit. See I forget what got us on. Bottlers? Yes. Oh, yes. So the yeah. The bottlers so the bottlers are actually given a little bit of leeway as to how they make it. So that they can make it more to the. Areas tastes so in some places, it is sweeter and some places last week. That's usually like people like Ed sugar. Yeah. They're kind of given. Yeah. Because that's still the syrup that they get from the Coca Cola corporation in Atlanta. Come out of Atlanta. I think maybe ship them from Atlanta to to PR Lia or wherever the bottling plant is in that doesn't have sugar in it. They're just like, hey, Ed, some I think. Yeah. Corn syrup or cane sugar, whatever you're gonna make it sweet. But you know, poll the townsfolk here and let them know. Tell you how sweet they want it. Don't pull them to you know, mess around with it two year. Right. But again, it makes sense because the sugar has to be aside from water the number one ingredient in Coca Cola that saves on shipping costs. Ed, Ed local sugar or corn syrup wherever the hell. You want? Hey, you don't give a shit what you feed people. But. They encourage them to give it to their babies. That's they save a lot of money because they're shipping tiny concentrated barrel that he and then make you know, God knows how many barrels of coke, and they say, yeah. At your own sugar, editor your carbonated water. There you go have you ever gotten curious? Yeah. Giant your hands on a barrel or or any of that syrup that concentrated here? I had an opportunity once, but it was in high school, a friend that worked at McDonald's he stole you still like a concentrated already has the sugar in it. Donald isn't adding right, but any soul root beer, and it was like who gives a shit. Better than Coca Cola. You're out of your fucking mind. Who you mean, you're out of your mind Rubio's not bear the cocoa up. Here has good Tang to it Rubare skit, I'm not, you know, I I will not turn down to root beer unless there is a soda cola available. But I think he'd wind up just making a huge mess. Because there wasn't like a way to that. The ways hands are still stays because the syrup came out of like, a special connector was only intended for this machine at McDonald's, and he tried to open it, you know, on his own, and it just made a huge men that leads me to my second question. Tom. Great. And you're saying that the whole Mexican coke thing is is is a hoax. Right. I'm not saying it's a hoax. Actually, I think probably more likely is that the level of sugar is different. And that's what people are tasting the difference in. I've had Mexican kooks, and they are good like I will usually not pay the premium for one. I don't think is an issue fifty cents really actually not fifty cents. It's usually like a few dollars more insane. Mill it's not usually triple the price of the normal that causes a lot of problems with Coca-Cola and Costco. Oh because Costco's start stocking Mexican coke and the Coca-Cola distributors in America were like, whoa. Whoa. Like, we have an exclusive distribution arrangement for this area. This product was that their argument, I think so that there were like it's an imported product or whatever, you sure have changed your tuna Mexican coke since the last time we were drunk at a bar screaming at each other until you're red in the face about it. Why was I saying that it was better? No, I was saying it was better. And you're calling me a buffoon in front of my wife and all of our friends. Yeah. For for buying into such ridiculous hype. While look Tim, I'm being civil on the podcast as soon as the recordings over gonna lay. What else is new? Soonest? We stop man. Insult start flying. And they don't stuff. That's when the real TOMS out Rindge into my say, Tom Coca Cola. This is this is claim my mother makes that I just a letter that my mother sent into the podcast another claim, my mother makes that I dispute is that her friend coined the phrase, where's the beef? That's for different episode for this episode. She goes coke tastes better from McDonald's than anywhere else. I wouldn't dispute that coke from Donald's stays very good. I think that they actually do have their own like all at least in the US. I believe maybe all McDonald's. Coke comes from McDonald's. Mcdonalds is getting the they're buying directly from Coca Cola, and they have their own formulation. Can I tell you? What what they claim are the differentiator here. Sure, I will add to that that I also think Coca-Cola from Chipotle lay is better than regular do. You think they still get the Coca Cola from the same place from when they were owned by or in business with McDonald's. Do you think they got hooked up? Maybe. Mcdonald's itself the entity right? There's some third party open exclusively a deal with McDonald's where I went to college. We had what I was told was the only McDonald's in the country that surf Pepsi. You burn it to the ground. And it was like what is this blasphemy? They claim. There are four. Factors that make the coke at