BEST OF #447: Judd Apatow (originally aired Oct 2016)


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I'm the one in charge of cleaning it up. And can i tell you this in terms of what. You're not looking for out of a pet and weaving backed ear. Synthetic turf fem- abroad philly to my son's football game the last Saturday and it was outta town and it brought my son and my daughter there and we're watching the game and a little girl was playing with fail sort of off that where the parents were sitting off the sideline. There's a bit of a space between the sideline of the football field where the parents were all sitting because we're trying to find some shade. We're back about eighty feet. Because it was pretty hot day. And phil got loose and phil took one of its nice loose dumped right on the astroturf and right in front of everybody and the problem. Now when i'm taking phil for walk own go and he plops down on. Somebody's lawn and does that. Hey i only got one bag. And i do the best i can. Yeah but i ain't getting in there with You know one of those Eyebrow combs or something getting it all out its best efforts. You know what i mean. Yeah and that's that's about it. It'll rain at some point. But when he does it on the astroturf with your kids playing football playing football. He's not on the field he's just in front of all the prying kids could run out of bounds into the now but it's also they see the consistency of yeah and so when they see that someone took Milkshake with some tapioca pudding and spilled it. All of the astroturf and they see me go by and give it one pass with the pag wayne down. Would you do not wayne done. But not your mouth water. I i literally go get like my water bottle and like seltzer. Water dump with go to the car and get some paper towels out of the trunk like of course you know. Everyone's i'm on. I'm on the jumbotron. Yeah so there's that. I i just send. It's kind of a weird thing but i just send an email to the Nanny olga gone. hey Can we do like next at petco. Can you pick up something. I can we sprinkle something like so. It's a weird thing where it's like. We're ron kinda week. Four feels got diarrhea. All right got insane idea but they could be parasites and things were all kinds of stuff. You know vetere. Maybe a little bit action. Well i'm not sure. Why the busiest guy in the house what. You put a tweet out for chris for a veterinarian to help us out with the canine diarrhea. Yeah anyway they he. He has his spells and it goes back and forth. But i feel like this should land in someone else's lap be nice. It'd be really aware of it. Well there not cleaning it up. So i'm walking the dog mainly it's what i'm saying. They aware of it. I got the announcement fell had diarrhea parchment or was it. Yes it was done by the town crier have box. Yeah he came. He rang a bell. Pull out a scrawl shoes with buckles. Yes feather quill Thank you it was announced to me. I think on sunday by probably by. Oh oh sorry. Hold on a second better yet. better I went to i. Almost i told us on my podcast. But i didn't tell you drew. I almost started crying sunday morning. Because i had gone to seth macfarlane's birthday party on saturday. Night seth cranks up the big band and by the way when the big band is rolling it to fifteen to twenty in the morning yeah. There's no party that goes. Were wrapping up. We gotta get out here. You don't realize when the band shuts down that's the kind of all right. Pack it up you know light. Turn the house lashawn something that festive and enjoyable sets. Got my in the whole time as singer. Dean martin song and you don't realize two thirty in the morning but it's two thirty in the morning. He's still have on his tennis court there and put that accent as it moves up above that. Now there's a more intimate gatherings either way i roll in it Three am they've had a cocktail or to the party. And i have to wake up at eight forty five minutes out of town. Get the kids to get everyone together. Come over here and start podcasting. And then i agreed to fill in for jay leno hosting some car thing and like noon that day. Like you couldn't when you've had no sleep in your hung over and I come home at three thirty at three three thirty at night. An old guy is like asleep on the sofa and she gets up and she goes fills got diarrhea. And i said okay. I don't my options. Are now. Because i've put him outside. Tear up all the lawn furniture. If i put him in. I said fine to let the flop fall were right. I went to bed at three thirty with you know. Fill on on top of means. He's he's apt to do and at about five thirty. He gave me a hard. Paul wakeup like now now and i walked him out. Open the back door. And he went running out so when he went running out. I shoot them. Okay that's the diarrhea. I then shut the door. And said i gotta go back to bed. Stay up nurses dog. I got to work two jobs on sunday. The leno kick my podcast. I went back to bed. He does what he always does. Which is if you lock him out. He punishes so he brought up a bunch of sticks tormo up torp some lawn furniture and a rug outdoor carpet. You lock him out. You get punished and then i came and i got up. I was blurry eyed. I the kids. I made him breakfast. I got the dog. I packed everyone up. A came here sunday this now sunday morning. I did a podcast that drop the kids and the dog off at the other warehouse to watch football. I was gonna run over there real quick. Shout some things out at the kids. Before i went to the car show to fill in for leno and when i walked