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Hello word nerd welcome to the dictionary. This one might be a little bit long. So we are going to get into it. I was thinking about adding another word at the end, but I decided not to cuz it could be long enough. All right, so if you didn't listen to yesterday's episode shame on you go listen, and you would have learned that in this episode. We are reading the E intransitive verb definitions for the first form of the word break and then we will be reading the second form of break and that's it, but it's a lot off and you know what there's actually a bunch of phrases for the verb as well. So intransitive for break one a to escape with sudden forceful effort Thursday in the attacker broke from the throng one be to come into being by or as if by bursting forth as in day was breaking down. 1 C to affect a penetration as in break through security lines 1D to emerge through the surface of the water one e to start abruptly as in when the storm broke one F. Do you become known or published as in when the news broke 1G to make a sudden Dash as in break for cover one h two separate after a clinch in boxing one. I to achieve initial success in usually a sudden or striking way as in her song broke nationally 1 J boy. That's a lot for number one is the last one for number one one J to begin a race as in the horse broke poorly to a to come apart or split into pieces dead. Synonyms our fragment and shatter as in the cup broke when it fell to be this is where we flip a flip the page to 1:52 to be to open spontaneously or by pressure from within as in the blister broke one C is talking about a wave to curl over and falling apart in surf or foam 3 to interrupt ones activity or occupation for a brief period as in break for lunch 4 a.m. To alter sharply in tone pitch or intensity as in a voice a voice breaking with emotion. I mean I did more of the the teenage going through puberty voice breaking thing. But but yeah your voice breaks with emotion to 5 to become fair synonym is clear as in when the dog Their brakes 6 to make the opening shot of a game of pool. Some people can actually get one or two balls in the pockets on a geek which I think is very impressive 7 to end a relationship connection or agreement usually used with the words with or from break break from 8 to give way in to give way in disorderly Retreat nine a to Swerve suddenly 9,000 be to curve from a straight path as in a pitch that breaks away from the batter. Also as in a putt p u t t that breaks left 10 a to fail in health strength Vitality resolved or control as in may break under questioning ten be to become inoperative because of damage we're or strain as in the pump broke off even to fail to keep a prescribed gate g a i t and this is used as a horse 12 to undergo a sudden significant decrease in price range value or volume as in transportation stocks, May brake sharply 13 synonyms are happen and develop as in for the team to succeed. Everything has to break right it seems unnecessary or just has to go right has to I don't know fourteen to win against an opponent service dog. Tennis fifteen a two divided into classes categories or types usually used with the word into as in the Rose is broken into several varieties 15 be two-fold Bend lift or come apart at a seam groove or joint and then fifteen C is talking about cream to separate during churning into liquid and fat it breaks apart. Okay. Now we have a bunch of phrases break a leg used to wish you good luck, especially to a performer break bread. That means to dine together break Camp to pack up gear and leave a camp or campsite break cover or break covered with a T at the end that means to start from a covert or layer break covert brake cover interesting. So it page. We started as a covert. I think that I think I'm pronouncing that correctly and but then it become brake cover. Okay. Now we have break even to achieve a balance especially to operate a business or Enterprise without either loss or profit. Next is Break Free To Get Away by overcoming restraints or constraints wage restraints or constraints. What's the difference? What's the similarities there? Next is break ground. We have Let's see. We have number one to begin construction wage and number two could also be break new ground and that means to make or show discoveries synonym is Pioneer next is break into we have three editions for this one to begin with OR as if with a sudden throwing off of restraint as in broke into tears also as in face breaking into a smile faith. Breaking into a smile and also as in again the horse breaks into a Gallop number to to make entry or entrance into as in broke into the house also as in dog break into Show Business three synonym is interrupt as in break into a TV program with a news flash. Next is break one's heart that means to crush emotionally with sorrow. That's rough. Next is break one's wrists and that means to turn the wrists as part of the swing of Life club or bat. Next is break ranks or just break rank to differ in opinion or action from one's peers and that is often used with the word with neck is break the back of to subdue the main force of as in break the back of inflation break. The ice is next. There's two definitions for this one was dead. To make a beginning to to get through the first difficulties in starting a conversation or discussion. And then the last phrase for the verb form of break is break wind to expel gas from the intestine great way to end that one. All right. Now we have the second form of Break by the way all of that from the first from yesterday's episode into this one all these verbs and definitions and phrases. I just read it's all one block. Those were not separate entries. That was all just one big block of text. Okay, let's read a slightly shorter one. The second form of break is a noun from The 14th Century one a an act or action of breaking my voice sounds like it's breaking a little bit one be the opening shot in a game of pool or Billiards to a a condition produced by or as if birth. Breaking. I lost my place a second synonym is a gap as in a break in the clouds to be a gap in the otherwise continuous electrical circuit 3 the action or act of breaking in out or fourth as in at break of day also is in a jailbreak. I feel the arms coming on. So let's move this book and adjust the position of my neck. All right number for a place or situation at which a break occurs as for a the whole place at which a word is divided, especially at the end of a line of print or writing and I have an itch on my nose. Thank you for be the point or location at which waves break for surfing five an interruption in continuity as in a break in the weather of similar. We had a break in the clouds and they're breaking the weather we had other whether ones before and then it says as V A A notable change of subject matter attitude or treatment 5 be one and abrupt significant or noteworthy change or interruption in a continuous process Trend or Surface 5 be too long a respite from work school or Duty as in coffee break also was in spring break. 5 b 3 relief from annoyance often used to express exacerbation exasperation their exasperation or irritation in phrases like give me a break now we have five be for which I don't think we've seen one of those before a planned interruption in a radio or television program as in a break for the commercial 5c deviation of a pitched baseball from a straight line 5D is talking about mining life digging up the rocks and dirt and stuff and the synonyms for that one our fault and dislocation 5e failure of a horse to maintain the prescribed a gate 5 F and abrupt change in musical or vocal pitch or quality 5G the action or an instance of breaking service phone number. Tennis v h a usually solo instrumental passage in jazz folk or popular music 6 a synonyms are Dash and wedge Rush as in a baserunner making a break for home 6B synonym is fast-break seven a sudden and abrupt decline of prices or values eight a the start of a race eight be the act of separating after a clinch in boxing nine a a stroke of luck and especially of good luck as in a bad brake also is in got the brakes. Nine be a favorable or opportune situation synonym is chance as in Waiting for a big break in Show Business nine c ROM favorable consideration or treatment as in a tax break also is in a break on the price 10 a a rupture in previously agreeable relations as in a break between the two countries ten B and abrupt split or difference with something previously adhered to or followed as in Paul sharp break with tradition. And then number 11. We have the one C definition for the word breakdown which will be coming up soon. And then we have an example for that long suffered a mental breakdown. So I'm going to pick break as the word of the episode today. If I had to be more specific. I guess I would pick break wind as the phrase but that's what we got. Got. All right. Well, this was a kind of a long episode. So we're going to end it. Thank you very much for listening and until next time this is Spencer dispensing information go by

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