McDonald's. As better. What is your mom still? No mcdonald's. Okay. That stainless steel is one of them than the syrup comes in stainless steel tanks. Everybody else gets there's in plastic bags. Yeah. I yeah. I could see that that maybe the plastic leaches into the coke. Maybe team little. I mean, I reason I carry a stainless steel water bottle and sit down now I like I like drinking stainless steel feels colder. Yeah. I like when you go to a restaurant, they have like a steel Cup that you're drinking your water out of hell restaurants, you go to they've steel Himalayan restaurant near me. It's really good temperature control. But it's a real hike to get their temperature control. There's more to. Guess not temperature control. They pay close attention to the temperature of the soda. They keep it colder. Then then other places the actual system. Right. They don't just rely on the ice to do all the heavy lifting and the water and the syrup or pre chilled. Nice. And they also have an insulated tube that they claim that others in cold and that. Whatever filtered water they claim they filter the water as it comes in. And that the straws at McDonalds, which by the way, McDonalds is cancelled for using stroz the straws at McDonald's are wider. Yeah. They are wider. And yeah, when you're when you're they claim that that insures that the coke hits, quote, all of your taste buds as it enters your mouth, you know, what? I buy that listen because that wider straw allows. 'cause you're not you're forgetting that you deal with bubbles here. Yeah. No, tom. You think that I forget that you deal with bubbles and soda. That's why can't drink soda. I feel like when I drink out of McDonald's straw. I'm getting more liquid in my mouth. I'm getting more in the back of my mouth and a normal straw. Right. I buy that. I think that that is true. I'm going to start next time. I go to McDonalds take five hundred straws from there and. I'll have to go one of those McDonald's that doesn't have the little button where you get one strut at time just hit that button. The bunch and somebody'll come over, sir. We already told the year not allowed in near. Where do you do? And now, you're taking all. I expect you to get banned from the Pepsi McDonald's. 'cause just there. Standing with with a sandwich board. Bent. Bell? No, I buy all that about McDonald's. Those all sound reasonable. I mean, the colder Coca Cola the better unless it's frozen. What do you think of the Coca Cola slurpy ever liked them as fine? I guess it didn't taste like coke. It tastes like flat. Coca Cola problem with the slurpee toys were cold. Exactly. That's too cold. Come on. There's a nice medium ground between room temperature and slurpee. That's all we're asking for where we enjoy all of our beverages except for the hot ones, Tom I like hot coffee, and I and I make no apologies for that. I like both types of coffee. I yeah. Whenever I drink AAA cola. I don't drink it Abba straw. They've got nice ice at Pola say nice ice. I said. Tim. I wanna talk to you about a dark portion of coca Cola's history the union busting. No, not the union blessed the water rights Mel about new coke. Colette sounds positively delightful term a new coca. Well, that's what sounds exciting. That's what spokesman Bill Cosby would have led you to believe doctor. Dr cosby. So anything that he out just for I can get behind. So basically Coca Cola realize that the diet coke with starting to get very popular in that people really like the taste of diet coke, which was a little bit of a milder taste. So they realize hey, we should we should move this over to regular coke, which is such a dumb idea because it's like well people like this tastes there aren't saying them. So the only thing I wish was that. It had a lot of sugar in it yet. I understand them being like we want our flagship to be the most beloved though, right? The most beloved flavor and like come on he drink the diet or coke zero or zero sugar. You know, it's not a healthier, right? Eighties buying that. People in the eighties or buying it. And I'll go to Jazzercise after this. And then do some flash dancing tonight. So they they were originally going to have it as its own thing. But then the the president of coke at the time this guy Reagan, no, go Zuta Zuta. He was like now. The we we need to, you know, be bold here. We're going to change it. Let's go whole hog. Let's make this the new coq. So they they just called a coke, but they put labels that said new on it, which is how it came to be called new coq very clever. People people have I apparently like new coke. Had Dr kospi behind it. Right. Sales were up eight percent. Cope from coke. But then Tim there was the backlash people don't like change in their sugary drinks people. Don't like change many of the. Southern drinkers saw this as a saw the way Coca Cola taste says part of the regional identity, and they've you'd co the company's decision to change the formula through the prism of the civil war as another surrender