in crap all over the place i got down was doing the was using a doughnut box. The other guys had bought they bought. It doesn't and the hostess box. I had the i was that was so i was using the mop. Maputo scoop it up back there. The other got now with big lid using a scoop. Now you have to picture this. The guy's cousin sal and company then don't know what's going on there just watching football games and eating and and my shop. The kids are running around having a time. Let's out of town. I know i gotta go host this leno thing up at the pasadena design center and blah blah blah running on fumes hungover. I start. i'm down on my knees. Unfortunately i've dressed up a little bit. Because i gotta go host this thing. You know. i'm down on my knees. I'm trying to clean this up as i get it scooped up and i'm trying to carry it out the door. You know throw just literally put it outside here. Phil comes in and takes another down right next to me and i i just. I almost drew. I almost broke down. Like i literally. Just what have i become. What is this. What is this what are we doing. How does this go work. You didn't go god. Why are you punishing me now. I said what. I said what i always say to anybody's near me. I said i had no idea. I didn't know i'd be fifty two. I'd be a millionaire. And i would spend forty percent of my life like cleaning stuff up like tally. Put that away what he did. Why's that out now if you look for your blow up microwave if you make a burrito and it blows up in the microwave you have to all right. I'll clean it this time like cleaning. Refrigerators out. That's a good portion of what i do is simply cleaning organizing and then people can do this all the time like a adam. You're not doing it right. You got hire a crew or a guy or whatever it's like what do you mean. A crew dog just took a dump all over the floor. I my kids can't do it. Cousins it's not cousin sales job i i would never tell my system clean that up. Yeah like now. What do you want me to do like yeah. It's one of those when it comes to like the shop it's all the organization is like pictures old pictures wedding you yours. The that's dad's pictures. The kids pictures old side. Hey there's a sign an old gas station sign you want to put on ebay. You want to throw it out. You wanna put it up on the wall like who's doing this. You're you're some guy. You hire on craigslist here now. You just everything all day every day. Weird yeah but you can't avoid it as you're saying how did you do the rest of the day i went in i went up to Go do the one up to go. no jeddah app towns a online to all right. We'll see if it's jeter not I went up. Did this show and for the guy at end of the parking lot was like who are you. I'm here to host much. where's your pass. i have a pass. i can't let you well. I'm not on a list that anything i got when you hear for again. Just tell people tell somebody japa- town yes sir. Hey judd how you doing. I'm doing good. You know i was on twitter. 'cause i'm addicted to twitter and it said you're taking calls and i thought i'd call in and find out how not to be addicted. We had been calling last week. We talked about today on keiron of kevin and bean. We we I don't want to be a one up or but Alec baldwin called in once doing the same thing so evidently there's a lot of celebrities that are just hanging around on twitter. Trump is right twitter's great communication mechanism. Oh my god it's it's totally ruining my life. I do the same thing every night. I'm in my room. And i'm on twitter and then i'll go to my fourteen year old daughter's room and she'll be on twitter and i'll go get off of that ruining your life by room. Check the tweets. I got while yelling at her for being on twitter. And then that's cycles for hours do you do you get horrible tweets. Also like like the rest of us are pretty nice. I love the horrible tweet. Soon as someone tells me to screw off of here we go i it. Can that be antisemitic enough for me. I love it. I love it i i don i was thinking about it. I think i want to dominate. Like i like knowing. I'm smarter than somebody so awful to me. i'm so happy is it jed. I don't let me graft my personal feelings on to you but tell me if this rings true it all for you andrew. The part where they go. Hey you're dickhead in your your mom meets bad pussy or something i go. I don't care but the part where they misquote you. You know what about that. You're such a hypocrite. And you're like you're always talking about this and you're like i'm never talking about that like do part where you're misquoted or misunderstood that gets me get you judge. What gets me is when they're when they like criticize me and they're correct. Oh like we'll be debating donald trump and they'll go well. Your movies are eight minutes too long. Every time i furious. I probably shouldn't i should not tell people this but since i've said it ten times i'll say it in eleventh. Hold people all the time if you wanna screw with me and somebody recently did this. I read our view of some movie. I did on amazon. I go if you really want to get to me. Here's how to do it. Don't go minus ten stars. I hate that guy. I wish his kids would die go. I'm a big fan. Usually love all his stuff. This wasn't his best effort two and a half. Oh that's brutal brutal right. 