to the Yankees. Wait what? Yeah. So finally, hey, any southern other people who held onto the confederate kind of mindset. I bet they were just like, hey, Coca Cola. That's one of ours. Right. Yeah. Yeah. It's a southern success story. No. It's literally made by confederates. The company headquarters in Atlanta started receiving letters and phone calls expressing anger or deep disappointment the company received over forty thousand calls or letters including one letter this seventy organized this. I can't imagine people would be compelled on their own no eighties. There is nothing to do. There is so much tell water skiing. Yeah. Water skiing was a new thing. But you get a lot of people can afford a water ski. So they would you know blow some seem by sending an angry layer to Coca Cola. And it's true. This back in the days when like you didn't need to organize shit. Like, they they said a curse word on TV and everybody would call up the TV and be like, oh mad circus of the stars watch that I remember my mom wrote a letter to a video game company because a the instruction manual called the Bagai scumbags. Suddenly, my mom doesn't seem so weird for cleaner friend clued in the fridge. Where's the beef? Well, and for like, I only found about that like years later. But when I was still a kid, and then I still didn't understand because I didn't know that scumbag was a euphemism for. Yeah. Yeah. The company received over forty thousand calls and letters. This is my favorite thing in this this historical document. That they felt the need to point. This out would have been put on Wikipedia by the person who did this including one letter delivered to quits that address. That was dressed you chief dodo, the Coca Cola company. Another letter ask for his autograph as the signature of quote, one of the dumbest executives in America. Business -tory would likely become valuable over time who. Who cares that much about soda the thing? They want to read. I mean, I guess it's you can't add them on Twitter and say things to actually write to. Yeah. You ever look at Twitter mentioned for like. Yeah. People have like we're jokes. Like that. Like, oh, yeah. You're gonna go down in history. As the were I'd like to frame a picture of your signatures. Thank you. Before Twitter yet to send a letter. They also accompany hotline one eight hundred get coke. They received fifteen hundred calls a day compared to four hundred before the change a psychiatrist that coke hired to listen in on calls told executive thing to do. Told executives that some people said it is if they were discussing the death of a family member. People thinking that the change of of of of the formula for a soda quivalent to their dead family members. I feel like I'm going. We go. What is going on? This is this is I feel like either I'm going crazy or the whole world is going crazy. And I'm the only one Hussein. New Coco's made fun of by Johnny Carson, David Letterman. Oh, no loss. Carson you've lost middle America. Everybody knows that when ads would appear on the scoreboard at the Houston. Astrodome? They would get booed everybody. Then even Fidel Castro a longtime Coca Cola drinker can contribute to the backlash. Calling new coke assign of American capitalist decadence, I mean coca Cola's now, he the old Kochi was fine. With a good brand today. Cuba and North Korea are the only two countries in the world that you officially can't get coq yet to get gray market, guede, says father express, similar misgivings to his son who later recalled that it was the only time his father had agreed with Fidel Castro whose rule he had fled Cuba to four she. So the CEO's own dad was like, you know, I hate Fidel Castro. We came here to start a new life because of that monster. But he's got a point the new the new soda you came up with such shapes on Fidel Castro has in. In common with the guy who created Coca-Cola. They both hated America. That's true. And then a Seattle retiree named gay Mullins. The look to start a PR firm with one hundred twenty thousand dollars barred money called old cola drinkers America to lobby. Coca Cola to reintroduce old formula or sell to someone else any filed a class action lawsuit against Coca Cola which was quickly dismissed by judge who said he preferred the taste of Pepsi, which then judge recused themselves. Then. Yeah. Well, nevertheless, expressing interest in securing the company's judges try to be like cute like that. Ooh, I'm gonna weigh in with the pop culture shot up in up in judge into informal blind taste tests Mullins fail to distinguish new coq from old or express a diff- a preference for nuke. So you did to tastes us where either he couldn't tell the difference where he said he like new coke more. Us your money. Yeah. Yeah. It was a big like I can't even get into most of it. Because there's just. Maybe we'll do a whole episode on new coq one day. Yeah. The president. Appear to be learning about this as you're telling that it. So you scanning your your ipad? Yeah. The