'cause the minus thousand stars you gotta we just gotta hater. Yeah here to start with. I normally like judge hate that. Yeah i love it. Painful when they're accurate And then somewhere deep in your soul. You know they're right. That's that's that's how they get you. I'll give judd by the way. A little plug judd. Appa town friends large theater. Oh that's tonight. No no it is as you as you hear this judd who are friends and what are you. What are you doing. And i know you started. Well i should say when you're doing trainwreck. We were talking about you getting out and getting up and doing doing stand up. I believe is this part of that. yeah you know. I've been doing standup Consistently for about the last two and a half years and i do Benefit largo once or twice a month. This one it's a ten o'clock show with an old friend of mine. I'm not allowed to say who it is. But you know who it is adam sandler. I can't say who knows. Maybe it's rob schneider when you know who it is. We by the way judd. I you know what. I was thinking about you the other day and the reason i was thinking about you is I have a movie. That's coming out another documentary. And i'll get you copy if you like and i think you'll and i was just thinking. Geez it's weird. You sit around. You know all these guys know jimmy. Kimmel has six million twitter followers. And i've started sitting around going. Well we're going to do this movie on our own. Or and. But i said but i was probably a few people i could reach out to and ask them. Hey could you just shoot out a tweet you know. Let people know where to go to get the movie or whatever it is. And i was doing a standup show in new york. And i asked judd at the time if he could do a little shadow little tweet out in my my half and he was like absolutely and i was just sitting at my desk thinking. About what a mench judd appetite is just the other day popped into my head so you don't have to reply to that. Just let it wash over you judd and let it. I think that's the most fun thing about. Twitter is out of the blue for no reason at all. I can aggressively promote todd berry. Stand up and you must get. How many followers do you have john I'm a one point. Seven million so that's a lot drew. You gotta lot. Yeah what do you got three point two three point two but if he shoots a tweet out right now no one will answer no answer a hate or the bunch of hate i only have five hundred thousand and i must say i don't get much negativity but if i go on jimmy kimmel live and i do. The angry tweets thing though. They find a baker's dozen to choose from. I feel like i've muted. Everybody that doesn't like me when i like. It's funny you say that i. I thought i'd put up a new policy and start blocking these people. The fine tremendous joy in it and then they inspire fifty other people to start firing at you to try to get blocked to really. Oh come on. I've never blocked anyone. I don't know. I i in about three days ago and just been under fire ever since like i. I get very little like it used to be. I would say something. Negative about trump. And i'd get hundreds of tweets and now like at one guy. But judd what what other than the live show. Your guys always got ten projects going at the at the same time What's next what's coming out next. What what do we should. We look forward to one of the main thing Right now is i produced an off broadway show with a for this Great comedian. Chris gathered And it's called career suicide and it's about his life it's a one man show and he talks about his alcoholism and his mental problems and his suicide attempts. But it's also really funny and Very relatable to people who've just had serious mental issues too goes and it's kind of oddly hysterical because he just has a funny perspective and he's really reaching out about it so you can get tickets to that at a career suicide show dot com but it's great it got a rave and the new york times. He has a talk show on the channel. He's really great. But that's kind of becoming your thing. And i don't mean that. Put you in a pigeonhole kind of way. But taking you know. Amy schumer and taking her life and taking all her foibles and then putting out there in a comedic way. Yeah i like to be the first person to try to figure out how to crack the code on how somebody would be in a movie or a tv show. It's not as much fun to be the twenty s movie for someone. It is sometimes certain people but it's really fun. If someone's never started a movie to go how would they be a movie star. Like why would i want to see. What is it about their life. They should talk about You know that is the most fun i say. That's interesting well. And and being. I dunno i say you know but fairly responsible for this phenomenon known as amy schumer like i mean. Obviously she was out there. But i think judd was played quite a quite a pivotal role at her. Well she brave in her writing. You know very few people. When i sit down with them to work on a script have the courage to really dig deep into their emotional issues and come up with a comedy about them. And that's why. I think the movie came out so well because i said her. What what. what's your issues. Why are you having trouble meeting a nice man and having a healthy relationship and she just told me and and then she put it in the movie while i was just watching it on cable and laugh and the other day. And it's it's it's got quite a nice Rotation on i don't know if it was. Hbo showtime watching on but anyway. Hey so judd. I'll tell you what since you got stuff up in out in coming around and stuff. Why don't you come around and do my show and do drew show and come in and do it do it in person when you when you got some. I'm happy to talk both. Show business all of my physical problems from right on i will. I will have my assistant matt. Send you out a blu. Ray of the new documentary. I think you'll enjoy. I've asked one question. Has to get pissed off about but that Last thing you an hour talking about any change in that no no okay got it. That's a rough one. Yeah i got a new one to talk to you about all right. Give me a call now. Doesn't let me communicate with the world until he's done with a couple of hours now. Yes okay all right take care guys thank you send you out the the twenty four hour war everybody and The rest you. that's kind of fun. I like the idea that people just randomly call into this show. It's awesome it's a it's a fun world we're living in right And shut app is such a good guy. 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Go online check in. I like this. 'cause i can try to take my son to get there. I don't know if places busy or how long we gotta wait. I don't like that. We use greatclips now. Download the free app or check in online at greatclips dot com. What you do at the time you save is totally up to you great clips. It's going to be great. oh right. Hey this one's getting close to home. Hey jeff twenty eight man. Oh my god. How are you guys doing good. What's happening on not much tweet about The bad roommates. Yeah well roommate. We did that on my show. I started thinking about. Oh my roommates. And then everyone started just telling me their stories of their roommates got. They were horrible. Yours were mine. I've had a lot of really bad room mates. Everyone i know like had had these weird stories about bad yours. Just sort of inconsiderate. Ralph in chris wray there. There were inconsiderate but they would also. Yeah no they were physically attacked me or anything but they were not fantastic described the jacuzzi at that. One place in sunland wherever was locker center being. I if it were a slick vomit on top. I feel better about it now. That'd be nice. Yeah philly cheese steak out there now. What i'm saying is i've had roommates. That were my main beef with all my roommates is most of them were lazy. Like i think. I would literally change out the water heater for seven hours on a saturday and they would sit on the sofa and just watch me. Walk back and forth at tools back. But i wouldn't even offer to help like it was a weird. I could never do that. Yeah not wired but anyway go ahead. Jack actually one question real quick. I know you're pretty pro-trump I noticed there's also like a hillary clinton commercial every time. Every time i play podcasts off the website enough that was your decision or that was like podcast one but on their. It's podcast one but my thing is like i'm not really pro trump. I certainly don't like hillary at all but as far as if she wants to give us money. I'll take it. I don't care if the same way felt bound mountain dew. Like i'd talk shit about mound. And then they offer me some money to commercial. They did it like i don't. I don't know that to not to restrict critical political advertising. Doesn't feel right to me. I i understand the people are like. I'm vegan and i'm not running a burger king commercial but on the other hand you're probably making a little too much about yourself. Yeah you know what i mean. It's like what we do. Look i have a business. My business is podcasting. I try to get ears and then podcast. One tries to sell advertisements to those years. There was something called the puppy. Nater where we through puppies into a giant grist and jain mill and flash shot out the other side. I might have to talk to those guys i might. I might know but as far as the rest of it goes luck. And i do like look when it comes to on it or i use on it project. Rich uncles i met with that guy. Howard he told me about it. And i liked the truecar. Yeah half happily we have good ones. Yeah valvoline and stuff like that this stuff. I like stuff. I use people. Send the stuff out. But i'm not you know i'm i'm trying to pay bills here and i'm not i'm not. I'm not here to restrict speech. Thank you go ahead. Sorry i figured podcast one thing but yeah I i haven't had roommates story for you So basically I was working with a guy for about. I wanna say or not about four years and One one day some hold on the thing. It's too fast your smoke detectors too fast if it's fake me. Yeah the beeps. I'm i'm pointing each input. I wanted to see if you could just be coming to quickly. Their food loud also to be a little loud. it's It's it's like twenty eight to thirty four seconds years just went about fifteen seconds. That's too fast. Yeah okay. I real- i see you. You cannot be rewarded now. Can you being apparently really did have that problem that. Although i believe i was talking to him i was talking to him this morning. He didn't know about our our chirping. Smoke alarm history. Well being has been going to bed at eight pm for the last one hundred fifty years and we've been going on the air at ten pm last hundred and fifty years all right. Do we take a break. We did take a break. But i will say about truecar speaking of people. We like Advertising on this little program help you buy us cars as well. As new there were five hundred thousand. Pre-owned vehicles from truecar certified dealers nationwide. So whether you're looking to buy a new or used to get that up front pricing gannan county. The last show discounts awfullest price. A better buying experience get that truecar app. See the scatter gram checkout others. Paid for the car you want. Learn about that car. Get the fair price. Then get that certification. 