Coca-Cola president. So I guess this guy is the CEO a different guy. David, he'll they all have weird names. Hey, I can't pronounce the Coca Cola president chief operating officer reported overhearing someone say it is country club that they like new coke. But they would be damned if all like Coca-Cola know that. Who the people have a lot of opinions about a lot of things. I guess I can't talk. We've logged five hundred hours. He's screaming about things. Yeah. Seventy nine days after it was they reverse their core. They've reversed it and it was announced by ABC news is Peter Jennings, interrupting General Hospital with the special bulletin the share the news with viewers Jesus Christ. What a dumb country dumb world we live in. And then there was like a talked about sugar water's back to normal everybody. They talked about on down. They announced it on the floor of the Senate. Yeah. This is. I mean, this is why we need the right to stockpile. Weapons. Yeah. Just in case our companies turn against us and in slightly changed the the formula. I feel like I'm going crazy that old man gay Mullins. He was given the first case of Coca Cola classic like he sued them. Yeah. You win. Yeah. Well, I mean, you know, and that's and that that was that they called it. Classic. Yeah. To make sure that everybody was well they were going to try to keep. The the the new version on the market separately. Right. Yeah. The classic version or two thick coke to was what they renamed it. Because some people did like it. For new coke and coke to great job guys. Yeah. Marketing department. Had a had a meeting to get to a baseball game. Coke too. I believe it was the Roman numeral two. So it was classy. I remember as a kid like seeing that in the store and being like what the hell sodas sequel? Sign me up. I think I probably the first one a lot. I think well, I mean, also like when you're a kid, and like a sequel to movie comes out, it's always better. You're you're you're just like they made a sequel and holy shit. The sequels ten times better. I can't believe it. So I remember like saying, we should try coke to my mom being like, no, we're not gonna know. You'll I'll be damned if you have a sip of that, man. But it's one of my pet peeves with my mom over I'm home only. So does she ever has caffeine free dyke? They stop calling. It coca Coca-Cola classic in twenty eleven is which I didn't really realize then once I res- like, oh, yeah. I guess I haven't seen it. Call Coca Cola classic anymore on that. Yeah. So it took like, you know, forgetting how long like twenty years before they were like, all right? No. Everybody's everybody knows now that they're not buying new coq we can take the classic away. All those people are delong dead people that do these new coach day Beatty's. They got from using our product. If you like the show, you can find out more TC, DT dot com. You can support the show by checking out TC G T, E dot com slash Amazon for all of your Coca Cola merchandise buying needs. Anything else you need from Amazon gives us a kickback, which we appreciate and we used to by Coca Cola. And you can take out patriot dot com slash complete guy for our patriotic where we are doing books podcast, and we are about to debut episode two. And then there were none. Which is the book I'm reading Intel Tim about Tom insists on going by its original. I do not and you can follow us on Facebook. Facebook dot com slash complete guide falls on Twitter at complete guiding fall me on Twitter and Instagram. At Tom rental, only, you're pal Tim and read it dot com slash are such TC GT for our separate and thanks for leaving us reviews on ITN's on apple podcasts, or I tunes whichever way. Wanna do it on? Yeah. Reviews but positive five stars all that. Yeah. Believe a review on yelp. Ooh. Why not? You can leave a review on our Amazon product of our CBD nerve, Tom tonic nerve Tomek. Ooh. Nerve Tomek in an earth Timoc and you had to use both for it to work. Right. That's the giving. Yeah. They both taste terrible. Several only if the only one of them ill drive you mad. We didn't get to a lot of things we didn't get to the polar bears out that much say about them. It was neat at the time. I guess. Didn't even think it was like the first one of the first cases of CGI. Yeah. Cases. Should we make this the part one of a coal of soda trilogy? So yeah, let's do it. We're gonna do Pepsi next week. Yeah. And then or maybe not next week. But we'll eventually. Yeah. Like don't lock us in to seven days. On where? Yeah. Due poke him on this week. But do we realize neither of us knew about Pokemon? I am so excited detective Pika chew. Well, maybe we'll discuss that one down. Hopefully, hopefully, I'll see at this Friday, but not not during Coca-Cola week here on the league. I'd everything. Yeah. So take a swig that sweet Brown liquid and China to burn you with the carbonation until next week. I'm Tim signing off. That was a hit gum podcast.

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