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Yeah he'd been drinking wine at the time and You know the trainer. Did you know scott. What's wrong with that trainer when you mean that's georgia is still made to do. Yeah you're alcoholic now but he didn't know that and i didn't know that at the time so You know and long story short. You know the things that i started noticing. Is you know he was working a lot too. And we're trying to get the house together and he had just moved into a big house and you know we had people coming. Put up the gate and all this kind of stuff and then you know he'll work till like five in the morning and only get a couple of hours sleep and i just assumed that was why he was like so cranky and grumpy all the time and the first month i was there i was i was still working with the client so i wasn't there during the day so i didn't really see this so I took like a month off to help him. Get his stuff together and That's when i really thought start seeing the scott coming into play. Because he was drinking the scotch just like he would drink wine and large amounts and is he doing it at while. The sun was shining and stuff like that. But at the time i am i didn't really even realize it know like my first indication that he had issue is when he was drinking wine one morning we were going to church and he said oh you know. Can we stop at the store to get some line. And i thought i just thought he was joking. Wh what is what was worried about golic so long story short we win it in a big fight. I moved out And i use in a drunken rage. He literally took my computer. Throw it in. The water took my external monitor through it in the water. He called the border told them not. Give me my dog back He threw my luggage out the window. i get that i get a miami. I take the next dollar. They get back to miami Where i actually live in. My dog died at the airport. Jesus why hope it was a service and it was the first all right. Well i like ninety percent of the year so my dog goes with me volunteered. Stay consistent Yeah i know. I feelings about your time at the airport very mixed mostly positive but all right and one of the crazy people like to burden everyone on a plane. Good thing is. I travel ninety percent a year of the i do feel. Oh you don't take the dog. I don't know i don't go home. I was in la for three months. Like i put in the crate and put it in. Put it down below but alright. It's gone now. There's nothing we can do sushi john. And there's nothing. I think we say they'll bring back. But listen sara sara. What's going on where we're going. Yeah i it sounds chaotic. It sounds it. Sounds whatever but what's going on with you. This guy is a piece of shit fine. He's an alcoholic okay. What what's up your forty one. You're getting involved with these guys that there's a lot of chaos going on you're taking a month off the same. You're getting a personal trainer. There's a lot of the sort of Dependency florence nightingale going lawyer. I listened to audio book. Get you recommend doxygen dakota pendency blog so it kinda got me a little more you know in that line rates and And then going to a therapist but the problem is like i keep having a lot of anger about issue and like three three months ago trying to figure out how to like you know. Get that out of my system. Let me tell you this sarah. I really do think that. I've been thinking about this a lot. And i. i'm a realized i get. I get what you're saying you know especially the drunken outbursts with the throwing the computer and stuff in there. That is one hundred percent. That person's foibles. You know that's on them. Start them them although she you chose him. And it's your computer that went to davy jones locker but that's them you know what i mean and you really in life people whether it's being cut off on the freeway internalizing it or having a drunken guy going to a crazy rage and you internalizing that you can. You can go ahead and feel the part where it's hey. I had a lot important stuff on the computer. And i got screwed but in the part where you internalize it because it's directed at you. Well that's the part we need to change. She's mobilized something else yes. Let me talk to her about that area. So dad why what happened with him. Growing up four all right. So that's where this is really. That's that's the generator for all this confusion and rage. It's also what fucked up your picker makes you attracted to guys like this and you have to get in and you have to go to alanon alan. I get a sponsor and you gotta get intensive therapy and hopefully. It's a good therapist because this all that trauma that whole phenomenon of having the abusive alcoholic dads to be worked out. Yeah three so we gotta move this along the hager. The anger is really about that. And all the all the. I've tried to concentrate like you like you didn't get right with all the things you didn't get so we love sweetie therapy and it's nice guy. That's easy that impasse that so. That's the easy part. But i do have a recommendation for you. Out of mega work your while. Some pumpkin in your dog food diarrheal go away within a day in the dog food. I got a lot of pumpkin laying around. We do like the sweet and pumpkin stuff. Yeah and he knows even put apple cider vinegar and water involving diarrhea. What's apple cider. Vinegar do if he had it balances. Apa actually takes away older from the dog bread. Or the back of my. When i walk. Yeah ok sure and just kicking. 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